Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing Jenna Marbles' Makeup

Doing Jenna Marbles’ Makeup

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I finally glammed one of my favorite YouTubers of all time, Jenna Marbles. She’s one of the OG’s and has been making videos for almost 10 years now, enjoy as we talk about YouTube, going viral, finding me a boyfriend, and her ratchet beauty salon!!

[ Together ] Hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. As you guys can see, I’m joined today with a very iconic sister special guest.

I’m a famous beauty guru.

Jenna Marbles You guys.


We are here for an episode of James’, Ratchet Beauty Salon and I am so beyond excited because I have wanted to do this.

Video together for so long now.

You’re, one of my favorite YouTubers literally of all time – and I have so many come on.

I literally have been watching you since I was a little kid.

And this means so much and I’m already so excited for you to be here: today.

[, Jenna ].

I love you.

I love you more.

We have so much that I want to talk to you about today and you also I’m serious here.

On your channel with Jenna’s Ratchet Beauty, Salon, .


, With some pretty good makeup.


Thank you.

Questionable sometimes.

Thank you.

, But pretty good.

Thank you.



So I figured .

I’m a professional.

You are definitely a professional.

We just had our Valentine’s Day, video-versary.

Happy video-versary James.

, Because last year you did a video following my Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial, which I was so shook by, because I think the first time we met was at Playlist.

You were .

, It was.

so tall, so gorgeous legs for days, and I was like, oh my god, that’s James Charles.

, What You walked by and you were like, hey James Charles.

, And I was like oh my god that was Jenna Marbles.

I was like walking in and you were walking out and it was literally just that quick three-second moment and I was like .

Oh my god.

, And then you did the video following my Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial and I think I was only at like 2 Million subscribers at that point, so I was shook.

I love you.

But I was so excited and so happy because, like I said, I’ve been watching you forever. You’ve inspired me and so many other people and I figured for today’s video –, I’m gon na cry.

We should get together and open James’ Ratchet Beauty Salon.


Talk about all things, YouTube the beauty community love, I feel like.

We should definitely talk about finding a boyfriend today.

James James, Because it’s been quite the trending topic for you.

You literally just posted a video that was like I’m gon na, be sad and alone forever.



Well, it’s true.

I didn’t lie.


I swear to god.

I feel like we have so many things to talk about.

Should we just jump right in, Yeah?

Let’S just jump into it.

: Okay, great.

, (, upbeat music, ), We’re gon na start off with two different foundations and I’m not even sure which one we’re gon na do.

I think we’re gon na try mixing together Fenty and Too Faced.

We know that it’s a trend for me to not be able to do this very well, so we’re not really expecting much here.

But everything else will be good.

It’S okay, James.

I never match anything because I’m always different shades of fake tan.


I actually just got tanned again for the first time in a while a few days ago, so I am feeling my bronze fantasy.

My foundation actually matches pretty well today.

You look beautiful.

Ten million times even more beautiful in person.

Oh thanks, angel.

You’re welcome.

Okay, so I am so excited for today’s video, because I have wanted to do this forever.


Because you just want to do a nice lovely look on mature skin. Yes.

You’ve been on YouTube for a very, very long time.



, Like one of the OGs.

Day one.

How many years has it been?

I’Ve been making videos on Jenna Marbles for nine years.

Almost ten.

Oh, my god.


That’s so cool.

And you still love it as much as you did before.

Yeah I mean it has its ups and downs some days, it’s the best thing in the world and some days it’s really stressful, but yeah.

I love it.

How have you been able to stay motivated and inspired to keep making content after ten years, Because I’ve only been at this for two and I’m like .

I constantly am like, oh god, what am I gon na?

Do next Yeah well.

I feel like that.

Never goes away.


I just have a schedule and it forces you to create on a regular basis, whether you like it or not.

It’S your job.

Do it.


And have fun.

Do the best you can.

Some days, you’re gon na kill it and some days you’re, not so just be with yourself through the good days and bad days you know Right.

How would you say the platform has changed over the past.

Ten years of being on it, Oh so much.

When I started it was weird.

It was just a weird place for people to post whatever.


, Like on my first channel.

I had a bunch of videos from college that were school projects.

Now you hear kids being like I wan na grow up and be a YouTuber.

Which is so cool.


, But also scary.


But it’s been really cool to watch the evolution of Jenna Marbles and see you here still making content today and just like .



