Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Celebrity Makeup Artist Does My Makeup ft. MakeupByMario

Celebrity Makeup Artist Does My Makeup ft. MakeupByMario

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I teamed up with one of my biggest role models, Mario Dedivanovic aka MakeupByMario. He’s glammed every celebrity you can think of, from Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, J Lo, Katy Perry, & more. Watch as he does my makeup and we talk about all things beauty, the behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, influencers vs artists, and more! Enjoy & don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

Hi sisters, Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to the YouTube channel. As you guys can see, I’m with a very, very special guest Magic Makeup by Mario Mario Dedivanovic King, who was here in the studio set up by you guys A few weeks ago.

We did an iconic beauty battle with our good friend, sister Kim, and so many comments were saying you guys wanted to see Mario glam me and we just needed to have you back.

I feel like this.

Video has been in the works for so long.

We wanted to do this forever, So, like Im, very honored to have you here today.

You know thank you, I’m very honored to be here.

This is like my first YouTube, My first time being on a YouTube channel doing makeup.

Oh, I love that It’s a good first one to be at.

Are you excited?

Are you nervous?

How are you feeling Alright so I’m a little nervous?

I have to be honest and I never get nervous from anyone, but I dont do guys’ makeup.

This is literally, like the first time I’m doing a glam makeup on a man on a boy on a sister.

So when I worked in television news like 12 or 13 years ago, I had a really bad experience with one of the male anchors.

Basically like push me because he didn’t wan na have a guy doing his makeup, and so ever since then I vowed to never doing mens makeup Well, Im, basically a woman anyway, so its okay Yeah.

So this will be interesting.

I’m excited, though. So, for those of you guys who do not know sister, Mario or daddy, Mario is a legendary makeup artist and he is Kim’s makeup artist, but also a lot of other celebrities as well.

Would you like to do a humble little brag and do some name dropping Well, I’ve worked with Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, obviously Kim Arianna Grande MaryJ Blige Gabrielle Union, just a lot of people, So many people and they all look absolutely stunning, and he also has a Master class that he runs with makeup classes, I’ve been to one of them going to another one, coming up very very soon.

Every night you’re coming yeah Yeah.

Absolutely I will be there sitting in the front row so much fun.

You guys should definitely check those out for more information, but Mario is just a living legend, and I am so excited to have him here today.

Soft upbeat music.

When I first met you, I discovered you online, not discovered you, but I first saw you online before CoverGirl Yeah a very very long time ago.


Never forget that day that I discovered, I said hes gon na be such a big star Yeah.

So I have a huge knack for discovering or like knowing who’s gon na be really really big.

Oh, that is so sweet you’re the best.

What do we wan na do today?

I dont know Im so used to talking to a crowd of people at the classes.

This is weird because I want to ask them, but I can’t: Do you guys want glam, or do you guys want natural?

I feel like we should do a glam look, especially if we’re using the palette. Just because I’ve done so many colorful looks everyones likes We get it, you can do a rainbow.

We wan na see something pretty Alright And I feel like there’s nobody better to do that.

Well, do pretty makeup, alright cool!

So when I start doing makeup, and especially if it’s a new client, which you basically are right now cause Ive, never done your makeup.

I just sort of started feeling the features of the face and just envisioning the techniques I’m gon na be doing. Like if I want hairs to go higher or lower.

Gonna start by filling your eyebrows and then, while I’m doing that, I’m gon na start planning the look cause right now.

I have no idea what I’m doing. That’s honestly how I go into most of my makeup looks as well Yeah.

The eyebrows are always the hardest part for people whenever they do and they Really, But you have such a good brow raise and I feel like it’s easy.

Thank you.

Well just cause they’ve gone under such a transformation.

Oh, my God, can we talk about your brows for the holidays?

Oh God they were disgusting.

What were you thinking?

I don’t know, And the thing is to sulk.

Everyone told me that they were bad.

There was not a single person within the makeup community and be like oh yeah.

Your eyebrows are good, Like everyones, like ah huh, Like even Anastasia, was like Isn’t.

It’s crazy.

How no one said it When I first grew a mustache two years ago.

It was literally like so long hitting my lips and when I look at pictures I cringe. I’m like how no one, not even my family, told me like you need to trim your mustache.

Nobody wants to be mean, but I wish more people had bullied me about my eyebrows.

I could have fixed it sooner.

If I was close to you at that time, I would’ve told you: Okay, good I’m gon na go back to the brows, try a little application.

