Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Best Friends Build A Gingerbread Dream House ft. Emma Chamberlain & Dolan...

Best Friends Build A Gingerbread Dream House ft. Emma Chamberlain & Dolan Twins

HI SISTERS! MERRY CHRISTMAS & Happy Holidays! In today’s video, the Sister Squad is back and we decided to build our DREAM HOUSE… out of Gingerbread!! We really really hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

Hi, James, Charles, your vocal doc, try to tell you Merry Christmas to you guys today. I’m doing some very, very special guests.

This one was going as you can tell.

We are not in our normal filming location and that’s because we were in my kitchen.

So we are not doing makeup.

Thank God thanks Santa, oh thanks singing in a big, Kris Kringle thanks Chris you are good eggs, Jack frog, please what am i the only quiet one over here, just being so ready for James?

Thank You, Bonita yeah!

Whenever you see that latest LLC interface, even though, were not makeup, we are doing something that isn’t related and I thought it’d be really fun in front of you, actually I thought it would be you.

This is the true grace that Grayson was texting.

The idea entered the group’s head after I said it with my mouth and in real life: bro texted it in virtual, like georgette James, like and it’s literally just building a gingerbread house daddys my baby, your dust, because I came up with it all on my own.

Oh, these lights use a fit, it’s a big fit Jimmys, a trained ear dust thats, awful Daniel isn’t like wires and Santa Claus liars this year.

Fun dark for you.

We’ve actually already filmed this video once last week and it’s probably the worst video weve ever felt ever even on my chest. He was have you ever been apart, throw it back to 2003 videos that day every camera kept failing like turning on.

We were fighting with no lights on.

I was on my period. It’s always James, oh my god.

For that video.

We did a gingerbread competition and that really led to some tension here in the sister Santa help we omitted, it just turned out really not good, and these are not my personal favorite videos to film the way on my entire channel.

I know that all of you guys feel what are you doing?

Throw them back three seconds.

You guys have the same question.

It was just really not a great video for me personally.

Obviously, I was in the depot Timothy I was in the Pope zone.

I put myself there, though the video just said not to operate and for me, and I know a lot of people watching at home to it.

This is what videos are buying products online throughout my entire channel Anna, we wanted to read you.

It means you get a lot of views, so James likes those he wants to get back together, while we were all in a good, happy, holiday mood and really, and instead of a competition.

This time we thought we were together.

Does it work together?

I think that I’m gon na be the architect that you know the head contractor here.

I’m gon na be really like supervising a whole project and making sure if it comes together the way it ought to you know right, you could be pulling frosting yeah.

We always go. I always feel like a landscaper.

No, no.

I wanted to do that.

Well, we can work together.

This is two more youre.

So right you don’t have to argue about it.

No, we go.

I don’t want to start a fight, but okay, I’m gon na.

Do the fine details, cuz I’m good at that stuff, maybe who’s actually building the whole thing.

I dont know Ill.

Do the color scheme, oh sweet Ill, build it.

Oh you build it.

I, but we all work together, guys were trying to build a mansion out of six two different habitat kids.

I went to five grocery stores to get six kids.

Apparently, one lady went to every single one of these grocery stores and bought all of the cabinetry was the sort of was he not?

What are you yes, Marley collected six kids were gon na, put these all together, even bunch of our Kennys, prostate, etc.

So for this, video we’re gon na, be building our sister squad dream house, one last thing before we get started, you guys the first of all taste videos because Merry Christmas, all D, we are so grateful for you guys and for Mia.

This is the second toss up loading about the December Im.

Doing a full month of holiday, give her slaves, if you guys want to win a PR box, including Mike Collett and verse, as well as sisters, a hoodie and a brand new 2018 knock book.

Don’t forget to follow me on all my social media networks on my YouTube channel.

Give this video my other December videos a thumbs up and also leave a comment down below all the official rules and regulations.

We in the description as well.

So please read those so I don’t get sisters soon: Applause, Music, Applause, Music – pretty!

Please do not break any of the crackers.

Fine guys so we’re getting walls here, running back here and windows and walls here. I feel like whatever can happen together with each other.

We acted for use on people just a little bit of the video dude.

I know I feel like we really look alike.

Oh, it smells good yep, because this is a cookie yeah it’s bad, we’re definitely going to go at least two to three stories in this house.

Maybe like!



