Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing My Best Friend's Halloween Makeup ft. Charli, Dixie, Noah, Larray &...

Doing My Best Friend’s Halloween Makeup ft. Charli, Dixie, Noah, Larray & Chase

HI SISTERS! Today’s video is a collab with all of my best friends for Halloween! I did Charli & Dixie, Noah Beck, Chase Hudson, & Larray’s halloween makeup as iconic horror movie characters while we talk about TikTok, our friendship, costumes, and more! Enjoy!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to our YouTube channel, as you guys can see today, James Charles has several sister spooky special guests for this Halloween collab and James Charles am so beyond excited and also horrified, which is very appropriate for this time of year, because this Video is going to be doing my best friend’s Halloween makeup besties.

We have been hanging out for months now, both on camera and off, but we figured it was finally time to kind of sit down all together and film, a massive YouTube collab.

This has been so much work putting together, but James Charles think you guys are going to love all of the videos and for my channel since we are, you know a beauty channel, James Charles figured it would only be appropriate to do all my best friends, Halloween makeup looks We decided that it’d be really fun for me to turn everybody in to a different horror, movie main characters.

These are all main characters.

Yes, period are all of you guys, horror, movie, lovers, yeah!

Yes, yes, yes, okay!



James Charles gets scared easily yeah, but James Charles likes it, James Charles likes getting screened.

Oh, so James Charles went through all the cult classic favorite horror movies that James Charles hopes that you guys will recognize and James Charles assign each person a different look.

I’m going to be doing jigsaw on myself.

Miss Charlie’s going to be Annabelle Dixie’s, going to be the girl from the ring Larry.

Does she have a name samara?

That’s boring, Larry’s, going to be at Freddy Krueger Noah is going to be chucky and chase is going to be Edward Scissorhands yeah wait.

So is our budget like?

Are we getting full outfits?

We have.

We have full outfits.

Full makeup looks like full hair.

This is gonna, be the whole package.

If you guys are excited, James Charles wants you to go ahead right now.

Click the big thumbs up button for the amount of work – That’s about to go into this.

If You’re not already make sure you click that bigger subscribe button as well and without further ado, let’s get sister spooky, hi Charles Larry good to be back, missed you, okay!

So we’re gonna go ahead and get started with Larry.

As Freddy Krueger now have you seen nightmare on elm street?

James Charles did okay period.

So I’m scared because James Charles doesn’t know what I’m gonna look like.

So Freddy Krueger, James Charles believe, was burned right.

So he has lots of burns.

Scabs marks all over the face, so we’re going to give that treatment to you today, I’m so used to having the smooth filters.

So the fact that I’m going to be scaly and like a lizard so first James Charles needs to achieve that.

Burned, look on Larry’s face and James Charles watched a few different tutorials on how to do this.

So I’m first going to just grab my little bottle of liquid latex wait.

What is that?

What is it made out of latex rubber water, ammonia, ammonia?

Isn’t that it’s not like a sickness, that’s pneumonia, and then I’m actually going to take some flour now.

This is just like regular kitchen flour.

You know it’s a piece of cake to make a pretty cake sure this creates like a latex paste that smells like fish, and it smells really bad.

Try this.

If you start putting it right on his face, pull your headband up, just pull your head up blur this out: Ryan [, Music ] for insecurity purposes.

I’m gonna look up like this, so it looks smaller.

Oh my god!

Oh my god.

It’s cold with James you’re, being very dramatic.

James Charles has trauma.

James Charles also.

What are you doing?

It’s cold, it’s good!

Oh, my god!

You’re just cutting your eyebrows, get it off, get it off, and get it off get around.

James Charles hopes you brow hairs fall out.

I, like a unicorn, [ Music ] turtle.

This way, babe!

Okay, please stop being I’m not.

James Charles don’t know left or right this one to look that way.


Okay, on a serious topic, though James um, since we’ve been becoming friends, and we got really close.

