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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Extreme Drag Transformation ft. Plastique Tiara

Extreme Drag Transformation ft. Plastique Tiara

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I invited Plastique Tiara, a drag queen from season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race to come over and TRANSFORM me into a queen! We talked about her drag journey, moving from Vietnam, drama this season, and more, all while glamming me. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

Hi sister, James, Charles, and welcome back to my youtube channel, as you guys can see it’s that I internally have a very, very beautiful sister special guest nikita dragon speak tiara.

Hi baby, welcome.

Thank you so much for having me so plus decrease joining us live right here from season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, literally it’s so beautiful, so gorgeous a legendary drive Queen.

So for today’s video we thought it would be so much fun.

She’S, like a full on full body at transformation to the last few times.

I’Ve done my own drag makeup, so I figured it out.

It was only right to have somebody iconic as you come on and paint me and give me the full moment full of fantasy.

We brought you to customize my CC.

Our human hair wig, oh yeah she’s, been austere, austra, baby blue gown.

I wore it for that problem.

Oh so boy, just asleep girl, it’s gon na be a moment and we’re gon na have to think of a drag name.

For you, too, okay, I’m so excited to be like a real tiara.

So he is the same as vein.

It’S already happening, that’s not even in the dry, yet [, Music, ] we’re gon na like pumping my bras by the way.

So you are on season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race yay!

Oh has not been for you so far like how long have you been jogging to tell me the full story?

Oh, my gosh, so I’ve been doing dry for 30 years now ever since only three mm-hmm ever since I was 18 right away from Amazon and it was over that’s how it starts.

That’S a girl.

When I first started I was going to school for hair.

Okay, you were yeah doing this was how I made money.

So that’s how I actually got started into beauty.

Community too, I used to be him before I ever tried doing makeup yeah today, I’m fine, yeah, I just like a little prom, updos and stuff.

So we basically were just practicing for three years before you can actually work.

Basically yeah cuz.

I only did amateur night, okay um when I was 18 and so and I’m one like a little pageant there.

So I would drag like once a week or I might go to bed before that.

I did like once a month, so I guess it doesn’t count, yeah.

I count.

I count it yeah.

I barely turned 21 and barely made the cut to audition for season 11 right.

So are you still 21?


Are your 22 21 now we’ve.

So are you the youngest drag queen ever on jaggery?

I think so and again this one ever yeah.

That’S so cliche.

Thank you.

I thank you.

That’S everything I really loved, yeah.

I think it’s so exciting to be like young people in an industry of so many people that have come before us, like I’m kind of the same way in the beauty community.

Like I’ve only been doing this for three years as well, honestly you’re crazy, oh my god you’re so good!

Thank you!

So, are you? It’s just really cool to grow up in an industry and watch people that you’ve always looked up to and then eventually take part in it and like to join and that’s like my same story.

It’S really cool, mmm.

What are we doing?

We’Re going to the sideburn yeah!

I’Ve never done that before.

What is this?

Do it’s so lame when you put your wig over it yeah, I don’t show it to some show.

I’Ve never done that before.

That’S why you see drag queens like working Queens.

We all got on this side.

Buzz off.

Yeah save them time, oh wow, but then I don’t want to look like a panda on that.

So I have to say, “Oh, my god, okay, so I wanted to ask you what got you into drugs in the first place?

Um drag race, honestly, really yeah, Japanese.

I was watching Japanese like four or five years ago, and then I saw Jujubee here uh on there for the first time, and I was like one beautiful Asian woman doing here and I just was hooked ever since.

Oh, my god, it’s so cool it inspired me, but I didn’t want to do drag because I want to get into a drag race, yeah.

It inspired me to do drag.

If I didn’t go in drivers, I would still be doing drag.

That’S so so so cool.

But it’s just you know it just made me so happy, that’s everything and although you’re on the show yeah, it’s a full circle moment you’re sure yeah yeah we’re on vh1 now.

So we got money, budget.

Okay, so tell me about getting the call and the audition process for Diaries my gosh, so after you send out your audition tape, you have three weeks of agony cuz.

Then you’re like oh, my god.

I was at my lake apartment.

When I got the call I was just like, I cried yeah, I got in the shower and then I cried again.

Yes, I was like wait.

