Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Palette Swap ft. Jeffree Star

Palette Swap ft. Jeffree Star

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, Jeffree Star and I decided to SWAP our brand new makeup palettes and give you guys the truth tea on all of the colors, pigmentations, AND scandals too. Will the Morphe x James Charles palette be Jeffree Star Approved? Will the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette be James Charles approved? Watch and enjoy!

Hi sisters, James Charles here, welcome back to my youtube channel.

Okay, I know you guys are all very, very excited and I’ve been waiting patiently for the iconic collaboration between me and sister Jeffree Star.

It is coming in a few short seconds, but I do have a very, very special Sister surprise that I wanted to announce to you guys before we actually jump into the video.

So it is officially December, which basically means this entire month Is Christmas, and I am so beyond excited because if you guys have been following me for a very, very long time, You’d know that last year over on, I think my YouTube and my Instagram.

I did my holiday giveaways, where I basically gave away a ton of makeup and gift cards and it was so much fun.

I am so beyond excited to tell you guys.

Some holiday giveaways are officially BACK for the holiday season.

Oh👏My👏God, You guys.

I uploaded two videos.

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There is going to be a huge holiday giveaway to a very, very special sister out there, and you guys These prizes are going to have your sister shook.

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Now you guys, I think that is all I have for the holiday giveaways.

I am so excited once again just to get back to you guys and to see eight sisters be super super happy for the holiday seasons And keep in mind this video going on right.

Here is my first upload during the month of December.

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All the rules apply to this video.

So good luck, you guys – and I think that is all the information that I have regarding the giveaways.

Thank you so much And without further ado let’s up to the video, with sister Jeffree Star in unison, like the twins from the shining Hi sisters.

Welcome BACK to my channel Hi.

How are ya James and Jeffree laughing Jeffree, Woo, James Hello.

You guys Welcome back James.

Charles collaborated with a very, very special guest, Jeffrey Hi, Jeffrey stars in the building. I’m so excited for today’s video.

You guys we have not been together, Jeffree in a minute, Jamesin a minute Jeffree.

Last time we filmed, we were in a hot air balloon 3000 feet up in the sky, and that was terrifying, James yeah, Jeffree Whoohoohoo.

That was so long ago.

You, oh, my God, I’ve missed you.

We obviously have been keeping up all the time but like on camera.

Hello, Hi Jeffree Hi.

How are ya It’s been a minute Um James got ta, give the girls what they need.

Jeffree, We sure do Now.

I’m excited , well let’s just dive into it, because we have a lot of James.

This is gon na, be a long video Jeffree.

Yes, it’s no I’m pretty excited because you just recently launched something extraordinary James.

I did claps.

Oh my God, Jeffree Your first ever collaboration with Morphe your first palette, oh my God, James The James Charles palette.

Oh my God, you guys Jeffree claps!

I know.

I am excited because I haven’t even played with it yet James gasps, rude Jeffree.

I know I have gotten literally thousands and thousands of tweets and messages playing with the James palette.

La has been burning to the ground in case anyone didn’t know there were crazy fires, So the fires are over.

James Were back home, Safe Jeffree Were back James and sound, Thank God, it’s been a really crazy month, So James, While that was all going on.

Not only did I launch my first ever collection Jeffree, I launched a collection, James, Hello, yeah, The brand new Alien palette, which also just launched.

I did not get this in PR either Jeffree.

His PR was on the way to his house, and I took it and put it in my trunk, James Literally Jeffree.

So here we are. We’re gon na.

Do a palette swap today, James Yeah, so much fun.

Ive, of course, done my style swap section for me and Jeffree.

That was our first video we ever did together So for todays, video we’re gon na, do something new and something fun and funky and fresh to see if both of our palettes are Jeffree Star approved and James Charles approved Jeffree, yes, James Were gon na.

Do a little sister Jeffree, I can’t wait Swap James switcheroo Jeffree can’t wait Swap Jeffree.

Now your palette has so many colours.

I don’t know what I’m gon na do today, but we’re gon na we’re gon na figure it out on the spot.

I can’t wait.

I’m very inspired by looking at all this James.

I already know exactly what I’m gon na do with this Jeffree.

You do James.

I was looking online and I was Oh, my god.

Okay James, I was like putting it together in my head, Yeah Jeffree.

We obviously have no makeup on today, so James Were gon na.

Do a little chit chat, get ready with us and we’ll see are ari Each other.

Palettes are each other’s palettes approved by Jeffree.

Oh okay, probably Let’s jump into it Jeffree.

