Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Makeup Relay Race ft. My Best Friends

Makeup Relay Race ft. My Best Friends

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I invited over all of my best friends to play Makeup Roulette. Each friend has 5 minutes to do part of my makeup routine without helping each other and in the end we see if they can create a finished look!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel, as you guys can see today, I’m done with some very brilliant sisters: special guests, the kitty, girl’s yay.

So do you guys from birth few months ago, we actually got together for our first video, where we did my best friend’s expose me and that was kind of like the sisters.

First time ever actually meeting like the OG sisters, like we’ve, been best friends for a very, very long time.

I’ve known everyone here, except for drew for almost more it’s like almost four years now, yeah whoa, that’s so crazy.

All of us starting a group chat together called at the kitty girls, and we literally talk all day long every single day and we’re pretty, what’s together at least like three to four times a week to open the Kathy, actually live with me and tours here.

Almost every night, so it’s pretty much a family fiesta.

It’s honestly a good first time.

James Charles think one of my favorite videos that I’ve ever filmed on this channel was a collab with pretty much the entire vlog squad and we played a game called a makeup.

Relay race, ironically, the same exact game.

It would dis been great because we’ve been friends for such a long time now, we’ve been through so much together.

Our friendship has been tested and James Charles feel, like we’ve, always come out on top stronger than ever, but we’ve never been tested as makeup artists and that that’s what my YouTube channel is all about.

So for today’s video we’re going to be playing makeup relay race, everybody excited yeah in case you guys into the first make up relay race video, basically, how it works is just like a normal relay race.

We have our numbers 1 through 6 here and the iconic wall power from last video which, by the way, if you’ve not yet seen it click right up here and go check it out and everybody’s going to pick a number out of the Hat.

And then that is going to be the order that all the Kitty girls will have 5 minutes to do whatever part of my makeup routine that they want.

The whole point is that you’re only as strong as your weakest link, we do have makeup artists and the screw, so this could okay, and I’m on the ride.

Let’s talk about that, my booking fee is low.

Let’s talk about this for a second because James Charles do feel like the playfield, it’s like very even like when it was the bomb squad.

Nobody knew anything about makeup, but we there’s some advantages.

We have going on here like Cassie, oh yeah, I’m a little bit of aiming I’m dinosaur.

I’ve been doing for ten years now wow.

This is a passion.

Elias who’ve been working in for like five years yeah, but then Lauren Viktor in their hands.

Well, Victor we’ve done two videos together, so you know what went on.

James Charles know James Charles know what’s going on.

James Charles just don’t know how to do it without further ado, so we figure out.

Yes, nobody, nobody open the other side open it, so everyone can now look at them, oh god, I’m so scared!

Alright, you guys.

So it is official.

We have our order.

One Oh order, one two, three, four, five and finally, six: let’s see if my best friends that kitty girls can all work together to put a beautiful makeup.

Look on this face right here: [, Music,], all right!


Number one wait stand up!

Oh that’s!


That’s a good, no, James Charles think tract look.

James Charles have high hopes for you.

We’ve done two videos together on my channel before.

Do you feel confident at all yeah, I’m going number one.

So true can’t be too bad.

All right, Vic, you’re gonna have five minutes on the clock.

Are you ready yeah?

Three, two one go.

You can like walk us through a process a little bit two years.

Well, James Charles need to like prep the face.

Oh wait moisturize, you sure, but James Charles don’t know what moisturizer it looks like.

Okay, James Charles have to ask you a question during this process.

Okay, what are you using?

You don’t know they’re for almost four years now for you yeah and we’ve done two videos together.

So how would you say like me as a YouTuber, but like also me as like a friend, has changed over the past several years, you as a person or just a consolation child.

James Charles mean James Charles feel, like we always start off with a good start, so that was always good.

That has never changed, but besides that, James Charles feel, like you mostly help me be a better person really.

Oh yes, yeah you’ve taught me just how to act more around people if James Charles never had to deal with the whole being in public, James Charles yeah, so you definitely have taught me how to be like that which I’m you can ask a lot of my friends.


Never been the most sociable person yeah, so James Charles definitely have grown in that way foundation.

Yes, great start with you later.

Okay, oh, can James Charles say in one way that James Charles think our relationship has changed a lot.

Yes, James Charles feel, like one thing, that James Charles really love is that you’ve almost taken on like almost like a fatherly role with me, along sided with Elden too, obviously sure, especially when it comes to like relationship stuff yeah, dealt with a lot of problems with it.

