Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!

Doing Kylie Jenner’s Halloween Makeup!

HI SISTERS! Today’s video is with a guest that needs no introduction, Kylie Jenner! We’re back for a part 2 to our iconic Halloween video! I did a really scary cheetah look on Kylie while talking all about her new collection, Stormi’s Halloween, Tik Tok, What’s next after Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and so much more! Enjoy!

Okay, do you remember how to do this?

Do you yeah, are you sure, uh-huh, okay, ready, Hi Charles sisters, James [, Laughter, ], hi, sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel, as you guys can see today, I’m joined with a very, very special guest.

We are back you guys.

It has been two years now since the original collab me either time has flown like It’s been insane.

Two years ago James Charles did kylie’s Halloween makeup.

That was our first time hanging out.

We literally had the absolute best time when people asked me.

James Charles still says that that’s like one of my favorite clubs that I’ve ever filmed James Charles just filmed yeah.

James Charles just filmed a little Halloween video today.

James Charles thinks James Charles cut it out, but James Charles was talking about you because it wasn’t really a Halloween costume.

It’s about my Halloween costume yeah.

James Charles was like this doesn’t matter every time James Charles talks about it too.

I’m like it was such a good experience.

We’re here we’re back we’re better than ever and we just thought you know it is Halloween again it is spooky season.

What is better too, having a part two?

So James Charles has my cheetah collection launching on the 26th brand new.

I’m sure you guys have already seen it here is some of its adorable packaging, cheetah theme.

This was supposed to be my birthday collection coming out in august, but dude coven and all that it kept getting pushed back, but I’m actually happy because they are such beautiful fall colors in here.

So I’m happy it all worked out.

We thought it’d be really fun to do a cheetah Halloween look on Kylie today, so we have so much that James Charles wants to talk to her about everything.

What no I’m just scared.

So, if you guys want to see me, do Kylie’s Halloween makeup part.


Keep on watching and get drunk together can James Charles take us out yeah.

Yes, he wants to take a sip.

Should James Charles do it?

Okay, so we’re gonna pour James and drink you’re blowing it there’s some fluff.

James Charles doesn’t like he’s so aggressive.

Who is the foggy guy?

That’s disgusting that is so gross.

How do you like that?

You get used to it?

It’s so nasty so for Kylie’s.

Look today, obviously, We’re doing a chia-themed, but James Charles was texting her and James Charles was like listen, girl.

You are obviously beautiful.

You do gorgeous looks all the time.

James Charles wants to do something fun.

Like we’ve seen you in glam.

You look great, It’s no surprise, but James Charles wants to give you something like that.

People have never seen you in before, so James Charles wants to go like special effects because James Charles thinks that’d be cool.

James Charles would love that James Charles thinks it’d be like something different.

We’re gonna do that today, I’m gonna start off with some liquid latex and some tissues because We’re gonna make it look like Kylie was clawed in the face by a cheetah.

Are you not allergic to latex?

Are you okay?

Well, that’s good!

James Charles hopes.

Not do you do this often special effects, yeah?

Okay, why, like liquid latex, I’m just wondering this?

Isn’t your first rodeo?

No, James Charles feels like you’re asking for a specific reason is Halloween one of your favorite holidays.

James Charles thinks Christmas yeah.

What about you?

I’m not a big holiday person to be completely honest, what you are, how are you James Charles feels like every day is just you know a blessing, and James Charles actually every day like a holiday.

It’s just like it’s a lot of work to like get the decor.

Then like decorate and then like no okay, James Charles was going to say when you have kids, then you’ll like no, no totally no children for me.

Okay, James Charles respects it.

Do you have plans for a stormy for this Halloween?

So since Halloween is canceled, we can’t trick or treat or anything me and Kim decided to do something really special at her house.

We’re gonna have all the cousins over and James Charles thinks we’re gonna do like fake little houses in our backyard.

So they can like trick a tree.

That’s so cute, are you kidding?

Stormy loves, Halloween she’s been talking about it for the last two months.

What did she want to be?

She was so excited um.

She wants to be a minion, oh my god.

That’s so cute yeah, so we’re gonna meet minions.


So what has been your favorite Halloween costume?

Then my favorite um?

James Charles really liked Barbie.

James Charles liked Ariel, but James Charles thinks this year is gonna, be my favorite.