Really, The reason I do that is because Im it depends on how dramatic the eye makeup is.

If the eye makeup is super dramatic, then I don’t want to go too heavy on the brows.

Just feels like I’ve mentally pointed with the brows now and then go ahead and deepen them a little bit more over here.

Okay, so do you wan na tell the sisters a little bit more about how long you’ve been doing makeup for your education and training?

Just so, they know a little bit more about Yeah, so I started makeup in 2000, So it’s gon na be 19 years.

Now, Oh, my God!

How old are you 19 You’re, 19 Yeah Wow?

Well, I was born in 1999 but yeah 19.

So he was like four months old when I started doing makeup: Oh my God Isn’t that crazy.

That is insane That’s, so cool, though just the level of success that you’ve reached and the fact that you’ve been doing it for how long now, Only three years.

This is not about me, though.

Talk about you.

Oh sorry, okay.

I hate talking about myself.

No, I started doing makeup 19 years ago in New York and I got a job at Sephora when I was 17 as a fragrance consultant And I started doing makeup there.

It’s where I discovered makeup on the first day of work – and I got obsessed with it – I fell in love with it Started researching it. At this time in the industry, it’s very different than it was then it is now. Yeah.

I definitely wan na talk about that.

Yeah, it was really really hard back.

Then There was no social media.

There was no way to get noticed, and so I started working retail and then you know I really struggled I wan na say for the first seven or eight years and when I say struggle I mean barely being able to pay rent eating pizza and eating tuna Fish – and it was hard because you had to assist and a lot of the assisting jobs you had to do for free Right, So you’ll be on set for 16 or 18 hours a day.

Working with these master make up artists, but you’d be doing it for free, Absolutely, not Well that’s how it was and then I’d work retail on the side and then, when I eventually stopped retail.

I started working in television news on the weekends, so I could make some steady income Right Started.

My own clients started working with photographers. Eventually I wan na say after the sixth year or so I started doing celebrities in New York, Some pop singers and some actresses.

How did that happen?

I feel like that’s very intense to go from starting at Sephora and just testing and playing it out to news anchors and then also celebrities.

I feel like there’s a Yeah Pretty intense job.

It wasn’t an intense job.

It was very Gradual, Gradual.

It was little by little, just step by step, Working with a certain hairstylist.

Who would recommend me to a celebrity?

You know that kind of thing, But I also had an agent at that time, so I had an agent since I was 21, but even with an agent you still struggled at that time, Yeah Because to get noticed by a celebrity, there was just no way Like Nowadays, you can just write them on social media and Twitter or Instagram, Which is so cool And that’s how they discover you nowadays too, But back then there was just no way at all.

The industry has definitely changed.

You mentioned how the industry has changed a lot when it comes to artists that emerge onto social media and there’s.

No denying that you were one of the first to really pioneer makeup on social media.

You have a huge following on Instagram and your work.

If major inspiration to me and many other artist as well, Would you say that social media has changed the makeup community for the better and in what ways do you think that it’s affected it It’s interesting for me to answer this question because Im considered the old School Anyone who’s 15 years in the business or more they’re, considered old school right Well yeah it’s a lot of experience And most of the people that are old school.

They tend to not like social media and they think it’s ruined it and they think it’s ruined.

The industry and they think that YouTube has ruined it and influencers have ruined it.

That’s a huge thing: Yeah it’s a really big thing, and I feel like I’m gon na, also get it when this video comes out, because people are gon na turn their nose up and think.

Why would he do that with an influencer?

But for me I feel like Instagram is amazing number one.

I feel like it’s changed, the industry for the better, For me definitely and for many others as well. It provided so many more opportunities that we never would’ve had as makeup artists.

So many more types of jobs that we can do and just the fact that you could build a following and you could share your work and have control over it.

Instagram is like a personal magazine, and so you could share you work and build a following: build a business, a legitimate business, A million percent And for me I’ve always been supportive of influencers and YouTubers For one, because I know the amount of work that goes into What you guys do, I think, a lot of people don’t realize it and the older generation in particular even some of the newer generation.

They don’t realize the amount of work that goes into doing a YouTube and creating content and it’s really a full time job.

And I think someone like you in particular, who I really admire when it comes to work ethic, I can see the amount of work that you put into it.

The fact that you were able to build a following by the way you probably get the award for the most insane engagement, like You literally gross, like a million followers every three days, which is insane, but I don’t look at that.

