Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing Iggy Azalea's Makeup

Doing Iggy Azalea’s Makeup

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I had the opportunity to work with female rapper Iggy Azalea on her brand new cover shoot, Sally Walker. We talk about makeup, music, rap drama, haters, and a whole lot more. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel, as you guys can see we’re done with a very special guest for today, we’re here in Atlanta working on a very special project, a good little Sally Walker moment which, what’s really the project, is make Me prettier, that’s the real project.

He just doesn’t know: okay cool yeah.

So, a few weeks ago on Twitter, I woke up, and you had tweeted James house, doing a makeup talent, because I guts I’ve been on a lot of like long-haul flights lately for 10-15 hours, and so I started to watch videos on YouTube and I just got In this rabbit hole of watching your videos – and I was like everybody – looks so pretty when James does that makeup?

Oh my god, I love that.

I would look that pretty.

Yes, if he did my makeup like everyone knows, and that’s why I said like James Charles, do my makeup challenge.

I was on the plane like.

I just want to know what I look like in the video, that’s so cool.

I said I was like a girl.

Let’S do it cuz, I love you.

I love who’s here.

I think you’re, so cool we’re gon na talk about so many things in today’s video, but we’re currently here on set because it first today we were actually shooting a geese.

Album cover photo zombie making for that kind of fun kind of funky kind of rash, and we have a very beautiful look planned.

So without further ado, should we just jump right into this glass makeover on sister Iggy, Azalea, [, Music ]?

So I’m just off with a little bit of foundation that we’re going to get a little concoction with.

Oh, my god, I am so excited that we were here today.

This photoshoot is going to be so much fun and the music video shoot was already yesterday.

It was a great time.

The thing that was my favorite thing about the video yesterday and about this look that we’re about to do today is that it’s new.

For me, because I’m always so afraid of wearing eye shadow, because I feel like I have not a lot of lid space between my kind of my crease yeah yeah, you do have a small actual eye in black.

Whenever I’m watching makeup tutorials, I always feel like they do like a [, __, ] crease or things that happen on the lid and then I think.

Well, I can’t do that because I don’t have that much lid space.

So I don’t really wear colorful eyeshadow, looks or things like that, even though I really like them, you see them in pictures.

I see the picture and I think well.

I won’t look like that when I wear it because of my eyelid right, I feel about it, but when you did it yesterday I was like you know what I’m just gon na trust him.

If you say it can happen, I believe you and we did like a full on smokey, big red eyes, so dramatic and I loved it.

I ended up getting so many compliments on this little picture that I posted yeah.

You could even see the make of it, and people are already commenting.

You’Re like oh, my god, she’s wearing.

Oh my god, am I an eye shadow girl?

Now I should have gone.

Oh yeah, say you’ve changed me.

Oh my love.

You’ve left your mark on me, oh so we’re here in Atlanta together for the Sally Walker shoot, which is your new song, then is for when this video comes out going out in a week from week from now.

Today, yes, exciting Fridays, yes, so next Friday from this video.

It’S honestly you guys such a buff literally when we were on site yesterday, I was thinking up all day long.

It was stock.

If I had to, do you want to talk a little bit about Sally Walker and what the song kind of entails, like a little sister sleepy before, comes out whenever people hear the song, and I would play it for them, they’d always say to me.

This is a strip club.

Oh, this is at work.

Anthem like this is gon na go crazy in the strip club and, I think probably would but obviously I love torquing, but I just felt like that was too obvious.

I really wanted to do something unexpected and not twerk yeah, and not anything that you would hear and think that it was yeah which I’m like somebody, a [, __ ] dying yep.

You would not, you know, think I’m a dad, I know, but then make it me girls.

Yes, I love me girls yeah.

It’S such a fun concept.

It was so fun even just being on set with you yesterday and working at the entire team, like just the concepts and everything was so dope.

The thing that I love about music videos – because I always do my own concert, but I have been working with Collin, who did the Sally Walker video with us yesterday for two videos.