Killing it.

It’s really cool.

I have always thought like this will probably end someday and that’ll be okay, but I still have a job.


So it’s really amazing.

Ten years ago, when I started it was kind of difficult for anybody to write something nice about YouTubers.

, Oh yeah.

, Because it was a joke.

Well, even still, I just got back from London a few weeks ago when I was traveling there and I got mauled.

I saw that.

By the British media.

Although I’ve heard from some of the UK YouTubers, they get treated a lot worse over there.


But here it’s getting better.

You know if you work with a traditional celebrity in the past.

Sometimes it might have been like.

Oh, a producer has brought you on to be the social media person, but the talent doesn’t really know who you are: –, Right.

Or care.

Or care.

, But they’re still nice.


But now it’s different.

People know who you are and they value what you bring to them.

The table.

, Which is exciting.

You kind of started on YouTube because a lot of your videos all went viral.

Like really really insane crazy views, which is super cool to look back at, like all the old drunk makeup, tutorials and literally when you were sitting in your Bathroom and filming on .

My laptop.

I don’t even know what the laptop is.

It was a laptop.

And I would film and edit at the same time.


I would open up my laptop and shoot on iMovie and edit it as I was filming it.



I don’t know what I did.

I didn’t have a camera.


So I was just filming it with what I had.


All of my raw files are just like me .


And then another thing Like half the time, my arm’s coming in and out of frame because I’m stopping it.


I didn’t have a camera.

That’S like everything to me: though.

It’s so cool to see the evolution.

So what would you say is what the difference is between going viral then versus now.

I feel like ten years ago when something went viral.

It means that everybody saw it.


Whereas now you could go viral on Facebook, you could go viral on Instagram or the word has sort of lost a little bit of what that means, because so many people’s attention is in a million different places.

Is in a Million places yeah.

So I feel like things go viral less often, but more often at the same time.


That’S a good way to put it.

There’s so many more people that have access to everything.


I’ve had a few videos now pass like 20 million, which has been so crazy.

And they’re always ones that I least expect too.

That’S how the internet works.

That’s how the internet works, But even then I’m like oh well, okay, 20 million.

But 20 million people watched it.

That is insane.

I especially relate to the videos that you feel like are whatever are the ones that people really like and respond to, and the ones that you put all your energy into and you really enjoy people are like hmm, I didn’t like this one.

Like shit sorry.

I don’t know what you guys want.

My second most viewed video on my channel is literally my FAKE Palette video, where I bought the fake palette from Santee Alley and reviewed it.

I hated how the video turned out.

I was like this is gon na be a horrible video.

I don’t even know if I want to post this and it’s at like 25 million views, now.


That’s how it always works.

I was like what The green screen video that I filmed literally after I was done filming it.

I laid on the couch in full green-face, and I was like Julien, I’m not gon na upload it.

It’S terrible.

I’M just gon na tell people that I ruined my videos.

, That’s one of my favorite videos from you.

But I was so defeated by the end that I was like this was a horrible video.

I hated it.

Really Yeah.

, I’m just applying a light coat of powder, all over.

Oh, I feel so powdered, I’m baking.

I wan na use a little bit of a lighter bell because we definitely put on some foundation duh and concealer, and I don’t want anything to look really cakey.

Cake me.

What are some of your favorite channels to watch on YouTube?

I watch a lot of beauty.


Do you actually, I really like them?


I always have.

, That’s the channels that I first got into Juicy Star.

Oh my god.


I loved the old school beauty gurus and I’d never seen so many people with on-suite bathrooms in their videos.

In my life.

I couldn’t believe it.

I was like, oh my god.

These people are so rich.

They have their own bathrooms.

I feel like they’ve just gotten so much cooler and better with time.


People are just so talented.

Like when I was a little girl.

I wanted to do makeup.

Really Yeah.

I had all the books, I had Kevin Au-coin and Bobby Brown.

, Who Au-coin Whatever his name is Kevin Aucoin Whatever.

How do I say it?

Kevin Aucoin.

I loved his book.

I loved his book.

Yeah he’s iconic.

You grew up in New York.

I for some reason thought you grew up in it.

I knew you lived in Rochester, but I thought you grew up in New Jersey, but you grew up in New York.

Rochester, New York.

And I grew up in Albany New York, which is literally like three-ish hours away from each other Yeah.

