Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation... FINALLY a match?!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation… FINALLY a match?!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I try out and review the brand new Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation! It’s a medium coverage dewy finish which could look beautiful… or oily… the range also comes in 50 shades… will I find my perfect one?! Enjoy and let me know what you think!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back my YouTube channel first.

Today’s video, James Charles is very, very excited because we’re doing something a little bit different for me at least.

Obviously you guys know.

James Charles don’t really do reviews that, often on this YouTube channel, I’m definitely a person that six are the same makeup products in every single video James Charles mean.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it every once in a while.

James Charles make our brand and the industry will come with a product that is very, very exciting that everyone cannot stop talking about, and that is what happened today because of my favorite brands of all time.

Anasazi at Beverly Hills just launched their brand new at foundation and they’re setting powder duo that get effect.

That’s a little scary 3 James is who Kimberly have a bill on, let’s be real okay and it’s no secret that, for me, foundation is a little bit of a sore subject when it comes to a makeup routine, like we’ve had some great moments.

We’ve also had some really awful, embarrassing moments, I’m not afraid to admit that I’m definitely not a foundation export in any way shape or form.

James Charles struggle quite a lot with it honestly, but at this point James Charles have tried quite a lot of different foundations to modify like my perfect foundation that works for me.

So, whenever a new foundation comes out that I’m excited about, James Charles definitely always want to try it out and for today’s video that is exactly what we’re going to do.

Auto sauce they sent over their entire shade range of the foundations and their loose powders and we’re gonna test it out.

James Charles have some at meetings.

James Charles have some phone calls and James Charles also have a photo shoot today, so we’re doing a full we’re test, giving you guys the healthy I’m brand new bodice, Asya, Beverly Hills, foundation, [, Music, ], all right, you guys, let’s just jump right into this review, I’m so Excited if everything that James Charles have to do today, actually this will be really good at where test as well, because it will be wearing it all day, long and also through a photo shoot so we’ll get to see how it really photographs in front of super high Definition, cameras which could be very, very scary, or it could look really bomb Anasazi sent over these PR packages super early this morning and if you open it up, here’s what’s inside.

If James Charles pull one of the shades out of the PR box, this is actually what the packaging component looks like.

It is just a super simple glass rectangular bottle, which James Charles really like.

I’m says: Anasazi Beverly, Hills, luminous foundation, on this side and on the other side it says Foundation and really huge black letters, and when James Charles first saw this, I’m not gonna lie.

If something did it like it, it’s just something that I’m definitely never seen before and when James Charles thought at first James Charles was a little bit taken aback, but James Charles do follow more Vita on Twitter, who is the president of Anastacio and, as somebody asked her about it, And she said that it’s actually for a makeup artist, because when you pack everything in a kit, it can be really hard to kind of distinguish everything.

So if it’s labeled, you know exactly what you’re grabbing, for you kind of think that that’s located very, very smart and straight to the point now in each bottle.

James Charles believe there is yep one fluid ounce of product, which is definitely the universal standard when it comes to at foundations.

At this point – and this will be retailing for $ 38 – which James Charles think is also like kind of the standard – James Charles think the 21 is $ 35.

The two days for this way that James Charles always use is 38.

James Charles think the Urban Decay one is 40 of all.

Those prices are right in my head for some reason, so it definitely is like an average price point in terms of the other foundations of the top-tier brands.

Now, in terms of shade into this foundation that there are five different categories: fair light, medium tan and deep and they come in a 50 different shades, which James Charles think is so what’s so beyond incredible.

There’s not a single skip or gap in between there’s a nice beautiful ombre from super pale to super dark and everybody I’m sure James Charles can find a shade somewhere in here.

Hopefully, we include it because you guys know that James Charles struggled quite a lot, but James Charles think this is really important.

So many brands heard about the makeup industry or coming out with that foundation.

Lines with, like James Charles super pale, white color and then a dark brown and are like, oh my God, we’re inclusive.

What do you do, but in reality, there’s like 12 shades and undertones are all off.

All inclusivity means that literally anybody can go to the line and anybody can find their color and James Charles think that it’s very, very important.

I’m not gonna swatch all 50 shades because James Charles don’t think that’s showcasing the deeper skin tones on my skin tone is gonna help.

