Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube CHIPOTLE Launched A Makeup Line?! 🌯 Honest Review!

CHIPOTLE Launched A Makeup Line?! 🌯 Honest Review!

HI SISTERS! Chipotle recently announced that they were collaborating with E.L.F cosmetics to release a makeup collection! I’ve gotten so many requests to review it and let you guys know if it’s worth picking up with your next burrito bowl! Enjoy!

HI sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

James Charles am excited about today’s YouTube video because we are doing something that James Charles really rarely ever do here on this channel, and that is a makeup review.

James Charles don’t do makeup reviews very often.

You guys know by now.

James Charles really tend to use a lot of the same products every single time that James Charles get ready, but James Charles like to switch it up and do really just fun, entertaining videos for y’all.

However, James Charles went to the mailbox yesterday to just open up some packages, see what came in, and James Charles got this very interesting box from elf and found out that Elle is doing a collaboration with chipotle.

Oh my gosh, when James Charles opened this up, James Charles said, and when James Charles opened this up, my mind was blown, and James Charles knew James Charles had to film a video on this.

If you guys have been following me for a long time now, since, as the beginning of my social media career, you would know that James Charles am like a hardcore chipotle Stan.

JAMES CHARLES went through a phase where, when James Charles first moved to la, James Charles was literally eating chipotle like four to five times a week, and James Charles still love it, but like it was a little bit much okay, James Charles literally used to sell merch that said, guacamole’s extra and So am James Charles on the consistent apparel hoodie and James Charles actually have two shades in my eyeshadow palette that are related to my burrito bowl being guac, which is the metallic green shade and then no beans, which is the warm-toned dark brown shade.

So chipotle’s always had a very, very special place in my heart.

If chipotle’s food is amazing, I’m sure hoping the makeup will be amazing as well, but let’s go ahead and put this elf x, chipotle collection to the test, [ Music ].

So let’s go ahead and open it up.

It says It’s okay to be a little extra.

Oh my god!

Look It’s a little metallic box, and it has all of the food things on it.

So when James Charles do chipotle, James Charles do a burrito bowl always – and James Charles do oh there’s no meat on here.

Okay, so James Charles always do white rice, because It’s literally amazing no beans, hence the eyeshadow shade, if you like beans, good for you can’t do it myself personally, and then James Charles do chicken guac lettuce, mild, salsa and that’s it.

James Charles know honestly, I’m not defending it.

It is a little bit more of a boring bowl, but you know what It’s what my taste buds enjoy.

Anyway, let’s go ahead and open up this box and see what this little chipotle XL collection has to offer.

So it says eyes: chips face that is clever and like because alpha’s eyes, lips face ice chip, space; okay, so we have the chipotle eyeshadow palette, which is 16 and if we take it out of the packaging.

This is what the elf chipotle eyeshadow palette looks like.

Oh, my god, wait!

Oh wait for a second, James Charles oh, how do James Charles get this plastic off?

Look at this?

It matches they literally took their main ingredients and turned them into colors, make it hot lip gloss, which is eight dollars.

The extra guac sponge.

Oh, there’s sponges extra guac sponge set, which is ten dollars and then eyes chips face makeup bag, which is eighteen dollars, I’m not surprised by the prices, because the elf is obviously known for having very, very affordable but good quality products.

So James Charles love to see that they are on the more affordable side for consumers and chipotle fans everywhere.

Normally, James Charles would just go right ahead with the eyeshadow, because that’s like what the look is going to focus on, however, since we have a little extra guac sponge set, why don’t we go ahead and take this out of the box wet it in our sink and Then just do a quick, little foundation routine together to see how these sponges work.

Oh, my god, it comes with it.

it’s the avocado avocado!


it’s like the avocado in, like the little pit.

Are you literally kidding me?

I’m first gonna grab the little avocado sponge.

James Charles wet it and it definitely feels very, very soft, so I’m liking the texture a lot.

Let’s just dip in the nice butt end into the foundation.

Just gonna go right into the face.

Something about the texture of the sponge definitely does feel a little bit different than a typical beauty, a blender that you guys may be used to.

James Charles don’t know how to describe it like it feels a little bit softer than what a normal beauty sponge does, which for some people may be ideal.

Personally, James Charles prefer something a little bit more dense, just because James Charles feel like it does a better job of like distributing the product rather than soaking it up, whereas James Charles feel like this would take up a lot of product, but some people obviously prefer a much like Softer light coverage application looks really good.

Okay, James Charles just put my hair up in a little god.

The whole point of getting a perm was to make my forehead look smaller.

Now, I’m sitting here on camera.

