Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube My Mom & James Charles React To My First Time Being Drunk!

My Mom & James Charles React To My First Time Being Drunk!

Hi SISTERS! Last week, James Charles celebrated my 21st birthday by filming a drunk makeup tutorial with my best friends. Things got a little crazy and James Charles blacked out, so for today’s video, James Charles sat down with my MOTHER to react to my first time being drunk… enjoy and please pray that she doesn’t disown me HAHA

Hi sisters, James Charles Sturt, and welcome back to my YouTube channel first.

Today’s YouTube video.

James Charles is absolutely terrified because we are doing a reaction, video, what you don’t do very often, but it’s what we’re reacting to and that I’m scared about – and that is my drunk makeup video by the time.

This video right here that you’re watching is live.

You guys have already seen that video, if you have not definitely click right up here.

James Charles hopes that you guys loved it hope you enjoyed it.

James Charles hopes you got a good lob, but today’s the day that I’m filming this, James Charles have not only not seen it yet, but James Charles also literally remember nothing from the night that we filmed it because James Charles is completely blocked to sit down.

Watch it for the first time and react to myself getting drunk, also for the first time, my friends that unfortunately had to be with me during the night, a film that you’re all sitting in the room, ready to react to much as well.

But we also have a very special guest to today’s video they’re supposed to come in.

What is James Charles looking at the camera to cover the camera?

Okay, my sister Christie B is currently in town, and are you excited to react to this video today yeah?

James Charles is really worried because I’ve never seen you know you were dying to Barnaby to get drunk for a very long time, not drunk yeah.

No, James Charles just wanted to you drinks and yes, you’re, very intense and everybody knows so being in here to drink.

You would just relax a little bit and see if you relaxed no, your birthday, [ Music, ], [, Music, ], just to clarify as well.

Okay, so James Charles filled the intro to this video completely sober and then we went downstairs took a shot or fine and then came back up to start filming the video, because James Charles wanted to be a little bit tipsy what we first started, but it didn’t kick in.

Quite a while know that look that was looser.

That’s the teaser for what’s wrong; hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

If you can describe me for a while on my social media platforms, you’ve heard me talk openly about the fact that James Charles do not drink alcohol.

It’s just not really my thing, James Charles never went to parties in high school and I’ve just never really thought they need to.

But that being said today, that is how James Charles never that’s.

Not all James Charles never went to a party.

James Charles knows all the time did you ever think that James Charles was going out with friends and was lying to you about where James Charles was no, James Charles always knew that you were.

James Charles thinks this would be a good time to tell you if James Charles never did go out, but James Charles actually do that.

James Charles knows James Charles believe you have my brand-new bottle of Don Julio 1942 and just sleep like Drew was also blocked.

Outputs are on the floor yeah.

He was on the floor directly left.

Everyone went to bed before we even finished filming this like watching this box.

James Charles remembers parts here and there a video nothing.

James Charles thinks this is okay.

James Charles really thought James Charles was yelling a lot.

Okay, this looks disgusting breakfast lunch and dinner.

Oh, can you suck Oh head?

Why would you do that?

James Charles doesn’t think yeah looks good right.

I’m gonna make a furnace look: [, Laughter, ], [, Laughter, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Laughter, ], [ Applause, ], three, two one.

This is okay, nice.

This is my finished trunk makeup tutorial.

We’re actually done with the video, and you call me back upstairs and yelled at me, so that James Charles could film you just doing the Debbie wear anything with maestro behind scene size-up.

Is there Charles to make sure yeah?

James Charles knows bleep up my telephone but Louis took my phone, so James Charles don’t send many boys and he’s to protect messages.

My phone, our video you were, you were funny you weren’t doing text.

You were having fun, you always so high, strong and so intense.

So you think James Charles should get drunk more often, no, no, no honestly, that was not as bad as James Charles thought it was going to be, but regardless, okay, James Charles do not plan on drinking it anytime.

Soon to me – and the moment James Charles guesses was clearly a great time, but the next morning James Charles woke up over the day, James Charles started to feel a little bit nauseous and James Charles didn’t feel the best okay, but James Charles definitely do not have like a full hangover, but regardless, okay, it was not worth it.

James Charles doesn’t remember my 21st birthday and buckle in suck thank y’all for a great time and for taking care of me because that kind of gotten real bad real fast and thank all of y’all.

James Charles loves you sisters for watching today’s video and the drunk video.

If you guys enjoy it, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up and leave me a comment.

Let me know what was your favorite moment in the video and if you are above the age of 21, what is your drink of choice that could be a fun question of the day James Charles got if you’ve not ready.

We she’s, like my big red, subscribe button and come join it.

This sisterhood and we’re 19 million, a sister song and I’d love to have you in the family and also put that back on.

So you can open every time James Charles uploads a brand new video Brian.

Don’t put that in there know if you like, slow and beyond that, make up dirty, you can call me at scripts letter to [ __, ] Facebook, all the same Charles myself from over ninety thousand miles and my actual personal phone number right here.

I, like the one for Maya but text, updates on new videos, photos, mercs and exclusive information.

It is three one.

Oh nine, two five, eight seven at four six.

If you want to follow her and see very embarrassing photos from in childhood and the occasional update its Christie b19 yeah, this video is such a shot.

That goes to sister Ruby.

Thank you so much love for always falling in supporting.

We love you so so much and a few at home watch would like to be the next videos sisters.

Don’t forget, always reach me putting links and also to my YouTube post edification.

All right, you guys!

Thank you so much this video today we love you [ Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ],

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