Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Driving With James Charles

Driving With James Charles

HI SISTERS! I decided to finally become an adult and buy my FIRST car!! I went with a Tesla and for today’s video I wanted to drive around with you guys, do a car tour, and also answer some questions you guys have been asking in honor of our family hitting 10 million subscribers. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and enjoy!!

Hi sisters James Charles here, and welcome back 22 Channel okay, you guys I am so beyond excited for today’s brand new video.

As you can see, we are not in the normal YouTube studio setting.

I am outside in front of my garage because for today’s video in case you didn’t know, I recently bought a car for my first time ever here in Los Angeles.

I have been driving for the past few weeks and it is pretty fun and good and fresh.

So far I have not died yet, which is surprising to me, and I’m really happy about that.

Aside from the car, there’s been a lot of other amazing things going on and if you guys did not know, we recently just had 10 million sisters here on this YouTube channel.

There are so many new sisters here in the family and I apparently have not done a Q & A video in literally over a year.

Now I don’t know how that happened, but for today I thought I’d be so much fun to show you guys.

My brand new car hopped in the Tesla and went for a little bit of a ride, while talking about all things in my life boys drama makeup my palette and a whole lot more.

So without further ado, let’s go dry with me: I don’t we not die.

[ Music ] ready for a got a trivial yeah, so slow.

This is the brand-new 2018.

A Tesla Model X set seven people for myself and all my family.

Whenever we are whipping it around here in California, together, the car can block and would actually just get it.

Painted my sticker City here in California, there and literally the bus and the entire will be finished this so quickly and it looks literally incredible – just got new black rims, thank God because they were very, very prescient and gross before, and I literally and love with this Car you guys, I don’t want to get the windows tinted for a little bit more privacy, but I thought we should be better driving before I do that and then I died so without further ado.

The Sun is going down, which is so incredibly rude at daylight.

Saving time it just happens, we only have a little bit of sudden left first and I sound.

Let’S help any one go for a ride, all right, so three seconds and we weren’t recording, but we just missed a stop sign.

So it’s off to a really good start by the way my best friend drew was behind the camera.

The questions that I just so you know you can ask yourself.

So that is very true.

Oh I thought it’d be fun tuned for cute.

I actually did not pick out these questions for today’s video.

I asked you guys to tweet me on Twitter by the way, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, probably should actually ask Drew to go out there and pick out the most liked.

Questions that you guys all want in the house.

Little kind of, like a sister surprise, the class excuse me ma’am, I’m gon na need you to wait your turn.

Thank you very much.

As you’ll notice, we have GoPros on the windshield and Druce.

Only I refuse to text and drive and use my phone while driving to do anything while driving.

I think it is so stupid.

So don’t do that.

Please literally Everett, and the first question is from Emily.

Are you ever going to be getting a dog?

If so, what would you name?

I love you sister, definitely, okay!

So now that I have a house which is literally the best thing in the entire movement, they were unable to come over all the time when my manager and assistant work out of the house.

Every single day and obviously sister Ian, listen to me now too, which is a pizza base.

So it’s always a full house.

I’Ve always wanted a dog since I moved to California, but I never wanted to get a dollar when I was living downtown because I was not home not often – and it was only me so as such as I loved a dog literally like animal cruelty to leave A dog in that girl’s apartment all day long and not be able to walk in in downtown.

So now, I’m absolutely doing a lot of traveling in the next few months.

But as soon as everything settles down, I will definitely be a top date and I am so excited.

As for the name, I’m going to see the dog first away, yeah leave comments below with me: mate.

Yes, oh yeah!

Definitely I really want to get something with a husky Matt.

It’S like really really badly consenting Huskies are the cutest butt, both Grayson and my dad and a lot of others.

My close friends are really really allergic to dogs.

So I think I need to get a hypoallergenic one.

So if you have any really great breed suggestions, let Kitty go now here.

We’Re gon na use our phone on one side, since the camera literally already died one seconds of the videos.

You love how good at youtubing, I honestly like never using a vlog camera, though not because all my videos are in a professional studio, yeah good time.

Okay, next question is from Audrey, how is your favorite beauty guru palette other than your own?

There are a lot of really really good ones.

One of my favorites, you can’t makeup artists, see Marie I’m you, I actually just collaborated with, I think, to be perfect, created a beautiful rainbow palette so other than mine.

I would have to say hers basically, because it’s a very similar Drive hello.

Where are you going?

We are going to die.

A hundred percent hopefully just be perfect to implement a question Vegas driving pet peeve by Becca.

Let me tell you okay, people in California suck at driving, including me, but everyone is so okay, so, first of all, the biggest thing, nobody uses their turn signals, not a single person.