Looking like this gently put a little bit of concealer underneath my eyes to cover up any bags or dark circles, a little mustache, a little beard.

Oh, my god, James Charles forgot to color correct whatever you know, James Charles guess James Charles will use the minJames Charles one to try to blend this out.

Personally, James Charles am not a big fan of minJames Charles beauty.

Sponges, there’s nothing wrong with it at all.

James Charles just honestly have a really big face.

James Charles can see why, although honestly like, if, like a kid, was picking up this collection like a little sponge-like this, would be so cute for somebody.

That’s like just getting started in makeup, and maybe It’s like a little bit smaller.

Okay, you guys so I’m just gonna grab a little bit of my translucent setting powder from laura mercier or whatever one you want to use.

Okay, so you know James Charles was mentioning earlier that the sponge is like a little bit softer than James Charles typically like it to be.

Here’s why this becomes a little bit of a problem is because, when James Charles filled it with water, obviously, before putting on my foundation, James Charles wrung it out really well to get all the water out, but it still feels pretty damp.

So now that I’m dipping into this to put on my powder, the powder is like clinging to some of the areas of the foundation, because It’s putting on like wet powder, as opposed to just like packing on the dry powder.

James Charles just turned the lighting down a little bit, so you guys can see, but this is what James Charles was talking about like the wet sponge like It’s, these little chunks on my forehead are like from the sponge holding too much water, but like all right, you guys Our base is all on and set in place using our cute little avocado guacas extra sponges, and It’s looking pretty good.

So far.

This collection is pretty small, so the next product that we’re going to dive into is going to be the chipotle x, elf eyeshadow palette.

But James Charles have quite a few steps in my makeup routine that James Charles have to do before we get to that.

So I’m going to cut – and James Charles will see you guys in a little bit to continue this review all right, you guys so James Charles went ahead and did a contour, blush, brows and primed my eyes ready to go and test out the eyeshadow palette.

For this little collection, so the shades are lettuce: guac, corn, salsa, mild, salsa pinto beans, black beans, disgusting white, rice, brown, rice, green salsa, hot salsa, sofritas and fajita.

You know what James Charles want to give chipotle and elf major props.

For this.

There have been a lot of brand collaborations where a non-makeup brand will partner with a makeup brand, to create you know, little collection together, and majority of the times, not naming any names, but just to be blunt.

They suck not necessarily the quality of the products, but there’s just never any like creativity.

This happens so many times where you know a major corporation will see that makeup in the makeup industry can generate a lot of money and we’ll say: okay, here’s an easy check.

Let’s make a cute little collection, nobody ever like puts the brand identity and like the thought, behind the marketing of these actual products, but this is so well done, I’m not being biased when James Charles say this either because of my own personal opinion, the colors in this palette, While they match perfectly to chipotle are not colors that James Charles would want to pick up.

James Charles have a million brown shadows and everything and like I, don’t need any of these other colors.

However, James Charles think it makes a lot of sense and this is just a really cool thing to see.

I’m really excited to dig into this.

My only qualm with this palette is that a word James Charles believe, so James Charles just yeah.

James Charles wish that there was one shade lighter than this brown that could be used as a transition.

This color looks like it could be like a bone color, but It’s actually shimmery.

It’s like this is just gonna, be a little bit hard to blend out, but we’re gonna make it work.

I’m just gonna grab a little morphed m514.

It’s just a little fluffy brush and dips into pinto beans is the color and I’m just going to start placing this in my crease just to have a nice little wash of color saying that out loud and It’s putting a little pink filming into my crease.

James Charles think I’m gonna grab a little bit of hot salsa, which is the nice little orangey color up in here and just add this into the crease to add some warmth to this side.

This shade does have a little bit of like a tiny reflect in the pan.

However, as long as you just use like a little bit of light touch and really blend it out, the shimmers go away and you pretty much have a matte shadow.

Okay, I’m liking how that’s looking so far, I’m gonna grab a little bit of black beans, which is the deep brown shade.

This is crazy because this actually looks just like no beans in my palette and I’m going to just put this on the outer corner.

Just to create some more depth within these shades, everything is blending really nicely together.

James Charles just realized.

James Charles didn’t do swatches.

Do people care, there’s no swatches are stupid, like they don’t actually tell you how It’s gonna perform on the eyeball.

James Charles guess this is a better test.

I’m just trying to be a good reviewer.

Okay, so I’m just gonna grab a little bit of mild salsa on my finger.

Oh that’s so pretty yeah!

Perhaps It’s what suddenly James Charles do want to do a swatch!