No, no wait.

What are so many of them looking at together?

This is our dream house.

How do we have like a bunch of the same time varying powers?

Oh, did you break it?


Oh good, ow, okay, this is not real human consumption.

What child?


You all live together, we would like to explode.

I don’t want to think about that if we, my personal hell, are the walls. Merry Christmas, do the walls and then this is the roof, so we need to make an opening that can be a door in the middle.

Probably too much talk to this one new fan the whole hold up.

This is a mess.

Don’t worry.

We reveal it to you guys at the end, we have little tips right there, but we’re gon na reveal the thing to you at the end cuz more setting.

This is dairy free Im.

Definitely not actually, maybe not, it seems every everythings big eventually.

This is the front of that.

These are the socks right.

I think we should.

Okay, yeah, as you can see, Oh, like put a wall up.

Those two numbers like this here like this is the garage you guys might wonder if the ice is disappearing.

Brother, mom Ethan, if you don’t, I’m gon na kill you and cool you down for that.

We all feared that we were gon na run out of life scene duty, Ethans mouth was going to use hot glue for the base leg, Wow dude it’s yours are bold.

We are high, as my name is right.

That was my first time.

You know icing icing, hey.

I saw the theme: oh, I see this crevice, please 20 News I’m gon na separate them there you’re gon na put a nice straight line of icing on that.

I was just about to do Im there and then yep.

Just icing up the crevasse perfectly.

Take it nice and slow there you go.

I was just literally about to do that.

Okay, I did it better.

It was amazing to do it pretty well.

I know you were so telling what I was saying.

I know guys it’s gon na be ten to be a little bit of quiet time to focus.

Think we should want Amazing Race together, I don’t know if he’s way too serious.

We want this to be a beautiful house, Santa doesn’t like serious boys.

Okay, all the tips and push them together push the tips together.

You’re like dots, no discussion so bad.

Like that, flavor luck, that’s disgusting!

I like them, yeah, it really does.

No problem, we’re going to have to have a back to hold this up back there.

Someone give me a job. I’m feeling really sad and stuff lets get over here.

Do they have an arm for that?

Okay, I’m gon na make up this one right here is that okay, yeah okay, we’re not totally renters.

Will you just trust my knowledge?

I have a vision and you guys are gon na freak out, but just let me do it. There’s enough. It’s a little bit gross, but just a demo with great measurements.

How do we do those great measurements, guys?

What is my fault?

Cuz you build.

Things are having the house.

I was doing an inch way and you put that one.

There first look how much over it is from this Im making a pond.

Oh, oh, you know it actually looks good when I come together.

I know we take this off here.


We put that there so it’s just the window, then the roof on the window makes it two stories high and then this perfectly goes there Im just gon na.

Do it Grayson, I thought we’d drop down through school.

Well, you say that we should have a night through the night: oh its, not gon, na break evenly.

Oh good night, okay, oh my god that is perfect.

That worked mmhmm Music.

I want to do whatever I want to do.

What do you know about me ? I don’t ever get a speedy round of applause.

Yeah we’re throwing a screaming round of applause.

You go here.

You then put up your guy and then up here VI along and I have never come here proof and then my stick.

Can go into the box Music Laughter, no, no I’m making something!

What powder?

Yes, what dictates noises and dirt?

Yeah, that’s kind of good yeah?


Am I a bully?

Leave it a I’m gon na make dirt when you are, making a gingerbread house yeah but that’s what you need?

Music does pixels together James, if you just hold it exactly.

Oh, I have kids, but I have my together.

Only this is getting intense in them.

Yeah grease them are such good architects.

I just would like to update that.

My dirt over here is doing awesome.

I’m more just holding this until it dries Music carpenters, something that works with water right like a wall . I wasn’t a carpenter for a while working with wood, I do yeah that’s.

Actually the girl’s neighbor is Music.

Is my beautiful house ruined right now?

There you go it’s a making.

Your driveway puzzles me up here, no that’s the runway house.

You got this in the garage.

What I would do with a rainbow gravel yeah we’re gon na Rainbow Road yep be Mario Kart yep.

That was a little hard.

The best one thumbs up for hard ha ha ha these videos on sexual okay.

You have to be fabulous.

We said, oh, my god, you are kidding yeah, but never warm tonight.

Look at it, shove it in there to make sure it’s glued in there.