So you have literally no idea what anybody’s going to move to relocate themselves.

Speed up, slow down or get off an accent, so I’ve already witnessed, like eighty six car crashes, almost happened and like the front of my eyes, like several as much I’ve, always been apart from people not putting on their signal it’s like.

Is it really that hard to answer your question?

No, it’s not watch ready, watch, that’s ready!

Right click!

It is!

Okay, look at everybody who’s behind me, which is nobody, but if they were behind me, they’re gon na know that I’m currently making a right-hand turn.

So that’s a major issue that I have really been finding difficult.

Also, like I’m a pretty fast driver, I’m very impatient.

I have places to go to see money to make people talk and if the speed limit is 35, I’m going at least 40 okay.

I did not want to be going down a road that is 35 and I think at 32 miles per hour why the speed limit is a suggestion, not 11 and okay.

The next question is from two obsessed with Conan, and it says what was the most difficult makeup: look for you to make or recreate I’m not really sure off the top of my head, probably honestly the hardest talk about of so much of the velocity videos, but Putting like the white in the right areas and trying to make it actually look like the foundation was painted on top of the white canvas for some reason was very, very challenging on the day of the shoot, but I love how Edna turning out you know.

I think we need to do both, yeah yeah.

We already want to go to McDonald’s, yep.

I think it’s pretty close to you so I’ll just whip it over there forever, like someone’s gon na crash into forums.

Okay, hello hi, can I do a 10-piece chicken nuggets?

I’M at a large fry.

We do 20 nuggets and two large fries on lots of barbeque songs, please and also Buffalo, a large coke at a large sprite.

Oh yes, we make chicken.

She said now we have to whip it around this curb. This is such a big vehicle and such a small driver . Why am I the queen of driving?

Oh my gosh, okay, this is a funny one I found so Johanna asks just curious.

Did you ever have a girlfriend, yeah?

I had two girlfriends.

Actually, when I was in middle school, her son’s name was tasked and the other one’s name was Katie and they were both best friends for like three days total, both until you realize that you liked male features yeah.

This is a casual one, Honey Nass.

What’S your favorite pop tart, flavor, s’mores or brown sugar cinnamon for sure, like it’s a tie between the tail yeah, this one’s, you always have yeah curves aren’t straight, and neither am i asks.

I mean that’s proving any tips for being more comfortable as yourself tea.


I like really really bad when it comes to advice on those types of questions because of the fact that, like oh good hurry, oh let’s video is not sponsored, but I should be so the tunnel’s please.

To be completely honest, I am really really bad at advice questions when it comes to me being myself and being more confident, because the fact that I have become Who I am through dealing with bullying and dealing with a lot of things working against me.

My entire life, I’ve always just had a very, very thick skin and have been very, very unapologetic, and I think for me you guys really know this, but I’m definitely a like self-proclaimed workaholic doing the job that I do every single day and working as much as I do it does happen on the occasion, but I actually like taking time to get offended over stop until I let that stuff get to me for me personally, I find very, very challenging because it’s not giving literally just so busy.

I guess my biggest piece of advice is like you are you and you were born that way and you’re in literally the best in the entire world, and we all have our talents and everybody has their flaws its abroad to really focus on like what makes you Happy what makes you feel confident so that you’re not like, hopefully focusing on the negative, because it can turn into a really really bad, and once you get stuck in that, it’s really hard to come out of it.

That was like a really crappy entire month and surrounded yourself with good people and so on.

Oh yeah, that’s a really good thing to like sir.

I understand with really good people who have similar work ethics and morals as when I first moved to LA and I became like a social-media influencer.

I tried really hard to fit in with everybody, and I was hanging out with everybody, and I was pointing to parties.

It was a really really toxic mindset for me to always want a fan and always go to those house parties and be at those events and stuff.

Once I really stopped trying – and mostly because I was working all the time and couldn’t even have time to try to begin with, but I really realized there was a small cork of a friend’s.

If I’m going to be there for me, no matter what and now I think of them, literally all the time and I’ve literally had the same about spine group since I first started to make it a three years ago, like they were the first ones I ever Had and we’ve stayed close ever since so very, very blessed to have them in my life and you guys will be meeting them very soon if you are be important there.

Okay, so Leah asked who / how many people are usually behind the camera, while you’re filming your videos, that’s a good question for those of you who did not know when I first started YouTube.

It was only just me doing everything, and now, through three years of working on production, I do have a full team that works around me every single day, which is so incredibly amazing, and I’m so grateful for all that.

I never really talked about that one.

