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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally

Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match… Finally

HI SISTERS! I’ve been doing makeup for 3 years now but the one skill I have not mastered is matching my foundation. I’ve looked white with Flashback Mary, but I’ve also looked orange. For today’s video, I decided to test out every single foundation on the market and see if I could find the perfect shade. Enjoy!

Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel, so it is officially 2019 now and I hope, everyones having an amazing start to their brand new year.

I can already tell this ones going to be very, very good and also simultaneously fresh.

I feel like right now, everyones getting super motivated and posting their goals and resolutions all over social media with the hashtag new year and new me and for today’s video.

That is exactly what I am doing.

Obviously, you guys are known as a social media influencer and a superstar.

My job is to be in the public eye, all the time: I’m constantly filming YouTube, videos to the red carpet, appearances, doing meet and greets and, of course, taking instagram pictures.

Now 2018 is filled with some pretty iconic different Instagram pictures and looks that I am so proud of and looking back most of the comments are always so incredibly positive, but the one comment that I get all the time about my makeup is that my foundation does Not match now I want to really talk about foundation matching because it is clearly quite the controversial topic in both the makeup community and in the comments section here on my youtube videos, because every single video at this point that I post, I always get hundreds and Thousands of comments of people saying that my foundation color, does not match and if you’ll have noticed, it continues to not match in every single video, and that is because I don’t care, and I have two eyes that can also see that the color does not match Me I will never really understand why some people take foundation matching so incredibly seriously to the point of leaving hate comments about Matt over the last three years of being a beauty, guru, I’ve tested out a ton of different foundations, but you guys know I always go Back to my holy grails – and that is because, when I am wearing makeup, I’m usually wearing it for very, very long periods of time from super early in the morning, going through lots of meetings or meet and greets and not taking it off.

Until literally I’m about to pass out in bed later that night, so for me I definitely like a foundation that is long wearing it.

That makes my skin look really really beautiful.

That keeps the oil through and photographs really really well.

So wearability, I would say, is my number one priority. Burruss I usually wear hoodies, turtlenecks , big coats or long sleeve t-shirts, where you can’t really see the rest of my body that often so color isn’t really as big of a deal for me.

I can also admit the foundation matching isn’t ly, a skill that I’ve ever tried to master during my time of being simply because I feel, like everybody, has a different rule as to where you’re supposed to actually match the color.

Some artists say they are supposed to match it to your face.

Some say that you’re so smart.

Some claim that it’s your chest, some say that it’s your arms or some say that it’s literally your entire body and for me all those parts are completely different shades.

Look at the color difference in my life.

This is my nothing ever matching finding.

My perfect foundation match was a challenge to I gave up on a very very long time ago, because for me, wearability is my number one priority, and I would always know that I could face in the photo or to simply switch to lighting around a little bit And a color would usually be a pretty close and I would look pretty at regardless of the color, but I know a lot of you guys take foundation watching it very very seriously and I’m not even gon na lie some of the screenshots that you guys have Gotten from my photos or collabs or photos that have been taken and be on the red carpet at this point are really starting to get embarrassing.

The hate comments and people questioning my makeup abilities that never used to bother me, but it is 2019 new year and new me and you guys know I never back down from a challenge and even though I do makeup every single day, of course, I can always Learn and always get better, and I feel like my job as a makeup artist and the beauty guru is to pass on that knowledge to all of you guys so for todays, a brand new video.

I thought it would be so much fun to take on.

The challenge is to try to find my perfect foundation match without further ado let’s head over to the mall and go sister shopping Music.

All right, you guys so me, cutie two are currently in the car on the way over to the mall to go pick up a few more foundations for today’s video were just going to run in, and I’m gon na go to basically every single foundation so that They have in the store and buy like one two three shades that I think we’re gon na we’re gon na.

Have some blinking friends.

You know we have to be sure one cool.

Well, I think this is the reason that I need to be in for sure, neutral and thats.

Definitely too warm.

