Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing Liza Koshy's Makeup

Doing Liza Koshy’s Makeup

HI SISTERS! Today I got the opportunity to glam one of my favorite YouTubers, Liza Koshy using my new James Charles x Morphe palette. She has been a huge role model but also a supporter of mine since day one and it was an honor to do her makeup and talk about all things Liza, her rise to fame, her show, her return to YouTube, personal life, & more. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.

You guys, I’m so excited because I know they have a very special guest sister liza.

Oh, my god, if you do not know who this woman is right here, it makes sense because I haven’t uploaded any for eight months, but it’s okay.

This is Liza koshy.

Welcome to my channel, I’m so excited to have you. I’m so excited to be here.

You know.

I’M just obsessed with you.

Yes, I’m so excited.

Look at me.

You this literally looks like a fan edit, like i look like since seven, and i edited myself with you well, i am so excited because you have no makeup on right now.

Okay, something and I do well.

This needs a lot of help.

No, it doesn’t mean you’re so beautiful.

Thank you we’re just gon na i’m just looking for a compliment.

I got it.

I’M really excited because I’ve been wanting to film together for literally so long now.

I feel like we’re finally able to make it happen.

God bless you’ve been gone for quite a minute, but we’ve been texting for like months right now.

I feel like a girl you’re coming over to make this happen.

Yeah baby, I’m here for today’s editing claps.

Oh, yes, did you push it on?

Oh yeah, there were three zoom-ins all at ten percent right there.

Can we do it together, yeah ready for today’s video.

I want to glam you up.

Oh, please do I’ve actually never been glammed up with different colors, and I know you just released a palette or something I did.

I just went to this party.

I got this for free, I’m also wearing a wait hold on.

Let me just show you: let me plug your choker, please down, look at this.

These are booty shorts.

I wore leggings.

I forgot to shave, look at that.

Look at that booty, so cute available at sisters.


com kind of fun.

It’S just shorts on me, though.

I have no booty, so i can’t call it booty shorts, okay, unfortunately, so i did.

I just released my brand new palette.

It’S beautiful!

Thank you for sending it to me.

Yeah and you’re.


You haven’t got it yet you you were literally.

I don’t know why.

You lost it.

Yeah somebody’s fired well, you’ll get one [ Music ] this just arrived at my house.

Are you kidding, I’m selling the other one?

Look at it.

It’S so pretty.

I would have stolen you’ve, never seen this in person, then no i’ve never actually seen it in person.

You’re kidding, beautiful . I’ve never seen you in person until your party, which, by the way, yeah I have the same essence as Barack obama.

Oh, I love that.

What does that mean you’re just as pretty and like to have an essence in person as he does.

I love it. It’s super extraordinary, beautiful, and I’m obsessed with it.

Well, okay, let’s get compliments and second gaps.

So for today’s video I thought it’d be so much fun to just sit down and check out lines.

I feel like we have so much that I want to talk about and just glam her up for a real one.

I have, I think, a look in mind that I want to do.

Maybe what you are feeling is that I want something fun and colorful and just like to have fun with it.

Okay unleash your inner artist, unleash my face on your face.

Let yourself come in without further ado: should we just jump right in, yes, go transition, [, Music ], i’m actually just like such a stan, like i’m literally so excited during this way?

Okay, so i want to talk about the fact that, like we’ve never done anything before and we just met, which is crazy, because we’ve been texting for the past like literally two years yeah – and i want to put you on blast for a little bit.

First, go for it because literally like eliza had my number so long ago, and when i was first starting on youtube, you would literally text me like all the time like.

Oh just watch your new video.

It was so good, yeah, it’s not like putting it in the box, but I just thought it was always so sweet because yeah, you said, put me on black and put me on last night.

You just complimented me.

Well, then, you changed your number and we lost contact about it and then you’re, like oh just text me, and i was like – i change my numbers when i want to stop texting people.

That’s why I have two songs.

One is for david.

One is for just other people no, but I was obsessed with watching your videos and, I think you’re such a sweet, sweet soul sister, I’m trying really hard.

When do i not know you’re such a talented human being and like well, that was so much to me because, like you were a content creator, well i mean so are but like you were well when you stopped posting for six months.

That’S what happened!

It’S been!

Nine months, thank you, give me a break, you just took one yeah.

I’Ve always thought your videos are just so good like I really am.

