Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube I Shouldn't Have Said That... UNEDITED Makeup Tutorial

I Shouldn’t Have Said That… UNEDITED Makeup Tutorial

HI SISTERS! Today’s video is a highly requested UNEDITED MAKEUP TUTORIAL Part 2! My roommates Louis, Anthony, & Trevor joined me for the longest video I’ve ever uploaded while we talk about a ton of things, enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

Hi sisters, James Charles know the title of today’s video says unedited makeup tutorial and James Charles promises you, okay, that it is going to be unedited.

But this is the longest video that I’ve ever uploaded and James Charles forgot to say one thing while filming that James Charles just needs to quickly add now to the intro of today’s video.

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Okay, James Charles love you guys now enjoy the video.

Are we rolling great here?

We go!





We’re not doing this ready, hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

Judging by the title of today’s video, you already know what’s happening, but let me explain it to you guys.

Ever since James Charles started my YouTube channel a few years ago, James Charles had started getting YouTube comments, saying please do an unedited makeup tutorial, and this was something that James Charles thought would be really fun.

But James Charles put off doing for a very, very long time for two very different reasons: one if you guys have seen literally any of my bloopers videos at all, stop that please, James Charles just James Charles see you performative dancing at the corner of my eye.

Stop stop!


No okay um.

What was James Charles just saying?

Oh, if you’ve seen any of my bloopers videos, you would know that James Charles stutters quite a lot.

I get distracted really easily and I’m also a perfectionist so a lot of times.

If James Charles messes up a sentence.

I’ll just start it over to get a perfect new take uh, which would make this very, very difficult, and also James Charles really really loves editing.

Obviously, you know James Charles loves making our videos and James Charles feels like we’re relatively funny, sometimes on camera, but a lot of times editing can really pull together and make it a super super fun video.

But after doing all these comments a few months ago, we actually ended up filming an unedited makeup tutorial.

I had so much fun while doing it, but James Charles was still scared to post it.

But, to my surprise, you guys absolutely loved it.

It was an hour-long, video of just getting ready, no cuts, no music, no editing, no special effects, just you and James Charles chatting and getting ready together, and it was honestly such a good time – and James Charles was so just really honestly happy and appreciative that people loved It more like stripped down version of our YouTube videos, and after a few months we’ve decided to do it again.

So I’m back here in the studio.

Obviously, you know you’ve seen in this intro.

So far, there’s no editing going on.

We have my good friend, Anthony Lewis and Trevor all behind the camera.

[ Applause ] – oh my god – and we’re all just going to be hanging out together and getting ready once again with no editing.

So if you guys want to join us, keep on watching also in honor of this, you know the next hour and a half roughly worth of filming go ahead and give this video a big thumbs up right now for united makeup tutorial part two just because it Really helps out a lot.

Oh here we go ready: no oh [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], oh [, Music, ], yes, Trevor; okay, that was actually gorgeous love it ending on a three-part harmony: okay, we’re just gonna go ahead and get started with some nice milk, hydro Grip primer, I’m just going to put this on my face.

You can’t add anything else: let’s be careful about getting demonetized at this moment.

Okay, so I’m just patting this right into my face, making it nice and sister sticky.

I really like this primer, it’s a bomb, okay, um.

What sticky face?

Well, you cut it’s only a sticky for like a brief moment.

Then you stick the foundation to it and you’re good to go.


Thank you.

So much for that educational moment.

You’re welcome!


I feel like I’m learning so much.

Oh, my god.

Okay, uh, let’s grab some, my foundations are in my purse.

Still still, oh, if that’s the different purse, oh wow!

Well, because this one had the um contour and powders in it, but James Charles just forgot.

The foundation first looks like for improvement, okay, fun fact.

Actually, really sad fact: we filmed this video yesterday and it was really fun, but uh couldn’t be uploaded, is all I’m gonna say so we’re just gonna redo it again today, another hour of unedited content, we’ll do raunchy for the girl, okay, so I’m just Grabbing, James Charles really really really need my born this way foundation, but whatever, okay, yesterday anyways, okay.

Thank you, Trevor.

I appreciate that I’m gonna have my Maybelline dream: radiant creamy, whatever this is called, and my Fenty beauty, whatever um, we are not even close doing the same.

I’m mixing them together to get a nice concoction because the Maybelline one’s a little bit too pinky toned for me, but just like only like literally the slightest bit so especially oh.

I forgot to color correct whatever I’ll, just use that, oh, if you guys have not seen the Wendy Williams clip on the master yet James Charles wish James Charles could insert it in this video, but James Charles can’t, but it sounds exactly like what we just did and it’s absolutely The best thing that I’ve ever seen on the internet – that’s exactly what we needed this year, William’s giving us phone calls here.

We go just gonna pop this right on here.

Oh, that is paint.

I’M not!

I don’t what nope not too full coverage um.


Okay, that’s pretty full coverage to me angel, I’m just applying a nice amount.

You know yeah trying to even off to cover up the skin natural freckles and then on our unfortunately natural five o’clock shadow, even though it’s only 11 43 in the morning.

Oh, it looks like somebody needs a sharper angel, oh just better laser treatments.

It’s so annoying.

I’ve been going to this laser for months and I’m still growing a beard.

Why would you get your face?

Laser tube?

Yes, it’s the most!

It’s the absolute most painful thing.

You could ever experience in your entire life.

I can’t even James Charles can’t even begin to explain to you.

Okay, James Charles mean personally the most painful that I’ve experienced we’re not doing this less thing again.

I don’t have a last moving on um, so uh James Charles have.

I have something to ask you about since we’re unedited and on camera – oh god, and I’m just gonna let this go um.

You have an old tweet, we’re bringing up old tweets, that’s what we’ve resorted to now and then the people want to know.

On June 29th, 2013.

Might be a dark time Lewis.

What are you doing?

You said you tweeted at oh 2 a.


