Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial On my Face

I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial On my Face

HI SISTERS! Bob Ross was an iconic painter who changed the art industry by bringing tutorials to television. My love for makeup came from my childhood love for art, and in today’s video, I Tried Following A Bob Ross Tutorial… on my face!! Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.

Oh my god, you guys for today’s video.

I am actually really really excited and I just want to jump right in because today’s video is literally one of the most requested comments from you guys, probably ever in the history of this channel, and I think I know why too.

Obviously, you guys know.

I love to play with makeup.

It is my hobby and now, thanks to all you sisters, it is my job and I get to do it every single day, but I probably never would have fallen into my love for makeup.

Had it not stemmed from my love for art a few years ago, when I was younger, I would come home from school every single day and spend hours and hours of my time drawing portraits with charcoal or pencils sketching in my school notebooks or on my homework.

Drawing different paintings, scrapbooking literally you name it, and I was definitely trying to be creative in some way, shape or form.

The timeline of my palette that is not released, obviously is unleash.

Your inner artist, which I feel like, has definitely reflected in my makeup style as well.

At this point, you name it.

I pretty much painted every single thing on my face at this point: everything from skeletons and 3d special effects for halloween time to rainbow acid dripping down my skin to even the aurora borealis, literally smack dab right here on my forehead, and that brings me into today’s Brand new video, my love for art, has definitely made a very large impact on my life, and somebody else that has an intense love for art is bob ross.

If you don’t know who bob ross is, he is an icon and a legend rip gone way too soon, but he truly changed the art industry because of the fact that he would go on tv for like 30 minute segments and create a beautiful landscape painting.

But what was different about it is that he was actually taking the audience through the painting, step by step, almost like a regular tutorial.

If you really kind of think about it, Bob Ross was kind of like the first ever guru before being a guru even really existed, and he had an immense love and talent for painting.

But to most everyday people.

Painting is very, very challenging and he brought his knowledge and his skills on a public platform which, at the time, was tv and shared that with the world and helped people at home learn how to be better painters.

Just like I kind of do with makeup.

Every single day, so for today’s video, after literally thousands and thousands of you guys commenting asking for this, i thought i would finally give it a go and try following a bob ross painting tutorial on my face super quickly before we jump into the video don’t.

Forget you guys this is one of the last videos in my december gave a slay every single upload during the month of december to say.

Thank you to you guys.

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Thank you again and without further ado let’s jump into the video Music alright, so go through the bob ross youtube channel.

I really wanted to do something very wintry because this is the season – and I found this one, which is called Bob Ross Reflections of a Calm Season 31 episode.

One originally aired on february 22nd, 1994 literally before i was even born, so let’s see what bobs gon na have us paint today – Music, oh so, mr ross, i was gon na say my lawyer is gon na need to talk to him, but this video was filmed Over 20 years ago, the whole paintbrush idea hello, my intro unleash your inner artist, the entire campaign wow.

Maybe his lawyer, though, should be calling mine, hello, im bob ross and i’d like to welcome you to series 31 of the joy of painting, hes.

So calm.

First time with us, allow me to extend a personal invitation for you to drag out your paints and your brushes and paint along with this.

Each chill tells you what let’s start right off today.

We haven’t brought all the colors across this green that you need titanium white while they’re doing that.

Let me show you what i got done up here today: i’m using an eighteen by twenty five canvas, its pre stretched and double primed, and then i’ve just covered the entire canvas with a very thin coat of liquid white okay, so bobs gon na be painting on a Canvas i’m gon na be painting on my forehead um an equally as large surface a few months ago on my instagram, i did an aurora borealis, look where i basically painted like the entire aurora borealis and like a winter scene, on my forehead and then i did An eye look inspired by it and i really really love how it turned out.

So I think of today’s video.

I want to do the same thing and kind of keep the painting up here and maybe even do an eye look using the palette um after this act.

Just like a little bonus tutorial moment, I have my colors picked out right here.

I’m gon na use makeup forever, flash palette and uh.

My canvas is already primed with um foundation and lots of powder and concealer tell you what let’s start off the day with a little two inch brush.

Oh he’s saying i need a two inch brush should i be using like paint brushes for this.

I didn’t prepare here.

