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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide My Makeup Routine

Letting The Person In Front of Me Decide My Makeup Routine

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I wanted to take on the Drive Thru challenge… but make it a Makeup Challenge! I went to Ulta and let The Person In Front Of Me Decide My Makeup! Stay tuned until the very end for a HUGE giveaway too!

Hi sisters, team, Charles here and welcome back 20 YouTube channel.

You guys James Charles is so good excited, because today we are finally back in business with a regularly scheduled and makeup video, and James Charles is so beyond pump, but also low-key, not like nervous.

But James Charles just like.

Don’t know how this video is going to go so, like I’m skeptical right now, there is a huge and, James Charles think, really funny trend going on YouTuber.

Basically, people are going to different fast food restaurants and letting the car in front of them decide their order.

You can basically end up with like a four-piece happy meal from McDonald’s or, like 18 different Doritos, Locos, Tacos Grande chicken chalupas talked about, and you have no idea what your actual wheel is.

Gonna be until you get to the final window, which is literally so crazy, James Charles figured it’d be so much fun to try to figure out how to kind of its turn this concept into a makeup video.

Now James Charles do want to give credit to all my favorite creators taught right now me up maples.

She did someone think a few weeks ago and her buddy was so much fun to watch.

James Charles will leave a link down below if you guys want to check it out, but James Charles want to do some one thing today.

So basically we’re going to head to Ulta and let the people in front of me in line pick my makeup routine.

Now, obviously, Ulta does not have like a drive-through window where James Charles can just pull up and be like I’ll take whatever they’re having.

Although that is a good idea to send me an email of how fat and also most people tend to not go in and spend like a thousand dollars on a full Fraser sheen at one time out there, on a sister shopping spree, go off girl like more Power to you risk factor 100 percent.

If that happened to happen today, James Charles was able to get behind them in line that make this video a whole lot easier, but the chances of that are very, very slim.

So what James Charles think James Charles want to do is go into Ulta and James Charles hide away a little bit and wait until there’s a few people in line in front of me and then hop in and say James Charles want all of that.

This might not work as well as James Charles thought it was going to know now that I’m saying it out loud, but you know what we’re gonna try and regardless we’re gonna come back here after and we’re gonna see.

If you can put together a full face to make up using whatever the people in front of me in line purchase at the makeup store, let’s go sign: [, Music ]!

We just arrived all they’re gonna do so bright.

James Charles can’t even see okay, we just got here to ol top all right.

You guys we were here.

We must walk it.

James Charles is praying the third people night.

Let’s go ahead and see we got okay, everybody!

That’s sticking out right now.

Try pay for everyone’s orders.

Can James Charles get everyone’s makeup?

Okay, the only condition is.

James Charles need you all to tell it like they’re gonna keep track of what you got and I’m gonna get.

The same thing for myself is that okay, [Music], when James Charles was in 193 with tonight – hmm James Charles know for $ 1,000 – has to be a full-face maker between here like there has to be big beefy one all right, you guys we were thoughtful, but James Charles Have a whole lot of makeup here with me: oh my god, literally, like me, picked.

James Charles feel like the perfect time to know, because there were so many people in line and they all had lots of items and bits and bobs, which is good.

We’ve already done.

The part of the challenge where we go to the triumph through we have the people online at pick, our order, we’ve paid with a credit card at window number 2 and now we’re at window number 3, where we normally get the food.

But now we’re going to look through art and lives bags and see what the heck our makeup routine is about to consist of today.

So, let’s just dive right in and see what we got so into a bag number one.

We have okay, we have it CC cream, ooh a foundation brush.

James Charles wonder if James Charles should use my own brushes or not so literally only use the things, but if nobody brought other but other brushes okay, then we have an foundation brush.

James Charles guess Dermalogica skincare, James Charles forgot the ultra sounds like other things: ooh a little formula.


2006, keep your cool skin calming gel mask this unique gel mask, helps reduce the appearance of nasty breakout Louis, you know what, while we’re going through nice, as James Charles was saying, while we’re going through the other bags, let’s go ahead and put this nice mask on our Face to really calm the appearance of breakouts, because my skin has teamed better days.

Okay, we also have chopstick once I’m all complete.

