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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube I Bought A FAKE James Charles Palette

I Bought A FAKE James Charles Palette

HI SISTERS! Counterfeit makeup has always been a dangerous problem in the beauty industry. I’ve tested out fake makeup on my channel before, but now that I’ve released my own palette, people are trying to scam. Watch as I try out a FAKE James Charles palette and compare it to the real deal. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

Hi sisters, James Charlton, welcome back to my youtube channel.

Oh my god, you guys for today’s new video.

I am annoyed but also concerned and also slightly excited too, because I know this movies gon na be a little bit shady.

I knew this was going to happen, but I did not think it was going to be this quick Before we jumped into the video.

I do want to give you guys a quick little reminder just in case you may have forgotten and it is December.

It is the holiday season it’s time for me to give back to you guys and say thank you for everything you would do for me, and this entire month Im doing holiday, give a slaves on every single upload were halfway through the month of December, meaning a Four amazing sisters have won so far, but in case you guys did not know this.

I am giving away more VX James, Charles full PR bags inside that includes a James X, more Fiat, 434 Petes brush set and a real James Charles palette, one of the assistant’s apparel artistry logo, honey.

These are completely sold out and are never coming back.

There’s, literally only eight left in the entire world and eight of you sisters are winning them and finally, a brand new in 2018, a MacBook Air to enter.

Ladies, you must be following me on all social media platforms, so make sure you click that big red subscribe button down below and come join this sisterhood over here over eleven a million sister strong and also follow me on Instagram and Twitter theyre, both ashamed, Charles and My stop talking work behind seat sides on this James, Charles.

The next row asked after Charles also gave this video and all my other December uploads, a big fat thumbs up until your sister loves and supports Ill.

Also, finally, not least leave any comment down below for all the official rules and regulations.

Please don’t forget to read the description box down below, so I don’t get a sister suit, and so you guys know all the correct information and how you can win one of these eight holidays.

Those circular slays, like I said for amazing sisters, have already been chosen and there are still four more included on this video right now.

So good luck, you guys!

Thank you so much for all the love and support and without further ado let’s dive into today is a brand new video.

So when I was talking about the PR box a few seconds ago, you guys just heard me say that it was a real James chance for people now.

Why would that matter?

You’re wondering well because some very shady people and companies out there have decided that, since the James Charles acts, Murphy palette and sisters sold out worldwide and is by far the most sought after makeup line on this holiday season and Ulta and morphic cant.

Keep it in stock that they would try to keep it in stock and make their own to try to cash in the sales.

Absolutely not sense of how I first sold out a few weeks ago, I’ve been getting tweets and screenshots literally every single day from you guys, Ive, either fake website, saying they’re selling the palette and running ads all over Facebook on all of our social media of people.

Listing their palette on eBay for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, which is so ridiculous, also people that are literally emailing you sisters on YouTube comments, saying that they have Amazon gift cards and different palettes for you guys to win.

It is so ridiculous.

Editors may be so incredibly furious that there are actually people out there that are trying to take advantage of you guys.

Please please, please do not fall for anything.

The only places where you guys can buy the palette or a more calm and Ulta calm, and I will always tell you guys when there’s a restock coming the more of you.

Legal team and my legal team have been working together very very closely recently to make sure that this is taken.

Care of and they’ve been sending cease and desist after cease and desist of all these online listings. Your production has stopped immediately and all the listings are taken down.

It is so disrespectful that these people want to stop my name and face and hard work on a god knows whatever product.

This is to try to sell it for a few extra dollars.

So for today’s video, I thought if these guys are trying to scam you and get you to order their pallets.

That is exactly what I would do now.

I’ve done a video like this on my channel a few years ago, when I tested out fake makeup and to do this, I had it over to Santee alley.

Santee alley is a very famous and iconic Street located right here in downtown Los Angeles, who triggered where they basically sell everything you possibly imagine well, there be a trendy offwhite belt, the newest Lima time by a pair of 10000 YSL diamond heels by and by the Way, I think, or whatever beauty collaboration had just launched, you could definitely find it in the streets of Santee alley.

