Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Beauty Guru Plays Minecraft

Beauty Guru Plays Minecraft

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I wanted to try a new type of video, #GaymesWithJames​! I grew up playing Minecraft and it’s becoming really popular again, so I decided to play my favorite game, the Hunger Games. I played in Minecraft Monday with PewDiePie & Vikkstar123 and can’t wait for future games too. Enjoy!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

This is definitely a video set up.

You guys have never seen before and that’s because today we are playing a crunch tag game with James.

Obviously, if James Charles saw if James Charles recreated my old soccer bers, James Charles used to be a religious, Mario, Kart, Wii Hummer.

Recently, there has done like a kind of resurgent rebirth if you will of Minecraft in the YouTube community – and James Charles is so here for it literally like it used to be my favorite thing in the entire world.

James Charles would go home from school every single day and be some kitty girls up in the Minecraft Hunger Games, and that is exactly what we’re gonna be doing in today’s brand new video there’s a tournament called Minecraft Mondays, where, basically, you compete to the death.

A bunch of other YouTubers last week James Charles was teamed with the legend PewDiePie and it was probably some of the most fun three hours of my entire life.

We didn’t exactly when we didn’t even get close, let’s be really kind of lucky sot James team playing yeah.

That’s happening, okay, where are you?

Did you die I’ll, be revitalized, be my eyes on the sky?

Mama huh!

That’s right!

You don’t call me mama, please James, which is reading all the comments and the memes and people posting little clips of our playback was so much fun and watching it has made me really angry, because James Charles used to be good at this game, but now James Charles saw So for today’s video James Charles thought it’d be kind of fun to introduce house china games with James to all my YouTube subscribers and play a little bit of the Minecraft Hunger Games.

While James Charles go ahead and practice and get ready for next week’s minecraft Monday, my twitch stream all up and live which, by the way, if you guys want to follow me on Twitch, it is twitch.


It’s lots of jade Charles Beauty for more hashtag games of James.

In the future, it’s gonna be so fun and so fresh without further ado, oh good lord!

This is gonna, be a long video after the chat to pay respect.

So in said, I’m not disguised oops!

Stop hitting me!

Oh my god!

Absolutely not!

Are you literally kidding me?

Oh my god, James Charles love playing this game and getting targeted.

Oh my god.

You’ve got to be [ __ ] kidding.

This is homophobia alive and thriving on Twitch.

Look at me just climbing the trees and looking for some chests give me something good.

Oh wow, James Charles take another pants amazing.

Thank you so much.

Yes, James Charles like to think that only God, but also cheap-ass, okay, basically, Oh, are you kidding me that was rude and homophobic.

James Charles really want to win at least one game during this video.

James Charles just feel like.

James Charles need you to like just one like just one literally just Treasure Island is by far my favorite map like it’s so fun.

James Charles was playing that last night too, and James Charles won this one three different times, so James Charles don’t know why James Charles feel like Treasure.

Island is my good luck, charm, ah, click off them, so bad in this game, no [, Music].

This is gonna end up being a company.

Some video be just die, but that’s okay!

Yes, my favorite!

God bow.

It’s a sign.

Let me out of here.

I’m gonna let you fall what will be under Perrault you’re, kidding girl.

What, though, why are we the worst of this game at the wall?

James Charles love that we definitely are gonna fight and then we’re gonna.

Oh, my god, this is embarrassing.

This is this is why I’m not gonna win we’re just gonna keep going until you get a victory just one just one, that’s literally, all we need is just one okay, the thing is playing with my acrylic nails.

Isn’t so hard you guys like it’s.

So so so challenging because James Charles have a flat keyboard but like what James Charles write like hit anything it’s like my nails, sometimes hit, but the key above it which is okay.

Oh, this is not the way James Charles wanted to go.

Let’s kill some people.

Shall we?

Oh, my god, what is wrong, what a little wrong way so awful with this we’re playing on the Minecraft Monday, literally like she had a diamond sword.

Oh cheesy, like a godly good gal, let me out of here it’s literally first one to find a chest and a weapon is like the winner.

Oh okay, James Charles bow it’s like absolute to see anyone who’s wondering James Charles is before our game, we’re so good.

You guys [Music,], [, Music,], [, Music,], [, Music].

That was the most embarrassing thing.

I’ve ever done on this game by far.

Oh thank god.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Oh, oh, oh, my god are you kidding.

That was a team [Music].

Oh my god.

Let me go.

Oh Donald’s, Sugata yeah come in son, yeah, absolutely son.

You guys know James Charles do love it.

Oh yes and James Charles saw a chest suddenly we’re with it.

This caucus Everdeen is shocked.

