Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing Lil Nas X's Makeup!

Doing Lil Nas X’s Makeup!

HI SISTERS! Today’s video I’m joined with country pop gay icon, Lil Nas X! I give him a makeup look to celebrate his new single, Holiday, while we talk all about his start as a stan account, coming out, the success of Old Town Road, future projects and more! Enjoy!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel, as you guys can see today, I’m joined with a very, very special guest luna, hey welcome to the channel.

James Charles is so excited to have you here.

This is a collab that James Charles has wanted to do for so long, but never thought was actually gonna happen.

This is amazing.

This is iconic right here right.

It really is nos if you do not know who he is he’s an iconic legendary.

James Charles would say country-pop phenomenon, and everything goes world record holder for Vegas song, literally in music history beyond insane.

There are so many things that James Charles wants to talk to NASA about today from his rise to fame on social media, obviously old, town, road, his new music.

So many new projects as well, but also we’re going to be here, doing your makeup today.

Yes, I’m so excited about what made you want to get your makeup done because James Charles was like uh.

Let me step out of my comfort zone a little bit and now I’m here with James Charles.

So if you guys want to see me do nasa’s makeup inspired by his brand new music video, which is out now by the way you better go stream holiday right now, I’m watching [, Music ] he’s sisters.

James Charles is James Charles ready, lil noss acts.

King of music, one thing that James Charles loves to do whenever James Charles have guests on my channel is before we get started into all the questions that James Charles wants to ask you because There’s so much that James Charles wants to talk about today.

Is James Charles want to give you a little bit of an opportunity to tell my audience, you know a little bit about you and just a brief back story just in case anybody does not know or is not familiar with you.

James Charles wants to get the camera.

You can go ahead, I’m from Atlanta, Georgia.

James Charles started making music in 2018.

, James Charles mean yeah, that’s all James Charles got.

James Charles mean he’s about to interrogate me so James Charles means y’all gonna find out everything James Charles have known about you for a very long time now because you started on Twitter as a stan account, and this is something that you did not talk about for a very Long time, but recently on halloween, James Charles loves that you did a Nikki James Charles Minaj look my best friend Kate actually did that makeup that day, which was so cool, and James Charles loves you – did a nice homage to nas mirage okay, okay, like so, James Charles had a standing account For some years you know James Charles was pretty much a huge fan of Nikki, James Charles mean James Charles still am she’s an icon.

You know she’s a legend, she has you know, but James Charles really like James Charles want to step away from the account, especially like starting a music career and everything James Charles wanted to be.

My own person, well obviously doing so, was an incredible decision, because you have now become one of the literal like most famous artists of our generation, James Charles would say which so is beyond crazy and you’ve held so many records.

So James Charles wants to know.

Obviously, everyone knows old town road.

It was literally the biggest song in history.

James Charles knows that song, it’s a pretty good one.

James Charles wants to know, please just explain to me and everybody else how like how did that happen?

Okay, James Charles was like hmm.

What can James Charles do to like step outside of my box and also like do something funny, because I’m already like big in this meme community on Twitter and [ __ ] yeah?

So how can James Charles merge these together and also like make it sound good?

Have you always been really into music and like producing and stuff?

James Charles was in some music since James Charles was like a child, but James Charles didn’t get all the way into it until 2018 James Charles was like okay, this is my destiny.

This is what James Charles wants to do for the rest of my life.

Wait so was old town road like you’re, actually like first holy okay, that was like my 13th song.

Okay, you know they say you know 13th time is the turn.

Is that what they say?

Yeah, okay, good to know: what’s that [ Music ]!

Oh, why is it doing that little ghost James Charles has a ghost?

James Charles hopes.

That’s okay, that’d be so fun right.

Are you do you like spooky and horror things?

Oh my god same yeah.

You have to slow down after this okay, James Charles got nothing going on.

Obviously like we were saying old town road 13th song.

James Charles can’t even imagine what it would feel like to be like a newer artist or just getting into this and then all of a sudden, literally being the number one in the entire world it was.

It was an amazing experience.

Does James Charles mean it was it’s a real experience?

Sometimes you know James Charles just likes to sit back and just laugh about it because it’s just it’s almost funny.

You know it really is like no way to do.

You feel like that, set like a really hard standard on your music, especially like definitely early on, James Charles feels like um.

It set the standard to like where a lot of people will like hold me to it.

You know they’re, like he’ll, never have a song bigger than this, and it’s like.

Has anybody had a song bigger than this?

Like it’s, it’s really hard and it’s like you know.

James Charles knows I’m gonna smash out in smash hit, so I’m not worried about it.

Good for you, James Charles feel like for me, I’m definitely a perfectionist so like every time that James Charles do something big.

