Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Exposing SCAM 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

Exposing SCAM 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I’m testing and EXPOSING more 5 minute craft makeup hacks. Spoiler alert, most of these are a huge scam so sit back and enjoy the rage as I try to make these work! hahaha don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel, as you guys can see, we are back down in the makeup studio and today I am not pregnant.

Although this hoodie makes me oh as you guys can see, I am currently not pregnant and I’m also not bald either.

Oh, my god, I am back to normal, and I’ve had so much fun doing some really crazy videos.

Over the past couple of weeks, I was pregnant and bald all within the course of seven days, and I got a lot of people were just waiting to see what the heck was gonna happen.

Next, but, alas, today we are back down in the makeup studio.

We’re zooming back to our regularly scheduled programming for some good quality, makeup content, or actually with today’s video, maybe not so good quality.

A few months ago, I filmed an absolutely ridiculous YouTube video, where I tested out five-minute craft makeup, hacks, and spoiler alert.

They all absolutely suck [Music], and I got so many comments and requests asking me to do another video testing out more hacks, which is so annoying because I know y’all only want it because I get so angry because of these hacks are stupid.

But here on the James, Charles YouTube channel, I like to make content to make you guys happy, so I’m gonna suck it up and without further ado in today’s YouTube, the video we’re gonna be testing out more ridiculous, awful makeup.

Hacks all right, you guys.

So my team went through once again and saved a ton of different ridiculous five-minute craft makeup, hacks from YouTube tech, talk, Twitter, and everywhere across social media.

So now it is time to get into these and get glam, maybe 27 beauty and makeup hacks for girls.

Oh, excuse me so she’s putting on her concealer old sponge.

No, no old sponge balloon!

Yes, blowing up the balloon!

Oh my god.

I think it’s a good idea.

Okay, to be honest, my gut reaction says that this is actually going to work because remember when, like makeup challenges, first became a really big thing on YouTube.

Everyone was doing their makeup with like latex sponges and like gloves, and condoms too, which are made of latex, which is gross but a balloon.

I feel like this actually is going to work only one way to find out, so we go ahead and just grab a little bit of concealer.

It’s going to be a little bit too dark.

I think just because I don’t have any foundation on right now cover up the five o’clock shadow, give a nice balloon, I’m pretty good at that.

Is that’s good?

I mean that’s like that’s a very much a beauty blender shape right there.

That, literally, is like a beauty.

Wonder ready!

Oh, oh, my god, not it kind of working, [, Music]!

I can honestly work, there’s obviously some excess on the balloon, but that is actually good because that means it’s just sitting on top.

It doesn’t actually soak into the sponge or anything and balloons are like three cents, not the first half being actually successful.

Is this video gonna take a turn for the last one?

Oh, my god kind of fun, faithful the next one’s, also foundation uh for the hard-to-reach spots.

Okay, so she has some pimples on her back very normal [Music].

First of all, literally, that could have been achieved using one little dollop of concealer on each blemish and just blend it around.

Why why why would you use literally 18 squeezes of foundation to cover your entire back?

It’s going to look awful!

It’s not going about your skin tone and it’s going to get all over that shirt, that you’re wearing, and then, of course, once again we get back to this video with the jump cut.

All zoomed-in foundation is caked all over back.

It looks absolutely disgusting and they zoom back out and then all of a sudden, her acne is completely cleared.

There’s not a pimple in sight foundation looks beautiful, blended out, it’s a miracle.

It’s a miracle.

I will say before I this rant is overusing a paint roller as a foundation.

Applicator, I’m not a pose like a paint roller like the whole point, is like to evenly apply a coat of paint, but I’m just going to grab my too-faced born this way foundation.

It’s my favorite one, just squeeze them onto a nice little.

Oh, I’m taking my lovely little heat roller.

Oh, my gosh, okay, it’s surprisingly not applying it as well as I would have thought, and obviously, the whole point of using a paint roller as opposed to a paintbrush, is to get a nice even coverage of like the paint, rather than getting like the brush Strokes in there, which you get with a paintbrush and it’s the same strategy when it comes to foundation, makeup brushes versus a beauty sponge.

Most people prefer a sponge because it gets a nice even coverage, whereas a brush sometimes can leave like little marks here and there.

Well, maybe you can use your balloon to blend it in?

Oh, my god, I do live for how fast this blends it down the neck, though this is kind of fun.

Okay, so it kind of looks okay on camera, but I’m gonna take a video clip of what my skin looks like in person close up just so you guys can see the texture that it left, because it is not gorgeous since the last one was A good one, I think we need to rate this hack as well in terms of uh actual usage.

It’s gonna be zero from me because this is nasty and you should not be doing that.

However, for actual, like the idea and the theory of the hack, I’m gonna read like a four out of ten, not for the face, but I could definitely see people using this in their actual kit for like body makeup or anything like that, and it was honestly A lot of fun to do, even if it does look bad, so you know those times where you’re just doing your brows and you’re like wow, I really can’t get a good brow shape.

You know those days tough days, tough times.

Well, you know, what’s not tough.

Following five-minute crafts to help you fix it right, here’s the best way: okay, tweezers eyeliner on the tweezers – oh my god, oh my god.

Oh, that looks like it hurts literally digging into her face with tweezers girl.

What I mean, the shades that I created is.

Oh once again, first of all, the skin swimming filter that they put on her face in this crazy.

What are they doing?

Let me see where are my regular tweezers?

I’m gonna go ahead and dip my tweezers into some pomade.

Both of my eyebrows are too thick for this.

Now you have beautifully outlined brows, don’t you want to fill them in?

