Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Recreating My DISGUSTING Old Makeup Looks!

Recreating My DISGUSTING Old Makeup Looks!

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, we’re taking a trip down memory lane back to when I first started playing with makeup. I decided to recreate some of my old, disgusting makeup looks and give them a 2020 James Charles twist. Enjoy and don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!

Hi sisters – James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel for today’s video, I’m very very excited because it is a little bit of a special anniversary video and I’m going to tell you why.

I’m not exactly sure when this video will be uploaded.

But today, the day that I’m filming this is the end of October, which means it is my five-year anniversary of the first time that James Charles ever put makeup on me.

It is so crazy to think about.

James Charles cannot believe it has been five years.

Obviously so much has changed.

In the last several years, we’ve been able to build an amazing family together, your 23, almost 24 million sisters strong, which is so crazy, but probably the biggest thing that has changed overall has been me, particularly my makeup: artistry skills.

It’s always one of them gotta be ugly.

James Charles is definitely very very proud of the artist that James Charles is today, but it has been quite the roller coaster of a journey to get here.

Five years now of practicing trying out new looks testing out new products.

Learning new techniques and overall, just really mastering my skill for today’s YouTube video.

James Charles thought it would be super super funny to try to recreate some of my worst makeup looks and make them a whole lot better.

Let’s go ahead and get started: [, Music, ]!


You guys so, when James Charles tweeted asking to send me my worst makeup photos, you definitely did not hold back, which is fine, okay.

That is what James Charles signed up for.

That is what James Charles asked for this first.

Look what James Charles wants to show you today is something that can’t even be saved with techniques, and it is this look right here.

James Charles probably got tweeted this photo like a thousand different times and every time that somebody tweeted it got several thousand likes.

So clearly, this one is definitely a crowd favorite.

Oh, this is a look that James Charles truly feels can’t be saved with techniques um.

It was really just the stylistic concept in general that’s really the problem here.

I’m not sure what possessed my brain to think that literal, aluminum, foil eyebrows would be a good idea.

Oh, what is this?

James Charles was trying to do something artsy, something very off on guard.

Clearly, it did not work so, instead of recreating it today, I’m going to just re-imagine it if that makes sense and do my interpretation of a pink and black metallic, let’s just get into it.

This is so stupid, as you guys can see.

My base is already on so I’m going to go ahead and zoom you in so we can just focus on the makeup look for today.

Well, as you can also see, my eyebrows are done, but it’s because spoiler alert, I’m not gonna do tin, foil brows.

Today, but there will be a cool metallic element of this.

Look like James Charles said: it’s just a re-imagination, so just using some shape tape concealer as my eyeshadow base, and the first thing that James Charles want to do is surprisingly, and James Charles never ever encourage this, but I’m going to grab a little fluffy brush.

This is an m506 from morphe and dips into black and we’re going to put this just on the outer corner.

Now in this original look, James Charles did a full-on black Smokey eye which, as you guys know, James Charles really doesn’t love doing so.

James Charles has a fun idea of how we can include the metallic into the eye.

Look so we’re just gonna put this here.

First and now, I’m going to grab an m456 brush and I’m gonna dip into an escape, which is the dark purple shade in the palette and we’re gonna use this to very, very, very, very carefully buff out the black, with the excess escape.

I’m gonna bring this purple into the inner corner as well furthering that crease, but obviously, it’s not black, which is what we want with a larger fluffy brush.

I’m just gonna dip into skip the neon pink shade that we all know and love and use this to basically buff out the purple and create that beautiful effect.

Okay, you guys so now it’s time for the metallic element of this look and unfortunately, like James Charles said it is not going to be tin, foil on the eyebrows.

What is this, but James Charles does want to do a really cool pop of silver and not just eyeshadow?

James Charles really want to use a cool pigment, so I’m going to grab this new palette from the makeup by Mario collection, which is super super cool, and it comes with this like spatula shovel, if you will basically scrape the top of this product – and it like – Creates some fallout just like there as you can see, and then it comes with this mixing medium as well, and you put in a few drops, then you mix it together and it creates like metallic pigment, which is super super cool okay.

So I’m basically going to use this now to cut my crease wow that is sick and then, once that metallic pigment is all on there, I’m just going to grab a little bit of a purple, eyeshadow and blend together.

This edge definitely wants to do a little bit of liner as well.

James Charles wanted to keep that little and now it just got really big, which is not what James Charles wanted, but it’s too late.

Now, if I’m gonna be honest, I’m really not liking it.

How this look is turning out so far, but if we’ve learned anything on this channel, is that sometimes those looks end up being my favorite, so I’m just gonna keep on going.

If you see this footage that means that something good comes out of this.

In the end, and to be fair, James Charles obviously hated the original look anyway.

