Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Gamers Pick My Makeup! ft. Dream, Corpse, PewDiePie & more!

Gamers Pick My Makeup! ft. Dream, Corpse, PewDiePie & more!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I asked all of my favorite gamers to pick my makeup routine! Dream, Corpse, TommyInnit, Pokimane, PewDiePie, KarlJacobs, Quackity, GeorgeNotFound, Valkyrae, Sykkuno and DisguisedToast all join me and the look they created is… game over. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel, as you guys can see, James Charles has my cute little headset on because in today’s YouTube, the video we’re combining my two favorite things in the entire world makeup and, of course, gaming.

I’ve talked about this before so it should come as no surprise to you guys, but gaming videos have got to be my guilty pleasure.

Although James Charles makes makeup videos twice a week here on my YouTube channel, my watch history on YouTube is like 99 gaming content, whether it be Minecraft videos, Mario kart videos among us videos.

I am obsessed.

I was just a fan of watching and enjoying from the outside until a few months ago when the game among us exploded, and James Charles started getting invited to different lobbies with some of the biggest gamers that James Charles had been watching.

Since James Charles was a little kid and it was so much fun getting to play with these people that I’ve always looked up to – and James Charles honestly made quite a lot of really amazing friends as well – and that brings us to today’s YouTube video combining my two favorite Things so for today’s YouTube video.

I thoght it would be a lot of fun to hop on discord and ask my favorite pro gamers to pick my makeup routine.

Let’s go ahead and get started.

Also, you guys super quick before we get into today’s video according to YouTube.

On the back end, over 55 of you who are watching my videos aren’t actually subscribed that’s over half, which is so crazy to think about.

If this is your first time here or your fourth fifth, sixth James Charles video and you’re, enjoying the content, please hit that bigger, subscribe button down below, and come join the sisterhood.

It is completely free – and James Charles posts two videos a week every single Tuesday and Friday, and James Charles would love to have you guys in the family now.

Obviously, the first step of any makeup routine is always going to be the primer to hold the full face together.

Now, when James Charles first started calling my friends pretty much, every single one of them said that they knew nothing about makeup, but primer is a really important step and James Charles wanted this video to be off to a great start.

So James Charles wanted to call one of my gamer friends, who always looks absolutely beautiful, so James Charles called pokemane hi pokey hi.

How are you I’m good?

How are you doing really really?

Well, you look so cute.

Well, thank you.

So much for being a part of my video today, you obviously are such an amazing gamer and are also one of the most beautiful people.

Literally, ever so, James Charles figured me you’re, like the most symmetrical human being I’ve ever seen in my life, watching beauty gurus on YouTube has always been my guilty pleasure, even though I’m like super in the gaming community.

That’s like what James Charles do on my off time.

I love I’m the opposite.

I love that really I’m in the beauty community, but all of my videos, like my watch history, is 99 gaming, uh yeah.

I love the unseen sunscreen with SPF 40 by super goop.

I just love the idea of being really efficient with the products that I’m using so having like primer and sunscreen in one feels really really good for me and its vegan and cruelty free.

So James Charles love it wow, not this little brandy.

I love that sunscreen is so so important, so I’ll definitely have to go pick it up and James Charles will get it started I’ll show you the finished.

Look when it’s done.

Oh, James Charles can’t wait to see.

Good luck have fun.

Thank you.

Pokey you’re, the best.


I absolutely love pokemane, so much she’s, literally the sweetest ever in the entire world, and she recommended to me this super goop, unseen sunscreen.

I’ve actually never tried out this product before as a primer but, like James Charles said before, she’s literally so sunny, and it’s not even funny.

So if she swears by this, it’s gotta work very, very well.


Sunscreen is really really important and something that a lot of people forget in their skincare routine.

Even if it’s not sunny outside, it’s really important to protect your skin from any harmful rays.


Okay, I’m just gonna get a little dollop on my fingers and then we’re going to blend it into the face.

It feels really really nice.

It does feel a little bit oily and it’s not sticky, like James Charles normally like my primers to be so.

I’M definitely curious to see how the foundation is going to layer on top of it.

