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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube How I Used To Do My Makeup vs. Now

How I Used To Do My Makeup vs. Now

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and do the then vs. now makeup challenge. I’ve only been doing makeup for 3 years now, but my techniques and skills have changed dramatically. Let’s compare how they’ve changed!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

Jumping right into today’s brand new video.

I am very, very excited, but also nervous for this video.

This is something that I wanted to film for a very very long time now, and that is how I used to do my makeup versus how I do it now.

This trend has already been going around for a pretty long time now.

So this is definitely not an original idea.

A few years ago, people were doing the how I do my makeup in high school versus now challenge, which was so much fun to look back at everybody’s transformations, and I even did a video a few months ago where he reacted to and recreated.

My first ever makeup tutorial and even though I’ve only been in the beauty community doing makeup for about three years now, I will definitely say that my makeup has changed so much, hopefully for the better.

I mean I literally used to have Sharpie eyebrows that took up half my freaking forehead and a man bun.

That was a literal rat’s nest on the top of my head.

In the past three years.

I will confidently say that I’ve definitely upped my style.

Makeup tips, techniques and products that I used so far today that I thought it’d be so much fun to split my face right in half and do a little beauty battle with myself.

Basically, when you literally don’t have anybody left to collaborate with and do one half of my face, how did I do my makeup with all the old techniques and products and the other half of my face?

How I do it today, see the comparison, see how everything has changed, and hopefully you guys will pick up some tips and techniques of what not to do along the way.

So without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane and jump right: in.

(upbeat music ).

I just scrolled down my Instagram for several minutes.


I have PTSD from looking at some of these disgusting photos, but I came across this look that was posted on May 14 2016 and it is captioned tangerine.

I feel like half my face is old.

This is a really good look to do today.

That encompasses all the techniques that I used to use and now don’t use for obvious reasons.

That has got to be the harshest contour I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

My eyebrows, taking up half my forehead.

I will say, and pat myself on the Back a little bit too, scrolling down through all these repulsive looks, the one thing that I was never horrible at was eyeshadow.

Everything else has been majorly improved, but I was always pretty decent at eyeshadow and it has always been my favorite part of the makeup routine.

So definitely just a super simple glam, eyeshadow look.

My winged eyeliner is going straight out.

I don’t even think I have a lash on.

My nose is not even close to contour and my lips are lined normally, and this was before I had anything done to them, so you get the picture.

I think this is the perfect look to recreate today and even though it is pretty simple, I think there’s going to be some very dramatic changes from one side to the other and hopefully I’ll be able to show you guys a lot of really helpful tips and Techniques, so let’s jump right in.

So the first step of a makeup routine is, of course, always skin prep.

Now, on the old side, I’m just gon na go right into the Benefit.

Porefessional primer, no moisturizer, nothing beforehand.

I literally used to be obsessed with this stuff.

I would use most of it.

This primer, for me, is one of the main reasons that started my conspiracy theory that primers do absolutely nothing, because this primer actually hurt my skin more than it actually helped which I’ll get into when it comes to the nose.

In a little bit.

Now on the newer side of my face, I’m going to first grab the Tatcha Water Cream.

This is my all-time favorite moisturizer and a good moisturizer is super important for me before I put on any makeup to make sure my skin stays hydrated and healthy all throughout the day and is able to breathe underneath eight ounces of product.

Obviously, as you can see, I’m having a very intense breakout on this side of my face right now.

, I’m not exactly sure why.

I’Ve been traveling a lot recently and I’ve been, of course, taking extra precaution to make sure my skin stays healthy, but we’re not gon na be taking this into consideration when it comes to the final judgment later on.


Although I don’t always prime now when I do, skincare is, of course, my number one priority, and that means I usually go.

The Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer, which I feel like is also very very fitting today, because just like the Porefessional, this one is obviously meant to fill in everything and make it very very even so.

Hopefully we’re going to flatten out these pimples that we have going on.

So normally next, I would jump right into foundation, but on the old makeup side we actually have a few more steps to do before that.

