Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube 24 Hours Being PREGNANT!!

24 Hours Being PREGNANT!!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I’m trying something I’ll never get to experience, being pregnant! My best friend Laura is pregnant with her second baby so she challenged me to be pregnant for 24 hours to see if I was strong enough to go through what she does! 💪🏼 I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

What are your first thoughts?


Definitely is really heavy [Music].

What do you want?

What’s the most like ten presents, hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel for today’s video.

I am feeling very, very nervous, but also excited because we were doing something that I really never in a million years.

Thought would be happening if you guys remember a few months ago I actually filmed a video with my best friend Laura and her son Elliot where I became a parent for the day because I’ve always talked about the fact that I love kids, but I just I don’t want my own, I just I can’t it’s not for me um, you guys met Laura and, if you’ve been watching me for a while, you definitely know who she is.

We’ve been best friends for five long years now we actually got some really exciting news a few months ago that she is pregnant again, very, very, very pregnant again.

Yes, myself, Laura, and all of our close friends are all on a group chat together and a few days ago we were all joking around with her and she came back at us and said I bet you could not last 24 hours of being pregnant and I thought to myself, okay, challenge accepted so for today’s YouTube, video Laura is going to join us and we’re going to be doing a ton of different challenges and tasks to really see if I am strong enough to experience what it’s actually like being pregnant for 24 hours straight, let’s get started all right, Laura welcome back to the YouTube channel long time, no see how many weeks are you alone right now, 28, today, okay, so you’re, getting close!

How many weeks is pregnancy?

Usually me four.

This is why I know you will not.

Last 40 weeks: okay, so you have 12 left.

Okay, so see.

I just was trying to confirm and get my thoughts straight.

I don’t need the attitude ready, ma’am.

Okay, what can I expect in today’s video you’re gonna experience, pain in places that you probably would have never thought?

You could experience pain, and I know it’s different for everyone, but for me, because I’ve already – this is my second child.

Obviously, but this one was way different than Elliot’s, I feel like Elliott.

I was younger, so like I didn’t feel as much, but now I’m like, but it’s a beautiful thing.

I wouldn’t change it for the whole entire world like I would experience this a million times.

Just to have my babies because being able to bring a baby into this world is just such a big blessing, so yeah I women, are just we go through so much during pregnancy.

Like I don’t even know if you want to put like a picture here of what your stomach is supposed to look like and what it looks like after you have a big ass baby girl inside of you like it’s insane, but we’re gonna try our hardest To make it kind of like it today, but you obviously won’t be able to experience the whole entire thing, even though I wish we could put you through that I don’t want to well.

That does bring me to a good note because I really think that before we get into today’s video, it is important to give a quick little disclaimer.

This video is not being made in any way shape or form to make fun of, to make light of pregnancies and the sensitivities and the complications that come around.

It is obviously such a beautiful, beautiful thing that women go through with their bodies and it takes a whole lot of strength as well.

I know firsthand from watching Laura.

Do it twice now – and this is just a lighthearted video to see if I can last for 24 hours experiencing some of the challenges that are even possible for me to actually experience today.

So on that note, we also thought it would be really important as well to donate a portion of today’s video proceeds.

Two different charities, helping women through pregnancy, complications, which I think is cool.

Okay, James.

Are you ready?

Yes, let’s go ahead and get started, hold on your hands and close your eyes close them.

Don’t cheat.

I know you cheated what the [__].

What is this?

Let me open it up.

Oh, and I brought you too, because are you gonna wear one?

No, you have to be as big as me, I’m already 28 weeks, and this would only be like 20.

I feel, but two we’re gonna, make you 36 today yeah.

I love that 20 plus 20 equals 36.


I’m pregnant, oh my god make it like tight.

Okay, me wanting a waist.

Oh my god, that’s delicious!

What are your first thoughts?

James definitely is really heavy.

Like already is very, very heavy.

Oh oh, I mean I already can’t touch my toes right now.