Well at least something close to it.

I had no idea that was gon na actually exist yet because obviously pellets just launched a few weeks ago.

So I had it over to Santee alley to see if anybody had a fake Jacob Charles X Murphy palette.

I tried my hardest to film on the DL, because they’re very, very strict about their after searching every Street and talking to every single makeup vendor in Santee alley for over two hours, literally on my way out, there was last and that I happened to mess, and I was losing it all, but I wanted to at least give it a shot.

So I said hello and he said hola and I said: tiene la pelea de chambre, James, Charles X, Murphy and he said see, youll, think of such a low dose and I said cuánto cuesta and he said Fanta tolerates that.

I said Tommy Lowe and finally, after a very very long day and also an equally as long video intro.

We are back home with this.

The James Charles acts, morphe palette for today’s video, were going to be testing out and comparing these babies right here, the real version and the fake person.

I literally have not even opened this up yet.

I wanted to save my first impression on camera, but we’re gon na be watching them looking at the colors of the rotation and the shade names, the actual sizes of palette, which already are literally it not the same and I’m gon na try to put them on My eyes as well, hopefully I don’t get an eye infection or get hurt.

We have no idea where these palettes are being produced and their venom, Soleil reports and stories of the most repulsive ingredients going into fake makeup, such as literal rot feces in your health news.

This afternoon, makeup buyers: beware!

Sometimes, when you spot a good deal on knockoff brands, it really is too good to be true.

The Los Angeles police say they have confiscated counterfeit makeup that tested positive for high levels of bacteria and also get this animal waste.

I am doing this at my own risk, so please do not try this at home.

I wanted to do this video today to show you guys the dangers of thick makeup and also to address the scams, so you guys can be smart and not make any bad purchases, but also to see if a knockoff can compare to literally the best makeup palette.

On the marketplace right now, so that further new – I already have my face on let’s – jump into the video Music.

Alright guys let’s just jump right into this.

I have been dying to open this up all wording blog and see what the heck is inside.

Oh, my god, so, first of all the packaging is clearly not the same as my head. It is like 800 percent bigger on this, and also this skin tone situation.

We really don’t love a sister’s candle, so I’m gon na need them to fix that immediately. It’s a darker packaging and also as well, it’s literally like an inch smaller and to me.

I have a feeling that we might open this up and it’ll be a 35 color palette, as opposed to a 39 color palette, so I dont know whats gon na begin here.

Looking at the back of the boxes, the note and signatures are exactly the same except there’s, a few typos in the fake version.

For some reason, the H and Charles is capital and morphe brushes is spelled wrong.

Let’s look at the ingredients on the back of my palette there’s, a huge detailed paragraph of all the different shades, the different formulas at the different ingredients in the pressed pigment or the regular shadows on the back of this palette.

There are not, but the shade names on this are safe.

Word, charm, dominatrix, military, fetish, androgyny poison and swallow now.

I don’t know about you guys, but those names definitely are not in the James, Charles ex Murphy palette, but I’ll tell you what palette they are in.

The jeffree star, cosmetics, androgyny palette, I’m really not sure how people still are headed to mix Jeffrey, and I on we look nothing alike and are both incredibly hardworking and have our own things going on.

But at this point I think I need to open this up.

You guys I’ve been waiting for way too long and I just need to see whats inside.

Oh, I think it still looks like my palette here.

The real one here is the fake one.

I just need to open this up.

I don’t know why I’m so scared.

Oh, my god, okay, oh wow!

Well, first, all this plastic has literally nothing on it, so that’s looking at these two problems back to each other.

A lot of these shapes are completely wrong, like literally, if there’s fabulous chains left and right those colors that are wrong, but from afar definitely my palate unleashes your inner, honest, more like unleash my inner lawsuit.

Before I jump in and start playing, I think I want to do a few swatches.