But that’s why I knew that.

I liked you.

, Because you’re normal.

, Because people from upstate are normal.

Are normal, yeah.

, Really normal.

What made you want to move to LA Well, I lived in Boston for about 8 years.


I went to school there.

I started doing YouTube after I graduated from graduate school and it sort of took off, and I was like I guess I’ll just go down this path and see where it goes for a little while and .


Here we are ten years later.

What has been one of your favorite lessons that you’ve learned over the course of the internet?

I guess just to be nice to everybody.

You know, because you never know what someone else is going to do.



I’ve never watched a video and left a mean comment.

Ever Ever Yeah.

, And so I just try to remind myself that, even if someone writes something like that, that’s not a representation of who they are either.

Because I don’t know, maybe they’re just having a really bad day, and they just want to take it out.

In your lash tutorial.


You know, Oh my god, I look so beautiful already.

I feel like the amount of hate that I’ve gotten too, if this is any hope for you does die down.

Over time.

Yeah, like I’ve been on the internet for a long time.

So all the people that really wanted to be mean to me were that a long time ago, and then they gave up and they moved on.


I would also say one of the biggest lessons that I learned is being okay with having me time.

I mean it and not like I’m gon na cover myself in paraffin wax kind of way like .

You know you have your weekends and time off, because it’s really good.

It’s nothing, but it doesn’t serve for nothing.

, Because you’re, so busy you’re gon na get tired.

You’re gon na need some me time.

This brings us into my next point that I wanted to talk to you about.

You have been such a cool, indirect role model to me.

I feel like because in so many videos that you have mentioned me in, I feel like you’re always giving me some sort of advice.

It is officially February, which means this month is Valentine’s.


I’m not excited.

It is my least favorite holiday because I’ve been single for 17 years now and .

(, laughs, )Let’s be real.

It’S gon na be 18 in just a few days.

Oh, my god.

It’S gon na be okay.

Alright, You’re gon na find your person.

It’S so funny that it’s worked out that way, either whether it be mentioning it in a video or on Twitter.

I feel like it has been really cool hearing from you as someone who’s been in it for a while, giving your perspective and helping me out, because that is something that I struggle with.

A lot is taking time for myself and forcing myself to take a break, and that is definitely one of my biggest things that I’m forcing myself to do in 2019.

2018 was such an amazing year for me and I’m so proud of everything that I achieved, but I was really burnt out.

I tried to deal with it publicly too, because I feel like it’s important for everybody else to know that, like this isn’t easy.

All the time it is really challenging to come up with new concepts and new ideas.

That is something that I appreciate.

What you’ve done and YouTubers from.

I guess what your generation of YouTubers have done is that you’ve sort of normalized. I’ve seen you tweet out like which thumbnail would you like, or what do you want Yeah.

, Which is something that just wasn’t a thing for it?

No one cares.

No one cares about the meta of brands or you know.

It was just ridiculous for me to ever think about that, and I also come from a time on the internet, where people would be mad at you for taking a brand deal.


You were a sellout.

How could you? Well that happens, still a lot in the beauty community today .

Does it really, But it’s better At this point, your generation of YouTubers have normalized that and your audience celebrates it for you like, when you’re doing well, which is rad.

exciting, yeah.

I’m so excited to see what you’re gon na do with my brows, because I get Roasted everyday.

, If you can’t tell sometimes I shave off the ends, because I get bored with the tails.

I love that.

Mine are shaved off too.

Really The end of them.

It’S fun right, Yeah.

It is.

Everyone thought I was crazy when I did it.

Okay, so.

Speaking of you, give me advice, too.

The one thing that you’ve harped on me for for a very long time now is my love.



You’re 19 and you’re gon na find somebody.


First of all, how did you guys meet?

Tell me the story.

Julien worked at a bar at the end of my street and I went in and relentlessly hit on him.

So was this when you were in Boston Or were you in LA at the time?

I was in LA.


For me: finding a boyfriend has been challenging.

James You’re gon na find somebody From watching my channel and from hearing me talk about boy stories and stuff.

Do you have any advice for me when it comes to finding love?

Well, right now I feel like your energy is a little chaotic.

A little bit, yeah.

So I brought you a plant.

, You did.

I realize you have a couple.


Got me a cute little housewarming gift.


