Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Beauty Battle ft. Kim Kardashian & MakeupByMario

Beauty Battle ft. Kim Kardashian & MakeupByMario

HI SISTERS! For the first time ever, we’re doing a Beauty Battle, but I’m not in the middle. I challenged Mario Dedivanovic, celebrity makeup artist, to a battle on Kim Kardashian’s face. Can I compete against the artist that has done her face every day for the past 10 years? Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

Hi sisters, james charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel, as you guys can see, im joined with two very, very iconic and legendary special guests, sister kim k and father mario over here literally one big, happy family.

You guys, I am so excited for today’s brand new video because we’re doing a beauty battle, which is a very popular series that I do here on this youtube channel, where two different people take half of my face.

But for today’s video im, not in the middle, is this the first time you’re not in the middle yeah.

Oh wow, thats cool yeah i’m really excited to see how this turns out because i’m so used to mario on my face, i dont think ive ever done.

The half and half thing well im battling the artist that does your makeup every single day, so that’s a little bit alarming, but i’m confident i can maybe do this a little bit.

I think i’m excited because i’m just going to tell you, i mean im ive, been doing it for 10 years and doing makeup for 19 i’m a little lazy at this point so im like any help i can get im like.

I love the idea of someone else doing half of the photo.

I love being your assistant today.

No, not this just like i’m gon na actually try to have you do the whole thing.

If i can.

Okay, well, sister kelly, yeah we’ve been talking for a while now about djing, a video, so i was super super excited at the kkw mario launch party.

Actually, we were talking about the north while watching my videos.

Yes, she’s obsessed.

She actually did this, when you sent me your palette, she tried to take it.

I saw it in her room and i was like oh no, no, because shes so hard with it like she just like, destroys a palette yeah.

So no, I took it back and we fought over your palette.

I love that yeah that’s good yeah, it’s kind of fun and fresh.

I can give you another one to bring back to her, so she can definitely surprise me.

Itll, be all over the floor.

Maybe i’ll wait and give it to her for christmas, that’s a great christmas gift, yeah im super excited me and mario, both gon na glam half of kim’s face.

We have 45 minutes to do so we’re gon na, have all things the beauty industry, how we all met and stuff what it’s like working together and perfect, more Music, alright guys so i’m just going to zone out and let you do your thing: do you know What lucky you want to do because she’s filming um after this today so she’s filming for a show i’m just going to be realistic and be practical and i’m just going to do something simple and like a kim k.


Look what she likes to do for filming, but you do whatever you want.

You know i’m just doing that, because you know i just have to be practical.

Well, I wanted to do something colorful and funky and fresh, because I feel like yeah.

I literally want to do that like all.

Maybe we should have a separate time then, like i really do want to do a full colorful thing yeah, but should we do?

If I tell you guys what I want, like a bronzy smokey eye with a black liner and then see what both of your interpretations of that are.

Oh that’s a fun idea and see if you guys can make me look the same.

Oh, I love our producer.

I thought that i was walking into i didn’t know it was going to be like a mario and james, like i thought it was going to be like lets, see who can do a classic kim like will it look the same?

I like that idea, though i think that is fun and we can just try color another day for a good instagram moment: yeah.

Okay, so then you tell us about luck so let’s pretend that she’s our client.

So what do you want today?

Kim decisions, decisions, i’m kind of in love with like those three okay, actually, those four those are my coaches, 10 off and no beans.

I like a cut crease, oh okay.

I am great at this no shimmer, I like super matte.

Okay, yeah we’re doing smoky bronze 90s.

Look darker liner, lighter lip all right.

Are we starting, yeah?

I guess we are.

All right were just going to start up with our house i’m going to start off with foundation.

I know Mario starts with his brows uh.

Not me, okay, i’m gon na pray that this foundation matches you.

The sisters are well aware that i ‘m not the best at it at this point, so it’s okay, it’s a thought that counts, but i wore a turtleneck and long sleeve on purpose yeah.

No, we love that that’s me literally just covering everything else up, so you can’t tell okay i’m just gon na blend this literally all over.

I love this foundation because it just looks so like natural and pretty can i use my assistant to help me um i’d like to you know absolutely not but that’s how we do it at work sounds like a personal problem were not at work.

I can do it myself, okay.

Well, I have a lot of questions for both you guys and im.

Super super excited to be sitting all together as one big happy family, because it’s been a while since we were all last together.

First of all, you guys, like single handedly, have really changed the makeup industry when it comes to trends and just everything that goes along with it.