I know that one plus I 1 second be okay, thats too bad 170 180 of the must do 192, so doing neutral, cool and warm from 20, and my original of you, I really do not like the Fendi foundation, and I got tried to help on for It it was just not my type of formula but we’re gon na.

Try it again for today’s video and see you know.

Maybe it’ll come around, maybe like so people really really love our foundation.

I have personally never tried them, but I do really want to tell them to do our skin forever foundation.

Has this look of Holy Grail, lighter dice are allotted a bit before they know, Jotham loves them, so Im good turns out Savannah look.

It was ready.

The shade range is very, very embarrassing, but I’m gon na try. Although the ox looks like that, it could be really good.

Not for me let’s look at tender.

Beige lets go yeah, yellow, so let’s do 15 and 20 Bella take could be such a good match.

For me.

Oh that, too cool totally thing.

Everyone is convinced that my skin tone it’s like, not warm.

Maybe you should get that one too, I think that’s good for dr okay, so i really want to try the marc jacobs remarcable foundation.

This one is like a holy girl.

I know Tanis, whereas Huggies is gon na be horrible, but ok that is literally yellow, the ivory medium.

You know that’s still very ivory, late sister shake up for everyone.

Okay, so number 14 is every medium, which is this, which is way too dark and yellow and ivory light it’s like literally way too light and ivory is broken.

So I guess, were gon na, buy this one and well be kind of a fun and freshness to see you too, that ones decent.

I think, because they’re literally just pigment in a ball – and this could be either really good or really yourself to mix it with the foundation, but a lot of people use this as an actual foundation, that’s kind of a decent color to be along here.

Well, that’s it.

P20, that was a good color.

For me, only about actual looks really good.

P30 lets not one of those.

I don’t have a CFP 40 in a p20 and a p51 25.

You have found this Buddha beauty, which I am so excited that I never tried this foundation.

I don’t really support either because, but I do want to try this foundation, because I do know that this is a Holy Grail, so I’m gon na hope.

My personal bias aside for the sake of this video and I want to test out a few different weights: oh yeah, okay, that is light yellow that could be good to time.

We’ve been skating.

Maybe we should grab that to 20 and then of these you’re.

Even a close color match so I’m gon na pick up number 220, which is a little bit dark for me and I’m gon na have to 10 and see what we can make.

One okay so once again very easy to find the shade, if you’re light skinned not so easy.

If there were a little anything that darker, then there should be literally eight shades in between this, but, of course, there’s one and it sold out.

Are we surprised?

No, this is a little bit dark, so I think somebody guessed.

These are all best hold outs, a good one, 330 bits and maybe let’s go back.


320 best.

Oh that looks good to me to face which you guys know with my all time favorite foundation.

This has been my ride or die for over a year now the formula is just truly Im, not swiping.

It works really well for my skin tone.

But that being said, even though I love it, I still do have issues finding my perfect shade.

I’m not even gon na lie, so I want to pick up pretty much all of them in my area and see what works.

Okay, so I always use Wilson, because I ran out of all my other colors, and this is one that was a comment about saying it doesn’t matter, which I know but also, at the same time, it’s kind of still a neutral tone.

So just really change the color of my skin.

It just makes it a little bit more tan, so like this is my kind of rider die, so I’m gon na get another one of those just for funsies, but I also think I should probably pick up.

Maybe it might date well light beige is still neutral light beige, one nudist one.

I used to use all the time that I know this ones a pretty decent match.

Hello, I’m gon na get another video for sure.

Maybe look up vanilla to yellow her on isn’t.

Getting two lighter, not even one should I get pearls literally on the whale I just on the G or so foundation which I’ve been dying to try already.

Are you kidding, maybe one cool dozy that was alright sister, so we have come back home from the ball up.

The trip went very smoothly.

Thank God.

We were in and out with all around foundations, and we are now back home.

I just unboxed all 34 foundations that we picked up today on all of these foundations.

We spent one thousand two hundred and four dollars and sixty five cents.

If one of these colors doesn’t match me, I’m literally going to quit my job to watch it all. These shades are going to be a very, very long process and I’m gon na have to remember all that in my head.

