Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube My Best Friends Expose Me...

My Best Friends Expose Me…

HI SISTERS! To start off 2019, I figured it was finally time to introduce you guys to the best friends I consider my family. Watch as THEY answer all of YOUR juicy questions about my life, boys, memories, and more!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.

First of all, you guys, happy new year, welcome to 2019, kind of fun, kind of fresh.

So I did your whole thing.

I mouthed your words so the past three years on my youtube journey has been quite the wild rollercoaster, but throughout all of it, I’ve had the same close group of friends, literally through everything, and now we are starting off the brand new year.

Still renewing all together.

You guys have obviously all met my friends within the youtube community, but i’ve never really formally introduced you guys to like these best friends of mine um, and these are like my family.

Basically, at this point we were pretty much together.

Every single day, um were in a group chat that talked way too often, all day long, a little too much a little too were the kitty girls.

To be honest, this is the video we also have victor whos, laura’s fiance, who is in our daddy videos and also eldon cassies, amazing husband.

This is the familia.

These are the kitty girls and we are all together and I’m so blessed to have all of them.

In my life, um we’ve been through so much together and for today’s video, I just thought it’d be so much fun to kind of sit down and expose him.

Okay, you guys asked us all the questions.

If you want to know anything juicy or fresh or fun and then we’re gon na answer them, none of us know what the questions are, including me, including james.

So this is gon na be kind of fun yeah.

I don’t even get to answer these, so I guess this is like I have to put my trust in your guys’ hands yeah.

We love that for you, yeah don’t, give me a scandal.

Please, oh it’s fine, probably don’t be rude.

You know how to get out of the Music theme.

The first question is: how did you guys all meet?

Oh cute, simple.

First, one easy option: yeah, i got an easy one.

Okay, so i met cassie first out of the group um through instagram, and then i met james and then i met laura at work.

How many followers did James have at the time like three dollars?

How much okay really yeah?

It was my first time at a thousand.

Oh, i came kind of further on yeah yeah yeah, because i met james through our mutual friend kade.

I met jesus first then i met cassie when i went to la for the first time and then i met laura at a makeup forever party and then we all went out to dinner after because i got involved with the scandal one of my first makeup events That i went to yeah, so we went to buffalo wild wings, all together, yeah and then we went back to laura’s warehouse for the first time and then i remember that night that’s, the first time i saw jamie, the buffalo wings and i was shook.

I saw some guy wearing some short shorts Laughter Applause Applause with what kind of underwear when James was at my house, and he saw you change for the first place, because Jesus is not embarrassed ever, he’s just like yeah.

She doesn’t care where he’s walking around his underwear, he doesn’t care.

Who is true, it says what was your first impression of james.

Be honest, oh god, there was a lot of reverse depression.

Well me and cassie much together, the first time yeah.

Do you remember when we went to pick up James and he said he’ll be ready in five minutes?

Oh yeah for about probably like two hours, two hours yeah and he comes out hes.

Like sorry, i was showering because i had a really sweaty dream or whatever and the whole bed was wet yeah, something like that and were like um.

I love having a sweaty dream.

The first time that I came to california.

I went to a guy’s house and i didnt i didnt know it was a friend from twitter and I didn’t have any crush on him at all, so I was really really nervous to be there and we slept in the same bed.

I remember I was uncomfortable with it, so I wanted to sleep in full clothes like sweatpants and a sweatshirt, and he had like eight blankets on it.

I woke up like wet, like literally just so gross I like how to like, spend the entire rest of the day fixing it, and then that leads into the same story of us going to the event that we met up with Laura and that’s.

Where thats, you guys met in contact yeah so laura.

What was your first impression?

He came up to me.

He goes i’m going to the warehouse tomorrow and I hope that’s okay.

I was like yesterday because we had a mutual friend Daisy and I was going to the Twoface warehouse and Daisy is going to lauras and we were like okay I’ll bring you toothpaste.

If you bring me laurels then I was like okay Lauren coming here.

