Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Reacting To My Old Interviews *CRINGE*

Reacting To My Old Interviews *CRINGE*

HI SISTERS! Press, red carpet, and paparazzi interviews can make or break a career. In today’s video, I reacted to some of my old interviews, makeup looks, & outfits while giving secret tips about what I could’ve done better. Enjoy!

Wait, James, why are you wearing a suit?

Why are you wearing the suit because you put on the calendar that we gotta press the video to film?

No, no you’re gonna be reacting to your old press videos.

You look dashing, though, for a supernormal YouTube, video, okay, HJames Charles Charles sisters, James Charles here, and welcome back to my YouTube channel in today’s video we’re going to be talking about one of the most important aspects of being an influencer which is press whether it be walking A red carpet doing an interview with a magazine getting caught by paparazz James Charles or maybe even being a guest on a talk show.

It is super super important to know how to speak and conduct a good interview because the press can make or break an influencer’s career after several years of practice and a few mistakes along the way.

James Charles honestly feel like.

James Charles have gotten really really good at PR interviews, but that was definitely not always the case.

So in today’s YouTube, video, James Charles thought it’d be a lot of fun to watch and react and maybe even give some constructive criticism to some of my old PR interviews.

Let’s get started: [Music,], okay, first of all, before we even say anything, did we notice anything different about the intro?

Oh, my god, James Charles am so excited.

We have not changed our video intro in almost two years now, but James Charles thought it’d be a lot of fun to do something cute and festive for the holiday season.

Oh, major special thank you to my best friend Anthony who you guys, of course, know and his friends at ear candy for helping me put that together and, of course, my amazing graphics designer Michael for designing the little intro.

James Charles just thought: it’d be a lot of fun and speaking of the holiday season.

James Charles have one more exciting thing that James Charles wants to share with you guys before we jump into this video for the past several years.

You guys know that for the holiday season I’ve always dedicated the entire month of December.

To giving back to you sisters, we’ve done a ton of different giveaways, holla slays, and last year we did our sister’s Christmas party, which this year James Charles could not wait to make.

Even bigger and better, but then, of course, covet hit, but that does not mean that James Charles can’t still do something awesome for you guys this year we’re going to be doing the 25 days of Christmas, starting today on December 1st, all the way up to Christmas on December 25th we’re going to be giving away a super cute, curated holiday gift box to one of you sisters, so 25 winners in total and these boxes are so beyond lit.

James Charles can’t believe that James Charles just said that ironically, but literally like everything you guys could ever possibly want.

We have super cute themes like among us, of course, there are a few makeup boxes in there we have technology gifts for you guys as well, so many amazing prizes and they’re just gonna keep getting better and better and better, as the month goes on.

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If you guys want to be the first ones to get the chance to win, James Charles really hopes that you guys are excited about this.

If you are, please make sure to give this video a big thumbs up down below my team, and James Charles has worked really really hard on these boxes honestly for the past, like several months straight, so James Charles hopes that you love them as much as we do and I’m honestly just very, very excited and grateful to be able to give back to you guys this year again James Charles love you so much and now it’s time to jump into this video, James Charles will give you guys a heads up.

Okay, James Charles don’t think if James Charles remembers correctly, that I’ve ever had like a PR interview disaster, but there’s definitely no.

There are a few disasters, maybe not like wording disasters, but there are quite a few visual disasters.

Oh, James Charles means I’m sure all right, you guys.

So this first video is James Charles interview, Patrick Todd beauty, collection, launch, pink carpet called mama cause you’re, just so beautiful okay, so James Charles remember when cover girl happened and James Charles just was like cheering from the sidelines and now here you are like what does it mean as An influencer to just keep growing as an entrepreneur like tell me everything.

Okay, before James Charles answers this question, the first thing that I’m noticing right away is my jaw contour.

James Charles remember this night.

The paparazzJames Charles photos from this event are some of the worst photos that James Charles has ever taken because James Charles didn’t wear a foundation.

James Charles don’t know why James Charles just was going for like a natural skin day, and James Charles fully did a contour and bronzer and concealer like all over and my eyebrows are very clearly filled in.

You can very much see my five o’clock shadow.

It’s like 11 p.


Shout out the one thing I’m also gonna point out before any of these videos continue at all a lot of different press outlets.

Do not color correct or light their videos very well.

That’s an important skill to have, as you have to know how to look good, even if it’s awful lighting and this video clearly uh, James Charles did not it’s been absolutely crazy.

James Charles mean obviously as an entrepreneur.