But I feel like you’re looking for love.

The more love you put out into the universe like if you care for a plant or like someday, you get a doggy or a kitty.

I don’t know if you like animals.

I cannot wait, I’m getting a dog soon.

We’re adopting.

So if you put love out into the universe and you focus on yourself, you’ll find love.

You’ll get that love back.

Focus on putting some love out there and less of the I’m alone forever energy and maybe you’ll find somebody.

I feel like whenever I do get the busiest and I’m not thinking about boys is when I find like three all at once, and then I’m like .

It’s just not fitting well.

But you’re also 19.

Like that, it would be the same as someone finding the love Of their life in high school.

, Which happens, but you know not always.

For most people, that’s not really a thing that happens so give yourself some time and be patient.

You don’t want to be with somebody right now.

That’S not right for you, your person’s gon na come to you when they’re gon na come to you.


Brows are my favorite part because they can really make or break a makeup routine, but it’s so .

If you don’t like them, you can just shave them.


Okay, great.

I’m dead, serious.

, (, clapping ), I’m so excited.

Alright, you guys we are back and both eyebrows are now complete and looking pretty good and fresh and beautiful and snatched.

How do you feel Feels so fresh and beautiful.

Okay, good.

So famous.

So famous.

So famous, That’s so funny.

You know what else is really famous.

What Like .

Really famous There.

She is.

I’ve never seen her in person.

What Really Tried to order em couldn’t order it you sold out.

, I didn’t send you one No.

[, Julien ] Tea.


Nobody sends me anything.

Do you want one?

I want to buy one with my own money.


I want to support you.

I don’t like it.


The cutest.

Jenna, just told me when we walked in that you guys ordered Sisters apparel.

Why didn’t we just –?

I was trying to get Sisters apparel for when we filmed together, so we could show up in our Sisters.


That is so cute.

You guys are the best.

She sold out too.

Trying to support people.

You know, I don’t want you to give me one.

I want to buy one.

, I’m gon na go to an Ulta and buy it.

Okay, I’ll text you when it restocks then.

Thank you.

I’ll also give you one too.

For the meantime.

No, no, no, no!



We have the James Charles X, Morphe palette here today and we’re gon na do a fun and fresh eye.

Look at Jenna.

Unleash your inner artist.

Yes, So I wan na do something kind of fun because I feel like when you do beauty.

Videos, they’re not bad.

, And I think you make fun of yourself all the time for sucking on makeup, but you don’t, is the truth, tea sister Awe, So I feel like we should do something like that .

Whatever you want.

Something fun right, I’m down for whatever.


I think I know what look I want to do on you.

What Tell us, I think I wan na do a purpley-blue on the lid.


With a good sunset: .

Love a sunset.

, Moment.

Love it.


I’m ready.

It’ll match my aura.


Like you.

Have the orange on and I have the blue and pink so like sunset.


Oh, I know what I wanted to say to you.

I think it’s so cool that you’re sober.

, Oh And you don’t drink or do any drugs.


A sober sister.

I think that’s really wonderful James.

I think it’s also because I have a major fear of getting in trouble.


I always like going to the principal’s office. It was my worst nightmare.

I’M scared of authority.

Yeah, I don’t like getting yelled at, I don’t like being in trouble.

Don’T like breaking the rules ever.

And obviously when I was in high school, I was very much underage and I would hear all the time about people getting arrested and people getting stopped by the police, because the police in my town were pretty intense.

I would go to school and people would be so mad about it.

Like oh, I got busted last night and like hey you’re, breaking the law.


Like duh, of course, you’re gon na get in trouble for it.

I don’t know, I just never wanted to do that and I think also because even before I was doing makeup, I was doing hair for girls in my school.

I was trying to do social media.

I was just never interested in doing that, but I think it’s because I had so many other things going on.

I think it’s really admirable and really cool.

Thank you.


I really appreciate that.


Did you ever play any sports James?

I actually did.

What did you play?

I played baseball.

Ooh me too, And basketball and soccer.

Ooh can’t relate to basketball.

And hockey.


A jock.

I was so convinced that I was so straight.

I’m not athletic, but I am competitive.

You’re athletic.

, Not really.


I’Ve seen those legs.

I’ve always been very, very competitive, so even through sports.

I didn’t really like playing them, but I did like winning.

What did you play?

I played softball all the way through college.


