Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Baking My Palette into a Cake

Baking My Palette into a Cake

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I decided to live my childhood fantasy by baking a real-life FULLY EDIBLE CAKE version of the James Charles x Morphe palette!!! Happy Birthday Jack! Enjoy and don’t forget to get a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my Youtube channel As you guys can see I’m not in my normal filming location, and that is because I am in my kitchen and for today’s video.

I am so beyond excited because we’re doing something a little bit different, still very artistic, but not exactly makeup related.

We are going to be baking a cake.

Earlier this morning I was scrolling down Twitter, literally bored out of my mind, not exactly sure of what I was going to be filming today, when I scrolled upon this Tweet, I clicked on the screenshot of a Facebook post of a girl talking about how she had Just finished baking her little brother Jack, a cake for his 14th birthday.

I already thought it was so cute, but then I kept on scrolling and realized.

She had literally made a James Charles X, Morphe cake Like fully edible palette and all I went through so many different passions and hobbies growing up, but like every other little gay boy, I was convinced at one point that I was literally going to be The Next Great Baker, I went trough a phase where I would literally beg my mom and every single weekend.

We would absolutely destroy the kitchen making cupcakes, cakes, cookies, brownies and literally everything possible in between, and it was always so much fun and so many amazing memories came from it.

So for today’s video I thought I would try to recreate that cake right here.

In my kitchen Now I am definitely not a professional in any way shape or form like the original baker in the screenshot, but I do know a thing or two about cake decorating, I’ve watched so many videos.

So I feel like I might have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Hopefully this will turn out really really good, but regardless I have been in a little bit of a creative rut recently, which I will be talking about in this video today.

So regardless.

I think this is gon na, be a really amazing way to re inspire myself and to unleash my inner cake artist Without further ado let’s get started, Unleash Your Inner Artist by James Charles Okay.

So I first wan na start off with, like the actual cake, underneath the palette that were gon na make later on, I figured I could mix it all together and get them poured and into the oven.

So I can work on making the palette really really cute.

With lots of fondant and other things like the professional baker that I am, while it’s actually baking Queen of efficiency, So um, let me be a cooking channel for a second and tell you what we have here in front of us.

First ingredient: we have a funfetti box cake.

I am not baking this from scratch, because I would probably burn my house down.

I chose funfetti because it’s really really fun and fresh and it’s basically just vanilla cake, but with sprinkles inside that are rainbow because we’re unleashing our inner artists today into this cake, so that will be good.

According to the back of this box, we need water which we have in the sink Eggs and oil, And I also have this cute little Kitchenaid cause I’m a professional baker.

Martha Stewart watch out Lets do an unboxing here.

First, we have a bag of confetti. Gonna chop that little corner off and really pour it in there Gabriel.

That was not.

That was not enough.

So when I was younger Cake, Boss was literally one of my all time.

Favorite shows in the entire world and then he had that show Next Great Baker, which I was convinced that I was gon na go on and then Buddy Valastro got arrested.

But regardless, like every little gay boy, I truly thought I was gon na, be a cake.

Decorator, It didn’t happen with sad piano music, But at least I got to do it today.

Oh my God, do we have a spatula Gabriel?

Why I don’t know I feel like we need that Were gon na, do three eggs and we’re gon na.

Do one box at a time cause I don’t think they can fit in this mixer Oops gasp Really crack it good Gabriel, Its like oops there’s, a shell in there There’s.

Definitely no shell in there.

I would never laugh at Crunchy.

Oh, my God, remember when an egg became the most liked picture on Instagram.

Why did that even happen?

Now I need one cup. I’m not going to turn that water on over top of the electrical cord, children, cheering Half a cup of oil.

Now we’re gon na mix it up: Okay, ready. It’s working.

Oh my God.

I am such a talented baker.

♪It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, ♪, Gabriel laughs.


Do you know where that’s from Gabriel No Wait?

A second Gabriel gasps Hold on ♪ It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, ♪ ♪?

If the way is hazy, ♪ ♪ Got ta, do the cooking by the book, ♪ ♪?

No, you can’t be lazy.

♪ ♪, Never use a messy recipe.

♪ ♪ The cake will end up crazy, ♪ ♪.

If you do the cooking by the book, ♪ ♪ Then you’ll have to break it down.

Bitch ♪ ♪!

Let me see you fuck it up.

