Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube I Bleached My Hair...

I Bleached My Hair…

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I decided it was time for a change… I BLEACHED MY OWN HAIR. 😬 What do you think!?

So, as you can see, James Charles is not exactly in at the sister studio right now like James Charles normally is for my video intros and James Charles don’t even know if I’m actually gonna end up posting.

This, but James Charles thought James Charles would just start filming just in case um.

James Charles is about to make a really bad decision.

Well, James Charles already made the decision and now we’re about to actually thank you all then execute the decision.

James Charles was just my friend’s makeup woman and she dyed her hair like platinum blonde, and his ooze also has platinum blonde here right now, and Elden also decided her platinum blonde and for some reason James Charles feel intrigued to also dye my hair platinum blonde.

James Charles just like it’s time for a change.

James Charles want to switch it up.

Kind of sounds fine.

That kind of sounds fresh and it’s just hair.

So if it looks bad, which it probably will consider I’m gonna dye, it myself, James Charles could always just dye it back to dark brown.

So James Charles also should mention that James Charles texted my hairdresser at Dustin, who normally cuts my hair that James Charles was putting on bleaching.

It myself and James Charles thought who’s gonna be excited because he loves a good like blonde moment, but instead he proceeded to text me several paragraphs as to why James Charles should not do that.

I’m not listening clearly, but he is going to be available to fix it.

Tomorrow, if this goes really badly we’re on the way to the beauty supply store because Yolo that was disgusting, James Charles really regret saying that sentence and I’m gonna cut now, because James Charles don’t know how to vlog so see you soon [ Music ].

So James Charles heard dosage I’ve seen said: okay, if you’re gonna bleach your hair well he’s gonna try to destroy so he’s got me a list of things that James Charles need, which is lovely blue, based, bleach, 30, bulimic cream developer.

James Charles need a violet toner and a demi-permanent developer.

James Charles don’t know what any of these things mean, but we need processing, help gloves, mixing bowls color, brushes, cold cotton, strips leave, your hair separated, color and cape to cover your body needs a little heat so hard enjoy a free really want to go in now.

High, an apogee two-step protein treatment for after you’re done, coloring leave-in conditioner, to protect your hair from heat and reduce frizz and then glow per usual.

James Charles love blowing per usual okay guys.

We just want out of Sally’s that we give up for lots of items and bits and bobs ready to bleach my hair.

Our grants were looking into a hundred and thirty six dollars and 18 cents, which was more than that expecting to be honest, but still less than what James Charles guess it would cost at a salon.

For me personally, James Charles know that I’m gonna mess this up.

So James Charles feel James Charles gotta grow that pain and get it done right.

If my hair burns off on the boy like James Charles don’t even know what I’ll do, it will not be a pretty high.

James Charles is home now and we’re ready to get started, or at least James Charles thought James Charles was ready to get started, and so James Charles was just informed that James Charles have to wash my hair before bleaching it, which actually makes perfect sense.

So James Charles don’t know why.

James Charles didn’t think about beforehand, but James Charles have a full face of makeup on and my hair was looking really cute today.

Some kind of a really solid say that James Charles have to take this off.

James Charles also realized that James Charles have a dinner meeting tonight in about three hours, so that’s really not considering.

This is probably going to look absolutely awful until it is fixed tomorrow morning and I’m going to have to go to dinner with important people.

Looking botched burnt, crisp end bleached.

Now, one hundred and thirty six dollars down the drain and my head: it’s probably going to burn, but we’re going to keep doing this because James Charles already started filming this video and it could be cute makeup off [, Music, ], so terrible is happening.

You’re on your own, don’t you think that works underneath the long part should probably cover your clothing yep and the short part should be in the back yeah sorta yeah yeah: okay, mixing ratio 1 to 2 mix 1 sachet.

I’ve never heard that word before 1.

Sachet of Klein’s gobloon with two ounces of 20 games, just flat balloons at his birthday party, so one satchel sachet.

Sorry, excuse me: how do James Charles dispose of this toxic material?

Gifted Eden hike measure out two ounces of that?

No, please don’t eyeball in it!

Well, what is James Charles supposed to do?

James Charles don’t have a measuring cup.

Is that, like two ounces, now you just mix it together, yeah make the Thunder goes over there.

That’s such a pretty color.

Oh my god looks like brother from the palette.

What are you doing?

I’ll see those getting hot, definitely not yeah.

