Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing My Makeup In Alphabetical Order

Doing My Makeup In Alphabetical Order

HI SISTERS! Today I wrote out my makeup routine and rearranged it into alphabetical order, all while going through our Sister Dictionary with all of my favorite good and fresh words! This was one of the most fun makeup challenges I’ve ever done, and I hope you enjoy it!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.

Oh my gosh, you guys, I am so excited for today’s brand new video, and that is because we’re doing a makeup challenge that has probably been one of the most requested videos of mine.

Of all time, I’m really not sure why, but first today we’re taking it back to kindergarten and we’re going to be doing our makeup in alphabetical order.

Now, if you are a fellow makeup artist, wearer lover, artiste guru, such as I am, we all have a very specific order or routine that relates to our makeup.

For me, that would be the prior foundation.

Concealer powder, contour, blush baking, eyebrows carve out your eyebrows eyes, shadow liner, mascara lashes, highlighter lip liner, lipstick and finally setting a spray, but if these makeup steps are reordered into alphabetical order, the list would look a little bit like this.

Oh boy, are we in for a challenge?

You guys know what I do with these challenges.

They always do.

Try my best to actually make the final look.

Look really Bob – and this is definitely no exception, so I’m very excited to see what we can come up with today.

Also speaking of our ABCs, there is no denying that the sister speech has become quite a large part of my brand.

There are so many iconic words and phrases that I say literally all the time in my videos and that you guys have started saying too, just my sis up a little bit to make things a little bit more fun as we go through our makeup.

Routine, as the letters of the alphabet, I thought it would be super cute to create a sister dictionary and tell you guys some of my all-time favorite words and catchphrases and, of course, the meetings behind them as well.

So you can be a true sister without further ado, let’s jump right in and learn our ABCs [ Music ].

So the first of the alphabet is a and an our sister dictionary a stands for acrylics.

In case you have never noticed.

My nails are always fully done and a beautiful pink to white ombre and they are not my natural nails.

I always get them made out of acrylic.

My nail tech Jeffries, I’m gon na, be for a very very long time and a beautiful acrylic nail is the absolute essential to a completed James at Charles look B is for beefy, which basically means big or like thick.

You could describe a man as nice and beefed for dinner or a meal.

It was very, very big and beefy if it was a hearty meal, even like a test at school.

If it’s a really really large one, it’s a beefy test.

Definitely my all-time favorite describing words.

The letter B also brings us to our first step of our makeup routine today, which is going to be baking now.

This should be interesting because there’s a general rule and makeup that you’re not typically supposed to put foundations or liquids overtop of a powder which is exactly what we’re doing, but at the same time I also AM a little bit oily right now.

So it could be good to set it we’re gon na find out.

So I’m just going to take this with my powder puffs and I guess I’m going to put this powder on all of the high points of my face that I would normally have with my concealer.

So, underneath my eye is the center of my forehead and then right below, where I would put my contour as well.

That’S interesting looking, I’m so scared of this already.

Okay, the baking is complete.

I’M not really sure.

Well, I’m going to wipe this off what we’re gon na figure that out later, I guess, but for now our next type of a makeup routine, is still on the letter B is going to be blush now I want it to be clever and I want it To use a liquid blush because that’s gon na blend a whole lot better with the foundation later on, but I don’t have one apparently so we’re gon na stick with our regular mock peaches and I’m gon na grab my morphe ii4 brush and I’m just gon na Put this right on the launch point to my face: this is the look.

The next step of our makeup.

Routine is still on the letter B and that is bronzer once again, similar to blush. I wanted to use a cream or a liquid, and I cannot find one right now, which is just fine and dandy.

So I wouldn’t have the benefit of hoola bronzer and my Murphy.

I’M a five to seven brush, really get a good tan coming here.

I am well aware of the fact that this is absolutely crazy right now, so please don’t comment about it.