So I haven’t seen you in a minute: a lot happened: You’ve moved weave, both launched palettes.

Everythings, things are crazy, You did you just did meet and greets like the world is just they cant handle it James, Its sistered out Jeffree, Its sistered out James.

It has been crazy, Like I have been.

Obviously I mean you know: we’ve been talking about this launch for a very, very long time now Jeffree.

Yes, You were like a super helpful advocate and friend to me during the whole process, So you’ve kind of been involved with that since the beginning Jeffree It’s hard to like know a secret and like keep it in James Yeah, Jeffree and just be so excited because Yeah I’ve known about this, obviously for a while, you guys and it’s just been so cool to watch James, like think of it, create it execute it do the shoots.

The ad campaigns, everything It’s been just so fun James I’ve been sitting on this for so long now.

So it feels so good until I finally put it out into the world. It’s been interesting Jeffree, It’s been a wild ride right James.

It has Okay, James watching some of these reviews and stuff of people just talking about it, like both positive and negative.

It’s like a really really overwhelming Jeffree, Oh yeah.

I want to ask you about that James, Oh God!

Here we go Jeffree, So someone that James started right away, Jeffree Right that has created makeup It’s so curious to someone when they finally put something out James yeah like what has been the biggest struggles.

I guess, Besides seeing reviews, I don’t wan na say the biggest troubles, because, for the most part, all the reviews have been so positive, Jeffree yeah, the really have, like literally like the whole point of the campaign, was to release your inner artist.

Like I’ve said 800 thousand times for the past month, Jeffree yeah but like Jeffree, and I love that the looks that I’ve been seeing people create art like blowing my mind, Jeffree yeah Jeffree, Oh my God, even on the way here that crazy James – Yes, Oh my God the Van Gogh painting James, Yes, Ive, seen so many artists that I’ve like loved and looked up to test out the palette and just do the coolest things with it and, like I literally tried to cry like looking through tagged photos.

I mean it’s real Just cause like I mean like thats, exactly what I wanted.

Jeffree People feel inspired and they’re really going into James that’s.

What my favorite is like.

I look at the palette and I’m inspired and I’m like Yes, that is what I wanted.

Overall, the sentiment has been nothing but amazing, but what’s been hard is like.

Obviously I worked on this for a very, very long time and Im super confident out of like the product that we put out, but of course, there’s always gon na be people who don’t like it and who want to criticize, which is fine, because everybody has a Right to their opinion, but Jeffree yeah Its really really frustrating when I feel, as though at least I’ve been pretty transparent with like the ingredients and what can and cant be used in different techniques that I think work best.

That, of course, has just been like Jeffree. People love to make up stories and it’s kinda hard, because when you own a brand or when you pet a product you don’t want it to seem like you can’t take criticism.

James Right criticism is great.


Criticism is the best.

I love that That’s, how I’ve learned to improve and along the way, but I have seen some people making up blatant lies.

I don’t know if you want to address that I’m, I mean I’m open about it like just as a consumer Ive.

Just been kinda upset seeing people not be honest, I guess Or like just saying something for attention James Well, I think, like the whole press, pigments thing has been really quite a learning experience for both me and the morphe team as well like Jeffree, Okay.

I obviously don’t do makeup production ever Jeffree Yeah James, I don’t have a company and my channel is not reviewing it, not testing all new products ever. It’s literally just like I’m gon na throw this look on and hope it’s nice.

You know Jeffree Yeah James reviews once in a while on a blue moon, James Right, thats, not Yeah, exactly James.

So for me, when I was working with the team and wanted to create a really super matte and pigmented rainbow palette, I learned that a lot of the shades could not be formulated as eye shadows and had to be considered as press pigments.

Instead, Jeffree, Yes, uh huh um, because that’s like the way that you get those formulas to work and actually blend out which definitely do take a little bit of more extra love and care when it comes to blending Jeffree yeah and finessing 100 yeah the right products.

But when I was filming my 10 million special video a few days ago, I made a reference to the fact.

That’s like the palette is made for artists.

If you were trying to create a watercolor painting, you would never put water colors on a canvas or you would never put acrylic paint or oil paint on watercolor paper because it would seep through If something is formulated.

A certain way and somebodys telling you Hey.

This works best this way, It really blows my mind that people like don’t wan na hear that, and instead their reaction is: Oh, my God, like you’re, just coming up with excuses like the product, just sucks it’s like No no Jeffree Every product has an instruction, whether It’s this bottle, or this sponge Theres James Right and everythings gon na work, better there’s instructions.

