Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Among Us Picks My Makeup!

Among Us Picks My Makeup!

Hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve, probably heard of among us, it is literally the biggest game in the entire world.
It is by far my favorite thing to play right now and honestly, I’m getting like low-key kind of good at it.
I’ve been streaming, it live on twitch and I’ve also even uploaded a YouTube video playing the game beforehand and just in case you’re not familiar with what it is.
Basically, you play with 10 different friends, eight people are crewmates and the goal is to figure out who the two imposters are among us.
While they go around sister stabbing everybody.
Oh, it’s so much fun, it’s all about lying and deceit and, like James, Charles said James Charles has become so beyond addicted to it.
Obviously, James Charles is not a gaming channel and as much as James Charles would love to sit here and upload among us videos for the rest of my career, James Charles has to bring it back to beauty somehow so for today’s video, James Charles thought it’d be so fun to hop In a few different games and whether it be chatting after a dead body is found or an emergency meeting, I’m gonna ask my fellow among us players to pick my makeup routine.
Let’s get started, okay, you guys, let’s go ahead and get started.
James Charles just went ahead and tweeted out the code for this game.
Oh, there’s already 10 people inside yes, so we are going to press start.
Oh, James Charles hope I’m, the imposter that’ll be so fun.
First time.
Yes, oh my god.
Yes, yes, okay!
Oh my god!
Let’s go down to admin and really swipe the card.
Oh everyone’s in here swiping, the card great.
Oh sorry, Georgia, girl, bye, [, Music, ].
Oh no!
Here’s Meg!
Let me do this toss quickly!
James Charles don’t know if James Charles could tell me that or not oh dead body reported okay.
What foundation James Charles use for my makeup.
Megan said James Charles started everything James vented.
Don’t call me off like that.
Okay, Skye said: oh, my god, James used morphe too meg.
James Charles didn’t then I’m voting for Meg.
Don’t don’t be out?
Oh my god.
If they vote me out of my own game, I’m gonna cry.
Oh my god!
Megan sauce!
Oh, wait!
James Charles don’t think anybody’s gonna get eliminated because it’s right – oh my god, am!
James Charles gonna get Megan, oh my god, that is not your sister, I’m just going to quit I’ll go to the next game.
It’s not good content to stay here.
If James Charles was a crewmate, James Charles would say and finish my task, but since I’m the imposter okay, we have nine new sisters, let’s go ahead and get started.
James Charles want to be the monster again: okay, just a regular, crewmate.
Okay, there are two impostors among us.
Okay, let’s go down to admin and swipe my card, then James Charles do the nae [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], dead body report.
Okay, what concealer James Charles use for my makeup.
James Charles think it was dark.
Oh, shape tape.
Thank you, Stelina great tart.
Oh, you should use tarts and shape tape, perfect wow, it’s a unanimous decision.
Oh my god.
James Charles can’t vote fast enough.
Okay, so we obviously have a good answer for our concealer, because everyone said the same thing which James Charles love definitely some true sisters here, but now we’re going to go ahead and finish the round.
[, Music, ] and hopefully miss purple.
Macy doesn’t kill me and jasmine is the brown.
Oh, oh boxer, it’s black vented.
We caught him red-handed!
Thank you.
Everybody is voting great.
Not okay was an imposter period.
[ Applause, ] [, Music, ]!
No, you ho!
Oh my god.
James Charles just want to be appreciated so rude.
Oh, dead body reported okay, it’s Aston vlogs, oh, not Aston, vlog, saying no James liar it’s pink!
It’s pink vote pink!
James Charles was in nav.
So no idea!
So that’s such a lie come on vote pink.
They vote for yellow what where’s pink you guys come on.
Use your brainpower.
Oh, here she comes here.
She comes for a nice murder.
Oh, she just burned it right in front of them.
Oh my god come on.
Oh, James Charles guarantees you pink is gonna.
It’s pink, it’s brown!
Oh my god!
This is the sandal for the century, Justin, it’s pink!
It’s brown!
Oh all, my god!
Austin vlogs, good game.
That was some high strategy playing right there.
That was a murder in plain sight, and James Charles does have to respect it time to go on to the next step.
Okay, also Nikki, tutorials, just texted me and she said she wanted to play so James Charles just gave her the code, so hopefully, she joins it.
For anybody else here we go oh creepy again damn if Nikki kills me that will be the highlight of my entire year.
[ Applause, ] Foon live is right here with me.
This is a little suspicious leave me alone, baby, maybe they’re, just with me being a good alibi.
[ Applause, ]!