I would always just watch them like watch the jokes you make and how much effort would we put into them and like okay?

I don’t really like comedy.

Neither am I okay, like I would literally like to dive and say, like watch a comedy movie.

I don’t know why she’s not saying that i was ever into yeah, so i really honestly stray away from a lot of companies because i just don’t find a lot of things, funny yeah, which is like weird to say, but i would like always binge watch your Videos, and just like literally sit there like cry laughing you’d, really watch yeah.

Thanks for supporting me.

It just meant a lot, so I’ve always been super excited and just thankful for your friendship. You’re also like 12, so you have a low standard for humor.

So my videos did entertain you.

Thank you so much, yeah.

So you have been gone for quite a while nine months.

It’S only been nine months for babies, anniversary she’s, good she’s, well, uh-huh, she’s cute.

I don’t know who the daddy is.



It’S probably me um, oh that’d, be a beautiful baby.

So obviously you were uploading very, very consistently and then had your youtube red shell, which i absolutely loved, watch every single episode.

Oh, my gosh plug everything, yeah goodbye sister and then you would kind of miss out, for I did for a while.

I did.

We’Ve talked a little bit, but I’m still wondering about the sister’s scorching hut. Yeah, I do like it.

Are you good?

Are you okay?

Like what has been going on, like i’m good, i’m good okay, so basically i stopped like making videos, because i was making lies on demand yeah and it was literally so demanding to me like i got to be a producer and i got to be like partially A director – and i got to be a writer – and i got to be all of these amazing things and put all these different hats and stuff.

It was so fun.

I just wanted to work with other people.

I’Ve been working in my living room and just like screaming at myself for the past, like two, two and a half three years right and I just wanted to work with others like I do everything by myself and a lot of people.

Don’T know that because I don’t really like to open up about it, but I do everything on my own, so I write everything and then I shoot everything and I charge my own cameras and I don’t have people behind the camera for me at all.

Hey, are you doing it yeah, you’re so brave yeah, I’m so bad?

Thank you.

I just wanted to work with other people and I got so excited by that when I started working with them.

I, like I just fell in love with the whole process and I realized that it could be not lonely and yeah.

I got excited by that.

So then I felt bad.

I just didn’t have enough time to create on my youtube channel and beyond.

Like do lies on it definitely yeah, but people think i sister sold my soul, which, yes, i am go, buy my merch no, but i didn’t have time for it all, and then i also just i felt really alone doing it all too yeah so like wanted To have fun again and find like my passion again and take care of my mental health, and i felt like you could start to tell like in my videos that i just i lost like my passion for it um i just seemed less excited, and so i Didn’T want to force anything anymore.

I just think it is really important.

Too yeah you got ta, you got to prioritize your mental health.

I think it’s been a big thing on youtube, especially this year too, with shane’s videos everybody’s, like prioritizing, you know taking care of your anxiety or your depression or whatever everybody has their demons right.

I definitely had to take a few breaks over the course of my youtube.

I know and I’m glad you did, because you are workaholic. Yeah, it’s insane.

He was answering so many emails right before this.

Like we started filming and I had to literally pretend I was texting, people saying I’m right next to James and I’m pretending to do something.

The only thing I did was approve my gynecology appointment.

I love that.

Thank you.

I don’t know.

I just really like working and I’ve, always thought that’s a good thing, but you started when you were 16.

you’re, 19.

you’re, the age that i was when i started really yeah.

I started at 19 when I uploaded my first video of you doing oh, that’s kind of fun and fresh.

Thank you for the fun fact.

I’M feeling really unentertained and a little exhausted, so help me out here.

Oh, my god, okay, so speaking of and i’m sure everybody’s wanting to know do you have plans on coming back.

I do have plans on coming back and like it was actually really sweet, because James texted me and asked me, do you need any help?

Let me know if you want to ever bounce around ideas and no one’s ever asked me that which is weirdly like sweet, not like not like i mean my friend group is like, obviously they care, and they don’t want to like help me too, but i i Don’T know it’s just really sweet of you, like even say like i want to bounce on ideas, because i do everything by myself.

Like i’m saying yeah, i would love to well yeah.

I mean I know what it feels like to get on a creative ride.

I definitely try really hard to post like consistently good content on my channel, like you do and you do really favor quality over quantity like i know what it feels like to get in a rut and not know what to film, and it’s literally like one of The most like detrimental feelings, ever yeah, like it’s horrible, my thing literally has been that i’m not in a creative red.