♪ Coughs laughs That literally almost choked me Wig, flew laughs That was disgusting Back to the cooking video Were done.

That literally looks so good.

Oh, my God, I forgot to preheat the oven, screams: Okay, 350 degrees, Now I’m gon na spray my pans with nonstick cooking oil and laugh.

What Drew laughs Drew It shot your window Wait: woman screams!

Why is it going so far Drew Don’t shoot it at the wall?

It’s literally up there, Why is it literally the most powerful There is so much oil everywhere now?

Why did I do that?

So I have two of these little spring form pans, fun, baking terms for you and I wan na make this cake pretty tall.

So, instead of dividing this into two Im, just going to pour it all into here and see how it goes – Oh wait.

I wan na taste it, space, travel, sound That’s.

The best cake I ever did eat See.

This is where having a spatula would come in really handy, Alright sisters, that is one cake, all complete, literally so easy.

The other ones gon na, be the exact same so Im gon na do that off camera quickly and I’ll be right back to pop these.

In the oven, start off the rest of this palette cake. Oh, this is a beauty tutorial gotcha. Alright, guys, we have our two cakes completely filled and all mixed together. They look beautiful and our oven is preheated.

So we are going to pop these in at 350 degrees.

This says 2933 minutes for two nine inch rounds, which is a large gap of time.

I feel like four minutes can really make or break a cake, but these are a lot thicker than what a nine inch round is supposed to be so we’re just gon na guess and hope that it comes out.

Okay, Our cakes are definitely gon na.

Take a little bit to cook so, while they’re all rising up and getting delicious in the oven were going to start working on the palette that were gon na place.

On top ♪ They’ll rise up, ♪ ♪ They’ll rise like the waves ♪ ♪ They’ll rise up.

♪ ♪ They’ll rise like the cakes, ♪ ♪ They’ll rise up, ♪, ♪ And they’ll.

Do it at 350 degrees, ♪ Buzzer?

So since I literally just bought this Kitchenaid for the sole purpose of this Youtube video, I thought we would put the cardboard to use and recycle it.

So I grabbed my iconic James Charles Morphe palette that we are making in cake form today and I’m going to trace this on the top of the cardboard and I’m gon na use this as a base for the fondant that we use on top of an upbeat piano.

Music Drew is going to cut that out, while I roll out the fondant, So over top of the cardboard were gon na use black fondant.

Now, if you don’t know what fondant is, it is basically like thick Basically like edible clay that’s like made out of marshmallows and its used a lot in baking, because you can really mold it and kinda turn it into whatever you want So were going to cover The cardboard and make our palette with black Before I start really kneading it and molding it together.

I’m gon na grab some flour and use this to dust.

My baking surface, It’s powdered sugar, not flour Drew But it doesn’t matter, you’re not gon na eat.

It Gabriel Yeah you’re, not gon na eat it Yeah.

We are Okay, so now we’re going to really knead.

This fondant clears throat, Wow Im, so strong gasps.

My countertop is black Wanna help Gabriel Yeah gasps.

Should we make this a collab Gabriel?

Oh, my God let’s make this a collaboration. Hi everyone Hi everyone Gabriels here, but by the way too, behind the camera with Drew laughs, Hi, everyone, Okay, The cake making process is always more fun.

When you have your friends to help you Honestly, I love this process of it So there’s.

Many reasons why I was excited to do this video today. One is because I am getting to live through my childhood fantasy of being a professional baker who runs a superstar bake shop, but also because I am out of ideas about beauty.

So if you have any please let me know what you would like to see in the comments down below.

Do you feel like that’s one of the stressful aspects of content creation, It’s literally the worst aspect of content creation?

I feel like I’m at a place right now, where I am so proud of the content that I’ve put out.

But I also put an insane amount of pressure on myself to keep one upping myself and that’s becoming really hard Like Im.

Getting to a point where I’m like I don’t know how much more I can do, I really wan na do a video at some point showing the full process, what it’s like to think of a concept to put it on peoples screens Cause.

I feel like people might like it.

Oh, I get it now Like when you set up like that schedule.

You want to create that you wan na create content consistently, but eventually you did it for an entire year.

You’ve been doing it for over a year of just being consistent like two a week two a week two a week and kinda just You want things to stand the test of time, but it’s like It’s so hard.

It is hard, Like you were saying, like how everything is kind of on the schedule.

