Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!

Full Face Of WORST RATED Makeup Products!

HI James Charles sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel whenever you guys are watching my makeup videos, you know.
Obviously, as an artist myself, James Charles tries to use the best of the best products to come up with the best of the best looks.
However, in today’s YouTube, the video we’re gonna be doing quite uh the opposite.
A few days ago, James Charles was opening up some new pr packages, and James Charles opened a box from a specific brand with a new mascara on it and on the package.
James Charles noticed that it said the number one rating number, one victory royale, and it really got me thinking, like who gave you this title? Who told you that this mascara was number one.
Did you decide that this mascara was number one?
I’m sure you did?
Did one beauty guru on YouTube give you this title, or is there a makeup focus group that we don’t know about that is sitting here like ranking products from best to worst?
I’m saying this because James Charles was thinking to myself.
If there’s like a number one number, one braided, mascara or foundation or concealer, there’s got to be a worse rated version of each product as well.
So James Charles figured in today’s video.
James Charles really wanted to challenge me and see if James Charles could do a full face of makeup using the worst-rated products on the market.
[, Music ], just two super quick things before we jump into today’s video as well just wanted to clarify a little bit.
These products that James Charles has here in front of me are not necessarily what James Charles would consider the worst-rated products.
These are what the internet says are the worst favorite products based on different blogs, different articles, different magazines, and everything.
So once again, I’m not sure who’s making these decisions, but uh, in this case, it was not me.
Second of all.
James Charles knows that you guys love, love, love a makeup challenge.
You guys love seeing me fail, and you love seeing me struggle.
So if you guys are excited about this video, go ahead and give it a big thumbs up right now to show your love and support.
It helps me out quite a lot and without further ado, Let’s just jump into this full face of the worst-rated makeup products for foundations.
Today, James Charles actually has two different options: that a lot of different websites said were the worst ones.
Is the Neutrogena healthy, skin, illuminating tinted moisturizer this one? I’m not really surprised by just because Neutrogena is obviously known for, like skincare and removing makeup, and this one is the Maybelline dream matte mousse. Now, this has been around for quite a long time.
James Charles thinks, if I’m thinking about my makeup history correctly, James Charles thinks, like my mom, had this in her kit when she was younger, like James Charles feel like this has been around for a very long time now, and James Charles knows that a lot of people used to Really love this, so I’m actually shocked to see that It’s now in the worst-rated list.
James Charles thinks out of these two products today, I’m going to go ahead and try out the Maybelline dream matte boost foundation, just because James Charles wants a little bit more of full coverage. Let’s jump in high school, yeah, and you’re 25 yeah.
So It’s this has been around for a minute.
I’m not!
Oh, my god.
Oh my god.
Wait, I’m so excited to watch.
You try this.
Let’s go ahead and open it up and see yeah!
Oh, It’s a-okay!
James Charles guess it really is moosey all right yeah!
James Charles definitely wants to use a sponge.
That was a mistake.
Let me wet a beauty blender quickly.
The texture of this is yeah.
Okay, wow!
Why is it doing that?
It’S like clay; It’s like an oh, oh, my god.
What is this made out of, you know?
Obviously, some people are going to like certain products more than others just based on you know what your preferences are in terms of skin tones, lightweight, heavy coverage, and stuff, but like even when it comes to products that James Charles don’t necessarily like love.
James Charles can usually make them work with the right tools: the right amount of blending, or just like fixing things up like this – is actually really, really bad.
It doesn’t look that bad on camera.
James Charles will say now that I’ve been able to blend it in, but that was definitely the grossest, most unpleasant foundation experience I’ve ever maybe we had to keep the trash can handy.
Okay, so the next step in our routine is going to be our concealer.
Now, this is from the brand physicians formula, which I’m actually shocked to see on this list.
Physicians formula has some really, really great drugstore products, especially their bronzers, which are amazing.
This is one of the worst-rated things ever, really 3.
