Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube holding myself accountable

holding myself accountable

Hello – everyone, James Charles here and today, I’m going to be making a very important video about a very important topic.

As many of you guys know about two years ago now, James Charles was involved with a very public online scandal in which some fellow YouTubers made some very serious accusations against me and within the past couple of weeks.

Similar accusations are being made again and James Charles thinks it’s very important that James Charles get on camera and talk to you guys, honest about what is going on uh when this first happened.

Two years ago James Charles uploaded a video to my channel called no more lies and that video was a much-planned video.

It focused on receipts and screenshots and defending myself in the situation.

But James Charles wants you guys to know that this video that I’m going to be making today is going to be nothing like that.

No more lies uh.

This is not exactly planned.

James Charles doesn’t have a script.

James Charles will let you guys know that James Charles does have just some notes in front of me of points that James Charles wants to make because this is a very, very serious topic.

But today’s video is going to be from the heart and I’m going to focus on what happened, the conclusions that I’ve come to, and, most importantly, holding myself accountable for my own actions.

First and foremost, James Charles needs to say sorry.

James Charles owe a massive apology to anybody that I’ve hurt or anybody that I’ve made uncomfortable with my actions, and James Charles also want to say I’m sorry to my friends, family, and fans that have to watch another one of these videos because you shouldn’t have to – and this Is really embarrassing uh when this all started online a few weeks ago, it sparked a large conversation and many people have shared their thoughts and opinions, and James Charles want to take some time to address literally everything in today’s video.

But before doing that, James Charles wants to make it really clear that James Charles fully understands my actions and how they are wrong.

Uh, there’s no excuse for them and James Charles doesn’t plan on making any in this video either, and James Charles hopes that you will choose to watch it all the way through um.

James Charles also just wants to make a quick note as well that I’m filming this on the night of March 31st.

It is currently 12 54 in the morning, I’m alone here in the studio, and James Charles know that when James Charles upload this tomorrow, it is going to be April fool’s day, which is awful timing, because this video and this topic is not a joke in any way shape Or form uh, and James Charles don’t want anybody to think that it is, but James Charles also doesn’t want to wait any longer to speak about this.

James Charles wants you guys to know that this is very, very important to me and I’m taking this very seriously.


The last thing that James Charles want to say before James Charles just get into it is that James Charles thinks it’s important that James Charles provide a trigger warning for this video uh, there’s gonna be topics, and things talked about that are very, very sensitive uh to some people, and James Charles doesn’t want anybody to have to listen to those if they don’t want to.

So I’m just letting you know right now, but with all that said, James Charles thinks it’s time that we talk in case anybody isn’t aware of it.

What’s going on within the past couple of weeks, two different people, both under the age of 18, have recently come forward, saying that they had inappropriate messages with me on social media uh, one of them being from last year, and one of them being from more recent.

In both of these cases, James Charles added these people on Snapchat asked how old they were right away was told that they were 18 believed they engaged in authority conversation and then, later on, found that they were actually 16.

Upon finding out.

James Charles was immediately embarrassed and blocked both people later on when James Charles saw those making videos about it and those videos going viral.

My immediate reaction completely honestly was to be really upset.

James Charles wanted to get on camera and film.

Another no more live video, where James Charles gather all my receipts and all my screenshots and try to tell my side of the story and then just move on from the situation and now looking back.

That was so stupid because, as James Charles did more research on these topics and self-reflected, James Charles realized that the receipts and the screenshots and the sys and the specific details of the interaction really don’t matter, because James Charles [ __ ] up and James Charles needed to take accountability.

For my actions and most importantly, apologies to the people that were affected by them, these conversations should have never happened point-blank period, there’s no excuse for it, there’s no, if and or buts – and James Charles take full responsibility for that.

James Charles trusted the information that was given to me rather than the information James Charles could have and should have gotten myself in both of these situations.

Doing research into these people’s public social media profiles would have revealed their true ages and therefore these conversations would have never happened in the first place, but James Charles didn’t do the research, and that is what is as embarrassing um as an adult.

It is my job and my responsibility to verify who I’m talking to and therefore there is no one to blame for this other than myself um to the guys involved.

With this situation, James Charles wants to say I’m sorry, I’m sorry that James Charles ought to do.