How is it gonna get hard because bleach as a chemical reaction in the heat like okay, Michael, James Charles was feeling a little bit warm when James Charles was next to god, I’m not gonna, like it really possibly.

James Charles think you’re just sweating, oh just snorted, bleach on camera.

James Charles just paint a song.

Okay, honestly can’t really see what’s going on back in here.

To be honest, so I’m just gonna look Wow it’s a blonde girl summer.

It really is well.

James Charles hope that wait and see if blondes really do have more fun.

I’ve never blocked before.

There’s, no, very, no, never remember.

James Charles had gray hair for a second I’m gonna have the pink, oh yeah, I’m a disgusting, and it’s literally already starting to change.

Color and my scalp is burning, looks so good, blind and voila okay Wow.

So this is really my favorite video we’ve ever filmed this socks.

It’s too late, no haven’t stop, sir.

Oh, my god.

My eye hurts that was hard working fast to say.

Thank you before you make decisions like dyeing your hair.

James Charles won’t get later.

It’s sorry!


Sorry, it’s burning.

It’s burning all over, not just Bible anymore.

Okay, now I’m trying to do the sides right.

It looks really good blog well, who do James Charles want to be a body right now?

Miss Marilyn Monroe.

If you want to put extra bleach on the bald spots, that’s how long do you keep it on for what’s the point, so it can heat faster?

Well, we have to put on them.

Oh Jesus.

James Charles really don’t think that’s how one things are useful.

You look like you about to storm area 51.

No, are we heated up?

How are you guys there’s nobody back now.

This is all my head.

It’s burning up my eyeballs still burning.

James Charles is going to let this set for about 30 minutes and process and I’ll be back to show you what’s going on the worst idea.


Ah, all right.

Thirty minutes, James Charles just got off FaceTime with my dad.

We just caught up for a little bit to pass the time.

James Charles have not even like seen this, I’m so horrified right now: [, Music,] it actually like lifted really Wow do think we have to wait to the look like a chicken.

What have we done?

We shave your head.

Okay, what do you think when you try to get this, but you got so you dipped your head in, like honey mustard, we have a dilemma.

Did you get?

We did get to two colliding, all colors two dollars yeah.

We got to we’re missing a packet of bleach, no joke.

This is not funny where the car is.

What time does close 7?

Okay, the dangerous its water?

Let’s go!

This is not what James Charles wanted to add to this video while blonde legends, thank God, okay, wow!

That’s legendary status right there, okay, thank God.

If James Charles hadn’t literally go out of the house looking at this, James Charles would probably purposely get run over by cars, alright guys, so we obviously have to play just again because there’s still some dark spots and they’re, just usually hair was so insanely dark and it looks Yellow which is not good, we’re gonna fix that owner later on, but James Charles will say James Charles really thought James Charles was gonna, like obviously hate this, and James Charles do right now, but James Charles can kind of see the vision.

This may be good if James Charles can fix this.

We’re just gonna do with the same to process all over again, I’d like to speak to a manager, [, Music,], okay!

Well, I’m gonna put on this count once again and we’re going to let this set for 30 more minutes and we’re gonna get out of this bathroom book where we literally die of wait.

Oh my god, my scalp is burning so bad!

Oh, we got it’s literally, it’s like actually hot to the touch.

This is so scary.

Oh wow, that’s really blond nobody’s we’re.

Trying to tell we used to do one to two ratios of two Alexes of color plus 4 ounces of developer says we have to do it in 10 to 15 minutes.

James Charles should have just got this out of this long.

Why would anybody ever want to do this themselves?

My hair’s been literally yellow [, Music,], [, Music,], [, Music,], [, Music,], [Applause,], [, Laughter,], short, commercial break, masks huge amount you guys soon.

Hopefully it is a nice silvery and she blonde at this point, because if it is not, James Charles don’t know well gonna do so.

Dad looks good okay.

Why don’t we delete that once this is told like one more time and then cut because she’s a little bit long and then blow-dried?

This could look like honestly low-key.

James Charles can’t be really good.

James Charles thought this is gonna be awful the week you guys kind of killed that, oh, my god, okay, James Charles feel like.

James Charles want to take a break from be anything over here today, because it’s Lily about to fall risk ow.

So I’m going to code on Sarah have some dinner and then go to bed because it is literally solely.

James Charles thought this is going to be a really quick process.