Even like you’ll talk to me outside of the crew time, big Nodine’s, James Charles don’t leave that idea.

James Charles think you should look at this play or do it this way like this, isn’t smart you’re gonna get yourself hurt.

I’m like James Charles really respect that because James Charles really value your opinion as someone who’s older, but also like, James Charles feel like it’s a really good husband in the relationship.

James Charles agree.

James Charles believe I’ve gotten really close to you where James Charles treat you like, James Charles would protect Laura.

James Charles protect you as well yeah off to a pretty good start: okay, yeah!

Actually, I’m a lot more proud of Wow good job.

Okay, thank you.

Sento be tuned ready for kid.

You girl number two.

Oh c’mon number two.

Hopefully you moisturize first foundation.

James Charles think.

Okay, the top five minutes on the clock.

James Charles have a few questions lined up to ask you three, two one go okay, concealer, even ready to Cassie.

First six years now James Charles feel like you have to yeah, but James Charles don’t do her makeup.

She just does her own thing, so this is what a lot of people may not know is that we actually work together every day and live together were just kind of month.

Alden was actually working as an aerospace, a machinist yeah beforehand, so very smart, organized engineering type of person like going from like aerospace machinery to beauty, guru, full-time employees, very, very different.

James Charles would assume right basically before James Charles was like talking clock out, yeah coming to work at like 6:00 in the morning and then leaving like at 3:00 yeah.

So, like you, climbing yeah running out of time, we’re gonna bake.

Now so now our schedules like very sporadic and we travel a lot there’s like so much different things going on compared to like what James Charles did before is like pretty routine yeah and like this is like so different.

James Charles want to ask: what would you say is the best part of working together?

What would you say is the worst part of working together and you be honest.

This is a good question for me as they as human resources department.

The best part is all the traveling and everything yeah the James Charles would say the worst part is probably well a lot of times.

Cassie gets to come with us too, but it’s hard because we have to French bulldogs that we have to leave behind and sometimes Cassie isn’t able to go, yeah, which James Charles would love like for all of us to go well.

The whole group would be awesome job.

Oh, James Charles want the worst part of not being able to be there.

Well, actually, the worst part is.

We usually have the same food every week, like repeated yeah, so like week after week, it’s like the same thing, because you have like your favorite meals and everything.

James Charles look at California Pizza, Kitchen barbeque chicken.

The way we go around that is when you’re out we get to order whatever we want.

We are always having a good time.

Look good increase, James Charles just ate by flowing, so there might like, James Charles think, all right.

Fine, that’s all the talk.

I’m gonna ask you a few questions about our friendship.

James Charles don’t want to answer those ones ready.

Three two one go: okay, okay, this bronzer brush, James Charles absolutely did learn which brush is the bronzer brush, because James Charles like to use we’re gonna bronze the face a little bit today.

You know James Charles don’t ever do face makeup on my clans.

James Charles just did the James Charles is leave okay yeah, but I’m not good at the face, like I’m only good at with the eye.

Okay, you could do.

James Charles should do the eye.

We do a little more up here, your foreheads looking big today, and mom being together.

Almost every single day, what is your favorite thing that we do together?

James Charles feel like honestly, like we, we like, brainstorming our jobs, dot.

That is only favorite things.

We do together yeah those we both do.

You kind of the same thing like James Charles having YouTube channel too, but different from yours, yeah, but James helps me with mine, and James Charles helped him with his because we don’t like we’re not competitive at all.

Yeah, there’s like no over there’s no overlap but yeah.

James Charles truly feel like some of my favorite most productive days or when you and James Charles to sit down together and like just brainstorm ideas and just like bounce ideas back and forth.

Yeah agreed yeah.

Okay, James Charles mean James Charles just going with my finger.

Okay, oh wow brave.

James Charles know I’m a makeup artist, okay, as a fashion, blogger.

True, how do you feel about my fashion?

James Charles think it’s good.

James Charles think it’s definitely developed like in a good way.

Yeah, like James Charles think when James Charles first met you, it was very like just like Instagram boy like Instagram girl or whatever, but now it’s definitely come more high-fashion.

But James Charles still wanna see you like wear more color for sure for sure, like cuz, you would still like very Street and like wears a lot of black, which is fine, like that’s what you personally like.

But James Charles think if you want to be more fashion, which is introducing a little more color, James Charles know Oh IRA me, my rates are really affordable.

Um reach, dr.

James’s email or mine, do not retouch on my email and oh wait.