You guys have created so many iconic and beautiful looks together so like how long have you guys been working together and like tell us a little bit about you, know the classic story, it’s been almost 11 years now i got booked to do a cover shoot with Her it was a little local magazine in the hamptons and a photographer of mine called me one night and said hey.

I need you to do make up for this girl named kim kardashian, for this cover shoot tomorrow, and i was like um, i kind of heard her name.

She was not famous, it was like season one of her show, I think, and so she was just starting to get a name here in the states, and I had a job at this other job that I had booked already.

So i was kind of like torn im, like you know what i can’t really do it i keep going in.

I was like I love it.

I wound up doing it, I did her makeup, she was very, very sweet and she took selfies the entire day.

Oh, hey man, I have a camera.

You know this is before like high phones and camera phones, and then she asked me to take her makeup shopping that same day. When we were done, I loved how I looked.

It was the first time I really felt like it.

I looked really right, like yeah, and I just felt super like this armenian authentic.

Look, I just feel like when I would get my eyebrows done it would just kind of like take that away from me, and he just like brought that back, but in this glam way that I had never seen before.

I had never had my makeup done like that before you just knew right away.

I just yeah, i went back to the hotel and i just took so many.

I still have them.

I took so many.

You have all the pictures yeah on um.

What is it called on?

Your computer photo booth yeah.

I took like hundreds of photo booth photos and I have them all.

Do you know what it was that she loved?

I did the baking, the contouring, and the highlighter.

I did all those things that she really loved and never had experienced before, that is so cool yeah and then she just got really um started getting really super busy after that and she started requesting me for everything you know.

I live in New York and she goes to la so she would start flying me out to la, and you know i started working with her doing like all her stuff and that was it wait.

What’s gon na happen?

If i like, jamess makeup better well, then, when i’m in new york im living my life james can come over your house at five in the morning and do your makeup instead of me, ready, sounds kind of fun, maybe once or twice i’m just setting it.

Your face lightly in place with some translucent setting powder to really lock it all in there oh kind of good.

That is a good color match.

Oh thank god.

Okay, im gon na contour and chisel you out i’m so excited to contour you right now.

Are you ready to contour james?

We only have 45 minutes and i’m trying to do an entire eye.


I got it real quickly.

What happened to the cut crease?

I might not do a cut crease wow, not following the challenge bravely.

You have to give the client what they want.


You do all right.

Thank you kim.

What has been your favorite look that mario has ever done on you, oh thats, so hard.

Honestly, I really did love our mother.

Look at what we did last year.

It was very 90s too, and i think i’ve just been really stuck on that with the darker lip and like kind of reshaping how we do the the upper lip a little bit differently than usual im my favorite stuff, my makeup routine.

I love just like making it look like literally i can’t, breathe, yeah Laughter like a favorite thing in the entire world.

Okay, i’m gon na grab my palette.

Okay, i’m gon na go with a little bit.

Yes, please, sister sister!

Thank you.

I love my assistant Kim kardashian im, highlighting the shade face right on kim’s cheekbone turn inside stunning james now her show films in hd are too crazy.

With that you mind your own best to ask.

You worry about your own side, a little bit higher about the brow bone trick that I learned from mario.

Actually, that is a good trick, Kim’s favorite track.

Obviously now you have kkw yeah, which is so amazing and the products are so bomb.

How it was like starting your own makeup line changed your career and your love for makeup.

It’s definitely made me see makeup in a really practical way.

I think that a lot of people really liked it.

The consumer was really scared of contour.

Like I know, all my friends were really scared of contour or like concealer in you, know three steps and to figure it all out.

So I tried to make it as simple as possible and to try to really explain that and bring like the tricks that I learned, yeah with mario throughout the years with mario to the consumer in a really easy way.

I love that that’s super dope, but her whole thing is how to take like the industry techniques and things like that, but simplify for the girls at home.

So they can do it super easily right because, like kim there’s, a lot of girls at home that you know are not like super artistic when it comes to doing their makeup, and you know they just need something easier.

So i figure, if i could do it, you can do it even though i’ve sat in the makeup chair for you know, 12 years straight, i really didn’t know a lot about.

I know what I like to look at.

I know what I like to feel.

I can tell what really good formulas are, and I think you know with my kkw beauty brand.

We just have really perfected.

The formulas, and I just wanted something that was really simple.

Kkw is obviously like a very social media based brand with you and marv being on social media.

So much.

What would you say?

Social media has affected the business and like what you do in a daytoday life because i feel like.

Obviously it plays a huge role.

It’s really insane, I mean it’s fun to obviously be in a store and to have people come out and feel and touch and use the products.

But you just honestly, you can it’s so amazing to me that you can start a whole business and a brand on just social media.

