Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube 10 Makeup Looks For 10 Million Subscribers

10 Makeup Looks For 10 Million Subscribers

HI SISTERS! We JUST hit 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS in the sisterhood!! 😭 I cannot believe that we’ve made it this far together and I am so incredibly grateful for everything!! In today’s video I wanted to celebrate the only way I know how… playing with makeup. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.

Oh my god, you guys, I have never been more excited to sit down and film a video than I am for today.

I have not been in this actual studio in over three weeks now, and it feels SO crazy For those of you guys who do not know.

I just launched my first ever collaboration with Morphe the sister collection We launched a beautiful rainbow palette and an iconic brush set as well perfect for unleashing your inner artist.

They sold out INTERNATIONALLY in less than one day, which is so crazy, And I am so incredibly grateful for all of you guys and all of your support.

My life has been so crazy within the past several months and you sisters have all definitely noticed it.

I’ve been, of course, posting on my regular production schedule, but I have not been as active on snapchat and on Instagram, and obviously you guys all know now what all the work and love was going into.

It was creating the palette and the commercial and all the beautiful looks surrounding it, but as soon as it launched, I was ready for once in my entire life.

Take a little exaggerated, inhale breather moment.

Relax, chill, hang with my family and friends and also celebrate, and it has been an amazing three weeks, and I am so incredibly grateful to all of you guys for understanding, letting me breathe, letting me actually take some time for myself. But my tongue pops.

I am back, and today we are celebrating So first and foremost before I even jump into the makeup for today’s video.

I first want to say Umm.

Thank you, Most importantly, to every single one of you guys out there for everything and for supporting me, Because we have a lot of things to be celebrating today.

Video Um lets do a quick little recap.

So this all started a few weekends ago, with myself and my team traveling to Minnesota To open the biggest Morphe store in the entire world located in Mall of America.

It was so beyond crazy.

Oh, MY GOD, hundreds and hundreds of sisters showed up literally hours before you guys were even supposed to.

We were able to bring them hot chocolate and donuts Make sure everyone was safe in the cold winter.

People ended up sleeping inside of the mall and the next morning We were greeted by Thousands and thousands of you guys at the mall for the ribbon cutting.

It was so crazy, One of the best days of my entire life That I will Truly never forget.

Then we had a hop on a plane to LAX really quickly, because my family and little brother Just got to town to celebrate the fun events coming up within the next week and the next day, thanks to all of you sisters, voting like crazy every single day, We won together The People’s Choice Awards for 2018, best Beauty influencer of the year, which is so incredibly crazy, and I am so grateful for it.

I got to give to amazing fans and makeovers on the red carpet and accept my trophy right then, and there you may have Missed it, since my category was not televised.

Apparently, when you get hundreds and hundreds of thousands of votes, if you’re a digital influencer, you’re still not important enough, Which is just lovely so fighting against that every single day, but regardless it’s the People’s Choice Awards.

And that means you guys voted, and that means way more to me than any trophy that we can win any single day.

So Still, thank you the most, so the PCs were on a Sunday and the next thing was Monday, meaning it was my pallet launch party Tonight and oh, my god, you guys I was so beyond excited.

This party was planned at the very, very lastminute, So myself in the morphe team were literally hustling all day long. The picture was actually going to be ready for everybody to come and celebrate.

Inspired by the unleash your inner artist theme of the palette, It was an allwhite party which proved to not last for very long.

Judging by myself, paint poured all over me and my iconic custom outfit, but it was truly a night.

I will never forget, and I am so grateful to have every single person in my life that has been supporting me since day one.

I was sobbing Crying during my little speech with Linda Murphy, the owner and CEO.

I really don’t cry or get emotional.

That often I will say I definitely have built up a very, Very thick skin over the past several years, but There were just so many people.

They were supporting me and I could not help but get so emotional and be so grateful for everything That has happened in the past few months.

So I sobbed, thankfully all the makeup was okay, But after that I got ruined by gallons and gallons of paint being poured on me regardless and my outfit being completely ruined.