So if someones giving you advice, You know you should take it Jamesright its not mandatory, like you can still put watercolor on canvas, you can still put oil paint on watercolor paper, It’s just not gon na look as good as it could.

If you followed the recommended instructions, you know So just dealing with that has been really eye opening for me because, of course like I want to be as educated as I possibly can when it comes to my followers purchasing a palette because my name is on it, But At the same time, like Im, not a scientist, already learning and educating myself the entire time, there was obviously a few people that made videos about it and like went on different, tangents and stuff because of like different staining, which, if I Jeffree, Oh my God, can We talk about that James, I guess!

Do you want to Jeffree Because yeah because hone, I don’t, think its a bad thing and I think its cool that I’m actually here, because the blood sugar palette that I created James Yes earlier this year has been a huge hit, its sold astronomical, but half the Palette are pressed pigments, James yeah, I clearly James.

So you talked about this in the video Jeffree Yeah.

I did not Jeffree Okay, so I was getting a lot of tweets being like James doesn’t care about his consumers.

Jeffree always cares.

He always lists everything and I’m, like You guys, Jeffree Jeffree, You had listed everything I did.

I did but like also Jeffrees been doing this on his channel for Jeffree for three years, Jeffree Yeah exactly He does this.

Every single video I’ve ever done this before.

So it’s like Jeffree, So people were upset that you didn’t fully go into detail by James yeah or what James So like yeah I’m in full disclosure Half the palette is in pressed pigments.

I was very clear about that and very open and honest about that.

You’d have to use certain techniques and products if you want it to perform the best and because of the fact that they are considered pressed pigments by FDA standards.

A lot of them technically are not eye safe, Jeffree.

Yes, But that being said, I have used every single one of them on my eye and I’ve never had an issue.

Almost all my friends are almost all my friends are, but some people do have sensitive skin Jeffree.

They do and sensitive eyelids Jeffree Yeah and it will stain some people I’ve gotten stained by every single pink eye shadow Ive.

Ever used Jeffree the same.

I will say that every single one Jeffree I don’t care what brand it is: James, Every single, pink, eyeshadow Jeffree.

Yes, I’ve been stained, But I’ve never been affected, but the reality is some people do have sensitive skin and can have allergic reactions but Jeffree, yes, it’s up to the consumer, to, of course read the directions If you’re allergic to something check the box before putting it On Jeffree Yeah, because everybody has different allergies and different skin Jeffree, They do It can be tricky, But I think you just got to read the box James right.

I think that I don’t like here’s what I think from someone that is an onlooker and as a friend I don’t like when people try to make it seem like you are out to do something that you’re not like.

You are out to stain everyone’s lids and not tell anyone I’m like oh, my god, It’s just a ridiculous thing, and I don’t want to say that it’s common sense, because not everyone is gon na, be aware.

James: Well that’s my mistake because I’ve obviously been playing with make up for a very, very long time.

And I said many times that I formulated this palette for my fellow artists for people to travel with, for people to take with them and be able to create.

Literally, create any look Jeffree Right, But at the same time I was watching a few videos on it, and a lot of people pointed out that I do have a very, very diverse audience.

Jeffree You do have people who love makeup, but also have literally never put it on and just watch my videos for the pure Jeffree Yeah for the pure entertainment Jeffree, And they want to support you and try it James Yeah.

So they may not know James.

I will admit that it – I shouldn’t have said that it was common sense because I guess it’s really not, but in my head, because I do this every single day and I’ve always been stained Jeffree You’re, just like, of course bright eyeshadows could stain, sometimes James Right.

I know 100%, But not everyone knows that James Right, But I also think if you had bought something from my brand or Morphe before and it changed, your life would be like yours. Bright shadows are gon na stain Yeah, but it’s also a learning experience.

I think that people lying and trying to get attention from it is annoying But that’s part of the game right right, but it I guess it sucks when you put so much love and care into something, and someone wants to flip it and like its bad or Its awful And you’re like girl, What are you talking about So yeah?

You know you, you get your feelings hurt.

You know You get upset because you want to defend it because you, you know it’s like come on James You’re, proud of your work, Thats, your baby.

Exactly James, just gon na dip into a little sister setting powder, How has been driving James really good Im, not very good at it, Jeffree, Okay, but no crashes, yet Jeffree good.

I don’t actually hear Me either.

You know what I’ve noticed: Jeffree hmm people here, suck at driving Jeffree.

Oh my god, Nobody uses their turn signals.

No one Jeffree.

Can I tell you why?