I was like a good sister swap yeah this woman since day one mine was normal.

I only met James like a year and a half ago, yeah yeah like right like a couple months before Christmas of last year, because the nice thing was that he lived downtown only a couple blocks from me as to where everyone else here kind of lives.

Further away so me and James would hang out a lot because we lived within, like a five minute walk from each other.

We started hanging out like literally every single day, yeah, because we both made youtube videos and then I would help james.

Then he would help me – and you only had like i don’t know how many subscribers at the time you had just like hit over a million, i think yeah and same on instagram, because your instagram youtube are kind of always the same yeah.

So it’s just like.

Also that, but i feel like my first impression – was just normal yeah, like just a normal meeting of a person like it wasn’t anything weird, because it was something funny yeah.

I thought you guys were dating when you guys were first.

What everyone thinks I think, yeah together, like a lot of the time, what’s the real tease? Thanks for waking up, I exposed the relationship on the video before you guys became friends.

Did any of you guys date?

Each other have a crush on each me and laura have sex all the time and victor allows there.

We occasionally jump in whats.

The weirdest thing you’ve seen James do was talking weird.

He likes to pick his belly button and smell it.

Oh, I do too, though, that’s disgusting, no it’s fun, do it right now!

Well, mine hasn’t been smelling lately. Laughter, I don’t enjoy doing it.

Sometimes you just like to get in there once you smell it, you have to keep smelling it that’s.

Why are they in a relationship?

Do you guys want some sisters, oh yeah, who has the worst fashion out of you guys me me, definitely not me.

I think it would be the track suit era.


No, because guess what store happens to be selling a whole lot of one pieces and track suits lately miss Laura’s boutique.

So i was the head of the fashion don’t ever code, james for ten percent off that’s right.

I used to wear this.

I used to wear jumpsuits all the time and they’d always make fun of me and say that I was like jumping out of, like literally I was jumping out of a plane and they yeah and then recently I got one and it looked really good on me.

So I was like yeah, I was in the head at the time.

Sorry, I can’t help myself. I’m just too fashionable whenever I’m getting rid of clothes. Cassie always takes them, so I actually love their merchandise.

I love good throwback cassies, a very few years behind the times resourceful person, i’m an old soul, yeah just vintage yeah.

Why can’t James get a boyfriend?

Oh because they’re australian?

No, he can.

He just likes the challenge, so he goes for the ones I don’t want. That’s not true, though they do it secretly, but they can’t come out, yeah.

I know what it is.

Also James is a very much of a person that’s like I need it now.

Right now this second, so it’s not even like oh let’s date for like a couple of weeks, and then you can come over to my house after, like a month like a normal relationship, it’s like you’re coming over and were probably gon na, do something, and then Maybe yeah, maybe maybe tomorrow we can talk again yeah.

I think you just want someone so quickly that maybe uh, maybe they get turned off by it and they are, also straight yeah.

Well yeah.

I mean okay, all right, next question is directly for james.

I cant im not supposed to answer them well, you’re gon na have to james whose.

Your favorite sister squad spilled the tea kitty squad.

Oh so he must be talking about the other sisters.

I like it, like everyone in here for different reasons.

What are you doing? I’m just hoping it’s me?

It probably is true.

I would probably have to say that.

Well, I don’t know i ‘ve known Jesus the longest. Me and Cassie have like we shared such a passion for makeup that we always get to work on that together.

Me and laura are just dumb together.

So we have had so many crazy memories and me and Drew are together almost every single day.

So all for different reasons, pick one you cant dont thats, so mean i don’t want to pick one all right.

So here’s a few questions that Shane Dawson asked.

Oh god, chain sending questions.

Oh im, scared, fairy tale, does james talk any gurus, but then tweet them pretending to be friends um.

I don’t think so.

I think he’s just straight up like if he doesn’t like someone, he will not be arrested and let them know he doesn’t like them too holy.

He wouldn’t want to give him free clout on twitter.