Oh lights, are off again: oh my god, it’s Joe, it’s Joe, oh, my god: okay, okay, okay, okay, it’s Joe!
It’s Joe!
It’s Jo!
Oh, my god, not ho.
Also what powder should James Charles use for my makeup?
Mario, oh baby, girl, absolutely not was an imposter.
James Charles know nobody even answered my question.
You guys [ Applause ], I’m gonna call meeting.
Oh, dead body reporting.
Okay, somebody gives me a powder Nikki.
James Charles know your Nicki’s literally in this game.
Did she die?
Oh, she did die.
No, someone killed Mickey Cody respond.
There we go thanks: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], Caitlin, okay, red is right there.
Oh, it’s red!
It’s right!
It’s right!
It’s red!
It’s my boyfriend!
No, it’s rad!
Oh, James Charles put bf and it bleeped it out.
Even among us doesn’t want me to have a boyfriend.
Oh no wow, my own boyfriend is trying me like that.
Um, what it was a little curry all along, James Charles sort of just watched red, kill purple.
Oh, my god!
James Charles want me and Nikki to get impostors together.
That would be so good.
Yes, okay, I’m a pastor, I’m a poster, I’m a-okay!
James Charles need Nikki’s product recommendation, so I’m not gonna kill Nikki.
Let me kill Dan and no one’s gonna help.
Her oh dead body reported okay, no Nikki’s dead.
Again, oh my god.
Okay, give me a contour con.
You guys.
James Charles know you got this hula!
Well, a bronzer James Charles can use benefit, hula, bronzer or Kim k.
It’s brown, it’s brown!
It’s brown is a brown vote for brown; no, don’t move!
My other ow, my other imposter just got killed.
Okay, it’s all up to me to win this game alone.
Oh god, [ Applause, ] green is the sauce.
James Charles was skating in bed, don’t even what blush maybe blush from Trixie Mattel product.
Oh my god!
Thank you.
Cat love that suggestion.
Okay, I’m voting for green okay.
Two people voted for a green bye, sweetie.
Okay, Jew is not an imposter who could it be [, Music, ], oh emergency meeting.
What James Charles was walking to my last task in reactor block of sauce vote for black vote for black vote for black, come on.
I’m spelling a victory on my hands or say sabotage button.
Oh no, okay, oh nowhere’s, the other one where’s, the other one.
Let’s go!
Okay, um!
Let’s say it’s more!
Come on brown come on brown, it’s more!
It’s yellow!
It’s yellow, [, Music ]!
Oh, my god, hey queen.
Oh, James Charles have to download my data in the cafeteria.
Let me get that over with first, oh, not the oxygen already depleting Miss mama, oh god!
Oh, it’s not me!
Okay is Nikki alive.
Yes, okay, give me a highlight.
Nikki said, oh, my god, rip oop use the Maybelline ones.
Thank you, Nikki, for coming through.
Are we skipping so no information that round?
But let’s go ahead and play our next one because we still need to get a brow product and figure out who the imposter [, Music, ], [ Applause.
] is okay, green and teal have been together for quite a while Nikki actually is has been alone, which is a little bit suspicious.
If you ask me, oh my god, oh okay, what brow product [ Laughter ]?
James Charles really think it was Nikki.
Let me see [ Applause ], it was Nikki.
Oh my god.
James Charles need a brow product.
Somebody give me brows, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], oh okay, let me ask the dead shot.
What bro products somebody give you a brow product?
I’m just asking the dead, the ghost shot, Anasazi dip, brow, gel, okay, thank you, Nikki and thank you, Laura okay, Anastasia dip, brow gel!
That’s actually interesting!
James Charles don’t know.
James Charles haven’t used that in a long time, Nikki coming through for this video come on vote for paying everybody better vote for paying okay good, they were voted out.
Sister said it was an imposter.
Oh good game, everybody!
Oh, oh!
Let me go submit my skin in med bay first, just to get it over with [ Applause.
], okay, pink was just running this way.
Green is behind me.
So let’s see Theodore!
Oh, oh, my god!
It’s blue!
It’s blue!
It’s blue!
James Charles just saw blue.
It’s blue.
James Charles just watched blue dark blue killed.
Also what eye shadow palette should James Charles use?
Oh, not the entire game voting for David?
Well, luckily, he is actually an imposter, because James Charles watched him kill: hey Theodore Theodore, no, no [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], okay!
Moon is really I’m a little bit sus on the moon because apparently, he has the exact same tasks as me, so I’m gonna say purple sauce.
Somebody give me a good eyeshadow palette come on.
You guys help me out with the one with the colors.