We have my ring light.

Oh my and the other ring light.

Okay gross.

We have you’re kidding and you’re kidding.

This is a little orange.

Okay, we have spooky and spooky oh wow.

That’s odd, we have a social blade and social blade, literally, not even the same formula.

Okay, we have a playground and playground you and last I want to escape.

This is a hard one to escape.

Oh God, look just looking at these two on the finger.

You can already tell we have escaped and escaped oh, so sad, okay, I’m gon na go ahead and take this off my arm and so far so good.

My skin is not reacting in any sort of way.

Thank God.

I’m gon na put on an eye primer.

So you put these shadows to the true test, all right, so I just went ahead at night zoom.

Do you guys add it to do these?

I look so you guys can really see the full details of what’s going on.

I have no idea what is about to happen on my eyelids, but hopefully nothing that bad.

I do have a holiday parties to go to after filming this video, so I think I definitely wan na do like a kind of red, a smoky cranberry moment on the eyes, but I was gon na go ahead and play and see what we can come up With Im, first underground they’re, real you’re kidding on em four five: six and put this shade right into the crease, using a tapping motions for maximum pigmentation and then with a clean, em, four five, six gon na dip into the same shade.

On the other side, do the same exact thing, Pat this right on corner and top it into the crease Wow alright.

So I have no idea what’s going on in this outer corner.

There are certain areas where the shadow just is not grabbing and there’s.

Also, this really really strange, like line right here, I’m gon na try to tap on some more pigment, see if that all fixes it.

The pigmentation is also just not really.

There I’ve had a layer that’s up many times and does not look good.

Okay, with an emperor 33 brush I’m gon na dip into the shader code, James and I’m gon na place this right above thought, you’re kidding and you set to buff out the edge a little bit.

To be honest with you, I dont think Ive actually used these two colors together yet, but that’s literally the perfect transition shade.

Oh, my gosh grab me a cleanup 433 Im gon na dip into the same shade in the knockoff palette and use this to blend out this other edge.

Oh, my god, I’m really having to blend this so hard to even get the shadows to show up. What is this line like dude?


Maybe if I try to put back the youre kidding, overtop at Alltech, so just gon na pop this in there?

Okay, that definitely fixed it a little bit.

I definitely want to deep fry this crease, so I’m gon na grab an avid four five six and dip into a boutique, the dark, matte cranberry, red and layered this over top and put it in the outer area.

All this color is so pretty and then blending it out with that same brush that we had at your kidding on so on this side, Im gon na go another M four or five six and dip into the same shade in this side boutique.

But before I even put this on, this is my boutique, and this is this boutique, so I am gon na have two different eyes.

Looks it’s very clear were playing a little bit of a game of one of these things is not like the other doing.

The same thing packing the shade right into the crease, just even doing anything hello, whatever I’m four three three back into the fake you’re kidding, I’m gon na see, if that blends anything out a little bit.

There’s two different looks here.

I really know what to do.

I can’t go to a party looking like this.

Are you literally kidding me, the pigmentation, isn’t bad and the fake palate, but it’s just not the same.

Colors, I think, are like the real issue here.

This is clearly a lot more dark and smoky and cranberry, whereas we just layer it on three colors and it all looks like the same exact shade of bright orange next under grabbin, em, 506 and dip into the shade and Benny and Maya palette, which is kind Of like the dark, eggplant e color and pop this right in this outer V and really darken this up literally love the shade gon na bring the X that’s right into the crease as well.

Oh, yes, that’s it!

So pretty!

Oh well!

Oh my god!

Another NY!

Bow sex is dipping into the shade Benny.

I can already tell that this one is not nearly as good as a dog here.

My opinion here is a fake one.

Basing this right in this outer V once again topping the shade on there that’s ad, oh my gosh.

Okay let’s add on a lot more watts.

So weird is that the shadow is actually going on and blending nicely and some spots, but it’s clinging and wont blend it all in others like Ive.