I mean, I think, I’m in a pretty good place with most people in the community right now, but I definitely will not go out of my way to like you know what I mean.

I won’t talk to anybody if I don’t, like them, yeah yeah ill, be kind of yeah you’re, also the most famous of all so doesn’t matter, like you don’t, even theres, not even anyone that does not matter follower account doesn’t.

How many times a day does James check his adsense?

No, I always ask him to check his ass.

I always like to see it its so fun to see so like im, always like james watts, your option, i dont know ive, been checked in a couple days: that’s literally what you do it’s not a numbers game for me like i don’t, really care yeah, but It is fun yeah you’re, starting to know you’re rich Laughter, i’m scared to check my own mine didn’t even exceed the 100 threshold.

Earlier someone asked about jamess picture on instagram like.

Why are these people in this picture?

So the question is james.

What about this group of people makes them seem like family um?

You should cry laura.

I am crying more like I was obviously already friends with cassie and jesus and we would facetime all the time.

But when I started really coming to California, often for different shoots or different bookings, I started talking with Laura and her family because they were nice enough to.

Let me literally live with them and take Laura’s brother’s room for six months, um on and off, and we just got really really close.

I obviously moved from New York, so I didn’t really have family here.

So laura’s family became like my family and they were always just so kind and so welcoming, and they were always there for me and then obviously i met, drew two and were together almost every single day and same thing with eldon and victor victor, and else are Obviously, like older straight men and like its just cool to like, have their support and love too, especially like when it comes to security and protection, or just like being there to defend us and stuff, especially like being in the industry.

For three years now, like i’ve met, so many amazing people, but i’ve also met so many horrible people and i’ve been involved like with so much and like they have just always been by my side through everything, no matter what and they get it and they are with Me and like they just know my true intention so, like just know, you come for james.

You come for all of us, dont, even though it’s just really cool, to have such an amazing group of people around me at all times that I can really really rely on like if I had not had these guys like.

I probably would not be here today like I would not be as emotionally strong.

I would definitely like i dont i dont even think about it.

Like you’ll be a stripper stop.

I had to break it a little to break the tension.

We do take it personally.

So whenever we see hate comments, we really do trust that we are on top of it.

James may not see it, but we see it or those hate videos.

The hate videos, yeah we’re always asking.

Can we reply?

What can we say like not just be a bigger person yeah, so he inspires us to be better people at the end of the day.

I think too, like social media can look so crazy from the outside, like when you’re not really involved in it.

It’s kind of hard to really understand like whatsapp, going on and it’s easy to make assumptions or generalize things or say people are crappy or like getting scandals and stuff.

I know influencers always say: oh you don’t, you don’t, really know what it’s like until you’re in it, but like the reality, it’s like you really don’t.

You have no idea what it’s like and what goes on behind the scenes and the emotional pressure that goes on and like for me it’s hard because, like I can’t, really talk about it with a lot of people because it can come across as really egotistical.

Its ungrateful when, in reality it’s like it, can be really hard, sometimes so, like it’s been great to have these guys around me because they do get it not only have they seen me, grow and experience it, but they’re also like they witness it too, like its Its not its crazy when you’re seeing it happen firsthand.

I guess we’ve seen some crazy stuff happen.

If James was stuck on an island, what would three things he would bring with him: coke, coke and phone and his twitter uh coca cola?

I would like to clarify if you actually had a guess what would be three things like seriously like if oh okay seriously imagine like im literally like getting dropped off the helicopter plummeting down to the stand.

James would bring with him his phone, a solar, paneled phone charger and a coke, no because you can’t get by on a coke, a chili’s gift card yeah, because you’ll definitely get by on that.

Oh my gosh, a straw, first coconut, oh yeah!

I need a straw yeah because your lipstick might rub yeah.

What is your favorite merch of sisters apparel and your least favorite shade in the James Charles palette?

Oh okay, kind of fun.

My favorite is a red hoodie because it just stands out a lot and my least favorite shade.