So I just want to go ahead and jump right in it and get started.

Okay, so I’m actually gon na.

Let it take my shirt off. That video saved me a little bit of a turn.

I do want to swatch a few of these colors on my chest, because when it comes to making a foundation for me, I usually pick something that’s close to my body color, which is a lot more yellow toned and makes it a little bit more tan.

But my chest is very, very pale and almost pinky toned and helping the color difference between like here, and here is always what gets me.

It is really really bad and leads to a lot of negative comments.

So let’s see why its gon na happen to start off these swatches it just to get it over with and out of the way I want to first grab my Holy Grail foundation, the Too Faced Born This Way.

You guys know this is my all time favorite.

I use this in almost every single video, and that is because it lasts me all day long, but this is all for the foundation that has gotten me in trouble a lot of times for never up being the same color, so let’s go ahead and see if I’m just using the wrong shade or if it really just doesn’t match.

Okay, the first of all that I picked up was a seashell, and then we have natural Bays, which is the color that I usually use all the time, definitely much more golden and then finally, we have a nude.

Those are all three color options that I got.

This Way, seashell it’s actually looking like it might be.

The closest match let’s put that on my face, so we have seashell nude and natural beige, and we have seashell and nude and natural beige all three.

Those look way too dark.

Oh, oh, Im, gon na.

Let all these foundations sit on my skin for a little bit too to see if any of them oxidize or change colors, as they kind of sit down and move on and then well kind of evaluate them.

In a little bit, so that is actually the Bournemouth way collection all complete, since we did my all time favorite foundation now.

First, I want to do a little bit of a throwback and do the foundation that got me started, and that is the Make Up For Ever.

Ultra HD stick and I picked up three shades in it today.

This validation looked amazing on me when I was living in New York, which has pretty humid weather, but too soon, as I moved to LA the formulation just didn’t exactly work because it’s much more dry here, regardless it’s still a really amazing formula.

We first have y 2 to 5 and then Y 3 to 5.

Oh, that looks like it’s really close to my arm color and then y 365 that almost looks kind of similar to 2 to 5 3 to 5.




Oh, my god!

You guys literally, why 2 to 5 is still too dark for my chest when it literally looks white on my face.

This is why I gave up on foundation color matching.

Oh absolutely, not!

Okay, that’s a scandal.

I think out of all these white 3 to 5, which is the middle one.

On my hand, the one that I said almost blends in and the middle one on my face, which I think would look really really beautiful – all blended down. It’s going to be the best option at this point.

Anything on the chest is not looking too promising.

So next thing, when I go ahead and watch a color pop foundation, now this foundation was very, very popular in 2018 and the makeup community.

A lot of people really really like and if you guys remember, I actually did a makeup where I headed over to the colourpop Factory and customized my entire beauty routine, including up my foundation color.

So this one is actually not for sale.

This was custom made to match me and I got a lot of comments on the video saying that was my best foundation match ever so I figured it’d be only right to put it in this video and let’s test it out and see it.

What it really looks like on my head, it does look a little bit more yellow toned, but I feel like if I put it on my face the color pops right here, well, that’s very yellow and on my chest too.

I think that’s very yellow, which I feel like is what you guys comment about negatively a lot, so maybe that aint a it says chief.

So next I want to look at the foundation that I have a love-hate relationship with, and that is the Giorgio Armani luminous silica foundation.

A lot of people, especially celebrity makeup.

Artists stand by this foundation and I will say: I’ve had it on a few times and I’ve had some of my favorite makeup days of all time, but I’ve also put this on and hated it.

How I look, I really don’t know why about two regardless, I have a few different chains in my collection, so I thought I would watch.

This is number three point five, and I also have a number four, which suspiciously is lighter than three point five.

I will never understand how their shade system works.

Don’t really care, it’s not that serious, it’s three points, five on my chest and also on my face, and then it was also a try as well.

That is way too light.

Why did I even buy that color?

Are you kidding about matches?

My chest, you are, you’ve gotta be kidding me.