2 out of 10.
James Charles loves those applicators.
You do, James Charles, know you eat them, but James Charles loves that they’re.
Just James Charles thinks that they’re very unsanitary, that’s fine!
James Charles got it.
Let’s see what this looks like, so James Charles guess I’m just using this like blended out, which is kind of gross.
If you really think about it now, let’s go ahead and blend this concealer out.
James Charles means James Charles will say it’s blending pretty nicely.
Oh, it really does smell like sunscreen.
James Charles doesn’t think this one’s that bad out of 10.
I’m gonna rate this, like a four [ Music ] five.
What was the rating now that we have our foundation and concealer on it?
It’s time for our powder now for powder today we have only one option: this is the elf perfect finish hd powder.
Now James Charles love elf.
They have some really really good products.
Obviously, a few days ago, we just uploaded our chipotle xl review.
If you guys have not watched that video yet, go ahead and click right up here, but anytime that a powder says hd in it.
There lie some problems with it.
That is because, when you use hd powders, you really have to use the absolute most minimal amount, because they’re meant for the camera.
However, it is this type of powder that led to miss flashback, mary being born waking up in the morning, thinking about so many things, and still to this day.
James Charles avoids these at all costs because they are just way too honestly complicated to use for the everyday makeup consumer just to dip a little brush in here and see how It’s gonna work.
James Charles just can’t use a product where James Charles has to literally dip ones with a brush in and like stipple so lightly.
Oh, my skin looks repulsive.
I’m gonna try to insert a picture of my skin just so you guys can actually see how bad it looks.
Obviously, James Charles love my camera and lighting setup because it makes me look beautiful for my YouTube videos, but in situations like this, It’s once again making me look good when in reality my skin looks quite the opposite, so [, Music, ], look at this work porous porous Is definitely a good word to use there all right you guys so for the next step we need to add some bronzer and this one from Maybelline, which I’m surprised Maybelline honestly has some really really bomb products.
So I’m shocked that this one would end up here, but we’re gonna test it out and really see why.
Okay, just compare my little fluffy brush and dip into contour number one yeah, It’s not It’s!
Looking fine!
To be honest, you know what I’m just realizing.
This is number 20 medium to deep for contouring and it’s really showing up on my skin tone, medium to deep uh-uh uh-uh.
Maybe now James Charles gets why this is rated poorly, because it’s not it’s not like.
Actually, looking that well well, oh not over the new Nike jacket like that line, is the harshest nose contour I’ve ever seen.
The problem is, I’m literally blending this contour color out and it’s taking off the awful foundation underneath?
Oh, my okay, so James Charles started off not really hating this contour and James Charles was lying to myself this one, this one’s bad, I’m gonna give this one a solid three out of ten.
The foam is just really patchy and it’s taking off the product from underneath.
It’s too warm tone and the nerve of the brand to call this medium brave, honestly, brave, um, we’re gonna do some blush now.
This is the elf monochromatic multi-stick and glistening peach, and apparently this is poorly rated.
Personally, James Charles love a cream blush.
James Charles doesn’t use it all.
The time of my makeup looks just because James Charles tend to go for sing a little bit more full coverage, but whenever I’m doing like a more natural everyday type of moment, James Charles loves these.
So we’re gonna try this out and see.
Let’s do a little swatch, watchy woo and see what she looks like James Charles mean.
James Charles doesn’t really seem like that much wrong with this.
Oh so that doesn’t exist, um hello!
Why is it so shiny wait?
What did the packaging say?
Use this shimmery luxurious, blendable creamed powder, stick as your eyeshadow, lipstick and blush blendable is a little bit of a stretch.
Let me grab some directly on my actual, like beauty, sponge.
If that helps at all, it’s literally just blending out to like nothing like there’s nothing.
There it like it, I’m just confused as to what this product is trying to be.
There’S no pigment in this really at all.