Oh, i like the greenish one wow, the one i named daddy, wow that’s daddy.

He has a darker one there, a lighter green, shade, social blade, social, greater wow thats.

The one I named yourself wow, my favorite out of the sister apparel collection, is the artistry hoodie, which unfortunately I’m not wearing and my least favorite eyeshadow is probably cola.

Okay, that’s a good one, because I don’t use it that often but it’s so pretty.

My favorite is probably the nude sweater, the new one that you just oh thats, the one that’s my favorite too yeah and my least favorite is probably the white that’s my option.

Mine was the white and the nude honey, yeah, yeah, twins or something I don’t know.

We probably should disgust, do James singing, bother or annoy you.

I was waiting for this one freaking, any car parked that was like wait hold on.

Let me make a snapchat im like no let’s walk to the car because it echoes apparently yeah at a car park.

Yes, like a parking lot, oh oh!

Oh, oh, oh got it.

He won’t take any advantage at any time to sing in the morning and was always sleeping yelling yeah, you hate, so many, no, no, that one that i don’t like the most you sing bachelor or something that does have a bachelor dont be rude.

I don’t even know it, but, like i’ve heard it so many times, can you sing it death of bachelors Music at the moment?

Being this close, let me smell Laughter, absolutely the hardest part of being friends with someone famous, oh, that we can’t go.

We can’t anywhere, I feel like a lot of people might not know, but also know at the same time that James literally has the most fans ever like, not even his.

If you go to the mall it’s like, the mall is going to shut down, probably yeah its, not its, not even like.

Oh three people come up its like 87 people run up the stairs to like tackle him, yeah, sometimes its very crazy contact him without even knowing them they’re like yeah, you like say no, they tell them to say no, because it causes like a yeah, and you Guys don’t know this, but a lot of times when we go places we actually don’t upload our snaps or our stories until because its that crazy, it’s crazy that we have to live that way.

But I’m really grateful that you guys like to get it, yeah, no totally, and we love you guys, like don’t, get don’t.

Take it wrong, like we love you guys.

So obviously James is where he is today because of you, but at the end of the day, like he’s a human being, and you just have to respect his privacy also, you know like driving through the house.

Oh, oh, no that’s going to be another one!

No, don’t ever do that!


No because we do some kinky things here , this one’s more for the sisters.

Has anyone ever recognized you guys because you’re James’ friends, yeah they came up to me and said

Can you give a message to james?

I said, oh, you know you can do it yourself, everything they email us all the time, yeah yeah in the question, video that we get in the car.

Oh – and I was like you guys – could submit your boyfriend application to me via email.

They searched for my email and found it, and then I got probably 200 boyfriend applications, some of which I did keep for myself.

How about the time this is when uh jennys event, someone thought you were my james when we went to the texas event, someone came up to me and they were like what did they say: they’re like james christian pictures, so i had to pretend it was juicy.

You said yes, oh yeah, I was gon na ruin her dreams: Laughter, Music, 30 billion subscribers, probably at the Music, probably singing acting, 30 car garage for sure, yeah, probably yeah one car for all of us yeah.

I really, really think he’s going to transform into something else like he’ll still be doing makeup, but I feel like he’ll be doing like I mean all those people will comment and be like.

Oh, you guys just are friends with James because he likes this and this, and this oh like when I just said the thing about the car.

Oh remember when people would say that I forget what it’s exactly about, but they’re like.

Oh, you can tell that they’re only friends with james because of this i just love when people actually bring that up when they are, like oh they’re, just friends with him because of xyz like im, just like at least some friends, so gotcha Applause – oh my god, the Truest friends, um are very happy being behind the camera, so yeah yeah i’ve been trying to be on camera for, like three years, welcome back to my channel.

So speaking of one of the questions was: how does it feel that it took three years to get on camera?

Oh, we never really.

I don’t care yeah yeah, we said we’re not friends with him, yeah yeah!