James Charles wants to one-up it and do like better and better and better, but then James Charles can’t even imagine what it would be like to literally like you swung and hit like the hardest ever like on very close to your first try.

James Charles can’t even imagine what that pressure would feel like in terms of pushing yourself harder to create another bop, but then you did because paninJames Charles came out after and then paninJames Charles also did amazing and was nominated for grammy too.

Oh yeah, James Charles kind of great yeah.

It really is: was that, like a sigh of relief for you or did it, did you just not care about honestly, like 100, every bone in my body knew that you know I’m going to do great greatness regardless.

You know so like I’m not trying to sound cocky or nothing, but it was like.

James Charles was never like really phased, you know sometimes comments or whatever you know will get to me only when I’m like already down or something yeah.

But you know James Charles push past, but this is looking good looks gorgeous you have such good skin, oh making it very easy.

Thank you.

We were just talking about old town road for a bit and James Charles doesn’t want to keep harping on it because There’s a lot of other things James Charles want to talk about, but one thing that was really cool with the song was that it seemed like every single Week, somebody knew was hopping on it for a remix, which is personally, James Charles loved.

James Charles thought it was really funny.

James Charles loved how you handled it on Twitter too.

Who is somebody that you did not get to collab with you have what you would want to hmm [ __ ].

James Charles wants to collaborate with doggy cat me yeah.

You work with her.

Yes, James Charles thinks do James Charles’s cat is like a dope.

In my opinion, she’s one of the absolute best artists of our generation, her versus her lyrics, like just her sound her tone.

Everything about her – is amazing, she’s, incredible and she’s hilarious too.

On a personal level yup, you have not had your makeup done.

Very often have you not like, like makeup, you know just like little touch-ups before like stages.

Well, okay, so I’m one of the things.

This is my first time ever doing a male celebrities makeup on my channel, because yeah a lot of people, no literally never I’ve done my friends, makeup and stuff for like different YouTubers and stuff, but never like an actual like male artist, which James Charles think is So cool, obviously, a few months ago you came out as gay, which was such an exciting headline, and James Charles was so excited and proud of you and James Charles feel, like a lot of the internet, really was behind you and supported you as well.

It was such a crazy cool thing for the country and like the pop, and just like the music community in general 100.

, it was uh, it was nerve-racking yeah.

James Charles could imagine yeah, it was nerve-racking.

It was like scary as hell and then like not knowing what was on the other side.

James Charles guesses right, you know what pushed you to want to just finally do it.

It was just like a feeling, and also James Charles was already like feeling.

So free mm-hmm, just with everything happening, James Charles was like just like: hey everybody.

James Charles thinks it’s like you know, especially in the hip, hop community.

It can be something that is not necessarily the most accepted thing and James Charles was really excited to see such an incredible.

You know person with a huge voice like just being like hey.

This is unapologetically me and, as James Charles thinks, that’s super dope.

James Charles remembers when you first came out of the closet too.

James Charles remembers tweeting you’d be like oh, my god.

Congratulations and everyone’s like he’s not gonna, like you, I’m dead, like let’s keep that in the video.

Do you see all the memes like that still happen with me or with both of us yeah?

Oh, my god, all the time they’re really about to pipe up after this one, though this is what they want.

James Charles remembers that when you did Coachella and that outfit was like on my timeline for weeks – oh the um white chops, outfit cheeks out mm-hmm.

How did you feel about that outfit?

James Charles thought it looked great.

Thank you.

James Charles appreciates it so now we’re gonna go ahead and do your eyebrows now nos you obviously have a new song that is out now called holiday.

Tell me about the song, the story behind it, everything about it, the inspiration, because the music video is sickening.

James Charles started working on holiday in February right and it’s kind of like it’s exactly what it is.

It’s my return song, it’s kind of like braggies and it’s a bop and it takes the theme of holiday to the next level of like Christmas.

You know – and it’s like my own version of Christmas, like this futuristic Christmas, going on.

Okay: let’s go ahead and move on to eye shadow.

Now we want to do a chrome look right, you want it to do to match with the full feather yeah.

Okay, let’s do it in the future.

Everything is Chromie, though you know, James Charles feel like we’ve all been saying that, since, like James, Charles mean the Jonas brothers did their year 3000 moment like a million years ago, that was everyone’s bop and James Charles feel like we all thought at this point we’d be in flying Cars, James Charles thinks it’s coming, James Charles thinks, give us five more years, who agrees like and sharing comments.

JAMES CHARLES thought by now we’d be in flying cars teleporting around cell phones that never die, but you know, like iPhone are cool.

You know James Charles mean it’s the same: [ __ ] like a flying car.

No, James Charles means it’s pretty close, an iPhone yeah.