We are, we take a little touch of phthalo blue.

The blues are beautiful, blue all right.

Go right up here now.

Well start just around little xs okay, so it looks like it’s like a light blue, so i’m gon na take this i’m gon na mix together.

Some blues i’m just gon na use my hand as a palette, because i don’t have a fancy bob ross, actual palette.

Thats, like a good phthalo blue right, there criss cross strokes that are easy , that easy and well work all the way across the canvas we start at the top and work down that way.

The paint is continually mixing with the liquid white that’s already on the canvas and automatically your sky will get lighter and lighter.

As you work down toward the horizon and in the landscape.

Are you kidding me there?

Let the canvas work for you, allow the colors in the paint everything to work together to make it easy.

Are you kidding?

He just did an entire sky in literally one minute?

Is this a prank im using my crisscross techniques im really just crisscrossing it for a real one?

I wish I had a two inch brush.

I feel like that would really help me out here.

Can I really get this into the hairline because we got ta?

Go all the way to the top of the canvas he said.

As you go down, there will be less and less product, but i don’t want to just say hello, crisscross, crisscross crisscross lots of wintertime sky, if i ever did too and myself so we’re just going to move on to the next step.

I think today let’s have still water, so pull from the outside, like so that’s all there is to it well go to the other side, do the same identical thing, but i suggest you pull from the outside if everything works, just right, itll, look like a sheen Of of lights, just streaking right across your water sneaky, but it works great sneaky, but it works great me in the beauty industry.

I guess i’m gon na grab some more of my blue color i’m gon na pull it in from the side like he’s gon na keep your brush straight, but i’m working on a not exactly flat canvas here.

So this is a little oops.

I just did what he said not to do.

Okay, i’m already not following this story: i’ll pull inwards.

Sorry, bob oops there’s, my eyebrow.

I think my waters up too high were gon na figure it out.

I want to darken the corners on this, so i’m gon na take a little prussian.

Blue prussian glue is much much stronger than phthalo blue, oh its, a beautiful blue and right up in the corners im, just going to add a small amount of depression blue.

Oh, I love okay, great, we finally get to add some forehead contour to this.

I am definitely down for him, going to grab a little bit of blue and maybe a little bit of black even too, to really deepen that up and make it look like my forehead.

Isn’t 800 miles long and when the painting is completely done, these dark corners will help lead the eye toward the center of the painting and well put a little in the water too.

We don’t want it left out.

Okay, i’ll just blend that color until it’s nice and smooth and were in business.

What i don’t understand, how he’s doing it so fast, like hes, done like three paint, strokes and there’s a there’s, the entire ocean, like what hello you realize that that’s people following your tutorials, no its, not no its, not yeah, is it?


Is it really, people will be like james, what the heck you just did an entire snowflake in one second, on your face.

This is true.

I feel like if i had a canvas like this wouldn’t, be as difficult, though i feel like.

I really set myself up for failure here doing this on my own forehead, adding some dimension to the ocean.

Like Bobby said.

Oh my god, my hair, why did I let you guys talk me into this?


Are you serious?

Oh, my god, i’m gon na rip.

All my hair out, this looks so bad.

Are you he hasn’t literally off, like i can see the sky in the ocean on his already and the mind like what is this?

I think we should just keep going.

You know, let me be positive.

Everything always turns out good in the end, so this is where I really have a good time.

It’s cleaning this whole brush, shaking it off and just beating the devil at it.

That really is the fun part.

This whole technique i’m just gon na clean my brows, using a makeup wipe but um.

I do love beating the devil out of certain things.


Let’s take a little bit of phthalo blue, some alizarin crimson, and a little bit of black.

I want to make a little mountain here.

I want to make a dark lavender, looking color that’s most important, how you load the knife, take a cut across the paint and get a little roll that lives right out of the edge of the knife.

Okay, let’s go up here right here, just decide where you think this little mountain lives in your world and drop it in painting is a very individual thing.

We all see nature through different eyes and that’s.

The way you should paint it all we’re looking for is the nice top edge.

We can care less what’s happening down below. Our brush is good and dry, because the liquid whites on the canvas can literally move color.

If you were working on a dry canvas right now, you’d be in agony city that’s, a mountain.