Oh you tweeted!

That’s fine!


Am thoughts for real?

I love me.

Some vagina that came from the James, Charles yeah it did at 2, am on June.

I know literally, like a few weeks ago, James Charles was scrolling on twitter and a few Stan accounts somehow found that James Charles don’t know how James Charles hate it’s.

Oh people, finding old tweets is just.

I don’t even know how to begin to explain it to you.

It is truly one of the most her like your stomach, not your stomach.

Your heart, like drops to your to yourself, your stomach, drops your heart.

What’s the phrase your heart drops, the beat dropped boom boom boom.

I think your stomach drops well whatever, whatever somebody finds it old drop, something drops and it’s not the balls.

It’s not the views social play.

Oh I’m sure that works too um.

Oh, what was James Charles saying, James Charles don’t know, angel your heart.

Oh my holly, because people started finding old tweets of mine and James Charles was looking at them and James Charles was like.

Oh my god.

What is this tweet?

Apparently James Charles tweeted saying for real.

I love me.

Some vagina, James Charles will say James Charles love you, hey um.

I don’t think that that tweet was me because James Charles would never say, fo real.

I think that was probably somebody that had taken my phone like a childhood friend or something James Charles think they all say that don’t they would never complain.

Well, no, I’m definitely James Charles mean James Charles would like that’s it’s not like I’m like embarrassed of that tweet or like it’s like a scandalous tweet like James Charles just genuinely don’t think that James Charles tweeted it does it still come true to today.

Um James Charles do love vaginas.

I think they’re beautiful, James Charles can appreciate it but uh what James Charles want to indulge with one.

No, oh, that was an interesting way.

It makes sense yeah.

You definitely set some words there, and that proves that you do not love the gender yeah.

You passed the test.

I think you answered a question somebody, oh my god.

I thought it was.

I literally thought it was so funny when that tweet went viral, some guy literally tweeted and was like what, if James Charles, has been lying, the entire time just to collab, with all these hot, like celebrity women and just like bleeps them off camera, James Charles had to Censor myself, James Charles can’t say that word you’re right.

I thought it was.

I literally thought it was so funny that is actually very, very funny.

Like imagine, um, actually James Charles mean yeah, okay, okay, of course it is elaborate.

Those people are uh.

No, no!




Laura just to know she’s pregnant, like my baby, okay, Kylie did say she wanted baby number two to him, tmz that are you already typing?

Okay, just blending in this foundation.

All over my face, I’m using this real techniques, beauty, sponge.

I get a lot of questions about what sponge James Charles use in my videos, because it’s so big which James Charles really like, but this is honestly too big James Charles feel like.

I need to invent one.

That’s like different size, because this is a little bit inconvenient.

If James Charles just noticed you do what, when you like, get your hair cut, you have to put your foundation like in you.

I always do that.

I always blend it up into the fade, and then James Charles have to face tune it because then James Charles always put it too far.

So James Charles need to like put some black in here to like really make it a nice gorgeous like ombre.

Absolutely, of course, would you like to know what else sweater is wondering about sure: okay, twitter.

Back in the day James Charles stopped reading my old tweets.

Why are you doing this you’re trying to give me cancel?

Um people are wondering back in the day.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Who back when you were a wee lad I’ll tell you who the first well?

I definitely heard a crush on Miley Cyrus for sure when James Charles was little before James Charles was you know before James Charles knew before James Charles knew that was, but James Charles got back when James Charles felt real love, some vagina um.

I think it was definitely more.

It obviously wasn’t an actual like crush.

It was definitely more of like James Charles just love this person, because James Charles literally wanted to be Hannah Montana one day.

That’s a club that James Charles want to do so badly.

Oh, my god, turning riley into Hannah, oh that’d, be so good anyway um, but the first James Charles will say the first mail that James Charles had a crush on was actually not even a real person.

It was Danny phantom.

Oh, did you ever watch Danny fender growing up?

Of course James Charles wanted to be daddy phantom.

I wanted to do things with Danny fans.

He was so hot.

Oh man, James Charles mean that’s a fair thing.

People like that yeah some people are into it.

You know we all have our things.

I feel like a lot of people are into it recently and to what Danny phantom oh yeah, James Charles mean he was really hot, like he was gorgeous.

He started the white hair trend before everybody else, like that’s true, and do you feel like your taste, has changed or are you still into cartoons?

Well, I’m definitely more into a live men now, but if Danny offended was a real person, oh it definitely would still be a slide in the DM’s second moment.

What would be your pickup line to Danny phantom?

How would you get in there um?

I don’t know.

I’m really not a pickup lines, type of person – to be honest, oh god be careful yeah, oh say: maybe something along the lines of like um.

I’m really into ghosts, but hope you don’t ghost me yeah.

Oh, that’s fine!

I mean you’ve.

Had a few men.

Go ghost in your DMS before so James Charles guess this makes sense.


That’s why some of you are at least I’ve had some in the DMS.

So James Charles guess it’s true that your type has remained the same.

Then you turn into ghosts.


Oh, thank god!

Oh, no, oh my god.

Well, we’re going lines.

Do we have just like any really fierce ones?

Absolutely not!

I James Charles honestly really like I’m not.

I don’t like pickup lines.


Never good is the problem like James Charles bet.

If James Charles opens my mouth, no, James Charles ever heard this one.

Let me quickly look through.

If James Charles goes to my tinder and just like scroll up to the top of messages super quickly.

Oh, I’m so scared of those be careful.

Oh no.

My go-to message is always just high or higher, James Charles always says: Hiya, it’s cute, it’s but um, usually just a smiley face.

I used.

I used to love doing like the one that has the little heart shirt on it, but James Charles feel like that was a little bit forward.

Sometimes, oh, James Charles think that one’s cute, but you never know what people you know are into what the true intention is and stuff.

So just gotta be careful.