It still doesn’t even match, though my chest you need is white.

Are you kidding another foundation?

The absolute shook the beauty industry in 2018.

It was the G way essential, high coverage foundation.

Now I have tried this before.

I will say I’m not, firstly, a fan of this one.

I loved you, but I definitely prefer a more medium coverage foundation that you can build up.

This for me, was way too much.

I thought that I had a lot more of these in my collection, but it turns out that they are all gone.

I think a lot of my makeup artist friends always take these on their overpour cats.

Obviously, getting a much better use out of them, but I wish that I would have gotten more at the stores today, regardless I’m gon na cuss up the shade, nutmeg and see if this is a match were just gon na move on from that this year, where My favorite artist and really good friends and the makeup community Alissa Ashley collaborated with NYX Cosmetics under cant, stop wont stop foundation life.

So I picked up three different shades that I could test out on my face.

We have soft beige, medium, olive and natural buff, hello, hello, okay, I guess we don’t have medium olive.

Definitely not!

We have a soft beige.

Oh that could be good actually in natural laughs, absolutely not mmhmm, that is not next.

We have another cult favorite.

This is the NARS and natural radiant foundation, and I am in the shade, maybe it’s Santa Fe.

Oh, that actually could be good tea, its participants to this one.

Okay, oh, she could be a final contender.

Next, we have probably the most beloved drugstore foundation in the entire world.

This is the Maybelline superstay at 24 hour foundation and I grab two at different shades: 120 classic ivory and one at 28, warm nude classic ivory and firm nude close to my room.

Warm nude plastic ivory and warm nude.

I, like classic ivory, actually looks like it could be a pretty decent NARS one still if they actually might be good from drugstore let’s jump a little bed.

We went to a more boozy foundation.

I picked up two of the Lancome teint Idole.

These are loved by a lot of people.

I’ve actually never tried some before so I’m very much looking forward to seeing how it looks on the skin today and I picked up the shades 310 bisque cool and 330 bisque neutral.

What I definitely notice from testing out a lot of these foundations is that I have a lot of cool tones, a lot of neutrals and a lot of different warm tones at foundations.

Not only do a lot of brands do it differently, but apparently I just choose to be different undertones on certain different days, it’s just an issue during ton 333 ton 330 – I feel like I could put most of these on and make them work, except for literally This one so next after Lancome, we have Dior and I actually have a five different foundations from New York today, and three of them are different types.

We have the Dewar era class, which a lot of people love to do backstage, which is a newer foundation to the line and also to our scanner forever, literally, none of which I’ve actually tried, but a lot of people do love.

First, we have the Dewar skin forever and the shade number 15.

Now I actually was looking for shade at 20 in the store and they were sold out of it, but this looks like it actually could be.

A really good color for me, 15 put that over here.

Then we did our air wash in 104.

How does this even work?

Do you just?

Oh, my god, my swatches are not, even gon na look pretty anymore well lets.

Do it on my hand?

First, oh it’s so cold.

Are you oh that’s kind of fun?

Put this like up here, what the heck, squirted and splotched for a real one?

Oh my god that looks so gross, let’s try shade number 200.

It was definitely a little bit more pinky toned!

Oh that blends in so well with my chest.

You can literally barely even see that color. Let’s put that one over here that could work.

Miss air, flash and number 200 we’re gon na keep her mind.

And finally, we have to do our backstage, which is the new addition to the collection.

So first we have one CR and I’ve seen a lot of different Instagram bodies doing this on their little clickbait videos.

We please leave those stupid, clickbait Instagram videos in 2018.

I am so sick of seeing thumbnails of people setting things on fire.

They Cut up their makeup and were all sick of it.

Let your talent speak for yourself.

This has been a PSA next Ill.

Try the YSL all our foundation, and this is in the shade of warm almonds.

Okay, oops mostly it’s one swatch, not two different colors.

I think that one is definitely too warm for my skin tone, so I literally do not have warm undertones like I have.

I was lying to myself this entire time about why it’s going on next, we have Marc Jake remarcable.