How am I? How much time do I have to pack? It’s a pretty quick process right once you get the call for when you go.

You only have a few weeks to prepare like a lot of costumes.

I had two weeks to prepare two weeks and it’s something: that’s like 30.

Yes, so I was traveling like two days in LA, three days to New York, back to Texas and then back to Chicago to pick up all her fittings. An elephant offers fittings now fit.

I was home for like two days in those two weeks.

Oh, my god yeah little hexagons running ready to go on the show quit my job.

I was like.

I got to go!

So sorry all my clients were like.

Are you gon na get deported and I’m like yeah?

I don’t know where you were working beforehand?

I was working at the law in Dallas, okay, so that was what she was doing to make money yeah we’re draggin, but now it’s all time right.

So that was more amazing than being able to go from just working at the salon to driving full-time we’re sure for sure I get to do something.

I love again.

You travel the world for people saying that I’ve inspired them, which I’ve done nothing before, but not true, especially for young care.

It’S like, I could definitely see somebody.

Young kids want time, but I want to do that one day or like it’s just really inspiring to see people I think, be themselves, no matter what they’re doing first Roy yeah.

That was me also for, like oh the whole three years right right growing up in Vietnam.

I never had anyone gnarnia on TV or doing drag in that matter.

I didn’t know that was a thing right, so when I found out that a lot of Jerry, it’s not a Jujubee.

I was like.

Oh my god is crazy, but now she’s here.

So it’s been a tough road, but she got here in the end today we’re going for W okay.

This is my color for just like covering so hopefully she I mean it’s not horrible.

So what was it like growing up in Vietnam and how long were you there until you moved into eleven?

Oh, I was going up there.

It was good.

I always knew that I was different in a sense yeah and in Vietnam, if you’re anything other than you know, cisgender mayo straight you’re, bringing shame to your family yeah.

I battle with myself for the longest time because I’m like, if I’m feeling this way, then I’m not doing my family any favors.

By being myself, you know so it wasn’t until I moved here that was like oh my gosh, I can be gay, I can be who I want to be her dress up as whoever I want to be right, express myself in any manner possible.

So it was just like the best feeling in the world exactly.

I met super exciting to be on such a public platform like drag race to I’m sure you’re.

Getting so many messages from kids all around the world, especially from Vietnam.

To that, have you heard your story and I’ve been able to mmm-hmm?

That was literally my favorite thing in the world.

That’S my hair!

What about the job mm-hmm?

What are some of the favorite messages that you perceive, I’m fluent in Vietnamese, so they’ll be like Vietnamese, like 14 year olds, really like I’ve, never watched a drag race girl on the show who fully expressed like who they are and where they come from and like Their heritage and their culture yeah, it just feels good.

You know I’ve never had someone like that for me growing up.

So at least I can be someone for someone to look up to.

I think it’s so cool that kids are able to like a look at you and watch.

You not only be proud, so do what you do, but also be amazing at it.

Hmm, so it’s like they watch it and they’re like oh, my god.

That could be me one day.

Okay, so you turn off the eyeshadow.

Usually, I think of the eyes first, okay, how long does it usually take you to get into full drag full Guiche?

If I have time I’ll take me like three hours by all drivers, you got two hours only to two hours to get in everything girl for every challenge: every single challenge, uh-huh, no matter what no matter.

What’S the title, no matter whatever girl and they don’t wait because Mama Roo does not like to wait: no matching cut crease.

This is like the hardest thing in the world.

What else can we expect from drag race this season?


What can you, let’s pull?

The tape I don’t I I don’t know y’all already like this season – is the season of stunts shenanigans buffoonery, Oh y’all girl.

I feel like I’m saying this like, in my honest opinion, yeah, it’s gon na be one of the best Gabi seasons.

Really, okay, everyone is coming for blood and no Ruth’s letting everyone have it.

I’M so excited looking.

So can we talk about last night’s episode and the sex?

We love saying we don’t, we don’t, it’s a moment that should be forgotten.

I was like bruh now it was so crazy.

I was so good to God.

Mama rue was like you are horrible.

I mean you can tell from the show that I was just going through it.

You know because I was like.

Oh, my god, I cannot it’s the 3rd episode.

I could not go home right away. I know if one of our journeys here has to end today, it’s not mine.

