Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

HI SISTERS! Since the launch of the James Charles x Morphe Palette, the makeup community has EXPLODED with beautiful, colorful looks. In today’s video, I decided to try my hardest to recreate a few of my favorites from makeup artists I love. Watch as we do a glam look with a pop of color, a rainbow cloud cut crease, and try out a makeup look I thought would only be possible with Photoshop… Enjoy!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back 22 channel.

You guys, I am literally in such a good mood tonight and I’m so excited to be sitting out.

If I’ll be this video, because this morning, my palette restocked for the first time since the initial launch on more feet, calm, you guys know we sold it out when the leave few hours, the first time and once again and his sister sold out worldwide, which literally, Like my mind is blown – and I am so beyond grateful for all of your guys’s love and support – and I never in a million years, would have even expected to have the opportunity to make a makeup product, let alone do it with morphe.

You make it literally.

The best in the entire world and how the demand and reaction just be so kindly positive that it sells out not once but twice like holy crap.

Obviously, the goal of this palette was to inspire people and make people want to go on to their comfort zones and play with color, and I will confidently say that we are definitely doing that.

Some of the looks that I am seeing from this palette are mind-blowing.

The Tala is unreal, and that is what brings me to today’s new video if you guys have been around for a while.

You would know that I have a little series that I do here on this channel called arere.

Creating my followers makeup looks now.

I believed in two of these videos in the past so far, but they are truly one of my all-time favorite series to film because of the fact that they are so much fun and I get to be super super creative with my makeup.

But too, I get to shout out really amazing artists that I believe have so much talent and deserve a bigger platform, and that is exactly what we’re going to be doing in today is a brand new video for today’s video.

I want to recreate three of them.

Three to them with not as still sex, three of them that I selected that I just think are so incredibly cool.

I want to challenge myself and I want to show you guys at home that approaches the palette as well.

The true possibilities that the looks that you can create super quick before we jump into the video you guys don’t forget that I’m doing my entire month of holiday give a slave’s every single upload during the month of December I’ll be giving away a PR package, including The palette and my brush set and artistry collection hoodie that has been a sold out on sisters, a palette and it’s never coming back and as well a brand new 2018 Apple MacBook Air.

Oh my body, literally the play of the century.

All you have to do to enter is me following me on all my social media platforms, including this YouTube channel, make sure you hit the subscribe button.

It’S like, so you never missed an upload and you were able to enter into all the holidays give us.


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If you love, the makeup looks which one is going to be your favorite later on after you’re finished, watching what you want for christmas literally, anything just leave me a comment and they’ll be one winner.

Randomly chosen per video and every single winner will be announced in the description box of the next video, totalling to eight winners, total for all the information and official rules on entering up.

Please don’t forget to read the description box down below for more details, but you know I think that is it you guys good luck and now onto the video [ Music ].

Are you guys even screenshotting, literally hundreds and hundreds of lux, as you guys are posting loads with the palette, and I also tweeted asking for a bunch of different artists to submit, looks like they’ve done this?

Well just the case.

I missed any – and I picked out three to do for today’s video that I think are gon na, be so much fun and I’m so excited for this first one, because I picked up this iconic look by makeup by Raquel.

Oh, my god, look at how pretty this is.

It is just a warm toned brown smokey eye, but she added this beautiful pop of yellow in the inner corner.

Brickhouse one way all-time, favorite artist, to follow right now.

She is literally 16 years old and she’s been doing so.

Many incredible looks using the palette, like, oh my god, that blending work is insane.

I invited her to my launch party and she was just so incredibly sweet and is so talented.

She reminds me a lot of myself from a few years ago and I think she’s gon na go very very far in this industry, so please go check her out and show your social support and love.

As always, I figured this look would be perfect to do.

First, and today is a brand video, because so many people have been requesting a glam look from me, which I totally get.

Obviously, I’ve been focusing a lot on the rainbow colors because that’s kind of the point of the palette, but I did put in a ton of beautiful, neutral and warm tone shades and they’re perfect for everybody who doesn’t feel as comfortable wearing those crazy colors.

On their eyelids and just want something a little bit more wearable on an everyday basis.