So I’m gon na let the primer sit on the new side and right now we’re going to go in and get the color correct, using the LA Girl Pro concealer in the shade Literal Orange.

So I obviously am a man, and I do have a 5 o’clock shadow that is really really inconvenient.

I am getting laser hair removal all over my face to get rid of it because I absolutely hate it.

But now I just use a full coverage foundation and a lot of concealer to cover it up to kind of eliminate using 87 different products on my face, but back then it was not the case, so I’m gon na put this basically everywhere that hair grows.

I was apparently convinced that I was doing drag every time.

I put my makeup on.

I’m just going to blend that in using my Beauty Blender.

This next step, I cannot believe I ever actually did.

But if you scroll back to one of my first YouTube videos, it isn’t most definitely there.

When I first started to do my makeup.

I had a major issue where, every time I would do my foundation, they would always completely slip off my nose and leave little holes and cracks and look disgusting.

Whenever I tried to contour my nose contour.

I was so convinced it was the oils in my nose that I was literally just sweating all day long, but I later found out once I was educated, that it was actually the Porefessional primer not really working together with a foundation That I always used, and that is why.

That is also why I stopped using this combination.

But at one point I did finally find a trick to fix that, and I taught you guys in my videos if anybody remembers from literally day one and that was using a Mac Paint Pot and literally putting a huge layer of that on my nose before I Actually put any foundation on and the logic was that, if the foundation slipped off, when I tried to contour there would be another extremely thick layer, underneath.

Absolutely ridiculous.

I really could not tell you why trying a new primer or trying a new foundation never crossed my mind.

Like a normal human being, but this trick did do the trick for a pretty long time.

I’M gon na keep my Paint Pot out because we’re gon na be using it later on on the new side when it comes to eyeshadow.

But it is now time to move into foundation.

For foundation.

On the old side, I’m going to grab the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD stick in the shade Y325.

Now, if you’ve been a long since day one, you would know that this was literally my ride-or-die Holy Grail.

I still to this day I really like this foundation and the formula to it a lot.

If you guys saw my finding my perfect foundation shade video from a few weeks ago, this was literally one of my top contenders, and so many of the comments said you guys really really liked this color on me.

But when I moved to LA it was just a little bit too dry for my skin and I’ve obviously moved on to Born This Way, which is what I’m gon na put on the other side of my face.

, I’m gon na start by blending this in using My Morphe M439 brush.

Use code James for 10 % off.

That has never changed.

I can already tell that this color is way way way too yellow for me.

I would always just blend the foundation right over the color corrector as well, and then always be really upset and confused.

When I would get hate comments telling me that I looked orange.

Should’ve listened.

Now on the newer side of my face, I’m gon na be using the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and for today’s look, I’m gon na mix together the shade of pearl and natural Beige.

The Born This Way foundation is a little bit more medium coverage, but can be buildable, and I like this formula, a lot better because it’s more hydrating and keeps my skin looking healthy throughout the day as opposed to cakey, and I’m just blending this and using The brand new Jeffree Star X, Morphe contour, and highlight sponge.

( beep ).

Of course my camera stopped recording for a few seconds.

Sorry, you guys. I am back.

Would it really be a James Charles video, without a technical difficulty No.


I was obviously going to be concealer getting right back into things.

I went in on the old side with the LA Girl Pro concealer in the shade of porcelain, literally the lightest shade that they have.

I actually have nothing bad to say about this concealer.

The formula is really really bomb and it’s only $ 6 as well.

I just wanted to move on and try out different formulas.

So, on the new side, I use the Too Faced Born This Way, concealer in the shade vanilla.

I’m just gon na blend this in using a Beauty Blender.

I want to move on to the next side pretty quickly, because no matter what foundation and concealer and primer I’m using on my face, if I don’t work fast, I get very, very creasy and crusty pretty quickly.

So I’m gon na grab the Coty Airspun powder on the old side.

Obviously you guys know this powder has been with me since day one.

I love this one.

This treated me very, very well when I was living back in New York, but this is also the powder that created Flashback, Mary and definitely made me look very, very cakey, because I was using way too much of it.

But that’s the whole point of learning and improving as an artist.

