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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

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My Morning Routine

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I filmed my MORNING ROUTINE! I included my Skin Care Routine, How I Do My Hair, and also A No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial! Enjoy watching how I get ready on a typical day to slay! 

Hi sisters – James Charles here and welcome back to my tale, or should I say good morning sisters as you can see, I’m looking a little bit different.

I literally just woke up.

I look like I got hit by a bus, I’m right here, and this is a studio because I have a very, very fun and fresh video for you guys today.

Some of my most requested videos of all time have a morning routine.

You guys always asked for a skincare routine.

I’M really not sure why, when my skin is looking super problematic, oh haze and also how I do my hair routine, which also comes as a shock to me, considering it looks like a rat’s nest.

Half the time, but I figured why not kind of like merge them all into one.

I just woke up.

It is super early in the morning.

I have a lot to do today.

I have to be on set in a few hours.

I have a bunch of meetings and I have dinner to go to later on tonight.

I do not have time to get fully glammed this morning, but I do want to get ready and still look super super cute, so I figured for today’s video.

I would take you guys to my morning routine and show you guys how I actually get ready in the morning and go from looking like this to actually kind of low-key a little bit good.

Look at him without actually my full glam makeup process.

So if you guys are interested in that, keep on watching [, Music, ], all right sisters rise and shine and give God his CSD.

I can’t fail.

I just don’t mind, put on a quick little cute, a sister’s elfin without the sisters, dr.

Carol is calm, but the person that was doing the morning is coming right into that master’s contacts.

If you guys want to be on snapchat, you know that I wear glasses on an everyday basis, because a sister cannot see to say as life, but Ren glasses with makeup is a little bit problematic, since it always leaves those annoying little lines right there.

So I do like to pop in my colored contacts by the way for those you guys who always ask if my contacts are from Desio, and I also saw that every morning that brushing my teeth, just every person should just brush water and toothpaste.

What are you talking about?

I never wet at first so normally now I would hop right into the shower and get ciserek squeaky clean.

I personally am a grenade shower.

I have a lot of trouble getting up in the morning, so a shower really helps me awaken and get ready for the day.

I know some people into shower at night – personal preference – please don’t attack me, but for today I actually do have a haircut appointment scheduled.

We’Re gon na have it right downstairs.

For me, my hair is very very important.

I don’t know why, but I always just have a lot of insecurities about my hair growing up as a kid.

I think, probably one too many mortifying haircuts that maybe look even I’m clear that I already well it’s grayed out so now, I’m here in LA and I’m so willing to eat my hair super super clean.

It looks better in photos, looks better on video and I just feel a lot more pop with a fresh feed and a good updo.

So, let’s head out our instances where here with a sister Sophia living at legenda, Harel quia something’s been cutting my hair an offer.

Probably it’s got over a mere four cents downtown.

We have a one-year anniversary coming up.

Welcome for us, which is literally one of the most haunted rubbers in the entire world, and she happens to be a kept woman, clearly, which I now love, something’s responsible for up, might really be impressive paid, so we’re going to get sister stats today.

So I could be confident and get ready for the day.

Okay, sister Sophia just finished cutting my hair.

She has to run to her next appointment.

She has.

I was crazy the day ahead of her.

Just like we do, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye, but literally I’m so scared of how to say goodbye to her let’s get out like.

Are you literally kidding me?

I already feel a million percent better and ready to take on the day, but we still touchdown because I probably smell gross, and I want to get everything else done and clean.

So, let’s head upstairs: [ Music, ]; okay, those videos do monetize seating up, I’m giving a lot of questions about bathing suits.

We have four shorts and also a one piece bikini, Queen very brief signatures.

Two sisters apparel look over that for the sister’s summertime party right.

I just know the longer this completes heating up.

The first thing that I’m gon na do is actually part one of my skincare routine. I’m gon na relay Anita lemon cream, a cleanser.

This is like a really neat on one gosh, my skin, I’m gon na go to translate a lot, my guns to really scrub it up a little bit bigger than on the first ride.

I’M used to it dropping off my facial cleanser, because this also acts. I had been exfolia highway security that 2008 book and a kind of cycle, simply wilfer girls.

What my heart rates up, it’s all black!

I love the brand of the spice and I love a second as well, so it’s maybe just a port in trouble.

I do a little bit more point leadership.