Like arg, I look at that.

Like holy crap, that’s amazing. It’s inspiring, you know what I mean. The work is there to back it up because you work non stop even on your days off, I feel like you’re, plotting and planning thinking of your next video and Yeah.

You know you’re entertaining to watch on social media and that’s really hard.

Not everyone can do that.

Thank you, And so I have respect for you and all the other content creators out there, because it really is a hard job and people don’t realize how much into it.

My only thing about it is that, because the industry has changed right, So there’s all these kinds of new opportunities for these young artists that are coming up.

I also look at that as just because I had to struggle for almost 10 years.

In the beginning of my career and now people don’t, I feel like I’m happy for them because they have these cool opportunities now like if it was my brother or my cousin or my son and theses opportunities came their way at 18 and 19 Im not gonNa tell them to sit in a room and say no to everything, I’m gon na say, go, take the opportunities, go, become successful, go with it and I feel like that’s how people should think about it as well.

I’ve been in the makeup community for three years now, but obviously CoverGirl was a major pivotal moment and Boys in Beauty.

I feel like cause.

It really brought it to mainstream media and even over the past three years, I’ve seen such a positive change, and so many young boys trying out makeup and imagining me being like them.

Oh, no, You cant like being mad that they were growing a following, Or imagine that you said no to CoverGirl Right.

I hate when makeup artists are like that.

Oh influencers are taking our jobs like when have you ever seen me on set doing makeup for a campaign unless it’s my own, Ever Its two totally different things, Its two totally different things, and I don’t understand why there’s so much hatred between people literally within in The same industry that are just performing different tasks, I mind my own business Im in my own studio, making content for a younger demographic and working makeup.

Artists are on set every single day, working just as hard doing celebrity makeup and doing shoots and campaigns, And sometimes our worlds collide, So celebrity makeup artists when they do Oscars or Grammys.

They work with the same brands that you guys do because they’re getting sponsored by brands for the red carpet looks So sometimes the worlds collide and I just feel like there needs to not be a divide between the older generation and the younger.

I just feel like people need to support it more and not bash.

Everyone can learn from each other.

I feel that I’ve learned so much from you and other industry professionals that Ive looked up to and been following for a very, very long time and its people, like you and people like Anastasia, are people that have really been a great mentor to me.

To give me advice and be like hey Ive, been here for 19 plus years Don’t.

Do that or you should do this or you should talk to this person?

I really value that, because I love makeup and marketing there’s, always things that I can learn and improve on and the same thing goes for the older generation.

Just like you said, social media has been a huge immersion in the makeup community and I think it’s really changed.

It is for the better, but obviously a lot of the older generation is out of touch with that, and I think that there’s a lot to be learned from them.

Even for the working makeup artists, how they can build their brand further and still book those jobs and not have it be taken by influencers.

You have two options: either you get with it and you go with the change and you pay attention to your social media and you work on it and you try to become a part of it Because it’s not going anywhere. It’s not going anywhere.

No one has control over that, and so you either do that or you just kind of get left behind Some of the older makeup.

Artists have resorted to publicly bashing and shaming or bullying certain, even within the celebrity makeup artist community.

Some celebrity makeup artists.

Do it to other celebrity makeup artist if they have a lot of followers or if they work with a certain client That’s insane For someone who has 20 plus years experience lets, say a makeup artist to have your legacy, be that you are known for bashing people And for bullying, people on social media, thats, just horrible and I feel bad It’s embarrassing, It’s embarrassing yeah, and so I just feel like we need to respect each others fields and each others jobs.

You know they call it the beauty community, but I feel it needs to be more of a community Agreed.

Couldn’t have said it any better myself So I’m doing, I call it a snatch Im so excited for this.

I can’t believe you’ve never done this.

No Okay!

So I’m basically taping his eyes back and then maybe tie it at the back with a string and what that does is enable it to push the eyes back.

This is a very, very old Hollywood trick, it’s been done for so long in Hollywood, movies and films and red carpet stuff.

I do this pretty, I mean not often, but I do it quite a bit, especially on photo shoots, and you can do it on the red carpet too.

If the hair is down, it covers it. Yeah A lot of celebrities.

Do it.

We just don’t know because A lot of drag queens do it too.

Oh the drag queens.

Of course I mean for sure.

So that dries and then I basically pull that.

Oh, my God, you can barely even see it. Yeah.