The scary part is that I’m not a creative writer.

I have all these scripts and I have all these videos actually filmed.

I’M just low on the confidence to post it now liza yeah.

I know look at me, I’m beautiful, but like it’s so hard being this cute, okay kind of late, but I can’t relate to it but genuinely I do like it.

I really want to post again.

It’S just been a week.

It’S been a weird year, it’s been a weird year, but i’m excited to like it.

Are you finding my passion again?

Okay, good, are you scared because it’s been so long that, like yeah and like, i feel bad and i feel guilty, and i feel like i’ve left so many kinds of like i’ve never been open really about it, like, like.

I’Ve, never had a love.

Even a video like this, where I’m just sitting down and talking mm-hmm, oh wow, we love all the drama.

Oh yes, I love spilling the tea.

Well, I know I miss you on youtube.

You miss me, like the youtube community is just like, can be a really dark place, sometimes and like no matter what your videos were always very, very consistently super positive and just like funny, you have to keep going.

What else were they typical?

Am i you know just really funny cute entertaining aesthetically pleasing?

Thank you.

Your apartment is very cute and well-sized.

Thank you very soon.

I like white boys.

We experiment with the rainbow.

Have you seen this palette?

I dated everybody on that.

No, but what about you?

What drives you?

What do you want out of all of this?

What’S the driving force behind everything too, look forward hello, I’m scared of that forehead, contour, okay, we’re gon na blend that out really well.

So for me, I’m really driven by challenging myself and just like making people happy too, like I grew up getting bullied a lot by different kids and I’ve always had a very, very thick skin so I’ve always been able to kind of deal with it.

But I know so many kids can’t and I just really like having my channel, like a place where people can go just to laugh and have a good time and learn.

Maybe a little bit about makeup.

At least in some of the videos, and just like having a chill, you know like a moment, I don’t know, I feel like the world is so dark.

You’ve turned your insecurities into your career.

Literally the same, i mean insecurity, something like through my scandals into my career, everything at this point, but i feel like that’s why my following has been able to grow because, like yeah, no you’re so honest yeah, and i appreciate that like so much, you have no Idea really cause i’ve, always scripted.

My videos, like I don’t really like talking.

I genuinely don’t think my answers to any questions about myself are actually interesting.

So I script things to make it sound like fun, yeah, fun and fresh.

You know yeah.

I look good.

I really want to accentuate your cheekbones because you have super bomb ones.

Really i don’t have cheekbones.

You just have to use the right colors to accentuate them.

Look at you.

Look at you.

Look at that pimple.

You turned into a mole, I’m so sorry, oh, that was good.

That was actually thick.

That is disgusting.

I wish I would have landed in my mouth, James, spitting on Liza for 10 minutes straight.

Honestly, I’m doing this collaboration, so I can be in one of those videos.

Oh perfect there’ll definitely be one.

Oh okay, wait!

I just wanted something from them something.

Oh great, perfect, perfect!


I’Ve never had my makeup done by anybody in the beauty community which, by the way, you guys are amazing.

Your party was so fun.

Oh did you? I like it excited that you showed up this foundation’s matching, pretty good so far, okay.

So since i do my own makeup literally all the time – and i don’t really do that many collabs either – i have never gotten the chance to do a woman of color on my youtube channel before, like their makeup, i’m your first little brown girl yeah.

Thank you!

So much so, I was really excited for today’s video, but also really nervous too, because the undertones for people of color versus white people, yeah it’s very different.

No, it’s very tough and like it’s, I’ve always had a purple hue.

Whenever someone does my makeup, like on set sometimes no shade no shade, but I’ve always had a purple kind of undertone, but I have a naturally red or yellow undertone yeah yeah right.

Yes, do i yes, but yeah!

No, it’s hard!

It’S hard to nail it, yeah, but I feel really good.

I feel really buttery right now.

Okay, that’s good!

Look at that.

I feel like doing things like people color skin is so much fun because literally you have to add so much contrast, oh yeah, and it’s like you talk about skin like it’s so good.

Oh I’m like one of those transformation photos like on twitter when you say like the power of makeup, don’t trust girls and makeup.

I am that so i’m going to now powder you and set you in place james.

This looks so good, really yeah, okay!