Let’s look at the backs.

Okay in this bag, she’s humming, oh okay, we have an elf eight tart.

James Charles delayed more, oh my god.

Yeah yeah, we have the morphe palette: okay, a morphe 35c palette, stunning vibes office.

Do you guys cannot use coach Ames at Ulta, unfortunately, but you can use to go James for 10 % off all your morphe products at Murphy store?

Oh my god.

Somebody brought us a tape: okay, so you taping the sheet of light and getting.

This is literally my shade light/medium honey.

Oh Lots, frickin go.

We have a Kylie Jenner, velvet, liquid, lipstick in the shade, come and oh okay, uh-huh another colored liquid lipstick in the shade surprised me.

This is off to a good start.

Let’s look at this file, James Charles wonder whom James Charles had this in their bag.

They do not want to use this in this video today, James Charles know soccer.

You guys obviously uses a million a trillion times and James Charles definitely wanna try out some new brands.

But James Charles would love to get this away at the end of the video, and James Charles also have a good and fresh idea for a big giveaway that James Charles want to do too.

So it makes you guys watch to the very end, some texture and body dry, shampoo, Louis, and we also have some Anasazi at Beverly Hills, not lipstick in the chain of spice.

Oh yes, somebody bought a bar set.

Thank you.

Okay, we have the morbid Jocelyn Hill brush that we already the foundation brush, but if James Charles have to do my content of the eyebrows – oh my god, somebody bought my literally in Miami.

Somebody is my Lily lashes in a style by happy use could use for 50 % of your purchase, literally my hair launches on the entire world.

Thank you, Lord Uses in heaven above this was like my crown.

Okay, James Charles don’t know these people in line were like sisters at heart.

We have okay, whoever had this bag was okay, literally whoever bought this bag was literally a sister, and also in here is the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray.

Okay, we have to throw.

We have to face for this wing in the shade.

A warm beige, definitely not the color, and we also have the Anasazi Beverly Hills.

Alyssa Edwards’s palette, which James Charles have been dying to play with.

James Charles love Alyssa Edwards.

She is one of my favorite drag queens of all time that James Charles obviously as well.

Their shadows are so Bob.

This is definitely going to be the palette that James Charles used to create a look today.

James Charles is so excited to use this next bag.

We have a better than sex mascara from Too Faced.

This is a really good one, ah Nastasia liquid, lipstick and the shade crush.

This is a good, and James Charles love this color nude great.

We have another shape tape, but this one is in light neutral.

James Charles use this color.

We have Maybelline Dream.

Bourbon cover full coverage, protective makeup sunscreen.

We might be able to mix us together with the board this way, though, to make this one a little bit less scandalous and then another Anasazi lipstick in the shade of kiss okay.

Yeah another morphe palette, the 35 aged Hokhmah.

James Charles really really like this pile.

That’s what James Charles think just launched.

We have next can’t stop won’t stop setting powder.

Oh nobody got a setting powder.

Yet, thank God.

I’ve actually never tried this one before, but hopefully she will come through, because James Charles cannot absolutely not knots at my face.

So there we go.

Some were urban decay, all nighter urban decay, D slick oil control setting spray.

Whoever bought this Viagra really needed to lock their face in place, make a revolution conceal and define full coverage foundation?

Okay, James Charles actually never played with any makeup revolution products before, but I’ve heard that they’re really good.

This color does not look like it’s even close to a right match, but James Charles really want to try this so I’m.

How could he do his candle should have gotten spray in this video we have the Aveeno ultra-calming and daily moisturizer and sunscreen.

Oh good I’ll put this on before my makeup.

Whole Beauty, Blender great, Oh any more of a sponge Wow.

This Carlin’s bag was Lynn.

Oh, we have another shade.

Makeup revolution considered divine shade after 10.

So a little bit later, better!

Oh wait!

We have two shades to make a revolution concealer and CA and c9 okay, regardless of the foundation.

James Charles will definitely find with these concealers today cuz, James Charles heard they are so Bob, so this is really excited about.

Okay, we are on to our last bag.

Thank God.

We have it bye, bye Foundation.

Okay, had this one yet either.

Let’s look at the shade for this too.