How does one do it?

Well, ladies, you try out yeah thats, pretty yeah uh you’re, just not that our house looks really good it’s all gone our house.

This is true: Music, it’s actually starting with really nice guys who were a great team, whether we like it or not, whether the viewers like it or not I’ll be kind of looking at dulling we’ve had a snap he’s kind of did a little bit.

We gingersnap Music.

Look at my magic community guys come here, Maya, not knowing this camera says it all.

I was doing the entire thing.

Look at this look at this come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here.

Come here, Wow good!

Thank you guys.

I honestly only care about the ball pit.

All right, Jennys made this be able to be done by Emma.

I did oh I like that.

So you didn’t decide.

You said Tom.

I think it’s pretty good. It’s really good racing, so tough.

So then we need to decorate the front right now: yeah, okay, both squatted.

Oh No.

I love it its a brother garage, even a car, wash oh, no guys I don’t have to do.

Maybe we just don’t have a garage anymore, bro, no dude!

It just happened.

Easy because you’ve been too heavy, you need to fix this Im, not kidding.

Well, we can do that if we’ve been having problems with the whole time its true, maybe it just needs a flat Music eg.

This is what happens to you.

What you think you heard about your business, the garage I’m making looks good cuz.

Nobody cares about the back.

Ok, even though this video isn’t makeup, it still somehow managed bTW that it was lost.

I need to line it up.

Awesome, epic, that edit Im, when you are James, who told you be nice to me today, the orders to debrief just took way too long for literally no quietly I’m scared for this.

Yes, don’t ever raise your voice.

I thought I got it.

What do you feel about that looks pretty good but it’s not a garage, it’s a ball pit and you have to drive through the Butte to walk through the ball pit.

To get looks good.

No, it looks really good.


We all say this is my singing.

This, my sister, this is my section and we go at.

It will be done in literally five minutes, guys it’s gon na be a white Christmas.

I got the snow, Oh actually, if you got a spider Delta Lola.

Oh my god, I’m a genius.

I just did this: I purchased fjz. I’m credited for everything, the ideas who went to the road.

Oh my gosh, oh it’s good trust me.

Everybody is spread out now.

Oh oh Music, but I was thinking like we should make the trees all green and then put like a little MM something for my wife, its true yellow women.

Is there nobody that places trees outside?

Yes, they do.

Okay, if they’re all green, stick to them.

The lights on the trees, yep, yes, cant, stick it on the dry trees, what I’m using hot glue so whatever I never want to make another video just everywhere again, oh yeah, I’m so glad its!

Not at my house.

Can you ever help me clean this up?

James, come on you’re, making answers to what we’re gon na do.

Is it yeah?

Why does he eat them when they’re huge, because this is so good?

I know we just have like my shirts such a mess at this one bottle.

Oh see, that’s it.

Why didn’t I wear something I cared about?

Oh camera, wasn’t recording!


No, it says no, it’s an SD card corrupted!

Oh my god.

Why is that lucky kind of day?

Because I’m perfectly I have you see, we do want a bad thing today.

No, you have it, that’s the thing true to be honest, that one I know you’re sleeping on me James, I swear to God.

Look sweet, grab more.

Where are the two vents let’s make Arthur driving with cheese, doughnuts yeah guys?

I said we set the timer at twelve eleven twenty were tapping out, itll, be good by then we find out its also speed round Music.

We should put a nice tree right in the front yard.

I do. I’m really beautifully decorated.

Really do we have any more cones left, Oh ate.

The rest.

Are you kidding me no theres enough, but there’s enough trees is a nut tree in the front yard over World War.

I ate them all.

Oh my god decorate this one together.

Okay for the Christmas spirit, let me just double stack that, like that, okay, so smart keep on keep on.

He says your business yeah there’s some business already, these guys all these business orientations, yeah yeah, were gon na go over everything with the Tampa Bay good job.

Oh, my god, I saw yall on the Saab yeah, put it up.


I read it here.

You think this is a true piece of gum and rolled it up.

So I was a genius.

Oh, it’s a gummy worm.

No tell me what everybody gets.

It gets what they think it is: it’s a gummy gutter, it’s a daughter.

Is it really yeah?

We need a gutter on this snowfall to have a piece of something, it’s not even a real thing.

I know that was just a joke and they’re like in movies or something gutters hard, Ive, never seen one in real life.