Well, not really ruined.

Oh, I guess, because everybody got to unleash their inner artist at the party, which was so much fun.

I am so incredibly grateful for everybody in my life that was able to make it and also everybody who wasn’t able to make it as well.

Obviously, a lot of charges are going on at the time in California, with the fires and so many other things, but the support has meant so Much to me, regardless and also major.

Thank you as well to every single person on the Murphy team that I have worked with or that day wanted this collaboration.

It has Been so incredibly amazing and I could not believe it is finally here. And without everybody this would not have happened, So you guys know who you are. Love you all.

The most after the launch party Everybody jumped in the party bus back to my house, and we were literally awake until 500 in the morning celebrating Um everybody got very, They had fun, and so did I but Im a sister sober, of course, as if you guys Know Because I had to wake up in literally two hours, because the next day was a launch day.

Waking up at 700 am With my parents, and some of the more fut members who had slept over was neither fun nor rational, either right now.

But it was all worth it because at 800 am Pacific Standard Time We broke make up history with the launch of the James Charles X, Morphe palette, and oh, my god, You guys, I am so incredibly grateful.

We launched with Quite a lot of units.

I obviously cannot release those numbers, but we sold out of the entire collection in Europe, Australia and Canada in less than 10 minutes and sold out globally in less than one day Breaking morphe records and having their highest sales day in history, which is iconic Well Ill.

We are celebrating the palette sellout.

I don’t even know how it happened, but you guys pulled together and we had 10 million Sister subscribers on this YouTube channel.

Oh My god, you guys.

We started this channel only three years ago now and never in 10 million years Did I ever think we would get this far.

I like it, I cannot believe the progress that we’ve had together as a family.

This journey has been a quite the roller coaster, but I started this with a mission in mind of Creating beautiful and creative makeup looks creating entertainment content, making you guys happy, and I can truly say we haven’t shaken up the beauty industry For the better and then Literally one day later, We also some have energy to hit 10 million on Instagram as well, Bringing our total like social media reach to over 20 million sisters, which is so beyond crazy.

I feel like we’re literally running a nation up Here, and it feels so amazing, and I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of you guys. Trust me if it were not For you.

I would not be here, and that is a judgment promise.

I love my job and I am so grateful that I get to do it and inspire you guys every single day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


After all those amazing things that went on, I decided for once in my life to take a little bit of a break.

Most importantly, I wanted to celebrate with everybody in my life.

That means the absolute most to me, but I also wanted to chill to relax.

Take some time for myself and my mental health, because it was a little sister, struggling and fucking Ally, But I also took a few days as well to plant some really amazing content coming soon.

I am so beyond excited and After all that I am ready to be back to pump up some amazing videos, for you guys, Of course, using this baby right here and that leads us to today’s brand new video.

So you guys saw the finished and beautiful 52.

Second, a commercial that I was so incredibly proud of, but what you don’t know is that that commercial was shot not once but Twice and both times took well over a week to produce. We literally hired a videographer to come on, set and film.

The makeup creation process of every single one of those looks so I could Later convert it into a tutorial for this YouTube channel, But that didn’t exactly work out when it started taking five six seven hours to create each look.

So unfortunately, I do not have tutorials of the campaign books except for, of course, the unleash your inner artist book, Which, if you have not seen that video make sure to click Right up here and Im, trying to think what I want to do.

For my ten million video, I have to do something big and iconic . I have to celebrate and I thought Do I want to brace myself and do every single one of those looks again and film them as tutorials, And I came to the conclusion.

No, I’d rather not die on camera.

So then I was thinking okay and maybe I’ll make it a lot easier for myself and just do one of the locks, So I created it and after reading, through thousands of replies, I gathered that you guys kind of liked all of them and nobody could agree.

So I do, of course, have a compromise.

Hopefully I can actually pull this off, but So my favorite looks that I’ve been seeing so far from you.

Sisters that have been actually able to get the palette and start to Play with it happen looks or you can bind a few different of the campaign images into one So for today’s video, since you guys could not decide which look you liked better.

