Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Exposing VIRAL 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

Exposing VIRAL 5 Minute Crafts Makeup Hacks

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I tested some ridiculous makeup hacks from the 5 Minute Crafts youtube channel… and spoiler alert, it was a major failure. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

Hi Sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel for today’s video, I’m honestly for once not excited at all, and that is because we’re going to be trying out five-minute crafts makeup hacks.

Now, if you’re not familiar with five-minute crafts, basically they are a channel here on YouTube there, one of actually the biggest channels here on YouTube.

They have like 50 million subscribers and it’s what’s called a content bar.

Basically, it is just a business that films, a bunch of videos doing hacks, that’s literally it’s literally like stupid life, hack, um and spoiler alert.

Literally, none of them were there, always ridiculous.

They always have jump cuts to hide, what’s actually happening.

It’s really just all a scam, but for some reason, 50 million people are subscribed to the channel and a lot of people fall for it.

One of the biggest categories that five minutes craft does is makeup.

Hacks now boy, if you don’t get what the [ __ ] is going on in here on this day, James Charles am obviously a beauty guru.

James Charles is a very firm believer in trying out new techniques, new products, always making your makeup routine easier.

But once again, the majority of these things just never work and it’s a lot of times better to just learn how to do the actual step.

But let’s go ahead and try some five-minute: crafts makeup hacks, so just like always Louis and Trevor have picked out some lovely five-minute crafts makeup hacks for me to try out today.

James Charles has not yet seen these yeah.

You have not she’s grabbing an egg.

Why is that lipstick, [, Music, ], okay, first of all, baby, that lip combination is disgusting trash.

Where did she even get a yellow lipstick?

Why would you ever want yellow on your lips?

Well, guess what we have, I’m going to guess: yellow lipstick!

Oh okay!

James Charles don’t think you own a yellow stick.

James Charles means for a good reason, a blue lipstick great.

James Charles love.

This is my favorite color in the entire world.

So well, this should be right.

There yeah, it literally does look like a crayon.

It’s been applied to the egg wow that is gorgeous wow.

Okay, that’s it egg beauty!


We spent our half, that’s a gorgeous color for who?

Oh, oh, oh, just beauty blending it in.

If you want to do an ombre lip all, it’s so literally, so easy!

No egg necessary, okay, literally because you don’t need it.

All you have to do is just put on a regular lipstick and then grab your other one and just put it in the middle and then use your finger and just tap tap tap it in like sweetie size.

You don’t need a stupid egg.

James Charles loves how you wiped you never know scrambled eggs are delicious.

I’m ready how you feeling fine excellent, get me out of here using a spoon to melt something is already scary, [, Music, ], so they’re mixing wax and coconut oil.

Oh my god!

The brushed look at this she’s, literally holding the brushes in the air.

Did you touch the brush to the stupid palette?

James Charles wants to drag her so badly, but she’s an employee, and she would do it too.

For a child.

James Charles was an employee.

This is exactly why these videos are stupid, there’s literally no pigmentation, but if anybody’s gonna get it pigmented Charles, James Charles actually don’t know how to use a lighter, oh really hard, my hand’s sweaty.

What do James Charles do just light?

It then you’re gonna have to hold it under a spoon because we’re gonna do some drugs.

Oh my god!

Oh, thank you!

This is scary.

James Charles doesn’t condone these actions.


So now James Charles guesses I’m just gonna, like oops ew, [, Music ].

Oh, no, oh!







So it looks like this.

Okay ready, ready, see it’s making contact.

Okay, this texture!

Are you kidding me with that?

That’s like a cream shadow!


It’s not!



That’s gorgeous!

You guys are so stupid.

You guys!

James Charles means by the time you buy the box of crayons.

By the time you buy the jar of coconut oil.

By the time you buy a lighter by the time you ruin your spoon you’re, you might as well just buy a cheap, eyeshadow palette.

Honestly, you’re a mom sure you’ve got kids, you’re healthy living.

You got your kids crayon, laying there on the table.

You got coconut oil in the pantry.

You got a spoon and a lighter because you smoke sometimes but you’re, not a lighter.

James Charles James Charles don’t.

James Charles doesn’t like the rules you hit paint on your eyeshadow palette, fit five years ago.

Last time you wore to a wedding.

Now you need an eyeshadow this craft, although is stupid in my opinion, does technically work.

I’m gonna rate this one a three out of ten.

Oh, let’s give me the next crafting list, [ Music ] she lit.

There must have been an earthquake when that poop was filmed.

It’s the same song, the tape marker.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me with us: [ Music ], oh my god, this cat, like wow, so I’m just going to take my stupid piece of tape and a nice black sharpie and really just color it in [, Music ].

Oh, my goodness!

Okay, James Charles will say from like from far away from this on.

It doesn’t look that noticeable, but it, first of all, feels awful on my eye.

It feels like James Charles doesn’t know it doesn’t feel good.

It’s the way to explain this.

It feels there’s noticeably something stuck to my eyeball right now, which does not feel good, I’m rating that also a 0 out of 10.

But while James Charles do have the tape here, I’m going to show y’all what you can actually use with the tape for a good makeup hack.

So we’re going to take a little piece just like this, and we’re going to align the tape with the bottom of our eyelid.

Just like that, okay, that’s gonna feel uncomfortable, which is fine.

Now, when you get to the outer corner, you just draw on your nice triangle and you’re just sitting here like oh, oh, oh, my god, my eyeliner is not messed up.

