Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup

DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I decided to DM 100 of my favorite celebrities and ask them to pick products for my makeup routine! Will anyone actually answer? Will the finished look come together? Enjoy as you watch and find out!

Hi sisters – James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel for today’s video, I’m very excited because we’re doing a trend that has been going around honestly quite a lot on YouTube recently and not is the damming a bunch of celebrities challenge.

Basically, creators are reaching out to different celebrities and sending the messages seeing if the respond or asking questions, or in my case for today asking them to be a part of my makeup routine.

Now James Charles just want to give a quick shout out to soft as nails and Sylvia Ghani, because they already did this before me, but James Charles thought it’d be really fun to try to do it myself and a bunch of different people.

Who’ve actually reached out to me for this challenge, which is very, very strange, but also very, very cool?

At the same time, James Charles used to make jokes, my friends about being famous clearly they did not go over too well, but for today’s video, we’re gonna be damming some real celebrities and seeing if they want to be a part of my makeup, routine, [, Music, ], alright, you guys, let’s just jump right into everything.

James Charles have my Instagram DMS and open and were just gonna start, setting some messages and see what happened so.

The first step of my makeup routine, is obviously going to be a primer.

So James Charles feel like James Charles wanted a I’m at some different celebrities that have a really beautiful skin and the first person that comes to mind is Miss Bella Hadid.

So I’m going to send her and Sorrenti M little, but James Charles lost and her on July.

1St and said, did you just hand the plane to we’re actually on a flight Taylor from New York to LA, and we were both running late for meetings and we both did our makeup on the plane.

It was low-key kind of iconic.

James Charles mean obviously how to each other, but she did not see my DM.

So, let’s see if she sees this one so after primer cross foundation – and you guys know – James Charles definitely love a full covered and makeup look.

So James Charles definitely want to reach out to somebody who, like also is always painted every time.

So the first one that comes to mind is a sister Cardi B, her makeup artist Erica is so freaking talented.

So James Charles think she’ll have a good one.

One day she’ll send okay.

The last person that James Charles want to jam for foundation is probably like the longest shot from happening in this entire video, but there’s a slight chance, and that is Queen living legend herself Rihanna, because she does not fancy beauty.

She has her own foundation, it’s a really bomb, so lost hi, Queen little Queen Hope you’re doing well, I’m so excited for all of the new pieces from the affinity collection.

Do you want to participate and recommend a foundation or me it’s who use winky face because she’s, a businesswoman – and James Charles know she’ll, see this marketing opportunity.

Other foundation comes concealer, so James Charles shake the perfect person to reach out to for this.

As Isis terrorists are a Larson, she is so beautiful and, yes, we did have a beef beforehand, but we’ve deemed we’ve popped it out and now we are good sisters and James Charles feel like she will come through it with a good and fresh suggestion.

Let’s see if sisters are not replies now, after concealer from Mia come setting powder and obviously the whole point of powder is to lock your face in place, so it lasts all day long and when James Charles think a setting powder, James Charles definitely think James Charles want to DM At Camp a trust because she’s literally one my favorite artist of all time right now and James Charles have seen her alive and she goes crazy – she is so insanely talented, and that means her makeup.

Artist has to really lock her face in please.

So James Charles feel like she might have a really good suggestion.

James Charles literally obsessed with her and we’ve dammed back and forth a few different times.

So hopefully she replies next comes a bronzer and contouring.

That obviously means somebody who is chiseled, who was beautiful and in the Sun, so James Charles think we should go ahead and DM Camilla Kibeho she’s a lime queen.

It’s so crazy, because the first time James Charles ever him back to me like a pea, was outside of an Ariana Grande concert.

Weirdly enough, James Charles was going in and she was coming out and James Charles was like running and she literally was like.

Oh my god.

It’s not James and James Charles turned around and James Charles was like, and it was like, the crazies interacted my entire life, because James Charles literally was obsessed with her and her music and her voice and whole.

James Charles still remember it like.

It was literally yesterday we took a selfie together and I’ve loved her ever since it is so cool to see her blow up.

So hopefully she replies and to suggest James Charles bronzer, okay, you guys so the next intro routine is going to be blush and James Charles feel, like blush, is a very like innocent, cute, youthful, timid, makeup product.