I can totally picture that.


Oh my god.

How are your dogs? They’re so good.

Are they?

I was gon na.

Ask you if you wanted me to bring any of them, so you could hang.


You should have Damn.

I really blew this.

Didn’T I [ Julien ].

They would’ve been crying.


I want to adopt a dog so badly.

What kind of dog do you want, Big little?

I want a medium sized dog that is not as big as a lab, just a little bit smaller for sure.

I grew up with a border collie black lab mix and he was literally .


The best and I miss him so much.

He was a smart boy.

Yes, he was super super smart.

I’Ve been really wanting to adopt one.

I’Ve just been traveling so much recently that I’m like I’m not gon na put a dog through that until I know that I’m home for a little bit.

Which sucks, but I know it is obviously for the better.

But my traveling is coming to a half very soon.

So I’m starting to look.

That’s good.

You need to look out for yourself.


I love dogs and I’m the type of person that likes to be with people at all times.

Like I love having friends and family over.

It’s because you’re a Gemini.

, I am.

Why do you say that? Is that a quality that Geminis have – I don’t know.

So I like being around people kind of at all times and I feel like when I’m not with people it’d be good for me to have a dog around.

Would you get another dog? Yeah we talk about it all the time.

Really, we’re gon na rescue a big greyhound.

So you do want to get another one Yeah.


And would you want to get a girl or a boy?

Well, I think we’d get another girl.

And so we’d have two boys and two girls.


And if you ever need a dog-sitter, I’m not kidding, just drop your dog off at my house.

, Really [ Julien ] Yes.

I love watching other people’s dogs.


Definitely will do.

Okay, I’m gon na grab a little bit of Artistry from the palette and I’m gon na put this on your lid.

I think.

Let’S see how this looks.

Oh wow, look at that.

That color is so famous.

Oh, my god, It’s gon na be a whole femur, I’m gon na add a wing liner.

Ooh I feel like we have to wing.

It’S like staple Jenna, Marbles.

Right, [, Jenna ], I’m ready.

Pretty much.

[ James ], Okay.

[, Jenna ].

I like it.

, [ James ], Okay, I’m gon na take a deep breath.

, [ Jenna ], It’s hard.

[ James ], I know.

[ Jenna ] Okay.

, (, inhales ), Based on my personality and what you’ve seen of me on YouTube.

So far.

What type of dog do you think would be good for me? Something that is playful.

Honestly, if you were looking for a little dog, I’d say a Jack Russell terrier.

Something that you can just throw a ball with all day because you’re high energy.

– You have a Lot of energy, a lot of love to give.


This is true.

You could handle a very high energy dog.

, Except for the fact that you travel.

, But just your personality.

, You think, Yeah something really fun.

Look forward to it.

Any dog would be lucky to have you as a dad.

Thanks, sister.


That wing looks awful.

No, it doesn’t.

What are you talking about?

It looks really good when you close but.

My face is hard.

It’s a challenge.

Where do you usually put your wings?

Like this one, I have to do differently because I have a wonky eye.

[ James ] Uh-huh.

, I’m seeing that.


What should I do?

[ Jenna ] See.

I get roasted all the time.

I’M like you guys, don’t understand.

This is a hard face.

Oh, my god, it worked.

– Oh my god.

I’Ve never done that.


For people that have hooded eyes.

Sometimes people will draw a wing.

I don’t know, that’s like it goes in and then .

It’s like a hook.

Yeah kind of.

And I did that shape and it worked because of that eye.



, But I still need to clean it up because it still looks horrendous.

But give me a second and it’ll look better.

There’s hope for us people with flappy eyes.


I never have this many colors in my eyes.

I’M very excited.

Do you like it? Yes.

I can only do one color at a time.

Really Yeah, because I’ll start blending and then before I know it it’s just in my eyebrow.

Oh that’s good.

And all your brushes are really soft and mine are all sharp and owie, and this is just really nice.

Are they really? Why I don’t know.

Probably just washing them and pressing on them too hard.

Do you need new ones?

I can hook you up.

, No stop trying to give me stuff.


Because I pay stuff with my own money, I like to support you.

You need the James Charles X, Morphe, brush set.

Hell yeah.

, If you think you’re leaving here without it today, you’re wrong.

, I’m leaving here without it.

No you’re not.


You brought me a plant.

I can bring you a palette.




