Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing Kesha's Makeup!

Doing Kesha’s Makeup!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video I glam up the iconic KESHA! We showcase her new beauty line while talking about her old music as Ke$ha, how she’s transformed over the past few years, her new album, and more! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE! 🌈❤️

Hi Sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel, as you guys can see today, I’m doing today a very iconic and legendary special guest.

First of all, ok, we are going to be doing a very fun Beauty video today, because you are launching at your own makeup line.

Yes, it is iconic.

Ok, this PR package, the packaging, it’s literally everything it’s so orange.

You know it’s gorgeous.

This palette is so cute.

The clothes right here is literally everything, a beautiful, oh, you look incredible and we haven’t even started yet, so this is gonna be a very fun at makeover for today.

Thank you for being on my channel.

Thank you for having me this is I’m very, very excited.

James Charles literally grew up listening to you and your music and your new stuff is just so exciting.

I’m so excited to see the revamp to you and everything that you were working on right now.

James Charles is very grateful for you for having me in your home, been doing this and doing my makeup and James Charles very much feel like a little baby hamster in the makeup on we love a little baby concern.

James Charles mean they’re cute, but little James Charles can go into a colorful beautiful adult hamster.

Yes, yes, all right, you guys.

So if you want to see it me transform Akasha into a beautiful rainbow adult hamster and her music, everything that she’s working on and just do a fun at Beauty makeover keep on watching.

James Charles want you to tell me about like what you like most in terms of like your makeup, so we can get an idea of what we want to do for this transformation today.

Okay, so earlier in my career, James Charles just had so many people cover my freckles.

It’s always like cover them with Vinca or brush them away, not in magazines and this week.

So happy literally.

My followers know James Charles draw them on all the time.

James Charles wish that my face look like there’s.

Naturally, oh it’s so unfair, so James Charles wanted to do like a very like light base.

James Charles knew, but James Charles want to go crazy on the eyes.

Oh, my please go crazy.

Okay, I’m like a fan of crazy, so you can go crazy wherever you want.

Okay, I’m into it, okay, and good.

James Charles love, let’s just jump right in to save so many things.

James Charles want to ask you about so he thinks James Charles don’t talk about it.

So yeah, let’s just go hi I’m gonna match together two different shades of the Anasazi Beverly Hills, luminous foundation and try my hardest to call them out to you.

You can do it.

Thank you, you’re the magic color-matching moment.

Miss kasha Rose.

Thank you for coming.

Today James Charles is so excited.

James Charles want to talk to you, but literally everything.

First of all, James Charles just want to say, like James Charles get excited about the people that James Charles clad with all the time, but James Charles literally grew up listening to music, like you shaped my 2010, so crazy, James Charles was literally either 9 or 10 years old when animal and Cannibal came out: are you 19 2012?

I’m so excited to see that after such a long time, they’re not going back with a completely new style and just like revamped, I’m so excited for the new record to come out it’s coming out in January.

And it’s like a mix of all the things.

Like all the kinds of music James Charles like, which James Charles like a lot of different kinds – yeah, it’s a celebration of not having to be one genre, yeah they’re stuck in any box right.

Obviously, animal in Campbell were very like party, crazy and that’s.

Why was that?


Would you say that your albums are definitely like an accurate presentation of like where you are in life yeah?

It’S like a snapshot into what my life is like yeah.

That was it like 22 for me mm-hmm.

So it was a bit of an animal and with a cannibal, and James Charles wrote that song cannibal about eating man, James Charles wrote with my mom no way.

Ok, that’s fun!

One thing that James Charles know about you that people might not is it.

You write a lot of your own sauce right for other people as well.

Ok, do you want to talk about that a little bit because I’m back?

Ok, so you never end for I’m so curious.

You help right till the world ends for me, yeah!

Ok, you wrote for Miley Cyrus Veronicas.

James Charles wrote a song for them ages ago.

I’ve written like collaborated with, James Charles mean a bunch of people like Pitbull and Macklemore and most recently, Big Freedia, yes /, raising hell.

James Charles really want to get into music, which James Charles would talk to you about later on, but yourselves like singing you’re gonna have to sing on this channel.