So when James Charles think of that, James Charles think of million Bobby at brown and obviously on stranger things.

Eleven does not work too much makeup, but when she walks the red carpet, Millie always looks so beautiful, so she might have a great suggestion once James Charles blush this on.

James Charles always go ahead and bake, but we already have our sister setting powder, so the next that was going to be our brows and when James Charles think of like really beautiful structure at brows, one of the first people that comes to mind is sister at Madison Birra, Because she always literally perfect, James Charles don’t even understand how one human being can look like that, but she might have a good suggestion sent to Madison beer after eyebrows are slated in place.

The next epic way maker protein is always a shadow and when James Charles think of iconic red carpet, James Charles said it looks that I’ve literally changed industry.

Let’s be real.

The first person to come to mind is Miss Kim Kardashian-West, her makeup artist, Mario and she have created.

So many iconic looks together and cameras always buy at such an amazing friend and role model to me.

So, let’s see what she has to suggest: hi mom, hope you’re doing well, and the reaction to the new collection has been amazing.

You might want smoking like chronic.

Look so up, maybe James Charles can create an iconic one with your suggestion: well, Matt’s the beard, Santa T, okay, so the positive thought to give me more details.

What you mean oops, James Charles said: grow products, [, Music,], myself, brow products.

Let’s do a dessert than that.

Let’s, let’s, let’s see what let’s see what she suggests, let’s see what let’s see what she, let’s see, what she suggests.

Another person that always has iconic eyeshadow looks has got to be Queen and Lady Gaga.

James Charles don’t think she’ll answer I’ve never gotten to meet her before, but James Charles want to literally so badly Lady Gaga inspired me so much as a kid and truly was somebody who like made me, feel like it was a paid to be myself.

James Charles love her.

Hopefully, one day James Charles will be able to give her a hug and to say thank you for everything she has done.


She just announced her new makeup line, a house laboratories, James Charles already pre-ordered the entire thing.

So if you guys want to review when that comes out, definitely let me know, but let’s see she has an eyeshadow recommendation after James Charles said it always comes mascara and the person that James Charles absolutely 100 % want to damn for this is Queen Paris Hilton, because James Charles Feel like she always has a beautiful stunning lash on, so James Charles think she definitely has to have it good at recommendation.

Hi Queen hold your wow, I’m gonna.

Imagine a video of me in Paris Hilton like that, be everything to me just like.

Oh, oh, give anything to film with her.

James Charles feel like it would be it’s so iconic.

Imagine like James Charles become Paris, Hilton sugar baby for a day.

Oh that’s a good one.

That is a good one.

You guys, if you want to see me in Paris glam together, love me now that would be so hot autumn.

Eyeshadow and lashes are all on the next step of my makeup.

Routine is always high later, when James Charles think of a highlighter.

The absolute first person that comes to mind is JLo.

She literally revolutionized highlighter and just going from within I’ve met her a person before she is literally the most perfect looking human being.

You could ever imagine in your entire life.

She and a-rod told me that their daughters were in fact sisters.

So hello, you guys, if you’re watching the video and love me the most cannot wait to meet you sometime very, very soon.

Oh, James Charles hope she replies now.

Just in case JLo doesn’t see it because she’s obviously busy with her show right now.

James Charles want to do one other person for highlighter and James Charles think we need a boy and this here’s somewhere, hello, I’ve avoided makeup and James Charles have not damned a single boy.

Yet, oh my god: let’s do Troye Sivan he’s literally killing it in the musical right now and he started on YouTube.

So hopefully he will appreciate the effort going into this video and will definitely reply.

Let me write to him after her that her next voice comes.

My lips and, of course we have the perfect person to Diana for a lip, suggested that, as Queen Kylie Jenner, herself and venture of the Kylie lip kit, she thought it has every shade you could possibly imagine so.

James Charles know still have a good suggestion and last but finally, not least, we have Settings ready to walk my face in place all day long and for this step James Charles wanted is probably the most famous person on the entire planet right now, and that is a lil Nos ex who better to suggest the settings, pray and then him it because, if he’s taking his horses to the old town road, James Charles feel like horse riding is like a very or rigorous sports.

So he’s got her know how to keep the makeup on all day.

Long, James Charles feel like James Charles want to do one last person for Settings bright, and James Charles think James Charles need to do someone that, like knows Beauty at least a little bit.