I think I’m going to layer on a ton of the products before it comes to a foundation, so we do put the foundation over top of this stuff, like it might peek through a little bit.

I could be very very wrong, but I feel like that’s like the only chance of this looking okay, so we’re gon na try our best all right.

The next letter of her alphabet is c and c is for shake.

Shake is a word that you guys have probably heard before, but me and my friends say it literally all the time, so I definitely wanted to include it in this video and she basically just means like really really trendy.

This new sister peeola hoodie, coming to sisters apparel calm, soon, is very, very chic.

My new Birkin bag that I just bought is super super chic.

This makeup look, however, is probably not going to turn out very chic.

See also stands for the next step of our makeup, routine, which is going to be carving out my brows.

This step, I am obviously mortified for mostly because I am NOT very good at doing my eyebrows.

My eyebrows are two very, very different shapes, so I really really rely on the concealer after the whole.

Dip brow, brow ways and dip brow gel from Anasazi out process.

So what kind of fixing them before they even exist might not lead to the best result, but we have no choice so I’m going to grab my concealer brush and a little bit of a tarte shape tape concealer on the back of my hand and try our Best here – oh my god, I’m so scared of how I look right now.

This is not funny the next step of her makeup routine.

It still falls under the letter C, and that would be a concealer before I do that.

I’M just gon na grab a powder brush and wipe away this bake.

That literally, did absolutely nothing and grabbed my shape tape concealer in the shade affair, and put this in the high points of my face for some reason doing this before foundation feels so wrong.

I guess I’m just gon na blend this out using a Beauty, Blender, okay, I’m just gon na pounce right into the skin, not just right on so fast with the powder underneath this, oh my god, oh wow, that is not.

That is not yet!

Oh, my god!

It’S literally drying down so fast because there was the baking powder underneath. I’m scared, oh my god, it’s literally not blending out.

I wanted to grab settings ready to fix this than I can that’s asked, ah, absolutely not honor!

I mentioned what kind of end letter as well.

This has got to be the worst my skin has ever looked.

I’M so scared, no God it’s fully dried.

How did that even happen?

That’S enough of that.

We were moving right along from that.

The next step of our makeup, routine, is still on the letter C and not as contouring.

Thank God, I look at my Anasazi Beverly Hills, a contour kit and my morphe M 405 angled brush and go in and do some charity work here?

Well, I am praying that by the time we get to foundation, this looks somewhat.

Okay, also going to chisel out my nose, the eyes are questionable.

Looking at the next third of the alphabet is D and D stands for, don’t ever know, if you’ve been a true, a snapchat sister.

You’ve definitely heard me, and my friends say this quite a few times, and this basically just means don’t do that.

Don’T say that or like don’t think that, if someone’s being annoying, if someone is being a boring, if someone is being rude, if someone is saying something really stupid, all you have to say is don’t ever and it just means like cut it out.

We have no makeup set.

That starts with letter D, so we’re gon na move onto the next little.

The alphabet, which is e and e, stands for escape room.

If you were a true sister, you would know that my all-time favorite pastime, but I’m not filming or working as going to escape rooms.

It’S came from so basically like interactive themed, puzzle rooms.

You are locked in for one hour and you have 60 minutes to solve puzzles, crack codes and work together with your teammates to get out of the room.

They are so much fun to do.

I love doing them because it really stimulates my brain and makes you think outside of the box and think quickly on your feet, which is like my favorite thing in the entire world.

I really really like and thrive in high-pressure situations, and I bring all my friends to them.

I’Ve literally been to almost every single one in LA, but there are a few left on my list that I cannot wait to do very very soon and I hope that you sisters will try somehow as well.

This is not sponsored, but I really would love it to be, and I definitely want to open my own escape room one day when I’m older speaking of the letter.

Yet that brings us to our next step of our makeup routine, which is going to be.

Thank God, our eyebrows, I’m going to grab my Anasazi and dip brow pomade in the shade and medium and try my absolute best to Philly then and make them look somewhat.