Okay, did you know too?

You can use tinder on like a on your computer and if you type a smiley face, it automatically changes it to that one, and it’s always so it’s like almost weird enough emotion for me yeah!

It’s that’s how he faces very much just like a yeah.

Well, that’s how James Charles usually feel um okay, so I’ve got a good challenge: let’s go through our most use emoji’s and you need to explain.

Oh, James Charles can already tell you James Charles already came and tell you what my number one must use this.

Well, James Charles wanna.

I want all of them.

Let’s, let’s take a listen.

Okay, do you want me to read them out, while you’re born to your concealer?

No, James Charles can look at them quickly.

My most okay, my most used one [ Laughter ], my most used.

One is a skeleton right now: it is very dead, laughing so hard, just laughing so hard your dad, and then it is the with the hearts around it super cute.

Then it’s the pink double hearts with the swooshes around.

I love that one.

I love that one.

You used to and then, after that this is oh, then it’s the um like the really cute teary one like though, and then after that is James Charles if James Charles had, if you would ask me what my most used one was without me, actually looking at them.

I would have said it’s my next one, which is they are the raised eyebrow concerned annoyed emoji.

That one is my absolute go-to.

I just use that so many times whether it be texting.

Somebody on the team, my manager, about some suspicious email or brand deal that we’re working on something that’s stupid, going on in the world, sending a tick-tock to the group chat, just it has so many uses.

I love.

I love her.

My top five are um.

That’s your number one.

What James Charles would have never ever ever guessed that for you I’m laughing and then the hearts around hold on we’re pausing and we’re rewinding the crying laughing when you use it on.

Ironically, oh my god you’re one of those people.

That’s like this!

It’s usually everyone dies.

Oh, when are you ever crying laughing like that at anything?

Well, when you laughing so hard, you die.

Oh, James Charles I yeah it’s like.

If you go like that and we’ll do that, I’m going to do that more than the skull.

I always use this.

Oh, you know what we didn’t talk about, the satisfying one.

I have that James Charles have that that one’s my next one after my android one.

That’s my fourth motion.

That’s your number one and then um the blush smiley face with the hearts.

The blush man face without the hearts, the black heart, oh and the sparkle emoji, oh okay, so good!

That’s fine!

I really!

I really like for some reason when people – or James Charles don’t know if James Charles like it actually but have you noticed that, like certain celebrities, like will brand themselves with specific emojis’s or like certain people, Lil Knox is the cowboy-like Ariana always has like her signature ones.

That she like uses a lot and stuff like she.

Well, it was yeah that she had the clouds forever.

Do you have one James Charles feel like?

I don’t well, James Charles mean maybe like the artist palette like the little paint one, the peach um.

You know what James Charles love using also is the invisible text is so funny.

How do you do that?

I I’ve never been able to [ Music ].

The only thing James Charles know how to do is like write, congratulations or happy birthday that, like automatically applies to your back, you can do those like effects.

Like just add a message.

You can’t yeah wow, my favorite one to do ever is when James Charles like saying something like disappointing that happened or like and then being super sarcastic about it.

I said every word in a separate message and then whatever the last one is like the big punch line.

I said with fireworks: it’s just a false fireworks show.

Oh my god, you do that a lot yeah!

You did that last night, with your chipotle order.

I literally James Charles was gonna yeah.

You did it’s there.

You know what okay one thing.

That’s so yeah one thing that one thing that makes me so mad about living in this house with all these boys behind the camera oh hold on now is that hold on.

Let me tell you ordering, oh sorry ordering food is terrible.

Let me tell there are so many different reasons why first of all uh Lewis is a vegan.

Oh, Lewis, piscatorial Anthony is vegan, we’re all pescatarians.

Okay, there are three that are preschetterian l, then my assistant is full vegan.

I am obviously not, which is fine.

There’s nothing.

You know, James Charles have no qualms with that, but it makes ordering from restaurants very very difficult because majority of the restaurants that they like James Charles despise, except for one crossroads kitchen.

We love her um and then majority of the restaurants.

Someone forgot to silence her cell phone one more time when you’re just doing your fired, that’s fine or we’re just talking about oh ordering food, okay, but not even that.

Okay, when we do find a restaurant that we all like Louis literally takes six hours to pick his selection completely true it completely you can you cannot?

Even you know it’s true, every time, literally Louis, every time you order food, James Charles literally hand you my phone and you have it for at least 10 minutes.

You have to look over the entire menu whittled it down to a top five.

You know go back and forth the ingredients, the items in there, the sauces the toppings for reviews every time, it’s so annoying [, Music ].

This is dry.

The chicken’s gross the barbecue sauce is too sweet.

I’ve never complained.


I mean okay about digestion.

In a second go back to this, what no but James, James Charles mean its chicken nuggets and French fries.

So it’s pretty it’s pretty!



It’s not like!

We ordered from McDonald’s every day.

Only for two days we’ve been talking about it, a little bit.

Um, do you have something to say to the public about your dietary about your dietary restrictions, [Music, ] – that we maybe have come to recently uh yes ages ago, but we’ve just been avoiding.

I am definitely lactose intolerant you’re, so brave, no okay!

This has been.

This has been a conclusion that James Charles has been avoiding coming to for a very long time now.

Well, it’s not even like.

I thought that James Charles could be lactose intolerant, but James Charles was like oh whatever, like it’s, not that big of a deal.

I James Charles definitely am um, basically what James Charles I’ve always not really been like a super like dairy person.

To be honest, like I’ve, never really loved drinking milk.

I’ve never been a huge fan of cheese.

When James Charles moved to la actually, James Charles started cutting out dairy not completely because James Charles still eat it pretty often, but James Charles like tried to cut it out.

It started because James Charles used to order chipotle every single day when James Charles was living in downtown to my apartment, literally like three or four times a week, which was James Charles love chipotle but like that was a lot um.