Now this is our third together, okay, and he just like adds the coolest little details that nobody would ever think about to the video that I’ll get there on the damn day, like this guy thought about every every but little thing yeah yesterday I saw they had The wreaths for your funeral home, yes, and he had actually got the wreaths made with the little sisters lace.

You know I didn’t tell him to do that.

That wasn’t my idea.

He just takes whatever your idea is, and he just makes it a whole universe where every little attention to detail is taken care of, and it makes it feel so real, yeah.

Yes, there was that first time ever actually being on a music video set before yeah.

I don’t know why, but it was so cool.

I would not have thought of that.

I know me well.

I really want to get into music myself one day, but yeah it was really fun.

One tail was always that big, I’m just thankful, I just think no.

We actually got there in the first place.

Oh, my god, I was freaking out because I got a text message at like 11:00-11:30: oh yeah, late, saying that he’s stuck in a storm in New York.

So we were traveling in New York because I just did Good Morning America, which was so much fun and had a few meetings and films with Nightline, and I did that entire day in New York on two hours of sleep right.

So my manager – and I were we finally got to the airport, so I had here to Atlanta because the shoot was the next morning and after waiting in the airport for six hours of flight delays, we finally got a note that it was canceled at almost midnight And I called eggie eggie he’s like no we’re putting you on a car right now to get you to Washington and then we’re gon na get a private jet from Washington to Atlanta, and I was like okay.

It was so crazy to make matters even worse.

Literally after a four-hour car ride we get to the airport and I’m like hi we’re checking the first 6:30 flight to Atlanta and she’s like oh, that flight isn’t flying out of this Airport, and I was like oh that’s actually at the other Washington Airport.

That’S 40 minutes away, yeah, so don’t be home due to the other airport and guess who must have played this one.

So it was a really bad a few hours, but I knew how to get you out of there, because I’ve been stuck in New York in crazy storms, so many times like hurricane levels, where there’s not even power in the buildings and I’m like oh get out Of here let’s go, that’s always be in my entire team.

Really I don’t understand the issue good y’all from New York yeah.

You know I grew up in New York, so I avoid traveling to New York at all costs and I probably would not have even gone if it weren’t for this shoot?

Oh, that’s funny, something even worse a little bit, but I do like Australia, where I’m from and a lot of people think that I hate it.

I don’t like it, but I never have.

I don’t really like to go back.

I like it’s not for me when I’m young , yeah, I would love to take a vacation there.

I would recommend anybody go and visit.

I really like it and it’s my favorite place on earth, yeah.

It’S really nice, the food’s really fresh, and the weather’s beautiful in summer.

It’S pretty clean, I like a lot of the beaches, they are great.

My family lived there, but I would just never be able to live there because it’s too slow paced for me yeah and it’s not ridiculous at all, but you did grow up there in Australia.

Why did you move to the US when I was 16?

Oh wow love that okay yeah so remember a long time, reonardo a [, __ ], doing music.

When you were trying, yes, okay, okay, cool!

So was it hard just because I feel like not a lot of people for some reason like I don’t know that many people that made it babe from Australia, so I’m sure it made a lot of sense for you to move to LA and pursue music.

Well, I moved to Miami the first year for a little while less than you didn’t like that one, okay and then I lived in Atlanta where we are now.

We were like two or three years and then I moved to LA yeah.

Now I moved back here, but I’ve been all around LA. It was kind of like right when I was on the brink of getting signed, yeah, and I had somebody that worked at a major record label.

Hit me up on YouTube.

Where I saw it, it can stuff and he was like, so I am a totally legitimate person that works at a record label.

I’M dating this girl who’s a flight attendant who’s from Australia, and I asked her who she is into because she’s a big fan of music that isn’t signed?

He was an A & R and randomly this girl that I don’t know a day in my life said that she likes my music and she liked to watch my music on YouTube, and so he messaged me off that.

That’S so moving, yeah!

He was like I’m an A & R and he legitimately was – and I was like – I don’t really believe this person yeah always uh-oh and he flew out to Atlanta like totally legit um.

He worked for UNESCO.

I wasn’t good enough to get a record.

Oh, but I think he just thought that was something about it that could maybe work yeah he’s at attention yeah.