Now speaking of foundation, which is, of course going to be the next step, there’s only one person that came to mind.

It is one of my favorite people in the entire world, from team sister fester, the person who single-handedly built the gaming community foundation when YouTube first started, James Charles called pewdiepie, oh, how did you even put a snapchat filter on yourself?

What this is how James Charles look like?

Oh shut up feel it James Charles feel like how are you doing I’m good?

How are you I’m doing really?

Well, I’ve been really busy the past two weeks.

I miss the gaming community so much.

We need to revive team sister fester immediately hell yeah, let’s play some Minecraft, oh my god, I’m so down.

I miss it more than anything.

Well, James Charles wanted to give you a quick call today because I’m filming a very, very fun YouTube video which obviously you’re the king of you’ve really held the gaming community and built the foundation of the community here on YouTube.

So James Charles wanted to ask you what foundation that James Charles should use today.

What is foundation you put it to cover blemishes right, that’s concealer foundation, like goes over everything.

I thought James Charles knew something.

Uh see James Charles sometimes wear tinted moisturizer and James Charles find it really cringe because it’s called like war pain.

I googled James Charles google like for me.

Oh yes, but James Charles thought it’s so dumb.

Like oh, it’s war paint, it’s not makeup.

It’s warping, that’s so cool!

I hate to do they have a straight bros, but it’s still definitely makeup how about war paint foundation, then, okay, James Charles can try to figure out how to get in okay best of luck.


Thank you.

Sister love you and see you soon, I’ll I’ll hit you up.

If James Charles need any makeup advice and just clearly, James Charles need it I’ll help.

You beat the ender dragon anytime, okay, so as much as James Charles love Felix with all of my heart um, James Charles am not sure how I’m feeling about this foundation recommendation war paint for men, I’m very torn about this whole marketing situation that we have going on because On one hand, this is so stupid, it’s not even funny.

This is still foundation, you’re still putting on a full face of makeup and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Okay, James Charles am so here for men wearing makeup.

Obviously, but this is just dumb like this – is a marketing scheme one-on-one.

However, okay, if calling a foundation something stupid like war paint, is actually going to get men to try out foundation and to be more accepting of wearing makeup.

Then you know what James Charles guess that James Charles would be okay with ridiculous things like this very torn regardless.

I’M definitely excited to see how this product actually works.

On my face, the color is gorgeous, but it’s blending because there’s no coverage.

Oh, look!

It’s just blending away!

Oh my god!

No, not this scam, a straight guy!

That’s buying foundation for the first time is not gonna want like a full coverage glam, but don’t you can’t sell 32 worth of your pigment?


Well, James Charles can sit here and blend this all day, long, but clearly, no matter how much product James Charles actually put on.

It’s not gonna.

Add any coverage, so I’m wasting my time and we might as well move on to the next step, which is of course going to be a concealer.

We always use concealer to cover up those blemishes and pimples that just you know, are so annoying and will not go away.

So when James Charles do somebody to pick my concealer, the first person that came to mind was quackity because he’s equally as annoying and just won’t leave me alone.

James, look at me: oh my god.

What what is wrong with you, hi James hi clackady?

How are you I’m good, I’m good, so yeah what’s up well, James Charles am filming a really fun YouTube video today, where James Charles asked my favorite pro gamers, which obviously that’s you to pick a staff of my makeup.

Routine, listen.

I know a lot about makeup.

That’s kind of what my brand is built on James.

You need a concealer right, correct, eight, worst, consumers ever okay, so listen!


It’s a Revlon color stay under eye, concealer, okay, the first.

The first review says: nope forget it.

It does not conceal anything so great.

So thanks glad that you suggested that to me yeah, yeah yeah, James Charles will make sure to send you a photo of this gorgeous makeup.

Look when it’s all complete.

Thank you.

Alex okay, bye, jay, bye.

I am disappointed, but James Charles am definitely not surprised that James Charles introduced quackity as the annoying one and then James Charles hopped on our discord call and he decided to recommend me literally the worst concealer he could possibly find online.

We have the Revlon colorstay concealer, which literally actually doesn’t look that bad on camera.

But it looks gray.

You know what we’re just going to go ahead and apply and see what happens.