I don’t wash it every day, but the kind of the exam is very texture and all of all, when you’re doing with each other for rumps you ought to have.

It sounded like having a little bit of wear in your hair.

It grows enough sounds to update the style as a whole.

I don’t watch that to make sure that you’re getting stained amharic sprays everywhere, so that foxes once I hear it all clean.

Of course we plumb up to you.

It was my body in the box before the engine.

I do it once here so if you guys go on [ Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music, ], [, Music ] did you Missy?

I did all my shower and my little sister Tina for three weeks.

These are the parallel bathrobes.

Just thought of that.

Right now kind of an approach to these sisters.

We cleaned your sister by Dyson, a hair dryer novice at this hair.

Dryer is probably the most ridiculously priced in the entire world being sold at a whopping $ 400.

You can’t use hoji mr.

Prasad either, but what I tell you this is also literally the best hair during the entire roll. I’m not kidding.

I mean I really wish.

I was being paid to tell you that, but I can’t deny the back so I have two different tell first always put on this one.

I think this car driver, thank God I have a hairdryer and I have a little rounder brush.

So I basically just like to go to get my hair done. I’m explaining this now, consider it loud, I’m going to go through my hair, brushing forwards in circular motions and going forward so kind of like making her leg do not even say does this make sense?

Very Jimmy Neutron forgot Jimmy Neutron moment, but then we’re gon na on the bacon a little messy [ Music ].

Now I’m going to go, buy a mini, a straining all right and I’m going to switch it on.

I believe this one is from Sephora so far.

She doesn’t make it fun anymore.

I’M not sure why, because it’s really a bomb, but they do sell solutions here.

One of the least right Aaron is how I’m gon na do the same exact thing that I do with the hairdryer, which is basically just grabbing little sections.

One at a time holding my very slowly and pulling it down and forward into a little curl so beautiful.

Now we don’t do that, so literally my entire life.

What most of my hair it takes.

I know a lot of work to make it look like.

I did.

No work, if that makes any sense, but then surely the type of look that I don’t like to go for, I’m not going to grab my way, not pomade, but it’s going to rub it together in my hand, so kind of warms up a little bit and Gets a little bit more soft, as my basically just went like rub it in to my head.

I definitely focus most of it on the front of my hair.

Just so, making these pieces kind of come down and get texture, see how it’s nice and funky like that, and then I put the excess cut in the back and then go grab my way of texturizing hairspray.

There is no way that I could do anything original.

Basically we’re supposed to take a little bit of this. I’ll see a lot of it.

I’M kind of, like you, think, bigger swing, open up my hair, so kind of how my hair you like to kind of keep it this way.

I’M gon na grab my last product, which is de got to be glued Paris.

Okay, if you know this is my complete hair routine.

Finally, our last step before we head out of the bathroom back to the makeup studio without my skincare routine.

Now, of course, you might not have noticed my step one before we got into the shower with the Venous lemon cream, a cleanser and I’m just going to grab my next up, which is decent.

He doesn’t bite a minute to you.


I do have normal skin, but I do get very very dry.

Actually, it might be your area when I get my laser treatments, so I love using this after my cleanser after the shower just to get my skin a nice refresh the vitamin C and hydration, and it also finally not Lisa following the vitamin C Sarah, what I Always like to apply a little bit of moisturizer, to really lock everything in place and to complete the routine.

This is the touch-up.

Do we skin cream pro tip if you’re, someone like me, that has nails just use your knuckle, it’s done super hard to get in there all gross, so soft.

Looking at hydrogen.

I am obsessed with this.

I know that’s super super short.

I, given everybody, asked for a skincare routine.

There was talk about 100 million products, but I actually believe in quality over quantity, though, about a million times on this channel but yeah.

Those are like these four to five products that I use every single day.

That really has worked great, alright, so you’re almost there. I’m going to quickly head into the closet, put on the hoodie and a parent, and then I will see you in the sister studio for a quick little no makeup to get rid of me.

You’re not already sisters, so we are back in the studio that you guys all know and love and recognize from all of our videos, but today we are not going to be doing a full glam routine.

This is because everyone took me like five minutes.

Total super easy in the morning, starting off with my base.

I really did not want any coverage at all, but I do have a few spots that I would like to correct just a little bit.

My beard area is obviously a little bit great and for some reason around, my lips get very, very like orange right here.