So I’m just gon na grab a powder puff and dip right in to pack this into place.

I can’t believe that I used to literally do this.

On the other side of my face.

I’M gon na grab the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder and I’m going to use my beauty sponge to melt this into the skin.

Just for you know, slightly lighter coverage.

Look, I really really like using my same damp beauty sponge to push in the powder to the skin.

I’M not really sure when I made this change, but I am so glad that I did because I feel like this just does so much better of a job to still set everything in place, so it doesn’t slip around during the day.

But it just looks so much more natural when you’re up close, you don’t get that same kind of gross cakey and dry texture that you can sometimes get using a powder puff.

I just feel like it really holds up a whole lot.


Then, I’m gon na grab a tiny little bit of extra powder on a fluffy brush and just go over everything to make sure everything is nice and set in place and that I didn’t miss any areas.

Now that both halves of my face are set in place, the next step of my routine is, of course, going to be to contour and chisel everything out add some dimension, but before I do that on the new side, I want to go ahead and give myself A quick spritz of the Morphe Prep and Set setting spray just to kind of melt everything together, and this is not something that I used to do before.

So I’m going to keep my palette up here to separate it.

( wind chimes ).

I don’t know if you can fully see it on camera, but looking in the mirror, this side of my skin is definitely just looking a little bit more radiant.

You can kind of see the skin popping through which I really really like, whereas this side is still really beautiful.

It’S super just full coverage and very very matte, so it really just depends on the type of look you’re going for.

Now for contouring.

The one palette that I used to use every single day was the Kat Von D shade and light palette and not gon na lie.

It had a really really bomb formula and I loved it for a long time, but unfortunately I no longer have it in my collection and I refuse to go, buy it and support her.

So I’m just gon na use the Anastasia contour kit and just go a little bit more heavy-handed than usual.

Gonna grab my Morphe M405 brush and dip right there into the middle shade and just go right in there.

I used to be obsessed with going in at the absolute most with contour and I’m really not even sure why.

My cheekbones and jawline are already pretty defined to begin with.

I really just wanted that, like a chiseled jawline moment, which really didn’t even look that good.

It honestly just looked ridiculous, but we’re just gon na recreate it today for the sake of the video.

I’m gon na use even more to contour my forehead.

I mean this honestly has not really changed that much because I’m definitely still insecure about the sides of it, but I am a lot better at making it look softer and blended, while still bringing it down a little bit.

Now, you’re probably thinking all right James.

That looks crazy.

Let’S move on to the other side and trust me, I’m thinking the same thing but 2016 James was not because one thing that I loved to do was after my contour was already laid down.

I would take a smaller fluffy brush and dip into an even darker contour shade and just get you know a little bit on there and just go right into the absolute hollow of my cheek bone and just put down a little bit more.


Now that was maybe a little bit much.

It never really looked that bad.

Now going into that same exact, M405 brush.

Well, not the exact same one but the same type.

You get the point and dip into the same color, I’m gon na go in and contour the other side, but just go a little bit lighter.

Holding this brush right between my side, burn and ear and just lightly blending this downwards in circular motions, keeping it very.

Very light and soft pulling just a little bit onto the top of my forehead and still underneath the jawline as well, and then just gon na grab an M527 brush and dip into this shade next door, which is a little bit more bronzy.

Caramel type of color and I’m gon na use this to go slightly over top of that contour color, just to kind of blend together the natural skin tone and the contour without making it look too harsh.

, I’m gon na quickly apply a little bit of the MAC Blush in the shade Peaches on my Morphe E4 brush.

You guys know this blush is my all-time favorite, but I’m only gon na put this on the new side, because I literally hated blush when I first started doing makeup and never wore it.

I really did not know what I was missing, because this looks so pretty and youthful.

But oh well, you live and you learn I guess.

And now we get to move on to one of the most important parts of my makeup routine, which is my nose.


Now, if you’ve been following me since day one I’m sorry, first and foremost, because my nose used to look so bad in all my Instagram photos, because I did not know how to contour, and even when I was learning how to contour.

It was still a really really rough process.