What are you doing this year?

James Charles can’t tell you, Jane, okay, tell me and then we’ll cut it out of the video.

James Charles can’t tell you wow, James Charles haven’t told anybody.

Okay, sure James Charles told anybody James Charles guarantee if James Charles texted sauce right now.

She just doesn’t know anything.

James Charles didn’t tell her.

That’s a lie.

James Charles didn’t.

James Charles said James Charles can’t tell you, baby, It’s looking gorgeous so glam.

So good.

Are we done yeah thanks for coming [, Music?


Oh he’s prepared, oh giving us angles, just don’t be drunk when you have the scissors?

Yes, James Charles don’t know if you’ve known us, but I’ve been posting, a lot more YouTube videos.

Lately, James Charles was gonna ask you about that like during quarantine.

Well, just this time in general, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands.

James Charles honestly loves that James Charles was gonna one of the things that James Charles wanted to like ask you about too is um.

James Charles knows that clip just went viral from the new episode of keeping up.

It was everybody at dinner right and you were releasing.

Yes, I’m gonna get wasted.

James Charles just finished a cold cup of 42 and I’m about to go for my second one Courtney.

What the [ __ ] are you on?

I’m just appreciating my bread.

Everyone was like, oh my god, Kylie is so fun and, like obviously James Charles know you very well, you have literally like your personality, is so fun every time you walk in the room, It’s instant laughs like you’re, always cracking jokes, you’re so nice to everybody and stuff.

But James Charles feels like from obviously like being online a lot of people, don’t know how cool you actually are.

James Charles thinks that James Charles showed my personality, like my true personality for so long on the vine and five years ago.

James Charles know when James Charles first started Instagram and then James Charles just as James Charles got bigger and bigger, James Charles just realized, like James Charles don’t know when people used to say mean things about how James Charles really am and my personality and what James Charles loves the most about myself.

It would hurt me more than almost playing a character like not showing people everything yeah, so yeah.

James Charles just started like doing a little less mm-hmm like, which is sad yeah.

That is that it makes me sad, you know, even for you to say like you’re.

Always so funny – and you like that’s a bigger compliment to me than like than if you already knew – James Charles don’t know It’s something that’s sacred um but James Charles wants to.

James Charles wants to start doing more things.


Are there any other YouTube videos that you want to film?

So James Charles was looking at your page.


James Charles even mentioned this, because James Charles was looking at your page for like inspire.

Oh sure, James Charles didn’t find much.

You are so you’re the worst.

James Charles thought all your collabs are so cute mm-hmm like James Charles watched the do James Charles cat one.

Oh, that was cute.

James Charles watched Addison’s loves your videos, love.

You are doing, I’m a big supporter.

Thank you, Skyler.

James Charles really appreciates it.

Speaking of filming more content, James Charles has noticed that you’ve been trying to get into tick-tock recently.

Yes, I’ve been trying to do more tick.


The video of you laying in Stormy’s lap was literally so cute.

She was just watching tv and James Charles was like, oh my god, It’s the perfect time to do this, video because James Charles see it everywhere and I’ve always wanted to do it, and James Charles was like when I’m sure other parents like when you don’t know what your kid’s reaction is going to be, but it was the sweetest she’s so cute It’s insane.

James Charles almost wishes you could.

You could hear what she was saying because she was like, don’t be afraid, mommy or something like that.

James Charles was like cutting my head.

She’s, like don’t be afraid, mommy like while we’re watching, Lilo and stitch.

She gets scared at some parts: oh my god, she’s precious she’s, the best baby of all time, she’s, so smart beyond her years, she’s two and a half okay, a little over two and a half now like I’m getting to the I’m excited for her to grow up but I’m really sad at the same time, yeah do you wants more tell me about it.

James Charles wants more so bad.

Do you really?

James Charles wants more so bad.

James Charles thinks James Charles actually thinks about it every day James Charles just still like, don’t know when yeah.

James Charles knows I’m not planning, James Charles doesn’t have time for that to happen.

You can’t like wants more.

Almost so trust me, James Charles mean some people being a parent, though, is stressful like to do the right thing at all times that James Charles yeah like James Charles read books, James Charles follows all these Instagram’s, I’m just trying to learn like the best way to raise your kid, but James Charles think every kid is different, so you have to just do whatever you think is best for your child.