I feel, like a lot of my followers, have gotten really really used to that, which is great because they know when to tune into my channel every single week for a new video.

But what makes it hard is that, every time that I dont upload, I don’t have a good concept.

I feel like I’m letting everybody down, Which is crazy, because every time that I’ve ever tweeted about needing a break or like not knowing what to post.

Everyone is always so sweet about it, like they are.

All like to take a break.

We get it like.

Your mental health is more important as well.

We were patient, but at the same time like me, skipping one upload is a break. Like it’s actually like two days to figure something else out, But I feel like for most people.

That’s not, I am such a believer in quality over quantity and it’s getting really really hard to do both at the same time.

2018, like I saw you work so hard, So it’s like you can take like a week Kind of reignite that spark of creativity Yeah, Because you don’t wan na, like overwork yourself, especially like within this industry, Dusting off the translucent powder, Beautiful, Beautiful Wow.

So if you have sister ideas for sister videos, leave them down below with a cute little sister comment.

Yeah, let me know what you guys wan na see.

I feel like I’m always looking for you guys for inspiration to know what you guys want.

What I can do, how I can once again keep one upping myself and keep making this channel better for everybody involved.

I definitely love doing high production, really cool videos. Which is challenging, but you guys know I’m always down for a challenge. So that’s where everythings kinda at right now wanted to give you that little mental health update. Not really sure why it happened during a cake video.

But it just felt like the appropriate time to talk about these types of things. Not doing the best but I’m working every single day to be healthy and be happy and surround myself with really good and positive people.

And that includes all of you guys as well.

So if you have any video ideas, let me know I’m not going anywhere.

I promise you that gasps, The timer went off Oh time for the cake screams.

They are risen.

Oh my God, Like the Lord Jesus, mumbles gasp, That’s a pretty cake That is its golden.

It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, ♪ It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, ♪ gasps It’s done, I think it’s good.

Oh, my God we were so talented And we really are Hey, so we’re gon na.

Take these out of the oven and put them in the fridge, so they cool down and are ready for crumb coating. I’m a professional baker.

You actually are, I know, Yeah, you are Oh That one looks wet.

I dont think this ones done yet they all laugh.

You popped it.

It popped. The ones still baking. Why were they cooking next door to each other?

I don’t know if I popped it.

Narrator A few moments later: Okay, it’s fine Yeah she’s, good kind of This – has got ta be cooked.

Now She is not cooked.

She does not cook Hows.


Let me touch it: Oh yeah, it’s so gooey in there How It needs to go back in She was, I don’t understand.

So, while our cakes are in the fridge cooling off, we can crumb coat them.

We are going to start making the little fondant palette, That’s literally the perfect size Right here, And this one probably is good for these.

Oh, Oh, Were so talented Wow were so good Ill.

Do the first thirteen Gabi do the second thirteen and then Drew do the third.

This is so much fondant, Oh, my God.

Okay, we have to use the fondant to cover the actual cake too.

Keep in mind.

This is gon na be so hard.

I just realized The hardest: Oh my God, And then you have your nice shimmer shades too.

Well, we got pearl luster dust for lots of textures.

You are so talented, I’m a professional baker.

I told you I’m actually gon na make two out of my first one, because my two are the same: color starting off mumbles, Oh its, so sticky Roll it in your palms.

It becomes less sticky. That’s a tip.

I just came up with it.

What are you most excited for in 2019 Right now, I’m very excited for Coachella, Gabriel gasps, Yes, Coachella It’s gon na be so good. Last year was so much fun.

It really was.

What are you going to do this year and what are you not going to do?

Do this year At Coachella, Yeah what’s, the one thing that you’re gon na do this year Shave my bussy Drew laughs, Not the razor burn on the well, maybe just mind the burn Just mind.

The burn I’ve been getting laser for the past two months, so we’re gon na be good Me too, Love that Were like sisters Were sisters, So it’ll be so good by the time that Coachella rolls around.

I will definitely still have my ass out.

Of course, That’ll be fun and fresh. Whoa, you even cut it out.

I know I’m on it, Gabi, you’re a professional. I’m on it already.

Does this look close enough to that?

No, I mean Yeah Put it on your eyes and see if it stains, then you know.

Oh my God, I’ve already made two.