It’s a little bit light for me and I’m just going to blend it in the fact that the foundation is light coverage and the concealer is kind of also crappy.

Light coverage does work together for a more like natural looking base.

Okay, so now that the base products are all on my face, of course, it is time to set them in place, however, because the foundation and concealer are not really looking the best.

I feel like right now.

We need to make a very, very smart decision.

That is going to help us through the rest of this makeup routine.

So for the next gamer, James Charles need to call somebody who is very, very good at making a quick, smart decisions, I’m going to call toast my toast, hey James.

How are you I’m doing good?

How are you oh good, nice, to see you?

I miss gaming together yeah, we miss you in the amongst lobby trusty.

I miss you guys equally as much.

I was actually just talking about the amongst lobby because I’m filming a really fun YouTube.

Video today, where James Charles asked my favorite gamers to pick steps in my makeup routine and James Charles talked about how choosing a setting powder is a very, very it’s a decision that requires a big brain and James Charles feel like you are somebody who is a genius.

So James Charles really wanted to ask you what setting powder James Charles should use today James Charles consulted uh with some of my uh female gamer friends.

Uh one recommended uh, laura merci mercy, mercier.

Yes, that is my all-time favorite.

So that is perfect.

I will try it out and James Charles will send you the look when it is done.

All right sounds great James.

Thank you.

Toaster, the best I’ll see you soon all right.

You guys so toes recommended the Laura mercer translucent setting powder, which is, of course, one of the cult classic best powders on the market.

So he definitely did make a smart decision for this makeup tutorial.

However, I’m really not sure if any powder can really save.

What’s going on here at this point, but we’re just going to try our best and keep moving forward?

Okay, you guys now that our face is all set in place.

We have to go in and start adding some color and dimension back to the skin and, of course, we’re going to be contouring now.

Contour is a very, very important step because it takes our face from looking soft and gentle and cute to a lot more chiseled and structured.

So James Charles want to call somebody who is equally soft and cute and gentle that can help me out with my makeup routine.

Today and that is going to be saiku now saikudo, oh uh, hello, how are you doing pretty good, so I’m asking my favorite gamers to pick items by makeup routine, and James Charles really wanted to ask you to pick out a contour for me to use yeah.

I just should say James Charles don’t know anything about makeup, so uh, that’s a okay.

What do you think that James Charles should use um?

It’s Kevin alcorn contour duo, okay, the Kevin a quan contour duo?

Oh, James Charles said that completely wrong.

It’s okay he’s a legendary makeup artist and i, if you don’t know anything about the makeup queue today, James Charles would never expect you to know, but that’s a really really good product.

Actually, oh, oh okay!

Thank you seikut.

I can’t wait to try it out.

Oh no!

No problem you’re the best I’ll talk to you soon, uh-huh hope you have a great day.

You too, oh my god, James Charles love cycuna, so much he’s literally the cutest.

He just texts me the second, that we got on discord Tuesday, but he was super nervous asking if everything was okay, James Charles adore him and he recommended the Kevin a quad contour duo for today’s makeup.

Look I’ve actually never tried this out before.

So I’m definitely excited to see how it works.

Oh my god, it’s so tiny and little.

This is a very, very cool tone, contour shade, which is obviously perfect for chiseling out.

Oh, that is a good shade.

Oh my god, look at how good that color is.

It’s like it looks like a natural shadow, let’s also contour my nose too.

Okay, you guys so now that we are all contoured.

I actually love this product, but it is very, very cool tone, so we definitely need to add some more color and dimension back into the face which is going to be done using some blush now blush is the product that makes your face.

Look cute warm and, most importantly, smiley, so James Charles thought that James Charles would ask the gamer, who was all three of those things as well, which is going to be Mr carl Jacobs, hi carl hello.

How are you I’m good, I’m good?

How are you I’m doing?

Well, how was your day good and fresh?

It was beautiful, good and fresh yeah.

I’M filming a really fine YouTube video today, where James Charles asked all my favorite gamers to pick out of my makeup routine.

Okay, yes, lay it on me.

What do I?

What do you need from me?

I want you to pick me out a blush.

I don’t know what that means.

