Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Never Before Seen Footage Of 2018

Never Before Seen Footage Of 2018

HI SISTERS! To celebrate the end of the year, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane & show you guys some behind the scenes footage & bloopers that never made it to your screens. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel.

First and foremost, I want to say Happy Holidays to every single person watching this video and no matter what you’re celebrating right now, I hope you’re home relaxing with your friends and closest family, and I hope you all are happy, healthy and save my family.

First, celebrate Christmas and you guys know I just got a brand new and beautiful house.

So, for the first time ever, I got to host this year, which was so much fun all my best friends came over to the house and we did a white elephant and we opened gifts and my best friends, mom hooked, a bob miele carne, asada, Iberia, yoyos, Oquawka moly eat tamales in the morning, and it was so good.

My stomach is literally crumbling.

Just thinking about it, we exchanged gifts and did my elephant and watched Christmas movies at the tree, and it was just an amazing and magical day and I’m so blessed to have people in my life like that, and I hope you guys are as well.

I cannot believe that we were at the end of the year already, I feel like the end of this year, flew by, but at the same time I also feel like 2018 started yesterday, it’s been one of the longest years, my life, but also one of the Best years of my life, this year has been an absolute dream, come true here on YouTube.

Together, we have accomplished so many incredible things and released so many amazing videos together – and I am so blessed to have your guys’ love and support through all of it.

I recently checked on socialblade before I found this video today it is just for funsies and it was a year ago.

On this date, I thought I was living at the top of the world and we had to point three million Sisters and exactly one year later, 365 days.

We are sitting at 122 million sisters together.

We have grown over 10 million subscribers in the past year, which is so beyond crazy.

That has got to be some sort of record or something – and I just am so incredibly grateful for everything I want to you guys, joining the sisterhood and being so supportive of me and the content that I put out it just like.

Oh, my god, there’s truly no other feeling like it in the entire world, and I am so excited from what 2019 has to hold once this video is uploaded.

This is going to be the 96th video uploaded in 2018 on my channel, which is so crazy.

I cannot believe we worked so hard and put out such amazing content, but that is what leads me into today’s brand new video, because, although it may look amazing on the outside, the filming process wasn’t always exactly equally as amazing.

Well, the thought process is usually pretty fun.

It can definitely be extremely stressful, sometimes, and you guys don’t really get to see that, because obviously, its hours and hours of footage compressed into kind of the best moments for a YouTube video, but for today’s video.

In order to celebrate the end of the year.

I thought it would be so much fun and a little bit crazy to take a trip down memory lane and look back at some of the old footage that never actually made it to the screen, all the interruptions, all the stuttering, all the loud noises, all the Singing all the mental breakdowns and, of course, all the never before seen footage so though, further ado let’s jump right in Music, hi sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to Love close the door.

Okay, ready party, okay, you have to say hi sisters with me: 1 2.

3, of course, I am blown away.

You didn’t do the hints, dance, okay, you’re kidding he’s a little EP hello, that’s mine, Im, sorry this is all about the park.

We started a band, but what everybody thought you were the lead singer with programs where he basically would go on TV and paint an entire picture, and only for a few minutes, and he was Music Applause with the video animation Applause.

Music Applause.

Music lets do it so for todays, so for todays, video based on it, so for today’s video base of all of your guys’s comments and recommendations.

So for today’s video, based on all of your guys’ comments and recommendations, I’m going to part, a part of today’s video.

Well, do you think this is over, that’s a lawnmower, where’s your bad side?

You cover the bad side.

Yes, I just want to give a warning to you.

When you’re doing your Halloween makeup this year?

Do not attempt more than three looks come on G dude, my back is broken.

Watches are dahveed.

Alright, we are back and the highlights are all done.

I was getting a little hot and steamy.

This looks so whats stupid I mean held against my will were all in a really good happy holiday mood now eat.

Oh look!

A no good that looks what are you doing I’m not doing anything you’re like pulling your arm down was kind of the circulation Ian.

What it might do.

I can’t bend my arm that way.

I’m going to need to bed McHale, not how my body works.


Sorry, it’s kind of a good treat huh.

Yeah he is more like a blow now, like a blown out hole and right.

Yeah yeah uh huh yeah come on he’s back from the day.

Oh grab this and just blow up.

He has a penis all right.

I think that is the green all complete and, to finish, Oh infrared.

What eyelashes Wow this video is a mass.

I cant believe Im.

Even getting through this at first, I was a little bit nervous. At first I was a little bit nervous, but at first I was a little bit nervous.

I don’t think that at first I was a little bit nervous because you guys always know when it comes to challenges.

If I do not come to play, I always at first I was a little bit nervous at first.

I was a little bit nervous because of you guys at first.

I was a little bit nervous because if you guys know me, you know that I love a good challenge and I really don’t like sweets.