I thought I would have went out the palette, absolutely literally, every single Color in here and try to recreate all the campaign images on my face One time this is gon na be a little bit of like a weird mix of a tutorial video, But also mostly Just be playing the actual palette I’ll show you guys every single, color and they are the techniques that I like to use for maximum color, payoff and blend ability, And also a little bit of a behind the scenes look of how I created every single.

One of these looks so Without further ado: Oh Kyra, pink, kitty, drink idiot grab a snack and lets get started and Ill leash, our in our artists.

After looking at all the images and stalking a few guys on Twitter as well, I saw this look by Yani, Mui, shes, home credibly, talented and she actually combined.

All the campaign looks into one Im, gon na change, a few things, but I’m gon na use her photos inspirations today, because I think she did a really good job, picking the places to put Everything.

So thanks girl, let’s get started.

My base is already on because this video is gon na be focused on mostly at shadows da, So I’m gon na go ahead and grab my Mac Paint Pot in the shade up painterly and my morphe M17 3 brush that this is in the james rowe specs morphe Brush collection And we’re gon na use this to prime my eyelids and get ready for shadow sorta, often That’s gon na grab up my palate.

Oh my god.

It feels so crazy to actually say that holy crap Um I promised yours will not come looking like this.

This is actually the first one that was ever made So I’ve been traveling with this and using this for several months now, She’s been through quite a lot.

She’s been dropped, She’s been you she’s been dug in too, but she still gets the job done So I’m gon na first grab with my morphe m4a3 3 brush and just dip into the shade at your kidding, Which is literally the best Bruntlett, Which is literally the Best bright red and the entire world and I’m just going to it, start laying that on the eyelid, this propertys gon na be the easiest eye.

Look you’ll ever do because we were literally just doing a Sighs Look at how pigmented that is I’m just packing.

This color right onto the lid over top of my Mac Paint Pot, aka dry base, Formulated specifically for the eyes, because those are the techniques that are going to give you the best results.

As I said, a million times I’m gon na use that brush to kind of stamp out roads a little bit because I am gon na kind of wing it out and Pull it towards my temple and then with whatever access shadow is left on that brush.

I’m just gon na start lightly, going over those edges to buff them out and make sure they are nice and blended.

I’m gon na have a little bit of a fluffier brush and use this to go over the edges and start drying out This red eye shadow down underneath the eyeball and also kind of everywhere else as well to make this look less weight And I don’t 501 Brush Im gon na dip into the shader, literally it next to you are, kidding I’m gon na give that a quick, spritz I’ll buy a weapon set setting spray and use that to meld together the red tones and the highlighter that I already had on.

Oh, my god, I love the shadow.

So how much is the last step of the love stay?

Click It of course, the hearts now on the day of set, I actually put on a heart sticker first and then did all the red And just peeled it off, and we had a nice and negative space moment.

I Do not have any more heart stickers and I could not find them at the craft stores today, for some reason So we’re now going to draw them on and hope that it looks okay, I’m gon na put one right here.

Oh thank god.

Oh my god.

Okay, I’m gon na put another one right here: I’m going to quickly set that in place with just a little bit of canvas on a tiny little pencil brush just to make sure that concealer doesn’t move around.

I do a little heart in the inner corner to Kind of cue.

Alright, that is the elastic I’ve already done and completed. I’m gon na grab the same brush and painterly and pop some on the other eyelid and get started on the blue book Im.

First gon na grab the about four five six, which is my brush that I actually created with morphia.

This is the tiny blending brush and dip into the shader Cola and Im gon na use this to start building out the outer V Im placing on this color.

First, because, in order to get really really pigmented and bright dark blues, You do have to use slightly different techniques than typical eyeshadows, Like I talked about in my original video, Which, for some reason, caused quite the controversy for very literally no reason at all.

For me personally, I definitely felt as though my reveal video was very very upfront and honest with you guys about the palette and the different aromas and the Techniques that you should be using and the different products that work best in order for you guys to.