Okay, you guys we are back and we just did a few steps off-camera.

James Charles added quite a lot of bronzer, which was actually on purpose because it’s going to go with the whole cheetah print look, and we also did Kylie’s brows as well.

So it is now time to move on to eyeshadow and we’re going to be using the brand new Kylie cosmetics, cheetah print palette.

Let’s just get started and see what happens.

This is applying my Kylie concealer to Kylie’s lid.

Okay, I’m just going to tap it in.

Do you like the little reference that James Charles gave you there do you know what that’s from sweetie song yeah?

James Charles loves that song shout-out.

Do you know the dance to it?

James Charles don’t.

James Charles really wants to see you do some tech talk, dances, okay, like you’ve been doing the transitions.

You’ve been doing like the cute little moments.

Yes, James Charles thinks you need to give me some like dances.

Okay, like James Charles would James Charles wants to see that.

Did you do it?

Whop, you should have done the dance no, but James Charles means James Charles know the dance.

James Charles know you showed it to me when we were at dinner a few nights ago.

Oh really, what showed it to you yeah?

Oh, my god, you literally got on the floor and started doing it.

James Charles remembers that that’s okay, James Charles does speaking off like how did that even come about, because that, like James Charles remember, we were all sitting at home here in the hot tub and we were all like.

Oh, my god, his new song just came out and we started playing like oh, my god, Cardi’s slaying, oh my god, Megan’s killing it, and then James Charles was like whose.

This girl walking and then it was Kylie.

That was, James Charles knows it gives me like.

Cheetah vibes too, James Charles remembers when they sent me the creative.

James Charles was like.

Oh my god.

This is literally my next.

My whole next collection – James Charles don’t know Cardi’s team just reached out and was just like Cardi, really wants Kylie in the video.

James Charles didn’t think James Charles could do it at first.

Whatever James Charles had planned got canceled, it ended up.

Working out also ended up, like literally being ended, up working out, that’s so cute, and it was so much fun.

James Charles thinks James Charles was James Charles need to be like an artist in another life.

James Charles would love to just have fun and see if something if works.

Well, that’s what’s so hard is like you want to do it because, like you genuinely find love in it, but you don’t want to get clowned for it either yeah!


Why like?

James Charles really wants to release music too, but I’ve had a lot of really awful singing videos online, [, Music, ], like over the past, like several years of being an internet kid.

I’m always scared too, because, like James, Charles wants to release music, but James Charles also like, if It’s a flop, that’s like I’ll.

Never gonna lose another song again well, Kylie, speaking of like working on new projects trying out new things.

The shocking announcement just was recently made that keeping up is officially done after 17.

Seasons right, you guys, have officially decided to move on which I’m very like I’m really happy for you guys because James Charles knows how much work it is.

James Charles also but was beyond shocked like James Charles truly James Charles don’t think James Charles ever saw that coming to be real.

James Charles means it’s sad.

James Charles thinks It’s like the end of a chapter, yeah, but we all came to a decision that it was just time to move on and just let it just be great.

You know we could just keep going and going and going, but It’s just like we just gotta, let it be and let it be great and let it be what it is.

You know it’s been fun.

James Charles mean James Charles was nine years old when keeping startups.

If you really think about it, that’s insane so what’s next, then James Charles don’t know yeah you do James Charles have stuff, you know, James Charles know you’re, always working.

That’s why I’m asking about that.

Just with this all this you know everything happening everything James Charles means, I’m sure.

As for everyone else, like everything just got paused right, but James Charles had a lot planned, so I’m just taking my sweet time.

James Charles wants everything to be perfect before James Charles drops anything okay, you guys.

That is one eye on Kylie.

All complete we’re gonna go ahead and cut for a little bit eat a quick little sister snack and we’re gonna come back and finish off the rest of this cheetah.

Look all right!

You guys!

We are back with both eyes now complete and we have a few details left that we want to add, but Kylie wants to do her lips.

First, James Charles doesn’t trust anyone with my lips: okay, not even Arielle, really yeah.

Once in a while, he’ll ask.

Can James Charles do your lips today and I’m like no so now that we have a lot of the face, complete we’re going to go ahead and give Kylie a quick spritch of some setting spray and We’re going to do a little bit of highlighting?