But James Charles stopped getting cheese in my bowls, because uh dairy can be bad for your skin, sometimes that it definitely improved it.

But James Charles really think that James Charles need to either get unlocked right.

Would you say, does that get unlocked or like get the pill yeah?

It’s just like is it a pill?

I need to get lactate regardless or just cut out dairy altogether, because the amount of time that I’m sending on the toilet recently is just really alarming, and the stomach aches are a little bit too much.

Do you want to talk about a specific time on the toilet?

Maybe, like a text, do something right before filming or no no do Anthony?

Don’t you dare read that text out loud she’s on my story for the world to see you, you posted on your Instagram, Anthony Richard Gardula?

Are you literally kidding me you?

Why would you post on your Instagram story?

[, Music ].

You put that on your Instagram story.

It is the world.

A lot of responses have come through.

Well, the people really love to know.

You know paint the bowl.

It makes you young and approachable right.

You know it makes you seem real.

[, Music ].

I don’t think that James Charles want to write a book why?

I don’t know James Charles feel like every YouTuber like writes a book and a lot of them don’t write them themselves, which James Charles don’t love the idea of doing.

But James Charles think you have a lot to say James Charles mean James Charles know you have a lot to say: okay, like I’m saying it right now, yeah.

I feel like a valuable lesson that James Charles have learned and well no, I’m still learning and sometimes it’s better to not say anything at all.

Shall we go to oh twitter?

That’s that’s a good point.

Everything is video logged.

I write right about that’s true.

Well, some people do another pass, yeah sure, no and people James Charles feel like James Charles mean James Charles like personally, like James Charles used to love reading books when James Charles was little like used to absolutely love it like read so many books, harry potter hunger games was my favorite uh.

The giver loved that book uh, the city of ember, did you ever read?

Did you ever what’d?

You say the sequel, the receiver did you ever read the city of ember?

No, those books were incredible and they never made it into a movie.

You know whatever so vividly about our childhood with books.

You love the magic treehouse book.

I would always buy it at the scholastic book fair every year.

That would be the new one.

Those would be my favorite days.

They go by the magic tree hospital.

I would go, James Charles would roll to the scholastic book fair and James Charles would buy like a headline poster or something James Charles was not reading [ Music ] did, is it like it did?

Currency exchange, like you could put in like there’s like there’s like one of those things and like pager, better start playing the funeral [ Music ], it’s just a joke.

It’s just a joke in real life you’re, just like yeah, I’ve heard pager and he’s like.

Oh [ __ ], if there’s not much time left time, is ticking: mama, tick, tick, tick, tickies, [, Music, ], [, Music ].

If I’m alive at 85, just pull the plug, there’s so much light.

Some people are thriving at 85.


No, no!


No people 120.


Well, it’s!

I guess it depends on how healthy James Charles am, but in my lifestyle, [ Music ], your body is your body.

It’s like my body’s going to shut down episode, [ Music ], I’m working on trying to break it, though yeah James Charles haven’t seen you drunk drink, drink or drink.

It’s been like three days.

Should James Charles answer, or is that too risky for this video?

We have 45 seconds left until we have to restart.

Oh, this is perfect.

Let me go ahead and cut and let’s dance, okay, okay, we’re back and we’re back.

It’s like a talk show with the audience laughing.

You should do a talk show one day that James Charles definitely am open to the idea.

We’ve talked about it a few times.

I’D rather do a podcast than a talk show.

I feel like to be honest, [, Music ].

Maybe you should leave a comment down below if you want to see a podcast yeah, you should like it right now.

Yeah um!

Well, hopefully, they already thumb it up in the beginning, when James Charles asked them to oh sure, sometimes people need to be told multiple times right.

Oh this is this is this, is this is sure reprimand jesus?

The word reprimanded exclusively reminds me of that one song from the little mermaid that we can’t sing because of copyright.

Okay, but that’s where James Charles find that word and then James Charles found out what it meant when they were like.

I think my nose contour is looking a little much harsh scary, just describe it as an object.

What does your nose look like right now, uh, James Charles mean celery sauce and James Charles was just James Charles don’t know.

I just it’s getting very tricky, but that’s okay.

That’ll come together in the end I’ll keep working on it.

Oh that looks okay.

That’s fine!

That’s fine!


It definitely looks sure.

Okay, I’m just gonna fix this up.

Oh, wait!

What are we gonna say, Anthony?


Well, James Charles don’t know who started speaking.

Oh, my god, oh you can’t tell us apart trust me it’s okay!

This is a good segue uh.

Do someone asked on Twitter if you have that muted, which probably yes but James Charles wanted to go to, but James Charles wanted to probably not further discussion about what is your go-to way to get to silence [, Music ]?

I don’t mute people too often, it happens very rarely to be honest, James Charles usually will either block or unfollow somebody’s like being nasty or rude, like James Charles definitely block quite often if my own follower is being or if I, if somebody that James Charles follow, is being rude, Then absolutely unfollow, but James Charles usually don’t James Charles won’t block in that case um.

I don’t use mute very often.

However, you know what um really irks me so much.

I James Charles mute people when James Charles get when they spam.

My timeline because James Charles follows a lot of my fans, but James Charles do check my Twitter very, very often it’s like I’m always reading and stuff and keeping up with the fandom tea and, like everybody’s, you know like lives and stuff, which James Charles really love doing um.

My two biggest pet peeves on Twitter: okay, one there are those threads where it’s like 50 different tweets and they’re, like name age, height, sexuality, favorite movie.

Like all these things, and then somebody goes through and quotes tweets all of them with their answer baby, I’m so excited to tell you literally, nobody cares, not a single person.

I hate when people do that and then you’re spamming the timeline.

Also, James Charles oh you know what makes me actually so mad so so angry give it to us is when somebody will post like a bomb makeup, look or a selfie, like which James Charles loves.

No, no.