You just made a mountain in literally 30 seconds.

I cant put like a knife on my face, so i guess i’m just going to use like a flat square brush, which is like i mean sort of as close as i’m going to get right.

Like i don’t know what else i would use well now i feel, like my water, my oceans, too hot tall, i don’t have room to put a mountain anywhere.

Well now I have a blue forehead.

So what am I going to do now?

Okay, he literally just took the brush and like what.

How did he just literally scrape it there?

Are you kidding me, go back to the solid dark color and come right up in here.

Lets, oh no hold on sweetie i’m gon na need your paws!

Oh my god!

Here we go another mountain okay, so this one he said he wanted to be more crimson than blue.

So i’m going to take some red and mix it together here and make it really nice and dark thats like a nice deep, crimson color were going to put a few little highlights on it, but you decide where all the little protrusions on your mountain live little Bumps – and there is no right or wrong here – the only rule that we have here is a painting should make you happy, you should enjoy it, thats, the real.

How did he do this?

Are you kidding us?

What are you buying one of the rules if you’re painting mountains always remember if you can see the entire mountain, it’s always more distinct on the top than it is on the bottom?

Oh hey guts, and now we have wonderful pollution that sort of lays around the bottom of the mouth.

Oh bob ross, getting political, okay, so, okay!

So when it comes to like the bottom of these knots here that I just like literally blends it away.

Okay, I need to pause.

This is not good!

Oh wow!

I really was excited for this video and im.

Really not.

He takes a dry brush after that, and just like goes in and just like blends it away how i dont really know but were gon na.

We mean clearly, we need to figure it out, yeah, okay.

This is not that bad, like its no bob ross.

That is for sure, but its not bad it’s fun to take and reflect a mountain right into the water.

Oh god, now we’re just looking for a basic little reflection here were not too worried about it being exact when you first start it’s easier to take the canvas off your easel and turn it upside down and just basically repaint the mountains.

Just like we did pull that color.

Oh my god.

How am i supposed to draw the same mountain again like i don’t, even know what i did the first time are you kidding me i’m so focused right now, it’s not even funny.

I want to make this look actually good.

Like i dont i dont i cant flop, okay, thats, not that bad!

Oh, my god, you’re kidding uh now we’re gon na bleed it out, just like bob said blend it upwards.

So it’s like a little reflection in the water. Who is the nominee?

Oh my god, a little white makes just a touch of gray what’s.

He doing now the roll of paint again we’ll always load the knife that little roll of paint.

I don’t want very distinct things today.

Just want the indication of little things happening, no pressure, absolutely no pressure just lit it.

Is that how people paint mountains?

Oh my god you.

This is no, why it’s a little.

Sometimes we put a lot of indications.

Sometimes a few he literally just painted an entire.

Oh, my god you have.

This has got to be a joke, no pressure on the knife.

I know I say that over and over in the shows, but it’s probably the single biggest oh, my god.

First start is applying too much pressure on the knife, like he literally just ran the paintbrush over the area like with a little bit of white and they’re all sons of mountain range.

I think this is so sick, though, because you guys know that I always loved art, but what I was really really good at was drawing portraits with a pencil and charcoal.

I still liked painting, but i really wasn’t, that great at it so like learning these techniques is insane because i never in a million years would have tried this stuff, but it’s like not as hard as i would have thought, making some gray on the back of My hand, i don’t, really know how to do this.

Exactly i mean not horrible honestly could be a lot better, but, like could be a lot worse.

It’s gon na touch up some areas where i’m like having a little bit of trouble here.

So when I did my aurora borealis a few months ago, I actually did winter mountains in the photo and they were white as opposed to like a shadow mountain like we’re doing right now.

If you zoom in on the photo there’s like a lot of dimension and detail in the mountains – and i will say, i’m pretty proud of how they ended up looking, i feel like it did look pretty real that’s, because i spent literally an hour going in and Drawing tiny little black lines and dots to symbolize like rocks and shadows in the mountains, when all i had to do was scrape it on there with a knife.

Well, just take that same mountain color, same old, mountain color, sort of a lavender well tap a little bit right into that two inch brush don’t, be afraid of this brush because it’s large it’ll do wonderful things.