So sorry, whoever I have to play in this lip-sync yeah, but it’s not gon na.

Be me.

You know, like our team, when we did it, it didn’t feel as horrible, but watching it back it just like.

Oh, I can see that now, oh yeah, so then honey she’s gone Morini gone too soon, so you made it past.

I made a pass on three okay: it was a very emotional, very emotional day for us.

I cried afterwards are quite that night in the shower yeah, but and it’s so hard on, drag race too, because you go back to your hotel room, you have nobody, you have nobody, we don’t have your phone, you only have a TV, a window and a bathtub That looks decent gorgeous very that yeah she’s yanked she’s pulled oh yeah.

Hold that we’re gon na use.

My new color corrector just came out from dry dragon booty from Nikita’s line.

I’M so excited this for this all, like literally, and he was my favorite friends and people in the beauty community, so I’m so proud of her for launching us – and it’s like it just makes so much sense with her her brand too, like she loves color correctors For anybody, who’s wondering and dragon Beauty could support Nikita, and it’s just really really cool.

It’S for people like us who dress up in full glam and half a five o’clock shadow to cover or under-eye darkness or shadows.

Literally anything.

This is sickening.

It is.

I can’t wait, let me see Oh [ __, ], okay, she goes full on hmm, you Bund out, and it drives itself down almost like it kind of melts into the skin as opposed to having to set it with powder.

Before you go over the foundation like it won’t mix together, okay foundation, color.

What are we choosing for a month?

I wait to make up forever.

Why 3:25 we’re gon na pick a color and forget it and run with it and run with it running far.

It is ready to fire Kevin the Quan Quan.

Well, it’s like your favorite part, like they’re getting ready.

Um, wait.

I put my wig on.


Because it’s like together and you know everything is cohesive like if you have one.

No God must find it, but when everything is together is when I really like to feel the fancy yeah and you spend a lot of your own wigs right.

I do, yes, not so cool, I make all of them, so you make the hairstylist background come in handy for sure oh yeah, I color the hair, I cut it and then I like starring the tracks and in the back and stuff, that’s so cool.

Oh, my god, do you ever do custom bikes for people?

Oh yeah, I did like Cameron, Aquaria and other Queens.

That was how I made my money yeah I before I got an ounce girl and now you’re booked and busy girl yeah.

Thank God, were you nervous going into the workroom, knowing that you really got social media Queen?

I like the stigma around it, yeah cuz, I’m young.

I look the way that I do so people think I get stuff handed to me.


You know, wow.

It’S literally the opposite.

I am so yeah and I have to work extra hard to get all these designers to trust me right and to get the things ready.

Yeah, like my parents, like really don’t support drag, so I am getting ready for this show I had on your own yeah.

I was on my own and took out loans working at the hair stylist, all my savings.

I took that on a track race.

So if I, if I didn’t, have that ever didn’t, have the preparation I would’ve failed.

Okay, so we’re gon na go to Dragon Beauty again, right.

My new brightening powder, y’all she’s, so good.

Thank you so much for supporting yours so well.

I want to use it on myself too.

Actually yeah, I’m super excited.

Oh [, __ ]!

Oh it’s over Thunder!

Here we come.

Oh yeah, okay, a little bit.


I love less, makes everything better, yeah.

I used to never blush my makeup and I’m obsessed with that.

I usually only wear orange blush.

I love that this is like a pink mmm it’ll be so good with the hair.

Yes, well obviously, we don’t know what the results of the season are.

Gonna be fun if you were to win two thousand dollars.

What would you want to do with that, and what would you want to do with the title and Crown?

Oh, my gosh, I want to build.

My grandma like yeah in Vietnam, were here mouths.

If I make enough money by then okay, I really want to do that and cuz she’s done so much for me yeah and she loves going to charities in Vietnam.

She said she takes me like a couple years back to go to places like the mountains in Vietnam and to the orphanages.

It’S just yeah and just like buying them food.

Toys cuz.

They never see something like something they don’t even know what ice cream is like.

They have rubber bands, a big play all the time, and I’m just like it’s just an overall humbling experience yeah.

So I just want to do that.

I want to get back to where I come from.

Oh my god, okay tell you what we’re doing.

This is my little secret.

I have lace phone eyebrows they put on and then I draw on the tail.