Obviously, we appreciate everything that james has done for us and we all have like our different paths like we all kind of do different things, but it’s just so cool that you know james does want to put us on his channel, but at the end of the Day, like we’ve, been behind the scenes for so many years that it’s sometimes its, not even like real to us me and laura, were at the mall of america meet and greet for the grand opening for morphe, and it was literally so surreal to see that many People in person like ive, never seen that many people in my life in one place, and it was so surreal like i just it – was crazy.

Huh yeah, like i just started crying so it’s not your job, to put us in your video yeah, like you’re collabing, with people that are mutually benefiting both of your guys’s careers, us being here it’s not really like benefiting your career like it can in a way This is personal, good content.

Do you know what i mean but like in a way that, like we don’t have to be on your video like yeah, you can do what you want with your own videos right yeah like, but can you be an artist Laughter watch?

This video is long and hard because we may or may not come back, who actually cooks in the house – cassie cooks everything, yeah every morning with breakfast.

Whenever we have sleepovers Elden wakes up every single morning, cooks us all breakfast and it’s always delicious, delicious and then for dinner.

It depends on whos here it’s either elden or mama, laura or cassie.

Or can I see sometimes we’ll make some problems if it’s so funny? Has James changed since becoming an influencer?

If so, how?

No no, just more rich Music Laughter. I feel like he’s always been super generous and kind and wants everyone around him to grow.

He doesnt show us as much on camera, but he does a lot for us behind the scenes.

Obviously, because of him, Laura’s boutique got a lot bigger and I will forever be grateful for him because he’ll be like that.

Oh, do you guys want laura’s boutique clothes like he tells his friends sometimes, and i like i don’t, want to cry anymore im so annoying when i cry, but yeah so el faro be grateful for him and stop making me oh cry personality wise like how would You guys say like: has he changed in any ways like that no um, like nowadays, he’s always been like super like confident and like not giving one slime what anyone thinks around him like.

I say he literally walks into a household and he’s.

He will take his pants off because if you want to sleep, he goes to sleep and josephs under you.

So if he’s ready to knock out Music, still the same person, no, I think he’s actually definitely, oh yeah that’s.

So true, because he used to like whenever he liked, wanted to say something he would pop off, tweet it like pop off, but like now, he takes a step back and like maybe i shouldn’t do that.

I mean there’s some times where, like you kind of, have to say something but he’s definitely known which ones to fight back at first.

In fact, he’s also telling his little brother, what not to tweet yeah.

Oh yeah he’s a good dad he’s for sure our dad for sure.

Like you hate guys, you need to relax. Yeah, if we posted the picture I’ll tell you to take it down.

Yeah yeah like that’s, just not like yes, father, yes, daddy!

If you could describe James in one word, what would it be?

Talented Applause yeah he literally i’m gon na do everything draw.

Sing, bourbon hat drive, convert every straight boy, yeah convert them all mine would be hardworking.

Oh thank you.

Oh yeah!

Definitely the hardest working person, let alone 19 year old, without no blending brushes, not really it’s a literature all right next question: what is the craziest boy story?

Oh there’s a lot, I think the craziest one.

Where was the one that he was talking like?

We were like we can’t say who it is, but we were so excited about this.

One kenzie was handsome and he was nice actually gay for once.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a real crush.

No, it was almost.

It was almost like: it was like a boy.

It was yeah, it was a relationship, it was a relationship like for sure relationship like they would talk on the phone like text 24 7, like face time at all all the time.

Okay, so then, basically James and this guy, no James – wanted to fly him out all the time.

Oh yeah fly him out to like, and then he kept pushing it back because he had to do like his work or whatever, which was like a lie.

Basically so james facetimed one of his friends and was basically going to complain to them about how, like this relationship, wasn’t, working and blah blah blah blah and like they are, not coming out here to see him and then basically that person told james that they had a Friend as well, which james actually knows this right, im, good friends with good friends with this person like talk to them on occasion, but never happened, to bring this up to that person that they have also been in a relationship with this person for two years.