I don’t know why and of course, if we all have a little bit of under eyes and a few blemishes here and there.

So what I’m going to do is grab just a tiny little bit more of my oyster Iser doesn’t matter which one you are using and putting it on the back of my hand, just like that and then describing literally, why not squirt of my favorite foundation that This is the Too Faced Born This Way, which you guys know.

I love in the shade nude, which is like my closest actual color match.

Usually I go a little bit more yellow or a little bit darker.

This is like, as close as we’re gon na get and just put that right on top of the moisturizer, just like dots, that’s going to mix them together with my finger on the back of my hand and mixing it together, the moisturizer is really going to sheer It out there’s gon na, do a little bit down here on the mustache area on the sideburns, I’m just gon na take a foundation brush and stipple that and and then just super quick with a small powder brush.

This is the m-52 from Morphe who’s gon na dip into a little bit of the Laura Mercier powder, and just put this right in some areas that normally tend to a crease, even though we literally have nothing on it.

This is kind of just like a vanity of it.

Just in case any creasing does decide to show the same thing with the Cylons, once the skin is looking beautiful and smooth, the next thing I’m gon na do is my eyebrows.

It’S super quick, even on my no makeup days.

I do always like my brows to look.

It’S super super snatched.

I truly believe the brows are scary in the face, and obviously you guys know what they look like before.

So I definitely gave them a very very fleek squinter, got my Anasazi a number 12 brush and a little bit of a dip brow just going to brush the hairs upwards.

But I’m doing my boy brows.

I always start off with the tail, because the tail is kind of the only part that I like to be actually defined just catching that bringing that up, but I’m doing my no makeup at brows.


I really try hard to not have to play that with a concealer, because that’s when it really starts looking like faux glam makeup.

So I’m definitely very very careful during these steps to show in tiny little hairlike strokes, and I almost make them look bushier.

Then they really are definitely not to the point of like what my 2016 brows used to look like, but like I don’t want them to look as tame as they are when I’m glam. Does this make any sense at all?

Basically, I’m going for a very rugged mask, look, try a little hair, little criss cross motions in the directions if they grow, and I like that, that’s good there.

We go, that’s good!

That is such a good brow.

Oh I’m!

So happy with that.



Okay, great first shot, I say: you’re, okay, no, it’s gon na do the same thing on the other eyebrows.

What’S amazing about this, too, is that, since I have literally nothing on my face, if I make a mistake, all I have to do is just go like that and rub it off, whereas before we have makeup wipes concealer setting powder and a whole lot of other Things to worry about when it comes to fixing now just to lock those hairs in place.

I’M gon na grab the anasazi a dip brow gel in the shade and medium and brown.

This is pigmented, so I’m gon na go pretty light with it.

I’M just gon na go in and brush these hairs upwards and then once I get to the middle, I’m actually gon na pull them kind of against the way they grow and just so they kind of left the brows upwards, which not only fills in some areas.

But also creates some more texture if anything does get a little bit messed up.

Of course, you can always grab a little concealer brush and a little bit of a foundation and just go right over that area too, but I really do avoid doing this because it looks a lot better without them.

Looking a little too thick today before we move on to the next step.

Well, I still have my dip brow gel.

I want to show you guys a fun little check that I’ve been doing a lot recently and I’m just going to grab my last curler and start curling my lashes.

I Pro my last every single day, no matter what I truly feel like curled lashes are so cute on literally everybody, especially when boys have really really long lashes, Oh literally, it’s so hot, and they really just open your eyes and look so adorable.

So those are my natural lashes and feel a little bit kidding me.

My lashes used to be so long, but from wearing falsies all the time they get ripped out but still kind of fun kind of rushed, but instead of grabbing a regular mascara, because that’s gon na look a little bit too intense or might take days.

I’M just gon na grab my dip brow gel and I’m going to just kind of brush off any access that may be on the spoolie because they don’t want it to be too intense.

But I’m just going to use a little bit of this and run right through it.

My lashes to give them a slight coat and a slight lift – and this is just gon na – make them look a little bit more intense and a little bit more prominent.

But not like you’re wearing a full-on lash, which I love to see.

It really does make a difference.

Oh my god, like it’s a slight difference, but it’s a pretty difference.

Oh look at my lashes.

Look at my lashes, all right sisters, we’re almost done, one of my favorite things that I like to do when I’m not wearing full glam makeup.