This look is gon na be perfect because it is a typical glam look, but it still adds a little bit of a pop of color for those you who just want to dip your toes in, but don’t feel comfortable going all the way I’m gon na start Off my drop of Miami won 7-3 brush and dipping it to my back Paint Pot in the shade of painterly and using this to a prime, my eyelids, so opening up the palette, we’re gon na be mainly focusing on at the middle row of bigger pans.

Right here, obviously, we are gon na add a pop of color later on, but I firmly did all these shades perfect for creating any warm tone smokey eye, and that is exactly what we were doing today, I’m gon na first.

So if I can get a matte, four or five six brush and dipping into the shade and no beans – and this is the warm tone of brown in the palette – and I’m just gon na pop the shade right onto my eyelid – I’m nicer than have another m4 Fine ruslan dip into a 10 % off, and I’m just gon na place.

This shade right above that no beans, color and just blend it slightly upwards, just kind of chopping that shade on there first and then using light little circular motions just to blend out that Brown edge moving right up the line, I’m resting up in a mat 4-3-3 Brush and dip into the shader code, James, a right next door and same exact thing.

I’M gon na use this color to go right over that edge and start blending a little bit more upwards, just using light, circular motions and then finally, with an eye before for one I’m gon na dip into the shade of two and they’re just a little bit Of family as well and use this to blend out that final edge will be gone to the lower lash.

Then I’m gon na take the same.

I’M four five six brush and the shade, and no beads and just tuck this right up in there, bringing it all the way across the lower lash line and also making sure to connect it up with that outer V on the upper lash line as well.

I cannot stand with smoky eyes when the lower and upper lash line are not connected.

I think it looks really really messy so just put that collar there, plug in the same exact color order next undergrad about ten percent off and blend that edge out and blend.

This right below no beans and then coat James and then finally, five honey in tune to highlight the brow bone are gon na grab a little bit of a face on just a flat top little brush and give it a quick spritz of the oven set setting Spray and just pop that right up in there, I’m gon na grab my tiny bit of five money on just that same and four for one brush and go over that, because that was a little much.

So that is the brown smoke.

I literally already complete using the entire mineral of the palette.

Like I said you guys, I picked these colors for a reason.

It is so easy to create the most beautiful chocolatey warm tone.

I look ever I’m obsessed with how this turned out now.

You could totally stop here, but I do want to add just a little bit of a pop of color.

You guys, it is so much fun to do so.

I’M trying to decide that, because in Raquel’s original photo, she had a pop of yellow in the inner corner, which was so beyond stunning like.

I was obsessed with it, but sister Kylie recently posted a picture where she had a pop of a pink in the inner corner, and it was so beyond sunny.

I feel like inner corner colors are becoming a major ten right now, so I think just to switch things up a little bit, because I have been doing a lot of yellow recently.

I want to do a pop of pink so to do a pop of color for three one.

This is a little pencil brush that comes in the brush set and dip into the bright neon, pink shade called skip.

No, I do want to give you a fair warning.

You guys, if this pink shade is insanely pigmented and if you have sensitive skin, it may or may not cause staining so be careful.

I’M just gon na pop this shade right here, I’m just popping it right in that inner corner and then using any excess.

That’S left on the brush to kind of lightly blend it into the kind of transition shades that we had going on around the eye.

I’M not going to a matte five six to in a tiny little bit more of skip, but really top off the access and just use this to Crabb fluffily fluffily watch.

This is a fluffy brush.

I’M scared just blend out the address gon na dip into a little bit of pink kitty drink a tea to help me blend this out as well.

Next, for that pop of glow, I’m gon na dip into the shade of litter, leaves in that same little, pencil brush.

I absolutely love this color.

That is one of my favorites from the palette.

I’M gon na give this a good spread of the morphe prepping setting spray and just tap that right in the center.

Just to really make that shadow pop.

I’M just gon na have a tiny little bit of a liquid at glitter and a tiny little pencil brush and dot dot right over top and lastly, probably not least, I’m going to line my waterline using the Makeup Forever aqua oxalic color pencil in the shade pink.

You definitely could skip this step if you don’t feel comfortable, putting a pink and your waterline.

I know some people may think that that would look sickly.