Just creating your own world and that’s been so much.

Fun is having full control over ad campaign images and who you work with and what you do and what products you pick and what the packaging looks like, and it can be anything you want it to be and if something doesn’t work, you can change it.

As quick as you want, like i don’t know, if im mixing up like owning my own business and social media, but like the both of them together has been so much fun to have the creative control 100, but i honestly couldn’t have done it without mario.

You know I love his advice and his opinion.

Has it been interesting watching different makeup people like beauty gurus like to try the products and stuff and review it just like seeing that, like my formulas, we take a lot of time and put into them.

So seeing the response online or someone that i really love and respect and they’re trying the shadows and they see how pigmented they are, they try the lipstick and they say like my new lipsticks or the liners or stuff they use all the time like that makes Me so happy right: okay, im first going to grab tune, wait!


I want to talk about the first time that we met because it was because of mario yeah, oh yeah yeah, whose concert was that ariana’s ariana grande concert i was with north.

I took her to the concert and Mario texted me and was like: oh my god, James is there.

You have to go, say hi.

I was so excited to challenge each other.

James wrote to me and it’s like.

Oh, my god, sister kim, is here and i want to meet her well, i posted no hold on.

I posted it on my story while being there.

Then you reply.

Yes and you replied.

I was like, oh my god, ariana kims there too, and i was like no way and then you were like oh im, gon na text, her right now and i was like you’re literally kidding me.

I texted her and she said yeah of course, haven’t come and then five minutes later this huge security guard showed up in front of my seat. It’s like I’m looking for James and I was like.

I think that would be me.

Oh yeah, I was like, tell me his seat number.

Then you came over and you were so nice.

I was so nervous too, like this, probably about like a year and a half ago, almost two years ago, now probably yeah holy crap.

So I was super super nervous because that was kind of in the beginning of like my makeup crew, like I think I was only at like 2 million at the time 3 million.

Maybe so i was like i had never like me like a celebrity before and i’ve always liked, looked up to you and like watched keeping up and stuff, so i was so excited they pulled it together.

I think I totally did yeah.

We got a good selfie.

Oh yeah, we really did north help us yeah, okay.

So what are your favorite things to do with the kids?

My kids like very different things, so it’s really hard to do things all together.

Oh my god!


This is the queen of makeup.

First of all, I need to talk about your snapchat story from a few weeks ago.

That was the funniest thing i’ve ever seen in my entire life, the new kkw beauty, black eyeliner.

Oh, I moved im.

Sorry i moved i didn’t know it would cause this much of a big deal.

My makeup artists, usually don’t, act.

This way yeah.

She was very confused because she said she wanted to film a youtube video.

So i said: okay i’ll film it on my phone.

So i started filming it and then she would see the camera and then she’d fall out crying, and so i was just like i you are very confusing so hard to work with yeah very hard favorite of her.

So then she did a look and then she didn’t like what she saw so she started crying, and so i was like its fine.

Well just you know, wipe it off and start over.

So we did that maybe four different times – oh my god, and then finally, I just was like I have to give it up.

This is your final look just like youre doing this, you gotta figure it out.

Did it come together?

In the end, it did.

Okay, I love that, yeah.

She really liked it so north is like super into makeup.

Huh yeah.

She really is, yeah she’s really into makeup into squishies, and my son is just like the opposite, so she loves to have friends over, do makeup on dolls.

On her own makeovers is her thing: yeah she just likes to play makeover.

Can you imagine the north?

Does my makeup that’s a video with your palette?

Oh down ill, have my people connected to her people?

Sometimes she does a really good job like on herself but she’s, really into making her brows really dark.

Oh ill, give her some advice on that, because I have lots of experience making my brows too dark.

Well, she just takes a pen, you know, and just yeah thats, pretty much what it looks like you watch yourself over there.

I kind of love that, though, like that’s so cool so I feel like you can give her tips.

Oh, I would love to wait.

How old is north now she she’s five five right?

Okay, so is she at an agent where, like she actually likes, wants her makeup, or is she just playing with it?

I mean a little bit of both like shes, not fully there.

Yet, where she’s like i can’t, leave the house without, you know blush on or whatever, but she loves like a bright, colored, lipstick and then, if i put it on her like its, if it’s like a special occasion like her favorite color, is purple and kylie had This color june bug and she would wear it all the time and then kylie like made her her custom own purple packaging.

I was very confused by what I just saw on them, so she’ll wear lipstick, color out and then, like a shell, ask me.

Like 10 times, mom is my lipstick.

Still there is my lipstick still there.

Can you see my lipstick?

That is really cute.

I love that.