So you have to do it really clean?

Sometimes you can see it a lot and you can actually cover it with makeup.

Were gon na see this in the video, but you know were doing a fantasy, its like more for the photo or video.

You know what I mean. So like that and then we pull it and it just snatches the face and the brows.

Oh, my God, You are kidding me.

You could wear these everyday, right.

I think I need these everyday of my life.

Can we out one of my double chin Ill, be ordering a lifetime supply on Amazon immediately When you do this on clients, they just transform into another, they really feel it.

You know what I mean Yeah, It’s literally like getting a facelift without any of the surgery.

At all, They just sent me their facelift and they just feel so snatched and beautiful.

I love my facelift at age, 19, Yeah right, Oh my God, So now.

The reason why I did this was because I was envisioning a black line like an Arianna Grande line. I just felt like the brows needed to be more lifted up in the corners and the eyelids, so So I’m using your palette for the first time.

What to use!

I have one of these.

He sent it to me, but I didn’t use it didn’t touch it yet, because I think I think I swatched one color but I’m saving it So there’s certain products that I save for the future, because I think in like 20 30 years it will be super Iconic and I wan na make sure I have them untouched.

That is so cool, So yeah Yours is one of them.

So you’ll have to send me another one, so I can actually use it.

I have a bunch today.

I can give you Alright.

So we’ll probably work in these ranges here, it’s more natural. Like I said, people have been seeing me doing rainbow rainbow rainbow, but nobody has really seen me do glam with it yet.

So this is perfect.

Well speaking, if learning new tips and tricks makes your masterclass so fun and so fresh, I went to one. Yes, you did. And I flew all the way to New York for it. You got mobbed.

Yes, I did.

I was so excited to see Mario, because we had met several times and I have always been good friends, but I never actually got to see you work before.

So I was super super excited and I walked in with my little notepad and my little pen to take notes on everything.

But it was such a cool experience getting to watch you work and seeing you glam Kim and all the different tips and techniques you’ve been using forever.

It was so fun.

I feel like I learned so much.

I think people don’t realize it’s a lot more than just technique and stuff too, because I feel like the majority of the people there are aspiring makeup artists or they’re makeup artists with different levels.

Some of them are YouTubers, but some of them are rather dealing with brides and they out there hustling and doing clients everyday and stuff like that.

So they learn more so than just techniques.

They really learn how to approach different face shapes and how to think about approaching a face and how to do certain different looks and how to build.

And how do you know it’s a very, very intense field and people don’t realize that they think in the beginning.

That it’s just a technique thing, but it’s literally five hours on one face.

So you can imagine the amount of info that’s happening. That’s a lot, It’s a lot, Spoiler alert For me, it’s the most important part and the part of my job that I’m hands down.

Most passionate about Yeah Cause.

I wanted to be a teacher my entire life Yeah, So I’ve sort of found a way to become a teacher and a makeup artist.

At the same time, How long have you been doing the classes? I started the masterclass almost 10 years ago in LA So there was a YouTube video 10 years ago.

That Kim and I put on YouTube, and you know obviously Kim around that time.

She was really starting to heavily become a beauty icon.

Girls around the world were really looking up to her and they loved her glam looks, and so after that video came out, I started getting messages from people around the world.

Basically, just asking me questions and asking me: how can I do this or how can I advance in this?

What are the steps I need to do to become successful, and so I was sitting at home one day and I was like wow all of these people like unless they start assisting someone, because this is before YouTube – was really a thing Unless they start assisting someone And unless they live in Paris, London, New York or LA They’ll never have a chance, Yeah And so that’s.

When I decided to do this class, I was like.

Let me teach them the tricks of the trade in this class and to let them at least be a little more advanced Right, And so my first class had 16 students in it, So cool Yeah.

It was really small And now they’re thousands, Yeah and that’s.

How the masterclass started is the one thing: Im extremely proud of my career, So I’m gon na just now use the Laura Mercier translucent powder Im, just gon na set the concealer and just very lightly Im, not gon na.

Do it too much Alright!

So I’m taking the shade Ring light, which is beautiful, oh damn, that’s good. Taking the shade Ring light and I’m just gon na put that on the inner corner here, James Charles Morphe pallet, With the James Charles Morphe pallet.

I really like this palette.

I might even use this pallet at certain points of trade. Yeah , it’s really bright, so I really like it for brown.

Bone inner corner highlight Yeah and it builds nicely too And now I’m gon na take a flatter brush.