, Yes No.

I suddenly don’t know how to use my hands.

I can’t leave with it.

Julien can carry it.

It’S okay.

, [, Julien, ] Okay.

No, no!


No no.

Don’T sabotage me like this Julien.

Hide the inner corner for a nice little pop.

Oh my god, pop.


So I’m gon na apply a lily lash in this style.

Yass Queen.



Who’s been some of your favorite people that little James can’t believe that you got to work with so far So many.

Honestly, most of the people that I’ve been able to work with.


You and Shane – I grew up watching so like this is super cool.

My video with Shane has been amazing.

Shane’s, pretty wonderful.

He really is.



We haven’t filmed together yet, but like she’s, just my favorite person in the entire world.

– And I have had so many dark times like her music – has helped me get through.

And now her and I literally text every day.

And it’s so cool just to have that With somebody you’ve looked up to forever because she’s, just literally the nicest.

Kylie and Kim are super super dope.

They’re, like two of my favorites ever.

Pretty much everybody like my subscribers are super supportive of me.

So I don’t really do a lot of collabs.

And if I do do them, it’s people that I’ve really looked up to and respected for a while.

Like I refuse to do a collab just to gain subscribers.

I would never because I don’t need it.

My followers will still watch my content regardless, which is amazing.

So pretty much everybody that I’ve collabed with has been somebody that I’ve loved.

That’s so cool.

, Which is really cool.

It’S like my favorite part of the job.

Okay, we’re gon na pop this on here, and hope that looks good and fresh.

We’re off to a good start.

Now, do you like it?

I love it.

It’S so pretty.

Okay, it’s looking good!

Now, Wow!

We love good eyelashes.

Okay, great. That’s something I learned many years ago, like if you mess up on your eyeliner a little bit, just throw a thick lash there and it’s like it never happened And it’s gone.

That’S such a good makeup tip we’re professionals. Okay.

Alright, you guys, so that is pretty much one eye on sister Jenna, all complete.

We’re gon na go ahead and do the other one now pretty quickly, but we’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the Look.

Alright sisters, we are back with both eyes all complete.

How are you feeling? Amazingly beautiful.

I like how it’s turning out.

I feel like it looks really stunning and good and fresh. I’ve done so much work here, today.

Alright, you guys we’re gon na move onto the next step, which is of course going to be the glow.

Just a little bit of a highlighter moment.

So we’re gon na still stay within the James Charles palette, I’m just gon na grab.

Of course, Face.


Just grab an M501.

I’M gon na give you a quick .

, ( clattering ) Oops.

, A quick spritz of some sister setting spray first, just to kind of melt some of the powders in now that we’re all done with the eyeshadow.


If you were not doing YouTube, do you have any idea what you would be doing right now?

Well, I mean I went to graduate school for sports psychology, so .

, Oh, I would probably honestly be working with kids.

I worked as a camp counselor for years and in graduate school we did .

Oh my .

Oh, Oh, my goodness, I’m gon na pass out.

It never looks like that when I do it.

What ( gasps ) – Oh sorry.


We did a program where we taught social responsibility through physical activity for kids that lived in underserved areas, and I worked for the Boys and Girls Club for a lot of years.

– Oh my god, So I would probably work with kids.

I could see you definitely being like an elementary school teacher.

I could definitely see that.

Oh my god.

It’S so beautiful!

You look so smooth and buttery.

I am so smooth and buttery.

So famous Okay, I’m gon na grab a little bit of Literally on a Anastasia A23 brush.

This is like my favorite shade in the palette for using a blush, highlight mixer type of color and I’m gon na use this to blend together.

Oh, that was a little much.

I’M going to look to your left and then I have one last question for you: when we’re done.

Gon na do a good little nude moment.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing YouTube?

I have no idea.

I think about that all the time.

I would be in college right now for sure.

What would you study?

I don’t know.

I think, because of the fact that I did get into makeup and hair right before I was done with high school.

I don’t know.

Because it did take up so much of my time and interest.

I’Ve always been very into business and marketing.

That’S always been my biggest passion and that’s always been what I’m really really good at and still am good at to this day.

That’S what social media is at the end of the day is marketing and knowing how to do it right.

So I feel like, if I wasn’t doing this I’d be studying marketing, but at the same time too, because of the fact that I already did have so much experience, I definitely feel like it is one of those fields where you can really learn a lot better.