Okay, because we obviously cannot clean them up afterwards and pray that they turn out.

Okay and even just gon na go right above that line of concealer, creating that shape just like normal.

That is good!

Oh my god!

Thank God, are you literally kidding me?


Now I just have to do it again, one and then to pray that I don’t set up my setup with the foundation later on.

Okay, this could be good we’re leaving them right there, that’s good enough for me relatively.

Even if we can maybe do a little bit of fixing with Foundation later on, I’m good with these brows, just gon na set them in place using a little bit of the Anasazi out brow gel that falls under the brow step.

So nobody taught me the next step of our makeup.

Routine is also under the letter e, and it is by far my favorite step.

You guys all know that it is eye shadow today, of course, we’re gon na be using the James Charles X, morphe palette, which just restocked yesterday.

Thank you guys so much for all the love and support on the palette.

As I’m filming this, I obviously don’t know.

If it’s sold out or not, if it did, thank you guys so much and if it did not make sure you shop now at morphe, calm and use Co James for 10 % off your purchase before it does cis’ or sell out once again.

For today’s look, I do want to do a more neutral wearable look, so I’m gon na use the middle row of the palette.

I do have to wear this, make a book tour dinner after this.

I was not planning on it, but it is now three o’clock and I have to leave here at 5:00, meaning I’m not gon na have time to glam again.

So we really need to win the challenge today or I am going to be screwed all right.

You guys, I’m gon na start my car.

I am a four for one brush and dipping into the shade tuna, which is basically just a light transition.

It’s a shade, and I’m gon na put this right in my crease.

Just laying this down and winging out a little bit.

We got nine four three three just gon na dip into a little bit of code, James and 10 % off and use this to it, deepen up the crease a little bit covering another, I’m 433, going to dip into a 10 % off and also a little Bit of it no beans, it’s even if the outer corner that is going back in a little bit of code genius make sure everything is nice and blended out.

I’M gon na do a super simple hockey crease, using the Estela liquid metals at kitten, karma glitter thing.

That was a mouthful.

Oh, my god, I’m just gon na use a little bit of wig and it’s so good together from the palette and give it a quick spritz of some sister setting spray just to make sure this outer corner right here is blended for Laurel Ashley.

Just gon na grab a little bit of a co James and 10 % off mixed together on that same fluffy brush and just put this right below and then just use a little bit of a tune to blend that out.

So that is actually the eyeshadow portion all complete.

That is probably the easiest EYEshadow to know you guys will ever see on my channel.

That being said, the eyes are not fully done.

We do have a few steps, but those how about later on and the alphabet for now the next letter is F.

F stands for one of our good friends, favorite, sisters and worse, to make up mistakes flashback to being married now. If you do not know the flashback Mary, as first of all, welcome to the sisterhood. It’s nice to meet you, but let me educate you in 2016.

I did a meet and greet and took a photo with a fan, hey Pam, hope, you’re doing well control over the most, and I had really bad flashback in the photo, because I was using a powder that was too light for my skin tone.

Now, when Pam posted the photo on her Twitter account, she put a filter on the photo just like most people do and a few people notice that I looked a little bit ghostly in the photo, but it didn’t stop there, because people decided to run with that And they desaturated the photo making me fully gray and thus was born a flashback married at first.

I was very very hurt by the memes because people were using it to say husband, makeup artist, thought I was ugly that I didn’t know what I was doing, but then I decided to turned around and I made my favorite video of all time, recreating my memes, Where I basically paid myself in full black and white and turn myself in to flashback Mary, but this is the first time ever that, while filming a video for my channel, it was more than just makeup.

There was production.

We had a little bit of a script.

There was comedy, there was parody and there was a whole lot of editing too, and I really really enjoyed the process and from that moment on, my channel shifted from just being Beauty to being a full on entertainment based channel.

And I truly believe that that video is what skyrocketed my career and got us where we are today.