Because I’m from here so can I tell you why James please do Jeffree, Because when you do use your turn signal in LA and you’re in traffic?

No one will let you over James Well, yeah I’ve noticed that too.

So no one does anymore because it’s like, oh, when you turn your signal on in other parts of the world like Michigan or in you know.

Oh Yes, please come into my lane yeah over here, it’s like NO and luke were not letting you in.

Oh so I don’t even bother with the blinker.

You just got ta cut someone off or you got to be really safe and keep it moving.

People are crazy, But I love that we have matching cars. Let’s see.

Why does ever I mean, I think Teslas are just so sick, though It’s very youtube, which is kind of funny.

I mean it’s literally like driving an iPhone. Yes sister, star Yeah, how for you the James, Charles artistry palette, Yes – and here is the alien palette BAM, both of which by now I’ll turn these videos up. They’ll be fully Tommy back in stock in two days now.

Okay on December 6, Yes, Your alarms Lets pray.

I have stock left, It’s Set, your alarms, Okay, so this is my first time ever Im doing two full first impressions, Um a lot of people are gon na, say well, you’re sitting next to James.

I already know just from all my friends using it that this palette is great.

I also am NOT concerned, so Exactly fine and also you don’t.

Probably I am mature enough, Like we said criticism is everywhere: Yes, Okay, cool, So I like to use a Paint Pot.

Oh, my god, Yeah.

I need to see you.

Okay, that’s funny, Wait what color painterly paint really.

This is not Okay.

What the hell I mean this is not planned.

I always have been formulated to talk for so long Now when I came to promoting these colors like we talked about number one priority with pigmentation.

Yes, am I getting those rainbow mattes to be super super vibrant, which is hard, and if people don’t know that in the lab and in Yeah, you know the chemists, they really have to work hard to make a beautiful formula.

They do it really, really challenging.

It was important to yeah so I’m the type of person.

I will say that I’m Definitely difficult to work with, because I know what I want and I will never settle for loss, which is good love that Hi I’m Sophie tvlike.

Do it They’re like no, we count like no, I want you to do it Yeah.

Then we can’t do that.

Like yeah, see well you’re gon na, do it Yeah, I think it’s cool cuz.

Maybe you pushed their boundaries and I did which is kind of cool.

I did and like Im, really part of the finished product and I’ve heard like the morphe team is really proud of it as well.

They were, and they really are – and I think it’s great because You challenge them and they listen.

They could have been like that.

No We’re good sweetie, But the fact that they like took everything you said into consideration and you leave me.

Buddy vision comes to life, Thats awesome, Just like the bass Yeah.

I love morphe, so much to say well kind of look at you, I’m feeling A lot of colors like red, orange, yellow and then what I agree with, Boober.

Well, the others are okay.

I mean yeah Im, you know I’m down.

I love that I’m really down the purple first, I know I’m gon na grab the shade of area 51 on my tablet: four five: six brush.

This is from my brush that more her Okay Now let’s talk about purple shades.

They are so hard to make.

I know it’s funny.

The purple is the only pressed pigment in the alien pellet Really Yeah blood sugar had like 12 cuz.

You know, breads are yes, yes, I Don’t know how much I can say, but I will say that the purple shade gave me quite an issue in black kala and honestly, through formulating.

The purple is actually how I figured out that Using an eye primer like paint power or like really shows what makes it work so much better.

I mean use a packet on which I’m saying the entire time.

Hmm, Okay, where do I start?

Why am I feeling like blues and purples in one eye? Yeah?

Should I go in purple?

First, two I’m gon na go to the shady phone, the home.

Now on my m43.

Oh, my god was purple, lays down really good Yeah.

Were you nervous about this color? Yeah horrified?

Oh, my god.

Is this Morphe 433 work?

I just.

I want nothing but perfection like I’m such a perfectionist.

I like myself, I refuse to do anything. That was like Very scary, going into it I’m just gon na blend.

This is right above that purple edge. I’m just so sad. You have like a product out.

Has everyone asked you if you want to do your own makeup brand when Everybodys an Aussie?

What snacks I like ready, Hello, three at least three seconds to breathe?

I know right when you launch something Everyone will be like whats next whats next, really a girl, Let me breathe for a second for me.

I definitely don’t think that I want my own brand right now, at least for right now, but honestly, I don’t even know about the future. I’m not that interested in development.

To be honest with you, it’s just got something like this palette for me. It was like my main project that I’ve been working on for so long.

Super passionate about it and I’ve had an idea for forever.

Okay, but I don’t really have that many other ideas.

My sleeve that I’m like oh this needs to be somebody.