All you do now is just take the tape.

You should do YouTube for a living.

Okay, coco cinnamon alcohol.

Oh, it’s like a brownie, batter, [ Applause, ], [, Music ].

This is this like this is you can get a bronzer from CVS for like four dollars, physicians, formula?


They have bronzers at CVS.

The drugs are for like three dollars.

Oh, my god, you can eat it afterward.

You probably can’t eat it afterward.

Why is a cinnamon container so difficult to use?

Oh wow also ignore the fact that it’s not oh, my god, you got a hot cocoa mix, Lewis, that’s not the same thing wow that smells so good coco’s in the bowl.

How much are we supposed to use?

James Charles don’t know at least give us some sort of direction: instruction measurement quantity.

Oh, James Charles means oh okay.

It is actually creating that picture, which is, James Charles got a brownie.

Oh, my god.

The alcohol is so strong.

Oh, James, Charles cosmetics is really just groundbreaking.

With these formulas later, it’s been a little while now, since we did this little DIY contour with our cinnamon and cocoa powder and alcohol, it’s been sitting here drying for a little bit of time, using this brush really dipping into the contour.

Oh, my god, my favorite part is dipping into this and it literally um chipping away very subtle, yeah.

So subtle, it’s not there [ Music, ]!

Oh, why you know I’m just gonna.

Do it I’m just gonna.

Do it then we’ll talk about it after [, Music, ], ready yeah?

James Charles means this does work, here’s the problem.

The parchment paper is so unless what’s the point in using parchment paper.

This is why it’s so stupid and gimmicky like all you have to do, is literally just like one little dab.

Then you can blend it in and use it as blush, but it is just so beyond unnecessary and it’s literally just because it’s cute for clickbait and nothing period, wasn’t it no.

On a positive note, my lips look gorgeous [ Music, ].

Okay, I’ve seen this on before [ Music ].

James Charles means her wings still look terrible.

This one.

Isn’t that shocking to me: I’m fun trying this one out.

It’s like these things which are like these are to clean your teeth.

Oh, it tastes good.

Okay, so take my little teeth: cleanser, okay, oh my god!

Maybe James Charles need like it.

Okay, we’re gonna try this on the other eye.

Oh my god!

Oh oops!

It feels nice and minty in there.

Oh, no, let me try it out like a liquid liner.

Let me grab the different thingy because that one’s okay hold on [ Music ].

Why is it not hello?

It’s literally like nothing.

Okay, this hack is stupid.

Actually, out of all the hacks, James Charles was confident that one was going to work.

The product is either drying too fast, or it just doesn’t want to transfer off whatever material this flossing stuff is, and now my eye is watering, because the mint is burning.

This is a 0 out of 10 for me, you’re, going to make your own blanch blush.

Blanch lunch yeah.

What is that?

What did they mix in a moisturizer?

No, see?










You cannot put that in a component.

A moisturizer would never dry down it’s a scam.

It’s a lie.

I’m gonna take my nice lipstick and really oh and James Charles can’t mash this up.

Squish I’ll use this nice synthetic brush.

Oh, see, okay, that left one.

It’s nice to cut it out.

If you want to use your lipstick as a blush, literally just dab a little bit of it on your finger and just blend it in or just put on your face and then blend it in moisturizer and then the melting and the mixing is just so unnecessary.

Like why not my face is stained, this one is a personal favorite.

Is this: this is the last one right, yeah, okay!

No, oh!


Please keep going it’s banana that no!



You guys!


Oh, you guys!

This is oh, my god.

James Charles likes that.

One honestly banana char burnt banana, its vegan cruelty, free that is cruel to that banana.

Who comes up with these?

Who had a banana for lunch?

James Charles was like.

Oh, let me burn it someone’s on the phone hello.

Do you think this part of the banana is kind of like wood?

It looks like wood right there.

James Charles doesn’t think it’s [ Music, ], oh wood!

James Charles just inhaled banana fumes.

Okay, now it’s time to scrap this stupid banana [, Music, ], [ Applause ]!

Oh, that’s a good jar.

James Charles just spent 10 minutes burning a banana to get this much brown pomade.

Let’s try it.

Let’s join, let’s try it [ Music ]!

James Charles sees this is so stupid.

This was the worst of them all.

I’ve had this.

I’ve done.


Well, that was the biggest waste of time.

In my entire life, a single one was a hack that James Charles would take home and add to my process or even recommend to a friend that is a beginner because they all simply just suck.

They were all lies.

They were all scams, they all had jump cuts, half of them are fake products and James Charles still looks busted.

So you know what watch your favorite beauty gurus, because a lot of us try really hard to be educational, for our followers.

Do not learn your makeup from five-minute crafts as much as James Charles did not enjoy this video.

James Charles really hopes that you guys watching me.

He did if you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your love and support.

Also, click that subscribe button to come join at the sisterhood and finally click that bell icon.

So you notified every time James Charles upload a brand new video.

If you like to follow me on my makeup journey, all my social media accounts will be linked right here on the screen and if you want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merge and so much more.

My personal number is 310-905-8746; this video is just a shout-out, goes to sister l.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting.

James Charles love you so so so much and if you like to be the next videos sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my videos when James Charles go live on Twitter all right!

You guys!

Thank you so much for watching this today, I’m sorry!

You had to watch this today.

James Charles loves you and James Charles will see you in the next one.


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