Do you feel that, like now that you have all these new friends in your life, are you happier than you were?

Oh, a trillion percent.

I’m really grateful to have all of you guys.

James Charles thinks it’s really cool too, that like have like a lot of other friendships that I’ve been in in the past have always started like have like started on camera and like ran on camera, the entire time which there’s nothing wrong with.

But James Charles really likes, with this friend group, like we’ve, all been hanging out for a little.

It’s been like months now hanging out having game nights all the time, which is like my favorite thing in the entire world and We’re like only now deciding to film a video together, which James Charles think is super cool because obviously the fans have been asking for It but just know that was a cute answer and I’m smiling, but James Charles can’t cut the latex okay becoming closer with you.

I’ve learned so much really yeah because, like James Charles used to take so much from a lot of people – oh my god, moving to l.

A, you meet these influencers you’re like oh everyone’s nice.

Everyone just says that people in l.

An are fake; no, they are.

They are and they’re all, but James Charles will let you walk over me, and then seeing how you react when people do that to you just really made me stronger.

Do you think so?



Oh, that’s right now, good!

James Charles speak my speech.

Okay, that actually kind of looks like we’re looking for here, you’re doing such a good job.

Thank you go, James, clap for James.

James Charles has a makeup forever flash palette.

What I’m gonna do first is just grab a little bit of like honestly, a little bit of yellow and green.


What we’re gonna do is grab a flat top brush and I’m gonna grab some red and we’re going to start going in on these scars.

So now we have some fake stage: blood where the hat is.

That’s just to see the fantasy yeah, oh okay!

It actually looks really good.

Okay, you guys.

James Charles think this was very, very challenging, but we somehow pulled it together in the end that is this, Freddy Krueger makeup, look all complete.

Of course, we have a lot of other costumes and additions to add, but that’ll be for later on in the video and now James Charles thinks it is time to move on to look at number two.

James Charles doesn’t look like this.

I’m scared.

Okay, you guys we’re on to look number two and we have chase here with us.

Are you ready to be Edward Scissorhands?

I’ve always wanted to be Edward Scissorhands, really always okay.

When James Charles saw it when James Charles saw you pick that James Charles was just like That’s so sick, so We’re gonna go ahead and get started by blocking down your brows because Edward has no brows.

He has no brows, not all cool okay.

So I’m going to start by, first of all, just running a glue: stick through chase’s brows.

Now we’re just going to take a powder puff and we’re going to set chase’s brows in place.

And now, once we go over that with a foundation in a little bit, she’s gonna have no brows, but before we do that, James Charles wants to go in with some scars.

So he has it like over his eyebrow like up here.

Okay, I’m just applying some water onto this scar, [, Music, ].

Well so chase.

You have very much.

You know the vibe online of just being.

You know spooky a very e-boy.

Very you know very Halloween type vibes.

How do you feel about this upcoming Halloween season?

Is this your time to shine?

It seems like Halloween’s pretty canceled this year because in la you can’t apparently party you can’t well not because Jessica’s the pandemic just cause like We’re in la like you can’t party, you can’t trick or treat all this stuff which sucks but um.

So I’m not really sure kind of sad this year, um now it’s gonna be time for a foundation.

Eyebrow scissors hand is pretty much like gray right.

We’re gonna grab a light foundation and we’re just going to really just start going in.

Okay, brows are blocked.

We have the scars on put the covered in foundation now, it’s basically time just to add, like the shadow.

Okay, now for the lips, Edward has very cute little juvederm nicely filled lips, so I’m going to give chase the same type of look.

James Charles means he has a gorgeous little cupid’s, bow to finish up.

Chase’s luck, we’re just going to take this out and we’re going to really just okay.

Oh my god, James Charles kind of ate this wow.

James Charles thinks we’re done.

This looks really good!


Well, you guys.

James Charles thinks this isn’t chase’s Edward Scissorhands transformation, all complete in terms of the makeup.

