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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing Makeup On My Arm

Doing Makeup On My Arm

HI SISTERS! I’ve done makeup on my own face, my friends, my body, and paper, but in today’s video I decided to take on a new challenge inspired by some of my favorite artists and do makeup on… my arm? Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.

You guys, I am very, very excited for today’s video because we’re doing a challenge that I really never thought I’d be doing now.

You guys know as an artist, I’m always looking for new people, and it comes to follow to keep me inspired and wanting to create.

Now to my all-time favorite pages to follow on Instagram are by the usernames shine and shadows and Gabrielle with access.

Now their work is both so beyond incredible.

I’Ve gotten so much inspiration from them and have recreated many looks on my page, but there’s just something a little bit different about both of their makeup looks, and that is that most of them are on their arms.

Now I’m not gon na lie.

When I first saw these arm looks.

I was a little bit confused and the first thought that went through my head was: oh, my god.

What youtuber is really struggling for ideas now, but when I thought about it a little bit further, if the exact same thing is doing a face chart which is basically practicing a makeup book on a piece of paper before doing it on your face.

But this name is just on your arm.

It’S done.

I honestly have no idea how I’m going to do this challenge today.

As many of you guys know when I was younger, I used to draw and paint portraits all the time, so I’m pretty familiar with being able to recreate the human face, and I also do makeup pretty much every single day as well, and I like to think That I’m relatively good at it, so combining the two could be easy, but these artists are also insanely.

Insanely talented and create the most beautiful, colorful, glittery or blended makeup looks so this could be a major major fail, but regardless I am so excited it’s your head.

The sound today and without further ado, let’s get started, [ Music ], all right, you guys, let’s just jump right into this challenge today.

As you can see, my full face of makeup is already on and fully complete, and that is because we’re gon na be focusing on my arm today.

Hello, second camera angle.

Now the first step of my arm makeup routine is to apply a coat of foundation all the way around my arm up just to even out all the skin, and for today’s video I am very, very excited to tell you guys.

I have partnered with wrap on to show you their brand new photo ready candidate foundation.

Now in today’s look, I am actually wearing this on my face as well, and the shade is 320 and before I even tell you guys that they find things about this, I will go ahead and say it, and this is not even part of the sponsorship.

If this is the only one of the best color matches I’ve ever had regardless of the sponsorship, I’m gon na be reaching for this a whole lot more.

So y’all stop drawing me, but let me tell you because actually is a really mom foundation to the brand new Revlon Photoready canon foundation that comes in 31 different shades of a medium buildable coverage natural finish formula.

It includes antioxidants and anti blue light ingredients, infuses vitamin E and also is an anti pollutant as well, which means it basically keeps out all the disgusting crusted bus and stuff that’s floating around in the air kind of good wearing it.

On my face and blend it out.

So easily – and I will say, feels extremely late on the skin as well, and it also provides coverage while still letting your natural beauty, like my freckles, shine through and best thing of all it only retails for 1099.

So good, so crushed.

You guys don’t have to check it out and thank you once again to Revlon for working me on today’s video alright.

So since this is the first time I literally ever tried this out, I think for my first look.

I want to start off with something easy now if it goes well, I will definitely do another one, but I want to do this.

Look from my paint-by-numbers photo, obviously not the whole numbers and white part, but like the actual glam that I had on and this one I is really really pretty, and I think I could kind of do an okay job of putting that on my arm.

Maybe let’s try it so I think I want to start doing my eyes in the same order that I would doing normal.

I look sad, which is starting off with my eyebrows.

This could be a major major mistake because if the eyebrows aren’t looking good, the entire look is already cancelled, but that’s good because it means we get to keep doing the challenge until it works.

That’S not good, it looks like my literal worst nightmare.

I’M gon na grab my Anasazi at number 12, brushing my Anasazi at dipbrow pomade.

So looking at this photo of my eyebrows, definitely like the biggest thing shocker, my eyebrow and inner corner.

Pretty much ended the same place but the tail and that eyeball do not.

Let me turn off like up here.

My eyebrows go up at a pretty soft angle and then it kind of goes straight out.

I’M going to incorporate this freckle and two into my brow, so it doesn’t show at the end.

Okay, eyebrows are pretty thick as well.

Let’S be real, like I said this is the first try it’s okay!

If it’s not perfect, if I pull this this way, I can kind of blend out the dipbrow.

My brother is definitely thick all the way through, but they do have a somewhat bit of ombre from like very, very filled in and the tail to a little bit more sparse and like hairy and airy in the front of the brow.

So I want to try to recreate that same look today, I’m just setting that different place using tea from my palette.

Then it’s blending that shade in towards the front a little ombre moment.