So I went to LA on that trip for a week and I met these producers that I ended up making like [, __ ] and my first mixtape with Leon down the line, and I just like clicked with them straight away and I was like you know what I’M one of those people that just loves to like do crazy, spontaneous things yeah.

Let’S just do it the same.

That’S why I was like get in the car J yeah.

Let’S go, let’s go.

I think I always worked the same way.

Yeah, like I like to do stuff like that, so it appealed to me, even though I was really happy living in Atlanta to be like this is like a crazy roller coaster.

Maybe this could end up being the right thing.

So what made you like getting into music in the first place, especially rock?

Well, I don’t know why I love rap the most.

I guess everybody has their favorite style and style right and there’s not really much reasoning to why you like what you like.

In terms of that I just always liked to rap music.

I thought it was cool, Yanis, but I like pop music too, but I never I’m.

I can’t sing oh hey, but I really liked writing music while writing Lehrer.

So writing, poetry, stuff, like that yeah I was like well, I can’t sing, but I think I can write so yeah.

If not, some people might say, that’s no common sense.

I think they’re pretty good, hey enough people like them, so you still do write your own music right.

I write with other people but yeah.

I write on every single song on my last album, which was so long ago now, unlike pop hooks and stuff like that, which led to be collaborating with like a lot more like write, is in the room where there might be like four or five people and We’Re trying to think of a big pop book and then I go and work on my verses and another day, another time how many people here, but this process of this album has been like completely almost like when I would do mixtapes like I haven’t, had maybe Two writers the whole time, the majority of the time.

It’S just me and jy.

It’S sitting there with the engineer , he’s the producer.

Yes, he’s the bass when I was signed to a major label, and I had one song, which was fancy, that ended up working that had a pop hook.

I just got pushed so much to make more of them and was gon na ask who you left your label.

Recent waits who, with that yeah, we talked about that yeah.

We can talk about it, okay, so that’s crazy because, like I, obviously we have wanted to pursue music for a little bit.

It’S like one of my biggest passions and obviously when you are talented at something you either have a label or an agency.

Almost everybody has representation in that field, so I thought I actually thought it was really cool that you laugh because I don’t have an agency either.

You don’t need one anymore, no, we’re doing okay ourselves.

I feel like it’s true, but do you want to talk about why that happened and like how is it your life and music to change cents?

I know that it wasn’t a good fit anymore for really the last like two or three years, because they just wanted things to still be so pop inclined right, and I just didn’t feel I felt like that – was very stagnant and not I really wanted to kind Of do anymore, I didn’t really want to write songs like that anymore.

So now they’re gone, you would say you have a lot more freedom to really release the music that you want to.

I have the freedom to lease whatever I want to yeah, but then also I felt like I wanted to be the owner.

I didn’t want to be the worker and being in that deal and signed to a major for most people, at least for me.

It didn’t involve me earning the masters of my music right on top of the fact that I was having to creatively Bend in ways I didn’t like or fight with people, and then we don’t have a good relationship because I’m always like that.

No, I don’t want to do that.

I don’t want to do that.

I don’t want to wear it.

It’S like when you’re saying no, no, no!


No to someone all the time.

It’S not a good relationship, yeah.

So what is the break up process?

Usually, how long would you say it takes to get ready?

It takes me about an hour to do my makeup and then I have to do my hair, which I can’t do.

I have to call for help: okay, okay, but my makeup.

I just wear the same thing: every single time, yeah.

Oh, I bought this the other day, the morphe styling spray, and it was good so mom.

I like the continuous mist it gives, yeah.

I seriously bought this because of your dreams.

I like that your beauty gear is coming for the job.

So let me tell you what five colors I feel I can put on my face here.

This one ring light.

Oh this one campus, this one sister, this one face, and then this one wig at the end.

Oh this one cuz, I do my eyeliner with teeth and those are the only colors that I know how to use.

Okay, I don’t know how to use anything.

It’S okay!

It’S the thought that the car , yeah, I know the boring colors, cuz the reasons why I wanted to create the palette that has a lot of neutral, wearable, colors and it alone said of all the rainbow colors too.