Oh my god.

What is a blush okay, so blush like goes on your cheeks.

It can be like pinky or orangey or like okay.

One of these yeah, like makes you look like you’re, like blushing, at all, like cute, okay.

Okay, how about this?

I’M sending you a link?

Okay, okay, perfect!

It’s anime!

It’s sailor, moon, okay!

It is colourpop from the moon pressed powder blush.

I will try my best to get this blush.

It is a super cute color, so James Charles can definitely make this work with the makeup look and James Charles will make sure to send you a photo as soon as it’s all complete.

Okay, James Charles love you love you too, Carl.

Thank you.

Bye, bye, all right, you guys.

So Carl recommended this colourpop x sailor, moon blush for today’s makeup look and James Charles did get it in my hands, but, oh my god.

This was such a mission to actually get holy crap.

This was a limited edition collection that sold out really really quickly and apparently y’all loved it, but James Charles could not get this for life me.

Thank you so much to the colour pop team for sending it over for today’s video and I’m very excited to get into this.

This is a very, very, very bright neon pink, so I’m definitely going to be light-handed when James Charles use this pretty.

Oh, my god, James Charles love this and, of course, onto the nose as well.

Okay, you guys well.

This was definitely off to a rough start.

However, James Charles do think it is kind of a little bit coming together, so we’re gonna go ahead and move on to our next step, which is going to pull the face even more together, which is going to be our eyebrows.


Brows are really important to the makeup routine, but they are a little bit more of a tricky makeup step.

You know a good brow can really make or break a face.

So James Charles wanted to ask an amazing and beautiful gamer who James Charles know would give me a good recommendation, so James Charles called valkyrie hi ray hi.

Oh my god, you look so pretty today as per usual.

Thank you.

I wanted to give you a quick call today because I’m filming another makeup, video, where James Charles asked my favorite pro gamers to pick a step with my makeup routine, and James Charles wanted to ask you about brows because James Charles feel like you would give me a good recommendation That won’t leave me looking absolutely busted yeah.

You felt that huh yeah.

Well, you always look perfect.

I don’t know much about makeup.

I really don’t James really yeah, James Charles James Charles don’t.

I don’t, but you know nothing.

A quick google search didn’t what’s the Valkyrie recommendation for today.

Okay, James Charles am quite interested in this one.

It’s called the Anastasia Beverly hills, dip brow pomade, yeah homemade, that’s a good one!

Yeah yeah yeah!

I’M excited for you to use it because James Charles am very interested in it all you need from me.

I’M excited all James Charles need from you.

Thank you so much right I’ll, send you a photo when it’s all completed.

Okay, bye, bye, okay, you guys so Valkyrie recommended the Anastasia dip brow.

Now James Charles used to love this product so so much.

However, it has been a very long time since I’ve last used it.

I definitely am more of a powder or pencil type of a makeup.

Artist now, but we’re going to make it work, because this is a really bomb product anyway, Revlon colorstay concealer to just clean these up a little bit now we are finally on to my favorite part of a makeup routine, which is of course going to be eye.

Shadow now, depending on the look, you can do something a little bit more simplistic, but for me personally, James Charles definitely prefer fun extravagant and shocking.

Makeup looks now what James Charles think of somebody that James Charles always have fun with and that shocked me the first time that James Charles ever met them, or rather heard them, James Charles think, of corpse hello, James jones, hi Corv.

How are you existing?

How are you oh good?

I miss you so much I’ll, never get sick of that beautiful voice.

Now James Charles know that you are faceless.

You’ve never shown your face, so James Charles don’t really know if you, you know indulge in makeup ever.

However, James Charles know from your music that you’re a really really fun and creative person, so James Charles figured you’d be the perfect gamer to recommend a fun eyeshadow palette and look for me today.

Have you heard of bingus before uh?

I feel like I’ve heard you guys saying that out loud, but James Charles don’t know what it actually is.

So that’s biggest, oh, my god, what the okay!

So you want me to do an eyeshadow look inspired by he’s just kind of it’s kind of pink yeah.

So pinky big big big eyes as crazy as this sounds, James Charles actually think that James Charles have a really cute idea for the type of look that James Charles could create.