Never seen this happen before what’s going on shadow will not stick right.

There at all my neck step is gon na, be to cut the crease, so we’re gon na.

Do that I’m gon na cut the crease using a tab 2 to 4 brush and a little bit of concealer alright.

So now that the creases are all caught, I want to go in and I want to layer on some metallic shades there for a nice pop of festive color, Im gon na.

Have it one two four brush and dip it to the shade shucks, which is the cranberry metallic red and Im gon na pack?

This shade right on the middle of the lid?

Oh, my god, I’m so pretty.

I don’t know why I actually haven’t done a cranberry red eye.

Look yet with the palette.

I literally have just not had time, but this looks so gorgeous gon na use it and blend it into the dark cranberry shade over here as well, for a smooth transition clean brush up in a grab Chuck once again from the fake palette.

I don’t gon na place this in the same exact spot on the fake side, wow thats, underwhelming.

Okay, then, I really take my brush into here talking this right onto the lid okay, I’m gon na use this to blend out that outer edge as well and then, finally, just to brighten everything up a little bit in the inner corner.

I’m gon na grab it.

Another M at 12 for this one is clean and dip it to a mix of the shades literally and also a little bit of a sister gon na talk that little concoction right in the inner corner and blending it into shucks.

Oh that is so pretty.

Oh my gosh, so for the other eye at once again doc I mean that 1 to 4 brush Im gon na do litter sister.

What got you here literally is a matte shade in this palette, so not really sure how this is gon na work out.

Well, you know we’re gon na, do it?

Okay, since I do a party to go to after this – and I don’t want to look disgusting Im, just gon na grab a sister, because at least it’s a metallic shade and I’m gon na pop that in here here’s.

What we have for the real palette is so far really beautiful and here.

What we have for the thin palette is so far, not horrible, but definitely not comparable in any way shape or form to the original start over.

The lower lash line just grabbing you’re kidding on an am a four five six brush and tucking this right under here and blending it into the outer edge same thing.

On the other side, please one, oh my god, back to the other eye, dropping a little bit of boutique on a tiny pencil brush and using this to deepen up the lash line, packing the shade right on there and same thing on the other eye.

Once again, where is this color, like it blends on to nothing so that’s?

The eye?

Look all complete, I guess I’m gon na, add mascara and lashes off camera in just a second, but I want to go ahead and finish out the face using a few other shades from the palette like I normally do before.

I give my final thoughts, although you guys can probably already guess what they are.

Like always gon na give my face a light.

Spritz of the more V prep and set settings right to prep for highlighter again we’re gon na, add a 501 brush and dipping into a face in my palette a little bit above the brow bone as always gon na tuck a little bit of that right below The brow as well clean, em, 501 and dipping into the shade and face I’m already a little bit scared, because the shame is a lot darker than the one in my palette.

But let’s see how this works.

No, no absol giving not only isn’t nearly as close as blinding to the other side, but it’s also way too dark.

Just like I thought, as you can see, when I look forward, you can literally see dark orange right there, where, as on the side, nothing just kintama BAM at last.

So finally, not least, you guys know my all time favorite trick with the palette robbing a blush brush.

This is the e4 and to begin to the shade, and literally the metallic bright pink that we have right on that lid and using this to mix together the I am loved stones for a beautiful pop of pink, so pretty and then finally, another 84 brush and To begin to, you literally must be laughing.

Oh my little.

I don’t even want to do this.

So now you want to be pigmented.

No, no, absolutely not of all the times.

This palette had an opportunity to be pigmented.

It chooses right now.


Are you literally kidding all right sisters, I’m gon na go pop on some lashes and the lip to finish off this look and I’ll be right back.

Alright, you guys, I just popped on some lashes.

These are the Lily lashes in the style.

So extra Miami has talked a little bit of glitter liner in the crease just to distract from the bad shopping going on on this side and also pops out and Kylie liquid lipstick in the shade or not pout.

To finish up this cranberry smoky clam.

All right.