Look is freckles.

I feel like freckles are so beautiful, they’re so youthful they make it look like.

I am being sun kissed as opposed to sitting inside and working and filming all day long, and I love how I look in them to do them.

I always get my Anasazi at the Dipper hotel, literally once again in the shade of Auburn and I’m just going to grab a small little pencil brush like this one.

This is just the e36 for morphe and I go in and I just kind of like wiggle the brush around a little bit just to get some pigment on there and I always go in on the back of my hand and just rub off any excess.

And then I’ll literally just go in and start off with the freckle layer, but I kind of just like watching this around my cheek region.

I am going to add a little freckle off in a second, but this kind of just lays down a little like sunkissed base area and then grabbing a little liner brush this into E 37 and my two different dip brow shades, a burn and a medium brown.

I’M just going to add tiny little freckles, I’m just using different pressures when applying these freckles to some pressing, a really really hard and some barely even touching my skin, just to kind of create different shapes and colors and sizes.

Because not all freckles are the same, and I’m just concentrating the most and the darkest dots right in this X Center nose area and fading them out as they go towards the outside of my face now.

This is definitely optional, but you guys know personally, I like to look very, very dewy and glowy, so I’m just going to grab the James Charles X, morphe palette and literally the tiniest of face the highlighter shade from the palette and I’m just gon na use it.

This puts a subtle glow on the skin, just like that.

Oh gorgeous a little bit on the chin and using that excess right above the eyebrows just for some natural radiance inner corners and then last but not least, a little bit on the brow bone.

When it comes to highlighting for these looks, I actually like to skip out on the nose highlight just because, when my face does get oily, my nose is always the first thing to turn into a kind of slip and slide.

So I’m not gon na put any highlighter on there just to kind of keep it.

Looking natural, give my face a quick spritz of the mac’s fix+ in the shade gold white, which is like it’s like a shiny fix+.

It just has a tiny little bit of shimmer in it, which is really going to add to that natural dewy type of look.

My skin is absolutely glowing, and it looks so beautiful right now and last.

Finally, not least, I’m going to grab makeup, wipe and clean out the back of my hands that I was using as a palette and then just use this to go right into my lips and carefully clean up.

My lip line, and last but finally, not least just to keep my lips hydrated all day long, I’m gon na pop on a little tiny bit of the Fenty beauty of gloss balm.

I love this gloss and it is very, very moisturizing and hydrating, which is perfect for this type of look.

Well, they love being said.

It is currently 9: 18.

In the morning we started filming right around 8 o’clock, give or take a few minutes.

For me, resetting the same thing, a million times trying to get the perfect take we’re done at getting ready for the day that took us literally one hour, and that is my shower routine, hair routine, a skincare routine and every day with no makeup routine.

All complete we just killed so many birds, one stone queen of efficiency.

My assistant is curly all the way back to the house.

Right now at my Starbucks at venti, pink adage ain’t giddy, with light ice.

My editor is downstairs waiting for me to go over her video notes with him, and my manager is also on the way over and we’re gon na head over to some work meetings for some very, very exciting projects.

All in all, I am feeling it was so beautiful, so confident and ready to take on the entire day raising for this little morning routine kind of get ready with me type of video.

Please give it a big thumbs up down below.

This is actually Loki a really really fun to film just to kind of hear Freddy wake up in the morning.

With all of you sisters, I think my videos are obviously very very planned out and professional Wow.

Okay, maybe not professional but like planned out, whereas this video is much more go with the flow it’s kind of behind the scenes type South.

I love doing this and if you guys want more of this type of content, definitely leave me a comment and let me know if you have not already made sure to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join these sisterhood we’re 15 million sisters Charlotte.

I love to have you join the family and also click that belt like on, so you can get notification every time.

I uploaded a brand new video.

If you like to follow me on, I make an attorney you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter they’re.

Both just changed Charlotte’s and my snapchat for more behind the scenes nights out and more good morning, snapchat suburb stuff, like this is James, Charles, that extra ask after Charles this video sisters, how that goes, the sister Emily.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting you.

I love you literally so so so much and if you like the next videos, sister shadow, don’t forget to always retweet my video links and they go live on Twitter.

All right!

You guys, that is all I have for this video today.

Thank you so much for watching it.

I love you so much and I hope you all have an amazing day.

Bye, [, Music, ]

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