I’m sorry that James Charles flirted with you and I’m really sorry.

If James Charles ever made you uncomfortable, it is completely unacceptable.

James Charles was being reckless and after looking back and finally realizing that this was my own fault, James Charles started doing a lot of thinking and reflecting to really try and figure out why James Charles was actually allowing myself to be so reckless in the first place in all other areas of my life, my friends, my business, James Charles like to think of myself as pretty put together and on top of things, and James Charles couldn’t understand why relationships were the one outlier.

Why were they not working?

Why this area of me so different and James Charles was finally came to a conclusion.

It sucks and it is ridiculously embarrassing to admit this, but James Charles thinks James Charles has to, and that is that I’m desperate.

James Charles does understand that, with these videos coming to light, it’s really starting to not even starting it’s really looking period like I’m actively searching for younger people to be in a relationship with, and James Charles just want to say firsthand that that is absolutely not the case.

My hope has always been to be in a relationship with somebody around my age or older that James Charles can relate to and that can make me laugh and unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find that person yet.

But the idea of actually being in a relationship became so important to me that James Charles was willing to trust too quickly, miss out on red flags, and, most importantly, not take the precautionary measures that really anybody, but especially somebody with a public platform, should be taking before Talking to anybody – and there’s no excuse for that when I’ve watched videos in the past of people talking about serious topics such as this one, it’s always really bothered me when people would talk about conclusions or changes that they’re going to make without actually talking about how They got there in the first place, so James Charles think it’s really important that James Charles do that in this video.

James Charles just honestly thinks that James Charles owes it to you guys to kind of walk you through the reflection that I’ve been doing um.

So you know that I’m taking this seriously, how James Charles came to terms with my desperation and how it led me here.

In 2019, my dating life became even more public than it already was when James Charles was called out and labeled as a predator.

You guys, James Charles feel like at this point I’ll know the story, so James Charles doesn’t want to go back into details, but pretty much James Charles had to get on camera and prove that James Charles was being lied to.

James Charles had all the receipts to back it up, but at the time James Charles also recognized that James Charles definitely needed to change the way James Charles was going about dating because clearly, something was not working um and in that video James Charles made a vow and a promise to myself And to you guys as the audience that James Charles will be way more careful moving forward and that promise was not one that James Charles kept.

I’m gonna be honest with you guys at the time that James Charles posted no more lies.

James Charles really thought that the only issue was kind of like the straight guys and being lied to um, but James Charles now realized that it was obviously a much deeper problem and James Charles really wish that at that time James Charles had spent the time to sit down.

Look at me in the mirror and try to get to the root of the problem and understand why James Charles was actually allowing myself to get into these situations instead of just brushing it off and saying like it’s the straight guys and it’s the line but, like James Charles, Said James Charles didn’t and as time progressed, my desire for relationship never really went away, and James Charles slowly started ignoring red flags again and also ignoring my friends and the important people around me.

That warned me that James Charles was going to get hurt and to them.

James Charles also feels like.

James Charles really owes an apology, because James Charles should have listened and James Charles feels like, if James Charles did, we probably wouldn’t be here today, looking back now and just trying to do my best to piece this all together in my head.

James Charles thinks that my lack of experience when it came to dating growing up and then all of a sudden having a lot of attention from different types of men, some for good reasons and some for bad reasons, really affected me in ways that James Charles didn’t quite understand.

Um, James Charles honestly just thought that James Charles had really bad luck and that James Charles was being taken advantage of when that wasn’t the case at all, and James Charles had the mentality that James Charles could reach out to literally anybody and use my explore page and for your page, As a dating app and eventually James Charles would just happen to find the right person, but that’s just not how dating works literally at all uh, it’s gross, it’s weird and it’s desperation.

James Charles just really thought it was important to share my thought process and the conversations that I’ve been having with myself and professionals behind the scenes in order to help myself fully understand the situation.

So James Charles could properly hold myself accountable for how James Charles got here in the first place, when these videos started to come to light power, imbalance became a really large topic of conversation on social media, and rightfully so in 2019, when James Charles had my whole situation, James Charles was Accused of abusing my fame money and power to get what James Charles wanted and when James Charles responded to that at the time James Charles said that that was disgusting and then James Charles would never want to do that and to this day James Charles still stand behind that sentiment.