You guys – and I think this is the final, oh, they think now nobody has the same message ever and in white.

The real car literally does not even have that.

I am just realizing this right now.

As I was saying, I think that is this real person, fake makeup challenge all complete.

Using my pallets look at the two different sides of my face.

There is definitely a major difference in how the look turned out.

I said in the beginning of the video that I really wanted to eat deep cranberry, smoky glam but perfect for a holiday party, and I was definitely able to achieve that.

The less that my face using the real palette, you’re kidding, coach Apes and boutique blended so beautifully in the crease, and shook literally and sister, with a pop of glitter liner, overtop, blended so beautifully on the lid for a really amazing transition.

Now, on the other side of my face, I will say that the shadows were horrible.

They definitely had a some sort of pigmentation to them, but, as you can tell, I definitely did not get a cranberry smokey eye, and this is way more orange tone and the deep shades just really did not get as deep as I wanted them to be, and They were extremely hard to blend.

There is still a major patchy area in this outside edge and whenever I tried up on a metallic sheen over in this outer corner, the shadow literally disappeared regard to the actual swatches that you guys saw in the beginning, and these colors definitely do swatch.

But nowhere near as beautifully as the colors and the original pilot do so.

Many of these are just super super talking about how like no pigmentation to him, it’s honestly, just like mmm can’t relate, I mean I feel like at this point.

The winner of this competition goes without saying it’s pretty obvious.

I may have a little bit of a personal bias here, but I am definitely going to declare my original palette, the victor Santee alley sweetie.

I am so so sorry, but it just does not compare in any way shape or form, and normally, I would say it’s the thought that counts, but myself and the morphe team put in over a year of work time, love and thought into this palette and The thought is counting in sales.

Like I said in the beginning of this video, you guys, I am so incredibly grateful for all your love and support with the launch of my palette.

I cannot believe that it is sold out time and time and time again.

I promise you, though it is a permanent item and it will keep coming back if you guys have not yet been able to get your hands on it.

Please be patient and I beg of you please please please, please do not fall for any of these scams or fake listings about the palette.

Although it may look very very similar, you were just not getting the same: color payoff and pigmentation, the blend ability, and God knows what ingredients went into these like I said there have been so many horrible articles and findings of the most disgusting things in these doctory.

So it is so horrible that people are taking advantage of you guys.

I do not want your sisters, hard earned money going to God knows whoever’s producing these palettes and even more importantly, I really really do not want you guys to get hurt.

Please keep in mind the only place that palette will ever be available as that ultimate a location in a line or barfi source and online or any other approved morphe retailers that is it and any launches.

You guys will hear directly from me so make sure you follow me, make sure you have your post notifications on if you guys want to grab the palette, be sister spark how about being said.

It has been a very very long day, and I think that that is all I have for this brand new video.

Thank you guys, so so so much for watching.

I really hope you enjoyed and learned a little bit more about the world of fake makeup and how to avoid it.

Getting a sister scammed – and I also hope you enjoyed watching me – create this beautiful cranberry smokey eye on this side and watch me struggle on this side and you did enjoy it.

Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below, enjoy your sisters, support and love.

It means so much to me and also hit that big subscribe button and come join with his sister, her beer, over 11 million sisters song, and I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of you guys out there and also click that Bell icon.

So you can get a notification every time I upload a brand new video.

If you like to follow me on Im a custard, you can follow me I’ll answer your Twitter they are, both so James, Charles myself, have more behind the scene.

Things have a junior starlet, an extra.

I asked Dr Charles about this video.

I went to my sister Paulina.

Thank you!

So much love for always falling at the supporting oil of Olivia.

So so so much and if you like, weed the next videos, sister shadow dont, forget to always reach view my video lakes, when they go, live on Twitter, alright, sisters.

Thank you.

So much for watching this video don’t forget to enter my sister holiday.

Give a slice you can win a real James transporting palette and a ton of other prizes.

I love you so much and I will see you in the next one: bye, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music,

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