You can definitely do a nude or a block and say it if you want a more smoky look, but for me personally, I really really like when the pop of color just continues in, if you like, it really pulls the whole eye.

Look together.

Alright, that is officially one eye all complete.

I’M gon na go ahead and do that one off camera quickly and I’ll be right.

Back with the finished look.

I just finished up the other bronze smokey eye and I decided the pink looks very, very beautiful, but not out of Raquel’s original photo.

I do want to add a pop of yellow in the inner corner, just because the look was literally too pretty not to recreate, and also to show you guys that you can do this with literally any of the color I mean a purple would be so sunny With this, a blue, a green like literally anything, would look so pretty with this, so I was gon na.

Does the pop of yellow grab a little bit of pee on a pencil brush with the same exact technique?

Is the pink just popping the shade right in there?

Oh, my god, so pigmented like the pink Center, was gon na grab a fluffy brush and just have been to a little bit that same a shade B and just Suzi is to lightly buff out the edges of that yellow and make sure it’s evenly diffused into Both the regular skin around the area and also into the orange of the smoky eye, just like the other side kind of got me a little bit of regulate on a tiny little pencil brush and give it a quick spritz I’ll sum up, prep insect and use This to highlight right on that inner corner carving some more Beach, make sure that’s nice and blend it out, then carving a little bit of a liquid glitter.

Obviously this one is gold, this time and packing about right over top, then I’m gon na finish this yellow eye off with just a yellow pencil liner.

This one is from NYX gon na pop on a quick color of mascaras in the Mac extended fight for laughs.

Today, I’m gon na pop on the Lily lashes and the style.

Oh, they are not Miami’s for once, but they are very, very similar.

These ones are actually just longer on the end, so these are gon na be perfect for an eye.

Look like this, where we really want to focus it on the inner corner, and you can still always use code James for 15 % off.

So those are both lines all complete.

I thought that was gon na look crazy, having two different colors in the inner corner, but kind of like living for this little strawberry banana lemonade, but we are going on it right now.

I’M gon na go ahead and brush off any excess powder that we still on at the face.

So we can move on to the highlight, can give my face a quick spritz of the prep and settings right, so the highlighter has something to adhere to and to kind of melt, some of the excess powder into the skin that, on an AM 501 I’m gonNa dip into the shade of face and just go right, yeah a little bit right above with the brow bone as always Jim, and then with that second m-43, one from the brush set just a tiny little dot on the tip of the nose and one lie Right down the center, then, finally, my e4 brush I’m gon na dip into the shade it literally the same color that I use on my little pink inner corner.

You guys all have been loving the shader recently for blending together.

My highlights and blush, like I said in the beginning of the video, are already on for obvious reasons, and you guys.

I think that is the first look inspired by makeup by Raquel. I’ll complete [, Music ].

I had so much to finally recreate this.

Look if I recount, like it’s kind of rather too looks today, like I said before, had such an easy go to warm tones folky out using the middle row of the palette.

This is exactly when I created it and, of course, we got to do a little puff of color as well, just if it would be to unleash your inner artist theme.

I think this is the perfect look for any beginner makeup wear who wants to just dip their toes into color, but it’s comfortable going all the way yet, but speaking of going all the way we have two more looks to do so that further ado, let’s Jump on to luck number two.

Alright, it is day number three.

I am filming this video, but this is going to be look number two.

I just wanted to say that, because of my hair, it just got cut, but in the next it was going to go back to long and really really gross.

This has been a vest filming, but we’re gon na get it done together.

You and I do so.

Let’S move on to the lock so for the first time we definitely kept it pretty simple, glam, still adding a pop of color, but a really really great look for the everyday girl on the go, but for look number two.

Obviously that says the artistry palette and it is a full rainbow palette.

So for this look you guys know how to throw in something there with a whole lot of color.

So I found this look by Lauren Bettles.

It is this beautiful, like a rainbow cloud cut, creased with lots of glitter and different stars, and I’m obsessed with how this turned out.