Is there an age that you think you’d like to let her start experimenting at maybe like 12.

Is that young, maybe 14?

I get this question a lot too, because I get a lot of parents that support my youtube channel and say that they watch my videos with their daughter or sons, which I always think is so cool.

It means the world to me and a lot of parents.

Ask me what it’s like.

Oh well like what parent or what age did you start wearing, and I started at 16 doing my own makeup, but I always say like one of my biggest things that I preach on my channel is like.

I do not wear makeup to feel pretty.

I do not wear makeup because I feel like I need to wear it.

I wear makeup because it’s fun and like i love feeling beautiful and i love like expressing my art and like playing with it and seeing like what i can create yeah and i think like because i get that question a lot.

So, for me, I always say like I would have kids, which I never will.

I would let them play with it whenever, as long as I knew like, okay we’re gon na.

Do this, but like you like, im, not letting you rely on this, like you’re, beautiful, regardless yeah, and i think you know the kids see me with and without makeup on all the time.

So they know that it’s not like you know.

If anything, there was a point when i would get my hair and makeup done, and north would just like start to cry and be like don’t get your makeup done and because she knew that that’s when mom had to work right.

Mom was gon na leave soon.

After that yeah, so she hated that, but i really do agree with that, it’s like just about being fun its, not really.

I mean for me when I have makeup on, it transforms my mood.

It transforms my whole, you know personality.

What does it do exactly when you have a really amazing makeup on, as opposed to when you don’t have makeup on like what does it do to you as a woman as a celebrity, i think that it for me, it makes me feel more confident when i Have makeup on, but i think its the both i think it’s like hair, combo and makeup.

But if you were to say you can only do one, i would pick getting my hair done yeah because i do like natural beauty as well well the years ago.

It would have been makeup, but now I think just like when my hair is done.

I feel like I can have a more natural face.

I don’t know.

I just think that when my makeup is done, like really good, you just like feeling yourself.

You know what I mean you really really get into it.

You just are in such a good mood.

It just enhances what you have, which is the point of makeup: yeah, hey, she said matt only.

She doesn’t want to shimmer, listen to the client, who’s just kidding you got me there.

I guess sometimes you don’t listen to them.

You know it’s okay to do your own thing, sometimes because then they wind up loving it anyway.

But then the question is: do we pick the mad eye or the shiny eye to go out well?

If you pick the shiny eye, then the good news is that he gets to redo this eye and i get to go home kim when you are just getting ready and mario isnt here and it’s just you.

How long is the general beauty routine?

Take you ‘re, really gon na die at this one about seven minutes, you’re kidding no i’m serious.

I can do a full face in like five minutes.

Oh so she’s um she’s one of the most incredibly patient people in the universe, such an incredibly common patient, but she’s just like when it comes to doing her own makeup, she’s like not patient in that sense, yeah its just it just when shes doing herself, like It just happens im just like who has time to blend all day yeah, i just don’t.

I wish I did but she’s very patient, like with other people working on her life because she doesn’t really rush people too much.

I love her supper right now, because it’s a challenge, northwoods love a challenge.

She loves challenges.

She always does beauty challenges in her room like okay, we’re both gon na give this doll a makeover. Let’s see who has the better look, but she always wants to win me over.

I think me and North need to hang out, oh kind of fun, fresh so because we’re on a time limit I’m not going to do any cream contour. I’m going to go ahead and straighten it with a powder.


Oh Jane is beautiful, thanks, father, okay, so this is contour.

Five, the kkk booty single contour i’m using the kkk beauty brightening powder.

This is really one of the best.

I still use this all the time.

I’ve ever seen.

Oh yeah.

I love this powder, it’s so bomb.

You guys been working together for a very, very long time now and it’s been incredible to watch your guys’s journey and, like all the books you’ve created together.

How would you say, like your makeup style, has changed over the past few years and like where do you see the industry going?

My makeup style definitely goes in waves, so sometimes like we were super glam really into a really light under eye.

That was like our really smoky eyes.

Our lashes that we would wear would be like only strips.

Then we got to a really natural place.

Hardly any shadow now we’ve started to like glam it up a little bit more, it’s always fun.

Like well add our pop of blue or a pop of color, or you know smoky eyes, lots of liner.

We definitely have stepped it up again.

Are you just like messing with the glam, yeah?

I mean, I think it’s just like everyone else.

You know you go through things, i think, after having kids, you just don’t have time for that.

Have your makeup and then once they are a little bit older you’re like okay, wait.

I need my makeup again yeah because it’s fun, it’s so much fun so um.