You know I’m just glad to see the fact that Ulta has lots of different shape variations at this point, so you have an elf blending brush.

You have the next bear with me: hydrating a jelly primer.

I’ve never tried some before benefit roller lash used to be my all-time favorite mascara, Oh champagne, mom!

Okay, James Charles don’t think we’ve actually pulled on it.

No we’ve had no highlighter yeah, okay, okay.

This is a perfect another option.

Oh the rock alter-ego lipstick.

James Charles Milani lip stick and elf ultimate foundation brush okay.

This is good and that’s the not least you have an Anasazi eyebrow definer.

Okay, James Charles usually use the brow is, but this can work too in the shade medium brown, okay, well!

That’s my color!

All right!

You guys!

Well, James Charles feel like this is a very random, but also a very, very successful makeup haul.

I’m pretty sure we have every single step of our makeup routine, covered in front of us and definitely paid off to wait for the store to get really busy and wait in line.

James Charles had it so much fun up meeting everybody in the store today that they’re all so sweet and they also did a really good job, picking up making our products.

So I’m gonna go and unbox my favorites and then let’s get started it with a fondant makeup.

Look all right!

You guys!

I’m gonna get started.

Okay, I’m gonna get started to use anyway, Aveeno ultra-common daily moisturizer.

That includes a sunscreen.

Your skin care should always have sunscreen in it.

That’s good, okay, so for foundation.

Today, I’m not exactly sure.

Let’s just try our options.

Okay, so we have the Maybelline Dream cover see what this color looks like: okay, not too bad honestly at all.

We haven’t born this way, my all-time favorite foundation in the club worm beige, which may already know unfortunately, for me, is not my color.

Definitely not it.

We have a makeup revolution in f10 and make a revolution in F.

This day is day for the books, and James Charles need everybody to pay attention right now, because my foundation is not going to match in this video just like every video, but this time it’s not.

My fault, so James Charles think I’m going to mix together the makeup revolution, shade 10, which is definitely too dark, and some of the Maybelline one and see if we can get a good mix.

James Charles like put this one around, like kinda, like the edges of my face and cover up this awful breakout, and then James Charles used two Maybelline.

Why not more towards like the middle of my face?


Isn’t that bad like it’s?

It’s not a match, but I’ve had worse.

Let’s be real.

I’ve dressed a little bit of the Maybelline and to like the lighter areas, we’re gonna use our it cosmetics, a full coverage complexion brush to blend this in okay.

That color!

Isn’t that bad?

Oh, my god.

Yes, let’s mix together our darker shade some cream contour, let’s go ahead and blend that and it using our at Beauty.

Blender now for concealer, I’m gonna grab the shade c9.

Also from what makeup revolution, James Charles have associated Travis concealers.

Today, I’ve heard such great things about it, I’m just going to pop this and all of the same normal areas.

I’m just gonna go ahead and blend that in as well, okay, I’m kind of liking how this is looking a lot.

James Charles definitely feel like I’m missing a little bit of coverage.

James Charles was gonna have a tiny little bit of the shape, taping out this just right underneath my eyes, just for a little bit more lightness and coverage, but that’s that James Charles promise let’s grab the next.

Can’t stop won’t stop setting powder and lock this in place.

This is actually the only setting powder out of all of those makeup bags.

So hopefully they strokes out because we don’t have another option.

This powder looks a little bit dark.

Oh we’re!

Just gonna push this on there and then we’re gonna wipe it off.

Hopefully this comes off translucent, because this is looking a little bit, not correct, so squeeze our other elephant foundation brush to wipe away the excess.

It’s like shiny a little bit for some reason, which James Charles feel like a setting powder should not be at all.

Oh okay, I’ve liked everything that I’ve tried so far, except for the setting powder.

James Charles do not like it at all, looks like James Charles have white foundation.

There’s stuff, but it’s completely set down and dry.

James Charles did not like that, would not use it guys.

Now we have to contour, we don’t really have anything from.

Let’s look.

Let me check out the Adelaide more importance of a contour suite of that and has a color called contour.

James Charles can’t put that on my cheek.

Well, I’m gonna grab a little bit of James Charles feel beautiful, which is deep, blush color on that foundation brush and let’s use that at least to apply a little bit of a blush.