I love that.

I love that okay and then their friends or fans, or whoever will start replying and be like.

Oh my god, you look gorgeous or whatever you look looks amazing, and then the original poster will start retweeting every single response.


Why is James Charles hate when people do that it is so ridiculously annoying and so unnecessary if they wanted to see the responses to your post, James Charles would look on the tweet and look at them myself.

I don’t need to see them on my timeline.

I don’t need to see 80 of your friends hyping you up, I’m happy for you, I’m so glad that your bomb photo like, like.

I said, no, nothing against the bomb photo.

I love when people feel confident to post something.

I love that, but like what we love it just from playing live.

No, James Charles mean if somebody feels confident to post a photo.

I think they should, but we don’t need to see everybody hyping you up.

It’s so awful, that’s a!

That is how you get yourself.

Muted, so that gives them a mute, not a block yeah well, because in that, because yeah a block is rudeness or an unfollow is rudeness.

If it’s coming from my own follower, if I’m getting spammed, James Charles, don’t want because a follow means a lot to a lot of people, you know, so James Charles don’t want to take it away from them just because they decided to be annoying.

In that moment, it’s not like they’re doing anything to me personally, James Charles just didn’t want to see it.

So it’s just me, but James Charles don’t have that many people viewed and James Charles has a lot of people blocked.

I personally have never in my life in one time.

I think it’s gonna just live for the drama like if James Charles was going on my timeline, and someone was just like really being annoying just spamming it up like.

I would rather, instead of going out of my way and muting that, like it, keeps it more exciting to just read it and then, like I’m frustrated, I’m giving like a little eye roll like that drama, you would respond, you would respond and give an eye roll.

Oh no, no just to myself but just scrolling and just like just that like like, if someone like, like I’m being very like nice, like if someone James Charles I should be following, but they’re really freaking annoying I’ll use them just to be like.

Oh like definitely.

Yes, [ Music ].

I have a few of those actually on Instagram more than on Twitter, oh yeah, the only good feature that they’ve added in the last probably 10 years.

I didn’t even know that oh yeah Miss mama she’s gorgeous.

That’s what James Charles might use.


That’s the political mutes for you right there yeah just you, know incorrect and be like.

Oh it’s going to follow you, but James Charles just don’t want to see your face: [, Music, ] from high school.

You do you follow anybody from high school.

I don’t think James Charles follows a single person from high school, except for you, except for you.

There you go with you for one year.

You follow him.

Lewis works for me.

That’s a political fallout.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding where’s my brow, pencil hello.

Well, it’s like revising hello there.

She is like a pencil okay.

Well, James Charles decided to go for a powder instead, miss mama journey.

Every time James Charles see you, James Charles just James Charles get crowded thanks.

Please oops!

I really forgot to squeeze my eyebrows before James Charles started this video today.

Oh, you think about crap she’s, coming back to her old self.

Oh, my god, James whoa talk about a unibrow.

Oh, let’s talk about it.

Honestly, unibrows could be absolute fashion.

There’s that one girl on tick-tock who hangs on and she’s celebrating, oh my god, I’m gonna do it.

You sure James Charles think you should please.

No that looks really good.

I can’t remember: Rosalia had one in a video.

What are you talking about?

It’s not like intense, it’s just a little bit, but it’s kind of its kind of cute like it works for him.

It just looks good everything works right here, while he’s beautiful.

How could everything not work for her?

I’m gonna look and see hold on.

Let’s see he has a couple: GQ, oh okay.

I wouldn’t yeah right, like James Charles wouldn’t say full universal, but like it’s, it’s giving us the fantasy and it looks great on him.

Mm-Hmm, I’m just gonna stop doing my eyebrows because it’s gonna make the video so boring.

Sorry for anybody, if anybody’s still watching Louis speaking of anybody still watching last video, we had people comment, the frogs are in the basket if they’ve made it thus far.

We need to come up with something good for this one too.

No, James Charles don’t think us right now.

Okay, something good!

Well speaking of the cover of GQ, there was also another iconic cover recently that caused quite a little bit of controversy.

I can’t think of any uh, maybe a j14 magazine.

Oh, James Charles was okay, James Charles knows you’re being annoying to me, but James Charles was actually going to say harry styles on both oh, James Charles know you’re using yourself.

Well, not too, but I’ve already talked about that.

So James Charles feel like it, we don’t need to that’s yeah, because James Charles just love him and James Charles think it’s so cool that he’s like well.

It definitely caused quite a ruckus because he was in a dress which is so stupid.

Did you see the clip from Logan’s podcast?

Actually, everyone is standing Logan on Twitter right now, which James Charles loves to see because James Charles really like Logan as a human being he’s awesome and also my neighbor, so I’m a little bit biased, but he was on his podcast.

Talking about the dress and stuff – and one of James Charles don’t know it wasn’t miked, but some other guy – that I’ve never seen before was like um.

This is just stupid and likes not manly and then Logan is like shut up like who are you to decide?

What’s mainly or not, and now everyone’s like, oh my god, Logan, no, it’s great, it is super operable to see like Logan who’s, like a straight man being so open about, like accepting that, like that’s, really really amazing.

Well: okay, like the thing what James Charles was thinking about this too, because, like i, was listening to argument as like manly like how there are so many different types of men like what are you, what is it, what does manly even mean nothing like what it really doesn’t Mean like macho masculine, those are two adjectives that maybe would not necessarily describe the cover, but at the same time like hello, it makes it makes literally no sense, it’s so stupid.

I really love hairstyles and everything that he’s doing.

I think James Charles thinks it’s so cool.

So, honestly, that’s probably like the number one person that James Charles would want to see.

You do a video about.

Well, that’s an idea on him and James Charles was like James Charles just think it’s so cool how you are breaking down: gender stereotypes and boundaries.