I really can’t lift my hair.

Oh my god.

I like crushing the baby, if I do that, oh my god, I’m so sorry, it’s definitely not gonna work, so we’re gonna get into something a little bit more comfortable.

Oh my god Laura.

I cannot let you just tell me that [__].

I look more brighter than you like, walk me through what is gonna, be like our first pregnant toppings besides peeing, like a million times a day, which you do that’s, why I put you in a jumpsuit that was hard for you to take it off.

Are you hungry?

Are you craving anything to talk about taco bell?

Yes, okay, should we get the caramel?

Yes, I throw my shoes on first, oh [, Music.


Are your thighs burning yet a little bit wow?

Okay, it’s gonna put on a simple shoe, something that I can [Music] foot’s gotta come to you, [Music,], certainly crafty!


There we go.

I got one in eventually this dad’s exhausted.

I need a break.

How do you get the shoes higher a man, you don’t who tied your shoes, so you’ve already made it in yeah I hate driving.

I was pregnant because the steering wheel is a little too close to me.

Oh wow, the car just broke.

You kind of just have to waddle places now uh-huh yeah, so we’re going to talk about, and I want like five different things.

So, oh okay, you just never know.

Sometimes what, if I get home, I’m not craving it anymore.

Has that happened?

Yes, what?

Where victor?

I’m cramming something and then I get grossed out by the time I get home.

So then I’m like okay, I want something else.

So then he has to go get something else.

You’re kidding hey.

I was here first, oh, there are two pregnant people in this car right now and this stupid tundra, 4×4 off-road pro truck just cut us off.

You know James, is definitely pregnant without being pregnant because his patience he has no patience.

Can I do three Doritos locos tacos, please um.

Let’s do a 12 pack of cinnamon delights.

Oh, two, soft tacos can we do three more Doritos local tacos chips and then cheese, sauce, sure everything looks correct on your screen.

Just say?


Yes, sorry for the big order, I’m eating for two today.

Thank you.

Oh, thank you.

So much he’s gonna love.

This has a nice day.

Thank you.

You too, you’re squishing the baby.

Oh, a little sideways tactic.

Okay, you guys we are back and it has been a few hours since you actually last saw us.

We had to take a brief pause finish.

Our taco bell.

It was delicious, Laura took a cute little pregnancy nah then I went downstairs, got glam filmed a few segments for a different YouTube.

Video had a business call still pregnant the entire time.

You guys this has been quite the day and I’ve had a lot of explaining to do when I was on the zoom call earlier with very important executives wondering why I was sitting so uncomfortably uh.

The two twins inside of me was the reason, but now Laura’s back awake.

I am ready and we’re going to now continue being pregnant for the rest of this day and Laura told me she has something exciting time for us downstairs.

One of my favorite parts about this pregnancy is that I’ve actually been able to share with my followers.

So one thing that I’m super excited about is my maternity shoe.

I haven’t even do one yet that’s when you like, pose naked you’re like a belly and everything and like you’re like a gorgeous little.

Yes, so we’re gonna.

Have you done it and we have Marlene’s flowers?

If you guys don’t know them they’re an idea.

They’re super amazing, yeah and I’m super excited to wait.

Why did they come?

Oh god, they’re?

Okay, let’s go whoa!

Oh my god!



So pretty!


This is beautiful.

Oh, my god, I’m scared to get pregnant.

Let me get this off and let’s get it naked.

I can’t believe I’m saying that on YouTube, [Music], that was insane.

You definitely have to go on your knees.

Okay, I’m a professional dog.

Clearly, since I got pregnant there are two of them in there, I forgot I’m definitely down on your butt, yeah you’re having a nip slip, your entire area, yeah, very Halsey, but more supple yeah like that.

No really [Laughter] gorgeous [Music ].

Oh my gosh [Music].

Now that I just I naturally because the camera was on it sucked in my stomach – oh my god, that’s for sure, [, Music].

I have a good one.

