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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

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Making a Song Using ONLY Makeup Products

HI SISTERS! A few weeks ago, people somehow found my first YouTube channel from 7 years ago with a bunch of singing covers on it… In today’s video I react to these covers, but also decided to recreate one of them using ONLY makeup products. I am so proud of how it turned out, I really hope you enjoy!!!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

James Charles really just wants to jump right into today’s video and I’m not exactly sure if that’s because I’m excited about it and really pumped or if I’m mortified and want to get this over we’re.

Definitely, a little bit of a mixing Bowl while it was on my social media break for the past a few weeks, even though James Charles was not uploading on YouTube, James Charles was checking YouTube all the time and launching all my favorite content creators, videos and just keeping up To date, in his little my favorite ways to pass time and when James Charles was in my recommended feed a few weeks ago, a video popped up that caught my eye and apparently caught the eye of many other people as well.

And that was eight videos called pumped up kicks’ cover from the YouTube channel, J’s coding.

No, it does pop up and you’re recommended.

You may not think anything twice, but if you are me, James Charles looked at this video and said: oh my god.

That’s me from seven years ago: why is a seven-year-old, video being a show them?

James Charles recommended you may ask why sipping so to anybody.

I’m certainly asking at this point: let’s be real.

My history was singing is not the best.

People had some great moments, but we’ve also had a far more really embarrassing lands and I’m trying my best to improve and be the best singer that James Charles possibly can be because James Charles truly does have such a love and passion for it.

But it is very hard to do so when things like this get brought up good.

The first thing that James Charles tried to do was not watch them, but it was to log into the channel and delete the account, and James Charles could not figure out the password for the life of me spent over an hour doing so and, alas, they are still here.

James Charles wants to do two things.

James Charles wants to first watch some of these videos and take a little trip down memory lane to 11 years old, James, Charles.

James Charles wants to react and then, if they’re as bad as James Charles thinks they’re going to be, James Charles wants to see if we can recreate one of the covers in a fun way.

James Charles has an idea bear with me: [ Music ] now the first video that James Charles want to walk together today is called it will rain cover by James.

This is posted seven years ago and has four hundred and fifty-nine thousand views the wolf ha.

James Charles likes this song, a lot, but James Charles doesn’t know all the words, especially a certain part of the song you’ve got to be kidding me.

James Charles uploaded a cover to my channel and preface it by saying James Charles doesn’t know all the words we’re not going to.

James Charles used to wear the small part all of the time.

If you ever leave me baby, these some muffins at my door cause they will take a whole lot of medication, pepper to you.

Oh, my god, you guys will be used to have that we don’t have any more there’s no religion.

That could save me.

Oh God, what this is awful people literally leave comments now saying that I’m a bad singer, but this, oh, my god like there’s good progress at least keep in mind all the sacrifices.

Aha making love.

We love a good for Bronto, walking out the door there be no sunlight.

If James Charles loses you pay me.

If James Charles loses, you pay me I’ll, be no clear skies.

If James Charles loses you, baby.

Oh, oh!

Oh, my god!

This is torture, just something I’m saying, clowns.

James Charles looks like a clown, never liked this video as me being a clown.

Oh God, the falsetto caught up to the mill.

Okay, ooh I’ll never be your mother’s funky change, every day it’ll, rain, okay, yeah!

James Charles had a card.

Some parts out because James Charles didn’t know the tune of them and James Charles really didn’t – want to pause the video, because James Charles has heard it recorded this like eight times honey.

James Charles has a kind of soportes out because James Charles didn’t know the tune of that and James Charles didn’t want to cut the video because they’ve already recorded this eight times stop T then we all just witnessed and listen to an I’m sorry for your ears.

What’s the best take attention what the other eight sounded like anyway, James Charles hope you all enjoyed an elf Kerry who is carried so went into the car without even knowing all the lyrics.

Great first stop switches the tempo about five different times.

Doesn’t matter right?

Who cares?

We have a key change and there, and we also had some very questionable, pronunciations and tuning situations from clowns.

If James Charles lose you baby how’s, it gonna pressure and the videos for Kerry.

Of course, James Charles have no idea who that is the next video that James Charles would love for you and James Charles to watch together.

Is this one entitled before he cheats cover this one has seven hundred and ninety two thousand views and was posted also seven years ago?

Ok, you don’t even have an inch.

Oh that’s one for expect right in right now, he’s probably so dancing with each contractor, probably getting frisky.

Alright, we first excused to each lunch beach, a beach contrary.

All right now he’s probably buying her some food a little drain because she can’t shoot whiskey right now, she’s, probably out behind her, where the pool stick showing her, how to shoot a combo, [, Music ] – and he doesn’t know.

Then James Charles does my tea and solution.

Trapeze, primitive soup, tough, alien child common name in Suez leather see the Lewis now Lewis, oh my god, Louisville Kentucky sweetie.

James Charles is so sorry, oh my god.

You know what, though, if James Charles said because James Charles was reading the lyrics: [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], maybe next time before he cheats.

Oh, what okay.

James Charles hope you enjoyed that short cover of James Charles didn’t for he cheats by Carrie, Underwood in my head.

James Charles said like Lily as if James Charles killed that.

Okay, oh my god, notice the cross on the wall.

The only thing that could have stayed this cover was Jesus himself, okay, so slightly better on the lyrics.