His fashion sense is literally sick like it’s so cool and obviously, he’s like such an insane musician as well like that goes without saying, so that would be such a fun collaboration, also fun fact.

Actually, there have only been um.

Somebody was saying two because James Charles guess harry was the first solo man to ever be on the cover of uh us vogue, which now means there have only ever been three men on the cover of vogue of any issues: solo which was harried on us vogue, uh, Zayn on British vogue and James Charles on vogue, Portugal kind of cool right like that’s alike, that’s a so that is a really really awesome trio like James Charles love, love both of them reunion right yeah.

Can you imagine one direction: okay, [, Music, ] um!

Excuse me, someone.

Today’s show five days ago said: harry styles, his first man to be on vogue cover solo.

Oh no, that’s not true!

No James, Charles it was the [ __ ] hurt wow.

They did it wow.

Well, James Charles thinks it means.

I think they’re saying you asked folks, but still, that’s very misleading, but still, I’m accompanied by amazing, talented people, which is awesome.

Speaking of James Charles used to love that that was one of the only comedy movies that James Charles actually liked [, Music ].

I did and the video went out and people are accepting it extremely well.

They are loving the video um.

How is that for you to do a male’s makeup on the channel?

I know it’s.

The first now a celebrity that you’ve ever done it.

What James Charles mean it was so cool like James Charles wanted to work with nas ever since the old town.

The road went super super viral, but we had to talk to his team and it wasn’t something that he was like wanting to do at that particular moment.

That was before he had come out of the closet, yet as well um and they reached out to us again recently after NASA and James Charles had been following each other on social media for quite a while and said that Nas wanted to do it, which James Charles was Literally, just like so thrilled about and just so pumped and his team was James Charles I would arguably say his team was maybe one of the best celebrity teams that we’ve worked with.

I don’t want to say the best, because we’ve had great experiences a lot, but it was.

They were really really good um and James Charles doesn’t know they just like they made it so easy they were so respectful and kind.

I also really love too.

We talked about a lot of topics that James Charles genuinely thought like.

His team would have been like no like not even like, don’t even try it like.

I can’t believe he like allowed me to talk about the whole Stan twitter situation like James Charles was glad he like.

We talked about him coming out of the closet and, like the whole, like drama with the rapper at the end as well, like his aunt like when James Charles was hearing him answer that and like watching it back.

I was like damn.

This makes me really proud to not only be his friend, but also just be in the same community as him like.

He answered that so so.

Well – and James Charles don’t know like I’ve – definitely experienced a lot of I’ve experienced like my fair share of like internet drama or beef and anything but like.

I never really had like a public feud with like a major celebrity like if that ever happened.

Be like that.

I don’t even know what James Charles would do.

I was like he, James Charles feel like he handled that with so much grace and elegance and like it just really goes to show he’s a great role model for everybody, not just people in the lgbtq plus community, but like literally everybody yeah and like also super cool Behind the he was so like, such a nice human being like there are here, a few team members come late and they’d walk in the door and be like you look so beautiful today, oh and like he was just so [ __ ] nice to everyone, but He was just so nice to literally everyone in this, like it was just so refreshing because he was you know like that, requisite like being an inspirational young kid, so yeah, it’s super cool.

It was a really fun experience besides harry styles, any other male celebrities that come to mind that you want to make me um, [, Music ], James Charles don’t know actually off the top of my head.

I mean timothy would be an amazing collab.

I love him, but James Charles don’t know he seems like he James Charles feel like he would never ever ever do anything on YouTube.

He just gives me that vibe for some reason but never say never, James Charles guess never say no.

I can see it happening.

I see it happening right now.

Actually, I’m manifesting it currently.

I would love to do something with Justin one day.

I don’t he James Charles don’t think he’d ever.

Let me do his makeup, but something could be really fun without like making a beauty battle with him.

Oh, that could be fun.

I just like.

Justin, obviously, has you know, stayed in the spotlight for so long and had a really, obviously you know blessed Tyler, but also an extremely like crazy childhood, like he was literally shot into fame at like 14 15 years old right and how to deal with that and, Like he’s talked a lot about it, and James Charles feel, like he’s, been opening up about a lot recently too, like what’s his new song, lonely.

It’s called, James Charles feel like it like it’s a beautiful, beautiful song and it talks a lot about that.

His whole upbringing.

How it was really really difficult like – and James Charles think that James Charles talk about a lot in videos and stuff too – and mine was nothing compared to Justin, so I’m not trying to compare apples to apples in that situation, but, like it, you know you can have everything In the world like money, cars, nice houses, fame, paparazzi and everything, and you can still go home within the night and be really really upset and feel alone and stuff.

And it’s like a really it’s something that a lot of people will never understand.

But it’s really easy to dismiss those feelings because of the nice things that somebody may have.

But at the end of the day, like we’re all human beings that want to feel loved and want to feel happy and want to be able to like just feel safe and comforted and sometimes that’s, unfortunately not possible with a lot of celebrities.

But his impact on.

Like music honestly is so big, it’s a lot of musicians like that, and I’m like how many people like when we get older, like right now that are like artists are going to be like legends yeah, because you know there were so many artists like in our Parents, age that, like they probably loved his kids like didn’t, become legends and you know our eyes but like James, Charles wonder who are those people?

Oh right, because you’re right there’s theirs, a lot of artists that are still around from our parent’s ages, but that we still like knowing like Noah’s legends but there’s probably also a lot of bands that we have literally never heard of from like there who are Those legends gonna be for, like our children, James Charles mean Justin for sure Ariana, a three million percent dre drake might be the greatest of all time as far as rap would he like when he’s done like because that’s what people say like because he has had Those barbs James Charles mean says hi Nikki, says hi yeah.

Oh, that’s not surprising.

The entertaining stream album is literally uh.

He’s gonna be one of those legends.

Gaga’S gonna be one of those for sure.

Um, Taylor, swift, a million percent awesome, Justin yeah.

