Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Full Face Using Only KIDS Makeup Challenge!

Full Face Using Only KIDS Makeup Challenge!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I’m doing the full face using only KIDS makeup challenge!! My team went to childrens stores and spent over $500 on glitter, bows, backpacks, and of course, makeup! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

Hi sisters James Charles here, and welcome oh yeah.

Let’s try that again take two hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel for today’s video.

Oh wait should I put on the backpack for the intro?

No, why that would be, but wouldn’t that be cute to like, have it on like the straps on that would be cute for today’s video.

I’m really really excited because we are doing a makeup challenge that was popular many many years ago before I was even a beauty guru that I was reminded of a few days ago.

Um, if you guys follow me on my Snapchat or Instagram story, which, first of all, if you don’t you absolutely should, because the story content is very, very fun.

You would know that I tend to eat like a child.

My taste palette is very bland, underdeveloped childish.

If you will, I eat McDonald’s every week.

Love me a good Lunchable, teddy grams gushers s’mores pop tarts uncrushable anyways.

Like I was saying last week we were having a team lunch talking about video content and video ideas for the future, and everybody was enjoying their delicious meal which they had post-mated, except for me, uh.

I was enjoying a lovely little pizza, Lunchable and Louis.

Looked over at me and said you literally eat like a child and then it sparked in my head.

The children’s makeup challenge come on story.

That was a storyline.

That was a story.

That’s called a story live.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed that journey that I just took you on here through the video uh intro and speaking of journey uh.

After we had this idea, my team went to Claire’s and picked up 500 worth of children’s makeup that I’m going to be now applying to my face.

So let’s get started all right.

You want to see your items.

Yes, I want to see the items.

This is the item.

That’s oh man.

Oh my god!


A second!

Dare I ask?

Is this the Jojo SEO backpack LGBTQ plus icon?

Oh, you’re, kidding okay, let’s open up our Jojo Siwa backpack!

Oh some nice Claire’s beauty, sponges, Claire’s, naturally bronzed bronzer palette this packaging, hello.

This is very like adult okay that oh see.

This is what I’d be expecting from Claire’s makeup: Claire’s eye, glitter, okay, I hate glitter Claire’s eye palette.

Honestly, the color story, not bad.

Like-kind of gorgeous It’s the fact that they’re all shimmer shadows for me, not fine, [, Music,].

Why you got me clipping right now: oh yeah, oh my god.

So this is why the bill was 550 wow, that’s good!

You guys!

Okay, we have Claire’s lip gloss balm.

Oh my god.

You guys look what this powder has on it, a skull.

Why is Claire selling little children skull powder?

That’s so spooky!

Oh, my god.

Are you literally kidding me with that?

Claire has fake eyelashes.

I sure do here’s like my theory before we even get started into this video, I’m just going to keep pulling out things as I talk about this because I think It’s an important point to make.

I feel like what age people should start writing makeup at is a very like controversial topic.

In my personal opinion.

Wearing makeup at any age is fine, but it is super super important to teach your kids or young ones to love themselves, both with and without makeup.

On the last thing that I ever want to hear is like that little kids are running declares because I’m a bully in their class told them that they were ugly or that their eyes were weird or that their pimple needed to be covered.

Like I don’t know so going into this challenge today, I definitely am not expecting this makeup to be like the most pigmented or the highest of quality in any way, shape, or form.

However, I do think it’ll be a really cool way for kids to just get into it and learn artistry and how to express themselves, and I think that is really really important to be teaching our kids and on that note, our dojo backpack is officially empty.

So this fan I’m really living for this fantasy here, okay and last, but finally, not least before we jump into this video today, I do have one final accessory that I do feel like I need to put on for this video, and that is this beautiful luxurious.

Gorgeous Jojo Siwa bow, if you guys have not seen my transformation, video with Jojo.

First of all, please go check it out and watch it.

It is one of my favorite collabs that I have ever done.

Jojo truly is just a jam.

She was so much fun to work with she’s an incredible person.

A genius businesswoman also just came out as LGBTQ, plus, which I am just so beyond like that is so important and so groundbreaking.

For so many young kids everywhere – and I just feel like this – is so so cool for young kids everywhere.

That may be questioning themselves or may not feel, like.

You know they’re in the regular norm to be able to look up to somebody like freaking, jojo and like this is okay, because jojo, you know, loves whoever she wants to, and that is so so cool.

So I’m so proud of her.

I’m so excited to be rocking my jojo bobo for this video that was a good little rhyme.

So oh there’s no foundation; no, they didn’t have it.

I mean, I guess I guess that’s not that surprising to me, but before we put anything on the face, I think we should go ahead and first prime our lips using this nice Coca-Cola lip smacker.