I’M not so freakin corn, you kidding yeah cuz.

It’S the hardest for me to get my brows even and like in the corner.

If you rub too hard like, then the glue comes off, the glue comes all Hurst, so I’m like hey at least I’m smart, but here we go.

I love that, oh, my god, what the Hat mm-hmm it’s my little trick.

I don’t let people see you’re gon na look like you have Maya’s like a little longer, but this one I like cut them.

So I can draw the rest.

Yeah, don’t weed it out long huh, don’t know how to.

Oh, my god looks great mm-hm.

I love that.

Oh, my god.

We left that journey for you, we loved it even brahmana.


This really is such a good trick, totally put them in the right place, mmm, so they just like it, and then you just kind of like to follow the line.

Yeah smart girl – if only I had this on track race, though it would make my life so much easier.

Did you not do it?

I don’t know if I had to draw it on like a normal person.

You were such a brave sweetie.

I’M please donate to my favorite tonight.

Go find me over the line.

Oh yes, so I used to go to [ __ ] of powder.

It’S cuz brows are so ugly, but I do draw penetrations like bronzer. By far the hardest part is mmm . I’d like to get them to even change, they look perfect.

It’S like bronze could really change.

Our entire face yeah.

I love that you’ve dipped into my [ __ ] any time throughout this video.

So far, oh yeah a little bit every different thing.

No, your ally, that’s amazing!

Do you have it? I do . I use it like that.

I only use this section. Good hi.

All we are only doing is browsing, but I love that it has pretty much everything that you’re gon na think of okay, better.

Oh those are so even better wow.

I need to try latte my brows and then the hair would like this.

So it’s good.

It’S got a car.

We love, ah using me a little bit of face from the palette.

I love it, so I stack these yeah.

Oh good, more feel.

Ah Sh yeah.

I use plastic for $ 0 off so recently our last up now, okay, so we got limps.

Yes for the last step, the magical magically yeah, yeah hooks so good, good, okay, we’re sisters on asada, oh yeah.

I said: okay!

Oh yes!

Oh my gosh good!

I love it, oh my god.

I think this looks so beautiful and it’s also so different from all the other jock pieces that I’ve ever done so, which is really really cool too, because I feel like I learned so many new tips and techniques.

I will definitely be checking out lace eyebrows after this, but, oh my god now I think it’s time to move on to the transformation cuz.

We saw a little bit longer to go.

Let’S do it, yes , put her on okay ready, so we decided to go with a pink wake today, because the dress I’m wearing is blue right, mm-hmm!


Well, I’ve got even to do hair before you started.

Doing drag makes money.

Oh oh yeah!

That was the only way to get money, basically yeah.

Nobody in my town would hire an 18 year old makeup artist.

Right so doing here was like the only thing: okay, little chrome, oh man, [ Music ], oh my god, [ __ ].

You know this hair is gorgeous.

Are you kidding me?

It’S a little something just going to the grocery stores, this, oh okay!

So now we’ve got the hair on, we’re gon na finish off with the accessories and the costume and then we’ll be right back to show you the whole complete.

You were a professional youtuber, oh [, __ ], you guys over [ Music ].

That is the finished bull dry transformation with a dusty tiara, all complete.

Oh, my god.

You guys this is literally the very generation I’ve ever had.

I am literally a woman.

I know you are a woman.

This is insane, you are so talented.

Thank you.

So much love for coming to my channel today.

It’S your story about you moving here at joggers and everything I like literally you’re, my favorite ever.

Thank you so much George for inspiring me and your sisters at home.

I really really hope you guys, before this video and learned a little bit more about driving the art of transformation that plastique drag race.

If you did, please don’t forget to give a big thumbs up down below and share your love and support and if you’ve not already make sure you like that big red subscribe button as well in come join these sisterhood.

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Everywhere this video is sisters.

Now there goes the sister Garcia.

Thank you so much love for all ye that fall for supporting or a liberal.


So so so much and if you look through the next videos, sister shadow, don’t forget to always reach me to Luke’s legal, live on Twitter and also turn them on YouTube and post notifications all right sisters.

Thank you so I’ll talk about this video today. Don’t forget to check out Plastique Terra and RuPaul’s Drag Race every single Thursday on vh1.

I love you guys, and I will see you in at the next one: [ Music, ]

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