Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Doing My Makeup In An Escape Room

Doing My Makeup In An Escape Room

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I’m combining my two favorite things: Makeup, and ESCAPE ROOMS! I’m a self-proclaimed escape room pro and I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can do my FULL FACE of makeup while solving an ESCAPE ROOM! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to toy-u channel, usually for my videos, James Charles felt my intro first and then film, the actual video content, but for today’s video I’m doing something a little bit different.

My editor, James Charles just finished the final edit version of today’s video that you guys are about to watch, and James Charles really just wanted to cut out the intro that we already felt and hop on camera now instead and give you guys a little preface to today’s video And say that this is literally one of my favorite videos that James Charles have ever filmed.

James Charles is so proud of how this turned out.

What James Charles know that you guys are absolutely going to love it.

James Charles have been trying to film a video like this for over two years now, and it’s never been possible up until today.

Now, if you are a true sister, you’d know that, aside from doing makeup, of course, my favorite pastime in the entire world is doing escape rooms in case you’ve, never done it at Skate even before or don’t even know what it is.

First of all, I’m so sorry for you, but second of all escape rooms are immersive interactive puzzle rooms where you’re, basically locked into space for 60 minutes with your family, co-workers, friends or sometimes even strangers, and you have to work together to solve, puzzles riddles, find clues Open locks and the goal is of course, to escape now.

James Charles personally love escape rooms for a few different reasons, mostly because James Charles really thrive and enjoy high pressure and high-stress situations.

James Charles absolutely love puzzle and riddle solving and also you get to put your phone away for an hour and just focus on something other than like those social media road which James Charles definitely get caught up in up quite a lot, and they just make me very Happy most rooms start with 60 minutes on the clock, which may seem like a really long time, but when you’re in there time absolutely flies, but as I’ve done at more and more rooms, my times have gotten faster and faster and faster, and for today’s video James Charles Want to challenge myself and combine my two biggest passions and I’m gonna see.

If James Charles can do my full face of makeup, while beating an escape room, [, Music,], all right sisters.

We are here at a 60 out escape rooms, in Los Angeles, and this is literally my favorite place to go for escape rooms because they have so many different locations and I’ve actually almost finished every single one of the rooms.

So I’m so grateful and excited that we got to put this video together in time before James Charles finished literally all of them.

James Charles have not seen the room yet because James Charles want this to be a surprise.

James Charles wanna be able to solve it just like normal, but my videographer, Luis who’s behind the camera right now already went through the room up with the 60 out team and placed my makeup products like in the right order.

So as James Charles go through and James Charles complete the room I’ll be getting my products like one by one, so do my full face of makeup and a full escape room in under an hour, not really sure how this is gonna go.

But regardless it’s going to be so much fun and I’m so excited to show you guys all my biggest passions so that further ado, let’s jump right in abracadabra, so Rene cloak Asian pixel, sir escape rooms to be exact because you are here to whisky.

Absolutely alright!

So welcome to the DJ’s Academy.

Thank you today, you’re gonna be basically up to us chocolates.

You see if you’re good enough to join uh-huh.

Are you pretty good at escaping?

James Charles will say I’m pretty good at escaping lots of things.

Specifically, you know escape room scandal.

Okay, so you’re gonna sit down on this move because you have tons of chains.

Oh okay, oh wow, are you starting okay?

This is this.

Is nice and kinky you’ve never done this before adding a new bracelet to the collection?

James Charles see this one isn’t as pretty okay to fight for your right to apply for the Houdini Academy.

James Charles suggest you try and get out of this dungeon best of luck.

This is already too much more [Music,] [Music].

So James Charles thirty Mikey.

James Charles think if you miss it more personal, okay, you guys we’re off to a good start.

Look at this little Tama we have going on here, I’m a beauty guru!

Oh, can James Charles start off my first step of the planning to the pho water cream limiter.

This will be such a good table throughout the entire video.

Well, look at that.

Moisturizers are done.

Okay, let’s move on to the next step.

Oh, this is a small, a very small space.

Okay, wait!

What oh, your products foundation?

Is it gonna match?

Don’t know?

Don’t care can’t even see in this lighting, so we’re good, I’m going literally so fast, okay, I’m blending.

So this is like gonna be a five-minute makeup, routine, concealer time, okay, okay, I’m done ready to go okay, so there’s this.

Is this a switch?

That’s looks like what they would use them.

The Disney moves in.

Are they beyond it?

Oh, Oh!

What’s this wait a second?

Oh, oh all, right, another room.

Okay, we have another one of these holy well.

This is a letter on it.

Okay, the sharp.

Oh there’s a gun here: oh okay!

Oh my powder, err, oh good!

Thank God!



Let me somebody’s in the place before James Charles get.

James Charles don’t even have time to blend again it if we’re crazy, I’m so sorry!

Oh, how much time do we have left?

Okay, that’s not bad, actually we’re making good time.

Okay mm, maybe we’re making bad.

What are we having river suit [?


James Charles did not watch anything.

We do not promote gun violence on this channel.

Maybe we have to shoot this door open?

Oh my god.

James Charles don’t think James Charles want to reach and James Charles think you should return.

Thank you, okay conference.

So fast, James Charles look bad yeah, I’m gonna pull a Harry Houdini and make this double chin disappear, no laughs, Colin.