Before my channel, because I feel like there’s a very, very weird mindset when it comes to youtubers that like, if you aren’t doing everything yourself that you’re not like anymore, which is so weird, I guess my contact speaks for itself.

Hopefully, I have something. I usually have my manager Jake in the room just because he works at my house every single day, so he usually will just do his work.

Upstairs I’m filming my assistant Quinn. Usually that’s where the camera as well just makes sure all my camera angles are good and just has got me any products.

They have it already on the table and I also have a writer named Arrows, who will also sit behind the camera with me on the occasional video if it’s really a cabinet, to take your face, video or every review.

I always credit my team in all my videos, and I definitely had a few questions about him and becoming like a writer.

I know I call him my writer, but I guess he’s more like a coordinator. My videos are definitely not scripted, but you guys know that.

I definitely have a major issue when it comes to stuttering and having to redo, so I haven’t.

I always said together before every single video and kind of concept playing it all out.

So I have notes and bullet points of things that I want to say in the video topics that I want to touch on, or sometimes even jokes that I want to make.

If I, it really depends on the video or the day, but there’s usually around two people in the room with me, while I’m filming okay, next question comes from Mari and she asks would you ever come out with sister swimwear?

I am really really excited for a lot of the stuff that is coming up soon on sissies apparel, so if you guys are kind of keeping up with it for those of you who do not know, I have a clothing line called sisters apparel.

It is very fun.

Very fresh, very cute: what am I doing?

What are we doing?

I’M gon na turn around because this Sun is going down, but it’s very very bright.

So I want to have you, on my left hand, side to get my gold?

Oh okay, sisters, apparel!

For me it started off as a merch line, which was really fun.

Of course, I did like my repeating sisters, hoodies and the sister sayings, but my goal for sisters abuela is not for it to be merged, but rather like an actual clothing line.

So I really want to work on it.

I have so many amazing plans for really really dope pieces that are a lot more than just screen printing on a regular merch ID like I have a lot of custom stuff that’s already in the works.

The downtown clash that was done last month, all custom pieces, which I absolutely love, I’m gon na have a lot more custom stuff coming very very soon, including some Eric upcoming this summer.

So I’m just really really excited.

I have a lot of big fans, and I really genuinely hope that it keeps going well.

The support and sales recently have been like through the roof, like I’d never expected it to do this.

Well, so I’m very very grateful for all of you guys who want to support and want to get the pieces.

It’S been so cool like seeing you guys rocking them and your alpha and just integrating them into your everyday fashion.

So I’m really really happy.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

No, you cannot make a left-hand turn here.

Lilia asks.

Can you do a giveaway for all the broke sisters that can’t afford your merchant pallet, so in this video?

No, but Titus tells them yeah how we should just tell them hmm.

Should I tell them?

No, you could definitely tell them.

Don’T offer a giveaway in this video because at the end of November, but for every single, oh my gosh, I tell them yeah sure for every single video that is being uploaded in December.

I will be doing a huge giveaway.

Just to say thank you, I can take it back to cards.

Oh my god.

I am so beyond excited, because last year I had a huge holiday.

Give us, ladies and I have so much fun doing it, but I was like I think I have like two million followers at the time and I was still saving all my money to get a house and get a car.

So I was not doing well. Now we’re at 10 million we’re doing pretty good and fresh thanks to all of you guys, so I’m so excited because for the past several months I’ve been saving up a lot of money to put towards each holiday gameis lights.

For you guys here I want to give back.

I want to give you guys some, but really really nice and beefy gifts just to say thank you, everything that you’ve done for me so stay tuned for all my December videos, because the giveaways are going to be.

I’m scared about that.

I’M just kind of scared that on the slate it’ll be good contact.

Okay, Frances asks.

Can you come to the UK soon, so I can be blessed and meet you please.

So I’m not really sure what I can and can’t say.

I’M gon na be vade to avoid getting in trouble because I don’t like getting in trouble, but I will not say that there are definitely lots of travel plans coming out very very soon.

For me, which is really good and fun, and I’m so excited because I’m gon na be bringing a lot of my friends with me as well.

I do not like travelling because being away from home and not being able to work every single day gives me a lot of anxiety, especially time zone changes, but having my close friends around me makes it so much better having you guys around the wake wing.

As well make everything a lot better so make sure you have a post notification on, because there definitely lots of announcements coming very very soon.

Breezy cakes asks: what do you want in a boyfriend and why, with Apollo sucks number one, I want a boy who is a strange lot, for you that’s easy.

It’s easier than you infecting a true somebody who is not involved whatsoever with the makeup world and in any way shape or form, because I need diversity and variation in my life.

I would like someone who is taller than me: it’s like a little spoon.