I dont wanted one of words: jingle jingle Zooey jingle bell: that’s the jingle bell that’s the jingle bell, rock that on a dirty M, four five, six I’m gon na grab the shade of Cola, which is our dark blue matte, shade I’m obsessed with this color.

It is obviously new dr Pepsi, my favorite soda okay, get to pout.

I don’t want to suck it there’s a screaming good.

It’s fine we’re just winning intro it’s some we’ve been framing this video for nine hours.

We know it was the word that he used.

James makes up his own words, and that is so not true.

James Im, just trying.

Ordinarily gentle James, I was just trying to dramatis eyes. It’s like dramatized, it’s dramatized, that you matter sighs it’s definitely not dramatized.

Right now it’s yes right, there that’s not real.

This is a big thing, dramatis eyes, another thing: that dramatizes urban literally just go.

This is fake with a Rice University and but then it just is, do you mean dramatized?

I may have been proven wrong: it’s okay.

Even if they have botany they’re gone for one.

You got me.

This video is gon na, be a 12 hour video and were already delusional after the first, approximately eight minutes.

Oh my god, why did I do that?

One taught me a page.

One taught me pain Im, so amazed, Santee alley, sweetie Santee alley, sweetie, Eames, Santee alley, sweetie Santee alley, sweetie, Im, Santee alley sweetie.

I am Santee alley sweetie.

I am Santee alley sweetie.

I am so sorry to break it to you.

I thought I said anything to call her for a real one yeah.

You should ask why you didn’t do well after this whole era. Wow, look at that blue thou, so pigmented, so brother II thanks were not all right, so listen, bro, okay!

So those are broken, so those are both bronze, all done and they’re looking all right.

So those are both girls all done and they’re.

Looking about as good as they are going to get.

Oh, my god, you think banners copyright claims on YouTube.

No, no he’s gone.

All right be gone too soon and the crease and a crease was a crease in Spanish.

Is there a word for that?

Oh, oh, my!

You have got to be kidding me.

Oh absolutely, not!

Oh, my god, but as a sick and homophobic joke, hi sisters together ready one Oh make sure looking at the camera turn off the monitor.

No, that gets everyone, yeah, Ive, really gon na get me good.

Yep, I’m gon na get you a good girl, one two.

Three speaking of home, speaking of Halloween looks that have been done.

Eighty seven million times first today’s video for speaking of Halloween makeup, looks that have been done: 87 million times.

I thought about today’s Halloween.

Speaking of eight, I at least had to do – I at least had to do one Halloween.

I at least had to do one Halloween tutorial, because I know you would literally kill me if I did that.

So speaking of Halloween makeup, I knew I had to do at least one Halloween make.

I know how to do at least one Halloween makeup tutorial, because if you didn’t, you would all literally kill me so speaking of books, the broom, I know we got to do at least one Halloween makeup tomorrow, or else you would literally all kill me.

So speaking of books that have been done 87 million times today, oh did you fart again?

Yes, you did know.

Someone did right, I mean.

Did you know I smell my literal ass?

Oh bye, Kenny, girls.

We are back, oh also, probably also probably also.

Oh almost forgot – oh my god.

Oh almost forgot because Oh almost forgot, um.

Oh almost forgot on top of the sister collection, Oh literally, almost forgot if you are liking it, the hoodie that I am wearing right now.

Oh my god literally almost forgot hello.

So before access with the makeup application process, I do oh that’s what’s going on.

Oh my wall was falling down.

This is all just becoming a as long kept on burning down industry stars.

Oh my god.

That was oh those.

Like part of my clothes.

You know you’re trusting me with stuff we’re gon na die we’re gon na die.

This is that.

Are you ready for the final reveal?

Yes, I thought I would give you guys.

I thought I would give you guys a little, but I I thought I would show you guys all the colors of the techniques that I’ll show you guys all the show you guys all the colors.

The techniques that I like using best and, of course, a little bit of I’ll show you guys all the colors, so this is, this is kind of gon na be a little bit more of a tutorial.

This is kind of gon na be.

This is kind of gon na be a little bit of a behind the scenes tutorial.

This is kind of gon na be a little bit.

This is kind of gon na be like it.

This is kind of gon na be in depth.

This is kind of gon na be like a behind the scenes tutorial type of video.

This is not looking good.

This is not this.

Is the news gon na be canceled? I’m all switching.

Can you see that my right eyeball, switching there’s, nothing weirdest thing ever credits a to that that’s old in order to produce the final product now, for me, I’ve always looked at doing makeup: golly, gee, okay, so, okay, he looks just oh, my god, Bob Ross and Lewis, don’t put that hand journey Im so excited.

This is the beginning of something amazing.

Oh yeah, today’s sister shoutout goes out to anyone who was bleeding subscribers and has a red socialblade.

We feel really sorry for them and we wish the boss, Music, Music,

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