I love that you’re, not just doing it to do it.

There’s a lot of people.

Are you in your position? Were just kind of like okay Well lets just wing it and let’s just go for and you’re like no honey.

There are all ways that I Obviously can make a living and make money, and I just don’t want to put my name on products just about anyone.

Products Like I refuse to do that.

I don’t need to have a blast of the following fan base that supports whatever I do Yeah.

So I love those wait and see for right now, I’m really focused on sisters, apparel and I do have some other things in the works as well, But 30.

It’s not a cosmetics brand, Okay Yay.

I love that you’re.

Actually here next to me, So you can tell me the shades, Oh, it’s a single.

Yes, I love singles, bring me Mmm, very, not me, but I love the color.

Hey Minx’s brother is single, and mainly straight Alright after Ali Huh, and he just moved here to work.

I am designing.

This outer crease region I’m really sure what I’m doing but it’s looking pretty so far.

What was your inspiration behind the alien palette?

I’ve been called an alien forever.

My nickname in high school was a little alien.

Was it really Yeah cuz?

I shaved my eyebrows in 10th grade so matches?

Yes, So for the photo you did Yeah.

So first imagine that the first day I show up with no brows.

Everyone was like Hello.

What the heck is going on around here, So alien, just kind of stuck, and I just love Extraterrestrial things I think there’s.

Obviously I believe in aliens. I’m right here.

What they’re not the balloon right, But I really wanted to perfect and have like no kinks in my palate. Like perfect, the Greens just kind of like you’re a whole different story, and I really want to do a different shape.

I think I’m done with rectangles for all.

My palettes thus far right stick in a while. That’s very different from yours.

The packaging is second.

I love it.

Thank you.

Artistry is so ready, That’s what he was on your leg Literally yesterday, Yeah so artistry is made to be like a topper color, So it performs best overtop of like a black or a darker, But were like a blue like it’s meant to really bring out those Other shades, Okay, There’s two shades, like that in the poet actually artistry, and this shit literally some people were sparked and being like.

Oh my god, They’re not that pigmented but that’s.

The point Actually they’re supposed to be used, Okay, which ones that one this one.

This one literally, is bad, it’s literally literally that’s, like peachy pink, so you can either use it for a Highlighter if you use it lightly, which I love, it looks so stunning or what I like actually using a lot of it and blending.

It really blends your powder and blush together, So I see okay Thats.


All that later, I really like this color that is the all home color Oh baby, is like a weird Bobby Brown.

Yeah, I’m gon na take more area 51 right now.

I’m gon na put it on this other aint gon na hurt.

He wants to do black in the center with artistry over it.

Oh Yeah, I just dived into that.

Hi, I love a good black.

It’s really pigmented, I was the drama around the palette to the swatches.

Oh, my god, I don’t put on eyeshadow with my fingers unless it’s like a really crazy metallic So it’s like.

Why does what swatches matter so much, I think, getting away from that?

Hopefully, but it’s like a girl – Oh my God, look at that black looks like a liner already Look at that.

Let me keep it like that, But some sure that’s, oh hi, not second, hang!


I love that.

We love accidents.

Look at my birth!

Oh Sorry, mom team, okay, I’m gon na cut my crease Okay, I’m loving where this is going.

Oh right Now we’re gon na dip into the playground.

Oh it’s such a right below Look at this on my brush, Like hi Im, still cutting my crease for summers.

Mmhmm I’m just gon na go.

Oh Excuse me, Oh my god, Shes gon na lightly dip into here All right.

What are we feeling?

Oh options here?

I wan na take the shade alien online em two to four and put that here: Oh wow Thats, so pretty Greens on you green, is one of my least favorite colors, but we’re living for her to do that Yeah.

It looks really good. Yeah I’m not really into greens either in the house . Like you know, well, I’m gon na make it something that’s more challenging.

For me, you know: Yeah we’re more about.

Oh my god Alex stunning.

Second, I guess sooner just hop off this edge because I’m gon na add the other shade in there, But I need them to blend together.

Ain’t gon na grab some one probe.

Well, I can already tell this is really nice Mmhmm?

Nobody used to watch the other, the green in the purple.

Oh wow probe, No just getting what you say Gary 51 and blend that together I hate what I do cut creases and the colors are all like seamlessly Mmhmm, Nothing.

I see more rather than a cut crease, with a blunt line.

Oh I know I know: okay Well, Im taking the playground and slowly finessing it on my lash line.

I’m gon na grab some UFOs now on the same exact brush.

I cleaned it off.