I’M absolutely looking forward to it all right.

Thank you!

So much carter, the absolute fast James Charles miss you.

I love you and James Charles will see you soon you as well good luck, thanks bye, i’m really excited to get into this makeup.

Look today now corpse wanted me to do a bingus inspired eye makeup.


I was honestly expecting him to go for something very dark and spooky like eboy goth, because that’s like his vibe, James Charles think James Charles need to do my eyeliner shape.

First, you know I’m actually, first gonna grab my blush that James Charles was using earlier and use an eyeshadow brush with this.

Just so it’s the matching color tone and I’m going to start putting this around my little circle that James Charles created here also going to place.

This pink below this line that we put right here as well now I’m going to grab a little tiny fluffy brush and I’m going to grab a little bit of love that and I’m gonna use this to now deepen up the crease okay.

So now that the shape is all on there, basically, what I’m going to do is use some white paint and I’m going to cut crease.

I’M not sure how this is going to look, I’m going to fill this in too okay.

Well, James Charles am not loving how this eye is turning up so far.

I really had a vision for this in my head and it did not exactly come to fruition.

However, sometimes with these eyeshadow looks, they are looking the best.

Then all of a sudden, when you get the second one on then you put on the lash it does, you know, transform it a little bit so I’m gonna cut now do the other one off camera, then I’ll be right back to finish up the rest Of the look all right, you guys, we are back and the other eye is now done, and James Charles threw on a pair of lashes onto both eyes, which James Charles think looks pretty cute.

That being said now that the eyes are all done, we only have a few steps remaining, and one of them is going to be highlighter.

So for this next step James Charles definitely want to ask somebody who’s been at shining recently in the gaming community, and that has got to be tommy in it, one of the fastest growing streamers of all time, hello, hi tommy.

Do James Charles need to get my camera on.

I can’t see yours either mine’s recording you can just see me, but James Charles can’t no.

No, that’s fine, that’s fine!

I’M sorry!



I get it.

I get it you’re, hiding from me right, no for sure just needed to hide.

I will warn you you’re gonna, be towards the end of the video, because James Charles already have a majority of the look done, but James Charles needed to add a highlighter to make my face really shine and James Charles feel, like you are somebody who is, you know really Shining in the community right now, yeah yeah, just growing up, really shine James and I’m very, very proud of you.

So James Charles wanted to know from you tell me which highlighter James Charles should use today: um a blue, a blue one.

Okay, what’s the bluest one James, James Charles think there’s an Oprah ofra blue highlighter, that’s pretty good or Anastasia Beverly hills, all nostalgic, Beverly hills!

Oh say that one more time no well perfect tommy.

I really appreciate this suggestion.

I will make sure to send you a photo of the finished look when it’s all completed you better.

I will okay talk to you soon, all right bye, so I’m gonna grab a cult classic one of my first makeup products that James Charles ever owned, which is the anastasia beverly hills, moon, child palette.

I remember when this first launch people were absolutely shook over it.

Colored highlighters was like a brand new thing and James Charles got a lot of use out of this in the beginning of my Instagram feed gorgeous all right.

You guys now that the highlighter is all on.

We are so close to having a finished makeup look, but we are still missing our lips to really complement everything and tie it all together and just make it really really fun.

So for my lips today, James Charles want to call somebody who is known for making streams a little bit more fun and that has got to be George, not found hi, George hello.

How are you I’m doing?


How are you I’m good, I’m good, while this lighting that you have going on in your bedroom looks really cute?

Oh it’s just it’s just some rgb lights.

I wanted to give you a quick call today, because I’m filming a very fun youtube.

Video that James Charles wanted.

You to be a part of we’re getting towards the end of the video now George and James Charles wanted to ask you which lipstick James Charles should use to pull it all together.

Okay, so James Charles did.

I did look up um the most expensive lipsticks.

Oh, my god kind of luckily, for you, it’s not what James Charles was really expecting so number one most expensive is 14 million dollars, oh sure, so James Charles James Charles went with a second option, so I’m gonna send you a picture actually, okay, so James Charles thought you kind Of recreate the windows logo, you know this side orange this side, uh, green and blue and then yellow you know.