You made black and white sweetie. I’ve made two though Mine, isnt, mixing together Im tryna make Canvas right now. You have to pull it and stretch it.

This is gon na.

Take us eight hours, Wow, you guys.

I have my first color done, Which ones are Canvas?

Oh and I’m gon na do Ring Light right now, You Are applying the color, with your nail, Yeah Drew laughs I’m currently making So Good.


This is harder than I thought.

Is this good enough?

It’ll never be good enough.

Never ♪!

Never enough!

♪ Wow, we’re really making progress.

Oh yay, I finished So Good And it’s looking Together, So good James and Gabriel fake, laugh Ew, that was disgusting, Ew Ew, Gabi thats, the perfect color Im, an expert You Are.

So talented, You are a perfect shade.

Matcher Would love to relate honestly, Gabriel, laughs.

Okay, I am making 518.

What does 518 stand for? It’s my hometown area code, Wow that’s so chic of you to do.

Okay, now I’m just going to add a little bit more red to 518 to make Rusted Hi Gabi. Your production is slowing down over there.

Well, I had to brown.

You know how much work it goes into making shit at the right undertone that’s in these browns James laughs, These colors, These color, they The right pigment, The right richness Right right.

Yes, I can’t just half ass it.

Of course not.

Those are the most important colors.

Yes, They are the biggest shades in the palette.

I know, Look at this come together.

That’s really good. We’re so talented.

All weve said the whole video is how talented we are James and Drew laugh Middle row is complete, Stupid bitches, Oh wow, that looks so good Right, Whore some people you want to see on your channel this year, Im really like looking forward to doing a lot Of really cool collabs this year Me and sister Demi are planning something iconic pretty soon, which will be so much fun.

Okay, I really wan na film with Miley this year.

I think that’d be so cool Miley, Cyrus, Miley, Cyrus, Gabriel gasps.

I really wan na.

Do a lot more like videos with my best friends and family and stuff, like the people behind the scenes that mean a lot to me.

Just because, like the comments on the best friends, the video was so good.

Like people love that video, I know – And I had so much fun filming it. Yeah, it was so fun and fresh And like it was really cool to like to show all my subscribers like the people.

That really means the most to me.

You know Yeah.

So I’d love to do more of those videos throughout the year.

I hope that everybody else wants them Guys, I think we’re done.

Look at these good palette cases we just created.

Oh no, our fondants got dry and were supposed to put on the whole cake.

Ooh uh, oh, Oh, no, it’s not white anymore, Wash your hands Just put frosting on it.

Oh my gosh!

I got color on it.

Wow that actually looks so good Were so Were so good Like.

If you notice, though, like these right here are the most pretty ones of mine, Those are pretty pigmented too.

Mine are nice and thin.

Yours are very thick.

Yours are very powdery, like chalky James laughs, like talc.

Alright, you guys literally an hour and a half later.

We are done with all 39 shades in their fondant forms, Holy crap that took way too long, but they look really good.

Honestly, They actually look really really good.

Looks like two palettes. Looks like two palettes were so talented.

This actually looks more pigmented.

So, honestly, True Right Yeah, I get more pigment from this. Let’s drip a brush in and try.

Oh, my God Around the same Yeah Gabi.

Alright, you guys so we’re gon na clean up a little bit because we’ve made quite the mess, while dyeing all this fondant and then we’re going to take our cakes out of the fridge and we’re going to crumb coat them and ice them and then start decorating.

So give us three seconds and we’ll be right!


Okay, so we’re gon na grab this little rotator.

This decorating turntable.

Oh, Oh, Pull the bottom off gasps!

Oh, Oh!

This one should go on the bottom, because it’s kinda, like the gross one, Wait we have to do the other.

One too, though, we have to level it first You’ll level it first We have to make the sound once it comes off Level it first and then that one can go on after Okay Thats kinda hard.

We should just cut it with a knife.

How many gays does it take to figure out a cake leveler?

We should use this James gasps.

Did you break it?

Yeah Watch in cake decorating you just like this and turn it Yeah Wow Drew you’re a superstar.

I know that I took four years of cake decorating class at Michaels and got certified as a cake decorator at the age of 16.

Really Yeah.

Are you really I’m not kidding? It’s slightly juicy on the inside?

Oh, my God Dropped it on top, But honestly, it’s like a pudding James laughs, It’s a pudding, mama Drew laughs.

Oh Wait!