No, I really don’t what the actual this has got to be the worst one yeah she said, look in the mirror, like yeah.

First of all, champagne is so expensive, right, [Laughter, ], like 20 20 for a stupid burnt cork.

When you go to the drugstore and get a brow pencil for four dollars, these hacks make no sense.

I love champagne also forgot to mention all my roommate’s love.

Champagne every night, let’s have a look: let’s have [Music] [Music].

Why is it going in flames?

Oh, it smells good yeah!

Oh, look!

I missed campfires.

Here we [Music] that go gorgeous.

Oh, it looks bad.

It literally looks awful actually well.

Take it back no zero out of ten no zero, no zero, even if it doesn’t no, even if it doesn’t look that bad.

Once again, my my statement still stands.


Why use a burnt cork, you said it smells good.

That could be a reward for the next one.

I think it’s about time for some graphic liner.

Don’t you no feast your eyes on this miss Charles all right, so she has a spoon just draw it on.

Why did your spoon to put this on your eyeball?

I just oh, my god.

I don’t understand, I don’t understand [__], don’t understand.

Let me just take some beautiful paint and a brush.

Oh my god.

It is so hard to do makeup with one eye cover hello.

Where is my hand?

I mean Picasso’s rolling over his grave graphic liner winged liner.

Anything with like little delicate details is not easy.

I’m not saying that it is in any way shape or form.

It takes a lot of practice to get good at those types of makeup looks but telling people that they should be using ridiculous things like spoons in order to actually achieve a graphic liner.

Look instead of just practicing and working on their techniques like that is not that’s not good.


That took me one second to do no spoon perfectly in the crease, and I get it.

I’ve been doing makeup for five years now.

I’ve obviously had quite a lot of practice, but no spoon necessary, and I did that in literally zero seconds like I just hate these so much.

You were unhappy about that eyeshadow!

No, I was not happy about that eyeshadow.

No, I don’t.

One of my favorite looks that you ever did was that blue orange purple pink splatter paint.

Look on your eye.

Oh, I did like that.

One yeah.

Well, I’ve got even an easier way for you to recreate that today, [, Music,], I’m going, to be honest.

It kind of looks good.

We can definitely try my palette.

However, I can already tell you this isn’t gonna work with a powder eyeshadow, but we can easily grab um some creams.

If we need to, we even put our tissues for you.

Okay, I’m gonna scrunch up my lovely tissue just like this, and let’s dip into a little bit of escape.

First [, Music], oh my god, yeah, it kind of looks gorgeous now.

Let’S turn it over and let’s dip into a little bit of the skip.

Okay, I’m gonna dip into a little bit of 518 for some nice neon orange and then finishing off with a little bit of b in the inner corner, [Music], I mean okay, I’m actually really surprised how well the shadows are just going on with The tissue obviously they’re pigmented because I made them that way, but I wouldn’t think that like a regular piece of tissue would like actually do anything.

Obviously, this is a very, very specific technique that is only going to work if you’re trying to do it like a splatter painted makeup.

Look if you’re trying to do regular eyeshadow, please I beg of you to not use a tissue to apply it.

However, this actually looks really really good for this type of technique.

I’m pleasantly surprised.

I did not think this is gonna work.

I’m obsessed with this and I’m gonna give this one this five-minute craft series.

First, every ten out of ten it looks, it looks really good serving paint spot a realness too many things too.

Many objects that you’re trying to fit into a glasses case.

Tracing paper, [, Music,].

No, I’m actually speechless tracing paper for eyeshadow remnants.

What should I transfer onto my tracing paper?

You haven’t done anything for lips yet so why not lips sure?

Let’s try some lipstick lipstick.

Is your purse really that full you can’t fit a lipstick you?

You can’t fit a lipstick.

This small object.

You can’t shove in there somehow, oh, we can shove in there somehow.

So now we fold it up.

Put it into the purse, hold him in the club bathroom.

Let me go ahead and reapply my lipstick, so I think it’s time to move on to our last and final hack of this video.

Besides being a pioneer in the creative makeup, eyeshadow look space.

People also know you for your freckles.

This is true.

It’s about time.

To put them on an easier way, one second into the video one second into the video, and there is a stalk of broccoli, touching a makeup product that looks like it looks like chickenpox, [, Laughter, ], okay, so we have a lovely little freckle product, I’m gonna go ahead and dip my broccoli in ready.

Oh, so I just tap these into my skin, really blending them nicely together.

This looks like the worst sunburn that you could ever get.

This is like you actually walked out in the sun and got burnt at 350 degrees.

Fahrenheit case closed.

Broccoli should not be used as makeup and, to be honest, it also should not be eaten either because it’s disgusting, okay.

I think that is quite enough of these five-minute craft makeup hacks.

Not surprisingly, almost every single one of these was an absolute flop, a scam, a waste of time.

However, contrary to part one, we did find a few hacks today that could actually be used.

So let me know down in the comments below what was your favorite hack and if you guys want to see a part three of this video.

I know that you guys really really love watching these and if you did love watching it, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below.

Also, if you’ve not already make sure you click that bigger subscribe button and come join the sisterhood, and finally click that bell icon, so you get notified whenever I upload a brand new video.

If you want to follow me on my makeup journey, all my social media accounts are going to be linked right here around the screen and, if you guys want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more.

My number is 310-905-8746.

This video’s sister shout-out goes to sister tori.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting.

I love you so so so much and if you at home watching would like to be the next video sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my video links.

They go live on Twitter, okay!

You guys!

Thank you so much for watching today’s video.

I’m so glad that we’ve gotten through it, I love you and I will see you in the next one bye.


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