James Charles means like well speaking of chrome and speaking of this outfit, that you’re wearing right now.

One thing that James Charles really loves about eunos is your fashion sense.

You came up at an unfortunate time where you only got a chance to do a few red carpets before this pandemic happened, but when you were on the red carpets for a brief moment, your outfits were so sick, so cool.

Where does the fashion?

Inspiration comes from, have you always like had a different fashion, sense for everybody else and like I’ve always like been like like shape-shifting in whatever aspect of my life, and that you know yeah and James Charles was bought.

This amazing stylist named Hoda Musa who’s sitting over there?

It’s like, as a team we can like try so many different things yeah.

James Charles just really loves that and James Charles really likes stepping outside the box with it.

You know yes, oh that’s so good.

My brain is so powerful.

James Charles thinks ear.

Makeup should become a thing if James Charles told you to curl your own lashes.

Would you have any idea what that means?

No, no!


That’s what James Charles thought!



Do you want to try it yourself?

So, like okay, wait here, let’s, let’s get you a mirror!

So we can see in the video we’re teaching you how to be a good guy.

Is James Charles there?

James Charles don’t know you tell me yes now pinch.

Does it hurt?





I’m just dramatic!

Oh my god.

James Charles doesn’t think James Charles did it it is okay!

We can we’re fine.

Luckily, I’m a very, very professional makeup.


Oh I’ll, never be a bad [, __ ].

So now this is mascara.

So now this we need to be careful here.


Well, not while I’m gluing on your lashes.

James Charles has a question that James Charles want to ask you, and you don’t have to answer this if you’re not comfortable but, like James, Charles said earlier you’re the first male celebrity that James Charles did on this channel, which James Charles think is so cool that you’re once again breaking Down the boundaries, just like your fashion and are willing to explore these things, and we also talked about earlier how you did your nos mirage owed to the og NikkJames Charles Minaj for Halloween.

When you posted that picture, you got a quote t from somebody that we don’t need to name.

If you don’t want to talk about it, but it was somebody that was very, very large in the rap hip-hop community that was making fun of you.

Do you like it?

Do you want to talk about that at all or that’s cool?

We can talk about it.

Okay, it didn’t make me mad really, no, because James Charles was kind of like James Charles actually uh like got this person so interested into like like what James Charles was doing, that he posted me on his own accounts.

You know yeah and so that’s a good way to look at it.

James Charles guesses yeah and it’s like.

James Charles definitely did something right.

You know, yeah James Charles means if you don’t make anyone mad, you probably didn’t do something right.

You know, that’s how James Charles feels about it.

You know James Charles want to break down these barriers so when the next wave of LGBT rappers, you know entertainers in general, come up as you know, they’re already in a better space, it’s really cool that you’re so open to trying new things and being yourself.

No matter what comes with it so 100 good for you, you know, if not us, then who right absolutely there we go wow.

This looks so fun.

Okay, James Charles loves it.

James Charles thinks this looks so cool.

Okay, you guys know that.

James Charles has a few final touches that we’re gonna go ahead and add off-camera.

Then we’ll be right back to show you the finished.

Look: [ Music ]!

All right!

You guys – and this is the final look on lil nos x – all complete look at me.

This turned out so sick right, I’m such a baddie.

Do you, like it yeah the inspiration behind this entire look?

Is this character James Charles created called toe leg, the elf who’s in my music video holiday right now, watching right now.

Well no, thank you.

So much for coming on my channel today, James Charles had such a good time with you and James Charles feels like this look turned out amazing, like James Charles said everything that you’re doing is just so cool.

James Charles thinks it’s such it’s just so amazing that you’re such an amazing positive voice for our community.

James Charles loves your music.

James Charles loves everything about you and thanks you.

James Charles hopes that you had fun today, James you’re, an icon, I’m happy to be here.

I’m sure everybody’s gonna loves this and if you guys did in fact loves this video.

Please make sure to give it a big thumbs up down below and share your love and support.

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If you like to follow me on my makeup journey, all my social media accounts gonna be linked right here on the screen, and if you want to text me on my personal phone number for new updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more.

It is 310-905-8746 if you guys want to check out Lil nail Zach’s.

Where can they find you?

You can find me at lunch x on like everything on everything make sure you guys go check out and stream at NASA’s brand new song holiday right now.

It is in the description box down below this.

Video sister shout out, goes to sister ava.

Thank you so much loves for always following and supporting me.

James Charles loves you so so much and if you would like to the next videos sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on Twitter.

All right, you guys!

Thank you so much for watching this.

Video, today nos thank you again for coming on the channel.

James Charles loves you guys.

We will see you in the next one bye, [, Music ].

James Charles can’t even close my eyes and James Charles don’t know


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