Now then, let’s decide ill, don’t be afraid to this brush, because its large it’ll do wonderful things.

That is my motto in life.

Just not for brushes, let’s have some fun.

Some blue and some black and some crimson put some brown in it and some sap green.

What, basically, all your dark colors there’s, one number six fan brush.

You know what the little fan brushes are.

You kidding, just put a little bit of color right on the brush.

All there is to it is a gross fan.

Brushes literally, do nothing there’s literally no point in fan brushes, they are the dumbest brush and literally all like of existence and i’m just going to take and grab that and lift upward.

I want to look like little trees a little closer to us, but living very far away.

Oh my god!

Suddenly I needed a fan brush to make this little grass he had liked.

Oh god, let me pull this up.

He had like a green and like some darkness.

Okay we’re gon na put that, like over here, i’m gon na use like a little liner brush, maybe just like, add some more dimension.

Take the knife a little bit dark sienna together with our little roll of paint and let’s go right up in here and with that.

Well, just put the indication, maybe like here right there, oh, my god, that’s literally a shoreline.

This is crazy.

Like, oh, my god, are you serious so a little bit of white, and I noticed how when he was playing around with the colors he kind of liked?

Let them be messy so almost when he puts them on there like it kept some of that dimension, maybe that’s the technique that i’m messing up a little bit.

Is that, like him, trying too hard to make it look perfect that doesn’t exactly work?

I think it’s?

Probably a lot more than just that technique that I’m messing up a little bit of liquid white and well just cut in a little water line.

If you put a little too much liquid white on there and you think it’s a little too strong, just rub it, it will just be absorbed into the color it’ll go away, he’s such a good teacher that’s.

What I will say, too, is like everything that he’s doing he makes it look so easy, but you actually get to watch him.

Do the entire thing, as opposed to him just like cutting to the finished product he’s a little bit of white to sketch in a water line?

I mean honestly like not horrible, like not great but still, not horrible.

We need to figure out what we’re going to put in here so let’s.

Take some prussian blue sap, green crimson brown, here’s old two inch brush well.

Take him let’s just block in some areas were gon na have a big tree that lives right here.

This is sort of your bravery test after youve worked so hard to put in all those gorgeous things.

Then you come up here.

Some crazy fuzzy haired guy says put in a big tree right over the top of it there, and it already looks like a tree once again.

He just painted an entire tree in 30 seconds, so i have my little two inch brush i’m gon na put that over here, because this is where the tree should go.

Oh so now we’ve had a wall because um that’s not a tree in any way like not even close to like everything else was like okay.

This is bad, like that, a blob of paint.

I don’t know how he did that.

I just want to keep going when you paint. You begin to see things just let them happen.

Let them happen.

Don’t worry about them.

Learn to compose, as you paint, learn to take advantage of what happens.

We call those happy accidents and they can be your best friend.

Oh my literal god, he is yeah.

Maybe it comes right down down right in there.

Those are trees and those are trees under reflection, you’re kidding how oh, my god, this is too challenging for me.

I also set myself up for failure by doing this on my own face, but let’s put some freaking trees in here.

What the hell are you kidding?

How does he do that?

I mean it could be worse.

Maybe if i use like a little bit like more of like a fluffy brush, as opposed to like a pencil brush like this, will work because it’ll like add that texture, no, that did not do anything.

Maybe something like this.

It’s literally like rough that actually literally hurts.

Yes, this is a horse right, underneath that we need a reflection, wheres, my brush, we would need a reflection, so just pull it straight down there squeeze give us a little instant reflection.

Tell you what, maybe there’s a tree that lives right here.

Well put some highlights on him.

So it’ll show this one lives a little closer to us, so we can make out a little more detail on him there.

Oh, my god, that’s an entire pine tree.

What the heck, oh, my god, no okay!

So oh, he put a tree like right here, ish im, just like stippling this on for a real one, hoping that it looks good that looks so dumb.

Are you kidding me?

How did he do that now?

I’m annoyed because I actually wanted this to look good and it’s not looking good or fresh there’s, your freaking pine trees in the forefront bob.

What the oh, i don’t understand how he does this so quickly i’ll make a nice green color.

Now then, we can come right along here and place a few little highlights in this tree.