You saw the pilot gunner, I don’t think so, those gutters at my husband right now.

Okay, look at this beautiful presentation, James, that’s so perfect.

You’re, literally, a genius.

Thank You.

Sun come on no guys, I have invited touch all right.

We need one final touch.

I had it.

What is it?

Everybody gather round?

Wait, oh my god, it’s great to look at that. I’m making a pile of logs, lovely, that’s smart when you said that earlier, when we got excited.

Look at that!

Oh my god, are you kidding at home literally thinking about making two three two one!

Oh guys!

This is very important, Laughter, Music, it’s a dance from sensor squad.

Look at that okay, is it backwards?

No house is about to fall down in 30 seconds if we don’t finish it now.

Oh, I dont know shes good shes good shes going somewhere, not that good.

The outside, like okay, the operations were lazy, no, no, the decorations, we were lazy, but the architecture itself, here’s the thing it’s very good, but it’s not that good don’t get excited about the grand reveal of the sister squad’s dream house before we say this.

I want to say thank you guys for doing this.

This is so fun and fast.

We all have our very separate personalities and opinions and I’m really proud of us for being able to work together for something for our hearts and souls, and do it especially my heart and soul.

On my pond, Merry Christmas tree, we really like to go for like nights.

Farmhouse modern contemporary vibe I feel like, but also like in the company, grows like no but have fun when you dance with the blonde go on the phone guys.

What we wanted to do is build the gingerbread house, yeah a modern, contemporary farmhouse dream house.

Did you read javi yeah?

Basically, we made a house with two floors over here.

It’s got.

This lets me check out my ex now.

You know whose house it is is backward. It’s also here, how I want to go.

Okay let’s start. I’m gon na start with the section house, here’s my floor with it.

This is the front door of the house for you.

This is the entry to the home.

What you walk in you’ll see you could go upstairs to that’s it yeah.

I made all the trees.

I started them wide.

Had the idea to open my minions to take over for me and put some lights on them that were very, very, very, very special.

Thank you for that.

Come check out my ball pit guys check out our pond.

It was it haha.

It was a there’s lots of Quinn fish in there that are probably not frozen.

Yes, we’re a nice kid on it and then you really go inside and I believe, into the garage and get your ice skates off and then we’re gon na Whitman and our Tesla and art in our two car garage off of the driveway that we nicely constructed.

And then were going to go to a local cafe and we’re gon na pick up some hot cocoa then we’re gon na, come back into our foyer for a for a and enjoy the sips wait by the fire with the nice that we got a few more With the nice Christmas stack of wood – and there is the completion of our scissor squad – Dreamhouse gingerbread horn – I hope you guys liked it, because we kind of been so much fun do not have a lot of fun.

It’s not Christmas.

Money got me right in the Christmas spirit.

Have you guys do those videos today, please don’t, forget to give a big thumbs up mm to your sisters, love and support.

All we want from you guys for Christmas is a baby already, don’t forget bigger than double its welcome.

This sisterhood was over 11 billion.

I love the family.

Also click that like button, so you can get motivation every time I upload a brand new video.

If you like to follow me on my makeup, 30 people meeting on your Twitter, their goal to shave Charles boy, sometimes more by the sea.

Since I was a child, I should ask after Charles guys over the village wins, and we made a video all together on our channel, where we actually put a lot of thought into it and because each others – and we got each other, what we thought would be Each other’s dream gifts and don’t want some tears.

Were some tears so holiday tears, followed by holiday, cheer and I’m over at Michelle.

We probably have those epic gifts.

You guys wan na head over Emma channel leave.

Oh, my gob said unzip his lap and we wrote some wishlists and we read them via this.

Video shows how that goes to its sister squad 55.

Thank you.

So much love for always falling in support of all of us.

We wanted a real name.

We don’t, usually want to, really know me.

Love responds.

55 what’s your name?

If you want to be the next video, is that sister shadow don’t forget to always retweet my video links like a live on Twitter, all right sisters.

Thank you.

So much marks in this video tonight, thank you to my best friends in the entire room for being on my channel, of course, building this intimate house and just being at the best, and thank you guys for all the amazing of rasili pod this year, they’re gonNa be so many amazing world soon, and thank you guys all for watching and supporting don’t forget end to the holiday.

Give us a good Music

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