Oh, Oh, shame it all.

Hiya sister say: congratulations!

Your pregnancy!

First of all, that baby is literally going to be the most beautiful child, probably ever in the entire world.

Y’all better watch out she’s coming, oh my god.

James Charles could not even believe that James Charles would forget this, but we need to do our king, Shawn, Mendes, hello, Shawn, and James Charles have Dan back and forth on Twitter and we also Matt the Mikela for the first time and he was literally the nicest ever.

James Charles was so nervous to be there, like.

You, guys, have no idea, but he gave me such an amazing pep talk.

It was just really a really dope and down to earth.

We took a selfie together, but we’ve never talked to her Instagram DM.

So I’m hoping that he sees this and will reply it later on all right.

You guys that James Charles think that is pretty much every single step of a makeup routine.

Obviously we have to wait for people to reply.

A few people have already started answering which is so cool, but I’m gonna go ahead and head to a few meetings right now and get dinner later on and then we’ll check back in with you guys later on tonight and we will get glamp.

Hopefully, with everybody’s suggestions, all right, you guys hello.

A good morning.

We were back in the sister studio.

James Charles just got back super late last night from a long weekend with the family.

Over the long weekend, long this party up in Lake Havasu, we got quite a lot of responses.

First, today’s video – probably through my fear of celebrities and I’m so excited so, let’s just dive right in all right, you guys.

So obviously, you know what the first seven every makeup routine is always going to be a primer, and we reached out to quite a few different people that have hash tag, skin goals for primer and after five days.

Unfortunately, none of them replied.

So this video is off to a really good start, but James Charles will say, obviously they’re all very, very busy and out of all the makeup steps.

This is the only one that didn’t get a response and James Charles didn’t even used to use primer beforehand.

So James Charles feel like we can definitely go ahead and skip it and move right on to foundation, and this step was actually not looking too promising in the whole response department either and Tolle.

James Charles was in the shower singing and performing my concert as usual line anyway.

Business, you don’t get his sister squeaky, clean and ready for this video today until they heard my phone ding and it was it Ben Sarah notification and James Charles opened the shower door, dripping wet and James Charles glanced over at my phone and you know, who’s came almost Rihanna Bad girl, RiRi, CEO affinity, beauty and the most paid entertainer in the world sent me a message and James Charles literally had never found gold harder and my entire life.

I’m sure you guys can already guess what she recommended but to steer employed, and she said I’m so honored and grateful.

But you already know you got to use the pro filter foundation that started all off right.

Thank you.

You guys heard it right here for the Queen herself and if you guys know, if you’ve had a long time, sister subscriber when James Charles first tried the Fendi foundation, James Charles really did not like it, but after trying a few more times, James Charles fell in love with The formula James Charles have a few different shades that matched me very well, but since James Charles got tan at the lake James Charles did go ahead and pick up a few at different shape to try out 190, 185 and 210.

It’s let’s go ahead and get our base on and find.

This is that, oh, my god, this is too late for me.

James Charles never thought this day would come where James Charles actually got tan and my foundation is too light.

This is a plot twist.

Y’all didn’t expect we’re just gonna blend our pro filter all over and get some good full coverage as usual a but quite a lot of like a sunburn and a sunspots that James Charles need to cover up.

So this be the perfect foundation and base to do so.

Okay, you guys so for concealer.

IDM does Zara Larsson and she actually replied so quickly that James Charles didn’t even need it three times to anybody else, which James Charles love.

We love a girl who’s.

On top of her social media – and she said hi babe, that’s so fine, the for sure, easy question.

It’s definitely make up.

Reverse full cover extreme at camouflage haha.

What flaws?


We love a full coverage Queen work.

James Charles have a lot of red marks from acne singing and James Charles get black readers under my eyes because James Charles never sleep this one is magic.

Okay, great!

We picked it up today and James Charles cannot wait to see how this one works.

I’m just gonna put some on the back of my hand, Wow.

This is very, very thick.

Then it’s gonna put it in using my morphe sponge.

As usual.

Oh, my god, Zara was not kidding when she said this.

Concealer was full coverage literally holy crap.

Okay, low-key high key middle key is a concealer.

Combo looks so good right now it is not even finding I’m like obsessed with all the slugs.