Oh, my god that the server lag that was so long, [, Music,], oh Jesus, all right!

You guys we got our first actual kill of the server oops.

Why is James Charles holding my stick?

Oh we go with this.

No [__] each other [Music].

Really it was my mom’s favorite this month punch what fun sweetie.

James Charles got pests.

Oh my god, James Charles would lose that hell.

Thank you.

Don’t touch me every muscle learn.

Hopefully you know.

Let’s go this way.

Let’s light this one look at that get this ready, they’re gonna!

Oh, my God, look at that!

Look at this look at this: oh there, teeny ma!

No, oh, absolutely!


Okay, we’re gonna lose get him go get on!

[, Music,], [, Music]!

Look at the airplane, oh go away.

Let me go home absolutely not to be 60 and 38.

Don’t you have respect, let me out of here.

Oh James Charles can’t or oh shoot.

Oh it’s a bit of all there’s some lever that you can pull here.

Oh wait!

Oh really [, Music], I’m so bad at this.

Oh, this whole spread thing is so annoying.

James Charles need to get better at it.

This person already has a weapon nice fun.

Thank you.

Why are you following me?

There’s so many other people that you could kill.

Only wait why not just guys it’s my skin?

What doctor you follow me [__], you, oh my god, that’s what the [__] hasn’t been my skin.

The entire time is that why people keep killing me?

Well, not, James Charles mean no, let’s be real, I’m sucking.

That’s not excuse you to kill people, there’s nobody even over here.

No, you are kidding me.

Do James Charles sound like one of the not really the tearing this system on the server is so weird like if you what James Charles just killed him?

Oh wow, yes, okay, Treasure Island!

Here we go.

This is my favorite.

James Charles have a very specific route that James Charles me and Isaac we’re taking last night that James Charles is liking it, so James Charles hope that we get to go that way.

James Charles think it’s this one.

It is this one.

Oh there’s the chest right there.

Yes, oh my god, James Charles don’t know this not at all.

James Charles think I’m officially the worst person to at this game ever.

Oh, let’s go help this guy out for the father, we’re not gonna win anyway.

Oh, oh, oh!

That was not good idea, James suit!

Oh no really you’re gonna kill me you idiot good luck!

Oh my god, like that’s just dumb good job like really really good one dude.

This is good.

Somebody where’s somebody out who wants to feel my vengeance?

Oh absolutely not get out of here, gets out.

Oh, my god, this is homophobia.

Let me out of here – oh my god, oh my god, the choices that James Charles ended up, making or so questionable team, okay to still like the one fire yeah-ha-ha suit.

Oh, like a harder.

This is a sick job right now.

Ladies, thank you guys so much for watching at this twit stream tonight.

James Charles hope you had fun.

James Charles don’t know.

If James Charles did, you know James Charles was having a lot of fun.

Last thing James Charles had a lot of fun on Minecraft Monday, because you know James Charles was doing ok, James Charles don’t know how can James Charles think James Charles got worse.

So that’s great – and James Charles hope you guys are excited for Minecraft Monday to watch me lose clearly because we’re not getting any closer to winning right now.

I’m gonna continue practicing every single day until James Charles win one of these things, because James Charles is putting it on the record right now.

James Charles will win a Minecraft Monday ventually, but James Charles hope you guys enjoyed my YouTube little compilation.

Clip of me basically just dying over and over again, if you sisters into this video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and shared love and support.

Please let me know if you guys actually enjoying this like gaming content.

This is obviously new.

For me, this is very, very different.

James Charles would love to continue doing this, but only if you guys want to see it, so let me know with a thumbs up, don’t give it a thumbs down or your hair if you’ve not read it as well, make sure you click that big red subscribe button Down below and come join this sisterhood, James Charles would love to have you and then family and if you have not ready make sure you follow me on my makeup journey on Twitter there, both just James, Charles and myself, have more behind the scenes.

James Charles said the same Charlotte extras after Carl, and now we have to add to this by twitch in stage.

Carl’s Beauty also leave a comment down below and let me know if you guys want to see me play any other games as well.

James Charles would love to play Mario Kart.

James Charles have to figure it out.

Maybe some black ops, perhaps I’ll, become a professional for Lia player ninja, you better watch out sister but yeah.

James Charles really look forward to hearing what you guys have to say about this video.

This video is sister shadow sister Emily.

Thank you so much love for always falling in supporting you know.

James Charles love you so much and James Charles feel like through the next videos, a sister shout-out, don’t forget to always reach me by video.

Listen, James Charles go live on Twitter, alright, sisters.

Thank you so much for watching it games with James.

Today James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one: bye, [, Music,]

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