If you haven’t met me, you know that I’m kind of tall, I’m 510, which is so annoying.

I wish I was a little bit shorter.

Like five eight, you would be so cute for me.

I feel like it’s hard to find guys that are really tall and then somebody was funny.

Definitely I need a boy who is really really funny because my life can be so frustrating sometimes.

I definitely have confidence I’m super super easy.

So I need someone who can make me laugh and make me smile even if only for a few days. You’re tall, just email me and I’ll filter them to Texas, yeah I’ll filter them for him.

Okay, on to the next question, Amber asks what you’ve ever considered doing.

Pop-Up shops for sisters apparel, let me the most says she says Aaron asks: do you ever find it overwhelming trying to create content that accommodates to everybody?

Oh yeah, that is probably literally like the only downside to my job, is trying to produce content that everybody is going to enjoy.

Like I talked about before, I definitely have very, very thick skin.

I don’t really get offended by many things, but something that I do definitely get hurt by a lot, and I can admit this openly is when people don’t like things that I don’t want to work into really the big production, videos or my palate for examples.

Like no, I’m obviously very very sensitive about it, because I said this long to the poor but like my pal it was obviously my biggest project in my entire career.

Obviously, my videos are all of equal scale, but I think of each individual video, as kind of like a mini production and a mini project as well.

So a lot of the work goes into a lot of the videos, whether it be in a production level or a company that I’m working with or the things that I’m actually doing for my editing team is working really hard to actually like to make.

It would be really really funny if I was having an off day, so everything one of the videos I like to think of us like a mini project, so it definitely is really really hard to come up with concepts that you know everybody is going to enjoy.

The reality that I’ve had has gotten bigger over time.

Everybody isn’t going like every single video there’s, always gon na, be people who don’t like it or who won’t laugh, as are things for who aren’t gon na understand, turn makeup techniques or products, the lexer and Lux, and it’s definitely been saying that spark for me to Kind of come to terms with, but I definitely chose I’m getting better and better at it, as I keep going as a content creator and as I get older as well, so I definitely does talk, but at this point I’m just making content that I’m really really Proud of and for the most part, most of you guys enjoy as well, so I’m just gon na keep doing that.

Whoever once said watch can watch it hopefully stay with us for a while.

Okay, so Masha asks what’s something that makes you want a sister snap.

Every time someone says it, why don’t you answer that question?

What things you see happen a lot in my life that makes you a no-entry so eating at a restaurant and like James did at a table and whatever like when we went to Chili’s great kidding, waitress.

Okay, so the waitress in Arizona knew James or it was like someone can go through.


Give me to rent alone we’re in Arizona for fourth-of-july trip that might like parents took us on, and then we went to Chili’s one night and like that, someone in the restaurant basically knew who James was so.

It was in the middle of nowhere.


It was like we don’t even know where it was still and we were in those chilies and then the girl texted, all her friends who texted their friends detectives their friends who texted their friends who talked to their parents and their grandmas and their grandpas in their Sisters and those boyfriends and their children to all come to this chilies and Stampede of the chili is really just mom it up for a row on at 10:00 p.


at night.

So there we were literally to start seeing.

People come up to the windows and they’re like hi at the windows of Chili’s, and basically it ended up with like a hundred people showing up at this Chili’s all asking James for pictures.

Well, he literally walked outside of Chili’s and there were a hundred people outside.

I was like, where did you all even come from?

Like I don’t even know this, many people live there, they have a dining area.

The thing that annoyed me kind of was that the house had people like they waited for you whatever, like okay, that’s nice um, but the people they were people just came inside and asked for photos.

While you were eating just like, come in and be like.

Hey, do you think that’d be like grabbing a photo?

Really quick, as I have my 20 dollar dinner for two chicken pasta in it.

So that’s probably what it is.

Okay, Tori Walker asks.

Are you thinking of going on tour any time soon?

Yes, how’s it?

Looking at this is another quickie Bianca asks.

Would you rather vacation on the beach or in the mountains, also have a really cool interruption?

Oh magic?

If we got pulled over that would be good for the video really.

We should try to break the law.

Uh-Huh wait.

Would rather go on vacation, the beach or the mountains. I’m not really a beach person.

I hate the sand.

I hate the water mm-hmm yeah, like a good beach photo, I like being in the warm.

So it was like the Hawaiian.

Now it’s down, but I really don’t like the beach.

I hate sand.

If Sandra really gives me a gal and I don’t like being in cold water, so, okay, so leave us.

What’S your absolute favorite shade from the palette and why that is such a hard question, because I literally love someone who is close there.