Obviously get the best possible results and for some reason, a lot of people seem to think that I Was lying or that I was trying to get more money out of you guys, Which, first of all, I don’t even understand how that even is a thought process.

Considering the product that I recommended to work fast with this morphe eyeshadow palette was a Mac Paint Pot.

They are sharing None of the same money, that’s not even helping morphe. It’s just generally, a really bomb product that myself and the morphe product development team have found, Works really really well with these types of shadows, but also as well.

If you guys have follow me for a very very long time, you would know that I definitely used to get involved with quite a lot of drama in the social media space, and I used to have a very, very snappy mouth and I’ve been working on that Over the past several years – and I feel like I’ve – definitely gotten Way better at biting my tongue and not replying to people, but watching these Palin videos.

Oh, my god, You guys third, but it’s definitely a few at this point that I wanted to Literally reach through my computer screen and be like.

Why are you doing this?

If any of us actually have the palette, you may have noticed that on the front packaging it says the James Charles artistry palette.

Now This is not because of the unleashing of your inner artist, bono.

It is actually because, when I got the opportunity to create this palette with Morphe, I said I wanted to create literally the best rainbow mattes on the market and that we definitely did.

But what I’ve learned is that when Pigmentation is your number one priority Which, for me it is 100 %, Some of the shades actually do have to be formulated just slightly differently than a typical Eyeshadow.

In order to get those really really bright and vivid pigments to create beautiful, rainbow looks I’ve talked about several times now, that’s.

What I was talking about in my original reveal video when it came to press pigments versus typical eyeshadows, and People really really read on that and I’m really glad that this is kind of created, a bigger discussion about the actual ingredients and makeup, but who some of The things that I’ve been seeing, people saying or doing regarding these actual shades have been Interesting to watch say the least, since this is the unleash your inner artist palette, I figured the best possible example I could give to you guys would be an actual artist if An artist was going to paint a picture, they would never Slap paint onto a canvas, sit back and wait for it to magically blend together to create a beautiful piece of art.

No, that is the whole point of being an artist. You actually have to put in the work you have to build up your talent level.

You have to use the right materials, tools, paint brushes, Paints and put it on the right canvas to produce the final product.

If you want to create a beautiful watercolor painting, it does not matter how bright, how vivid, how Blendable or how expensive your watercolor kit is because chances are, if you apply those colors to a canvas, They’re, simply never going to perform as well as they could.

If they were applied to watercolor paper Now the same thing goes to acrylic paint or oil paint.

If you apply those paints to a watercolor paper, Chances are the paints are probably going to soak through and melt it and it’s going to be a huge mess.

Now, of course, you can do those things if you want to.

There are no rules to art, but for me, I’ve always looked at makeup, specifically eyeshadow and in the same exact way, both art and makeup are not easy.

They take a lot of time.

A lot of Raucous and a lot of talent, but I nature artists, know that sometimes switching up your products and techniques to get a better final result Is always worth it.

I was literally so far and deep into that tangent that my camera stopped recording and I just missed half of this purple.

Look sorry about that before I move on. I’m very proud of this palette.

I’ve worked way too hard on a lot of speculation, So I just wanted to clear all that up.

Moving on, as the blue looks all complete, I used the shades, Hello playground Cola and a little bit of brother to pull this all together. I love how this look turned out and I’m going to move on to it.

The galaxy long before I do any of the art because The purple is going to be its super super easy.

So what I’ve done so far is grab the Morphe M 433 brush and I’ve just dipped it into the shade Single and I’ve used it.

This too, It just kind of stipple it all over.

My face was really really nice just to get a light wash of purple on there.

I want to get like that nice kind of almost splotchy wash of color lay down in this area, so I can add on lots of other things on top and even though we are Doing this mostly, I am definitely trying to keep most of the pigment like Right around kind of the nose bridge and around like this Inner cheek region and lightly blending out those edges, So even if its blotchy, it still looks good now, with that same exact, brush, I’m gon na dip into the shade, escape and I’m gon na use.