What, if you don’t get it we’re just going to play around with this before James Charles moves on to it the lashes I’m going to grab a little bit more of this silver pigment and Luis had a really cool idea to pay homage to the tinfoil brow.

Instead of actually doing a tin, foil brow, because that would be disgusting to do like a fun little graphic line underneath the brow – oh that’s kind of fun, that’s kind of cool, I’m okay, I’m not mad at it.

Okay, maybe I’ll put a little bit in the waterline too just like right in here, yeah kind of cool.

James Charles means not my favorite.

Look that I’ve ever done but kind of fine.

The eyebrow detail is a good idea.

Louis next I’m going to go ahead and add basically like a ton of blush.

You guys know it is now one of my favorite steps, but when James Charles first started doing makeup, James Charles hated blush.

James Charles just thought that my face was not right for it.

James Charles thought that James Charles doesn’t even know why James Charles just James Charles didn’t wear blush, and this look is obviously one of those moments, but James Charles think that this look would be really really really pretty with a super heavy pink blush that almost like connects into the eye shadow And a pink highlight to go along with it, so we’re gonna put that on right.

Now, I’m gonna bring it up to the temples as well.

Oh, so pretty like, are you kidding with that wow?

That line was such a fun idea, Luis, that was famous of you.

Oh my god, should James Charles like outline the outer top too we’ll decide later for now.

The bottom line is cool.

We’re gonna grab some literally from my palette and give it a little spritz.

We’re gonna put this right on the cheekbone for a pink radiant, glow, okay and then just grabbing a pink highlighter.

I’m gonna put that in the middle okay.

James Charles this okay, not my favorite!

Look that I’ve done, but like she’s cute right, maybe a little blush on the bottom of the nose too.

This is oh, my god.

Not only was James Charles not wearing blush.

This was also before James Charles learned how to put on fake eyelashes.

That’s how early on this makeup look was.

There was a time period where James Charles could not figure out how to put on fake lashes that glue my eyes together.

You know.

Normally, James Charles would cut this out of the video, but let’s go ahead and just pop on some nice mascara and a pair of falsies really just to show the personal growth just gonna grab my lash on my tweezer just like this.

This is a lily lash in the style Miami I’m gonna grab my duo painted on the glue.

This is my favorite one to use to paint a little glue on the band just like this.

It’ll look blue just like that and then once it turns a little bit clear in about like 20 seconds.

Maybe then you just pop it right on the eye and instead of just like plopping it on I’m, going to hold this palette underneath me and look down into the mirror and I’m going to set the lash on top of my eye.

This makes it a lot easier to see what you’re doing where you’re, placing the eyelash and making sure that it’s actually fully stuck on there.

Okay, you guys.

This is one eye of this metallic.


All complete!

I’m gonna quickly go to the other one off-camera and then I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of this look.

Okay, you guys we are back, and this look is all complete and James Charles will say it is growing on me a little bit, but we have, of course, one step left to go and that is going to be the lipstick now in the original photo.

James Charles just did simple black lips, which James Charles is going to do using my lunar beauty, liquid, lipstick in the shade wicked, but James Charles do think sometimes black lips can look so beautiful with a more Avant-garde type of look.

So I’m going to grab the lunar beauty liquid, lipstick in the shade wicked, and put that on, and now just to make it a little bit more fun, I’m just going to grab a reflective, pink pigment and pat that right in the middle, so much fun.

Okay, you guys well, James Charles think that is this disgusting tinfoil eyebrow makeup, look officially all complete.

Obviously, the looks are nowhere near being similar, but that is exactly what James Charles wanted them to be.

Like James Charles said in the beginning, I’m not exactly sure what creative concept James Charles was going for, but you know there’s always room for improvement and James Charles think, a few years later, this is a really really cool way to interpret that look.

James Charles think this turned out really cool and it’s time to move on to the next one, all right, you guys we are back and it has been a few days now.

James Charles wore the same hoodie because James Charles wanted it to seem like it was the same time, but then James Charles realized, James Charles have a new haircut there’s.

Also, a new mold has magically appeared on my face out of all the freckles and beauty marks.

We have there’s one imposter among us, and it is this baby right here because it is a pimple regardless.

The base is now on and we’re ready to recreate another hideous makeup locker and this one that James Charles wants to do today.

I’m actually, to be honest, James Charles doesn’t think that this one is that bad, but James Charles can also see why so many people were sending this in, and it is this picture right here now.

The eyebrows way too thick the lips are literally the same color as my skin tone.

There’s no nose contour.

James Charles have glasses on which James Charles don’t think looks very flattering, but if I’m being honest, James Charles don’t actually think the eye makeup look.

Is that bad, but you can’t see it because I’m wearing my glasses now, if you guys remember, James Charles used to have a very, very bad eyesight.