That’s definitely our very pretty color.

James Charles guess James Charles have to literally use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to contour today.

James Charles wonder if there’s a color in the actual Anasazi part.

Let’s see yes, okay, we’re gonna, go the shade h, OE from the Alyssa Edwards on a salty palate and we’re gonna use a little bit of this color to contour.

I’m gonna be careful because this is definitely a dark shade and James Charles don’t want to go too intense.

I’m gonna grab that alpha blending brush that we got in one of the bags and grab that same h, OE, color and use this too Torinos.

James Charles is happy with this so far, so normally right about now.

James Charles would bake my face to lock everything and please and also brighten up the center, but consider that setting powder literally is sucked.

James Charles don’t really want to put more of it on so James Charles guess where it’s kind of stuck with this, so I’m just gonna go right into it.

The brows they God we have the Anasazi broad to find her.

James Charles don’t use this one too often, but Anasazi illiterate makes the best brow product, so I’m gonna go ahead and do this quickly off care and I’ll be right back to start off.

The ominous already knows we were back in both eyebrows are now complete.

I’m not exactly having the best.

James Charles brought at this.

One turned out really good at this one, not so much, but you know what we have phase tuned for reason.

I’m gonna grab the Anasazi Beverly Hills, acts Alyssa, Edwards palette.

James Charles is so excited about this one.

Today James Charles already have my eyes primed with some makeup revolution: concealer.

What I’m just gonna grab a little bit more, so it’s nice and tacky.

James Charles really want to use the yellow and the pink and the blue and the purple, and James Charles could literally just do a yellow, pink purple blue.

Let’s try it president JH 33 brush on the shaded dreamer, I’m gonna pack this on the outer like the type area.

Oh wow, that’s pick attentive, love that just gonna lightly go over the edge of that and kind of blend the color out.

Next, with that same brush, since James Charles really don’t have any other options, I’m gonna grab believe which is the kind of lighter purple color and put this right over top and next to dot blue.

This purple is definitely blending out really well to it.

Not perfect, but purple is by far the hardest shade to formulate when it comes to eyeshadows.

James Charles would know because we literally went through the 800 million different lab samples of a single and escaped until we got one that we were happy with.

That looks good.


Next, I’m gonna grab the JH 32 brush and dip into a Texas made the bright pink shade, and I’m gonna put this right next to believe same exact techniques just having the color on there and then lightly buffing them together to blend it out.

Let’s grab the JH 42 brush and the color brick road, which is deep, bright, yellow I’m gonna pop this on the inner corner wow, that is a bright yellow.

Oh wow, James Charles was literally one dip in the pan too, and it created all of that pigment that is so crazy.

I’m gonna try to do that, yellow and pink to create that orange color that we want.

I’m just gonna go ahead and repeat those same steps on the bottom: lash line: okay, nice, nautical DJH of 43 brush and dip into the shade boost and draw out a little bit of a lip blocked, lighter wow.

That looks actually really good.

I’m super happy with that and lost the finally, not least on my edge age 39 brush, I’m just gonna dip into a headliner, the bright white and put a little bit of this in the inner corner just to a little bit already base.

That’s pretty much!

The eye shadow of one eye all complete – James Charles is obsessed with these colors and this ombre pattern.

It looks so good at the blending could be a little bit better, but it’s definitely my own fault.

James Charles have not done a colorful makeup, look and literally weeks at this point, so I’m a little bit rusty, not being said practice does make perfect, so I’m gonna go and do the other eye off-camera quickly and I’ll, be right back to finish off the rest Of the look already guys, you’re back bold eyes are complete.

James Charles literally love this look so much.

James Charles think it looks so it’s very much like a butterfly ask which I’m so down for alright.

Now that we have a bolt eyes on Khurana run.

Oh God, I’m angry now that both eyes are now complete.

I’m gonna grab the benefit roller lash color mascara, and apply a light coat of this to my lashes and then I’d like to think that only God for giving me my early lashes, my Lily lashes use comb James for 15 % off your order.

These are my all-time favorite lashes in the entire world.

James Charles had no, James Charles wear these every single makeup look, but you know what we’re gonna put them on all right.

You guys moving right along the next step of our makeup.