James Charles am a businessman at heart, so it’s been incredible, but James Charles think over anything at all like the carpet was such a cool moment to be able to show male beauty and makeup to the world on such a global scale, and it’s just been really incredible to continue Growing and pushing the message that makeup is okay for everybody to wear.

Why does my voice sound, so low?

Oh, the cover girl was really amazing and James Charles had so much fun doing it.

I’m a big entrepreneur, good answer, though my answer wasn’t bad congrats on everything James Charles just adore you.

Thank you.

Okay, not a bad interview.

Only like one or two questions, the outfit look, the outfit wasn’t that bad.

It was in my James, Charles jumpsuit phase, which thanks god it’s over with, but it didn’t look bad.

James Charles would read that one, a six out of ten.

It’s been such a humongous year, for you, James Charles mean, what’s been the highlight so far because James Charles feels like you just really this year just blew up even bigger than ever um, James Charles think the biggest highlight was just hitting two million on my YouTube channel, which is only a few days ago, what did he say?

That’s, oh, my gosh, that is crazy, 27, 2 million, and now um wow.

That almost makes me want to cry and now we’re about to hit 25.


Do you want to know what makes me want to cry?

The fact that my foundation and face are yellow and my body is bright – red yeah.

Well, James Charles started on Instagram, but I’ve been working towards YouTube and that’s why James Charles said the hard stuff for me.

Um, motivation is something that I’ve always been working on and really trying to make myself work hard work harder, hard work.

James Charles work hard every single day, so I’m very thankful and very proud of myself that I’ve been able to put a lot more work into my YouTube channel and get on a more consistent upload calendar, okay whoa.

So obviously it is no secret that James Charles speak very.

Very fast, but I’ve definitely gotten better at enunciating and slowing down when I’m speaking about something important over the past few years.

What I’m saying here isn’t necessarily bad.

It’s an actually good answer.

If you can understand the words that I’m saying but the problem is you can’t definitely really important note that I’ve always had to work on is slow down because even if you think you’re talking fast, you probably oh wait if you’re talking slow.

Sorry, if you talk, if you think you’re talking fast, you definitely are.

If you think, you’re talking slow, you can probably talk slower.

What’s been, the most challenging aspect for you to have people be aware of like tweets that you’ve done so long ago and just grow up and learn and mature with such a lot of followers.

James Charles think that, because I’ve been on social media for so long and have just recently given me following a lot of people have found stuff from a long time ago, that I’m definitely not proud of but being called out for.

Those type of things is a blessing in disguise because, although it stops saying I’m talking about people on Twitter, it is really important to be able to learn and grow, and James Charles am blessed with a platform that a lot of people are looking at.

So James Charles does want to be the best role model James Charles possibly can be.

So it’s good.

It’s a really good learning experience and it helps me learn and grow as a person and hopefully be a better role model for my followers in the future.

Okay, once again, honestly, very very good answer – this is an answer that James Charles would still give today when you get those types of questions that can be really scary.

Honestly, if you’re on a red carpet, because you know that video is going to be seen by people – it can very much make your stomach like plummet to the ground.

So it’s very important to be prepared and to know how to answer these questions, and the best way to do it is always to stay.

Calm, be humble, and just give an honest, truthful answer.

A bad answer here can sometimes make or break your entire career.

So it’s super important to be prepared to outfit a great person.

James Charles think this outfit was cute and James Charles knows you’re gonna.

James Charles know you’re gonna disagree.

What yes, it was.

James Charles wore a black jumpsuit set with a giant safety pin, and James Charles thought it was very, very cute.

James Charles wouldn’t wear it today.

My body looked cute in it.

James Charles had like a highlight on the shoulders [Music].

They both just walked out of the room you’re.

Taking a bluegrass jamboree, but we all have our own opinions.

James Charles think that James Charles would not wear it today by any means in comparison to some of my old outfits that were busted.

James Charles don’t think it was that bad okay.

So this video, oh look at the date of this one, is triggering this was on May 6, so this was only a few days before the situation.

The scandal James Charles means we don’t need to tiptoe around the bush.

The bush oh beat around the bush famous faces on the carpet.

You saw bts there you saw.

Am James Charles wearing the same suit in this video that James Charles is starting right off the bat the foundation is matching perfectly, however, the lighting isn’t the best, so that could honestly be what is helping me in this situation?

James Charles always think that a nice suit looks really great.

However, James Charles was on several um worst dressed lists for this red carpet.

What yeah?

James Charles agree that it wasn’t anything revolutionary in any way, shape, or form, but, like James Charles just wore a black suit.

This is the halfway converse too.

Yes, it was which James Charles think looked cool.