I already know that I hate this foundation that but we’re gon na, try it anyway.

This is in the shade 12 ivory.

This applicator is so unsanitary it’s not even funny.

No, that is, that aint incest.

This is too hard.

Next, we have a hoody beauty and this one is in the shade of 220.

Now I was not even looking forward to buying this one, but apparently a lot of you guys were because almost every single color was sold out at the store which made finding a shade even harder than it already was.

This is really a really thick Wow.

Definitely not in her defense that I did want to pick up number 10, and that was a shame that was sold out.

So I picked up this one instead, it’s still maka, though another drugstore when I grab the Alva foundation in the shade alabaster this one.

Only six dollars, so it is super super affordable wow.

This is really thick too.

Okay, it looks a little bit light, not like a good match to my chest.

Kind of this literally is like thick paint.


Ok, elf, coming through with a 6 full coverage foundation, are you kidding?

Next, I got the milk makeup a blur liquid foundation and this one is in the shade ivory my assistant actually swears by this foundation.

He wears this almost every single day.

I’m kind of a good colors for me we’re gon na swatch.

Now let’s put this like over here meme too late, really good match for my neck, though oh wow, this game is so hard.

Now, the next foundation I picked up with three different shades in, and that is in the Fenty Pro filter foundation.

Now, if you’ve had Instagram for a while, you would know that I did upload a review on the entire Fanti collection back when it first launched and it did not go over well.

In fact, it is literally the most disliked video on my entire youtube channel, because the Rihanna stands could not stand the fact that I did not like a lot of these products.

They said that I was bitter about not being a pedestal at the party.

Sorry, the foundation just really sucked me the first time, but that being said I’m all about giving second chances and regardless of how I felt originally, there was absolutely no denying that this foundation was truly a game changer in the industry, not only for its formula, but It became this standard for formulating shame raiders, which i think is so incredible.

Fenty Liberty has every single skin tone you could possibly imagine, so hopefully I’ll be able to find mine here.

I picked up shade at 170, 180.

Oh, the Hat might be good actually and 190.

Okay, 170, 180 and 190 Wow 180 could be really good math.

For me, oh my gosh, 170, 180 and 190 beautiful corrections.

Before I accidentally drove 20 again, I actually had my bottles in the wrong order.

This one, the one that I liked, is 170 and the yellow one is 180, so 170 is actually a good match.

For me, one of the more different launches we saw in the foundation category this year were the cover FX custom.

Color drops now a lot of people really really like these, and I see a lot of makeup artists having these.

In their kits.

We have a 2000 meal that needs to stop dripping immediately and n25.

Im gon na die can feel it dripping onto my eyeball.

Absolutely not no, it would not be a proper foundation video if we skipped out on the foundation that literally changed the game for so many artists years ago, and that is the Mac Pro Longwear foundation.

I think literally, everybody has this in their kit at some point, whether you’re just starting out or a celebrity makeup artist that has been working it for decades.

People love this one and I’ve actually never tried it out, I’m really looking forward to it.


I have nw20 and n18 there’s nw20, oh, that might be good actually and m18 NW, 20 and 18 NW, 20 and 18.

Oh, my god, NW 20 looks like it would be a really good match for me, actually Lotso.

Finally, not least, I thought we should do the foundation that literally the entire beauty community is talking about right now, which I am so excited for, and that is the more feet.

Oh my god, these boxes are too heavy, and that is the morphe fluidity collection.

This is too heavy.

I can’t even open this on camera, so Morphe has just announced the release of their fluidity collection, which I am so beyond excited for, for it includes 16, inter foundations and a concealer collection as well.

The foundations are going to be tooling for only 14 dollars and the concealers that are usually for only nine dollars and, of course, you guys can use coachings for 10 off your purchase is a 60 color shade range, which I think is so incredible.

There is no denying that there is a new standard for inclusivity, which I think is literally nothing to ever happen to defeat the community.

That being said, all those 60 shades is the great thing, it’s not so great.