I would probably have to say you’re kidding, just because I’ve wanted a true Matt writer for so long in my collection that I have never been able to find one that I really really like, and I also really like the defense.

My mom’s shade so has a very special place in my heart, and the yellow sheet is really really bombed too and scampered.

For my dad and brother for DN and plenty for the twins, you forgot about me and boutique for Laura and me and artistry portrayal, yeah and playground for Anthony, I’m not artistry, I’m Mary, Mary, oh okay, there’s a couple more questions kidding Ava asks.


If your full house is coming, as in decorator, oh definitely stay on the lookout for the house.

Obviously I want a fully decorated frame to post the video and it’s going actually pretty well somewhere.

I will say I’m definitely making far better progress.

Timing, wise on this house decoration and then like my apartment, but it’s still not even close to being done.

I have a few videos coming soon.

Perhaps a collabo wink wink, but I really do want to get the house work on it as soon as possible.

Oh, and should we give it a good demonstration yeah, but probably going to like the middle?

I think that’s right.

Do you think like over one more so you know there are 8,000 cars right here.

Of course, he doesn’t.

This is not good or fresh for us.

Let’S try it: okay, that’s going.

How was it that my car is literally moving and staying in the way my favorite is when it lands?

Did you see that I saw it’s gon na stop for this ready.

This is the craziest car in the world.

This is so good for me to like literally when you’re a bad driver.

You need this car like ten out of ten would recommend.

Okay, I guess we can ask you some questions.

While you’re on autopilot yeah, you can maybe use some hand gestures if needed.

Yeah Miriam asked: is there anyone in particular who has changed the way they are towards you because of fame and money?

Like I said earlier on in the video my Cora Cora friends have done the exact same sets literally starting making up for the first time.

So I feel like my close friends know and I’m so come to cable for it, but so many people from my hometown have tried to come back and be like me.

Oh my god, I’ve said you’re home and I’m like absolutely not.

You can sit on my face.

Every single time that I ever met so many other straight boys that used to bully me every single day in high school now they chat with me all the time, usually flirting with me.

So I guess it’s not the worst thing sending some Piketty wickety booze!


This is a good one to finish off the Q & A since I’m here.

I picked this one because um, it really talked to me son Aria, asking if you can honestly live with one person for the rest room.

I thought you’d answer that I decided to literally not move into the edit so partially because really and we’re already together every single day.

I mean really come to my house every single day: okay, but okay.

So I’m like I have a friend I came over.

Every single day, because I like working out James, says too, because I work from home as well, but no, but we need her a little bit of separation too, because sometimes when people move together it gets bad.

Can people please agree with me on that like why don’t we ever we’ve never gone in a fight yeah, but there’s potential to get in a fight I mean if we live together and something bothered us.

I am at James’s house six out of seven days a week from morning to night time so, like just let me sleep at my house, no, I’m looking for new houses right now Andrew will be worried.


We thought that we at least triad yeah.

I will, if I already told you yes, okay, so it’s kind of getting darker out.

This is so annoying daylight savings time it’s actually cancelled, but you heard it here.

Folks, you’ve heard it here.

You heard it first.

You heard it here.

Folks, hello, you heard it here.

First folks, daily savings, I’m literally Benjamin Franklin says: what are you doing like Hello?

It is literally 4:45 p.


like in the afternoon, and the Sun is about to set, is gon na be dark like I don’t know why I don’t.

It is literally so stupid, first of all, and also consider a month to go before daily.

Second was happening.

The Sun is way down at literally like 8:30 p.


and after daylight savings time we moved apart about one hour, and now the Sun Goes Down at 4:45 p.


something is not hunting. A hunted one hour turned into three mandalas.

I just don’t understand the point.

Oh, hey Dean’s house.

All the questions for today really yeah everything.

This driving buddy was like a low-key kind of thought.

Like the way.

Just I get the card weapon for a real one in the Tesla hello, if you guys, like that’s, definitely gon na, do it again.

If you want to drive somewhere fun trash, if you want me to drive with someone carpool karaoke lots of opportunities, now that I’m a real adult and don’t go everywhere, thank you so much sisters for watching Jays videos.

If you would like to follow me on my makeup journey, please follow me at James, Charles and perfect.

This new sister shut up goes to gon na put the thing right here.

I don’t want to check my phone while I’m driving, because that’s really really unsafe and they forgot to pick one earlier, so lovely the absolute most.

Thank you for calling in the morning and if you are at home late, we, the next video, is sister shadow.

Don’T forget to always reach me a bit at least where you live on Twitter.

Alright, you guys, I think, that’s all you have for today’s a brand new video, I’m gon na have home right now and have dinner with my family and friends.

But I love you so much.

Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next one.

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