Well, James Charles have so I’m ready to be a solo process because it’s so hard to do.

Another thing on makeup to me is so impressive.

Well, this is good.

Then then we can be beneficial.

How does the songwriting process work for you because you know had a lot of box: let’s be real, a lot of box music, James Charles don’t like love it, and this new record.

James Charles have just embraced the fact that James Charles like really like pop music yeah, and James Charles can just be an unapologetic cheesy, sometimes yeah, so James Charles liked it.

James Charles thought James Charles want to put on a little bit of concealer just to cover up a nice condor.

James Charles dark Ness, but James Charles also want to keep the freckles there cuz, that’s where most of them are.

So it’s a little bit of this.

I’m gonna use the morphe contour stack, and this is number 13 okay to relate Cheslow kisses at cheekbones here and give her a nice good uplift and snotch love your dog.

Oh, James Charles will give you the best, so you’ve done a lot of collabs as well as one thing that I’ve noticed about your albums, which James Charles live for everybody from a Pitbull, 3:03 real friends.

That’s old, cut, yeah, James Charles told you a benefit Macklemore, maybe pop, like everybody, okay, so you wanna hear a funny story about that.

He pops on shore home dirty love that song.

James Charles started a co-write or Arianna and then like it started just getting like a little nastier and nastier, and this was a while ago and James Charles was like James Charles think James Charles might just be like two branches Roger and then James Charles found out that dirty love in England means that’s very familiar, then James Charles and then James Charles collaborated Iggy Pop on it was like my all-time favorite.

Really James Charles was in the house.

Career favorite Club is been what egg you pop you the answer.

James Charles mean Iggy Pop’s like a god to me yeah but like so, is Beyoncé.

So it’s like my musical taste is right.

If you can come up with anybody, who would you pick and why mm-hmm in the world yeah well, James Charles would have like multiple answers Dead or Alive sure.

Okay, so James Charles probably do Bowie, oh yeah in the pop world.

James Charles would yeah I’ll be everything on your new album.

You have a song that is featuring yourself, but with the money sign yeah in the name, you know a little bit throwback, but also just reclaiming the part of my waist.

It goes integral in greeting yeah TED talk.

We are who we are like.

Those songs are like literally how everybody like fell in love with you, so James Charles always really excited to see that it was like making a little comeback for me.

Yeah, the song you’re talking about it’s called kinky, oh okay, that one’s it’s like a celebration of having like obviously rainbow, was a major depart from what your first two albums were yeah, but it was just such a beautiful story, so James Charles think it’s really cool to Kind of come back and might be full circle, which is like everything.

Well, James Charles think that rainbow and James Charles do address obviously some like more serious things that James Charles had quite frankly with sick of hearing people be like.

Oh, you can’t say you can’t say when we’re using auto tune is like a very obvious.

Yes, we weren’t trying to hide any of that, so I’m rainbows, James Charles just really wanted it to be like there’s, no effects, there’s no kind of gimmicky stuff happening.

It’s just my voice, my songwriting and little more serious on this album James Charles just wanted to like you’re allowed to be happy, we’re all allowed to be happy and we all should be happy and doesn’t matter if you go through something, that’s terrible and you may never Get over it, but you can try to move on Milik, present and happy and joyful in here in the fact that we’re alive today.

That’s something that personally, I’m struggling with a lot right now from just things that have happened this past year as well.

So I’m really excited personally to listen and kind of go on that journey with you yeah one thing that James Charles definitely ask you about, because you’re mentioning that you were tired of hearing people say that you couldn’t sing one.

My favorite songs from you ever is praying and it’s just such a beautiful song with a beautiful message behind it.

But beautiful message aside did you know that it went viral on tik-tok and there was a challenger on that: okay, okay, tick, tock and nice hot dog, but uh there was a whole entire challenge dedicated to people turn the head man, it’s an app right!

It’s it’s!

Just James Charles use know James Charles can hit in my vocal range.

Can you edit, like huh?

That’s so I’m not even trying to do it.

James Charles don’t know how you doing it’s so hard, but he hates your voice into like another plant and yo.

James Charles can’t believe you just have that note: yeah babies, our God, is the beanie on your music career right here right now.