Oh, Niki’s.
Oh, my god, someone said Nikki’s palette, that’s cute!
James Charles can do Nikki’s.
Thank you, Loraine.
Let’s do that!
I’m voting for purple.
Oh, not me, is the only person to vote.
That’s suspicious!
That’s weird!
Mina is good because you can tell this is happening so mina is definitely a crewmate mean, is where’s clear else.
Let’s watch on cams, oh okay, so who called it?
Oh, red called it red is clear.
James Charles think that it okay, it’s either Leslie yeah.
James Charles think it’s Leslie yep.
James Charles have a feeling it could be Leslie, it’s not mina.
So if it’s not Leslie, then it’s Ali pop or fumbles yep game over Leslie gotcha girl.
Okay, let’s go come on.
Oh, my god.
No again, James Charles wants to be the imposter Nicki Minaj, it’s my Nicki Minaj, oh dead body, okay, dead body.
What color eyeshadow look?
James Charles should James Charles do.
Okay, come on you guys what color eyeshadow should James Charles use purple purple, pink purple, okay, blue-purple and pink okay.
Nikki’s palette does not have a purple; it does have a blue and a pink though cute.
Okay, that James Charles can definitely do that great.
Thank you, guys.
Okay, thanks to sisters, who are the imposter, okay, we’re going to skip this round because it’s really early on hmm, that’s, like only fans, is a little.
Oh, dead body reported okay.
What lashes I’m not even paying attention to the game, long ones!
Okay, they can fool James!
James Charles can’t do that.
Nicki Minaj says, girl.
People are dying, oh my god.
Okay, everyone’s voting for brad who accused rad – oh, James Charles think it was, James Charles think, yellow accused rat.
So if it’s not red, it could be yellow, oh period.
It was red great [ Applause, ], [, Music ].
James Charles have a feeling that it’s I’m going to call an emergency meeting.
James Charles think it could be lime.
Okay, um!
James Charles think its lime.
Yes, James.
James Charles think it’s lime.
Okay, everyone agrees.
Let’s go ahead and vote out lime because you’re sauce, oh, James Charles thinks it’s you, James.
Excuse me: yellow.
Okay, it’s yellow!
It’s a pun!
It’s a thousand percent, yellow [, Music ]!
Oh no, not my sister!
James Charles think it’s yellow it’s yellow!
Why do you find every single body hon?
Definitely yellow?
It’s not me.
Oh, my god.
If they vote me out, I’m gonna, by god it’s yellow, oh my god.
If they don’t okay, they kicked out yellow.
Oh my god.
This is intense.
[, Music, ] [ Applause, ].
Oh, my god?
No no are you kidding me?
Oh, whoever is the imposter is wow.
James Charles was positive, it was yellow.
Who is it?
It was purple the whole time.
James Charles will give it to him.
That was some good gameplay and we did get two more steps of our makeup routine completed with that round, and we only have two left.
So let’s go ahead and play our final game.
Please come on.
Please please please, please, please, please, please give me a pause for my last round.
Please please come on come on.
Come on!
Yes, yes, yes, this is yes, oh my god.
Yes, our lesson, please we need lipstick and eyeshadow.
James Charles mean hello.
What is James Charles saying?
Lipstick and a setting spray – okay, oh dead body.
James Charles think it’s I’m gonna accuse teal.
James Charles think it’s teal.
What color lipstick should James Charles use orange blue purple be so cute?
Okay, maybe I’ll do purple?
Let’s I’m voting out to you.
Okay, we have to get an Oscar when, yes, oh my god, not orange voting me out.
[ Applause, ], [, Music, ], okay, orange is right here, I’m 100 positive black just saw me, kill orange, then didn’t report.
It okay block needs to go.
James Charles just watched black kill orange black.
Just said it’s not James.
We were together, oh no, that look makes you look so bad.
If black literally goes it’s not James, we were together.
James Charles just said James Charles just watched black kill orange.
Oh no, they’re.
Definitely gonna vote me out next time.
That was bad bad game strategy.
You guys, but James Charles lit black, was literally watch me.
Do that, like black literally watched me, do that [ Music ]?
Oh my god, wait a second.
James Charles forgot to ask for a product.
Oh, my god, James Charles forgot to ask for the urban decay all-nighter.
That is a black bottle.
Should James Charles do that in honor of me, murdering orange in plain sight and black watching it happen and then still vouching?
For me, I’m gonna go ahead and use the urban decay all-nighter setting spray, because it’s the black bottle in memoriam.