I guess like another angle, brush now and another dark brown shade I’ll grab.

Benny and T from my palette. I’ll use this to sketch actual hair.

I’M not gon na go outside of my brow lines as well, because I definitely took a rush.

My brow hairs upwards, so they’re nice and textured kind of good, okay.

Okay, now I need to do that again.

I think mine are much thicker than what I made this we’re just gon na.

Do it in my head, my brows look like, which is a lot thinner and prettier than what they really are: okay, more dip brow, mmm.

Okay, this needs to be art or whatever more straight words, so I’m actually going to interrupt this freckle right here who loves that.

I think my freckles knew.

I was filming this video.

I just wanted to really align myself, so I could draw my eyebrows in the right place.

So thank you for that.

Try just filling this and now saying is nothing that I did beforehand, except now we’re doing it backwards.

Blending in some of those hairs using a tea from the pallet once again, just to fit a more like ombre shadow, brow, color and then using a tea and Benny.

We already hear that this is our practice, so I’m going to not worry about the shape too much wow.

This looks so awful.

I’M scared so grabbing a little bit of concealer on why you same angle, brush leaves to cut my brows, I’m just going to cut my brows just going in very very carefully with the excess concealer then just patting it into a place, so we can use it As an eyeshadow base, no doing the other brow as well.

These are definitely not even.

I already know that for a fact, I’m thinking – maybe I should like add in my nose contour now just gon na got my regular anastasia contour kit and my angled brush from Maya, James, Charles brush set and then just contour it, and this looks awful for some Reason this contour powder, it’s creating like a grey tone over top of my concealer, which has literally never happened before considering I use this combination all the time, which is really annoying that this is not happening on my arm, where I’m trying to create a look, but To work just going to ignore it for now, and hopefully it fixes itself later.

I think I need to put in my like I liked lash line first, so I know where everything else is supposed to go and it’s pretty much just a straight line.

All the way across so if that’s my lash line, okay now same thing on the other arm: oh god, what’s this eyeballs looking wonky we’re gon na leave it at that for right now.

I think I just do it when I say in the normal order: yeah.

Okay, so I’m gon na grab an hour 39 brush and start off with a little bit of code James and put that in the crease actually packing it on there and then blending it out just like we do it on normal or so techniques, and just furthering Out the edges onto that concealer, so it looks nice and even yeah gorgeous bring it into the inner corner as well, but kind of fading it out, because we have that glitter going on there later, of course, feeding it into the nose contour a little bit.

Just like, I always do the same thing on the other side as well.

I hate you, my cardio bracelets are in the way of me being able to blend.

I absolutely hated that Louis cut that out now with an anime for fights to Express I’m gon na dip into 10 % off, which is the darker brown and used to add some contour into the crease.

That doesn’t even exist in these before bringing it in and blending it up and just like before pulling the shade it pretty far out as well other side to match he’s a little bit of no beans to add even more depth with that same em, four, five.

Six brushes and just keeping those kinds of more on the outer third or the outer two-thirds rather of the crease.

Now I am going to start sketching out my block winged liner, using a little brush and some spooky from the palette, and once you buff this into the lash line that we drew in earlier starting off thin and then going right upwards and pulling it right up.

And then buffing this block into the crease for some out of dimension, just using this Stila liquid metals, to cut my crease to a nice little round shape.

Oh still, bad!

Yes, oh hello!

Oh there’s one right here!

Well, what do we do now?

Let me add in some more black because they can really fix a lot of problems.

This is not staying blocked as I wanted it to be.

That’S decent.

Looking, okay, yeah, okay!

I know it’s not grabbing a little bit of a face and ring light with a little spritz of some setting spray mama, I’m going to pump it in the inner corner a little bit on the brow bone too.

Now I’m going to create my little lower lash line.

Well, it’s gon na get covered off, but I need to put it there anyway.

Okay, so we’re gon na put some same cards, we use below the lash line and then use a little bit of both coaches and 10 % off to blend those shades out.

Oh, not awful bad, but not awful!

Now have it on those eyelashes, which is where this could get really bad, really really fast.

Oh, my god: okay, okay, hey I’m going to do this again, the other I forgot about the other idea.

No, no, don’t go sin!



There’S only one eye!

For me, how are we on this level of delusion and we’re only 30 minutes into filming those the skin not happening today, we’re just gon na speed through the second eye, [, Music ].

I think I’m done.

I’M scared to look at it.

This is my first time ever doing this.

At least I gave the precursor.

Am I already planning on doing a second look at this one?

So, let’s give the Green reveal to see what we got going on?

Oh, oh, my god, why?

How did the eyeballs end up like that, so looking at both eyes and both brows, they both look actually really really good, but they’re, just not even like it’s like this and pulling the skin down already looks a lot.