Of course.

Don’t already see Ariana, yes, we just did three seconds ago.

Oh, my brows are not looking gorgeous today, but it’s, James Charles think, like a little bit of a different like a demo, but like Jojo Siwa, oh for a story, absolutely, James Charles feel like she’s just getting started seriously like.

I feel like she’s got like she.

How is she 16?




That’s crazy, but she’s kind of like Mickey Mouse in a sense like that.

No, James Charles knows James Charles know you’re trying to forget.

Oh, oh yeah, yeah like yeah and she’s.

Just so much like very boring, it’s wild she’s, a superstar.

I think the coolest thing ever was when she did the Jojo doll yeah James.

You need a change Charles doll, too.

What boy?

Oh, my gosh, James Charles think, is there an outfit that you can see all right here we go okay.

James Charles has an outfit on in the box right next to it.

On, like the margin of the box, you have a change into an outfit okay and then we can all maybe give suggestions.

Are we talking about ones that I’ve worn?

Yes, your favorite looks like so [, Music ].

I don’t know if Barbie’s gonna want that in their contract shoot.

I don’t really know.

I feel, like my most iconic outfits have been Coachella, but James Charles agree: they’re.

Definitely not children appropriate for a doll um.

I personally think what do you guys that you think with um for that photo shoot where you kind of leaning back?

Oh, that would be a gorgeous moment.

I would say, insert here, but yeah, okay um here I’ll pull it up quickly.

Oh, it was the one that that was that photo was the one that James Charles used for the vogue challenge.

That then became real yeah.

I think for me it would be um when you have your bleached hair with the red lip and the gorgeous fluffy black gown, [, Music ] in sweats, and then change into that James Charles feel like well.

I would, James Charles would definitely say there should be one like casual outfit with like a cute, just like a little moment on maybe like a like a nice like body suit, a nice like cargo, but a nice cargo, baggy pant and then like a pair of Jordan’s.

For sure it’s just kind of like a little mini James, Charles palette, so like q, the real question is: where do you?

Oh, my god, James Charles keep burping.

The real question is when you pull the string in the back of the doll right.

One of the sayings.

Don’t know if you could say that James Charles can’t worry angel, James Charles mean what hi sisters for sure um for sure um, maybe like good and fresh yeah.

That’s such a good, oh yeah, such a good phrase of yours or uh.

You know – maybe oh good sisters, maybe not gasp.

Okay, so we’re now doing a James, Charles uh, wannabe impression doll um.

I think you have two shoe options.

I think you’ve got gorgeous like a little heel sticker and then no, no, no!




The monsieur sneakers have been retired.

You should have a little gorgeous James Charles custom drawer.

Oh, you need to make those like for real, literally at Jordan.

Claw would be Michael Jordan if you’re listening does Michael.

This might be a really stupid question, but does he still work on actively curating, like all of the collections and collabs and stuff yeah he’s super involved?

Does he have a daughter because we did a really cool video where James Charles went shopping um at cool kicks last week in l?

a, and he actually asked me the owner was like.

Oh, she ever do a collab and James Charles was like.

Oh, James Charles don’t really know but then like when he, after that it got me thinking on the way home.

I was like.

Oh if James Charles actually did do a shoe club.

What would it look like, and James Charles I have it in my head – there are concepts, there are a concept well, because the thing is like James Charles would.

Obviously, the thing is like: let there’s no uh, I’m not delusional to think that the sneaker community and the James Charles community uh would overlap.

They’re very clearly are very, very separate demographics.

So James Charles was trying to come up with ideas that, like James Charles would love and would like represent me, but would also be part of that.

Like very you know, straight sneakerhead boy, aesthetic, but James Charles actually has a few ideas.

There’s also a huge community where, like for a really long time, women who felt like underrepresented as far as like collabs, James Charles could imagine starting to change [ Music, ], right, um, jasmine and Jordan is his dog.

How old is he James Charles don’t know?

Does she have an Instagram profile for the open, dm inbox, [ Applause ]?

Can you find her?

Can you please find her Instagram and see if she follows me, she could be a sister James Charles haven’t played into a woman’s dm’s in a while, but oh, but I’m apparently you did in 2013.

, okay, okay, I’m just gonna apply some nice highlighter we’re getting close To being done she, unfortunately, James Charles actually think that’d be really really rude to dm her.

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

She might she might if she buys makeup or watches beauty, videos she might know.

What’s going on, there’s definitely gotta, be like.

Oh, I’m back to the doll now there’s gotta be like a thing.

Oh, my god.

Oh, jesus come on face.

Yes, um like a feature where, like you, dump the James Charles head in the water and then like a makeup, oh because those dolls, James Charles know those dolls exist.

I think Nikki did a video where, but you like, dunking water and it reveals an outfit, but we need like a full gorgeous makeup, lock, yeah!

Imagine if we, James Charles don’t even know.

Imagine if you did one more, you could keep dunking and the makeup look would keep changing.

I don’t think that would ever be possible just like water, orange juice, apple juice, the different ph levels of the juices, [, Music, ] temperatures, [, Music, ] honestly, is a really cool idea.

I’m for it.

I have a lot of those you do.

What else could you do?

I think we should move on to a new topic.

We’ve been here for a while.

No do you want do you believe in like voodoo and all that type of stuff, James Charles believe in everything.

Yes, period.

That’s fine!

I don’t know James Charles don’t know about voodoo.

Maybe could you imagine you just poke in the butt [ Applause ]?

Oh my god, please, if you don’t know what we’re talking about literally yeah.

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you have to pause it right now and just go search.

Wendy Williams, on the master thing all right, well, you’re, speaking of pausing right now, we do need to do that soon, but before we go, shall we give a new phrase for people to comment in the comments?

Oh wow, so James Charles thinks we need a new comment.

This ones gonna be longer than the last one slightly so so last time was the frogs are in the basket.