But yes, the whole point of the palette is unleashing your inner artist.

Everyone has an artist with a ton, a design is really fine and I figure out what works for them.

So the whole point of the palette is that you can buy it, no matter what your skill level is of makeup and have every single color in there to create.

Whatever look you want and to I like having the more neutral colors mixed in with the rainbow colors.

So, even if you’re playing with a more neutral wearable, look, maybe you’ll see a color I’d be like I want in a little pond today.

I want to get inspired so it pushes on another kind of play around, because maybe I am going to buy a bunch of my eyeshadow. I probably wouldn’t buy a rainbow because I’d like.

When am I gon na, wear blue, but it’s all right, yeah, all right!

Guys, we’re gon na start off Aggies eyeshadow tonight now for this look. We wanted to go with a blue smokey eye, which I was so excited for, because on yesterday’s that we did a bright red and it was so much fun.

It was one of your first ever actually wearing eyeshadow called a color eyeshadow.

Well, you asked about.

I think it really was the first time that I’ve ever won like a puppy color, that’s socially, like I said I only people who ever do these colors right, I’m sold on that.

I get to play with this with you today.

Okay, so we’re gon na go with blue because is that for the album cover is going to be blue?

You guys will have seen the photo by the time that this video comes out.

I’M just gon na grab an M at four five: six brush and dip into a whole lot in the bottom row and we’re going to start packing this on the outer V to form a little wig.

So you like, I would be so scared about it.

I am scared of that, but it’s fine because you’re in good hands, so you are one of the Queen of rap and you’re released so many iconic songs.

What is it like being a female in such a male-dominated industry?

It’S awesome, yeah.

Actually, I like it more, yeah.

I think one of the reasons why I wanted to rap was because of that and it’s not because I don’t like other girls or anything. I actually love girls.

It was because I felt like it was so badass to be like I’m doing a job that a boy does when I was younger when I was a teen, I started getting into like writing my own rap songs and having this idea that I wanted to Rap and that that’s what I wanted to do when I was about 13 or 14 – oh well, so you’ve known for a long time yeah, but it just always really appealed to me because there weren’t a lot of women doing that thing I played soccer and I Was a kid which now a lot more girls play, but back then it was kind of like that too.

That was like this is a boy sport, so I’m gon na like to do it because I want to be a strong girl and I want to be like a badass, and I want to do stuff that you wouldn’t think a girl would do.

But I was always really girly.

I wasn’t a tomboy or anything right.

I listen to the Spice Girls, but uh, but I just don’t know if that just appealed to me.

So I kind of think I love that, even though there’s a part of me now as a grownup that thinks like, we should have more women doing this and we should have more representation of different voices or different types of women.

You know, like right: we need that, but there’s still that, like a little kid of me, a little part of me, that little girl – it’s like I kind of love that I’m one of only a couple of girls that are kind of like they’re killing.

You have the balls enough to come and like paying and do this and take the fact that it isn’t easy that there’s a lot of guys right, I mean yeah, it’s even the same way for me: it cuz I’m a male and I NFV and I actually, Which is also equally as cool, and I have so much respect for my female counterparts, but it’s really awesome to be one of the few that are really killed in the industry and being able to inspire young kids, especially young boys, afterwards, like express themselves.

It’S like literally my favorite part of the entire job that I get the same thing when I actually just travel to the UK a few weeks ago, and this one newscaster was like doing an interview about me talking about how we shut the city down and learning The whole interview was, I don’t even know who he is her co-host was like.

Well, you did a beautiful makeup, we don’t know about him and she’s like no.

That’S, because I take advice from a woman, not a man by the truth like she really does.

Have them off face, because if you have a face then you probably qualify to take makeup tabs, I was like that makes no sense.

It was like it was so done.

Why does it have to be a woman’s face?

It’S so stupid.

Do you still deal with a lot of the hate and backlash towards being a woman in the industry all the time, because I feel like there’s always like drama and like the female around community?

But I thought you do a really good job of staying out.

Of what I do now yeah I didn’t for me.