Oh, my god, I think it is so pretty you guys know I don’t get to play with glitter that often on this YouTube channel, because I really really don’t like it, but I feel like she used this very very wisely in this stuff, but I also have A few other ideas up my sleeve, but I think I want to add to this – look to really tie it together as well, so without further ado, let’s jump in so first, let us, rather than the inner corner in that little crease moment and obviously we’re gon Na cut out the cloud later on, but I’m first gon na cover to m45 sex and dip into the shade Cola, which is the deep matte blue of the palette, and I’m just gon na pack.

Cool up right inside of that, like the inner crease area and I’m gon na bring it out a little bit farther to what I do. I usually actually cut right on the crease line, because I have this really annoying flap of skin.

That, like covers my inner corner and seems like such a stupid thing, but you have no idea how difficult it makes.

So many makeup looks, especially creases, but with this cloud I do want to kind of bring that in a little more.

So I’m going to take that into consideration next article, all I’m gon na take a little bit of a daddy on the same exact brush and place the shade as well right next to it on the crease in the crease.

Why don’t I just be next to daddy?

I’M gon na take it beyond an m4 3/3 brush and places right there padding on the color first and then blending it upwards.

I’M gon na grab a little bit of you’re kidding on an M 4 5 6 brush as well, and put that in here I’m gon na.

Add it obviously in a lot more clutter.

That’S multiple of these all together, but I just want to kind of get the situation started, just like a good amount of everything out, I’m gon na grab an escape.

I don’t employ 5-6 brushes and put this over here at least, and I need to go back to like all the transitional colors to blend all this together.

So it doesn’t look disgusting like this, so what I’m going to do is grab a fluffy brush and dip into it.

Single and I’m gon na use this and go right over the edge of this red and purple to diffuse these two colors together and to blend out this outer edge, adding in some more of your kidding a little bit more of B gon na buff out that Daddy using a bit of social blade and then finally, a little bit of playground just to buff out that inner corner to cut the crease and create this little cloud shape.

I’M gon na grab the morphe white concealer and I’m going to put this on the back of my hand.

Okay, so I’m gon na grab it with 19 brushes.

This one is not in my brush set when I was making the brush size and not exactly anticipated.

Doing a cloud cut crease, so sorry about that, but I make this work lump number one, pretty good love, if I do say so, myself, I’m not gon na lie, cut it down kind of good kind of fresh kind of funky kind of clouded.

London had three one more little lump okay.

This is good, okay.

So now I’m gon na grab the N 1 2 4.

This is my all-time favorite brush you’re packing on shades and I’m first gon na grab a little bit of love that I’m gon na pack.

This right, over top of that, like the outer edge, I’m gon na grab your kidding on a tiny little pencil brush.

Some basically gon na, like keep laying on these colors in the same rainbow we’re going back into the eyelid, but I’m gon na leave more and more white space.

Basically, this is like a rainbow liner.

Almost next to the red.

I want to place a little bit of, or so I’m gon na grab a little bit of Rustad.

Put this like right.

There, just coming actually gon na do five one eight finally gon na grab a little bit of a yellow on that same brush.

I’M gon na pack that right here nothing to pack on some white put a little bit of flash back right on top of everything.

Well, I’ve been silent for almost this entire video telling you know I’m struggling for a real long time.

Okay, I’m gon na do the lower lash line now something easy and nice, so I need to first put on some more single with at home for my sex and really bring this all the way into the lash.

We’Re gon na kind of pull this down.

Pretty far too, because I am gon na be awning glitter and then just taking a little bit of playground on this same brush from before as well and tucking this right next door and I’m gon na bring this right open to the inner corner as well.

I’M just lightly feathering out those edges.

Now I’m going to take a little bit of black very carefully on a tiny little pocket brush.

I’M gon na put this right up against that lower lash line nice and smoked for a real one.

Okay, that is looking really beautiful, so you guys remember in the first look a few minutes ago, I talked about how I always like my inner corner highlight and my waterline to always notch could I feel like it makes the whole look up.

He said I wan na do the same thing here.

I’M gon na have a huge pop of white in the inner corner, so I’m gon na grab a little bit of that morphe white concealer on a just liner brush, I’m gon na top it off.

So it kind of dries down a little bit, but I’m gon na tuck this I’m gon na take a little bit of a concealer as well just to sketch in a new lower lash line in the inner corner.