Okay, you guys, James Charles had so much fun playing all those games with you sisters make sure you turn on my notifications in case James Charles play again in the future, but it is now time to move on to the makeup portion, but quickly before we go ahead and Do that James Charles wants you guys to give this video a big thumbs up down below right now in honor of the big brain strats, for that imposter win, I’m so so proud of that.
Now it’s time for the makeup and I’m really excited because James Charles thinks the look you guys chose is going to be really really cute so for the foundation today, I’m just going to first go into my morphe 2 hint skin tint.
James Charles love this foundation and James Charles thinks it’ll be really really cute for a light coverage base.
The base is looking super cute and now it’s time for our concealer and the among us chat chose, James Charles almost just said: shart tart shape tape.
I’m just gonna put this in the normal highlight point to my face, but I’m actually not using it too much.
Okay, you guys so now that the base is looking really there’s another thing in there.
How do you get what oh [ Applause ] now I’m just going to go ahead and set this in place with my Cody Airspun powder wow, and James Charles remember why James Charles stopped using this powder for contour and bronzer.
The among us chat chose the hula, so James Charles can go ahead and put that on right.
Now: okay, you guys now for blush.
The crewmates recommended that James Charles try it kimchi’s new blushes, [ Applause ] and, if you don’t know who kimchi is she’s an incredibly talented drag queen, that is a beautiful color for brows.
My good friend Nikkietutorials made it into the game and recommended my Anastasia dip.
Brow gel and my brows are actually looking pretty good today.
So I’m glad this is my option, because James Charles definitely want to go for a more natural brow.
Look, so I’m just going to brush this through the hairs.
Now, coincidentally enough after Nicky picked my brow products, the next game, which nikki was not in the crewmates, recommended that James Charles used Nikki’s eyeshadow palette for my look today, and that is exactly what I’m going to do and they said that James Charles should use a blue and Pink look so we’re gonna do that now, I’m just gonna add on a winged liner, so that line is obviously massive, but now we’re gonna make it look like a little among us.
Kroomy was stabbed.
James Charles love that.
James Charles said that was so much enthusiasm and there we go that looks so sick, okay, you guys.
So this is one among us, James Charles all complete, and by the way, James Charles did want to give a quick credit to harps for the idea of doing a little character on the eyeliner.
James Charles think it is so so cute.
Obviously, James Charles has a whole nother eye to do so.
I’m gonna do that off-camera, but quickly.
James Charles just wanted to go ahead and apply it.
My lashes – and this is another product that you guys chose in the chat everyone said – use really really big long lashes, so I’m just gonna grab the lily lashes in the style, so extra Miami – James Charles really really like these ones, but I’m going to trim them As well just so they don’t cover up the artwork that we just did all right.
You guys we’re back and both eyes are now complete and we are so close to the finish.
James Charles is loving, loving, loving how this is turning out.
So far, I’m going to quickly grab my all at night, our setting spray, which was our last product, and now we’re just going to go in with some Maybelline master, chrome, highlighter.
All right, you guys next to pull this look altogether, we’re of course going to add the lip pity doodad and the cremates asked that James Charles do a purple lip which James Charles actually think will be perfect to match the pink and the blue eyeshadow and our purple crewmate, Who has been a sister stabbed rest in peace?
All right, you guys now that the lips are on our last and final step is going to be a little bit more of my urban decay, all-nighter setting spray to lock it all in place.
That way.
This makeup look stays on throughout all of my tasks, and James Charles thinks that is this makeup look chosen by my among us crewmates all complete.
It should be no surprise that James Charles had so much fun, filming this video and getting to play among us with all of you sisters, and may James Charles add that this makeup look.
Oh my god, you guys snapped so hard.
James Charles think this is honestly one of my favorite makeup looks.
James Charles have ever done in the whole like blank pixel, makeup series.
This is just so so so cute, and James Charles is absolutely obsessed if you enjoyed today’s video, and if you’re, not an imposter click that big thumbs up button down below, to show your love and support also pretend that the subscribe button is the emergency meeting button and You’re pressing it to come, join the sisterhood and finally click that bell icon, so you get notified every time.
James Charles upload a brand new video.
If you like to follow me on my makeup journey, all my social media accounts will be linked right here around the screen and if you want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on new videos, photos merge and so much more.
You can text me at 310-905-8746, this video’s sister shout-out goes to sister Annalise.
James Charles can vouch that she is in fact the crewmate and not the imposter.
Thank you so much for watching and if you want to be the next video sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter.
All right!
You guys!
Thank you so much for watching today’s video.
James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one: [ Music, ], bye, [, Music, ].


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