Of course.

Okay, Im literally diving into hello wow that sky blue metallic is Stunning Ill, go down the maunder, Oh Mmm, bitch.

Look at that.

I Love it rock Kitty.

You know, as cool as that makeup actually makes me so happy and excited.

It was such a long day and I couldn’t wait to come over here.

Just play.

Missed you.

The same girl coax chair. Thanks , I’m gon na talk about Area 51.

Okay, No we’re gon na Miss Cola.

Yes, Yes, Wow See.

I don’t want to use black So to smoke out.

That’s sick Probably not leaves I’m gon na layer on Pluto Okay into my inner corner.

Yes, She’s an inner corner color for sure.

Is this really bright?

Yes, It’s like BAM?

Oh Okay, Yeah she’s, bright bright.

When I go On to my problem, Oh Look at that.

That is Wow Mmmhmm.

I mean, I think, it’s time to go into you’re kidding like right now, You’re kidding us.

They really knew.

I Dont I dont know Its so annoying I’m like its not gon na work Were actually real friends.

So sorry, right, isn’t that sickening, Yes, I’m living and not my launch video talking.

I wanted to make a full read because again, the most matte red so exists in the market, and I got a tax Okay, why?

I was like the rabbit blood sugar is metallic.

It’s sickening Yeah, it’s like, how mad This is.

This shade is not in blood sugar, Okay, I made it. It’s not you guys.

I love the blood sugar palette.

I was like this is not me shading Geoffrey, but people want.

I know why I stopped when I designed it.

That was the one shade.

That was the first thing that I told her I wanted to do.

I was like I want a matte red and they’re like Yeah.

No, It looks amazing.

Look at that hi!

Okay, I suppose I turned out.

This is like spoiling That sister James approves Yeah, Yes, because of the shade hi.

How are ya right This one and lets see Im doing bump Depina, both so little rusted a little 5 180 is so pretty Wow She’s like bright orange.

Okay, This one is tuned right.

Yes, Yes tuned, Oh Whoa, wait a minute Hosting.

We love good synchronization.

Oh wow, I was there.

She is Good.

She sure is.

Oh Look on camera.

Oh I’m!

So sorry, I love what you just dip into something and it works right away: Yeah thats!

Now that I expect anything less from me, but garlic yeah.

I was harsh.

She did that. That one went a lot too cuz that one is a doctor.

My mother, Chris TV, Oh Okay, perfect, Yes, mom!

It was so cute, my parents, Oh, we have like a.

We have two local malls to us actually and they, my mom likes, went to both cuz.

She wanted to take a picture of the display and altar and there She was like that is so cool, So she was bad, So yeah that is so awesome.

My mom My dad actually went together and they just posted on Twitter cuz.

I was so excited, Yeah and even realized laughter, but in the photo what they’re both pointing to the shades that were named after that?

Oh, You know I did um hello in here.

Yes, what should I do over here with the yellow Either so good?

The bright gold – Oh wait it’s like singing it.

Okay, So, like I said earlier, this launch has been obviously exciting for me, but it’s also something new that I ‘ve never dealt with and there’s definitely been challenges with it and I’ve gotten upset and stuff and Im trying my best to really Handle myself maturely and Be professional because that my name is attached.

Obviously, we were talking cuz as soon as I announced that you obviously wanted to film with it, Which was so cool and meant the world to me.

Yes, I was like give me that right now, Yeah its not obviously plans change.

When you had to come home, We weren’t able to get it to you right away.

Yes, I know You’ve been texting.

I update all the time, Keeping up with the launch, keeping up with their sales and stuff and, like taxing me a little bit. Stuff like someone who was a friend of mine and has been watching at all, But also someone who was a brand owner.

And does this all the time?

Do you have any honest advice for me? Like what I do in the future, Because I’m obviously learning a lot about launches and like what I can and shouldnt say or how I should react and stuff. Yeah and opposite.

This has been quite a learning experience, but I’d love to hear like what okay And put you wrong.

You’ll hear some Realty.

Yes, so I had to learn this the hard way It’s like.

If something ever really does Happen – or someone really does have an issue – is to really hear them out right and not get so offended or on the defensive. So ready for some real tea.

So this happened.

When my highlighters first launched my delivery, people dropped and higher palates were talking like 30000 units.

They dropped it off of the forklift without ever telling anyone that every highlighter was shattered.

So imagine you don’t know this right.

Don’t know until later, when all the units are shipped out. So when the first few people were getting them, I thought people were just coming from me like yeah, Oh well, your products are horrible.