Something wrong!

Yes does not sit right with me: [, Music]!

It’s actually pretty [Music,].

Okay, so do you see something you like?


Okay, so are we done?

Yes, please put on some pants.

Thank you.

Yes, that was one of the fun parts about pregnancy.

Now, let’s do one of the hard things about pregnancy because I feel like there’s a lot of ones, but I feel like.

I think this is like the moment that everyone’s, like, like scared for it, it’s the contractions, so we bought a little machine.

What obviously it’s like to be the real exactly deal, but we’re going to try to put it the highest that way, you feel something I’m so I’m giving birth.

Oh my god, you guys it’s due date: quickest pregnancy ever every day, amazon, prime two days.

Okay, you guys we are here for the last step.

What is this it’s supposed to enhance the feeling of things?

Obviously, it’s not the exact feeling because I felt it before, but this is going to kind of simulate what it’s like to have questions, and knowing you you’ll, probably hurt at like level three, so we’re gonna do level five!



I have okay.

So where do I say lower?

Where do you typically feel contractions?

Well right now like right here?

Oh god, I’m so scared!

Oh my god.

I’m so scared, I’m so scared sit-down because when you’re standing up it doesn’t hurt as much what okay, you feel anything!

No, oh!



So that’s like the top match the bottom!

Oh, oh my god!

You know how sometimes when you have to poop really badly, you start to get cramps and like your lower stomach, it’s that oh wow!

Oh, okay!

What’s up [ Music, ], [ Laughter, ] the amount of pressure on my stomach right now, it’s insane like I feel like somebody’s like sitting on my stomach yeah, like literally, I like, can’t get off mm-hmm higher, okay, yeah.

Okay, it’s not even pressuring anymore!

Now it like, ah okay, it hurts it hurts.

I think I used to tap out.

Am I 45 yeah that sucks okay?

Well, I am so incredibly glad that it’s over with oh, my god, and someone would go through that for day’s days of labor.

Well, on that note now that I have officially given birth, I pretty much experience all that I physically can when it comes to pregnancy.

Today, like Laura said in the beginning of this video there are, obviously so many other challenges obstacles fun times hard times that come along with it as well, but those are things that only an actual true pregnant person can experience.

So I think, on that note, we should head down to the sister studio and do our cute little outro together talking about the whole experience and we can officially sign off.

Oh, my god today was absolutely exhausting, and I am so so glad that I finally went into labor had my contractions, and then gave birth to two beautiful, twin daughters.

Please leave us a comment down below you guys.

Let us know what you think my baby’s names should be, but, most importantly, Laura thank you for joining me in today’s video and walking me through what it’s actually like to be pregnant for 24 hours.

It goes to show how unbelievably strong and beautiful, being pregnant.

Actually is so thank you so much for sharing your journey with us.

Thank you for helping me out and thank you for being an amazing friend as well, and I really hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video.

If you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below to share your love and support.

Like I said before, we are donating a portion of today’s video proceeds to charities, helping people through pregnancy, complications which I think is really important and just so so cool.

So, if you’re going to support on this video, it definitely helps out in more ways than why, if you have not already as well make sure you click that big subscribe button to come, join the sisterhood I’d love to have you in the family and finally, click That bell icon, so you get notified whenever I upload a brand new video.

If you like to follow me on my makeup journey, all my social media accounts gonna be linked right here around the screen and if you wanna text me on my personal phone number for updates on new videos, photos merge and so much more.

My number is 310 905 87.

If you guys want to watch Laura her amazing cousin, victor, and their beautiful son, Elliott, and soon to be a second beautiful son coming in, may, you guys can follow Laura at lve family on YouTube and then Laura mulatto on Instagram and everywhere else.

In this video, sister shout-out goes to Ariana.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting.

I love you so so so much and if you would hopefully feel the next video sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet the links and go live on Twitter.

All right, you guys!

Thank you so much for watching this video today I love you and we will see you in the next one.


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