I used to love these, but now I hate chopsticks.

Does it taste like it?

Oh, my god, it tastes so good for those of you guys who also don’t know.

I have a really bad addiction to coke Coca-Cola.

Let me I should have clarified Coca-Cola the drink um.

I drank it quite a lot.

So this is a very familiar taste to me.

Let me open up my nice brushes, you know.

What’s really sad is that uh.

These are like six-dollar children’s brushes.

I have seen so many different makeups.

Brands come up with mermaid collections like eight different times.

It looks exactly like this.

Oh, there’s highlighters in here.

Oh my god.

Let me do a little swatch.

Oh my god.

The formula is actually like feels weird wait here.

Let’s see okay, so we have the champagne color.

First, definitely not super super reflective, but not bad.

We have this gold-colored neck – oh my god, okay, and then we have this champagney color.

Next, oh my gosh, okay, It’s obviously not like groundbreaking pigmentation and shininess, but like definitely not bad for Claire’s palette.

Oh I mean honestly, look.

It literally looks like a natural you’re kidding.

Well hey!

This is like the most gorgeous powder ever.

This is looking gorgeous.

There’s no highlighter brush in here.

I think highlighters like that one product that the little kids like, oh, I want to put on a highlighter.

You know what I mean like: I could see: kids wearing a highlighter over a lot of different products.

Let me try out this gorgeous little shade right in here using the same brush.

I guess oh little yellow give me very sidewalk chalk, hopscotch real mess.

Okay, we don’t have any brow products, so I guess we’re skipping it on brows, too.

We should go ahead and get started on an eyeshadow now and I think out of all the steps.

This is the one that I want to cheat for because I am going to put on an eyeshadow base because I actually want to put these to the test and see like what we could do with them.

Don’t you think that’s fine yeah, I think so too?

Okay, you guys so we have our Claire’s eyeshadow palette here and I’m actually living for these colors.

So I’m first going to grab this dark purple shade here.

All of these colors have a little bit of shimmer to them, which will make them blend out easier, but um.

It will make them reflective, which is obviously not what I want to go for so.

Okay, now, I’m just gonna grab a little bit of this pink color here with the same brush.

I’m gonna try to blend out pink above the purple to create a nice seamless transition, definitely not blending the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen, but we’re gonna keep going.

Then I’m just gonna grab this nice little peachy shade over here and I’m gonna.

Try to blend that out, the colors aren’t really giving me what I need to be honest.

I’m gonna try to put this on the lid now [, Music].

This is literal sidewalk chalk like I’m so sad, come on.

Claire’s come on Claire 12 seconds later.

I would just love to make a note as well, since you guys saw me last literally one second ago, we actually cut for like 10 minutes, because I had to upload today’s brand new video and in that 10 minutes.

My eyeshadow has not been touched, however, has disappeared from my eyelid.

No, it looks beautiful literally.

You all saw me rub on that.

Teal shadow, and now it’s literally gone.

It like disappeared in the last 10 minutes, I’m going to cheat and I’m going to grab a setting spray because I actually want to see what this would look like.

Okay, so I’m going to grab this shade once again.

Let’s try this now [Music,].

Okay with the setting spray, not the worst right, some nice water-activated shadows the amount of fall, and this is absurd.

Let’s put this last and final little gorgeous highlighter color right on this inner corner and see how she sticks.

Oh yeah, that’s kind of bad, no lower lash line with the amount of fallout we have.

We basically already have eyeshadow on, but god it’s so chalky.

Oh, my god, my eyes are like getting dry.

I want to like spray this into my eye.

Oh not a good idea, let’s add some glitter when adult glitter it out.

Oh, it’s glitter gel!

These are not eye glitters.

I love that.

It looks It’s literally taking who made these stupid formulas It’s literally taking off the eyeshadow, underneath as they put the glitter on this, is for nine-year-old Becky sue from Delaware.

Well, nine-year-old Becky, sue from Delaware deserves good quality makeup for these absurd prices that they’re charging.

This is thirteen dollars.

Thirteen dollars for crappy glitter, that’s gonna take your makeup off.

Becky sue deserves better.

Oh my god.

Do you know what this palette reminds me of that meme with that little girl who’s like in the car, with the purple glitter on her eyelids and she’s like I’m, I’m upset now?

How are you gonna sell me a purple glitter and there’s where’s the purple?

There’s literally no pigment in there give me something give me anything.

This formula is free, so I’m gonna go ahead and take this off my eye because that was disgusting.

Okay, should I try this black eyeliner to really seal the deal here?

Okay, let me pull the mirror a little bit closer, and let’s see the fact that I’m on camera doing this right now.

This is shocking.

Let me go ahead and close this awful disgusting palette and let’s try to do this.