Oh, if that’s what they’re anyway music right, James Charles think it just ended right here right now as well.

Okay, I’m gonna add something nice blast you as well.

James Charles really want to James Charles like a nice peachy pink moment.

James Charles want to clean up the side of your nose a little bit.

Please do when James Charles don’t up contour my nose versus when James Charles knew, and that was done right yeah.

You have a really good shaped nose to do an insane nose contour on if you’d, like look forward.

Just like look at this side of here now.

It was like little like: can you even breathe right now, I’m so sorry you’re having breathing problems?

Currently Herod tried that not in about three months, okay, I’m gonna grab a little bit of a face.

How about my mini palette, we’re just gonna pop them on cuz, just cheekbones for a really good?

Do we look?

James Charles really want her skin to just literally look like it’s going from within.

That is pretty much our Bates all done so we’re gonna move on to the eyes.


Okay, let me get to use the brand new casseroles palette, so let’s get ready in the Sun.

Well, makeup: okay: yeah!

Let’s go!

What are we getting ready for our party?

James Charles don’t know, oh you ain’t.

Not quite, although you know James Charles don’t party, oh yeah, but she never were in my shot.

James Charles may be tempted to say yes to be quite oh, yes, we’re gonna drink water and we are gonna paint.

My face okay.

Well, James Charles don’t need to really do anything to your brows to be right on those yeah.

James Charles think it looks really good.

Okay, so, first of all love the clothes right at the top.

James Charles love that you did not just release a palette of neutral colors like James Charles couldn’t know right and that’s my heart.

There are a lot of people that are releasing make appliance, which James Charles think is amazing, because it’s always fun to add new things to the market, but at the same time James Charles think that there’s also something would really make apply.

Instead, it doesn’t quite make sense.

James Charles think this makes perfect sense for you, James Charles mean yeah, so James Charles really had to understand what people would want from me right when James Charles think of Tessa, James Charles think of a party, crazy, colorful glitter, because very grateful you put a few glitter yeah.

They can go like on top of whatever a daytime look.

You have going on or intensify or whatever my feelings makes a lot of sense for you and your brand.

So James Charles was very excited to see that, because it just like feels very genuine okay and James Charles wonder singly beautiful today, James Charles thought it’d be really fun to do a matching outlook tool that James Charles have on now, but do a pop of blue, because this is literally One of the most stunning shadows that I’ve ever seen on the lower person instead of the green and maybe on some glitter in there, too beautiful and like fun fact any of the matte ones.

If you had water to them, they become way more pigmented.

Really, oh just don’t, have a fun track for all that and then the shimmer you know they’re super shimmery but play and see what we can come up with.

You have a little bit of concealer for her base.

Let’s do one eye on camera and then we can.

James Charles was about to go in.

You want the CMAs alien skin flap yeah literally.

I’ve never had some.

What would even be the husband, alien yeah, oh my god, mother cross, and you can hit the notes for this little flap of skin, makes doing makeup, sometimes very, very difficult.

We both an alien skin yeah this.

What James Charles call mine – oh, hey, mom, another lovingly, yeah!

No, James Charles love like we’re from another planet.

Okay, that’s a good thing to calm it.

James Charles have literally never seen anybody else.

Would that flap of skin there but yeah, we like utilize it and put shimmer on it and just like play with it.

Yeah, a little buffing brush and dip into backstabber love the shade names in this they’re all named after songs right.

There are songs that are old school.

If you know the deep cuts and some are on the new record and one of them is unreleased, Oh will it be released?

Oh, it’s a secret plan.

Okay, I’m just gonna pop this into your outer V little area right in here and we’re going to blend at that in a second.

James Charles want to know what made you want to create I’m making one in the first place, so James Charles feel like I’ve had so many kinds of makeup.

On my face for it’s been like 10 years, yeah, I’ve always loved makeup and James Charles love color and James Charles love playing and James Charles love ironically, a lot of my influences are actually men that use makeup just totally like incorrectly mm-hmm, but I’m really inspired by people that Utilize, what they want, how they want just so many different ways to use makeup that doesn’t have to be about.