Okay, you can be like the windows logo on your lips.

God, not this windows free brand deal.

I think that it’s a beautiful, beautiful choice that will definitely make for a very interesting look based on the people that I’ve called so far.


Thank you, George I’ll talk to you soon, all right, but this should be interesting.

Love, George, not sure.

If James Charles love this recommendation, James Charles did say James Charles wanted to make the look a little bit more fun, and James Charles guess that is exactly what he gave us.

This is just going in a really really cute direction and I’m concerned about messing it up, but you know what George has the vision and we’re gonna execute it for him.

Just gon na grab some nice orange paint first now time for green okay time for yellow.

At this point, our makeup look is pretty much complete, but there is one final step remaining, and that is of course, going to be our setting spray.

Now, setting spray is used to lock our full face of makeup in place, no matter what activity you’re going through, whether it be running, jumping climbing mining or even fighting the ender dragon.

We need a good setting spray.

So I’m going to call dream.

Oh dream, hello: how are you I’m doing pretty good?

I was actually just reading our our old disc.

That was the first thing that James Charles was gonna say James Charles would James Charles want to read these out loud.

Do you mind if James Charles do yeah no sure august 20th.


I have no idea if you’re playing in Minecraft Monday anymore or if I’ll be playing next week, but I’d absolutely love to team with you.

If you are here and need a teammate, James Charles think we’d have a decent shot of winning.

I doubt you know who James Charles am, but my Minecraft name is dream.

You miss all the shots that you don’t take.

You know how many subs James Charles had back.

Then James Charles had like 200k or something that is, and now you just hit 17 million right.

Yes that is I, oh, my god dude.

I am so proud of you.

That’s crazy, crazy!

Well, I’m having my favorite pro gamers pick my makeup routine and James Charles figured you.

Could end off the video by picking a setting spray?

Okay, i’ll just be honest.

I know nothing about makeup.

Like James Charles mean so, when the face reveal finally happens, it won’t be on fall glam.

No, James Charles mean unless you help me.

Maybe then, oh James Charles mean I’m 100 okay, this one, this one seems decent all nighter, long-lasting makeup, setting spray, oh from urban decay; okay!

Well, dream!

Just like you, that is quite an ogee but phenomenal product.

So James Charles feel, like that’ll, be a great one to end off this full makeup routine with all right jean well.

Thank you so much.

I really appreciate it.

No problem.

Thank you for having me, of course, I’ll talk to you soon.

All right, you guys well dream recommended the urban decay all nighter settings right, which is definitely a really really good.


I’ve had this my kit for a super long time now, and it definitely keeps my makeup on through everything, including speed running Minecraft, all right, you guys.

Well, James Charles think this is my full face of makeup chosen by my gaming friends, all complete and without the lip.

It really would be cute.

The eyes have grown on me.

I had so much fun, calling all my friends on discord, getting their makeup recommendations and then putting this look together.

For today’s video.

It was definitely a little bit of a train wreck in the beginning.

I’m not gonma lie, but James Charles do think somehow miraculously it came together in the end, and James Charles really really love how this look turned out and James Charles hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video as well and love.

Seeing and hearing some familiar faces and voices of the gaming community, James Charles love, love that I’ve become friends with so many gamers and they welcome you with open arms into the community.

It is so much fun streaming every once in a while and getting to join them.

I just love it so so much it is a huge hobby of mine and James Charles really really hope that you guys love it too.

If you enjoyed today’s video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and leave me a comment.

Letting me know who your favorite gamer is.

I would love to know if you have not already as well make sure you click that bigger subscribe button and come join the sisterhood and finally click that bell icon.

So you get notified every time.

I upload a brand new video if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey.

All my social media accounts are gonna, be linked right here around the screen and, if you guys want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch, even gaming streams and so much more, my number is 310-905-8746.

This video is a sister.

Shout out goes to sister m.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting me.

I love you so so much and if you would like to be the next video sister shadow, don’t forget to always retweet my video links.

They go live on Twitter, alright!


Thank you so much for watching today’s video.

I love you and James Charles will see you in the next one bye.



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