This once again kind of splotchy Li just dab on some more pigment and Dimension and then final Im, just gon na take an AM at 506 brush and dip into the black shade.

It’s spooky and I’m just gon na do a little bit of this because it definitely goes a long way.

This is so pigmented And Im, just gon na add on a few more little sisters, splotches here and there for some final bits of a galaxy dimension.

Now, to tie it all together, I’m gon na grab the shade artistry, Which is this a beautiful metallic Duo, call blue purple, shade or right here and I’m gon na go this on my finger and then it’s going to a top over some Of the areas at The Galant, Oh my god, Look at that I’m gon na tap right over some of the areas of the galaxy it to pack the shade on there and to add some blue glow.

Now, like I was talking about earlier, with different formulas being used.

This is definitely one of the more unique ones in the palette.

I’ve seen a lot of people watching this one and being a little bit disappointed by the color payoff.

It can be used on its own if you want and it’s still absolutely stunning, But the shade is actually meant to be layered over top of other colors.

Hence, what I’m doing right now for the fall’s beautiful effect. By the way, that shade, literally, is the same way as well.

This one is meant to be a kind of mixing shade for a highlighter and blush, But can still be used on its own very, very beautifully And then last name it’s gon na grab a simple white liquid liner to add on these stars.

So probably the hardest part, this entire campaign was drawing and shading in every single one of these hexagons.

When it comes to the B look now, I think I’m gon na get it done right now To get it over with.

So I can do the slime and the flame, because those are gon na be kind of easy Lets.

Do you do this?

I’m just gon na grab an angle brush and I’m gon na dip into the shade T in the top Right corner.

Let’s start the first one right here for the next one: It’s gon na do the same exact thing, but leave a little bit of a gap in between If first Im, a really odd reason.

Do you want to recreate this at home, Which I don’t know Why you Would?

But if you just want to be a queen bee for a day and you have trouble with patterns, because, let me tell you This is hard.

Okay, we had lipstick Nick Were literally on site, trying to figure out what shape we were doing for a good like two hours before I actually ended up looking Okay, so I would definitely recommend practicing on like your arm or your leg before you go right onto Your face, so you don’t mess Up So now.

I’m gon na grab the tiny little faulty brush.

This is the m15 to two of these come in Maya brush set and dip.

It Did the shader punish me, which is this cool toilet light brown and Im gon na use this shade to blend out All those lines.

So I want the top right corner to be the most dark, So I’m gon na focus the color right in there and then lightly blend out the arc furnace.

Okay, I’m just gon na go in now and blend out those edges I’m next to get a little small brush and dip into the shades in canvas and also a little bit of it, be at the Bright, yellow and use these two colors to kind of highlight The middle of these honey columns so now that the combs are all on there at the last and final step of this look is going to be to grab a Little bit of concealer and a very tiny liner brush.

This is the amma two fivezero It’s in the brush kit and you can take again So what we’re gon na do Alright, so I’m gon na leave the queen bee look alone for right now, Of course, they do want to add honey and later Ohana, but that’s gonNa get really messy and really sister sticky, So I’m gon na go ahead and move on to The flames to start sketching out.

The fire I’m just gon na grab a matte orange liquid lipstick.

This is a flamethrower from jeffree, star cosmetics.

I would use an orange eyeshadow with that.

It’s gon na take me eight hours. So sorry about it.

Everybodys just gon na go ahead and start sketching the flames for the orange. I’m gon na grab four three three brushes and dip into the shade.


First, I’m gon na lay this down over top. Um, The local dough.

Stick can you have to bring it down to my neck.

Okay right like try to take this off.

I wonder: oh My god what I was scared of and it’s not one video without having a mental breakdown like just one That took way too long.

Okay, now to add some more dimension into the flame, So we’re gon na do is grab a little pencil brush and dip into the shaded B, Which is literally the best of bright yellow pigment in the entire world And I’m going to put this in, like the Center areas of the flames, So that is the fire look all complete.