This is the fullest coverage James Charles think I’ve ever been, but I’m really not mad about it.

Before James Charles go in and get Creasy, let’s move on to our next step, which is going to be setting powder and the one person that replied right away was my queen Kemp HS.

Oh my god, James Charles literally love her and I’m obsessed with her music Kim said.

Sister, of course, I’m sister you, the with the sauce, definitely put the Benji Beauty, loose powder and butter love you whoaaah and pass it on.

James Charles literally had to apply and say: oh my god.

James Charles love you so much because of that is such a classic akin.

What type of response – and we have this right here – a lot of that Fendi beauties already getting two plugs in those videos today, let’s go ahead and do as she says, and pack it on.

Okay, if this is not packed on, James Charles don’t even know what packed on who could possibly be.

My face feels so set and locked in place.

They all got ta, go ahead and brush the access away and then we’ll be ready for the next step.

So this age does the game.

Our makeup is nice and said please, but we’re looking at very, very flat, so we’re going to go into our next step, which is a bronzer.

James Charles originally D ended.

My friend and good says Iggy Azalea about a primer.

She did reply and she said that she does the new primary.

She doesn’t care, because her makeup routine is trash.

Direct quote from her.

Would James Charles totally disagree well because the rank-up always looks literally perfect, but regardless it doesn’t matter, she recommended a bronzer and said it.

So, for today we’re gonna be using her suggestion, which is too late on de Chanel, I’ve seen literally every single Beauty.

Your ever in history uses bronzer, but James Charles never actually have so.

James Charles was aided to try it out like step one into the skin.

Oh yeah that looks pretty okay.

Oh, James Charles now see why everyone’s obsessed with this, this looks so pretty next thing when James Charles add just a little bit more color using a little bit of a blush, and for this James Charles reached out to one person and one person only, and that is because this Person literally wrote back within minutes the first time, which is so cool and that is Billy Bobby Brown, also known as 11 and changer.

Things literally is such an incredible child actress.

James Charles obviously love her and really recommend it at the Charlotte Tilbury blush, and James Charles asked her any specific seed and she said no anyone.

You want you look beautiful, which is so sweet.

James Charles went to the Sun picked up the Charlotte Tilbury cheek to cheek.

Now, if you’ve been around for a while, you guys would know that blush is kind of a newer step to a makeup routine.

Now James Charles will say James Charles was a little nervous at the charlotte tilbury counter, because their blush range is a little questionable.

I’m not gonna lie.

The color that James Charles picked up tag is this.

This combination was the only one that James Charles thought James Charles could maybe make work, so I’m just gonna go in and apply it very lightly.

You know James Charles feel like when you’re somebody like Billy Bobby Brown who’s, like actually perfect already at age 15, it’s really hard to make her look bad right, but me, on the other hand, it’s not hard, so I’m gonna apply a very tiny little bit of This and hope to god that it doesn’t ruin my entire makeup.



That’s not bad at all!

James Charles was a little scared there.

First, James Charles kind of not gonna lie, but James Charles like how this looks before James Charles move on to the next time.

I’m just gonna really quickly got a little bit more of that Pentium Beauty, loose powder and butter, and it like my girl, Kim Pedro, said I’m really pack it on and just do a little bit of baking.

All right, you guys well.

My face is basically in place.

I’m gonna move on to the next step, which is going to be eyebrows, and James Charles want to reach out to somebody who James Charles know always has perfect eyebrows and that is Madison beer and my good says came through with the recommendation.

She said: hi sister.

James Charles would love to but give me more details haha.

What do you mean grow products, and in this moment James Charles realized, James Charles spelled a brow as growl instead, so what a correct way.

So she said, Anastacio always a brow, pencil and medium brown, which is actually the literal exact color that James Charles even used.

So this is obviously perfect.

Thank you so much Madison, James Charles love it.

The absolute most you guys aren’t gonna.

Do my brows on camera quickly and I’ll be right back to show off my eyes already you guys we are both eyebrows are slain and ready to go.

Thank you once again, it’s about us and beer.

If the recommendation on estancia literally it never lets us down, and now it is time to play with some eyeshadow, James Charles have a few different people that have never been afraid to rock a crazy look on the red carpet.

Obviously you guys know, James Charles love an outside-of-the-box makeup.