When you’re experiencing those types of things.

When I was already doing social media, I took a business marketing class at my high school because we were offered it and I was bored out of my mind.

Well, I think that’s what’s cool about social media.

Now you are an expert.


Someone in the generation above you probably wouldn’t do as good of a job teaching it as you, because you’re sort of shaping the field as you work in it.


I think that is what is so cool about the YouTube world too, and I think that it is really cool because I’ll get emails from professors all the time or from different colleges.

That will ask like influencers that come in and speak and that’s dope me being a 19 year old kid like gon na, come in and teach a class on that.

That’s so cool, but it’s really exciting for me and I love giving advice to smaller influencers and other creators and my friends about marketing and how to do brand deals and who to work with and what to post on Instagram.

I don’t know.

I just feel like I really have a knack for it, which is why I think I would definitely want to work in beauty consultation once I’m done being a guru and stuff.

I don’t know, I just really like thinking and analyzing and seeing what’s next and figuring out how to stay relevant, which actually brings me to my last question for you.

As someone who’s been around for so long on the internet and has inspired people left and right For the younger sisters that have been out there watching who may have been subscribed to you or me who want to do YouTube one day, what is one piece of advice you would give them in order to stay, inspired and also stay relevant for a while.

Just do what you are excited about.

You know Like for you that’s makeup and when we talk about what you’d be doing or what I’d be doing, the world would be like.

We would miss you if you were doing that like you, could do that and you’d be really wonderful, but what makes a bigger deal or difference is when you actually do what’s in your heart.


Like what you want to do.

What you’re passionate about.

Yeah, like A world without James, Charles, not doing makeup, would just be really weird and not my favorite world.

I like having you here.

Thanks, angel.

Yeah, so when you actually do the stuff that is interesting to you, it doesn’t matter really what platform you’re doing it on or where you’re doing it.

As long as you have a passion for it, you will find an audience for it.

If you’re coming from a place of genuine fun and interest and having a good time.

I always say that.

It’s really obvious who’s in it.

For the right reasons, and who isn’t and at the end of the day, it’s always the people who are doing it because they really love it that stay around for a very, very long time, which is why .

I just want to laugh.

You’re still here.

I just want to laugh so I’ve just been able to do that and if I don’t have a job anymore, that’s okay, because I’m probably just gon na keep laughing.

I look so beautiful James.

I think we’re about to be done.

Sister, I’m gon na give you one last spritz and we’ll show the final look.

( upbeat music, )Alright sisters.

So this is the final look on sister Jenna Marbles.

I love James.

Do you like it?


(, squeals ), It’s really sweet!

Thank you.

So much for doing this.

Thank you so much for coming to my channel.

I feel like this has been in the works for such a long time now and you’ve been such a huge role model to me, and so many other people as well, and it was truly an honor to be able to have glammed you up today.


I’M really glad you like the look.

Thank you James, that’s really nice of you.

And I have a lot to learn from you as well, and it’s been really nice to spend time with you.

You’re my favorite thing ever in the entire world.

Well, I hope you sisters enjoyed spending time with us today as well and learned a little bit more –.

I’M gon na end up ruining the makeup.

Look by being an emotional mess.

I’M sorry!

I really hope you guys enjoyed the video and, if you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and come subscribe.

If you have not already, we are literally 14 million sisters, strong we’d love to have.

You join the family.

If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter they’re, both just James Charles and my Snapchat is more behind the scenes.

Type stuff.

It’S jamesscharless with an extra S after Charles.

Also go subscribe to Jenna.


Absolutely incredible has been making videos for almost ten years now, but they have not gotten any worse.

( laughing ).

That was a weird way to say: that.

They have — Thanks James.

They stayed good Thanks.


How do I say that We all know what you mean?

That’S really nice of you to say thank you.

They’ve been consistently good over the past ten years.

Thanks James.

And they’re just getting better and better and crazier.

Thank you.

This video sister shoutout goes to sister Kelly.

Thank you so much for always following and supporting me.

I love you literally so so so much and if you’d like to be the next video’s sister shoutout, don’t forget to always retweet or leave us a like on Twitter and also turn on my YouTube post, notifications.

Alright sisters.

Thank you so much for watching this video today.

I love you so much and I will see you in the next one: Bye, ( upbeat, music, ),

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