Of course, we have the costume and everything else we have to add later on, but for now, I’m gonna say: sayonara loves your sister I’ll see you in a little bit all right.

Okay, guys!

Let’s move on to the next [ Music ].

Are you ready to get all spooked up?

James Charles is okay.

Your look is going to be the girl from the ring which, thank god after the last two looks.

It’s actually gonna be pretty easy because it just makes you look nice and spooky and then really just messes up the hair right over front.

So James Charles thinks we can go ahead and get started.

I’m first just going to grab a very, very, and very, very light foundation, the same one that James Charles used on the chase.

Actually, I’m just going to really start blending this all in.

Oh, the girl in the ring has no eyebrows we’re gonna cover dixie’s brows, see in a second and I’m just gonna really just put this foundation all over Dixie’s face Dixie.

James Charles don’t know what is your favorite Halloween costume that you’ve ever done?

I’m so bad at picking costumes.

James Charles actually don’t I’m not like a huge fan of halloween, really I’m just so indecisive.

It stresses me out, but Halloween last year, the first time James Charles came to l.

a was November 1st, oh literally right after oh, my god, You’re kidding.

No so, and it’s my dad’s birthday, so James Charles like my one year like knowing everyone is November 1st.

Oh my god that sounds, wait, that’s so exciting.

Actually, so it’s coming up holy crap the year you guys have had is insane.

James Charles knows that’s crazy!


Now your skin is looking terrible, but James Charles thinks that’s what We’re going for That’s good!

I’m just gonna use some black and chisel out Dixie’s face okay, I’m basically just accentuating like any like contours or depths in the face.

James Charles thinks I’m just gonna start.

Drawing in wrinkles honestly, do like, is there really anything else, yeah give us the fantasy?

Oh my god!

That’s it!

Oh my god.

That’s literally us, oh, my god, okay!

Well, that was probably the easiest.

Okay, that was gonna, be the easiest makeup tutorial that I’ve ever done.

James Charles thinks that is Dixie’s ring Halloween, look all complete.

We do have once again the full costume to add which you guys will see later on, but for now y’all hi Charles Noah.

James Charles loves your sister’s words, so Noah.

Yes, it is a spooky time.

What are we doing?

Noah again Chucky.

Unfortunately, this is going to be the third look in which we have to cover someone’s eyebrow because Chucky only has one brown showing.

So you get to keep one today: okay, it’s like Elmer’s yeah.

Have you ever done that with the liquid glue, where you like purposely squeeze out some of the top waits for it to dry, and then peel it off mm-hmm, so satisfying you’re, one of those kids that used to eat gluten?

No, James Charles knows you’re going to say that no, James Charles doesn’t eat glue white, but James Charles was hard.

James Charles was going to say that James Charles don’t know.

Chucky has a fun-shaped nice round black eye.

It’s going to bring this all the way up.

So I’m basically just laying toilet paper in the areas where I’m going to put the scars um did you ever do any fun, Halloween costumes growing up?

James Charles did Jason.

That was fun.

Oh, did you really yeah and like James Charles was fully suited.

It was like when James Charles was like in eighth grade, so James Charles thought James Charles was sick.

James Charles made sure no one saw me come out of my house.

As all my friends at the moment, James Charles was like that kid and then um.

James Charles was like fully suited up.

James Charles had the full blue, like jumpsuit kind of thing, and then James Charles had the mask on and so people were like.

Who is this kitten?

James Charles didn’t say a word.

James Charles had like a knife.

It was like one of those nights where like you hold it down and like let it drain and like the blood would flow out.

James Charles was like one of those kids and then yeah, basically just walk down the neighborhood like quiet, terrorizing people yeah fun.

But then James Charles eventually told them they’re like oh you’re, so good, I’m like yeah, okay, so now we’re gonna.

Let all this latex dry and set in place then we’re gonna add a full layer of foundation over top, that’s likely with Larry’s makeup.