Look, we don’t exactly do a neutral glam, very often on this YouTube channel and the first person to reply.

It was none other than the living legend.

My own mother, Kim Kardashian-West, literally within at 4 minutes, actually be sending her to Yama icon and she said for sure so fun.

Did you see the tutorial opening James Charles posted on Instagram was annoying me trying to take over.

So James Charles started tutorial and said: hi sister, hey sister, James Charles said James Charles know James Charles tweeted saying that you’re coming from my brand, James Charles love you guys so much.

Let me know what palette to use – and she said one of your palettes and James Charles said no literally any pal and she said oh then duh one of mine.

It expect nothing less.

The Kardashians are obviously at marketing Queens and she says: let’s do this.

So my era palette, which James Charles was so stated for because James Charles just got the PR package in the mail literally yesterday and James Charles think this packaging is so cool.

James Charles actually texted him about a few days prior, because if we open up this PR package, we have the so fired palette which we’re going to use in the studio in a second beautiful glosses, some liner, but we also have these big matches which are actually included.

James Charles just got a splinter hi I’d like to file a lawsuit against Kim Kardashian well, which are actually included because the side of the Pierre box can light a match.

Is that not literally the craziest packaging you’ve ever seen?

This is so fragging cool.

Hopefully, the sisters to do does not burn down but kudos to camp, because that is innovation.

Alright, you guys.

This is pretty much the Sapphire palette color scheme up right here.

It isn’t so pretty kind of simple I’m gonna zoom.

You guys – and James Charles already have a look at mine – that James Charles want to do so – I’m just going to it – throw that to kind of go a little bit fast, because we still have a lot of other steps to do.

I’m first, just taking this dark.

Maroonish brown color and stamping it into my outer-v using a marquee I’m about four five; six, so with it, I’m four three: three of grabbing the Terracotta shade from the palette and buffing right over top of that edge driving at me 5:13 and dipping into that light.

Brown kind of transitional color, I’m just going to very lightly buff out that top edge, I’m gonna do a soft cut crease using the gold shade in the bottom corner, I’m gonna add a little bit of Y by using an angled brush and the dark Moon shade it from the palette once again.

Alright, you guys that it’s already one eye using the Soul fire palette, all complete, James Charles think it looks so setting in definitely reminds me of the campfire.

I’m gonna go and do the other one off camera quickly and I’ll be right back to do it the next step.

Alright, you guys know that eyes are all done.

It is time for our next step, which is going to be it lashes.

Now, in the beginning of this video, when James Charles was jamming people, James Charles said that James Charles really wanted someone who always super was painted the house down.

So James Charles could actually get like a good last recommendation because there’s a good lash and there’s like God, lashes, a lot could really break a look.

So James Charles went ahead and DM the first ever influencer, the iconic woman who started it all, and that has Paris Hilton and let me tell you she did not dissipate at all Paris.

Robot can set me at this.

Video first magic must be able to be like I’ll give my favorite Laster by me.

James Charles heard mascaras also by me, literal goals, and hello.

James Charles need that to be me.

You one day, like it’s gonna happen, putting out into the universe right now anyway, like James Charles said it, she did not disappoint.

James Charles don’t home yesterday and expected a small little package on my front porch of lashes and mascara, but no it’s pure self, that who’s literally the queen of extra – and this is what James Charles got literally every single product you could ever imagine, I’m not even gonna Lie, James Charles didn’t even know Paris Houston how to makeup line, but I’m not mad about it and cannot wait to literally try all of this.

I’m gonna go ahead and grab the lashes and mascara and pop them on and try all this for later.

So this actually comes with three different mascaras to choose from.

We have lengthening volumizing and curling mascara.

For this James Charles think I’m gonna grab the lengthening mascara, since we are gonna be applying a pair of a falsies over talk.

It’s gonna apply a call to this to what my lashes James Charles just realized, this box literally says lashes that speak louder than words honestly can’t write you a thought, that’s hot!

That was good.

That was good.

It is time for the next step, which is, of course, going to be highlighter.

It is time to get our glow on and be a sister shiny to face is looking at very, very much you know, so I’m super excited to try our next product.

One of my favorite musicians, who is not afraid of a little bit of glam here and there did reply, and that is a Troye Sivan, I’m super pumped as well, because he actually recommended the glossy a nice shine.