At first.

I could not figure out how to do the illusion, so it just looked bad.

Then I learned how to do it.

Then I learned how to Photoshop and FaceTune.

So it looked so fake to the point where I couldn’t even breathe and now several years later, I am finally at a place where I’m confident with my nose and how it photographs in photos.

I stopped erasing the entire thing in editing apps, but I definitely still do contour quite a bit, so I’m gon na grab my contouring brush and dip into the same exact contouring palette.

Firstly, on the old side, I’m just gon na grab that same contour color and a lot of it too, and I’m just gon na go right in on the actual edge of my nose.

Oh my god, this is triggering.

I’M blending that shape right.


Oh wow!

This hurts.

This hurts a lot.

Now, if you really like the way that your nose looks in makeup, naturally, of course this step doesn’t really matter, but for me personally, I prefer my nose to look a lot more narrow, so I’m gon na grab the same exact, contour color once again, but instead Of putting it on the absolute edge of my nose and going around the bulb, which just makes it look really really wide, I’m gon na kind of focus this color on the top of the nose bridge and pretend that the bulb tip.

Isn’T there just going right over it kind of straightening it out which gives the illusion of a more pinched and straight nose.

Just gon na?

Do another quick spritz of setting spray before I move on to baking, which is the next step.

[ Man, ] You’re kidding.

, [ Woman, ], That’s kind of- [ James ], Wow.

, (, laughs, ) [ James ].

Are you kidding me?

Let’S try that again with a little bit of urban decay.

This time.

Then just going in with some more Coty Airspun powder and a powder puff to bake.

I used to put the setting powder here and just go straight down and then I’m bringing it all the way up to the back of my head.

I have no idea why and then right on the center of the forehead and then just using the Laura Mercier.

On the other hand, I’m gon na bring this powder all the way up to the side of my nose to snatch it and create that illusion, and then just keep it focused right underneath my eyeball in this little triangular area.

I am very excited to tell you guys that, for the brow portion of today’s video, I am actually partnering with Anastasia Beverly Hills.

That’S right to show you guys their brand new dip brow gel and how I like to use it and also how I wouldn’t necessarily recommend using it.

If you’ve been around since day one.

You probably remember the James Charles block, brick Sharpie eyebrows.

Now, at the time I loved them a few people on Instagram loved them, but for the most part they were disgusting and everybody made fun of them all the time, including the Queen herself, Anastasia Beverly Hills who tried to get me to tweeze them all off, and I literally looked at her face and said absolutely not.

Can you say ego? They had no arch to them.


In fact they almost looked alike.

I was frowning half the time.

They literally took up half of my forehead in thickness and they also had no dimension.


They were all just one color up straight, like dark brown, almost black, all the way through.

Three years later after a whole lot of bullying, hate comments, tweezing and practice.

I am finally at a place where I really really love my brows.

So, let’s compare the old to the new.

Starting off.

I’M gon na grab my Anastasia dip brow in the shade dark brown and my Anastasia number 7B brush, and I’m just going to dip in to the palette right here and I’m going to grab quite a lot.

I usually like to take the spoolie first and go upwards just to kind of get the shape of the brow, but I’m actually going to use the spoolie and brush them this way to actually kind of have a flatten them out since I’ve definitely tweezed an arch Into eyebrows over the past few years, and I’m just gon na go right in starting at the front of my brow, which I never recommend doing any more and just drawing a line.

This really used to happen every single day and then at the very last.

Second, straight down.

, ( screams ), Oh no.

, I’m grabbing a little bit more on the same little angled brush.

I’m just going to sketch in the tail of my eyebrow, going out the top straight down and then using whatever is left, which is apparently a lot.

Just Gonna brush that right, in.

Can’t believe I’m doing this right now.

Ah, oh my god.

That used to be on my face every day and I never thought there was anything wrong with it.

As if that was enough.

I’M next to grab the brand new Anastasia dip, brow gel and I’m gon na layer that right over the top.

Now listen.

I’M actually really excited to tell you guys about this product today, because it’s really really dope.