Oh, this is so hard.

Oh, you know what I want to do.

Oh scary, see.

Well imagine this is a thumbnail.

I [ Applause, ], [, Music ] have to photoshop that all right, you guys, let’s be honest with each other here.

Our first attempt at our arm Fisher is definitely a major fail.

I think this is actually the first time we’ve done a makeup challenge on this channel and it’s been like a major, major , major, awful failure, but we do not take no for an answer.

We don’t like to fail and we never back down from a challenge, so I really want to try this again and take what I learned.

This one runs in the Pyatt next time, which is, of course, that my arm is round.

So I need to try really hard to make them like this.

I don’t even want to pay attention to the fact that one closer to my wrist should be up, and the one closer to my elbow should be a little bit more down just to offset the like scan it movement.

I’M gon na go ahead and wipe this off and I’ll be right back to try.

It looks number two so for this next look, I am deciding to challenge myself, which is a brave decision.

Considering the first one was already challenging and did not go well, but you know what I looked at some of the videos that Gabrielle and shine shadows had posted on their Instagram accounts and I noticed on all of their videos.

They started off with the eyebrows and like eyeballs, already kind of like pre-sketched out, so they had a rough idea of where to put things which hello, like I don’t know why I didn’t think about it to begin with.

So for this second look, I picked out this photo that I posted on my Instagram literally over a year ago.

I actually did a look at this.

I think this is in my coming-out story, video.

This is literally what my favorite looks are.

I’Ve ever created in my entire makeup career.

I think it is so stunning, so I want to try to recreate, like this exact, eye area on my arm, including the eyes at different angles and the eyes being open.

So this might mess me up even more than the first time around, but at least I can say that I tried and if I get this it’ll be really cool and fun in front of me so let’s just jump right in again.

Let me grab my Nastasia brow.

Pencil in the shade soft brow, which is a nice erasable color, I’m gon na draw my eyeball right here, actually me to put in my eyebrows for our still.

That is a good brow.

Okay, I’m happy with that eyebrow.

That means my eyeball would be right about here to draw and buckles and beauty marks are literally landing and they’re perfect places, and then okay.

So if my brows, here I have to imagine like my nose bridge – is coming down right here so like my contour is gon na, be I’m gon na put my contour here.

I know that Bulger’s is gon na be like this.

Oh, my body is meant for this, so this means this line goes right up about here and the curves end and there’s the shadow in here.

You actually got lost but way too close when those we’re just gon na be here the shadow going this way.

That means the brow is gon na, go right here at the same angle and is gon na stop right.

There cuz she’s thick, but she gets cut off so then my eyeball goes down right here.

So I will be number two here and go this okay like that, and then my left eyebrow does tend to droop down a little bit in photos which is she’s drooping here about us for sure.

Now I hope the rough draft is kind of sketched out.

It’S looking, okay, not gon na lie, I’m going to fill in the eyes first, which is what Gabrielle did on all of her videos.

So I’m going to grab the Jeffrey Stehr armor druglord, liquid, lipstick and use this to fill them in and set this down with some flashback from the palette.

Let’S draw in some nice eyeballs.

Okay, now I’m gon na share this in a little bit.

Okay, that is a good eyeball if I ever did see one truly, adding in tiny little lines for our details.

That is a good eyeball.

Look at that, that is so professional and famous, I mean so.

This one is going like right here now, it’s time to fill in the eyebrow: oh okay, I’m just using team from the palette and putting in same thing like the day brought before, but into the tail, and I’m just going to use the excess and blend it Forward at this time, not being at so intense and softer and less scary, okay, how did that still get dark?

That’s good!

That’S good!

That’S a good eye!


I’M really happy with that!

Now I’m going to card out the brow of some concealer underneath that eyeball tail just because we will push out of there in a little bit.

This is already turning out way better than the first time I am first going to grab a pencil brush.

That is stained with a little bit of purple and dipped in to escape from the palette, and I’m going to use this to build our outer V of the eye and that’s too big, I’m not this whole life.

I’M gon na grab this Sigma e 21 brush.

Instead, boosting I ran it to about here and then really brought it up nicely to about right there.

I almost think I had some more escape right into here.

This is actually before the palette was even a thing.

I don’t even know why, using this original video, probably the 35, be alright pecan but forgotten the purple also Wow below my lash line.

So I’m gon na bring that, leaving a tiny little gap for that light.

Blue liner, that we’ll put in later in this vision – oh look.

I also do remember that I did a purple liner, so I’m going to throw that on now before the rest of the look comes on just so I can kind of keep it in place.