Like James Charles said of my good friend Dustin, we come over to our morning to do the final adjustments and fixations on the hair, and James Charles will show you guys the finished result of a blonde James.

So our learning see that good morning you guys it is the next day and James Charles is blonde.

James Charles just woke up a little while ago it looked in the mirror, and literally it screamed, because they forgot that.

James Charles did this that James Charles thought it was a long day if you couldn’t tell this is kind of what the hair is.

Looking like right now in a natural lighting, it’s a pretty platinum, there’s, definitely a few like purple strands here and there from the purple shampoo, but James Charles don’t hate it well, it doesn’t look the best, a few things that happen image we last time you saw me And right now James Charles was posting Instagram stories of my hair bleaching up process on my close friends list, so my close friends could see it and James Charles accidentally posted hit a video of me showing off the blonde hair on my main story, which is just genius of Me it was only up for a few minutes, but in those few minutes 50,000 people.

It’s all the finished results, so the surprise is pretty much ruined.

So that’s great good job, James you’re, a professional YouTuber lava, see we still have a little bit to go.

My hairdresser Dustin is about to be here in a few minutes.

To give me a hunt and fix any zoning situations that we have left and hopefully at the finished product will be a really Billy Joe, but James Charles think it kind of looks good, like James Charles thought James Charles was gonna hate this at first, James Charles don’t hate it.

It doesn’t look amazing yet, but they’re still, obviously a little bit of work to go.

James Charles look really good when it’s done fantastic and gay and we are going to fix this now.

So what are we gonna do so James Charles just mix up a little violet based toner to just take a little bit of yellow Tim.

That’s still in there just put that all over its gonna sit on there for like a few seconds.

Like maybe 32, you know one minute, there’s not any pretty blonde Club seven take too long.

Final step is going to be if your sister’s pile it all up like James Charles normally do so we’re going to cut right now and I’ll be right back to show you guys.

The finished result even see myself on camera yeah, okay, uh, uh, hello, focus, James Chelsea, and welcome back to a new, a blonde hair.

This is so fun and so fresh.

James Charles honestly love how it turned out.

James Charles really did not think this is actually going to look good, but I’m freaking obsessed.

James Charles think James Charles look beautiful.

James Charles look really tan, James Charles feel like James Charles look like I’m about to have just more fun than everybody else and I’m kind of down.

James Charles think my hair was definitely due for a major change.

I’ve had it the same at brown like swooped up a new hairstyle for the prospect almost three years now, so this was so much fun to do yeah.

James Charles believe early hope you guys enjoy this video today James Charles bleached my own hair and how to the help should James Charles also clarify some really amazing friends.

Thank you to my friend Haynes news.

Thank you to my friend Dustin for helping me with this process and making it look beautiful.

If James Charles had her do this actually, just myself, James Charles would probably have burned my head off, although we got very close last night, my for eyeball, I’m really looking forward to hearing what you sisters have to say about it in the comments and do you like It do you hate it, James Charles personally really like it, but I’m not sure how long I’m gonna stay like this.

James Charles will say, though, since blonde is really hard to like take care of and maintain it probably won’t last as blonde for very long.

So when it’s not blonde almost leaving a comment, let me know what color James Charles should dye it, because why not kind of sounds fun kind of sounds fresh and let’s just go on like a little bit of a a midlife crisis, hair journey together, all the big Send you guys, James Charles think that is everything that James Charles have for today’s video.

James Charles literally had to cancel a dinner meeting last night and I’m about to be running late for a photo shoot right now with my new blonde hair.

This hair is already taking up too much of my time, but it was definitely worth it if you guys know the video setting, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below.

It really means so much to me and also, if you’ve not already made sure to click that big red subscribe button and come join it.

This sister head we’re about to hit 16 million subscribers again I’d love to have you join to the family, also as well make sure you click that Bell icon, so you can get notified every time.

James Charles upload a brand new it video.

If you like to follow me on my makeup journey can follow me on Instagram or Twitter and twitch or I’ll just James, Charles and my snapchat, for behind the two times James Charles miss James, Charles, the next dress after Charles this video is sister shadow goes to its Sister James Van account 19.

Thank You sellers club for always falling in supporting you.

James Charles love you literally it’s so much and if you like to be the next videos, a sister shadows, don’t forget to always retweet my beliefs may go live on Twitter and all sorts on my YouTube post notifications already guys.

James Charles love you so much and James Charles will see you in at the next one: [Music,]


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