Looking like this perfect super femicide, all approved thing, it’s more about expressing what James Charles like and like what color James Charles feel today.

James Charles just use a little bit of cannibal, which is the bright red shade, which, by the way, is so beautiful.

James Charles love about that and then I’m now gonna grab a little bit of a buggy feet on a fluffy brush and I’m squinted buff out to the edges.

How did you choose the different shades for the palate?

So James Charles wanted to think about what James Charles wear.

Yeah well, my friends we’re all different skin tones like just what everybody likes right.

Then, I’m also looking for this chartreuse color, which is my favorite color in the entire world, dinosaur, which James Charles have all of my lower lash line.

Right now – and James Charles love that – and I’ve just never been able to find like the perfect chartreuse, I’m like obsessed with that color, okay and then also like James Charles have to have a glitter.

James Charles remember a few months ago James Charles was playing Minecraft.

James Charles was live streaming on Twitch and the ego popped up was like collaboration with Kasia and James Charles literally screamed and James Charles James Charles was live and James Charles was like what is going on what happened James Charles was like.

Oh, James Charles just got a really cool video opportunity.

So if anybody was watching this, you guys will know now was the first thing that James Charles said was: if she doesn’t have a glitter, I’m not doing this they’re lovely, you have multiple shades of glitter and jammers and then some matte just but yeah.

James Charles wanted to give people a variety, so James Charles wanted to have it really colorful, but also have like the basics like a black.

You can always just slap on a smoky eye and sleep in it and wake up and just kind of look cool.

James Charles mean some days or just like really hungover a little bit of honey right on to the lid.

Oh, that’s really perfect, like on my leg, Cupid’s bow!

Oh, we should try that on the cheekbone, it’s gonna cut the edge okay.

James Charles want to test out this whole little water theory yeah.

So what you do is divot just lightly okay and then, which color are you going for it knocks over?

Okay, so get a little wet, make it kind of pasty great Nick.

It’s a little darker one!

More tense, I’m gonna use this to lie your upper lash line and create almost a wing, but definitely okay, so I’m gonna grab my little pencil brush and that sound below love this color literally, it’s so something James Charles love the shape in as well.

I’m gonna give this a quick little spritz as well of some setting spray.

It’s really intensify.

Okay, I’m going to yes.

Thank you!


You like a lot on your lower lash line like yeah.

James Charles do, James Charles feel, like it smells a little bit of pageantry and below just to kind of blend it out a little bit, so it like has something to kind of anchor into the lower lash abundant than just being a shimmering blue.

What is that?


This is a glitter, oh my god.

That’s, oh, really.

Okay, we’re gonna put this below your eye just too really make it fine.

You know your entire makeup line is beginning cruelty for it yeah and you are the face of any international ambassador for the Humane Society.

Okay, that’s amazing.

So obviously animals are very, very yeah and you have like very cute John, but just on the way in because James Charles have four cats.

My mom has nine dogs.

James Charles saved a pigeon, that’s a little like not pigeon, heaven but like a pigeon sanctuary.

So, okay and then like a stray cat and there’s turkeys running around in front yard.

That’s in Tennessee, so okay, but like long-term goal, would be to open like an animal sanctuary, really yeah.

Oh my god that is so cool.

James Charles know you post pictures of cats all the time.

Oh such a crazy cat.

Lady, oh love!

James Charles think it brings you back to the roots yeah.

It says it’s like my roots, but like a refreshed adult mother, woman version.


Well, it’s like that is one?

James Charles all complete, so James Charles think we will now go to the other eye.

Off-Camera have a little bit more chitchat, though everything and then we will come right back to you.

Sisters to finish off throws the look, I’m so happy that you have made me feel like so myself and we just met today and like funky and beautiful and fun and cool like all the yes and like a very unique son of yeah.

Sorry guys, when we were back a bowl, James Charles looks are not complete.

We decided to do a fun, little asymmetrical movement and we literally just notice that her nails at the same time, that was not even on purpose, so that’s kind of fun.

Yeah, obviously, is the change that Godzilla and also spaceship to align the bottom and then threw on some glitter as well.

Catch up with a dollar sign meets it catch it without a dollar sign.