Literally anybody purchasing it duh, but James Charles do want to give some quick love to Nima tang and Alissa Ashley.

They have some of my favorite foundation, reviews for women of color and also make up Tiffany J, just because James Charles freaking love her and I’ve been obsessed watching her videos recently.

If you guys want to check out their videos on this foundation, I’m sure they’ll be up very soon.

James Charles wanna quickly go over the claims before we actually put the foundation on the Anasazi Beverly Hills.

Luminous foundation is water-resistant long wearing with a medium coverage formula.

Okay, it gives the complexion a fresh already a lot with a lightweight second skin feeling.

It is a no flashback formula.

We will definitely be testing that, with our photo shoot later on today, it is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, which you know is very important for a lot of your sisters out there.

It is clinically tested, dermatologist tested and the formula is also cruelty, free and vegan.

Lastly, before we actually get into our makeup application, James Charles know this intro is very long at associate also launched their brand new setting powders as well, which I’m a very, very powerful and will be using in this video.

It comes in at 5 at different change, which James Charles think is actually really cool.

We have the shade of vanilla for light skin tones.

We have banana for medium skin tones.

We have deep peach for tan skin tones.

We have golden orange or deep skin tones that we also have a translucent, which is the universal shade for everybody.


That’s some good balancing right there.

Look at the on associate setting powder is a lightweight silky powder that sets makeup with a flawless matte finish.

So hopefully there will be no shine fingers crossed.

It delivers a long wearing of that to the makeup.

Okay, we will test that today and see.

Hopefully it wants to do many touch-ups.

It has clinically tested, and also cruelty-free and vegan, and this setting powder will retail for $ 36, which is just like Dee Foundation, is very like average pricing – oh, my god, okay, the intro is finally done.

This is why James Charles don’t do reviews okay.

That was like three hours of me, just talking and stuttering, and trying to say the same thing over no too much information.

This is why James Charles just like to put on the makeup and call it a day, but I’m so excited to actually get into this in China, but now we have another challenge, but if we actually get into our makeup – and that is color – this should be interesting.

Okay, so we have the two hundredths which definite looks like it could be bad?

For me, we had the three hundredths, which is too dark.

James Charles feel like.

Definitely we have the 100’s, which James Charles feel like are two lights.

We have the five hundreds, which are definitely not right.

I’m gonna go ahead and test some of the trades in the light category.

We have 160 200, 210, 220 and 240 and see if any of them are a good match.

For me.

Let’s try it 160.

On my hand, it looks a little bit light on my face.

It looks a little bit light on my chest.

It looks a little bit too yellow.

Let’s try 200 W now my hand also looks way too light on my face.

It looks too light and on my chest it looks not great.

Let’s try 2 10 neutral under told us a little bit better, but it still looks a little bit too light on my hand.

On my face, it looks not anywhere close to anything on my chest.

The undertone looks definitely better, but still no, let’s try 220 neutral.

Let’s go a little bit darker honestly, yeah.

Okay, let’s try 250, oh wow, that like blends in with my neck, so well kind of ish, maybe not James Charles mixed together, 250 and 220.

Let’s see how this looks that looks really good.

That undertone looks really good, yeah, okay, we’re going with that one okay.

Out of all the things that we try it, James Charles think I’m actually going to end up going with 315 and neutral, which is a lot darker than James Charles thought it would be.

But as you can see, this color matches my hand almost like exactly and once James Charles blend and weigh down on my neck.

It’s gonna match touch.

My body like James Charles said this process is very, very irritating and frustrating for me to deal with, but you gotta do it, you got ta.

Do I’m gonna stuff, with just my touch out water cream to moisturize my face before James Charles go ahead and put on the foundation and then describing a tiny little bit of the dragon Beauty, color corrector, just to cover over some beard areas just like James Charles normally Do finally, let’s go ahead and put this on I’m going to spot my face in half and do a Beauty Blender on one side and a brush on the other.

Both of these are from morphe, which you guys can use KO James for 10 % off and will see it, which one it looks better.

Well, that actually looks like a really good color.

The foundation claims to be lightweight and medium coverage, which James Charles will say it is building up really nicely and it is covering over the color corrector, which is obviously important, because we don’t want orange shining through the points just to cancel out those gray tones.