Not just like recently, but have been simultaneously talking and sending the same exact like good morning, text space time call same exact one both of them for the whole time that you guys you were talking to him, but of course he was actually talking to the other Person for a lot longer so me, and my friend, put our boy friend in a group chat with all three of us together and both just texted him.

The um nude photo that he had sent to both of the whole thing was real.

It was crazy me and girls could never.

That was sad too.

That was like my first real yeah yeah james was really sad.

Yeah i’m surprised he got over it pretty quick though he was like you know what like it’s not worth it and yeah.

Just like you know, I have to make a video instead of naming your guys favorite memories that you guys have had.

I think oh mine, oh drew wasn’t in it, but for your graduation i was going to say that too yeah we all went to new york for your graduation to christy and skype they’re the best year ever.

That was really cool.

Where you came from people around.

You walked having everybody, there really did mean a lot like.

That was a really cool moment for me to like.

Have everybody, literally all twelve of us get on a plane to New York together. It was awesome, yeah and flying home for graduation.

That was really cool.

I think my favorite one for sure was like seeing the behind the scenes of a whole palette, so we actually probably knew about it way before.

Well, obviously, we knew about it before, but you were still at the apartment.

When we remember, we all came over yeah, you already had it all laid out, yeah and Music.

I was there when you are, making the photoshop file yeah yeah no yeah so like seeing it actually come to life and, like you guys like buying it and like seeing the screenshots and everything its just so like seeing it still to this day like i walked to The brand mall james’s face is like right, yeah and like everyones, like, oh, my god.

Oh, my god, i’m like like thats my friend, yeah, thats, so crazy and seeing the looks that you guys would create with it like for us as artists, like it’s just insane, to see what you guys come up with with the palettes i mean there’s, literally every Color of the rainbow in there, but it’s just it blows my mind.

I would say the launch party is definitely one of my favorite moments of all of us.

I think like taking the family photo too, is like oh yeah.

That was the same day, though yeah definitely one of those behind the scenes.

It was just really cool like we were together all the time and stuff like in the family group chat, so just to have a photo like all of us together, like all in white, looking really just like happy, nice and chic and fun fresh yeah.

Like now it’s framed thanks to eldon cassie for christmas, james is crying for a rolling.

I know.

Oh, we can’t retake that okay, do you i like that, photo all right sisters.

I think that is all we have for this little, like sister family session session sister session.

Thank you guys, all so much for being on my channel today.

I feel like it’s finally about time.

It literally took so long, but, like I said , I have so many amazing people on my channel and I figured it was only right to start 2019 with people that have been with me and starting off every single year previously.

So love you guys absolutely.

I really hope you sisters at home like this video as well.

If you did, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and share your sisters, support and love.

I would love to do more videos of these guys.

Let us know if you want to do more.

Let us know if you want reality.

Tv show, because Applause, i feel like so many crazy things happen and like we are all netflix originals.

If you guys want to go follow any of them, you can check out jesus drew cassie, laura and victor and eldon behind the camera.

All their socials will be linked down below.

Literally my favorite people in the entire world and they’ve been with me through.

So much – and I am so incredibly grateful to have all of them in my life and, like I said , I don’t know where I’d be without them.

So love you guys, if you’ve not already don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below come join the sisterhood.

We are over 12 million sisters, so I’m going to have you join the family and also click that bell icon.

So you can get a notification every time.

I uploaded a brand new video.

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After shutting up these videos, the sister shout out goes to sister randa, not sister rhonda, who literally clarified it in her twitter model.

In case you haven’t done my sisters shout out of the week so love you the absolute most girl.

Thank you so much for always following and supporting, and if you at home, like to be the next video’s sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet your video links and go live on twitter.

All right, you guys.

I think that is all I have for this.

Video today, thank you so much for watching and happy 2019.

This year is going to be so incredibly lit, and I am so grateful to be spending it with such amazing people around me.

We love you guys and we will see you in the next one Music.

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