I want to say thank you for everything that you’ve done if any of your friends ever take a flash photo and they’re.

Looking a little bit too bright if the under eyes are looking cakey they’re having a flashback merry moment, just like how I am right now, with this makeup, look at the SIRT flash like Mary and F is also for foundation.

Thank God.

I’M gon na got the Too Faced bronze V foundations and the shade of vanilla and and mix them together for a concoction.

That, probably, is still not gon na be close to my skin tone, but it doesn’t matter and we’re going to basically just go over everything that we created and hope and pray that it ends up.

Looking okay, I mean honestly, nothing can look worse than my skin right now anyway.

So it’s gon na be good.

Now, honestly it is a more light to medium coverage foundation, but I did put on a lot of it because I was looking disgusting and that may have been a mistake because the contour and blush did not really shine through like I wanted it to.

I might look very flat for dinner tonight. I mean okay down, looks kind of good.

The next out of the alphabet is G & G stands for good and fresh.

You guys have heard me say this so many times now, and it basically means exactly what you think it would be good and fresh, good and practical like anything positive, anything cute, anything funny, anything exciting.

It’S just really really good and fresh.

The next day, Elphaba is H and of course, H stands for hi sisters, which is way that I start every single one of my youtube videos important to note it is hi and not pay common mistake, but it is the perfect way to greet anybody, especially at Your fellow sisters that watch the videos H also stands for the next step of our makeup routine, which is the core is going to be highlighter.

Now you guys know, I always like to use a powder highlighter, either Anasazi esto Hollywood or face from the jealous ex parte palette is literally the most beautiful shade ever.

But since I haven’t powdered my face yet I don’t want to use it because it’s going to cover everything up.

So I’m gon na grab the jeffree star cosmetics, liquid frost highlighter, in the shade of frozen peach.

Instead, what you think will layer really really nicely over top of the foundation and then I’m just gon na avoid it later on, and hopefully we’ll still be sister shining.

That is not giving me the effect.

I need to say okay, we’re gon na try canary bling instead, which is a little bit more gold in general, I’m just really not a fan of liquid highlighters, no matter what look I’m doing so this is not doing it for me.

I will, however, cover a little bit of my face with a pencil brush and use this to highlight my brow bone and inner corners.

Oh, that’s so pretty you know we’re just gon na grab some anyway and hope that it doesn’t get covered, because I need to be glowing when I tell you guys face is really that girl like she is the girl.

If you have the palette, you know what I mean and if you don’t, then I am so sorry because you’re missing out the next letter of the alphabet is I and I stands for if you’d like to follow me on our makeup turnigy and follow me on Instagram twitter they’re opposed to shame Charles my snapshot for one of the Caesar self-esteem Charles.

The text rest after Charles next comes J and J stands for James, my name and also a coupon code that you should always try well makeup shopping because it always works and gets you money off your purchase on websites such as Murphy, calm, all front and Lilly Lashes next comes K and K is for a kitty girl that you guys have definitely heard me say this several times on both snapchat and Twitter.

It is from an iconic RuPaul song, hey Kitty girl, and it is basically just an endearing term for your friends or your family or literally anybody.

You just say: hey.

Could you girl next be Al and Alice for love that or can also be expanded to love that for you or love that for me, basically anytime, something funny positive amazing happens.

You just say it love that this makeup look so far, don’t want that also stands for it lashes, I’m gon na pop on the Lily lashes in the South, so extra Miami, these ones, aren’t nice and bake, so they’ll kind of distract, hopefully from the rest of The face we have going on, I am a little bit worried because I don’t have mascara or any liner on yet, and I know that is coming after the fact, but I did used to do my mascara after my lashes when I first started on YouTube and It worked me for a very, very long time so right and make it work.

Oh my god, I forgot how much easier putting lashes on before mascara actually is.

Why did I ever stop doing this?

You know how to do this.