For someone like me, who has a lot of problems picking their colors so I’m going to set this down now, because it literally weighs 100 pounds and Im going to pick out a few shades that work for me, what I think is actually so dope those that Won’t be actually included a a prepaid return.

Shipping label in this PR box tell us influencers, get to pick out the shape that work for us and send the rest back, and they get donated to women shelters all around LA which i think is literally so cool and such a good way to make sure That none of the products go to waste so that further ado, let me pick out a few shades Ill, be right back.

So in this patron I watched 15 of the light shades on the back of my hand, and I will say even from looking at them.

Although they are all in their light region, all the undertones and all these colors are so different.

What you think is gon na be so amazing for people like me who actually struggle finding a really good foundation color.

That being said, it makes it very challenging to find the perfect one from those 15.

I did find four that I really liked starting off with one a point: one at to zero.

1 point: 5.

2 point 1 and 2 point 2.

We have one point.

One 20150, two point one: zero, oh, that one might actually be really good in fresh and two point, two boom point: one: two: zero I’m running out of room wait a second, whatever foundation that was like blend it into my face.

Does anybody remember what that one was no these two yeah, oh you’re, right one point one 20150, a little bit too light and yellow, I think, 21, 21, oh and last, but finally, not least: oh, do we literally to save the best for last, I don’t have Room anymore we’re just gon na put this one over here, 22, alright sister, so that is officially every single foundation that I now own when its washed on both my face and my neck and chest.

Looking in the mirror, I look literally crazy, but there are some colors in here that look like they could be a really really good match.

So what I think I want to do is clean myself up, wipe everything off and go back through the footage and pick out the shapes that look the absolute best based on the swatches and apply them all over.

And let you guys vote in the end to see which color matches the best on me all right, you guys, I am back.

I just cleaned up after doing my sister swatches and apparently trying on every single foundation in a makeup store is the best way to find your perfect shade, because I just looked back at the footage – and I found six colors that I think actually look really really Bomb and close to my skin tone, but of course those are only swatches, so I picked up all six of different foundations and I’m gon na apply them to my entire face and neck and a little bit of my chest as well and we’re gon na see How they actually compare, and at the end you guys, are gon na pick, which one you think works the best so that further ado let’s get into more foundation starting off in the same order as the video we first have our Too Faced Born This Way, except This one is in the shade nude.

I usually usually say that natural beige, which is a little bit darker, but this one actually looked really really beautiful on my skin tone and Im gon na be really in the way.

If I’ve been dealing with hate comments in scandals when it comes to taking the right foundation shade, when I hit foundation, it literally had the perfect shade for me all along.

Oh, my god, that literally matches perfectly . This is a little bit embarrassing. By the way, I’m gon na play all of my foundations using the morphe contour and blending sponge.

This is my all time favorite.

It comes in my brush set or you can get it separately.

It is seven dollars or even cheaper if you Co James per ten percent off. The one thing that I don’t really love when it comes to form this way is that a little doesn’t really go a long way.

I always need like four or five squirts to cover my entire face and neck.

Then again, this is definitely a lighter coverage foundation and I like to build up to be more kind of medium to full coverage.

So that’s, probably why but regards s Im just putting us all over, of course, were gon na run it down the neck as well and I’m using my morphe m4a3 9 brush.

This is my favorite big buffing, a foundation brush blending.

It goes all the way down my neck and underneath my ears and behind them in the back of my neck as well, because it’s really really embarrassing when a color doesn’t go all the way around.

Take it from me all the way up to my collarbones as well.

I literally thought about shaving this panel until once again of letting it out all the way down my neck.

It still looks too dark in comparison to my chest, but next to my arm, I hate this.

This is a full application of the Too Faced for this wave foundation in the color nude.

Next, we have the makeup.

Why 325 now, when I actually looked back at the footage and at the swatches this one, in my opinion at least, was the closest match to my face tone, and this was actually the first foundation I ever used.

So literally, I may have known how to match my foundation three years ago and forgot, but I’m looking forward to putting this on today and seeing how it looks all over when people come and take my foundation does not match.