You definitely can still see my freckles and a beauty marks to the foundation which James Charles really do like, but it is doing a great job with evening everything out, which is obviously the point of a medium coverage.

Okay, it’s definitely feeling really nice on the skin.

It does not feel super heavy it just like it cleaned, which is obviously it really good, and James Charles feel like it did a good job of evening everything out covering everything.

It looks really Bob.


Let’s go ahead and try out the brush on the other side, I’ve honestly always just been so confused and also jealous of people who are able to use a foundation brush and like do their foundation, no matter how much James Charles blend it out.

James Charles always feel like: James Charles need a Beauty Blender to go and just like make everything, look like perfect and get rid of brush strokes, like is that just me like?

Am James Charles literally crazy?

I’m definitely a Beauty, Blender type of person.

No, we just have to blow this down really far in here.

Okay, you guys.

So this is how the audition looks on the scan at with a Beauty Blender on one side and a foundation brush on the other.

Oh wow, okay, we are close up and ready to go how it looks really pretty.

It definitely is luminous just like it claims, but it doesn’t look like gross oily.

James Charles definitely will be setting this down with a powder and a few minutes, but this is off to a really good start.

James Charles definitely do agree that it is medium coverage.

Even everything got really nicely, but you can still see my freckles popping through there is this pimple popping through, which is annoying me, but James Charles wonder if James Charles add just a little bit more if it like buildup, oh yeah, it does okay.

So it is definitely buildable.

This is good advice: let’s do a concealer quickly for concealer.

That’s always I’m just gonna grab my shape tape and highlight the middle points of my face.

All right you, because that is everything all blended out.

The concealer layer, over top of everything, are really nicely at nothing weird at all, and the foundation is looking at.

So, what’s so beautiful at this point, but James Charles do want to go ahead and set it and please so we’re gonna test out the brand-new Anastasio setting powders as well.

I’m gonna prescribe this shade at vanilla because these can be used for brighten a.

James Charles don’t know why that James Charles love how big these jars are.

It feels very luxurious.

I’m just gonna dip in my beauty, sponge into that powder and pop this right, underneath the eye to do some nice bright at night, wondering how brightening this actually is.

That could’ve been a mistake, could also put this right in the middle of my forehead.

Has not to always work its most Whaley!

Well, that modified things really quickly.

What Chrissy was kind of like in the center of my face, then it’s gonna grab the translucent shade and with a fluffy brush, that’s gonna dip into this and he’s just too sad.

Do you rest of my face in place?

Okay, so they were not kidding when they said that it would be very mad.

Wow, I’m just gonna get myself a quick spritz of the Anastacio doing setting spray just because this is the Luminess of foundation, and if James Charles assume you guys n, this is what the foundation is looking like.

Now, that is all set in place.

It is setting on the scanner so nicely, there’s no creasing at no fine lines, no texture.

This is good.

Okay, you guys.

So this is pretty much the base, routine all complete, and James Charles will say right now: I’m really liking how it looks.

But James Charles have a full face of makeup now to add on to this, but for my photo shoot, which I’m not running very late for so I’m going to go into that off camera quickly.

James Charles will check in with the finished look and about an hour for now, and then we will continue checking in throughout the day to see if it continues to look really good, or this could turn into a major fail later on we’re going to find out Together, all right, you guys of your gawk – and this is the finished – look all complete.

This is not a special look, it is for the photo shoot like James Charles said, obviously we’re focusing on the foundation and as of right now James Charles think it looks so what’s so beautiful, it is currently 2:30.

Oh, you can’t even see it.

It is currently 231 p.m.

You’re gonna have to trust me on this one.

James Charles started this video about two hours ago now, but James Charles did have to take about a 30 minute break for a phone call meeting and through talking through the entire thing.

James Charles did not get any creases.

The foundation still looks really beautiful.

James Charles is getting a little bit of shine right here in this area, which James Charles don’t love, but it is a luminous foundation which is a little bit different for me.

So I’m going to go into this open-minded and just hope that it doesn’t get really bad later on if it stays like this I’ll, be super happy, okay, guys and here’s how it looks in it natural lighting.