We only have two colors left being the green, its life and then also the pink bubblegum.

Now I want to put this line Right here, join for my jawline, So it makes sense, Grab a brow, garment Gravitationally grab gravitationally its that word.

Thank you.

The gravitational pull Gravitationally it’s a word now I’m gon na put this line here, So it makes sense Gravitationally, but doing that at least this big open space right here I wanted to put a butterfly there, but I can’t find them That’s an issue.

So I think, because of the fact that the pink look was, and I look and then that I just the bubble, I Need to somehow get like the pink in here somehow.

So I think I want to draw in a bunch of little Pink bubbles as if they’re floating so to draw the outline of the bubbles I’m gon na use the Kylie liquid lipstick in the shade, say no more.

This is literally an exact match to the shade skip, so this will be a really good way to draw it next time.

Gonna grab the shade to skip on a flat packing brush and just Put that right on there using that same brush, I’m gon na dip into the shade of pinky drinkify, which is to get a matte super light, baby pink, I’m gon na put this Like Here: okay, with a little pencil brush, I’m gon na grab a little bit of playground, just add in just a little bit of blue, because why not And then same thing with a little bit of a social blade as well a little bit of B as well.

Then I’m gon na use the white liquid liner once again and just add in some reflections Now I’m gon na draw this line first, using a cream paint just to get the outline And then just let it get in place using a packer brush and the shader Social theres Theres, definitely a less self hair in there and then describing a packer brush and that shade a packer brush and the shade socialblade oo breathes out scary with that same Packer, brush Im, just gon na dip into the shades B and also a little bit Of flashback as well and use those to highlight inside of the slime this tiny little detailing brush So going to dip into the shade, daddy and I’m gon na use this to shade more of the slime and add in some little drip drops and then once again.

With some more white highlights I’m gon na put on a black liquid lipstick because it’s the only color that will not clash with every single one of the other Colors.

In my face.

This is Ofrah in the shade.

Dear Bronx, You can use code James for 30 off All right sisters.

I’m just gon na pop on the lashes. I’ll be right back with the finished look All right sisters.

I just popped on a pair of my favorite lashes that Lily lashes in the style.

Miami of course, used coach James for 15 off, Just like basically every single product in this video.

It also popped some honey onto the honeycombs, and that completes this campaign makeup tutorial.

I had so much fun.

Creating every single one of these original looks for the campaign, commercial and I’m so proud of how They all turned out, and I feel like they all showcased the different colors in such a beautiful way, and I had so much fun Again at today.

Ree, creating all them together as one.

I really really hope you guys enjoyed all these looks and like todays, a brand new video, if you decide to recreate Any of them on yourself or literally, create any look using my palette, please Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram.

I cannot wait to see all the photos and see all of you guys unleashing your inner artists.

If you did enjoy it, Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below, Enjoy your sisters support.

It means so so so much to me I’m sorry that I could not do tutorials every single one of these.

Does it the best.

I hope you all still love me. If you’ve not already, make sure to click that big red subscribe button down below as well and come join the sisterhood.

We are over Millie and sisters, strong and I’d love to have you join the family.

I could not even believe I got to say that Thank you guys once again, so so so much, and I cannot wait to see it.

What is coming for the future, if you’d like to follow me on my Makeup journey, can follow me on Instagram and Twitter. They Are both James Charles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes and stuff is James.

Charles the dexterous After Charles this video, sister’s shadow goes to every single one of the ten mill any of you guys out there, And I promise that’s the last time that I’m doing that cheesy moment for a while now, Don’t forget to always reach me.

Your video links go live on Twitter if you want to beat the sister shadow for real next time.

Alright, you guys thank you so much for watching this video and today don’t forget to check out morphe, calm and also Ulta calm sign Up for the mailing list to make sure you get the palette as soon as it comes back in stock, It has literally sold Out worldwide, Thanks to all of you guys, I can only just see your finished looks, and I will see you next time for a brand new video Im pleased youre, an artist

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