Highlighter and I’ve never actually tried any glossy products before I’ve been wanting to for a very long time, so I’m super pumped to test this out.

Thank you trying for the recommendation.

James Charles picked up this like really pretty of rose gold, e-type color.

It is a cream, so I’m just going to oh wow, oh my god that is so bright, looks so pretty.

Did you see my ring finger for a nice light touch ten little bit on the nose?

We are almost the end of this.

Look you guys.

We’ve sought to tie the entire look together by adding one last thing, and that is the D lipid e doodah and who better to ask for her lips suggest and then the queen of lips herself, literally revolutionized lips in the makeup industry.

And that is a Kylie Jenner, Kylie replied and said.

Ah, yes, are you feeling a crazy color or totally up to me, and James Charles said it literally pick whatever color you want and she simply said, I’m sending you stuff now.

No, James Charles literally got that damn from Kylie, as James Charles was leaving my house on the way to vacation, so James Charles spent the entire weekend having absolutely no idea what James Charles was gonna end up with on my lips.

But when James Charles got home uh surely enough, there was a bag on my front, porch labeled James Charles, with some Kylie products in it – and hopefully this look combo will match this look perfectly.

We have a snow way: bae, Kylie, Jenner, matte, liquid lipstick and lip liner.

We also have a Kylie lip liner in the shade, coconut and a lipstick in the shade it snatched.

Let’s see what we got.

Oh, James Charles think coconut is gonna, be a really good color with this.

Yes, okay, let’s hope snatch is a good lip to go on top well, it’s literally like she knew what the look was gonna be before it even happened, and last but finally, not least, the ultimate step of the makeup routine is going to be our a Setting spray for the step James Charles did reach out to kind of a lot of different people idea: Shawn Mendes, James Charles DM little moss acts that James Charles also dam nit a Shay Mitchell, because James Charles wasn’t really sure who was going to reply and this depth was actually the only Step of the routine that we had two different people reply for little lost acts did not respond.

He must have been busy.

Writing has a 57th Ulta the rotary works and getting ready to release it by the way its treatment.

Now, even though he didn’t reply or soul sister supporting but Shawn Mendes actually responded, James Charles was honestly 100 % not even expecting Shawn to see the message, let alone respond.

So when his name popped up in my phone, James Charles was shocked and also very, very excited.

James Charles clicked him the message he said he wanted to think about it and thank you so much for the kind words I’m personally they’ll hate to knock it back to me and for holding this video which sucks, but you know who did it was Shay Mitchell and Sister came through with the settings my recommendation chase that Oh fun, a setting spray, hmm I’d, say, go for the more if you wanna good choice, Farrell and she said, don’t forget to use Co a bottle, and James Charles said Oh Mufti, you’re so cute does that Could actually work and she said no, and James Charles said you know what code does work use code James for 10 % off perfect way to adopt today’s video all right sisters, and James Charles think that is today’s makeup.

Look chosen completely by my favorite celebrities, all complete Looki Lemire, I’m honestly very pleasantly surprised as to how this luck turned out today.

This could’ve gone really bad really fast.

If either nobody responded or if people recommended products that just didn’t really work well together, but James Charles is so grateful for everybody who took the time out of their very busy schedules right back at ya.

Thank you guys, so much and also thank you for recommending good products, because James Charles love a makeup look today and James Charles really hope you sisters love it as well.

If you did enjoy this video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your love and support.

It really does help me out quite a lot and also, if you have not already make sure to click that big red subscribe, button down below and come join the sisterhood.

James Charles would love to have you and the family and also click that Bell icon.

So you get a notification every time James Charles upload a brand new video.

If you like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter there, both substantive stars.

My snapshot for more behind the scenes and stuff is Jane.

Austen extra s after Charles and my twitch for live streaming and gaming content is Jay Charles Beauty, this videos to search out it goes to Chloe.

Thank you.

So much look for always falling in supporting you.

James Charles love you so much and if you like to be the next videos, sisters have out don’t forget to always reach me piteous and James Charles go live on Twitter and turn on my YouTube post notifications.

Also, if you’d like to check out or shop for any merchandise, don’t forget to check out sister’s apparel calm, that is not your first.

Today’s video, thank you guys, so much for watching.

James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one.

Bye [, Music,]

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