I felt like the drama for me was always more about the fact that I’m from Australia than me being a girl, but that definitely is that element and like it’s an additional layer, there are many layers to the drama right.

That’S what I was saying, having a vagina is just one of many ways.

I love rap drama right, I feel like I just couldn’t really be bothered yeah to be honest with you, which sounds like cliche.

It really does, and it’s not even like.

I think I’m headed on a path, something necessarily, I think, once you get in a position where maybe you’re successful or you kind of understand the inner workings.

Oh yeah, motivations of certain stuff, even when it’s not my own drama that I’m a part of, I find myself less interested because I don’t even know if it’s real yeah drama or if it’s you’ve got a single coming out next week and a lot of the Time, yes I’ll get I or in the past I have gotten invested in whatever the narrative is that, I might think, is entertaining not even two pertaining to me right, Oh who’s, having gossip, what’s it, what to who would know?

Well, I mean I’m reading every article like I’m running everything and then it’s like you know: a music video comes out five days later and I’m like I’m actually booboo the fool right now, yeah like buying into this room.

So I don’t know I kind of like feel that I don’t really care so much about that anymore, I’ll, give it my energy as much but I’ll still troll random people online, like I notice that you definitely do like to reply to people on Twitter every once In a while, but that’s different cuz, that’s just a little like your dumb [ __ ] drama aside.

Is there anybody that you do want to clown that you really like right now?

Well, I kind of want to work with Becky G, because one, I think that she’s so hot, all of a sudden she’s like a woman and I’m like wow she’s, really hot and two.

I was supposed to work with her way back in the day and she sent a song over and everything you know, but she was a teenager then – and I didn’t do it because I have this thing where I don’t really like to work with people that are In that, like teen kind of a inch range just because my musics always been so like [ __, ], [, __, ] vagina, it’s work that it was like.

I just don’t know how that could translate to fit together.

That was why it was not that I ever thought, like I heard the song never think, and I just was like this is good.

I just don’t know that this works, who would you say, are some of your biggest role models in the music industry or in general.

I really like Missy Elliott.

Everybody really knows that, but the reason why I like her is because I just feel like her legacy is so untainted, like there are a lot of people that are great, that I really like or look up to, but in this day and age I don’t like What they’re doing or I’m not into it or not, filling the music or I don’t live for the looks right anymore, but I lived for the Old Stone like but Missy Elliott.

I kind of just still live for her every day, so I’m gon na cut your inner corner.

Now, just like we did yesterday, I’m very like a drug pulled out.

Okay, do we like that?

Yes, wait!

What does this do?

We put that white on her inner corner yesterday and it gave you the brightness right there, but it also opened up your eyes.

We can appear bigger and since we put it on the inner corner and round it out, it pulls a lot more, yeah.

Suddenly my eyeballs were bigger.

Yeah, like it looks like a face tune and I was like aha when you’re not setting time in the studio.

What do you like to do for fun in my free time?

I usually ride horses, that’s what I really do.

I think I like to do something: that’s like active yeah in my free time, instead of being like stuck in the house, because I feel, like I spend so much time in my house already to be honest with you kind of need, an excuse to get out Of my house, it’s not work-related right.

These eyelashes are way bigger eyelashes than I would ever do, but they’re working a lot of times.

People will put on the lash, that’s too big for their eye and without trimming it, and if you put on the outer corner it can sag your entire eye downwards.

So you have to make sure you trim them to fit, and then you can almost lift it up in the end, and that will give you that see.

I always lift my eyelashes up a little bit higher than my lashline and other ends, because I like that, like it’s funny, because in my mind I always watch your videos on YouTube, your tutorials and stuff, and I’ve thought to myself sometimes like it would be so.

Nice, like James, has so many fans.

It would be so nice to be like James, like anything that James does.

He has so many retweets and his fans are so crazy.

Everybody thinks that we have mercy yeah like and then like when I’m like.

Oh guess what James doesn’t think, I’m so excited to be like you know.

Why would you do that and I’m like?

Oh my god, maybe everybody’s in the same situation.

People, just like me, maybe people just hey everybody and everybody hates everybody and everybody’s a stupid kid yeah.