Right, Like I had such success with liquid lips and lip scrub.

So when I brought the highlighter I was so proud of it and people were getting broken, But it was only one shade.

The one shade of So someone made a video really going on on me, like this whole thing was shattered, they’re awful that it uh and I clap back instead of like Listening to the complaint cuz, I was like there’s no way.

My formula is amazing, Like you’re.

Just trying to lie for attention Yeah, I should have never done that and I learned my lesson to really respect the customer.

Listen to them, But it’s hard cuz.

We talked about being defensive and like – and I was new.

It was literally like one of my Long yeah first very first launches so to have it go and have something go wrong.

It was devastating, So I had to do my research and I had to really, you know, learn well.

I had this whole Campbell thing happen.

I did definitely react right away.

Yeah annoyed by it and there’s been so many people being like.

Oh my god, He’s never had a real job, So he doesn’t know how to talk to people every time we know.

I did work retail beforehand.

I know how to talk to me.

Yeah, make you talk to people.

I think, “ Huh, Oh, my god.

First I raise my guard. Let’s hack up.

I think that in the social media days when it comes to influencers there’s a very, very unrealistic expectation that influencers, I don’t have said like a lot of people just think like.

Oh, We don’t have feelings, and that were all just gon na like if somebodys screaming in our face Were just supposed to get over.

People Were Selling Nirvana Right.

We all really do have feelings. Right if someones lying or like saying something I dont know its hot.

It’s attached, I really am, definitely learning You know.

I really wan na make people happy with this.

I put my all into it and probably my name is attached, So I want to do what’s right for everybody.

Thank you, Yeah.

I think going forward.

I mean youre youre youre in a great position.

I mean your palates are amazing, like just playing with it now Im, like I mean hi baby.

Did that really quickly, switching gears here, I’m going to dip into your face and bring light to a little problem, Because girl – and I love what you did – the bigger pans in the middle, It’s amazing always run out of these and people are like okay.

Now I need to buy a whole new palette Yeah, so you were like not today, sweetie The whole point in the pail is that you can.

Let me create any luck with that.

Obviously My favorite looks to do are the rainbow lots, but All the glam shades are in there for all my everyday people that dont want to do that?

Yes, all, but you can do Whatever you want.

I loved your soft, little brown Yeah.

You can literally create any luck with that.

That includes warm tones and smokey eyes, although I wanted to be used for rainbow clothes, obviously to unleash people’s inner artist.

Obviously, I know that a lot of my fans and followers are gon na want to do everyday looks.

I can’t blame them and it’s not Like I’m gon na you know what I mean they forced him to do color.

I know that, no matter how many calls I put in, they’re still gon na be the most used shades.

So I really wanted to add the bigger pants so they’re there.

Well, I think I live for it So hi, Oh wow, white in the water land with the blue Yeah Mmhmm.

Are we both doing mascara, Okay, I’m gon na pop on a lily lash?

In the style of Miami, of course, Okay Little Miami 1500 – we have a code – I mean I’m using Little Ashes in style, was lela lela.

When are we getting Co Janes for Cosmetics?

Oh You, wan na, be the only Lutely okay.

Do we all need that comment down below one lashes?

I just really do want her to say it.

Oh wow, Yeah Miamis with the alien look With every look.

I literally hate Klingon lashes. There’s nothing.

I hate more.

My entire covert, an Insulated anger, beat anger and stayed her over at dawn Waiting over here on this inner quiet.

Almost their lashes are on looking at so fabulous Wow about my living Okay, I kind of live that you did that by the way.

Okay, I’m going to sort over my pal quickly.

Okay, And what are we dipping into? I’m gon na go a little bit. I’m gon na take these birds to highlight. My combo of face and ring light is like A little I know already highlighted, but just to be even extra Wet dream supreme frost.

On top, the camera might break after this Every day, I’m like oh, You went a little goes a long way.

Layering ours together was like Supernova All right.

We are highlighted, Oh okay, So I want to mix us together a little bit because that is looking a little harsh Sister saturate, so I’m gon na yeah, Im gon na kind of my e4 Thats, my favorite blush brush game Did the shade literally for my palate.

This is what I was texting Texting so that’s telling Jeffery bar earlier.

I really like this shade to mix together the blush and highlight. It’s like metallic.

Oh Yeah she’s there.

What did you do?

Yes, Oh Okay, right Yeah, it’s really pretty huh.

What Silas doesn’t really show up on that wall in camera, but anniversary?

I didn’t see the pink shaft.