You need to put frosting in between Oh oops.

Wait James, try this. It’s so good!


Okay, so we’re gon na grab our little spatula and our tub of frosting And were just gon na pop it right in there Just spin our little cake board here, really rub it on there Now, our second layer Can I level it again, Yeah, Okay, So to Level take your serrated knife, So in James laughs, this and twist Just make it line up with the edge mama.

How much pressure are you using?

I use a light force, A light force, A light force, And you get like this.

Like a pancake, Wow thats, a pretty laugh Unleash your inner artist.

Oh my wow, it’s so perfectly level.

Now we have a crumb coat. Yeah.

Okay, Now you add a good crumb coat. What’s a crumb coat?


This is when you put on like 18 pounds of frosting 18 pounds.

Lots No the tiniest bit Well yeah, but you have to get like an even layer, Yeah, It’s no James laughs.

Look My gosh!

Oh kinda, good!

Oh Where’s!

That scraper Wait!

I want to!

Do it a little. We’re just gon na wan na judge No watch And then yall wan na bandwagon.

You lift it like this and then twist A crumb coat like this, where you, just only that, Like you only do it a super thin layer and then you put it in the freezer, so all the crumbs get stuck in there.

So that way, when you put on your next layer they’re not in it, Did that make sense.

Yes, Look at this, we got our scraper Oh Drew.

That was a good crumb coat.

I know you just have to do it like a good layer of it gasps.

That was so professional Drew.

Should we quit being DIY and beauty bloggers and make a cake store together?

Yes, I’ll go like oh twist: you’ll go on the side in front of me and I’ll go on the top.

Okay, Okay, Gabe Gabe Stop Wow!

This is the best crumb coat the world has ever seen.

True, Oh my God.

Oh my God, we’re so good. Lets, just put it in the freezer for like 10 minutes. Yeah Just so it gets a little hard.

Then what do you put on top of that?

You guys look at this?

This was so good.

Oh, Should we go for a close up like a quick little close up?

Yes, yes, it can be close up Drew Yes, James, Oh there, it is Gabriel.

Oh there we go James Wow Drew Doesn’t it.

This looks so chic.

It looks like Christmas.

It looks like a gingerbread cake, Gabriel.

You can spin it.

The base Drew Oh okay, James Wow.

We are so professional.

It’s not even funny Drew Look at that Alright, so we have our You watch yourself, Gabriel laughs.

We have our white fondant, all nice and kneaded it back to life.

She was getting a little bit dry and crusted.

We sprayed a little bit of Morphe Prep, Set Setting Spray use code JAMES for 10 off your purchase on her.

We need a big nice thin layer, Yes To really lay it right and coat it.

The skinniest of layers, James pants and grunts, It’s a lot Ill.

Take over for a couple of seconds: Okay: What size are you making This size right?

It has to go over.

No, it has to go over the sides too.

The sides too, So it has to be a big beefed piece.

Oh wait, let’s see.

Oh, I think we have enough.

Oh yeah.

I think we do too.

Okay, so we’re just gon na roll it back.

I don’t think it really works like that anymore.

The fondant law has changed. I’m just going to slide the cake right under Okay, James screams.

Okay, ready ready, Yeah Place it in the center.

First Looks pretty good, Oh my God, Okay, so this part is really fun cause.

You have to be careful that you like getting all the wrinkles out like making it really really nice and smooth. Wait, there’s a nasty wrinkle right here, laughs. I’m using that nasty wrinkle back there.

That is a bad one.

Okay, so now we go around the edge of the cake, get ta, really chop it all off.

Okay, now we have to put some wooden dowels in there. We’re almost done, we’re almost done.

Okay, should we apply the The base Like the little bottom piece, Yeah.

Just a dollop of daisy, A dollop of daisy, A dollop of daisy, Ready, Yeah cheerful, piano, music.

Oh my gosh!

It looks like a graduation hat or something – Oh, my God, Okay, so let’s put on the colors now.

What do we use to glue it?

Do we use a little bit of water Or you can use a tiny bit of frosting upbeat music.

Oh, where was everyone’s first kiss In my outdoor shower at my old house, Ew with a girl.

Yes, Was it disgusting, it was disgusting.

Did you know it was gross at the time?

Yes Did you say ugh?

I said ew Ugh.

I said ew screams. That’s the palette laughs.

