Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles



HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I tried to bake a cake from scratch, with NO RECIPE. Inspired by the Try Guys, I had to guess every single ingredient from my memory to try to bake a delicious vanilla cake and I let my friends try it at the end… enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

Hi sisters – James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel for today’s video.

As you can obviously see, I am not down in the makeup studio.

I am here in the lovely James, Charles kitchen, and that is because we are doing a cooking video.

I really don’t know why, but you guys are obsessed with these every time I do a cooking video, whether it be making a cake out of my palette, making DIY canes, making my Starbucks drinks.

You guys eat it up.

Oh literally, we are here in the kitchen because I’m going to be trying out a very fun video that we saw the try, guys do and that is baking a cake without a recipe um.

I am really not uh a baker or a chef um.

I definitely indulge in good uber eats, postmates or doordash non-exclusive, of course, until one of them pays me to be so.

However, okay Trevor behind the camera can confirm every single gay kid at one point in their life goes through a phase where they watch one episode of cake boss and are fully convinced that they’re going to be a faker one day.

Did you go through that phase, though oh yeah yep, I literally I’m gonna wait for I’m gonna go to Hoboken new jersey and start baking cupcakes every day.

I say that because I actually feel like I might be able to kill this challenge so without further ado: let’s go ahead and bake the cake without a recipe, [Music].

Obviously, the most important thing to any food dish is the recipe which we don’t have today.

So I have to pull it out of my memory and I think the things that I’m going to need for this cake are going to be eggs for sure.

I’m going to need butter flour.

Obviously, sugar, vanilla extract um a little bit of baking powder or baking.

Soda there, not the same thing.

Its baking powder baking soda is one that gets out stains in your laundry.

I think you also cook you cook with baking soda.

No, I don’t know what else we’re gonna need: oil, either canola vegetable or olive.

I don’t know the difference between any of them.

I think just like a little pinch of salt and milk, we’re gonna need milk too right.

That sounds pretty good.

I think I’m just gonna go to the pantry for a quick second, and I will come back to you guys once I have my full ingredients gathered here with me today, uh we did have to make a few substitutions.

We don’t have milk in this house because none of us drink it it’s gross.

I have oat milk.

Do you think this would work, though in a cake?

I think it would be fine right.

Oh, where are our measuring cups um?

Oh, I also have my little kitchen aid mixer.

Oh, I have to be all the way over here.

Oh gosh, do you start this thing works?


I definitely think.

The first thing that I should do is the butter, so I’m gonna go ahead and do one-half cup of butter, which is one of these little mini sticks into the bowl, and then I think next would make sense to do my flower.

I think it’s.

My flower, I think flower, so gosh, my gut says like either three or four cups of flour.

I feel like you need a lot of flour for baking, but that’s like a lot of two.

Okay, that’s three cups of flour.

Before I move on, I think we should go ahead and pre-heat the oven.

It’s either 350 or 375 or 400.

, like every recipe, is like a good average.



Great, she’s preheating.

Maybe I’ll do sugar next dry ingredients.

Is this sugar um?

So you need a lot of sugar in a cake.

I definitely need a full cup oops.

Okay, one cup of sugar.

I mean half a cup, that’s not okay, half a cup!

All right!

This is it.

He wants to move.

Let’s go go!

Go I don’t know.

It’s a piece of cake to break your fatty cake 12 seconds later.

Okay, baking powder, I feel like makes things like rise right.

I really feel like like baking soda’s like for getting stains out or like making slime like baking.

Soda is not like for baking.

I think that I’m gonna use baking powder, but I really think that the amount of you’re supposed to use this is like very, very little.

Maybe like one teaspoon, maybe you’ll do half a half teaspoon of baking powder.

There’s one quarter and there’s one half.

I don’t know: what’s this yeah, that’s it so now those are all my dry ingredients.

I’m gonna put them right here on my little kitchen aid, mixer start it on a low setting to really incorporate the butter.

I think if I did three cups of flour, then I definitely need three eggs.

Oh my god.

Okay, oh my god!

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

Oh my god, there’s a spatula okay.

Whenever we make brownies.

I know that you have to add.

Like two eggs and three-quarters cup of oil, I think that’s a very oil measurement that we see a lot in baking.

This is one-fourth, so we’re gonna do three of these oh vanilla extract.

We definitely need some vanilla extract.

That I feel like is a tablespoon like the the baking powder is a teaspoon.

Vanilla extract is a tablespoon all right lots of.

Finally, not least we just do like a little splash of milk.

Oh, and I need a pinch of salt.

That’s always the last step of any baking thing: okay, salt: where are you at [, Music?


How much did you put it too much?

I was able to okay, it was still sitting on top all in one area, so I was able to wipe off a little.

The excess salt, I think, okay, this is gonna go back down there I put too much flour in it.

It smells like bread dough, like.

I think that I made dough by accident instead of a cake just looking at it like it’s, It’s too It’s too thick.

Let’s do some math here.

If I put in too much flour, all I need to do is just add more of everything else to even out the amount of flour in here right.

Oh god, if I add in this much more butter, this is gonna, be like butter cake guys.

I don’t know what I’m doing I know, but [Music] then maybe like another splash vanilla extract, lord have mercy.

Okay, this texture does look a little bit better.

To be honest, there are still lots of lumps in here, though, all right.

Let’s try this now that, oh, my god that tastes way better.