I’m gon na use Ring light again, but Im actually gon na mix it with what is this one called That one is So good Im gon na mix Ring light, and So good together and Im, just gon na put it on the highest point of this brow.

Here, Lift her up a little more.

What are your favorite type of looks to do on people What’s your favorite look you’ve ever done, I don’t know I mean there’s been thousands so it’s hard to say, but you know with you too it’s like your work changes over the years, and so sometimes you Look at your old work and you’re like hmmm.

You know It always changes.

My favorite looks always change. What’s your favorite right now? What have you done recently? If that’s easier, There’s one that I did on Kim for her Glam Bible campaign, which I really liked with the lightning rod going up to the brows. Yeah.

That was so pretty.

I like that one I’m going to, go in now and use a deeper shade to go over that concealer.

What is this called That is?

10 off?

You know I’m really impressed that you can remember it.

That means you were really intensely involved because I have a bad memory.

I wouldn’t be able to memorize all these names.

The palette when I got approached by Morphe to do the palette.

I already had it fully designed on Photoshop, with all the shade names included.

You sent me that Photoshop thing I remember before it launched. It was like a picture of a.

I did.

I remember texting you like what would you add to this?

I was trying to get a lot of people that I respected the opinions of like input on the palette before it launched.

The goal, then, obviously was to make it for working artists and for all makeup lovers.

I remember being at your house when you lived downtown and I remember Trigger, And I remember you were working on it back then Yeah.

I was testing out some of the shadows with you, but they were actually really amazing.

Back then too, So Im, just gon na probably do the direction it’s going right now is like a great blown out smokey.

I love cut creases and everything too.

I really appreciate them and stuff, but I just don’t For me.

Personally, my aesthetic is more of a blown out like a really blown out, and blended out.

Look because for me, it’s more sexy and I love sexy makeup And so probably just gon na wind up doing that.

I wan na ask you the question, because after releasing this palette, I’ve been asked literally 10 a million times Speaking of creating a palette.

Would you be interested in doing a Mario Dedivanovic makeup line?

Yeah, I mean that’s been my goal for 17-18 years.

I think it’s gon na happen in the future.

I don’t have any solid dates or anything like that, but it’s something that I’ve been very slowly working on for the past three or four years, myself, Yeah It’s a lot of work, A lot of work, a lot of money and obviously I get a lot of Offers from investment firms and huge companies and investors and corporations and retailers to do lines with them Right, But I really wan na.

Do it myself without any investment Yeah, So I can be in full control of it and Which I think is dope cause.

I would do the same thing Yeah, so I’m not sure when it’s gon na happen I’m really not in a rush, its gon na start off small and then slowly kind of grow it from there.

But I don’t care about rushing it or just coming up to the market because Instagrams are hot right now. I love that Yeah I’m just gon na, do it when it’s right and when it’s ready Yeah.

I really really love that, and that I mean obviously you know I already respect you, but that just makes me respect you so much more, Just putting some cream product here, some cream pigment And I’m gon na just blend it.

I really love it.

What is this color called Tune Tune Next to face?

This is my.

I think this is my favorite color in the entire palette.

Really I just love a matte color that has that yellowish undertone Ah huh A lot of medium and dark skin people have been using it for banana powder Yeah, Which I think is so cool.

This would be a great color for a deeper skin tone to put underneath their eyes and make it like Yup Alright.

So This looks so pretty.

Oh, my God, So this is one layer of liner people always get shocked at the classes cause.

I typically use four to five layers of eyeliner for one look, so this is just the first one I’m not going to.

Do that.

Many of you, So I’m gon na just go ahead now and start your skin. I’m so excited for this I’ll do more liner and lashes in the look later Okay.

Why are you excited about skin? Because I used to have really bad skin growing up and for me I love doing eyes.

I know that I can slay an eye.

You know what I mean So skin for me is always a fun challenge, because I always want my skin to look as perfect as possible. It’s been such a learning process.

For me, throughout my makeup routine I used to cake on all my products, but I think I’ve gotten a lot better at still using a lot but making it look a lot prettier and a lot Right Better, both in real life and on camera too.

So I always love seeing how different artists do skin cause.

I feel like that’s the one area that I can always really really learn more about. Yeah.

So that being said, should we do the James dark, orangey foundation, or should we do Coming from like the inner art Im literally an artist now from my spray tan?

Look at my hands?