What are we gon na do with our lives? Probably just a nude for me, I don’t know about yes, so we have like a lilac moment or straight up nude, Maybe nude actually uh huh.

I think one I’m gon na try it. Try this on Im gon na.

Do a little glitter lip ammo on top and alien tears Wow.

I really like this lip combo.

Ok new go to Yeah with a liner.

This is really really pretty for my skin tone.

Imagine releasing a bad pallet.

Both Can’t relate Queens of acting And the grammy award goes to Sister, James, Charles and Jeffree Star Hi.

How are ya A little sister setting spray And were done a little sister spray Im feeling really good and really fresh Same Im, really really good and simultaneously also fresh.

Those are the looks that complete you guys, I feel really good.

I can’t believe it. I’m like I’m actually really stoked.

I got to play with your palette with you.

I think it’s pretty cool. I’m in love with it.

Even I know, everyones got it.

Oh you’re, sitting next to him.

You’re, just gon na say that no like I’m genuinely just so proud of you.

This is such a sick moment.

Um, of course, and just to see it from an idea to in my hands is so major.

So congratulations.

Thank you.

Sister Um, I live for it.

I I love all the colors.

To be honest, I’ll just say I played with a lot of brights today, but girl James did that All right, Im, gon na say it for you, The James Charles X, Morphe, brushes palette, is Jeffree.

Star approved BAM, a breath of fresh air YAY.

That means so much to me.

Yes, Always A friend and also a cosmetics owner that I have looked up to through literally everything, I’ve told you a million times.

That truly does mean a lot.

I put everything into it and I was so excited for you to play And, thank God you like it, the alien palette.

At first I thought I was so excited by the greens and the purple, because Those colors do not happen in palettes a lot and at first looking at I will say I was like.

I was really trying to rack my brain like what look so I want to create Yeah.

It definitely is a little bit of a Trickier color scheme or not the everyday makeup wearer But like if you are an artist and you like playing with colors these, like yeah, They blend out beautifully.

The purple is so good I’m obsessed with this purple in the palette Same And like this color scheme Hi, how are ya?

How are ya officially, how are ya I’m obsessed with this?

I think it turned out so beautiful.

All the colors worked amazingly and the alien pallet is gay.

Pop sister James approved YASS Love that Obsessed so today.

I believe this is being uploaded on December 4, Okay and after much long awaiting lots of angry emails, lots of angry tweets about this sister selling out Its finally back Its coming back in two days on December 6, Yay It’ll be online at Morphiecom at 8, am Pacific Standard Time Do not forget to use code JAMES for 10 on your purchase, Dont.

Forget it baby.

Anything and I’m gon na say it for you.

I know how it is, and people sell out. Not to say it’s shady, but some people do like fake sellouts.

Oh yeah, like I’m very close with morphe.

You guys know my brand is sold in all their stores, So Ill.

Just tell James candidly, I hear a lot of information behind the scenes and every unit is sold, they’re not holding back They’re, not faking it.

They are gone.

They’re gone. It’s just flying off the shelves, Which is fine so Which is so exciting to me.

I cannot wait So it is officially coming back.

So all you guys who wanted to grab it So get ready two days December 6, hop on it baby Yay!

Well, thank you for having me over.

Thank you so much. I’m so excited. Yes, Thank you for coming.

I really hope you guys enjoy this video today.

This pallet swap was so fun to do You know no one has ever done a pallet swap, Oh, my god, We love being iconic, We love being a first in its kind, And if you guys enjoyed this video today, then please don’t forget to give it a Big thumbs up and down below come show your sisters, support and love.

It means – and so so so Much to me, Also click that big red subscribe button down below come join the sisterhood I don’t even know how many subscribers it’s gon na be when this video goes up.

I know, and she is not slowing down.

Oh yeah so fast and take you guys for all your love and support, Also click that Bell icon, So you and get a notification every time I upload a brand new video BAM.

If you like to follow me on my makeup journey, you can follow me on my instagram or twitter.

Both the same Charles, My snapchat, is more of a behind the scenes.

Stuff is James.

Charles, with and extra s after Charles He’s Jeffreys are everywhere everywhere.

Good, I love that You remind me like when they are finishing a commercial, maybe Yeah.

I love all the facts.

This video is sister shadow goes to sister Kylie.

Thank you so much Love for always falling in support.

I love you Literally it’s so so so much and at home, willing to be the next videos.

The sisters shout out, Don’t forget to always read my new videos and they go live on Twitter, All right sisters.

Well, I think that is only half our day.

A brand new video, Thank you so much for watching.

We love it and we will see you in the next one.

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