Oh my god, uh-huh wow, the consistency looks really good.

Now like this is definitely this is oops.

This is definitely like cake.

Batter come try.


I can’t do that I’ll come try.

It there’s four eggs in there for five eggs.

Five chances of getting some vanilla just put a finger in.

That’s that that’s something we’re gonna go ahead and pour this cake batter into the pan.

Oh, I’m going to grease the pan.

First, [Applause,], yeah I’ll spread her good question.

It’s so thick Theodore.

We feed you very well stop licking the floor.

Now we’re just going to go ahead and spread our nice bread around the frosting probably will mask a lot of the flavor.

To be honest, cake powder is supposed to be so like liquidy like it’s supposed to be runny.

This is so thick.

It looks like our oven is not done.

Preheating yet uh.

However, I’m just gonna put it in any way, because It’s probably hot you guys we’re gonna go ahead.

Hey Theo, don’t even think about it.

Okay, oh we literally just finished preheating.

This is very exciting on the middle rock, probably yeah for the most evening.

Just even disbursement, oh no, on the top.

I think we should start with at least 15 minutes so we’re going to set our loss.


, no you’re, nowhere close to 15.

15’s beginning so we’re going to start with like 30 minutes.

Okay, you guys so about 30 minutes have gone by on our little cake timer.

So now we just have to take a first little peek at our cake.

Our bread, our loaf, come down.

Come down, come down, give it a good little look!

Oh my god.

That looks like a cake.

Oh, it’s good!

That looks like a cake.

It’s crisping that looks like a literal cake.

Oh, It’s not done yet not even close still white on the outsides, all right, so we’re gonna bake it for let’s say 10 more minutes later golden.

Oh, you’re, all clean, yeah, [, Music].

Is it done [, Music]?

Are we rolling yeah all right?

You guys so we’re back a few hours later in our large cake.

It’s finally cool enough to take out of the pan and decorate.

Oh my god.

It’s It’s so dense!

It’s so hot!

It’s vanilla, baby, okay!

So we’re gonna!

Take it out of the pan and then we’re going to frost it and then last but finally, not least give it a lovely tasting.

Oh, it smells like cake honestly, so we’re just gonna frost it and see what happens: okay, [, Music, ].


I think my cake is done regardless of.

However, it’s going to taste in a second, you got to give it to me.

This looks like a cake and that’s half the battle right mama.

If you covered a bike, tire frosting, you still look like a cake.

That’s true: there could be anything under there.

I think it is officially now time to cut our cake and let the members of the house try out a slice, and we can give honest reviews of my creation to end off today’s video.

I have the full team of friends that basically live here at the house, so we’re going to go ahead and taste, my lovely from scratch, with no recipe cake enjoy everybody boat up the queen.

Oh, it’s so thick, oh, oh, it tastes like cornbread.

Oh, that is giving me very um.

Oh Popeye’s, biscuit I left.

Do you ever taste the cake part without the frogs yeah?

That’s what I’m trying to do.

The frosting the frosting makes it better.

You know what that this is fine for me.

[, Music,] kind of bread, like isn’t cake bread anyway.

No, it’s very like slightly sugary.

I don’t think I’m trying to get to the middle of it.

Why I just want to see what’s happening in there.

I would rate this a solid five out of ten.

Okay, I give it a seven like Trevor.

Sex is good, I’m good with the sex.

I think that that’s not that bad we’re not following a recipe for just literally guessing on everything I feel like that’s kind of gorgeous.

It’s super super dry.

It’s very dense, like sugary, sweet, vanilla, bread.

I would love to know where my recipe went wrong, so I got up a really like good reference.

It was just a really simple white cake.

It was cool, so you did a really good job with um a half a cup of butter yeah.

You then followed it up with three cups of flour: uh one and a half recipe.

No, so you doubled the flour, which is why it did look like pizza, dough, and um.

The biggest one was vanilla, vanilla in which the total recipe the bottle, calls for two teaspoons and you put about by the end you put about five tablespoons and that’s stuff.

You’re supposed to use okay, okay, okay, raspberries, who is this Martha?

The reason it also is a little bit dense is because It’s butter or oil, and we did butter and a lot of both yeah a lot of them.

Well, I feel like thank you to my lovely guests and taste testers.

Thank you for having us, love.

You guys dearly.

Thank you so much for the review.

Well, I feel like you guys, overall, this was a really fun challenge to do today.

It may not have been the most perfect.

You know betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, buddy, Valastro, uh, vanilla, okay, vanilla, that’s buddy’s, new kid, hello, I’m really proud of myself, but, most importantly, I had fun and I really hope that all of you guys watching today’s video had fun as well.

If you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and then leave me a comment down below letting me know what your favorite thing to bake was or actually, if you’re, an lgbtq plus member.

Let me know if you also want to be a cake decorator and if you haven’t already make sure you click that bigger subscribe, button down below and come join the sisterhood and finally click that bell icon.

So you get notified every time.

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All my social media accounts going to be linked right here around the screen and, if you want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more, it is 310-905-8746.

This video is supposed to shout out goes to sister faith.

Thank you!

So much love for always following and supporting.

I love you so so much and if you’d like to be the next video sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet Moodle links when they go live on Twitter.

Alright, you guys thank you so much for watching today.

I love it and I will see you next time with the normally scheduled makeup video because I am out of the kitchen [Music] bye.


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