Just gon na grab a little bit of Flash buckle on a pencil brush and I’m going to pop this right on the inner corner, just to blend out that harsh edge heart harsh just to blend out that harsh to blend out that harsh edge.

That’S right!

What is wrong with me?

Oh, the little stars and stuff forgot about that: okay.

First, I’m just our back garden by NYX white, liquid liner and I’m just gon na sketch in a few little stars in the rainbow Porsche.

Let’S do like a little moment right out here notice for some little stars, I’m gon na pop on a glitter in the inner corner, but I’m just gon na take a little bit more of that liquid liner and add in some dot right on that white.

Shading is what I like to do a lot too when it comes to putting a bright highlight in the inner corner, because sometimes those are in glitters or pigments.

They only shine super super bright if the light is heading in, but obviously depending on your lighting it.

You can’t always do that.

So what I like to do is sometimes take a white ladder and put a ton of little dots here.

It’S almost like a mimic.

The look of glitter, because that way you can still layer glitter over top of it, but even if the light doesn’t hit, it’ll still be white.

Now I just want to take a few different chunky.

Glitters, let’s see, oh, I should do like little star drips.

First huh I’m gon na grab my liner brush and dip into the shade, a single and then I’m going to.

I guess, just like drip this down for a real one.

I’M gon na take a little bit of brother he’s not same little brush.

Now I’m gon na pop on some glitter okay, so have a few different chunky glitters that I’m gon na use today and they’re often the brand in your dreams on insert.

I don’t want to tip that or it’s gon na fall everywhere.

I’M gon na die but they’re super dope when they have a lot of chunky glitter.

I feel like for some reason, chunky glitter is impossible to find, but it’s not the only glitter that I ever used cuz, you guys are.

I hate glitter period, so we’re gon na put it on.

I don’t get to put it on using the peaches and glitter adhesive lots of filing.

At least I have a few of these tiny little stars there.

I do not know how far I can tell before it’s gon na fall, but they’re shaped like stars.

I promise thank you to my sister Burrell Co, for letting me borrow them.

Could I go all these little stars on to the bottom of each little drip as if they’re like stars that have fallen out of the sky so cute?

Oh, my god, so that is what I will do.

I am obsessed with this.

This is literally one of my favorite looks.

I have never done it and it’s also one of the longest times I’ve ever spent on an eye.

I’M gon na quickly cut and go off camera to the other eye and hopefully not take four hours and I’ll be right back with the finished look, okay, so alright doc, I decided on the other eye off-camera.

This did in fact take me another several hours, which is just lovely, but it’s done and that’s all that matters and I feel so beautiful.

I just popped on a pair of Lily lashes in this house.

So extra Miami gets a new scope, James for 15 % off your purchase and that’s going to move on to it.

The rest of the face for the highly unscientific my face: a quick spread of the more via prep insect, siding spray.

This is my literal all-time.

Favorite and then grab the shade of face from the palette and then just grabbing literally on a knee for a brush.

You guys thought this.

My all-time favorite combination and putting this right over top just to mix the highlight and blush together.

Finally, for lips might go to a nude combination and then just topping it off with some gloss and finally finishing this look off of the mac fix+ gold, late edition for a little inner glow.

Okay, I know literally four hours later.

This is look number two inspired by sister Lauren battles, all complete.

I went to this lips today, knowing it was gon na be challenging and it definitely was, but it took so much longer than expected.

Now you guys know, I love it just sitting down and playing with makeup, but this took us so much time in patience and precision, cutting this crease, making sure all the whites and all the closure blended together.

But that being said literally four hours of work later, I think every single bit of that was worth it, because I am obsessed with how this lecture now I think it is literally one of the most beautiful looks I have ever had on my face.

Like are you literally kidding hello, you guys all better go double tap this Instagram picture once it goes live, oh my god, but thank you so much to Lauren for sharing this look with me and for supporting me with my palette.

It means that so so so much, this literally goes to show that you can do anything with this palette.

If you guys decide to recreate this, look at home, do not forget to type Lauren for makeup credit and also tag me, so I can see all of your face.

Beautiful looks as well or that further ado, let’s move on to the next one, alright.

So, finally, on to the last look of the video and I’m a little bit nervous with this one, I’m not gon na lie, I’m assuming, if you saw the thumbnail.