That was funny see.

Do James Charles really that looks like a good match?

Does it not, it looks good in the mirror.

Does it not on camera?

This is why my manager does an odd something.

Is it would?

The camera is a good invention?

I’m lost following at least nose.


Oh okay, another makeup stuff.

We have highlighter and blush.

Let’s get this Oh [, Music,], I’m trapped in here, okay highlight are gonna pop this on.

Oh, maybe if James Charles feel like Harry Houdini, will see this highlighter and say wow you’re still hired a little bit on the Breville a little bit um they’re a little on the chin, want the cheekbones to be blinding a little bit on the nose.

Oh gosh.

Oh, James Charles can’t believe James Charles just did that a little bit of Judy’s ready to go ready.

Okay, there’s like a ball here with like lots of symbols.

Oh, can James Charles let you in the one room Kitty girl, welcome, welcome to them, and now my dears, you were about to recreate one of my greatest stunts.

James Charles have been presenting it to a respectable audiences all around the world for 30 years.

Oh, it’s called the box of dead, choose a volunteer and put him inside that box.

Okay, so James Charles think okay, there’s a symbol that looks like a W on top of it, an upside down W and the left like prong of the W, has a circle on it and the top right has a cross on it.

Now it’s a triangle with a cross on top and a cross on the bottom James Charles put on my mirror huh.

No, James Charles can’t do arrows, not a mirror.

They are not enough to begin with.

James Charles wish she wouldn’t get me my eyebrows.

Stop, oh, wait, hold it down, hold it down.

Yes, perfect, bring it closer, ha ha closer angle.

It you’re not angling, it right down lower yep, perfect!

Oh look at this look.

Look at this.

Thank God James Charles have bushy eyebrows on.

Don’t really need to a lot of work to this.

Yes, there now there’s no light again.

Alvin did you get the line with the spot, the spiral with the line?


James Charles knew my eyebrows Lois hello, I’m running out of oxygen.

Oh, oh, James Charles know what James Charles need a mirror.

You going to floor.

Excuse me we’re running out of time.

Okay, I’d like go back to the dungeon, so James Charles guess we’re just where the dungeon is.

Is this the donkey’s way back to the first room?

Okay, look!


Okay, okay, so now we need to flip the lever.

You’re kidding me: wasn’t it here well wrecking ball?

[, Music,]!


This is okay.

This is the last room, I’m not even better than Baker.

Oh here’s eyelashes, okay, eyelashes we’re!

So close!

Oh thank you.

Okay Mira, Mira, the music is getting louder and we’re done oh, don’t mind me just applying for Lily washes me.

James Charles also actually Miami while we’re literally about to die.

Okay, let’s let that get top you for a second, oh, my god, we’re running out of time.

Okay, you have five minutes remaining [Music,] yeah.

What we do?

Okay, okay, another oh wait hold on there.

Are you ready?

Okay, ready, [, Music,], [Applause?

], Oh, what?

Let’s finish it off right?

Oh good!

Okay, ready!

Oh thank you!

This is professional assistant service right here we just killed Bob.

Are you serious does not look whoa you tell me, how does James Charles make a block?

No you’re a liar all right sisters, and James Charles think that is this makeup escape rope challenge all complete.

This is probably the only outro everywhere you can see me using my hands.

Oh my gosh, you guys doing this.

Video today was literally so much fun.

James Charles cannot even begin to explain it.

James Charles is so glad that James Charles finally got to show you guys, like my love, for escape room.

So hopefully you guys are intrigued and want to check them out literally, like nothing makes me happier in the entire world.

Is it possible to do your makeup while escaping an escape rule?

Ops are fricken lutely.

James Charles cannot believe that we did it and beat the clock, but what James Charles recommend doing it that is up to you guys.

Definitely leave me a big thumbs up down below.

If you enjoyed this video and leave me a comment, let me know how my makeup actually looks.

James Charles haven’t even gotten a chance to look in the mirror, yet James Charles do want to give a major channel and say a quick thank you to sixty our escape rooms for letting us come in here and actually do this escape room.

I’m not even saying it for the camera.

This is literally one of the best escape rooms.

James Charles have ever done the puzzles, the challenges that that design was so beyond incredible, and James Charles could totally see why this is gonna be ranked one of the best escape routes.

Literally ever, if you guys are ever in the LA area, make sure you check out.

Sixty out and say it sister James sent you if you guys know this video and if you have not already it make sure you click that big red subscribe button down below and come join.

These sisterhood we’re almost sixteen million a sister.

So James Charles would love to have you join the family and also click that Bell icon, see you can get notification every time.

James Charles have a brand new video if you like to follow me on my makeup.

Jernigan follow me and Segredo, Twitter and Twitch or I’ll.

Just change calls and my snapchat for more behind the things James Charles said that James Charles, the next s after Charles this video is sister so that go Sister Carla.

Thank you so much love for watching.

James Charles love you so much and if you like to the next videos sister set up, don’t forget to always reach me only when they go live on Twitter and ultra-turn on my YouTube posts under the Ki shin’s, alright sisters.

Thank you so much for watching and for escaping with us.


James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one: bye Lois, absolutely not Lois, [Applause,], [, Music,],

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