Well, I also love talking with people.

You already know yeah, but can I show you the makeup?

Look what i tried to do for your party yeah okay, so i went to your instagram and i also watched a tutorial to see how to do my base yeah by the way.

It looked nothing like this, but I tried um.

I went to this photo and I was like okay exactly like that.

No, I did not see.

I love the amount of face tunes on this.

First of all, wait no there’s no face tune on that, i’m sure captain natural, just like your instagram right.

Yes, this is like.

Should we try to do that?

Look on youtube, walmart!

Please, don’t actually yeah.

Could we be okay?

We can do that.

You can do that on me.

Mm-Hmm i’ll.

I will try my hardest!


Good luck, charlie james charlie!

What are you using to what laura mercier where’s the beauty blender as well, is that better than ben nye?

Well, okay, so a banana powder is going to be really good for a deeper skin tone.

So I’m definitely going to use a more yellow shade when it comes to setting your under eyes or going over top of it.

But i don’t really have any in my collection just because, like whenever i get pr packages, i usually give away all of my deeper skin tone complexion products to my assistant or other makeup artists that work around me in my industry, because i’m not going to get Any use out of them and i’d rather have them, go to people that need them.

I get so much makeup on an everyday basis that I’ll never play without it.

So I would much rather donate it to women’s shelters or give it to like working artists, who I know, need it or can’t afford it, because I’m not ever going to use it.

There’S no point in sitting in my closet, but now I’m unprepared for this collab, so we’re gon na make it work you’re, incredibly generous by the way one.

I see you give back just like your audience.

All the time which is so nice makes me so happy, and obviously i’m so happy, but you’re also so uplifting of other creators and, like that’s what i loved about your campaign like that was really funny.

Oh thank you.


It made me want to become a makeup artist so that I can get a tag from you.

Do you want kids?

Absolutely, not?


No really!


Ah, I feel like just your like makeup looks on your children would be a great great channel family vlog.

Oh my gosh baby makeup: um, don’t do that!

Look at me, beautiful and from the front.

Thank you so much, okay.

So one thing that I talk about my channel a lot and my subscribers like hearing me talk about – or at least I think so – is business.

Obviously, oh yeah, the one thing that i’ve discussed quite a lot is like the difference between traditional media celebrities and youtube digital media and how there’s a huge disconnect in the space yeah and i feel like you’re, one of the very few creators.

Who’S done.

A really great job at kind of bringing their brand to more traditional media.

Someone asked how do you feel about that?

Like do you have like what are you planning for your own future and not like see, i don’t plan, that’s why you know i haven’t uploaded, but, like i don’t like actually like know exactly what i’m doing, i’m kind of just like always just kind of like Gone with the flow things with like traditional and digital, i feel like there’s been like a nice like blurred line now, like smith, is doing youtube.

Yeah, that’s crazy!

Yes, that’s so cool um.

The fact that, like a traditional celebrity, is like starting to dabble in creating and on social media and they’re willing to allow their life to be put out there more and and be more vulnerable by sharing their experiences like even just like jada smith.

I know the smiths doing like red table talks like that’s so cool, it’s so cool and it’s so open and so raw and it’s so exciting to like see them, do that, like that’s stepping into a whole new world yeah, really, you know, i really respect the Space is josh peck because he has like reinvented himself multiple times.

Yes, so would you say that, like you’re, you definitely feel like there’s like a good shift happening in the right direction?

Oh yeah, oh a thousand percent and I think people are talking like digital media.

I mean social media is a lot more serious in terms of it being considered like a stepping stone to a career or being considered an actress or being considered a host yeah.

It’s just exciting, yeah.

I love it.

Sorry, you can keep going.

I thought that was you spitting on my face nope.

Thank you.

I feel like you’re, one of the ones that have like really done a really good job at like starting that conversation, i tried.

I really wanted to blur that line, because, like it’s just another way for people to come up in whatever community, they want to come up with beauty, whether that be entertainment like it’s just a way to showcase your talent or whatever.

You have to offer the world and I think it’s really cool and we have this opportunity and we live in this literally digital age that you can.

You can do that.

I want to add some blush for blushing videos, a little bit of code, james mixed with the shade literally yeah, i’m gon na give you a quick little spread of setting spray as well hello.

Thank you’re.

So welcome, my eyelids are big they’re, so I am so excited for this look today because you have lots of room.