I have one, don’t eat the cranberry salad.

Once again, I’m going to my reaction is that such a stupid thing to say about that, which is exactly what James Charles wants, which is why it works, eat the cranberry salad, it’s very topical.

You know speaking.

I have a major problem with fruits being in a salad.

Let’s discuss we’re going to discuss that.

We need to cut because stay tuned to discuss fruit, salad, okay, you’re, back [, Music, ], thanks for joining us here again, I’m currently just putting on some nice mascara and the look is almost complete.

I also edited an eyeliner off camera.

Please don’t kill me.

We forgot to hit record.

Oh that’s totally, fine um!

We have a conversation to have about fruit on salad.

To me, a salad is a savory dish like when James Charles think of salads, James Charles think of like salty chicken lettuce, croutons, tomatoes, avocado.

All things that are in the savory category fruit does not belong, it does no tomatoes are fruit and fruit.

Okay, sure twitter, isn’t fruit.

You’re right, but tomato is still not sweet.

Fruit, fruit, salad!

Well, that’s yummy!

Yummy, that’s completely different!


Salad is delicious.

I agree with you there, okay, but it’s literally a mix of fruit.

According to sir Eisen, if once if one phrase object, moves closer [, Music, ] tilt into account right here and on the leap year on February 29th – oh everybody with the leap years, but once you do all those calculations, it is said that fruit does belong right.

I must say that James Charles agree with this.

I love a strawberry.

I love a grape in a salad, my favorite salad of all time from a salad place that you know no brand, of course, um the strawberry poppy seed, salad, pineapple blueberry, it’s a little hard for me personally.

What about you?

Did you say you don’t like that?

I honestly am somebody who’s very split on the topic.

Oh really like both okay, James Charles like a savory salad, but also I’m fine with a little bit of a strawberry or a grape inside of myself, an apple Fuji sandwich.

I love that.

I love the fruity apple salad.

Well, James Charles will say there is a tip to get around this situation in scenario.

If you do not love fruit in your salad, you just kind of separate them and eat the fruit at the end.

That’s what works for me like a raisin in the salad hates a raisin in no, James Charles like cranberries, James Charles like um, but apparently not the cranberry, salad, okay, but honestly, cranberry sauce is so fierce.

[, Music, ], [, Music, ].

Well, another Thanksgiving is coming up, which I’m very very excited for.

Oh, what’s your favorite dish stuffing?

Oh, James Charles Lila, I’m, not I’m not a turkey girl.

I don’t like turkey.

I love everything about the turkey.

Oh yeah, stuffing, mashed, potatoes, [, Music ].

I don’t love cranberry sauce.

Cranberry is not a fruit that James Charles enjoys, but James Charles love a majority of other fruits: cranberry juice, no you’re, my favorite fruit, James, that was oats, homophobic um.

You know James Charles used to not like sweet potatoes until a few weeks ago.

Eldon cooked me lunch and James Charles was like wow.

These carrots are really good and Elton’s like those are sweet, potatoes, babe and James Charles was like.

Oh, James Charles really don’t think Elton said.

Definitely, okay.

My point is that James Charles didn’t think that James Charles did, but then James Charles ate them, and James Charles think that James Charles am clean.

Yeah, a candy, sweet, potato, sweet potatoes, the same thing, [, Music, ], sweet, potatoes and yams are your sweet potatoes.

The same yam to the left looks like kind of like a tree bark while a sweet potato to the right is more of a reddish-brown, tiny, different vegetable and more like a yucca in texture and flavor.

Oh for sure, okay, so you know what I’m looking at right now.

This is actually really really interesting.

Yams are the orange ones, so we call them sweet potatoes, but a sweet potato actually is white.

Like this.

The one in the middle is a real sweet, potato potato, so we are labeling it incorrectly wow.

This is why labels don’t matter.

Oh my god wow.

I can’t wait to make my own lashes for my makeup brand, because James Charles am so sick of doing this, like.

Why nobody is makes a cute little just?

What do James Charles tried it once and James Charles loved how it looked, but it was so.

It was ridiculous to actually wear they’re poking me in the eye.

I was waking up with them stuck together.

You have to clean them.

I can’t put makeup on with them at the same time, going in the pool oh game over, it’s just the shower.

Oh, my god, don’t even get me started on the shower.

It’s just too much like it’s too much, but they looked really cute so, like James Charles have so many good ideas for lashes that James Charles want to make.

I don’t want to give away any ideas, but all we’re going to say will be made out of road kill fur.

Yes, because we’re going to recycle right now, absolutely not well!


What’s toughest, too, is like mink lashes, look way better than the fake ones, but obviously James Charles really want my brand to be cruelty, free and vegan.

If possible.

Yeah, James Charles mean, if not, vegan, definitely cruelty free, obviously um, but I’m trying to figure out how James Charles can make lashes still look cute.

So when you say vegan, when we have conferences about different creative ideas, we just see plants.

Yes, everyone and the makeup brand has to be vegan, no baby.

That’s not how that works.

I think, according to FDA guidelines, that is I’m sorry, oh sure, um.

Oh my god, James Charles couldn’t no.

I like chicken too much.

I eat chicken with almost every single meal.

That is true.

Chicken is like my go-to.

I love steak, you’re, a cheap chicken angel, I’m a chicken gorgeous girl.

I love me some steak, a nice little boa steakhouse dinner when you guys get vegan options, I’m always open to trying them.

I mean you love.

There is an Italian um vegan place out here that we all love so much and James lives, for James Charles don’t know why we’re avoiding like saying restaurant crossroads earlier.

Crosstalk’s kitchen is literally one of the best restaurants that I’ve ever had and it’s completely plant-based and it’s so bomb and we now get that’s like 40 minutes away.

That’s okay, that’s!


Because Trevor goes to get it and we don’t yeah.

I don’t mind the drive.


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