Tanna of all people, Tana mojo, was one who taught me to put on my lashes before my mascara, and I don’t know why I ever stopped honestly.

I’M gon na start doing this again next step, for this look is still under the letter.

L – and that is liner, which should be a very interesting challenge, meaning that I already have lashes on.

But regardless I’m gon na grab the Tom Ford liner in black and we’re going to pop on a wing as best as we can oops.

That is definitely a beefy wing.

Okay, next up also is under the letter, L and as another form of liner, but this time not on the eyes, and that is lip liner Brewed just gon na line as usual.

[, Music ] after lip liner comes lipstick next and alpha becomes.

The letter.

M and M stands for a morphe one.

My favorite makeup brands of all time.

If you’ve made it this far into my channel – and you don’t know who morphe is I’m a little bit concerned for you, but just in case korva is the brand that I collaborated with on my first ever makeup product, the James house X, Murphy palette, and I Just love their team and loved everything they stand for and you can and should use code James purged, a letter for 10 % off all of their products and was also for mascara.

I’M gon na grab the Mac extended play at black mascara.

This is my all-time.

Favorite and I’m going to use this to blend together my real lashes with the fake ones and finish up the eye portion, and it’s for not with that attitude, which is by far one of my favorite sarcastic responses, is basically any time.

Someone is doubting themselves or is putting out negative energy into the world.

You just say back not with that attitude, which basically means like if you continue thinking and acting in the way that you are currently you’re, never going to get what you want if you’re, like.

Oh, my god, I’m never gon na get a boyfriend not with an attitude well, in my case, not with any other two, because it’s just not working regardless, but point being.

If someone is doubting themselves or doubting you, you tell them not with that attitude and hopefully they change their thought process.

Real quick o stands for.

Oh, my god, P stands for pressed pigment.

Now, if you do not know what pressed pigment is I’m assuming that you would have joined the sisterhood after the launch of my palette and if I was the case, welcome to the family, it really happy to have you pregnant is a super fun makeup term for A type of permit that is often found inside of pallets and pretty much half of the James Rawls morphe palette is pressed pigments they’re, pretty similar in ingredients to regular eyeshadows.

But there are a few differences, mainly being there’s a lot more actual pigment and at the shadow, which is why a lot of the bright colors are considered, oppressed penguins.

You have to blend them a little bit differently and also the biggest difference is that technically by FDA standards, they’re not considered eye safe because they can cause sister staining.

But I never had any problems and they have created by far some of the most beautiful eyeshadow loss that I’ve ever done.

He also sends for our next step, which is powder, thank God, because it has literally been over an hour since I put on my concealer and foundation.

Looking absolutely disgusting, I’m going to quickly blend out any crevices and creases that I haven’t built up over time.

I might need a sister second, because there are quite a few of them and finally, I’m just gon na grab Maya, damp beauty, sponge and my Laura Mercier translucent powder and set my face in place.

My hands are still there.

It worked as the next step in my makeup.

Routine also starts to letter P, and that would be a prime now if you think after all this hard work, when I have a dinner in one hour that I’m going to mess up my face that makeup you’re wrong.

I have a tea normally, I would use the touch of water cream or the cell canvas primer, but instead I’m going to grab the more view prep and set spray and give my face a nice good squirt to really melt all the powder and everything in together And to prime my face q is for quaking, which is similar to shaking, but not the same thing as shaking because you use it when you somebody or something else is shook by you and like a threatening manner.

But it’s always sarcastic.

Does that make any sense at all?

No, for example, if somebody was trying to make it for the first time and just unleashing their inner artist, one look was complete and they could easily look in the mirror and say wow.

James Charles is quicking, which is implying that they are a better makeup artist than I am, which very well could be true, but it’s a fine joke.

Does that make any sense?

People who explain things well or quaking are for real one if you’re describing a person a real widest one.

That’S always there for you.

That’S really honest!