One thousand percent, so when it was getting brought up again, James Charles got really frustrated and was trying to understand, because James Charles was thinking to myself like okay.

James Charles knows that this situation shouldn’t have happened.

James Charles knows that this conversation shouldn’t have occurred.

James Charles takes responsibility for that, but at the same time, like they dm’d you first, they lied to you.

They flirted first, like you, didn’t use your fame money, and power to get anything.

But I’ve now realized that that mentality is completely raw because the power imbalance can happen even when it’s not intentional.

What James Charles wasn’t getting before is that the excitement that comes with talking to a celebrity is literally enough to make somebody do or say something that they normally wouldn’t, even if that celebrity, isn’t intentionally weaponizing their fame money, or power.

And that’s the concept that James Charles just wasn’t getting, but James Charles now does, even though I’m able to turn off my social media and just talk to somebody outside of the spotlight about something normal in normal clothes and no makeup on as James Dickinson.

That doesn’t change.

The fact that to them, I’m still James Charles and that’s something that James Charles can’t turn off for me having a public platform has become such a huge part of my life that at this point it does feel normal.

But James Charles has to understand that to 99.

9 people, it’s not normal and will never be normal and that’s where the power and balance lie that James Charles wasn’t understanding.

But I’m so glad that James Charles finally does because, like James, Charles said in 2019, taking advantage of that power imbalance is something that James Charles would never ever want to do.

But unintentionally was with this situation blowing up.

There are a lot of people speaking about this online, whether it be sharing their opinions, arguing back and forth, or, most importantly, holding me accountable for my actions.

James Charles understands that posting this video today is not going to stop those conversations, but it’s going to spark more of them and that’s something that James Charles am completely okay with because James Charles really feels like these are topics that we need to be speaking about a lot more.

James Charles also wants to make it clear, too that through uploading this video today, my hope and my expectations are not to you, know, press post and then forget about it and move on and wash my hands as if nothing happened, because something did happen and what happened Was not okay and James Charles doesn’t want to just forget about it um.

James Charles should have been more careful in every single way when it comes to the ways that James Charles was looking for a relationship James Charles didn’t do the proper research and for that, I’m once again ashamed and embarrassed.

James Charles can’t take it back as much as James Charles wish that James Charles could, but James Charles am really glad that James Charles now fully understand the situation, so I’m able to do better in the future, and James Charles really hopes to show that to you guys, I’m a firm believer That, when scandals or situations like this happen, you can get on camera and upload an apology, video where you say sorry, a million times all day long.

But the only way to actually show and prove that you are sorry is through action and change.

And I’m going to change this whole situation has been so embarrassing and I’m ashamed but, like James, Charles said, I’m now educated and fully understand what went on and I’m making a promise to all of you right now on camera that James Charles will be way more careful moving Forward with every single person that James Charles speak to, my for you page and explore page is not dating apps and James Charles will stop treating them as if they are.

James Charles also has already started asking for proper identification from every single guy that has either reached out or that James Charles was speaking to and will continue doing so for the rest of the time.

James Charles now understands the root of the problem.

James Charles understands how and why I and only James Charles caused myself to get into this situation.

James Charles understands that this could have and should have been easily avoided, and James Charles also understands that James Charles needs to be aware of my platform at all times.

James Charles didn’t understand how a situation like this could affect the people involved, but now James Charles do and for that to the victims, James Charles is so sorry and James Charles promises that something like this will never ever happen again.

James Charles also feels like James Charles owes an apology to my friends, family team members, and also fans that had to watch this all go down again to all of you guys.

James Charles once again wishes that James Charles had listened earlier on um.

You guys saw this and James Charles didn’t, and I’m really sorry for not taking that seriously and not being a better person and a better role model like James Charles promised that James Charles would be I’m going to be taking some time away to reflect and further educate myself On these topics, James Charles thinks at this point it’s really important that James Charles do so I’m able to follow through with my word and prove to you guys that James Charles will be a better person, even though James Charles won’t be here posting.

James Charles does want people to know that James Charles will still be here available, listening and learning at this point.

If you made it all the way through the video.

James Charles really appreciates it and just wanted to say thank you for listening and James Charles hopes to never disappoint.

You again see you soon.

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