This is a super super pigmented full coverage, waterproof new brow gel, but it can also be used like dip brow to actually sketch in hairs and actually add hairs in place.

I’Ve personally been loving using this on myself before I even draw anything in, and also on.

My friends that don’t have as many brows hairs because it does such a good job of kind of sketching it in and still making it look like a natural look but, like I said this is very, very pigmented.

So if you were going for this block eyebrow, which I would not recommend, you could really just go right in and push that product right in there for the original James, Charles Sharpie eyebrow look.

Gonna grab a little bit more of the LA girl Pro concealer And I’m just gon na squeeze that onto the back of my hand and then just grab a Morphe M410 brush.

Just gon na clean that up a little bit.

Now moving on to the side of my face, thank God.

I’M gon na grab the Anastasia brow in the shade medium brown.

To start this off.

Using the spoolie, I’m just going to brush all the hairs upwards and then go right in. I’m going to lightly start in the middle of my brow, drawing just tiny little hairlike strokes at the bottom, just to create a little bit of Dimension.

Then, just following the natural shape of my actual brow bone and going above that is going to bring that line upwards, creating an arch which is flattering for human faces.

And then, when I get to the tail, I’m just going to pull that line straight out.

As opposed to straight down.

, Going back in with the spoolie each time as well to make sure that nothing ever gets too intense or dark.

Then I’m just going to fill in the tail.

I’M gon na clean this brow up in a second.

But I’m pretty happy with the shape so far.

I’m going to go back to the brand new one once again: Anastasia dip, brow gel, but this time I’m gon na use the color soft brown, which is lighter than my natural brow.


, Like I said this product is very full coverage, so for someone like me who likes a defined brow but doesn’t want to look like this, I like to use a lighter shade and go in super super lightly and use this brow gel to still lock everything In place, while adding a little bit of extra color but not a whole lot.

What’s super cool about the dip brow gel as well is that it does of course set down and lock your hairs in place, but the drying time is a little bit slower.

So I’m actually going to take another clean brow brush.

This is the number 12 and just go right in and use the excess dip brow gel.

That is in the hairs, use this to lightly blend the product forward into the front of the brow and then using that same brush, just making tiny little upwards flicks to mimic the appearance of real hairs in areas that are a little bit more sparse.

Now the new dip brow gel is smudge proof, so it is definitely not going anywhere, but I do want to go ahead and clean it up just a little bit.

So I’m going to grab the Born This Way concealer one more time and then just a rounded concealer brush and I’m just gon na go right in and really make sure it is super clean.

All right sisters and those are both eyebrows.

All complete.

Go ahead.

Take your screenshots.

I’ve handled the bullying once I can do it again.

Let’S just be thankful that there’s been quite an improvement over the last three years.


Of course, we have the original James, Charles sharpie, brick eyebrows and on the side we have the new and improved sister snatch brow both created using the brand new Anastasia dip.

Brow gel.

It’ll keep your brows waterproof, smudge proof and look absolutely fantastic all day long.

If you guys want to check this out, it is launching online at AnastasiaBeverlyHills.

com and in stores on March 7th, and it is only retailing for $ 18 and I totally would recommend it.

That took plenty long enough, and I never want to experience that again.

So I’m gon na move right onto the next step of my routine, which is of course going to be the eyeshadow.

Now for eyeshadow primer.

Once again, for the third time in this video, I’m gon na go to the LA Girl Pro concealer in the shade of porcelain, and I’m just gon na go right in and paint this on the lid.

This is what I used to do in every single one of my makeup looks, and then I’m just going to blend this in and I’m gon na set that base in place using some more Coty Airspun powder on a dense, packing brush and then for the other Side, I’m gon na grab my Mac Paint Pot once again for a slightly different use this time and I’m just going to lay down a generous layer of this right over top of my eyelid, and I am not going to set this one with any translucent setting.


Alright, you guys created this warm, smoky eye that I had on in the original photo.

I’M of course, gon na grab the James Charles X, Morphe iconic palette, and I’m going to basically use all of the shades in the middle row.

But this video is already getting very very long, so I’m gon na do the eye portion off-camera.