Are they literally expecting me to blend it like all the way down here?

Are you literally kidding me every single article of clothing, my own already has the color stain the foundation like.

If I was doing this, it would literally all be foundation all right.

You guys this is a full face of the makeup forever: stick foundation in the shade of Y at 325.

Next, we have the dior air flash foundation in the shade at 200.

Now I was really not expecting to see this one in the finals, but at one point I literally went to do a swatch of my forehead and realized that there was already foundation in that specific place, but I had basically disappeared in my skin.

So I feel like this could literally be one of the best matches I’ve ever tried, but I want to put it all over and it looks like I really just don’t get why this application process is so strange.

Are you kidding me?

You know, like Jack Frost.

This is not like that.

Maybe if I just did not like the idea of a spray or foundation one little bit doctor, not me healthy.

I feel like this color actually might be a little bit too pinky toned.

It was blending really really well into the center of my forehead and I was excited, but I dont front a very, very bright studio light and it gets pretty hot in here.

My face tends to get more red than my actual body is, and I feel like this might oh, this ain’t a SS like a very pretty on the skin all right sisters.

This is a full application of the Dior air flash foundation in the shade of 200.

Next we have the milk of makeup blur liquid foundation in the shade I’ve right now, Im, not even gon na lie to you guys.

I really was not expecting to like this one, but I had this one made a really really huge swatch right here on my neck and as soon as we went friends looked at the footage.

All of our eyes instantly went to this one right here and it turned out to be the milk makeup blur liquid, so I’m very, very excited to put this all over my face and see how it looks – and I really really love milk to the team there And everything that they stand for so I may have found a new favorite.

Oh she’s pale, okay, I’m a little bit concerned because it’s going on very, very pale – and the last thing that I want is another flash like Mary’s candle, so I’m gon na wait patiently.

If you’ve oxidized this okay, I see very clearly now why I picked this one, because it looks so good on both my body and my neck, like this.

Skin tone is exactly the same, but on my face, the color looks completely different.

It’s like four shades lighter.

Why does it do that?

Alright, you guys this is a full application of the milk blur liquid foundation in the shade ivory.

I cannot believe that this next foundation actually made the final cut, but I cannot deny that it was a really great match all over the place, and that is the frente Beauty foundation in the shade 170.

You guys know I hated this foundation when I first tried it a few months ago.

I did not like the formula but gon na, try it again and for this I’m going to use the Effendi Beauty foundation brush because Alyssa Ashley was this and she loves this, and I trust her a lot so we’re gon na put it on.

I do remember for my first review that this foundation did oxidize on me a little bit so I’m gon na.

Keep that in mind, while applying yet wow this brush day is actually a bomb.

It’s still looking a little bit light on my face, but it is matching my neck.

That looks like a perfect match.

Imagine the literal one foundation that I said, Ive hated in my shadow becomes a perfect match.

Clemmer works in funny ways.

Sometimes, okay wow.

I have not even set down the station with powder and it’s pretty much already dry.

Not gon na lie.

You guys know my routine.

I use a whole lot of powder and I much prefer a more dewy foundation that lasts me throughout the day.

But that being said, it does look really really beautiful on the skin.

So who knows maybe I’ll have to get a misspent, a beauty, another try.

It later on, but regardless this is the full application of the Fenty beauty pro filter foundation in the shade at 170.

All right, you guys and last but not least, I’m honestly not surprised that this foundation was made, but it is the brand new morphe liquid foundation in shade 220.

This is the last color out of the four that I tried and I think this one is a pretty good match.

I could be good on my skin, so I’m very excited to try this out on my actual face.

I said I just got the parent package, so I have not yet tried this one out yet there’s not a lot of drama and speculation online.

Ever since influencers have started to get the PR box that I’ve been posting it because not even gon na lie, the 60 shade range did look a little bit unbalanced towards lighter skin tones.

But even though I am a morphe affiliate, they do not pay me to talk about any other products and I’m never afraid.