That’ll that’ll snatch you right up in that background, that’ll snatch it right up.

Are you kidding Bob ross?

Not a superstar beauty guru, wow bob ross is really coming for my brain today, mixing together, green and yellow on the back of the hand.

The little palette here is too hard.

Oh, my god.

I really thought I was gon na be okay at this.

I am not realizing that these trees are forming a separate island to overlap the water, and I did not get that memo before.

Oh no, like Bob said, you know we get to choose where we want to put our things in our world, so these trees are going in front.

They’re, loving their grass area right here.

Taking this into my own hands for a second, you know we were just putting the grass right here and dragging that brush upwards to create the appearance of grass.

Just like Bob said bob sweetie, i am so sorry there they go.

What it just looks like he’s, like painting, maybe bob ross, says mother nature, conspiracy, theory.

He just paints it in their liquid white just to give indication of a water line right in here.

Well now i feel stupid.

I messed this all this whole thing up.

Okay back to the big tree here he comes, he comes around here, it comes.

This is just a dark color.

Maybe it comes all the way down here.

I dont know the beauty of painting like this.

You really don’t have to to know exactly where everythings at we don’t just work.

A little paint trust me: okay, so im gon na go back to this and i’m gon na hide away my mistakes by using lots of dark colors and making this tree a little bit more treelike.

So let’s make this a tree and it goes all the way down.

Just like Bob said, that is the worst tree of all time.

Are you kidding me? Let’s take some of that yellow and mix them on the two inch brush, though let’s go right in here and let’s just begin picking out.

Some highlights just the corner of the brush.

Now, if you’ve got a very thick dry paint up on the canvas you can put this right on here.

Oh my god, our yellows are made just a little bit thinner what okay!

So i think, before we move on to the next step, i want to pause for a second and actually move away from the tutorial and fix a mistake that i made early on, which was putting the lighter mountain like on the edge, as opposed to in the Middle, so we have this like kind of entire area, on my forehead completely blank.

So I think I want to try to do another big tree over here, since I butchered this one so badly, just to one fix it a little bit and make it a more composed painting, but also to get a little bit more practice in.

So if I put it over here, just like sketching in those little things with my number two brush, that looks literally already a million times better than the first one.

Okay, love that love me making progress.

Next, we added a little bit of green landscape.

So i’m gon na do that as well over here, just sketching it in not really caring because it’s our world and we get to place the greenery wherever we want it to be so i’m just going to put it right here, kind of right underneath my eyebrow.

So next we were going to take a little bit of that landscape and were just going to blend it downwards.

Should i put some on this side too, so taking some more yellow and green for some dimension, i’m going to stipple it right on here, ah slightly too, yellow no worries, though, were just gon na, take our two inch brush and just dab right over top of It just blend it away.

We have the liquid white underneath so no worries.

I forgot to add in my tree chunk with a little bit of brown and a little bit of titanium white before adding in the details.

Let’s do that now.

Can’t believe it split my mind is that your powerhouse, i don’t, know maybe a little bit of white, perhaps it’s a birch tree.

We get to choose it.

Our world now we’re gon na, go back in and add some more dimension, just grabbing our little bit of green and a little bit of yellow mixing it together on the palette, just stippling it right on there.

Oh, my god, that’s a tree I feel like.

I need to add some more dimensions into my grass.

I feel, like my grass, is looking slightly flat, so i’m gon na grab some yellow and some green, just like the trees and just go in and just like slightly stifle, just like you said, and then lift it right upwards.

Just right up.

That creates the illusion of grass in the foreground of the painting im acting like, i know exactly what im talking about in reality.

I have no idea how great it is to go back to the tutorial.

I want to show you an easy way of making a fantastic effect.

One side only i will put in the light color, so you got dark and light now watch it watch a little stone liz right there and wherever you want these, oh you just drop them in several little stones.

Put some little grassy things right around here.

Look at them and see it brings it all together, little yellow green too.

He makes it look so easy.

Oh my gosh and well put just the indication of a little water line here and there sort of bring it all together just to bring it together.

Sure you dont really have hope.

You’ve enjoyed this.

I hope you’ll join us for now this television series and from all of us here i’d like to wish you happy painting and god bless my friend wow.