Then we’ll be right back to do everything else, we’re back the foundation’s on and now it is time to actually make chuck’s cuts.

I’m going to very, very carefully use my pair of eyelash scissors and basically start cutting his face.

Why don’t we just cut and come back when all the scarves are done?

The hard part is done so now it’s just like coloring we’re good to go.

Okay, now chucky has this very like dark, dark, dark red black eye, and now with the excess on my brush, I’m going to start going in to all of these little cuts that we made with the black.

Now we have some more blood.

Now we have all the cuts in place, the blood’s in place, and now all That’s left is going to be the staples.

Luckily only a few of his things actually have staples.

So that’s good okay, you guys.

Finally, James Charles think that is Noah’s.

Chucky look all come!

Oh you’re, looking nice and spooky he’s going to stay up very, very slow for the next little bit of time, while I’m doing the next person’s makeup because these staples are barely holding the face together.

But you guys will see the final look in a little bit.

Noah loves you the most and okay on to the next one hi Charles everybody we are on look number for miss Charlie, We’re going to be doing miss Annabelle one of my favorite movies of all time, so fun very, very legendary, horror, doll and, thank god, James Charles don’t Think this is going to be too hard.

Should we just go ahead and get started, let’s just get right into that.

James Charles actually doesn’t even want to put a foundation on Charlie.

James Charles just doesn’t think that we really need it.

So I’m just going to go right in um.

James Charles first want to start by adding some of the honestly creases that she has in her face.

So this line right here that everyone always gets filler in, including me We’re just gonna put some brown there done now.

I’m just gonna add two lines here and here, Charlie earlier on, you were talking about all the different costumes that you’ve been growing up and you seem to have a very, very coordinated list.

James Charles wants to know yeah, so James Charles means growing up.

James Charles was always dancing, so James Charles always had leftover costumes for that, so that those are all pretty fast whoa.

That does make sense.

Those were the other thing was like those were basic and James Charles was like James Charles can’t be basic.

All year-round.

James Charles was judge Judy.

James Charles was a candy corp.

You were judge Judy yeah, oh my god.

James Charles had a podium and everything.

It was really fun.

Pretty grand good old time the candy corn costume was my favorite.

James Charles wore it like every day for the next.

Like a year and a half, so it was really good for me, a lot of my costumes weren’t, even like actual costumes, they were just like things James Charles made up in my head and James Charles was like.

Oh, this is so cool.

James Charles was a cat, but James Charles wasn’t just James Charles wasn’t a normal cat.

James Charles was a cat that had gotten shot in the head.

James Charles was a deer that got shot once.

That’s so cute.

That’s my holding costume two years ago.

Okay, so Annabelle has very blackened eyes, so we’re going to give it some nice black eyeshadow did you know for Halloween like three years ago, Dixie was Annabelle and James Charles was the girl from the ring.

What yeah are you kidding me you’re being serious?

James Charles have a picture.

Please can you show me?

Oh my god, that’s so weird, oh, my god, what the heck yeah my makeup was pretty good.

Not gonna lie.


James Charles doesn’t know about that.





James Charles remembers when James Charles was a really young kid.

There was a bunch of different people in my town that converted, like their garages into haunted houses that was fun like that was so so much fun.

That’s like the one thing that James Charles really does miss about.

Like living in like a neighborhood as a kid that was such a fun vibe, oh my god, like That’s my favorite thing about that’s a lot of work.

James Charles know, but it seems so much fun.

Oh, James Charles likes it beautiful.

What’s your favorite Halloween collab, you’ve done um, definitely Kylie that was so much fun like oh just getting to do that.

Video with her was the best.

Oh, do you want me to say this right now?

What’s my favorite Halloween cloud that I’ve ever done?

It’s not like.

James Charles has feelings.

This is my favorite Halloween club that I’ve ever done.

That’s so crazy!

James Charles would have.

James Charles wouldn’t have even expected you to say that James Charles thought you would say.