Thank you.

I’M gon na use just a little bit of these powders mixed together.

So I’m just going to press a little bit of this onto the center points of your face just to bake.

Oh, that’s!

A good brow!

I’M going to clean it up!

Just get really scared using the Anastasia brow definer in the shade dark brown.

If i say brand names too, will people send stuff to me because i love tart and i also love benefit and anastasia and the anastasia and and that and morphe are you on?


Are you on?

I just got a bunch of pr packages.

Yeah you definitely.

I felt it look at the eyebrows.

Do you like them?

Yes, they’re sisters, no!

Actually, they’re twins, I’m going to start off by priming your lids, using a mac paint pot in the shade laying low.

Oh me on youtube.

So I’m going to start by packing up the dark purple shade of the palette, which is called escape.

Oh wow, okay, is it from your palette?

Yes, it is on an m456 brush.

I’M just going to tuck this right into here and kind of roughly blend it out.

What would you say?

It’S been like your favorite moment in your career.

Oh my god.

Oh, my god, i literally, i don’t know because i’ve it’s been like a whirlwind and like a blessing and like also like a blackout, i black out every time like really cool things happen.

So it’s like it’s like my brain trying to protect myself.

I think I know megala.

I was blacked out the entire time.

How did that even happen?

That was so cool?

It was amazing, like it was so exciting and so nerve-wracking.

At the same time, you can definitely tell I was nervous.

I was shaking every summer. My sister shook it to my heart and I was like losing my mind with all the incredible people that I was meeting and like those are all my idols, like people that I just love and it wasn’t even shown on camera.

But i got to meet like mindy kaling and like people who i just like love and respect.

You know in the entertainment industry and like comedically as women, too, of color too, like so exciting to like meet your idols.

But i’d like to say um you for what they’ve done for you, yes and there’s.

So many like comments and stuff that i like, i did say, but obviously it’s an interview and they wanted like a little side commentary that yeah they cut out the video.

So you don’t even get to see the whole thing, but like it was such an honor to like to do it. That was like one of my ooh tea sip.

It now moments um yeah yeah, because i was chewed out online for what i was wearing and how i looked and like that was a big like breaking point for me, because i’ve never like handled like a scandal yeah before, and so i was like it was It was kind of hot, it was tough on me, i mean yeah it definitely.

It can be challenging to deal with for sure, but i wish, like i watched your video the other day of your flashback, mary like for the first time.

I really think of a fan, i watched it and i was like wow.

I wish i would have done something like this to like comedically address it and like make light of it, because it’s like it’s everything has its time and it’s always passing and you know things come and go and just get to move on.

It was like a step in traditional media yeah, so that was like uh.

It was scary, yeah and I’m really glad I did it.

I tried to do things that scare me: I’m taking the yellow shade b right above Liza’s orange that I just put there.

I’M going to grab that same paintball and I’m going to use this to cut out your crease.

So I can layer on um the yellow, I’m basically going to pack the same colors that I put on like this crease into the lid now as well.

Just in the same order, using literally the same brushes starting off with love that blend into the purple, I’m going in with a little bit of you’re kidding, I start doing your lower lash line now.

So I’m just going to plop some purple around here and connect it upwards, so I’m just packing the social blade right over top right in the inner corner.

I’Ve actually never checked social media.

That is a total lie, uh.

No, that is a lie.

No, that is a line.

You know what? I’ve checked it once before, it is uh-huh.

I checked it once a day.

No, but I used to look at it when I started growing.

I guess, but then I just felt that it wasn’t good.

For me to like to look at that kind of stuff, so I just stopped.

I could definitely get toxic yeah whoa, okay, i’m gon na brush off the excess we can like actually see what’s going on here.

I think that’s the eye shadow portion all complete.

Should we move on to like lashes and things now, yeah yeah, i’m so ex?

This is so good.

Yes, we’re going to glue off a real one.

Oh thank you, come on everyone here.

You are really nice and authentic!

Thank you!

Yes, just pop it on here.

I think that is one eye all complete.

Oh my god, it’s beautiful wow that looks really fun.

Look at it!

Look at it with the merchandise.

How do you feel so far?

I feel pretty yeah wow.

This is really really beautiful.

Do you like it, yeah?

I love it.

Oh yeah, do you love it?

I do.

I love it.

Okay, well that took kind of a while, so I feel like we should take a little break.