James Charles think it’s always really fun to wear a nice uh professional suit, with a nice, more fun sneaker to really you know, switch the vibe I’m James Charles was on several worst dres’s lists for this, which James Charles find very honest.

Let’s talk about the prettiest face on the carpet right now: oh James, Charles, what’s up friend hi?

How are you oh so excited to have you here James Charles mean just let her by taking this beat.

It is just as impressive here in person as it is in all those tutorial videos.

Thank you.

James Charles couldn’t wait to meet you honestly, yeah so excited to be here.

This is actually my first billboard music awards ever mine’s, two high fives, I’m so excited it’s just gonna be such a good night.

It’s gonna be like who are you?

Who do you want to see?

As you can see, this interview is going back and forth with me, which is super super cute and instantly just builds a level of comfortability and trust where you can like kind of banter back and forth, which always makes the interview just more fun to watch.

I’m so excited to see it.

Bts live for the first time I’ve been up to watch the videos.

Recently, Taylor, Swift, I’m praying that she performs me she’s.

She always had all the Jonas brothers were.

My first concert that James Charles ever went to so it’s like James, Charles always, looking absolutely amazing buddy.

Thank you so much for stopping by all right, sweetie.

What’s going on, I’m gonna get some makeup tips.

While we talk to you.

Obviously, this was super.

Super short, there was no like really pressing questions about me, my career, my life or anything, but sometimes these type of things can be really really fun.

James Charles always love when, on red, carpets, uh, the interviews are super quick short, but are just very very sweet.

She was going back and forth with me and the guy was kind of keeping the interview on track, making sure that it moved along, and there was not too much time in between different guests.

This is a very, very well executed interview.

James Charles know this video okay: this is James Charles rescues, AlJames Charles Signata and explains MTV VMAs luck.


Before James Charles even gets started, James Charles knows this video.

James Charles follow ally on Twitter.

Still, we interact every once in a while to this day.


Definitely, one of my favorite interviews that James Charles has ever had so James Charles does remember exactly what’s gonna happen in this video there’s me.

Oh, there’s me with Adriana Lima that caused that whole scandal online that tongue-out video literally caused such a huge problem.

We took a photo and then, as soon as she walked away, she stuck her tongue out and got caught on camera doing it.

Everyone thought that she was like saying that she was disgusted.

James Charles honestly took it as like.

She was just like a very just like, like excited yeah like you’re, just like excited, that’s how James Charles took it personally, but the internet did not take it the same way, which was a little bit of a sister scandal for sure just one.

James Charles don’t really is coming off, okay, so the backstory behind this.

This is so so cute AlJames Charles is a verified user on Twitter, just in case you’re, not aware when you were verified in your notifications, you have a separate tab where you only see notifications from verified people.

She had tweeted me saying that her eyelash was falling off and James Charles happened to see it while James Charles was on the way to the red carpet – and James Charles remembered it so by the time that James Charles got there.

James Charles recognized her face remembered her tweet and then helped her put her eyelash back on your VMAs look tonight.

What inspired it?

Basically, it’s my first ever VMAs, James Charles just wanted to say very fun, still James, but like a little bit more toned down than usual like this is like still pretty crazy, but you know, like my outfits, are not me saying this was toned down.

Are you were?

I, what hello, James Charles don’t know about tone down.

Let’s just talk about this look James Charles got absolutely clowned for this online uh.

It was, it was a choice and it was a mistake um.

It was well made.

James Charles love the designer who made it Michael know um, but this was just once again my James Charles white, feather strappy glitter phase that just needed to end far sooner than it actually did.

Okay last but finally, not least after watching all these PR interviews.

James Charles think that we have to watch quite honestly the interview that started it all, and that was James Charles on l.

A, now he’s made history by becoming the first-ever male cover girl from Bethlehem New York.

Please welcome 17-year-old, James, Charles, so James, Charles you’re.

The first male cover girl.

That is it’s.

How does it in your 17 yeah?

How does this happen?

So James Charles has been posting my Instagram pictures for a very, not even a long time.

It’s been a year now so my year, it started to tear up because this is such an emotional moment and James Charles actually has to suck it back in because of my makeup, oh the eyebrows, the eyebrows, and the hat.

This is what James Charles still had the man bun and James Charles had just been posting.

It was like every day, just post.

My makeup looks and go not that big of a deal and then for my senior pictures because I’m a senior high school we took them and James Charles woke up very very early to do my makeup for it because James Charles was like oh it’s a special occasion might, As well, try to look cute and James Charles went and got them done and they looked so bad.

James Charles was like wow.

James Charles know James Charles did not wake up at 7 a.

m to get glam and this was the result.