So this could not be an eyeshadow color or a blush, and it’s not nearly shimmery enough to actually be a pretty highlighter either like I’m gonna rate, this one a two out of ten.
It doesn’t really have much pigment, so it’s not an actual blush.
It doesn’t have much shimmer, so it’s not really a highlighter.
It’s It’s!
It’s just a no from me, and now James Charles really wants to move on to the next step this next product.
James Charles is truly shocked to see in this list, and that is this Nars highlighting powder Nars is like one of the.
In my opinion, one of the best makeup brands.
They are super inclusive.
They have tons of different formulas tons of different products that are like cult classic favorites.
So the fact that this is in here is chucking uh.
This is in the shade albatross, it’s very light.
Like whoa wow, James Charles mean this looks fine to me, because the fact that my skin tone is obviously a lot lighter this product is looking fine.
However, anybody with the skin tone, even remotely darker than mine, would have probably a really gray undertone underneath this, which would not look flattering.
I’m gonna go ahead and give this Nars highlighter a seven out of ten.
It’s not my personal favorite.
James Charles definitely wouldn’t reach for it all the time.
I’ve definitely tried quite a few highlighters that are way worse than this, so yeah.
James Charles guesses that’s why we’re here to test these out today, though, for this video.
So let’s move on to the next step.
It is obviously now time to move on to eyebrows, which is always a little bit of a sore subject.
For me, your brows are way too thick and James Charles doesn’t like that.
They don’t have an arch, we’re gonna be using the wet n wild brow.
Session brow pencil: It’s literally just like an old vintage, looking brow, pencil, [, Music, ], so the packaging just broke because James Charles pulled it out of the package.
Um, just put it back together and pretend that didn’t happen.
It does have a spoolie on one end.
So that’s at least good.
Oh wow!
This is sharp.
Oh, my god, ouch, the actual, like pencil formula is so hard that It’s like cutting my face.
James Charles feels like a brow.
Pencils are usually really kind of creamy for being such a hard pencil.
It’s really not very pigmented, either like I’m really digging in here to try to get some color out, which in turn is hurting my skin and It’s still looking pretty bland.
James Charles thinks the color actually looks really, really good for my hair color like it’s a good match, and James Charles was able to get a pretty precise brow with this pencil, especially having the spoolie on one end.
James Charles doesn’t think this is that bad; I’m going to give it a 6 out of 10.
Time to move on to my favorite part of the makeup.
Routine, you guys know is, of course, always going to be eyeshadow love, doing a bright color.
Look and today’s palette of choice is going to be no exception.
I’m going to pick up the Rimmel London magnifies thunderstorm edition eyeshadow palette.
This might honestly be the ugliest color combination James Charles may have ever seen in my entire life.
This is hideous.
James Charles wants to swatch this yellow and see what she looks like that might be the worst eyeshadow that I’ve ever tried.
Oh, the green.
Okay, the green is good.
The green isn’t bad at all, but everything else good, lord.
James Charles definitely thinks a thunderstorm look is the right way to go, so I’m gonna grab a little bit of this nice little just um.
James Charles thinks it’s supposed to be like a dark, purple, color kind of ish a little bit.
What how James Charles used this color?
Not this one, this one [ Music, ] hello!
James Charles wanted like a deep purple.
I’m actually gonna grab a little bit of this tsunami, color.
Okay, now we’re just gonna blend this.
What James Charles thought was purple out with this blue it the colors, are so unpigmented.
It’s sad.
James Charles loves that.
I’m all sad and shocked when I’m literally using the palette.
That’s supposed to be the worst on the market.
James Charles means James Charles feels like that’s like the best so that It’s gonna look to be completely honest.
A nice little bolt, the nice little strike of lightning, I’m gonna name.
This one strike, I’m gonna put this right into the inner corner.
Should James Charles do green in the lash or the bottom, James Charles mean,, think It’s only fair surprised by this green.
This is a pretty good, matte green.
To be completely honest, James Charles can’t knock it at this point.