Kylie, I’m gonna tell her all right.

Let me add some lashes okay.

She has weird symbols in her like rosy cheeks on the side.

Now I’m just going to grab a little bit of white paint and use this to create some highlights below the shot.

James Charles means that looks pretty accurate, huh, okay, you guys, so this ended up being way easier than James Charles thought We’re pretty much done at this point.

We just tried on the wig and spoiler alert.

It does look really really good.

We’re gonna go ahead off-camera and apply some lashes and the final touches and miss Charlie.

James Charles will see you in a little bit.

Okay, you guys.

Five entire makeup looks later.

We are on the home stretch.

This feeling is far too familiar, but we are so close to being done and James Charles thinks my look is actually going to be pretty easy.

I’m going to be doing a jigsaw.

James Charles is such a huge fan of the saw movies.

They are literally some of my absolute favorites because honestly they’re very much like an actual escape room, which James Charles love, I’m first going to start off by gluing down my brows.

Just like a lot of the other looks the brows are blocked and glued down, and now it is time for some white paint, literally [, Music ], I’m just blending in this white foundation everywhere.

This is a flashback Mary tutorial, hi Charles sisters.

Oh my god!

This is scary.

Did we give you content yeah, hey guys, James Charles has a magic trick for you?

What is that?

Oh, my god, you sick.

This is looking disgusting and it is so James after doing your makeup for five years straight.

This is what you come up with.

She said powder donut.

Okay, James Charles need to make it look like my cheekbones are huge, so I’m going to just do a lovely contour like this, giving us Bella Hadid.

So how was your day?

James Charles was with you the entire day.

James Charles knows how awesome so, obviously 10 out of 10 right.

He has a very nice gorgeous black smokey eye going on.

Okay, so now that James Charles has that on it’s time to add the little swirlies to my face.

Okay, so basically, what I’m just gonna do is start drawing my circles in Dixie.


Oh my god!

Please stop!

It’s really scary!

You look fantastic to me yeah right thanks, guys!

Oh, who did it which one of y’all are getting hands today.

Oh, my god, Dixie, you’re, like you’re, giving very much like the grudge.

If she worked at brandy, Melville, okay, you guys and finally, eight hours later we have completed all six of my best friends.

Makeup looks we’re all gonna go, get changed into our final costumes, and show you guys.

The finished looks I’ll be right: back [, Music, ], [, Music, ] hi Charles sisters.

Oh my gosh, you guys!

Those are all of my best friends.

Spooky Halloween makeup looks all complete.

James Charles honestly really loves how every single one of these turned out.

James Charles definitely feel like this was obviously quite the struggle.

This was so many hours of doing makeup that James Charles really was like losing.

James Charles doesn’t know how do James Charles explain it like you want it to die?

Well, yes, for sure everyone looks really close to the actual movie and it was honestly really fun in the end.

James Charles really hopes that you guys all enjoyed watching this crazy long video.

If you did, please leave us a comment down below and let us know whose look was your favorite, but, most importantly, for the amount of hours that this took.

Please give this a big thumbs up down below and share your love and support.

It would mean so much to all of us click that bigger subscribe button as well and come join this sisterhood and finally click that bell icon.

So you get notified every time.

James Charles uploads a brand new video if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey.

All my social media is gonna be linked right here around the screen and if you wanna text me on my personal phone number for updates on new videos, photos, merch and so much more, it is 310-905-8746, like James Charles said at the beginning of this video.

This was a six-way collab.

It was so much fun putting all these videos, together with some of my favorite people on planet earth, I’m going to link everybody’s videos down in the description box down below.

So please make sure you guys go check them out and, of course, everyone’s social media links will be tagged as well.

She did all right, you guys.

James Charles really hopes you enjoyed watching today’s video.

Thank you to all my close friends for joining me here today.

James Charles loves you guys all the absolute most happy Halloween and we will see you in the next one: [ Applause ]: oh he’s, crying [, Music, ], baby


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