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

You guys That looks so good, It’s literally the palette.


Now I have to do the back of it.

I think we should do the art on the back first. Yeah for sure You think that there should actually be the James Charles X, Morphe, on the back, because these dowels are going to be shoved in it.

Lets just do James Charles X, Morphe on the front, Yeah true James And Drew And then no Unlesh, Your Inner Artist.

So for the top we bought this edible metallic metallic paint And on this we were gon na write, Morphe X, James Charles, That is such a lit.

Sharpie Oops yeah.

I did that right, It’s okay.

Looking Can I do the James Charles part, No laughs?


Now I just need to do my signature Unleash your inner artist.

James Ah shoots gasps.

That was a good C.

That was a good C, All Ooh Wow.

It really tied at all together Now for the moment of truth, and we have to see if this is actually going to work.

No wait.

Wait, wait, wait, Ew, That’s not gon na work.

What if we now ruin our entire cake?

Is it gon na fall over?

Is it Yeah Shoot, Wait hold on Lets, flip it around and do a little construction here?

If we have it straight up and down instead of a little tilted Yeah, It will definitely help You guys, I think we’re done, Drew And James.

Oh, my God Are.

We did, How did we do this?

I did it.

Oh my God, you guys it’s literally the palette.

Okay, should we give the grand reveal?

Yes, Should we give them?

The grand reveal Yas, Okay, okay.

First lets see the palette Lets see the palette.

This is the James Charles X, Morphe palette a little bit dirty little bit: baked Beautiful sold out everywhere, But if you can’t get the real palette, you can always have your cake version, screams ♪ It’s a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake, ♪ ♪.

If the way is hazy, ♪ ♪ Got ta, do the cooking by the book.

♪ ♪.

No, you can’t, be lazy.

♪ ♪ Never use a messy recipe ♪.

I cannot believe that we actually made this happen.

That’s literally the same Literally the same.

I know it looks so good.

Oh my God, you guys thank you so much for joining me today, Like I was saying to you guys.

The idea for this video literally came to me this morning, while I was bored out of my mind, sitting and scrolling through my Twitter, I saw a picture of this amazing cake by a really talented cake artist.

I unfortunately do not know what her name was because it was cropped out of the screenshot, but I do know that she made a James Charles X, Morphe palette cake for her amazing 14 year old brother Jack, so Jack.

I want to say happy birthday and hope.

You had an absolutely amazing day and thank you so much for celebrating with me and my palette, that is so fricken cool and make sure you say a major major.

Thank you to your sister as well.

For baking, this beauty, We tried our absolute best to recreate it today, and I really hope we did it justice.

This was so much fun to just relive my childhood fantasy, But also just to create something amazing and get a little bit re.

Inspired, like I said I was on the phone with Gabriel this morning, really not knowing what I wanted to film and both of these friends are so amazing to me and are always there to help me out.

So thank you guys so much for joining me today.

Welcome sister, Please be sure to subscribe to them down below and also give this video a big thumbs up as well.

If you enjoyed it and show your sister support and love, It truly means so much Also, please leave a comment down below and let me know what you guys wan na see from me on this channel.

Like I said, I have been feeling a little bit uninspired recently, but I always wan na push myself and hopefully this year I can take a little bit more of the pressure off myself and really just release content that Im super super, proud of and make you Guys really happy So leave me a comment.

Let me know what you wan na see as always I’m here to entertain you guys and to make you happy as well, If you’ve not already don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below come join, the sisterhood were over 13 million sisters, strong literally One of the biggest families on all of Youtube right now: kinda good, kinda, fun, kinda fresh.

We love a big family.

I love you guys so much.

We really really do and also make sure you click that bell icon, so you can get a notification every time.

I uploaded a brand new video If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey.

You can follow me on Instagram or Twitter theyre, both just James Charles, my Snapchat, for more behind the scenes and stuff is James, Charles with an extra S after Charles.

If you guys would like to follow Drew or Gabriel all their social media links will be down below This video.

Sister shouts out, goes to sister Jack, happy birthday, dude, and thank you so much for always following and supporting me.

I love you so so so much And if you’d like to be in the next video, sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet when the next video goes live on Twitter and also turn on my post notifications.

Alright, you guys thank you so much for watching this.

Video today I love you and we will see you on The Food Network, laughs, Bye, upbeat, electronic music,

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