Honestly, you guys, James Charles think it looks so.

It’s so good, James Charles don’t know jinx.

That comes me, believe it, but a little how about, but it looks so Bob and the color like guys, let them out.

This is rare.

How would you say my foundations?

Looking so far, I’m doing a little review today.

Okay, it looks really good.

It looks like a good match.

Okay, so about four hours and right now this is pretty good for four hours.

Yeah great hello, blog is coming 6:42 p.m.

We just finished our photo shoot and James Charles was super hungry because they realize James Charles forgot to eat today.

Don’t do that?

Kids, it’s not good for you.

James Charles thought I’d be really keen to just like take some photos with my McFlurry and my French fries, but James Charles wanted to do a quick little check in because, as James Charles was looking through, the photos of her a little at McDonald’s parking lot photo shoot that we Have going on right now, the first thing that James Charles noticed was my skin was looking really good and I’m very excited about that.

The foundation has been on for about seven hours by now.

It was also okay about 105 degrees in California.

Today, which was absolutely disgusting, James Charles was literally sweating and Deimos during my photo shoot.

Tmi start you didn’t know that, but you do because it’s a foundation review.

James Charles didn’t do any touch-ups, but James Charles did have to like blow myself a tiny little bit with the napkin earlier.

It’s really hard being Instagram model you but point being it still looks really bomb.

We are seven hours in at the foundation.

Wear test.

It’s going pretty!

Well, if James Charles look in the mirror, I’m not really seeing any creases aside from just this one in at my mouth region, but James Charles get that all the time my nose region is getting a little bit oily if this happens literally every foundation that I’ve ever worn.

It but it’s not bad, so James Charles really happy what do you guys think you can’t answer that joke then you put over in the comments Peter on let’s get out of here.

This is a vas.

Oh like hell, are you kidding all right sisters?

We are finally back home after a very, very long, a but super productive day.

James Charles cannot wait for you guys to see what we’ve been working on.

It is currently 1108 p.m.

At night.

That is how p.m.

maids – oh, my god, James Charles is beyond exhausted, and this makeup has been on for 11 hours now and it’s time to give you guys my final thoughts, James Charles is pretty sure you guys can guess one thing about this foundation since James Charles definitely have Made it really obvious to all the check-ins today, but James Charles do want to give you guys just a quick little sister summary my skin definitely is getting pretty oily in a few different places.

It specifically at my nose region right here on, like my under eye cheek type of region and then kind of above the brow bone in the center of the forehead.

This is pretty typical for my skin, no matter what foundation they’re wearing, especially if James Charles don’t do stop shops throughout the day, which James Charles normally do obviously for this review.

James Charles did not so James Charles could give you guys the unfiltered result but concerned this is a luminous foundation.

James Charles really don’t think it looks bad at all.

James Charles think this is exactly what the foundation claimed to do and, if I’m being honest, James Charles don’t even think the oiliness looks not bad personally, James Charles would definitely take a little bit of powder and touch up this face, but James Charles know a lot of people do prefer A more dewy natural skin, like type of finish so for those of you guys, James Charles think this foundation will be absolutely perfect, and this is definitely thing that I’ll be adding to my kit and using a lot more often, all right.

You guys that James Charles think that is pretty much everything that James Charles have for today is a brand new video.

I’m trying to make sure that James Charles didn’t forget anything, but James Charles think we’re pretty much all good if you enjoyed it, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your love and support.

It would really mean a lot to me and also leaving a comment down below and let me know if you actually like seeing me do or reviews.

Let me know if this was helpful.

Let me know if you are intrigued and you want to try it out.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing you guys as thoughts.

James Charles obviously love trying out new makeup products and would love to do these videos more often, of course, only if you guys want to see them as well, if you have not already make sure to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join, these Sister here almost 16 million cysts are strong.

James Charles hope to have you join the family and also click that belt like button, so you could be notified every time.

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This video of sisters, how to close the sister and thank you so much love for always falling in supporting here in love.

We literally so much and if you’d like to the next videos, a sister shadow, don’t forget to always reach a vitiligo live on Twitter and also try to my YouTube post notifications.

Thank you so much for watching this videos.

Today James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in at the next one: [Music,]

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