Apparently, we are begging before we cheat on our significant others.

At this point, please don’t cheat him.

Anybody still can’t figure out our tempo to save our life pitch.

James Charles will say not awful: we had a little bit of a key change in the first chorus, but other than that not too bad still had some very unnecessary pronunciations and growls that James Charles wish James Charles hadn’t put in there.

James Charles has one more that James Charles wants to show you guys.

Well, James Charles doesn’t really want to show it to anybody, I’m going to show you guys and that is pumped up kicks’ cover by JS coding once again most of seven years ago, and this one has 1.

5 million views.

It has 44,000 thumbs up, came not back and only 5,000 dislikes, so maybe this cover could be okay, it’s probably not going to be, but James Charles excited to watch this one hi.

This is pumped up kicks’ for Emily, Emily who’s carrion, who is ugly for these people that I’m dedicating these videos to Roberts got a quick hand.

He loved around the room, he won’t say I’ll.

Do his plan he’s got a rolled cigarette just God?

Oh my!

Oh, my god, now he’s a cowboy kid yeah, you found the sake shoot of God in his dad’s closet.

James Charles don’t when I’m pop so fun things.

James Charles doesn’t even know what buddy’s coming for you yeah he’s coming for you.

Oh, the other kids, with the Pumped Up Kicks you better run outrun.

First of all, you don’t like it.

A little barely have these notes, because I’m literally whispering means all the other kids.

With the Pumped-up Kicks, you better run.

I’m gonna hit play again.

Kids with the Pumped-up Kicks you better run.

Was it Johnny works a long day he’d be coming later, then he’s bringing me a surprise because dinners in the kitchen that is packed in ice, I’ve waited for a long time and the side of my head is now the quick pull trigger of reason.

With my cigarette black hair songs by a bus, the last y’all, would James Charles wish that somebody let my hair on fire?

While James Charles had this haircut, James Charles could have bought it I’ll cut off a whole Boston, er, the other kids, with the Pumped Up.

It’s better run better run faster than my palsy yeah.

What helped you enjoyed once again?

It was a short cover because James Charles don’t have the lyrics up so two days to get them up my just over, because James Charles don’t have the lyrics up, so James Charles hope hope.

You’re doing this to recover.

Once again, James Charles didn’t have the lyrics out too lazy to get them up.

What was he doing?

Did James Charles not know how to open a new tab and get the lyrics?

Oh, man on second thought, maybe it’s better that we didn’t have the full thing that was the worst ten minutes.

My life, I’m not proud of any of those, but James Charles will say it has been seven years, and hopefully this goes to show that I’ve at least improved a little bit.

I’m still not amazing, that is for sure, but I’ve practiced things so much over the last.

Several years, and at least now James Charles can pull up the lyrics to a song when James Charles want to learn it in honor of the iconic legendary 11 year old, that was Jay’s coding, okay at web designer graphic designer, Mario Kart, Wii hacker and clearly pop singer extraordinaire.

James Charles wanted to do something really really fine with a modern-day James, Charles twist [ Music, ] [, Music, ] [, Music ].

But it’s got a quick look around the room.

He won’t tell you, is plan, he’s got a rolled cigarette hanging out his mouth he’s a cowboy kid yeah.

You found a six-shooter pun in his dad’s closet, hitting a box of fun things.

James Charles doesn’t even know what everybody’s coming for you, okay he’s coming for.

You all the other [ Music ], you better.

How do you be so long day he becoming the ladies coming late and he’s bringing me a surprise cuz.

They don’t like it Chanel it’s packed in ice.

I’ve waited for a long time in the slide.

In my hand, is now a quick pull trigger a reason with my cigarette, James Charles see your hair’s on fire [, Music, ], [, Music ], the kids with the pump [ Music ], the I’ll run, all the kids with the Pumped [ Music ], Oh [, Music.

] nobody [ Music, ], [, Music, ], all right sisters, and that is why, for today’s video, James Charles really hope you guys enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.

James Charles certainly did not, but James Charles did have so much fun recreating that cover and hopefully showing you guys a little bit of progress with a modern-day James twist.

If you did enjoy it, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show your sister love and support.

It means so much to me and leaves me a comment down below.

Let me know if you want to see more of these make-out product covers in the future.

It was really challenging to create, but at the same time it’s so much fun and James Charles loves how it turned out, and James Charles really hopes you guys did as well.

If you’ve not already made sure you like that big red subscribe, button down below and come join this sister and James Charles would love to have you join the family and if you have not already make sure to click that Bell icon.

So you a good overuse.

Every time James Charles uploads a brand new video, if you like to follow me on our makeup journey, can follow me and to your Twitter there, both just um Charlotte.

So James Charles stopped out for more behind the scenes myself as soon as Charles, with an extra ask after Eternals this video is sister Shawna, Costa, sisters, Emily and Carrie.

James Charles loves you guys so much, even though James Charles has no idea who you are, but you are everyone for putting up with mm ah than me.

So thank you for that.

If you don’t like you’re next video Sue’s, your shadow, don’t forget to always retweet my beliefs, they go live on Twitter, and also Caroline you too, at post notifications.

All right, you guys!

Thank you so much for watching these videos today and love you, and James Charles will see you in at the next one [ Music, ]

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