James Charles was gonna give you a nice hug, bye best friend, fine, please send in the next yeah miss Laura’s, boutique, yes period to get started ago.

Three, two onetime all right, I’m gonna ask you some questions about our friendship.

It’s up to so Laura.

We’ve known each other for probably almost four years now and when James Charles first moved to LA.

James Charles have told sorry before about how James Charles live.

Did you and your entire family and I’m forever grateful for everything you guys did for me?

We’re not gonna get emotional, because James Charles have a funny question to ask you: no don’t after the last four years and us living together or like traveling there, all together going to events together.

What is one thing about either me or like my job that you’ll never get used to?

You would like the meeting great.

So you have those were like crazy.

You guys it’s like it’s crazy, see minimal like online and stuff but like when you were actually in there like.

You can actually feel like the room like rumbling and like energy, the energy, it’s crazy, like Australia.

Well, typically, Oh see, you can’t do that.

Mall of America, like it’s crazy, James Charles remember them all.

I’m Erica me Cassie were like crying cuz.

Really dude like this is our friend like he’s be here for him.

Also, James Charles think you walking around naked all the times in as little undies with Laura sorry you reading is that possible.

James Charles can’t you and Victor are the only ones out of the friend group that have a child, thank God yeah Elliot, and you obviously know that.

James Charles don’t want kids afraid, I’m obviously still very young.

Do you think that I’d be a good parent or a terrible parent?

If James Charles want to change my mind, you know honestly, James Charles thought you would be a bad book 1, but yesterday, yes, you know Sunday that we were here.

James Charles think you took Elliot to play the piano upstairs and James Charles thought that was pretty cute.

James Charles think that’d be cute of you to like absolutely James Charles don’t know you.

James Charles thought James Charles was cute, but James Charles don’t think you would have one.

James Charles think people would she let you borrow what why don’t you think I’d be a good parent?

Oh, James Charles just don’t think your patient, like you want everything like there.

Oh James Charles don’t mess you up, though, so yeah we’re actually pretty good if we’re looking okay so far.

Well, now we’re on to Cassidy and hey-Zeus psychic or smooth sailing [Applause,], [, Music,], okay, kitty girl, number five!

Didn’t James Charles just do the glitter?

James Charles have a feeling today.

Well, James Charles feel like you would need this being lost to us of hi Keith.

Pretty good flossing cuz you measured the week before this.

If anybody can fix that, it’s you so you’re gonna have five minutes to do whatever you want to pull this look together.

Oh and I’m saving great moment, yeah.

Okay, we’re gonna privates on the clock.

You’re gonna be able to do whatever steps you want from you.

James Charles don’t ask you a few questions about our friendship and life too, so it sounds good ready.

Yes, three, two one go!


What do you think?

First, I’m going to get rose and you already know James Charles don’t do a quick route, we’re just gonna dig into a little bit of plumbing and okay, just going right in yeah, okay, Cassie.

The first thing that James Charles want to ask you when James Charles was with health – and James Charles talked about how are you and him kind of live with me at this point literally my favorite thing that ever happened to me just constant fun and craziness at the house.

What has been your favorite thing?

That’s happened with us living together so far and the worst thing that you’ve seen like none of it.

James Charles like that I’ll have to see you.

The best part honestly is because James Charles live an hour, but in LA always over two hours with traffic.

Oh wait yeah so like we’re always together anyway, and it’s just so just pretty much live here at that point, because tape all the time and gas yeah and we’re such a big family here that it is just so enjoyable to be together every single day yeah.

But James Charles would say the worst part is literally: it literally comes in every single morning and wakes.

My ass up, Cassie, James Charles Cassie.

James Charles come in every single afternoon acting and wait.

You are at roughly between 12:00 and 3:00 p.m.

If you guys don’t know.

I’m nocturnal, so James Charles stay up till literally sunrise and James Charles sleep during the day, but miss Jamie Charlie over here, like a good old sunrise awakening so sometimes they’ll come in and like cuddle in bed and then sometime Cassie rise and shine.

So that is our routine.

Over here, you’re never gonna break your routine.

If you and your let you sleep until 4:00 p.m.

Once you’re going to absolutely do if we don’t wake you up so cast a lot of.

My followers have started to follow you because you upload a lot of vlogs on your channel a lot of times.

Obviously we’re always traveling together, so it happens to be like vlogs behind-the-scenes footage.

Yes, our meet grace are different.

Events would stop.