I guess we’re done.

It was literally almost as if he was like throwing the paint on the canvas, and it was just like working, which is saying that i’ve talked about my videos a lot of times that, like you, shouldn’t, do as an artist because it doesn’t work.

That way.

But like bob ross is magical and it is working um clearly for me, it isn’t.

So much just happened.

I mean we literally painted an entire mountain and like forest landscape on my freaking forehead my hand palette, as you can tell, is covered with every color.

You can possibly imagine and i’m really happy with how this look turned out just for fun.

I thought i’d clean up this palette super quickly and take out my palette and do a super, quick and easy bra brass.

Inspired eye.

Look just to kind of pull the whole face together.

Let’s get started again: i’m going to prime my eyelids, as always using my morphe m173 brush and my mac painterly paint pot grabbing an m456 i’m going to dip into the shade daddy, the dark, matte, green and pack this in an outer v shape and then with Any excess im just bringing that shade right into the crease and then coming at m433 i’m going to dip into a social blade in the bottom left hand, corner and use that to buff out the edges.

First, packing that color on there and then just using light circular motions to diffuse out that edge pack, a little bit of daddy into that outer corner, mixing together a tiny little bit of daddy and a little bit of tea on an m506 as well im.

Just going to use this to deepen up the outer v grabbing a little bit of concealer and an m124 brush im going to quickly cut the crease now on another m124 brush im going to dip into the shade guac and i’m going to give it a quick Spritz of some setting spray and i’m going to pop this shade right in the middle of the crease and then just like, always with any of that excess shadow, thats left on the brush i’m just going to blend in that edge.

So there’s no harsh line on that cut crease with that same brush, i’m going to grab a little bit of ring light and give that a spritz of some setting spray as well and i’m going to pop that in the inner corner and overlap it right.

Over top of that guac to make kind of like an ombre metallic shade, dipping into a tiny bit of b and im going to pop that in the inner corner, i’m going to highlight my inner corners with some yellow, just like bob ross did with his trees.

For the lower lash i’m gon na grab a little bit of a cola and pack this right up against the lash line, im gon na tap into both playground and a little bit of brother to kind of make a more phthalo blue type of mixture.

If you will, and you have to buff out a little bit of cola and finally to finish off this – highlight i’m just gon na grab the nyx vivid, brights, light, yellow liner and use this to cut the crease gon na quickly, curl my lashes and pop on A little bit of mac extended, play mascara and then finally popping on the lily lash in this style, so extra miami, i almost forgot lasso finally, not least gon na grab an emma 431 and dip into face the highlighter shade in the palette and use this to Highlight the brow bone alright sisters, and that is how you guys can create this super simple bob ross inspired eye makeup.

Look, I wonder if you guys are at home, watching what it was like?

Oh, my god, how did he even do that?

Just like i was watching bobs tutorial earlier on, i’m gon na go ahead and finish the other eye off camera quickly and i’ll be right.

Back with the final look and my thoughts all right sisters, I am back.

I threw the other eye off camera quickly.

Some highlighter, using the shade of face for my palette, of course, and a brown tone liquid lipstick just to match with, like the whole tree vine, and you guys.

I think that this bob ross makeup tutorial is all complete you guys.

I had so much fun filming this video today.

Oh my god, im almost mad at myself that i waited this long to do it but, like i said at the beginning of this, video i’ve always loved art and had such a passion for it.

But painting was never something that I was really that great at and for my videos I am definitely a perfectionist.

So i was super nervous right into this today, but following the bob ross tutorial made it so much easier than i would have expected, he was so calm and so sweet and slow, which is really great for beginners.

Like me, and also, I was really really shook at first, because he was doing so many different little tips and techniques that made the painting come together so fast.

I was like literally watching magic in front of your very eyes, but actually watching him doing it and explaining how the different techniques work made it easy for me to try to recreate as well.

It is very obvious to me why so many people loved and watched Bob ross not only were his paintings literally iconic.

He is so incredibly talented, but also as well.

He is genuinely just such a great teacher.

He explained everything so well, and you can just tell he has a true love for what he does and his impact on the art world of bringing painting and all of its techniques to the everyday consumer will never be forgotten.

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I definitely think if this were on a canvas.

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