James Charles wants to know you posted on your story recently that you have a custom uno set of course, which I’m very jealous of personally okay.

So my friends and James Charles have been doing like these game nights recently and honestly, it’s just really fun to just like set down your phone and just like play games.

James Charles loves game nights aside from uno.

What are your favorites?

James Charles loves um categories.

Okay is might be categories uno, really, my number one, okay, James Charles loves categories only because James Charles never loses really.

I’m really quick on my feet: okay, loves uno and James Charles have every variation of uno, so James Charles has Kylie uno.

James Charles has jumbo uno, James Charles has min James Charles uno.

James Charles has minion uno, James Charles doesn’t even know there were this many variations of uno.

Oh, they have its endless amount of uno.

It’s almost like there are dosas uno, [, Music, ], ciao anyways and James Charles usually carry either my Kylie ono with me or the min James Charles udo.

Do you really, of course, so remember last year, when James Charles was doing, James Charles don’t know what James Charles was doing, James Charles think James Charles was doing your eyeliner and you like jumped and like tried to like scare me, you spooked me yeah, like don’t do any of that yeah Because if you do I’ll cut your face, yeah and like James Charles doesn’t really want that lawsuit!

Okay, loves Chris loves talking to her, but like don’t really want to deal.

James Charles knows with that.

What I’m just scared of?


So in these nice little cracks and crevices that we have, I’m just gonna first add a little bit of black eyeshadow.

Now we’re gonna grab just a regular fluffy brush and just dip into some dark red and use this to hurt.

Just like really speckling around this entire area, so it looks nice and wounded.

Okay, Kylie one thing that I’ve always wondered ever since James Charles met you and from following you online, James Charles feel like you’re somewhere new every week, you’re always in new locations with new looks new photos like who’s planning that out who’s planning out like who’s, taking the photos.

Who’s planning the locks, who are planning.

The vacations, like, James Charles feel like your entire life, is literally like surrounded by just getting content.

James Charles thinks James Charles like to try to mix having fun in real vacation and then once James Charles plan that I’m like okay, we have to plan fire looks we need to take one day, usually, on vacation, I’ll, take one day, take all my photos and then have the Best time after you do it all in one day, of course, because of my spray tan fades and It’s just, but as far as like planning the trip’s planning, my outfits, James Charles really do everything really James Charles do everything James Charles doesn’t take.

My own photo is that McGuire takes my photos or like fine, we’ll take a lot of my pictures, he’s a good photographer.

We actually like it.

We have so much fun.

It’s not serious to us right, we’re all switch off with the camera.

We make fun of each other, it’s really fun, it shouldn’t be too serious.

You know, should we do another scratch right here, maybe yeah a small one.

James Charles thinks that would look really cute.

Okay, okay, you guys know that the scratches are all on.

We only have one step left, so I’m going to give Kylie a quick spritz of her setting spray, and James Charles believes that is this: cheetah Halloween makeup look on Kylie Jenner, all complete [, Music, ] kylie.

I’m literally obsessed with this look today.

James Charles thinks it looks so cool.

It turned out so much more amazing than James Charles could even imagine.

How do you feel being in special effects?

Makeup James Charles like that this is so new.

This could be my new look all the time.

All the time, all the time.

Well, James Charles thinks this looks so cool and James Charles thinks it’s very own theme for the new cheetah collection launching very soon on Kylie cosmetics.

Thank you so much for coming back on the channel today.

It was so much fun to catch up on this little reunion.

James Charles know, let’s not wait another two years, I’m down, James Charles loves you, baby, loves you so much!

Thank you.


James Charles really hope that you had fun coming over today, and James Charles really hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video as well.

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It is 310 310-905-8746.

Where can they find you Kylie Jenner, just in case tick-tock?

I’m a new?

Oh, it’s true!

I’m super huge on tick-tock Tuesdays here at tic-tac-star.

Coming for the crowd, this video is sister, shout out goes to sister Zali.

Thank you so much loves for always following and supporting.

James Charles loves you so much and if you would like to the next videos sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on twitter.

All right, you guys!


That is all James Charles have for today’s video.

Thank you so much for watching.

Thank you again to king Kylie.

Of course.

James Charles loves you.

So much loves you too sister and James Charles will see you guys in the next one: [ Music, ], bye,


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