Well, I’ve always had a lot of trouble matching my foundation because my body is a pretty yellow tone, but my neck and chest are literally like Yeah.

I actually go darker with the foundation a little At this point.

Who cares if I’ve given up At this point?

Who cares?

I’ve given up Alright sisters, so that is officially every single foundation that I now own swatched down, both my face and my neck and chest. So doing concealer before foundation.

Yes, sir, yes mam.

How long would you say your normal paint on somebody is always different, because it depends on the situation you’re in and who you’re working with. Some clients want it done fast, like 30 minutes and some clients give you two or three hours.

Oh love that So it really depends on.

The client also depends on the circumstance that you’re under. People don’t realize when you’re a celebrity makeup artist, the type of conditions you’re working under usually everyday. They Are, pretty intense, Intense yeah.

I never will have someone like this.

Thats, just quiet, no phone calm, It’s always they’re on their phone.

Their heads are down.

Their publicist is in the room, they’re doing an interview, they have their kids there They’re getting their toes and their hands done, They’re getting their hair blown or having a wig put in or extensions.

So it’s really intense moving.

You never get to have someone sitting still. That’s just the reality of it and so that’s just how the work is typically everyday.

So just keep that in mind everyone when you are judging Literally And then they go on the red carpet.

Of course, everyone judges and Right It’s fine.

I actually like working under pressure.

Sometimes I get three hours and sometimes I get 15 minutes.

It just depends.

What is your ideal situation?

Would it be calm where you just get to sit and play Yeah Im?

I am a very calm person, so I like, when I can focus and not be too rushed.

But again that being said, when I’m rushed, I usually do really good work.

I remember one time when Kim and I had 10 minutes.

Oh absolutely not, Flight landed late in New York, which was many years ago.

We were at MTV, she was going on live television and we had 10 minutes to do full hair and makeup And make it work, lashes and everything. You know, another time I remember.

Oh, my God, I’ve had some crazy experiences.

Another time I remember I did.

This was back in New York.

Also, The celebrity arrived late to the hotel room and we had to go to an event in Manhattan and we were in Jersey.

Her hotel was in Jersey, and so we Thats mistake number one: whoever booked her hotel there Im not sure why she was in Jersey.

I think she had another job in Jersey or something. Okay, okay, So we had to run into the car.

This was years ago before I had an assistant, so I had to pack everything myself: We had to run to the car and she put her head on my lap in the car in the back seat in the dark.

It was dark outside. We put the little light on in the car, and I did her entire face with her laying on the backseat on top of my lap – Oh my God, Yeah, and actually the pictures came out really nice.

That is the most fulfilling moment when that stuff happens, You’ve been doing makeup for 19 years now, Yup Long time, You’ve seen the trends come and go.

What would you say are your staple makeup trends that you just live for?

I actually don’t love makeup trends.

I’m not a huge follower of trends, because for me, it’s only because of the type of makeup that I have to do everyday. Like I’m not allowed to just do trends, I have to just do what they want, sort of what looks best on them.

With that being said, like recently, for example, there’s been a huge trend of glitter right, Ah huh Glitter and bold colors, and so I’ve been doing all that, because when people see something on social media, everyday Celebrities, it’s almost like they become accustomed to it, and so It becomes okay a little bit, and so I, Which is super dope, Yeah Im, even finding that the clients like oh yeah lets, do glitter lets do a pink eye.

You know things like that.

So that being said, even though I don’t love trends, because I typically can’t follow them, I really appreciate them. It’s like one of those questions that editors always ask.

Oh what trends do you hate?

I don’t hate any of them, They’re all fun.

To me, it’s like makeup is all fun.

That leads me into a great question that I was getting ready to ask so the perfect sister set right.

Obviously you have been the pioneer of so many different makeup.

Trends like highlight and contouring, but have there been any techniques or tricks that you’ve learned from other influencers or artists that you have influenced, and now you use all the time.

Well, let me first clear this up, because this is controversial.

I didn’t create or invent, highlight and contouring specifically contouring, because they call it the Contour King blah blah blah Contouring has been around.

I mean Mona.

Lisa has contour in her painting; it’s been around for ages.

Drag queens, always did the contouring Myself with Kim really popularized.

It is digital In the mainstream world In the mainstream world.

You know when I was an assistant for several years.

I learned so many tricks of the trade from literally the best makeup artists in the world.

I knew so many of those things at a young age, because I was seeing them everyday on set Things like contour and highlight obviously like cut creases.