That’S nice, that’s always down for a good time.

You know just a real one for a real one.

However, it is an extension on what phrase that we say all the time and it’s always following a verb, for example: twerk it for a real one or blend in your shadow for a real one.

We don’t really know what it means or why we say it, but we say it for a real one and it’s fun the fastest.

For you guessed it sister.

All of you guys are all sisters.

I and the Queen’s sister we’re all sisters.

This is the sister’s speech and, if you don’t know what sister is at this point, you should probably just stop watching this.

Video is also for the last type of our makeup routine settings right.

I’M gon na grab the Urban Decay all nighter, I’m going to lock this in place because it’s makeup somehow I feel Sleater doubt okay and I places to go people to see things to do, but I need this make a book to last.

All night long T stands for the house now.

This is by far my favorite thing to say right now. I mean my friends are all obsessed. I heard about it from another youtuber named Rich Locks, basically any time.

Something is very something else you can say it is the house that was the worst explanation ever oh, my gosh, it is very, very cold.

Outside it’s cold, the house, you that alpha is so ugly.

The Alpha is ugly, the house.

Well, this makeup look actually turned out pretty good.

This makeup look is good.

The house, the house is the new best way to put emphasis on anything the next little.

The alphabet is?

U and U is to battle a shirt, inner artist and not a stitch tag line inside of the iconic James house, x, morphe palette, unless you’re an artist for me as a form of empowerment, and I believe that everybody truly does have an artist somewhere within them.

Whether you want to believe it or not, that is kind of the whole point of both this palette, and my youtube channel is to push people to express themselves by playing with color.

Kids, do not be afraid to look, act, speak and express themselves in whatever way that they want.

V is for vent.

A panga D Jane could eat with light ice.

That is the drink that he orders from Starbucks every single morning.

It wakes me up.

It keeps me energized throughout my work and my meetings.

It is a drink that used to be on the Starbucks secret menu, but thanks to me and all of your sisters being obsessed with it, it is literally not on the permanent menu and everybody gets it all.

The time it is loaded is the best drink in the entire world in Starbucks, please sponsor me W is for whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah.

Unfortunately, I could not cope with anything for the letter max, because, in order to have an X, you have to have a boyfriend.

First Y is for you’re kidding, which you use when you simply cannot believe what you’re hearing you have to say it.

That way, though, you’re kidding, you’re kidding last but finally, not least, we have Z, which is also known as sleep, which is saying that I do not get a lot of sleep, because I spend all of my time planning mediocre jokes for videos like these.

Oh, my gosh, you guys 26 letters later.

We are finally all complete with making up an alphabetical order challenge, and this is the completed love at first.

I was a little bit sister scared, because my eyebrows were looking way too beefy and my concealer had flashback Mary quaking, but in the end I feel like we Unleashed our inner artist and the final look came out very, very good and fresh if you guys enjoyed Today’S video, please don’t forget, to give it a big thumbs up down below.

It really means so much to me and also leave me a comment, and let me know if you were to make a sister dictionary, which phrases or sayings would you put in there that I may have missed.

If you are not ready, don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join this sisterhood, we are 15 million sisters trying to love to have you join the family and also click the bell icon.

So you can get notifications every time.

I uploaded a brand new video.

I hope you’ll remember our phrase for letters.

I, if you do say it with me, if you like, follow me on my makeup.

Dirty can follow me on Instagram or Twitter, which are bolts of shame.

Charles myself, talk more by the seasons.

Up is jr.


The next row asked after Charles this video is sister shutter goes sister Alexis.

Thank you so much love for always falling in support of you.

I love you literally so so so much and if you like to be in the next videos, sister shadow, don’t forget to always reach out to her, live on Twitter and also turn on my YouTube posts.

Notifications are race.

This is what is ollie on for today’s video.

Thank you so much for watching.

I love you and don’t ever forget that I will see you in the next one: haha whoa whoa, hey yeah.

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