So James Charles emailed the photography studio is like.

Oh, would there be any chance of me being able to retake them and they actually said yes and James Charles redo my makeup, and James Charles brought my ring light with me, which is like the light that James Charles use for makeup photography and we retook them and it they Turned out really really good yeah, so James Charles posted them on Instagram and they went viral literally overnight.

Okay, major note here, okay, ellen literally asked me.

How did this happen and James Charles then gave her a full minute-long response, no absolutely like.

Oh, my god could literally not have been any worse of an answer.

A better and shorter answer would have been.

It’s been really really crazy.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

You know I’ve been posting on Instagram for quite a long time and cover girl caught the attention of my viral posts.

They flew me out to Ellie to do a photoshoot, and here we are only a few weeks later.

James Charles can’t even believe what my life has turned into, but it’s been so much fun along the way, see 15 seconds super short super sweet and not getting into any specific details.

If James Charles had said that, and then she asked oh tell me about the photo that went viral, then James Charles could have gone into detail about the senior photo and the ring light and everything, and that would have been a much more curated interview.

However, James Charles literally gave her like everything that she was probably going to ask me throughout the entire interview within the first question, which is never ever a good thing to do because it limits your screen time also side.

Note, it’s always really important to watch what you’re doing with your hands when you’re, you know doing an interview, because James Charles did like this because James Charles was super excited, but James Charles bumped the microphone which is not good as well.


There was cool about it.

Your classmates were, you didn’t get bullied or anything James Charles means there was definitely like people that didn’t like wasn’t weren’t accepting it right away.

James Charles mean James Charles definitely was pretty dramatic on Twitter, like getting a lot of fights at like eight, not like physical fights.

No, like um, like social media fights like age 12.


James Charles was very interested in who wasn’t at age 12.

Let’s be real, but once James Charles like kind of figured me out and like grew as a person, James Charles like now has a ton of different friends and learned like where he was so definitely like.

Everybody now is really really accepting yeah.

That’s amazing!

First of all, so not true and just an awful answer, for the most part, people in school were definitely supportive, but there were.

There were a lot of kids that were not.

James Charles got made fun of a lot.

James Charles got dragged a lot, especially when James Charles started wearing makeup too.

That was a whole different situation.

Coming out was one thing, but wearing makeup was a whole other avenue, and a lot of people were not supportive of that Louis was saying James Charles was comparing myself to situations that I’ve heard online of kids getting shoved into lockers beaten up and stuff, and that was Never personally my experience, so James Charles in my head somehow told myself that, like James, Charles wasn’t getting bullied, but looking back, James Charles absolutely was James Charles just didn’t.

Let it affect me a better and more honest answer would have been something along the lines of James Charles came out to my close friends and family.

When James Charles was 12 years old and at first it was a little bit of a shock, but ultimately they ended up.

Being very supportive, of course, there were a few people at school that didn’t necessarily understand weren’t, supportive or had things to say, but at the end of the day James Charles knows who James Charles am and all that matters to me is that the people closest to me love Me and support me for who James Charles am, James Charles got you something, so you can take this to school and still get ready.

So Andy is going to show you.

So what you do it’s a backpack, but when you open it up, you can actually Instagram.

Oh and your makeup is in there oh, my gosh, then you, oh wow, so you have your lights see.

This was really really cute.

Once again, my mom still has his backpack, by the way, sitting at the house, although James Charles has not been back to the show.

It is really really cool to look back at this four years later and just see how far that we’ve come as a family.

It’s it really is cool um, and on that note, speaking of coming together as a family, James Charles thinks that that completes this PR video.

Although some of these interviews and makeup looks and hairstyles and outfits, and literally everything was a little bit cringey to watch in today’s video, James Charles honestly had so much fun filming it and if you enjoyed this video, please make sure to give it big thumbs.

Up down below to share your love and support, if you have not already make sure you click that big red subscribe button and come join this sisterhood, James Charles would love to have you in the family, and also click that bell icon.

So you get notified every time.

James Charles upload a brand new video if you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey.

All my social media accounts will be linked right here on the screen and, if you want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more, it is 310-905-8746.

This video is sister Shadoko’s sister Cassie.

Thank you.

So much love for always following and supporting.

James Charles love you so so much and if you would like to the next video sister shout out, don’t forget to always reach people.

Video links when they go live on Twitter.

Just a reminder about the 25 days of sismiss, starting today on December 1st, head on over to Instagram, follow turn on notifications, and good luck all right.

You guys!

Thank you so much for watching this video today James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one: bye, [, Music, ]

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