What’s one thing that people might not know that goes on behind the scenes of the vlogs honestly, James Charles feel like we’re very open and pretty honest with you guys, like we put all of us out there, but James Charles would save it.

We’re not exactly always PG and so is YouTube monetization.

James Charles think we cut a lot of, like our playful vulgar names out a lot of kids onto my videos of a lot of kids watch, my videos with their parents.

James Charles do try to always make sure my channel is appropriate for everybody we’re definitely much crazier if that’s even possible behind the scenes.

Yeah James Charles mean you definitely see more crazy stuff on my channel, then you’re just very inside look a little better, but James Charles do get a little carried away talking.

Sometimes, okay, all right ready for you, sister, hey Zeus, we’re gonna have five minutes to do whatever you want to fix that over three two one go.

Okay, Oh get ready!

You know.

James Charles have a good question for you to start off with huh out of the entire friend group.

You were the one that James Charles knew.

First, we started talking first, James Charles want to know because you would have like a hundred thousand our Instagram.

When James Charles first wasn’t thinking.

James Charles had zero.

You know, James Charles remember sliding into your dance first James Charles think yeah like.

Why did you reply?

Cuz, honestly, you James Charles feel, like you were literally so town until they give it from the beginning, which was a good deer.

Looked at you had like done like a long time ago, see like it’s hard for me to find friends yeah, another boy, that’s like the community or whatever yeah.

That’s like trying to be my friend, which was like pretty cool.

So what has been your favorite memory that we’ve had together?

Probably your graduation really yeah.

This is like a specific memory, but one thing that I’m oh okay, I’m finishing one thing that I’ve always loved that you did before James Charles had this house when James Charles was still living downtown, but every we would hang out so she had Laura stops.

It always shy of me home yeah and we almost died so many times over here is a first-timer.

Oh, no, I’m not he’s easier.

The worst is your scary living in the first man.

No, no anyway Laura lifted Whittier when you suppose in Orange County.

So what here’s like here or Chinese, like here but you’re, like I’m like way up here at Laura’s house, would always trying the all the way down to downtown a minute all the way back home, just James Charles won’t have to like uber young.

It’s like we just good music and tell you a little bit whenever we about to get in a car crash yeah, all six of you mean literally the absolute most to me.

James Charles have terraced our friendship for a very, very long time now, but I’m not sure it’s oh well you’re about to see it.

You guys all work together but separately, doing different parts.

My makeup routine at five minute intervals each and it is time for you guys to see the finished.

Look because it’s not about the finished product company.

Three, two one, Oh everyday makeup, look Jane the eyes!

Look the best as James Charles did, though, that ain’t good to make I’ll rock you guys.

Well, James Charles guess that is obviously a cup, a relay race, all complete with all my best friends in the entire world.

James Charles literally love all these people, so so so freakin much.

Maybe the off suit most to me – and James Charles truly would not be here for them if you guys, for this episode of makeup relay race featuring the kitty, girls, don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up down below and also leave us a comment.

Do you like to finish, look whose makeup job and do you like the best?

Let us know if you’re not ready as well make sure you hit that big red button down below and come right.

This is Sarah.

I’m gonna kill both of you.

James Charles click that Bell icon, so you can open every time James Charles upload a brand new video, if you like, to follow me on our makeup journey can Tambien Instagram and Twitter they’re both so strange, always tell Jeff more behind the scenes of the Savior showers that James Charles Dress after Charles I’m gonna everyone’s power plugs on them right now, if you guys wanna go check, no one follow.

You probably show that.

Excuse me what you guys.

James Charles know who this video is sisters.

How much should go everybody?

This is sisters not.

It goes to Kitty girl’s family, what my favorite!

She makes the laugh mmm yeah.

James Charles love that she supports both me and all my friends as well.

It means so much and she just alluded – the sweetest so go check around and circle, and thank you for always falling in supporting, if you don’t the next videos, sister shout-out rate, your videos link alive on Twitter or quite a really bomb fan page with Really fun edits.

Well also, if you like, all the hoodies that we’re all wearing make sure you check out sisters, apparel, calm, we’re officially live up back in business.

Thank you guys so much.

Thank you by the love and support on the summer collection that launched a few days ago.

James Charles think motherhood, this videos up and the pride collection, is going back up very many students that make sure you guys check that on it will give you all the updates and all these other cute hoodies have them available or Arsenal available.

Make sure you check it out all right, you guys!

Thank you so much watching this video today.

We all love you so much and we will see you in the next one: [Applause,], [, Music,],

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