Like I said earlier, the only one thing that I didn’t have that much trouble with was eyeshadow.

Of course I’ve improved my techniques and gotten better at blending, but regardless I’ve done so many different videos on eyeshadow techniques, so I’m gon na cut quickly and still use the techniques that I would have used, then versus now and I’ll come back and show you guys.

The finished look and move on to the next step.

All right sisters, we’re back, and I just completed the eye shadow on both eyes.

Off-Camera quickly.

, As you can see, the looks are a little bit different because I wanted to recreate the look exactly on this eye.

It is just a little warm tone, half cut crease moment and it looked like it was a matte shade on the lid and on this side I did kind of like a modernized version.

If I was to do a warm tone, half-cut crease, this is kind of what I think of as just kind of orange and brownie tones pulled out into a nice little wing and then a metallic glitter right on the lid kind of messily placed just so.

It reflects in the light and looks so incredibly stunning, but regardless, I think both eyes have different styles and techniques.

Still looks really really beautiful.

That being said, the next step of both of these eye looks is a winged liner.

, Although drawing a winged liner has never really changed for me.

I definitely did learn a lot about where I like to place.

My wing.

Probably the worst part of having thick eyebrows aside from the hate comments, was the lack of eye shadow space that it actually gave me to work with and at the time I obviously didn’t know this.

But when your eyebrows take up half of your eye region and then are just straight downwards, it really cuts off a lot of this outside area that I would now like to use for blending really big eyeshadow looks.

So when it came to drawing winged eyeliner, when I first started, I really did not have a lot of room to do it.

So the one mistake that I made all the time was drawing my wings straight out, just like that.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Drawing your wing straight out can be a really really helpful technique.

In fact, for my sisters that have hooded eyes, it is the absolute best way to draw on a wing eyeliner and make sure that it is actually seen.

But for me, as someone who doesn’t have hooded eyes, drawing your wing straight out could actually tend to drive the eye downwards and especially with a brow that doesn’t have any arch.

It’S really not helping.

Over on this side, I’m going to pull the wing liner much more upwards, in the same shape that I drew my eye shadow in.

Just like the eyeshadow, it is two completely different techniques and styles.

I do honestly think that they both look really really good.

This wing turned out better than I honestly anticipated, but I definitely still prefer a wing that is much more pulled up.

I just think it really makes the eye look so much more snatchy and gives it life, whereas this eye just kind of looks a little bit more dead and basic in my opinion.

Moving right along I’m gon na give both sides of my lashes a nice curl And then going to apply a heavy coat of the Benefit Roller Lash mascara on the old side and then on the newer side, I’m gon na add a light coat of the Mac Extended Play mascara.

Now, as for lashes, I’m zooming in on this photo, and it Looks like I don’t have any on.

I’m not exactly sure, but I do naturally have pretty long and thick eyelashes to begin with, so I honestly might not have been wearing them.

Considering when I first started doing makeup, I literally could not put on lashes without gluing.

My eyes shut, so I guess I’m gon na be skipping that on this side of my face today, but on this side, I’m gon na pop on the Lilly Lashes Miami, So Extra.

Use code, James chains for 15 % off your purchase.

Alright guys those are both Eyes all complete, looking beautiful, looking fabulous on both sides, kind of.

, We’re going to go ahead and dust off the bake, because this powder has been sitting on my face for literally like too long now.

So let’s do that.

It is now time to get our glow on and what is so crazy is that we’re actually going to be using the same product on both sides of my face, and that is the Anastasia Beverly Hills, So Hollywood Illuminator.

This is literally the first highlighter that I ever bought and I have stuck with it since day one.

I love this color.

It works so well on my skin tone.

, I still reach for it every single time.

I do my makeup.

Clearly, as you can see, she’s seen better days, but she’s still working good as new.

A lot of you guys know when it comes to applying a highlighter or metallic shadow.

Using a tiny little bit of setting spray can really make a color pop.

Now, when I used to apply highlighter a very very long time ago, I would do what you’re not supposed to do, which is basically drench the brush.

First, this is a Morphe M501 and then dip into the pan.