Ninety to blend that out with a little bit but love that with a pencil brush and blend over the edges carefully, then I’m gon na use a little bit of it, you’re cutting the bright red and that same brush.

I guess we’re just sticking with this one.

Honestly, love that letting it together no need to bring it a little bit more single because it got a little bit lost in the blending process.

Now we go a little bit of an M four five: six and dip into five one, eight and blend out this top edge.

I wan na clean just the ads up with concealer just to come on the original luck.

It is a little bit more like pointed so, but I kind of like just loosely holding a thin.

It might kind of shape it a little bit more.

Oh yes, that looks so good and also simultaneously fresh.

Okay, great! I’m really happy right now!


So now I’m going to Rob hello-hello from my palette and a little pocket rush and we’re going to use this shade to cut my crease, I’m going to overlay this right over top of the purple oops!

Oh, I don’t want to get on there just like when I did the original look, I’m going to make sure to bring out this color all the way into that inner corner, and this cut crease actually went far above the crease, which is really really cool.

This is more of a messy stuff, a crease, and I really love how it turned out.

So it’s going to bring that into there to grab a little bit of acappella with that same brush and use this to kind of blend together.

The blue in the purple we use this to lightly blend.

Oh, the edge can also have a little bit of this hello right on that inner corner and bring it onto the lash line, but it gon na be a little bit of Betty on a tiny little brush.

This is the M of 515, like hell out.

Look at this, and I’m gon na use this to add some black very little bit of block just that steady a little bit to the army.

I’Ve been here, my jeffree star, cosmetics, liquid lipstick in the shade, a jawbreaker, and this is from the brand new blue blood collection.

Well, it’s not actually this one’s been around for a while, but it was just realized with the blue bonnet collection, which I was so excited about and proud enough of sister Jeffrey.

I believe it’s sold out by the time this video is up, so I mean go, get it, but like good luck, I’m going to use a tiny little liner brush to lie to my lower waterline and then add in a tiny little bit of drug.

Lord in there just to look make it look like it’s like kind of wet, then I’m gon na grab a little bit of the Mac reflects teal and add this on top, then just using a tiny little bit of glitter adhesive, I’m going to pop on a Few little chunky, glitters gon na use a little bit more of a ring, lay on a tiny little brush once again and highlight the brow bone now.

I think it’s time to draw on the lashes.

So now I hope to draw in my eyeliner, thank God that was literally this bullseye night ever I’ve ever diddly done, did ja know.

What’S got you in the lashes going very, very slowly toward them?

Look a little close at first for the bottom.

Lash line did add a little individual, so I’m gon na add in a little spiky right here and some more little Spanky’s.

That is literally so good.

Oh, my gosh, you guys.

Okay, I think that is officially one out of my two eyes complete, which was the far harder one I am going to now.

Do the other one quickly and the challenge will finally be complete: [ Music ]?

Oh, my gosh, you guys literally five hours later I was so convinced this is going to be an easy video to film and I of course was wrong.

But, finally, my second eye look is complete and I’m actually very very happy with its beautiful Wow.

Look at that artistry I went into the shell ecstatic, not really knowing what to expect, and this was way way harder than anticipated.

Oh, my god, I really thought this is gon na, be a quick little one-and-done, video, no, absolutely not, but that is of course, because you guys know I never like to give up on anything.

I will probably openly and honestly say this is like the worst.

We’Ve done a challenge so far.

I really get a lot of our challenges.

Videos, I usually start off, really really scared and then somehow it turns out pretty good at the end.

It’S okay, I mean looking at this like it’s okay, it definitely could be a whole lot worse.

I think we definitely learned a lot today.

This is great practice, but I think ever wan na be on a level even close to Gabrielle or shine shadows.

I’M gon na probably have to do this on my arm a million more times, so it seems like for now I’m just gon na stick to my normal, I shadow on my actual eyelids.

If you guys enjoyed this makeup challenge today, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your sister love and support.

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If you’d like to follow me.

Other makeup journeys can follow me on instagram, twitter they’re, both so same charles myself.

We’Re behind the scene itself is janetrose.

The texture has, after charles this video censor shadow goes to sister Adam.

Thank you so much slope for always appalling.

In supporting I love you so so so much and if you look at the next videos, a sister shadows, don’t forget to always retweet my videos when they go live on Twitter all right.

This is only an effort.

Today’S video, thank you so much for watching it.

Thank you once again to Revlon for sponsoring this video you guys at the photo ready candid foundation.

We’ve been building for almost six hours now, and it still looks absolutely perfect and yes, I am being sponsored to say so, but, like the proof is right here, I’m obsessed and definitely plan on wearing this a whole lot more.

I think I just found a new Holy Grail foundation, although they said they love you guys so much.

I will see you at the next one.

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