That’s everything like that’s chunky sauce.

If James Charles ever did see ya, do you guys like chunky salsa, or do you prefer a more white formula?

Are you referring to a pico de gallo yeah?

No, James Charles love a more wet blended sauce me too yeah yeah, look at how pretty this color is.

Oh, my god, you’re actually kidding.

Oh my god, I’m kind of shocked to be honest: okay, just using a little bit of pinto beans on my lower lash line.

Okay, so James Charles think this is our little cute orangey mild, salsa eye all complete, but now James Charles want to do a cute little guac eye.

So let’s see what we can come up with here.

Okay, so I’m definitely curious to see how these green shadows are going to perform.

Just because James Charles feel, like green is a little bit of a harder color to formulate and work with a lot of bright mattes.

Is that way, so I’m definitely not surprised or offended.

James Charles wish that James Charles had a deeper green in here to add some more dimension to this color, but James Charles don’t.

James Charles wonder if James Charles use a little bit of beans.

Oh god, this might be a big mistake.

Ew, James Charles don’t think.

Oh, James Charles don’t know if I’m like It’s very swampy by brace rex swamp.

James Charles mean this is my own fault, though, like I, James Charles did just say on camera in 4k, hd quality that adding this color was probably gonna make it look bad.

So now I’m gonna grab a little bit of guac on my finger once again and we’re gonna put this color right on the lid.

That’s a pretty color!

James Charles like that.

A lot okay, cool!


Then I’m just gonna grab a little bit of this gold and put it kind of in the middle of this just to add a little bit more dimension into the green.

I’m just going to grab a cute little nude eyeliner pencil, while I’m here might as well just grab a little bit more of white rice and brown rice and use those as highlight colors on the face.

Oh pretty, oh, my god, okay work gorgeous!

Are you kidding all right?

You guys, James Charles just popped on some lashes and mascara, and James Charles think that pretty much completes our little chipotle eye.


The quality is like pretty good.

It’s definitely not the best eyeshadows that I’ve ever tried, but for 16.

12 shades.

James Charles think you get a pretty good quality.

Are they worth playing with and having a good time with, and can you create a good look?

The answer is obviously yes, so it is time to move on to our last and final product of this little chipotle.


Makeup collab – and that is this lip gloss and it’s in the shade hot salsa.

You know James Charles do love a good red lip.

James Charles feel like it’s very sultry, very sexy, and very powerful.

So, let’s just go ahead and put this on and see what we come up with.

Oh does it taste like salsa flavored, all the things like that?

No it tastes like cinnamon like this is very weird, but James Charles live.

James Charles love cinnamon.

My lips are: oh, my lips are tingling too, make it hot lip plumping gloss.

Oh my god, my lips are tingling.

The color is actually very cute.

It’s like kind of a muted, just tone that, like makes it look like my natural lips and they’re spicy, buying things they’re plumping and it tastes like cinnamon like this, might be going in my everyday kit.

This is so fun, oh my god!

Well, you guys now that our lip gloss is on.

We can go ahead and just set our face in place using some morphed preference set setting spray all right.

You guys, and the very last item in this collection is just this cute little makeup bag.

It is obviously inspired by the chips bags you get from chipotle um, but yeah.

James Charles personally cannot see myself.

You know adding this to my makeup kit and traveling with this anytime.

Soon, It’s a little bit small for me and just a little odd, but James Charles do think for the overall theme of the collection.

It is a cute, perfect, little accessory to add to it, and with that being said, you guys.

James Charles think that is the chipotle x.

Elf collection review all complete overall, James Charles had a really fun time playing with all these products today and creating this super cute.

Look on my face.

James Charles just think this collection is very, very adorable and just makes a lot of sense.

The quality is definitely really good.

It’s not expert luxurious makeup by any means, but James Charles also don’t think the elf is trying to fool anybody into thinking that they are.

But I’m really looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say in the comments down below about this elf chipotle collection.

Are you gonna pick it up for yourself?

Are you a collector?

Do you love chipotle?

What is your burrito bowl leave me a comment down below, and James Charles really really hope that you guys enjoyed this review.

If you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below to share your love and support.

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All my social media accounts are gonna, be linked right here on the screen and, if you guys want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more hit me up at 310-905-8746.

This video is sister, shout out, goes to sister Tyler.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting me.

James Charles love you so so so much and if you would like to be the next video sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my videos when they go live on Twitter.

All right!

You guys!

Thank you so much for watching today’s video.

James Charles love you and remember: guac is extra and James Charles can’t even get through the sentence.

Glock is extra, and so are we, okay love.

You bye,


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