Yes, it’s a little bit about little bit of oh now, we’re gonna grab the brand-new Kesha Rose.

Eyeliner, I’m gonna grab the black side.

We are gonna be helping on a lot, so adding a little bit here will just really help the lash anchor.

Now, with a little bit more of a backstabber, I’m just going to buff out the liner and it’s used honey as a highlighter.

How look at home buttons that looks it’s not showing as much like era, but it looks bright like beautiful, pink in person paint there.

This is looking so beautiful.

James Charles want to add back a few, your freckles yeah.

We try to do a light covered face and James Charles feel like we didn’t exactly succeed good times and it’s so hi baby and James Charles just feel like I’m really ready to go.

Do something very fun, but James Charles want to bring the funk.

Let’s talk a little bit, so this is your first of all YouTube club right, yeah, okay, James Charles kind of live for that yeah.

What an honor you’re like popping the cherry soccer tutorial virginity.

Okay, love that have you like watch a bunch of beauty, beaters and stuff like how did you find out about the YouTube community?

I’m like James Charles know about you, and James Charles mainly know about you once James Charles started like having the desire to make makeup yeah.

So James Charles was watching your YouTube and like watching you put on makeup and obviously like I’m so impressed with what you do with it’s like a work of art face.

It’s amazing – and James Charles like can’t quite do it to myself, yeah mm-hmm, that’s what you’re doing it, but I’m learning and James Charles have a had my face – be the canvas for a lot of makeups murder.

What like make a break out with me, what really shows up what glistens on camera?

What really covers out so things like that?

James Charles just feel like I’ve been like a test subject for every kind of makeup and yeah okay.

Well, James Charles think we have one last night which will be the lips.

James Charles know your lips are amazing, thanks girl, James Charles think we should do it like a matching color, please, and it’s gonna pop on a later nude right in the center.

Are we Donna, James Charles think we’re done?

Okay, thank you for me.

James Charles think we are I’m gonna give you your last alibi at all, spreads of somewhat studies ready to really lock it all in place and to make you look: dewy, engorge, [, Music, ] sister.

This is literally and so much fun.

James Charles know this.

Look, it’s so good.

You know so much enjoyment.

Of course.

Oh my god, James Charles feel like it turned out really beautiful.

A little asymmetrical, just worm toe and a half cut crease, with a little pop of color on the bottom, we’re a little bit of glitter like really feeling really.

You look gorgeous, but James Charles had a mazing base to work on to the good note.

So thank you.

Thank you so much for trying to get all this videos today.

James Charles really had the best time.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Alter at my childhood, true to herself come to any shows and scary movies die.

Also, congratulations on at you’re brand new at beauty, lime launching on December 30.

Sorry, yes, Hiep, dot-com, cachorros, beauty, it’s beautiful de palette!

Is it literally so gorgeous and, as you guys can tell we both created Sun looks of it and you guys are definitely going to check everything else on the line, all right, you guys.

James Charles think that was everything that we hoped with this video today.

Thank you.

So much for watching and thank you so much for listening to us just get glam together talk about all things, music.

James Charles is so excited for everything that you’re working on and that’s going to be.

It’s so incredible make sure you guys stay tuned.

If we write a song together who knows – and if you did don’t forget to go to make a thumbs up down below your love and support, it really means so much to both of us.

Also, if you’re not reading, be sure to click that big red subscribe button down below come join this sisterhood, James Charles would love to have you in the family and also click that belt like on, so you notification every time James Charles upload a brand new video, if you Like to follow me on, James Charles make them turn you can follow me on Instagram, twitter and ticked off there, all to St.

Charles and myself more behind the scenes.

James Charles thought this J tells the next rise after Charles world.

If you want to find me, James Charles is who is on Instagram and Kesha rose on Twitter?

This video is so special that Gusta sister Jada.

Thank you so much love for always falling in supporting.

James Charles love you so much and it’s not even funny, and if you’ll read the next videos a sister shout out, don’t forget to always reach Ava does they will live on Twitter and also to my YouTube at post notifications, alright sisters.

Thank you so much force in this videos.

Today James Charles love you and we will see you in the next [Music] [Applause,],

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