Well, this does apply a very, very blinding and metallic glow.

This can negatively affect the formula in the pan because you’re basically adding a setting spray and water to the mixture where it was not intended to be.

Also when you apply highlighter wet, it can look really really beautiful, but it can also look super streaky.


This might not look that bad on camera, but in person this looks absolutely ridiculous.

I know everybody loves a good glow and trust me.

So do I, but it just is not flattering.

I also used to shoot my Instagram photos in a basement using only a ring light, so I used to have a major problem actually getting my highlight to reflect for some reason, and I think that’s probably why I went so ham on the setting spray and highlighter Before but regardless, let’s go in and highlight the other side and make it look nice and pretty the way I do it now.

This time around, I’m gon na grab my setting spray, but instead of spraying my brush first, I’m gon na actually give my face a Good up little spritz.

Once again to kind of melt all the powders together, but also to give us some wetness for the highlighter to stick to and I’m going to be using the M504 brush.

This time, which is a little bit smaller than the M501.

I’M gon na dip into the once again, So Hollywood illuminator getting quite a lot on there and I’m just gon na apply this right on the top of the cheekbone, keeping it most intense right here and then just using any excess.

That’S left on the brush to blend it out.

Much prettier in my opinion.

And then I’m just gon na grab a little bit of Face from my palette and add that right on top.

Oh, that just looks so pretty and a little sparkly glitter.

Grabbing a little bit more Face on that same brush.

I’M just gon na tap it off, so there’s not a whole lot of product on there and I’m gon na pop a little bit right.

Above my brow bone for subtle little highlights here and then also a little bit on the top of the chin as well.

My nose highlight has never changed just grabbing the M431 and a little bit more face on the end of that brush.

I’M just gon na draw a straight line right down the center and then a tiny little dot at the tip.

For my little explanation: point.

Alright, you guys with our highlighter being on and glowing to the Gods.

We can go ahead and move on to our last step, which is going to be the lips.

So for both sides of the lips.

Today, I’m going to use the Ofra liquid lipstick in the shade of Venice.

This is another one of those products that I’ve been using.

Since day one and literally have not found a better version of.

I really really like the formula of the Ofra liquid lips.

Now, since this photo was taken a few years ago, a full disclosure.

I have had my lips done.

That was a personal choice by me.

It has been well over a year since I actually did them, though, so they are definitely going way way down, but they are still nowhere near as small as they were in this picture.

So I’m just gon na go ahead and apply this lipstick to the old, make up side and I’m not going to over line literally in the slightest bit and then on the newer side.

I’M gon na go just slightly outside of my lip line for a more voluminous look and we are finally finishing off of both sides with a little bit of sister setting spray to lock it all in place.

, (, windchimes, ), (, upbeat, music, ), All right sisters, Then I think that is how I did my makeup then versus now.

Look all complete.

Oh, my gosh, you guys it was so much fun, taking a trip down memory lane and reminiscing about all the old products, tips and techniques that I used to use for a few years.


It’S only been three short years, but I am so proud of the progress that I’ve made from this to this.

I do think both sides still look beautiful in their own way, but I can also happily admit that three years ago I came to the beauty industry with a whole lot of passion, but also a whole lot of ego as well.

I truly thought I was the best, the best that I could not get any better, but boy was it.

I was wrong.

Practice really really does make perfect, and I am so grateful for every single one.

You guys out there who saw potential stuck by me and also left constructive criticism, and that goes for all my artist friends out there as well.

Thank you guys for always teaching me new tips and techniques that I get to integrate into my routine and just overall.

Thank you for inspiring me and being really cool friends.

I had so much fun doing this video today and seeing how my style has changed and, what’s even so crazy, is that I’m probably gon na look back at this video in five years and be like ew.

This looks absolutely disgusting, but regardless, I hope that all of you sisters will still be here in the long run and we can look back and laugh together and I cannot wait to see where the makeup industry takes us both.

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Alright, you guys thank you so much for watching this video today.

Here’S to another amazing three years of make up progress.

I love you so much and I will see you in the next one.


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