Routine is going to be, of course, the highlighter, and for that I’m going to grab that gosh champagne pop shimmering skin perfecter.

It has been a hot minute since James Charles used this highlighter.

James Charles remember it not exactly working that well for my skin tone, so we’re gonna find that out.

James Charles guess looks so pretty.

Why don’t?

James Charles think this didn’t work for my skin tone at one point, you’re literally going we’re gonna grab the JH 39.

Once again, that same clothes that James Charles used to put the white and my inner corners and we’re gonna grab some more champagne pop on this and use this, for my nose highlight gonna probably tide a little bit in the inner corner as well.

All right guys we’re pretty much already at the end.

All we have left now is lips and we have quite a lot of options.

We have the lorac Pro in CEO.

That will be a good color with this lock.

Okay, she’s definitely a contender Anasazi, a spice that is such a pretty color, but James Charles feel like it’s a little bit too, like orange II, for this particular type of look Anasazi uh.

Yes, James Charles liked its color a lot, but James Charles don’t really want to do a lipstick without a lip liner and James Charles don’t actually think we have one of those we have Kylie velvet liquid lipstick, so not a full matte in the color surprised me yeah.

This would work with this look, but James Charles don’t know if James Charles want a bright pink.

We have another Kylie that this one is a velvet in the shade of commando, that’s very similar to the Anasazi one, though that James Charles didn’t love, oh so, how about some?

In the color Tanya, this one is going to be a no.

James Charles hate that that is what my fellow choice.

Actually, I’m gonna do a little combination.

I’m gonna start off with the lorac pro one in the color CEO, because it’s a little bit of like a darker mob and then I’m gonna go to the Anasazi a kiss in the middle for a nice ombre lip okay, a little bit and last.

But finally, not least one less print of the Urban Decay, all nighter setting spray just talked this beautiful makeup looking place.

Alright, you guys – and James Charles think that is the finished makeup – look all complete decided completely by the people in front of me in line at the makeup store, James Charles had it so much fun at them in this challenge today and at more than anything.

Obviously James Charles love how those look turned out, but this was a fun opportunity to just try out so many brand-new products that have literally no sight and what was like coming my way.

James Charles think there were so many things here that James Charles would never have actually picked up myself, but James Charles really love how this look turned out and James Charles really hope you guys did as well.

James Charles do want to say a quick thank you to all tough roads, being it literally the best and letting me film in their stores.

But James Charles also want to say a quick thank you to the customers that were in the stores that were so kind and so sweet.

James Charles was able to say thank you by doing something fun for the customers in the store, but James Charles do want to do something fun and say thank you to all of you sisters watching the video at home as well.

James Charles said earlier on that James Charles wanted to do a little giveaway and that is definitely going to be happening.

I’m gonna give you away at one James of Charles Murphy pallets, but not only this.

James Charles will also be giving away to one $ 1000.

All to give cards, so you guys can go on a little bit of a sister shopping spree.

All you have to do is give this video a big thumbs up down below and leave me a comment, and you must be following me on my Instagram and YouTube.

Both of which are just James, Charles I’ll, be picking all three winners.

One week from today and they’ll be known.

Somebody stories all legal details in mumbo jumbo will be in the description down below, but this is just James Charles found a little way to say thank you and James Charles love you guys so so so much so good luck, don’t forget you guys as well that these sisters Of hero, pride collection is now live on, sisters, apparel calm.

James Charles is so excited to be donating a huge chunk of the proceeds to The Trevor Project.

It is going to an amazing cause and you guys will obviously be wearing a very, very cute, regular pieces as well.

If you think anything up, don’t forget to tie us on Instagram.

If they do follow me out, James Charles make it up Turner.

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter that are both just James.

Charles, my twitch is jay Chou’s foodie for fun at games with James content, and my snapchat for more behind TJ stuff is Charles.

An extra ass after Charles this video is sister psittacosis sister.


Thank you so much love for always following it supporting you know.

James Charles love you literally, is so much and if you’d like to be next sister shut up, don’t forget to always reach it.

Video links when they go live on a Twitter.

All right.

You guys, James Charles think that is all James Charles have for this videos today.

James Charles thank you so much for watching.

James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one: [Music,], [, Music,]

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