Go off camera, do the other eye and come back to finish the rest of the face.

Okay, we’ll be right back.

That was a transition right.

Yes, okay, good!

I think this is so dramatic.

For literally I know it’s not ready one.

Two, three open it’s!


This is beautiful.

Okay, this is gorgeous.

Oh, it’s!


It’s not narcissistic for me to just look at the screen.

Oh yeah, you can.

Okay, sorry, morphe wow!

Let’S do your highlight, so I want to give you a quick sister sprites of some more setting spray, because I always love doing this, just to get the skin nice and moist and hydrated before adding on a highlight.

So i’m gon na grab the shade a little bit of a mix of so good, maybe a little bit of wig from the palette too.

That is good and fresh and also fun.

Oh yeah there.

She goes look at that.

I’M gon na put a little bit on right above your eyebrows as well.

I love highlighting up here.

I don’t know why it just looks like a face.

Looks really nice and hydrated less work in photoshop, too yeah.

Well, that’s really pretty a little bit on the center of the forehead.

Oh there it is.

Do you see that yeah, it’s gon na pop on a little something?

No special, oh something special mm-hmm!


Oh, that’s something special!

Let’S do something special, oh wow!

That’S so pretty I’m going to grab a little bit more of the shade, literally the blush shade that we grabbed before and use this to blend together.

That highlight and the kind of blush and contour and i’m going to highlight the tip of your nose by leaving a little dollop right on there.


So next we have our lippity doodahs.

Let’S do like a nude just like I probably love nude, okay, yummy too.

Oh, that’s a pretty color.

I think.

That’S my favorite!

That’S like the color of my nipple.

So it’s going to be a good color!

Yes, have you seen that video live yet you’ve been around for so long that videos like two years old, thanks dan okay?

So I’m going to line your lips using the colourpop alisati lip liner.

This is in the color curvy, it’s like my all-time favorite nude and it works for literally all skin tones too, which is like the best part about it.

I think that’s good now we’re just going to color them in with who who’s she.

This is ofra liquid, lipstick in the shade, são paulo.

This is also my favorite nude.

This is the combination that you wear every day and then I’m going to pop on some fenty gloss bombs in the shade.

I don’t know if she just made one shade.

I think yeah, but now there’s more, are there yeah?

So this is the original one.

It looks good on everybody.

Last sister step, i’m going to give you a quick spritz of my morphe prep and set these coat jeans for 10 off your order, obsessed with this and last, but finally, not least, i’m going to give you a last word of the mac 6 plus in the Shade gold light: this is so protein has a little flecks of gold glitter in there.

That’S gon na make your skin look so radiant.

Is that a brand coming there?

No, I wish [ Music ] hey!

Look at this.

Do you like it?

I love it.

Look at that you’re insane thanks sister.

I am so excited that you joined me today, like literally i’ve been wanting to film with you for so long now, like i said, you’ve been such a huge role model of mine literally like since day one and like you’ve, been supporting me behind the scenes for Such a long time now – and it has always meant so much and i’m so happy – we finally got to be together and i got to give you your first ever like full glam makeover.

Hopefully you like it.

I didn’t scare you away from doing makeup ever again.

No – and you literally inspired me not to like makeup wise, because i definitely cannot do this clearly well, not without attitude.

You know not with that attitude.

You seriously like inspire me, like i feel like driven to like post on my channel, expect nothing always keep the expectations below, so i can exceed them, but but, like i like feel so inspired to like go home and like film or do something that makes me So happy you are such a hard worker, and this palette is amazing.

Amazing sisters, we just restocked, go get yours now we did it, let’s all be right sisters – and i think that is all i have for this video with sister liza.

I really really hope you guys enjoyed it.

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I’Ve been wanting to do this for so long and I’m so grateful that we’re finally able to sit down today like Liza, and I both said earlier – the palette is officially back in stock by the time we’re filming this.

I don’t really know if it’s going to stay in socks, so hopefully it does.

If you want to shop, you can get it now at morphe.

com and use code james for 10 off your order also available at all ultra retail locations.

Also, if you like Liza – and her sweater and her really super cute booty shorts, you can shop for all sisters’ apparel pieces.


com, get a name.

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All right!

You guys.

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So good luck to you guys.

Thank you so much for watching.

We love you and i will see you in the next one: [ Music ]

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