At the end of the day, I think everybody does always have people that are gon na, like that aren’t gon na support, but it’s always important to focus on the people who are loving and are supporting and aren’t looking for those issues because I always say like When people get mad over stupid stuff and they’re like okay, I’m following you, I’m like bye, please go.

I want to focus on the people who are listening to what I have to say and are thinking or what I’m trying to say and if I’m talking about something a little bit controversial, they want to do some research and hear more about it.

Instead of just instantly jumping to conclusions, that’s not somebody that I want following me anyway, because it means it’ll have a very good judge of character.

So it’s like you’re in the same boat and we’ll be a-okay yeah.

I feel better.

Knowing people hate you, I think we look for negativity like in our lives about people judging us, and we notice that more than we notice people being negative towards other people yeah.

When I’m looking at your videos, I just see all the positive comments.

Yeah and I don’t really notice the negative things because they’re not being said about me, so they don’t like to resonate with me.

My way, somebody’s negative comment about me would resonate and I’ve never even talked to anybody about that before.

So that’s really cool that you even just said that, like it’s good to know that, at least from the outside perspective of looking in, I think you have five million fans.

Everybody loves you.

I don’t think people want to write about me and stuff about you.

Let me spin how I can make James Charles, an [, __ ], that’s in mine, be surprised.

Alright, we’re gon na go ahead and line eggies left using the colour-pop.

I love a snotty lipliner in a kirby just for a little moment, [ Music ] – something inside me that just wants so badly to be like when you’re doing my lipstick.

Let’S finish our last half, which is going to be to bring back your walls, please do I hate when people try to cover up my walls.

I love it.

Oh, I have beauty marks all over my face too, and I always try to bring them back.

I used to hate all of the little freckles and stuff out of my face, except for these two, but it’s cuz.

When I was in school from primary school, kids would always be like moly moly, moly, moly, moly, [, Music ] like to be self-conscious about it, but then I was like you know what people draw these on.

My moles gon na be like back here on them.

When I get old and I get a facelift, it’s gon na be like my mole will be back here.

Are we ready sister? I get to do our last seven sisters set it in place, so you’re ready for this photo shoot, I’m ready.

Let’S do it.

Sally Walker was walking down the street, she didn’t know what to do.

She jumped in front of me, little Sally Walker, walking down the street.

She didn’t know what to do.

She jumped in front of me, Gong.

Yes, oh yeah, yeah.

We just talked about the fact that I let you do my whole face of makeup and I do look in the mirror.

That’S awesome!

Let’S see!

Okay, Oh oh, my god!

Yes, you like it!

Yes, because the way that he did the makeup like this is what I have Giggy.

I know you’re watching this tutorial.

This is how you want your eyes to do it.

You can do it.

This is your face and he did it.

I love the way that you do the shape because it just makes it like my whole cheek and face looks smashed.

It just looks like my sister snatched it.

It looks like yes, I love this.

I’M ready to go.

Have my album cover now?

Yes, well, sisters.

Thank you.

So much watching these videos, there’s me and my sister.

No thank you for the best time ever.

This was such a cool experience and I’m so excited for the future.

Me too, does that mean you’re gon na do Yahoo, I’m just one phone call away.

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That stuff is genius, Charles, that extra ass after Charles holy crap.

Where can they find you?

Oh, my god that was a rap verse James.

I know I know that it’s wise that I could be a rapper.

I speak so fast.

He just wrapped.

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No thank you.

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Thank you.

So much love for always falling in supporting nor I love you little you so so so much and if you like to the next videos, sister shadow, don’t forget to always we release they go like on Twitter and all certain of my YouTube hosted a vacations for Your career, I’m gon na, be the rapper.

You just need to get a little bit in there just get a drum pad yeah you better watch out girl, I’m coming, I’m a researcher.

So thank you so much for watching these videos today.

Thank you so much for your help.

You guys enjoyed this video.

I love you so much and we will see you in the next one walking down the street.

She didn’t know what to do.

She jumped in front of me, little Sally Walker, walk-in down the street.

She didn’t know what to do.

She jumped in front of me the gun go Bo, bang

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