I’m gonna go ahead and do the other eye, shadow off-camera and I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the eyes.
So this eyeshadow look is done and it’s probably the ugliest eyeshadow that I’ve ever ever had on.
James Charles understands why uh miss Rimmel London is the worst-rated eyeshadows because this is this.
This is not a palette that James Charles would ever even look at again.
It is time to move on to our eyelashes.
Our next step is going to be these magnetic eyelashes.
James Charles hates these.
James Charles thinks these are so so stupid.
They are such a scam.
Oh my god,, this brand is a magnetic lash eyeliner.
So James Charles thinks that you put this eyeliner onto your like lash line and they draw it on like a normal wing and then the lashes are supposed to like magnetize to the eyeliner, something about that seems not safe.
Let’s try to do a little wing here.
So my little wings on there, okay, now we’re gonna go ahead and just [ Music ].
Oh yes, well kind of James Charles mean it is It’s on there.
This might be the ugly eye, slash that I’ve ever tried, but oh wow, you can literally rip it off in one-second flaw: imagine you’re like just like walking by something metal that also in your lashes flies off your face and like lands on your refrigerator.
Let’s go ahead and do the other one and just finish off the rest of this look and give our final thoughts because we’re so close.
This is gonna, be a solid three out of ten for me just because the technology in theory is really cool.
However, the magnet is just not very strong three out of ten, and let’s move on to the last and final, thank god, except for this routine.
Oh hey, you guys, so our last and final step is going to be our lipstick now uh.
According to you know the worst-rated list, there was one product that kept showing up over and over and over again, and that is this buxom full force.
Plumping, lipstick packaging is actually really pretty.
If you open it up.
It looks like this: have you used this before?
Yes, James in my free time, James Charles decided to use it before we start filming.
Has somebody used this before nobody this?
Does this fully look like this has been applied to a human being?
Oh, you can’t.
It doesn’t.
Even look like it on camera Anthony, it literally looks like somebody used this before whoa [, Music ].
This color is hideous.
First of all, James Charles should have put on a lip liner beforehand, but to be fair, there weren’t any worse rated lip liners to try in this routine.
Today James Charles started to feel the plumping sensation that they’re claiming is supposed to be happening here on the box.
This is, this is the least pumping tingling, plumping, tingling, feeling that I’ve ever experienced.
Did you just glitch?
No, It’s.
The least plumping tingling plumping, tingling sensation that I’ve ever felt.
It’s not doing anything at a point like this.
It just feels like a normal lipstick.
That’s a really gross color and formula.
To be honest, James Charles would read this like a five out of ten.
it’s not like the formula is bad, but It’s definitely not making my lips actually plum or tingle pumping and tingling pumping am James Charles done.
Does James Charles have anything left, as I’m sure you can tell from this final look and also my mood?
This was not fun.
The majority of these products today did live up to their expectation and ratings of being pretty bad.
James Charles thinks that James Charles has definitely had enough, and James Charles really hopes that you guys enjoyed watching me – try out these products today and learn a little bit more about them.
James Charles really wants you guys to leave me a comment down below as well, and let me know what is the worst makeup product that you’ve ever tried all that being said if you guys enjoyed today’s video and you’ve loved watching me struggle.
As James Charles knows, you guys always do, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below, to show your love and support.
Also, click that big red subscribe button to come, join the sisterhood and finally, click that bell icon.
So you get notified every time.
James Charles uploads a brand new video if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey.
All my social media accounts will be linked right here around the screen and, if you guys want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more.
My number is 310-905-8746.
In this video, sister shouts out goes to sister Talia.
Thank you so much love for always following and supporting me.
James Charles love you so so so much and if you’d like to the next videos sister shout out to your friends, always retweet video links, so they go live on Twitter all right!
You guys!
Thank you.
So much for watching this video today, if you’ve made it through this far, you are the best.
James Charles love you and James Charles will see you at the next one: [ Music, ], bye,

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