Right now, i feel like we’re in a glam area like wouldn’t, you say, mario, where were like back in yeah we’re in a very like 90s yeah.

It’s just like you know, very painted, very beat.

You know very matte very best very neutral that’s, like our thing right now.

Are these extensions, or are they lashes.

These are my lashes.

No, i don’t do extensions.

What no?


No, what do you put on?

Nothing that’s a lie and you know what no its right.

Those are natural lashes.

I swear you’re kidding, I know wow, it must be nice.

You use this luxe blush from the glam collection.

Are we really gon na?

Do half olive and half all up?



Oh, that just blended, together by itself you’re a little kidding, okay, kind of good kind of fresh okay.

Oh, I love this little display.

We have.

I love that you can use it for everything.

That’s what I wanted to do with it.

I was like make the one palette that you could travel with and literally be able to create any welcome matter one.

I think this is one of my favorite scales.

I love three minute warnings.

You need a lip, oh, what is that the best friend in the entire world, its mac, fix plus with um its gold light like it has like gold flecks?

Oh, i need that it’s literally my favorite thing in the world, not sponsored.

I think, im happy with this.

I think I like how this turned out.

No, I am a pretty cool guy. I’m happy with my luck.

I think I’m done . Did I finish before the title went off: okay, wow, I’m still gon na think of Laughter, oh james.

That looks incredible thanks dad.

I love that, yeah, it looks so good.

Do you think if I showed up to filming today, people would be like what’s going on theyd be slightly concerned?

Do I have to pick a side?

I think you should.

I think you should go like that.

I mean I could just be like okay, well only film.

For me on this side, I like yeah Music, oh wow, very unprofessional, Mario, listen!

You should probably fire him, listen so much time to kill so much time to kill you guys.

What should I do like?

Go get a meal could like post an instagram picture, maybe film an entire youtube.

Video right now, like maybe get some mascara on the root of the area we are done.

We are done Music.

Do you want to see a closeup yeah?

I am okay , ready for this.

Yeah for the grand reveal what, if i was like you guys it is so pretty i wish i could do this.

I love it.

Thank you for today.

I think this is really good.

I feel like this is such a fun video to do and there’s nobody else that I would be more honored to battle.

Then father, Mario himself – oh my god, you guys like this so I love it like I cant choose, which look I feel is more snatched.

I feel like itd, be disrespectful to ask you to choose like you can’t.

Do that yeah.

I love them both too soon, but I mean my sides are pretty good.

So sorry, my goal was to have someone else in la so when i go home and take a little break, she can call you up at five in the morning ill.

Give you the number okay, since sister kim can’t, decide me and mario need all of you guys to comment down below.

Let us know which side you like better all right.

You guys – and I think that is all we have for today’s new video with sister Kim and father mario.

Thank you guys so much for coming on.

Oh fun, vegan oops, happy family, don’t block the makeup guys!

Thank you guys so much for coming on the channel.

I had so much fun doing this it’s so much fun.

I’m so glad you love it. I’m so nervous, and we have to do our colorful glam, something very very soon.

Yeah instagram will be shaking.

We definitely have to if you guys enjoyed today’s video with sister kim and mario.

Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your sisters, support and love it means so so so much to me.

Let me know if you guys want to see a video of me doing, kims rainbow glam.

Let me know if you want to see a video with father, mario or he well, should we just tell them if you guys want to see a video where mario does my glam spoiler alert?

We actually just filmed it earlier this morning, and this look that i have on right now.

It looks really beautiful, as you guys can tell, but we just filmed it for fun.

But if you guys actually want to see that video, we talked about a lot of things with the beauty industry, kim and mario working together and just the life of a celebrity makeup artist.

I had so much fun doing so.

If you guys want that video leave us a comment down below, if you have not already don’t forget to click that big or subscribe button down below and come join the sisterhood, we are over 11 million sister sean, my god, i feel like the family is growing.

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Stuff is james, charles, that extra ass after charles these two need no further introduction, but where can they find you guys makeup by mario kevin kardashian, also they are hosting a master class?

Yes, on february 9th in la uh, the masterclass com lay in my hood and james will be there as well.

I’ve been telling mario to do an alley master class for a little like since i met him two years ago, and he was, i said, no it’s finally happening.

You guys better comment.

Get your tickets so down you choose to start it’s gon na be good and fun and fresh.

This video of my sister shouting out goes to sister kaya.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting you know.

I love you so much and if you like to be the next videos, sister shout out don’t forget to always retweet your videos when they go live on twitter.

Alright, you guys thank you so much for watching this video today.

I really really hope you loved it happy holidays and i’ll see you in the next Music one Music, you

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