Like all that stuff, I learned how to do the tapes and how to remove eyebrows. All these kinds of things.

I learned more, so I think from regular women I’m really interested in seeing how regular women do their makeup. And I think there’s something extremely charming and cute about them.

I love seeing regular womens make-up because

In my mind, let’s say I see someone in a restaurant or something I never judge but I’ll see something and I’ll look at it and kind of create something in my mind From what they did at home and as far as influencers and stuff like that, I Get inspired by it because they do really cool different things.

We are packing you with powder for the next high date, Hello being packed with powder.

What is your favorite step of the makeup?


Okay, I know what my least favorites are.

So, my least favorites are lashes. Same 100.

I hate doing lashes, Absolutely despise it. Especially false lashes because.

My hands are big, so it’s just annoying for me to get in there.

I don’t love doing lips either. Same Hate, absolutely hate doing lips, especially on other people too, it’s so hard Yeah, especially dark colors Yup.

My favorite would probably be it depends on the face.

If someone has amazing eyes, it would be eyes Or if someone has incredible skin, I would love doing their skin.

Do use blush or no Not a lot, but I do use it yeah.

I always use a peachy blush.

This is the way they color shaded Yeah gon na dip into Face.

What is it Face Face FACE So before you start putting on the lips, so I can shut up.

I wan na know cause the people who watch me are very split.

I definitely have a lot of people that dont wear makeup, but I also have a lot of really amazing and talented, aspiring makeup artists, So, as someone whos been in this place for so long and has been a role model to so many of us, What would Be your biggest piece of advice to aspiring makeup artists.

Well, if you want to be something, if you want to grow in your career and you wan na be successful, One of the most important things is to sacrifice.

You’re gon na have to sacrifice yourself, not gon na be able to go on vacations, constantly, go out to the clubs and the bars everyday, and every weekend you have to put in the work in order to see the results And so that’s number one.

I sacrificed a tremendous amount of my life And then my mom grew up in another country.

She wasn’t allowed to go to school, So she’s a very simple kind of woman.

What she did teach me always that I followed always is just to be a good person, and I always tell my students that, no matter what you do and the decisions that you make and the way you lead your life daily, Just remember to really be a Good person, when you’re making decisions, do it from a good place in your heart and she always said: if you be a good person, Mario everything good will come to you.

Sometimes it may take years, sometimes days, But it will come Alright, so I think we’re done.

Oh, my God really – And this is literally the first time I’ve ever done – glam makeup on a man in 20 years, A sister, A sister upbeat, music, Mario, oh my God, I look so beautiful.

Are you literally kidding me?

I look like a doll.

You do look like a doll, A sister doll.

This is the best Kim.

I think I’m gon na need to take him from you.

Sorry, sis Not a chance.

Oh my God, like I feel literally so beautiful.

How do you feel?

Are you happy with the look?

I am yeah I have to say You know before I said I was nervous cause.

I don’t do boy’s makeup, but I really think it came out nice.

I feel so beautiful.

Thank you so much for glamming me today.

This look makes me feel like I’m red carpet ready, which is not very often for me.

I feel very, very powerful in this look and I feel like Confident, Confident and I feel snatched as well like these face tapes.

Can I take my tapes back though?

No Come on, I need them for No.

I think I need them now forever.

It’s fine Don’t be rude, Alright!

Well, thank you so much for even coming on my channel today, you are literally one of my biggest role models and even such a good friend to me over the past few years, and it means the world to me that I was your first boy and YouTube.

Collab Yay Literally so cool You guys if you do not already follow Mario, please go check him out.

Makeupbymario, Mario Dedivanovic Makeup legend also I’ll be at the masterclass on February 9th here in LA So will sister Kim it’s gon na be amazing And, like I said last time I went, I feel, like I learned so much He’s such an amazing role, model and teacher For aspiring makeup artists everywhere – and I really hope you guys enjoyed this fun little video today, If you guys, are new to this video today, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your sister support and go say hi to Mario And show him all the love as well And also make sure to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join the sisterhood We are.

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So hopefully, there are a lot of sisters. You’ll probably be 12 or 13 million.

At that time, Can you imagine?

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I love you literally so so so much And if you at home would like to be the next videos.

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Alright sisters, I think, that’s all we have for today’s brand new video with sister Mario.

Thank you so much for watching.

I love you and I’ll see you in the next one upbeat: music,

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