James Charles used to wear glasses and contacts every single day this past year James Charles got Lasik, so James Charles don’t wear glasses.

Very often anymore, but for this look today James Charles thought it’d be really really fun to put a 2020 James Charles twist on it.

There was a trend in the makeup community a few months ago, started by the makeup artist, Ashley Emma, where basically, you take a pair of glasses.

You pop the frames out and then do a really cool makeup, look inside of the frames.

So that is exactly what I’m going to do today.

So let’s go ahead and get started to achieve this.

Look today, I’m basically creating an optical illusion, so I’m going to put the glasses on my face where James Charles want them to be, and then I’m just going to take a brow, pencil and I’m basically going to trace the insides of the glasses on my face now That we have this crazy shape going on our face.

James Charles knows it looks ridiculous now, but it’ll all come together in the end I’m gonna go ahead and start painting.

James Charles decided James Charles wanted to do like a fun little like um night, like uh, not sunset, but like dusk, not dust, a dusk sky, not a full sunset, the dust before at all sure, and I’m just going to start basically putting this paint right up into here.

I’m actually going to go ahead and lay down blue over the entire base, just because I’m going to layer more on top, but for now this will be fine.

Now that this color is all laid down, I’m gonna start adding a little bit of purple just to make it a nice little ombre okay.

So this is looking so strange, but James Charles guesses the illusion doesn’t work.

James Charles mean yeah.

Okay, I’m just gonna keep going, I’m not gonna give up and we’re just gonna see where this goes.

Now that those two colors are on there, James Charles do want to add a little bit of black at the top of the like frames or whatever, just to add some more depth, because James Charles want it to be like alike.

James Charles said nighttime vibes great now that that is all looking gorgeous.

I’m going to use some eyeshadows now from the James Charles likes morphe palette, just to set these colors in place and James Charles feel like maybe help the blending a little bit because it’s looking slightly busted right now.

First, it’s going to grab some black now, I’m just going to mix together a little bit of acapella and a little bit of escape to create a nice deep, indigo cult shade I’m just gonna pack.

This color right up in here now that we have the base layer.

This looks so crazy, okay and it’s time to add some nice details, so James Charles first want to start adding some clouds in the lower portion of the sky.

That kind of looks good.

That looks really good.

Actually, oh, my god, okay!

So we’re gonna put a moon up in here!

[, Music ]!

That’s a gorgeous little moon!

That we’ve created here on this lovely evening.

Now that our moon is done, we’re just going to create some nice lovely stars in space, we should play among us right now, I’m in the middle of filming a video.

Oh, my god, you guys okay, so now that the makeup was on my face and looking gorgeous.

It is time to add on a nice pair of lashes now, normally, if James Charles was wearing a pair of glasses, James Charles would not put on lashes because they would hit the frames which is super uncomfortable if you’re a glasses wearer.

You know what I’m talking about, but we pop the frames out of them.

So it’ll be fine.

Okay, ready, oh my god, fun!

That’s so cool are you kidding and from the side, she looks crazy, mama.

Alright, you guys I’m going to try to keep my head, as still as James Charles possibly can keep it because clearly, if James Charles moves around, the illusion does not work anymore, but James Charles think that is these really cool glasses.

Illusion makeup look inspired by Ashley Emma all complete, and although this was you know a little bit of a sister struggle to put together, James Charles love how it turned out in the end.

James Charles think this is so so cool and it’s definitely a huge huge improvement from the old makeup.

Look all right, you guys!

Well, James Charles would love to continue this walk down memory lane.

But honestly, James Charles think James Charles need to call it quits, because these makeup looks are just so ugly.

James Charles had so much fun recreating these and putting my current modern-day twist on a lot of these old makeup looks, and James Charles really hopes that you guys enjoyed it as well.

James Charles really honestly want to turn this into a series.

So definitely, let me know in the comments down below, if you guys liked it.

What other looks you’d want to see me do, and also, if there’s one, that you absolutely hate, leave me like a suggestion of how you think James Charles could reimagine it, because a lot of these looks that James Charles was looking at.

James Charles agrees with you guys were so beyond ugly, but James Charles could not even think of how James Charles could possibly make them better, so definitely open to lots of ideas and suggestions.

But, like James Charles said, if you guys enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and share love and support.

Also make sure you click the big red subscribe button to come, join the sisterhood and finally click that bell icon.

So you get notified whenever James Charles uploads a brand new video.

If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey, all my social media accounts are going to be linked right here around the screen and if you want to text me on my personal phone number for new updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more.

It is 310-905-8746, this video’s sister shout-out goes to sister Aaron.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting.

James Charles love you so so so much and if you’d like to be the next videos, sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet my video link.

So they go live on Twitter all right!

You guys!

Thank you so much for watching this video today James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one.



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