To give my honest opinion – and my honest opinion about this foundation – is that it is really really a bomb, but I hate this packaging. I’m not the biggest fan of squeeze tubes.

I much prefer a glass foundation bottle.

I think it looks a lot nicer, but using a packaging like a squeeze tube allows them to make the price point so low.

It is only 14 and we’re getting a really bomb foundation, which I think is super super dope.

But what I really really don’t like is, at the top of this, to where you can see the foundation isn’t, actually a foundation, its color treated from the inside, so this isn’t actually a transparent window.

What you think makes it really really hard to shop for your rights.

Color, because the color on the outside of the packaging, it doesn’t necessarily mean its gon na match the clothes that’s inside of the packaging, which one, I think is where the shade range speculation is coming from, but also to makes it a lot more difficult for customers To shop both online and instore, so I’ve already told the morphe team this, but hopefully they take the feedback from both me and all of you guys talking about it and put this into consideration for future launches, especially when it comes to fluidity, because I really do Like how this foundation looks on the skin and I think 14 for a full coverage, matte foundation is a fantastic deal same thing with dye knowledge for the concealer as well.

So, who knows hopefully we’ll get better in the future, but regardless this is a full application of the morphe at brand new fluidity foundation in the shade app 22 at zero.

Oh alright, you guys!

Oh my god, we are back.

I just washed out my face for the final time as my skin is literally raw right now. Three hours later and 27 makeup wipes later, we are officially done with this foundation test.

To be completely honest with you guys, I really debated as to whether or not I even wanted to film this video today and before sitting down a little bit nervous.

I’ve been getting comments about my foundation, not matching for a very, very long time now, some of which, of course, are conductive criticism, but most of which are very, very negative for literally no reason at all.

I will say, though, taking this chance today was very, very fun, and I am a lowkey kind of proud of myself for putting my ego aside and really allowing myself to kind of learn and expand my knowledge.

It was so cool to test all these different foundations in st the different, firm, less and see all the shade ranges and see what really goes into the different undertones.

Clearly, I have a lot more to learn when it comes to that, but after testing out literally 30plus foundations, we did find six that I think looked really really Bob and I’m very very excited to see what you guys have to think about them as well.

Our first finalist was my personal favorite.

The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in the shade nude.

Next we had our Make Up For Ever.

Ultra HD sticks in the shade of y three to five.

Next, we had our Dior air flash foundation in the shade.

At 200, next we tested out the milk makeup blur liquid foundation in the shade ivory.

Surprisingly, the frente Beauty Pro filtered foundation in the shade 170 goes on our finalists as well and, last finally, not least, we tested out and loved the brand new morphe foundation in the shade of 220.

Looking back at all six of these foundations, I do think that all the colors and the firm laws had pros and cons for each different brand, but regardless they all did look really really beautiful.

On the skin.

I have my personal favorite that I liked best, but clearly I don’t know a whole lot about foundation, so I want all of you guys to leave me a comment down below and let me know which other foundations that I tried today.

It was my favorite which of the six did you like and hey if it wasn’t one of the final six, which one should I have tried out.

I’m really excited to hear what you guys think, but please keep in mind that this is literally just a foundation.

It is seriously not that deep.

There are more important things in the world to worry about.

I’ve been doing this for three years now and this thing that I really really struggle with, and I had a lot of fun with this challenge today, but I can guarantee over the course of the next three years, I’m going to have a lot more fun days.

Tms tops later on so lets be positive.

What they’ve, constructive criticism and lets match our skin tones together.

All the things that you guys said is all I have for today is brand new.

Video of my face is literally raw.

I need to put on a face, mask and moisture and have it too bad, but I really really hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below, enter your love and support and it really means so much and helps me out a lot and also as well.

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I cannot believe that, and I am so incredibly grateful for our family.

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Thank you!

So much love for always falling and supporting you.

I love you literally, and so so so much and if you don’t really want to be the next video’s sister shadow don’t forget to always retweet everything at least: we go live on Twitter.

All right!

You guys!

Thank you!

So much for watching these videos today. I love you so much and I will see you in the next one: Music.

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