A nice, more neutral tone, Smokey eye.

I’m gonna use this eyeliner pencil to go all over the lid, and now I’m gonna grab a fluffy brush and I’m going to dip into this nice charcoal shade that we have right here and I’m going to put this right over top of that black Liner, all right that doesn’t look that bad to be completely honest.

Okay, now I’m just going to grab a cute little fluffy brush, I’m going to dip into the red, and I’m going to blend this right above the charcoal [Music].

Oh my god!

Why is this looking good?

You guys look.

The colors are literally crusting and bunching together on my eye like the product literally was placed here.

It got up and walked over here and crusted together with the other product.

This one, on the other hand, she’s gorgeous okay eyes, are finally now completed um, so we’re gonna go ahead and close our palettes uh, hopefully forever, because this was literally the worst eyeshadow formula that I have ever used in my entire life.

We’re gonna apply our nice Claire’s volumizing mascara to really bring this all together work.

Well, that did absolutely nothing all right.

You guys we are so close to being done with this finished beautiful, gorgeous, look um the one thing that we actually have not used.

Yet is this Claire’s compact powder with a spooky skeleton on it?

So I really want to go ahead and try this out.

Even though you know we don’t have concealer, we don’t have a foundation, we don’t have literally anything on the face.

So I’m not sure why they’re selling this, but not anything else, we’re still gonna see what it does all right.

Let’s see if I’m gonna bake mine, [Music,], oh wait!

Oh my god!

It’s you guys, and it was wait a second and it was on sale for five dollars.

This was probably from Halloween.

I love Halloween.

They probably had this on sale for Halloween.

Hence the skeleton for a white face powder and now it’s on sale for five dollars because they didn’t sell through it.

Oh my god!

Oh, not this bacon going on right now.

Let me grab my beauty blender and see what I can do: [, Music].

I love what I blended and use my beauty blender and instead of blending it in it literally just removes the product, you guys.

What is this I almost forgot to put on our eyelashes?

Oh, it comes with glue, oh yeah, I’m so scared of this lash glue in this tiny little tube, like [, Music].

Oh, my eye is burning.

It’s burning.

It’s burning my eyeball.

Yes, [, Music]!

My eyes are fully red.

What gloss do you guys think we should do to really pull this all together?

I was thinking so too.

Oh, my god, it smells like grape.

So the purple is where exactly we’re gonna try the nude lip gloss instead, just because that was kind of underwhelming, to be honest, does anything have actual pigment.

This is like ten dollars for a little like this is how can you get the sample back from the lab and be like?

Oh yeah?

This is a great nude lip gloss and then little girls and little boys buy them and spend their hard-earned money or their parent’s hard, earned money and get crappy products which is so frustrating to me.

Okay, uh.

I think that that is quite enough for today’s new video um.

I think we did learn a very, very valuable lesson in today’s video, and that is if you were a kid if you are in middle school, elementary school, younger or older um, and you want to try out makeup or expressing yourself for the first time.

First of all, I am all here, for it makes sure you talk to your parents first make sure that It’s okay as well, but this YouTube channel.

You are more than welcome to come to watch any tutorials that you please.

However, if you’re gonna buy some makeup products and spend your own hard-earned money that you’ve saved from your allowance or doing work or your parents harder money that they are buying, something for you, please spend your money wisely and do not go to a kid’s store.

The pigmentation sucked the color sucked the formula sucked and the price also sucked, so I would recommend the drugstore there’s so many amazing brands at the drugstore for super super affordable prices.

All that being said, if you guys liked today’s video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below.

If you think that I killed this kid’s makeup challenge.

Also speaking of this kids makeup challenge, I forgot to tell you guys earlier on in this video I just found out today that I am nominated for my first ever kids choice award, which is so cool, I’m actually so so excited.

I grew up watching nickelodeon my entire life – I loved it so so so much and I always used to watch it and want a surfboard or a blimp, I’m nominated for male social star and I’m up against a bunch of other, really amazing, talented creators that I Actually, love dearly as well, so I’m gonna be happy, no matter who wins, however, that blimp would look really really cute here on the sister shelf and I would absolutely love if you guys would support and vote for me on kidschoiceawards.

Com tweet me.

If you guys do vote so I can give you a follow as well and I guess we will find out who wins when the program goes live, but good luck to everybody, and let’s do this – you guys if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey.

You can follow me on all my social media accounts they’ll be linked right here on the screen and if you want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more.

My number is 310 905 874 sex.

This video is sister, shout out, goes to sister Rachel.

Thank you so much love for always falling and supporting.

I love you so so much and if you’d like to the next video sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my videos.

They go live on Twitter.

All right, you guys thank you so much for watching today’s video.

I love you and I will see you in the next one.


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