This is probably what you clicked on this video, which is why I kept it for last.

Queen of marketing I’m gon na be recruiting this look today from LA via done prints.

One of my really good friends, Jose Jose, is an incredibly talented makeup artist, but also truly one of the nicest influencers I have ever met to this tank, such a sweetheart.

I absolutely love him the most, but that being said, I am very, very nervous about this.

Look that I am because this whole makeup look is actually inspired by a Marcelo con to photo, who is an iconic photographer now, if you’re not familiar with like makeup community history, this whole look and effect actually went viral several years ago by a photo edit, that Marcelo con 2 did know I’ve actually shot with him before his work is literally insane one of the coolest photographers of all time and he’s very, very known for doing it digital effects.

Now I know for a fact that this is the original photo that Marcelo took.

It was completely added on and Jose did it with makeup and I saw Marcelo’s photo a few years ago.

I’Ve always wanted to recreate it, but I just generally never thought it would be possible using makeup because the colors are so vibrant, but sister Hosea managed to do so and to make it even better.

He used my palette, so I figured for the last look today.

I would try my absolute best to recreate this if it turns out great, amazing if it turns out god at least it’s the last look and you guys would have already clicked off the video early on ok.

So I think, looking at this photo and also at this really great condition to charles palette, i think i want to start with the highlights and kind of build backwards with the colors.

Ok, so I think the first thing I did was get my own 433 brush and open it to the shade of the playground, which is like teal blue um.

This is my better side, just gon na put this like right.

Oh my gosh who’s!

No going back.

Now then, I’m gon na bring it like up to the nose, but I’m not gon na do is start freaking out.

Okay, we’re gon na make this positive, and I need some more up here too.

I’M gon na layer obviously a lot more on, but I think this is a good start.

Now I’m gon na grab another M for three three and dip into the shade single and I’m gon na use this like below the blues so like right here.

Maybe you’re gon na have a little bit of a brother on a M 5:19 news to kind of blend together the blue and purple, I’m just placing colors on here randomly.

So I don’t even know if this is supposed to be your tutorial or, what’s going on, I’m assuming there’s gon na be a lot of phase two needed to bring this to life.

You know what that’s okay, you know I do love.

I got a face to the moment.

I am the queen of Phase two, so you can definitely make it work.

I didn’t think that the brother shade in between a playground and a single definitely makes it look way way way better, but still not good.

Oh, I forgot my brow bone I’ll.

Do that in a second okay.

I need to put more things here.

I’Ve done some singles up here.

Next to the blue, I can add a little more purple here.

I’M gon na go to the shade, love that and a little bit more of a fluffy brush and use this to not blend out the edges of that purple.

Oh yes, yes, cess, the chief just called, and this is that that was so annoying a little bit of love that was in the inner nose area.

I feel like during these videos – and these table looks they always get super super discouraged when it doesn’t look perfect right away, but in the end are usually happy with that right now.

Definitely at that stage where it does not look good, I’m not going to give up, and hopefully it looks okay by the time that I finish this at this point, I think that’s gon na be out of anything.

That’S gon na say this.

Look it’s going to be the highlight and like the white, so I’m gon na grab an M at four five six and the shade hello.

They’re like bright metallic.

I see a baby blue from the pellets I’m going to give it a nice spread of some puppets up, because I definitely don’t want this to be very, very metallic and I’m gon na start placing this color on the high points.

This is kind of coming together.

They’Re not gon na lie gon na pop a little bit of hello right on that inner corner on the tip of the nose, also down the nose bridge and on the brow bone as well.

Now I want to take another one of the m45 six brushes that are different from the shade ring light.

Once I get that metallic pearl, I want to give that spread of prep inside and put that like even more in the middle.

This is exactly what we need.

Okay, oh!

I should definitely put some on my ear mm-hmm.

Definitely in my ear and Jose’s personal photo, he does have a winged liner on now.

I fully already have lashes on because I was too lazy to take them off before I started.

This looks for some reason, and now I’m gon na be really lazy.

I’M gon na try to do my wing liner over top of my lash days.

Is this going to work?

Probably not, am I going to try absolutely?

Oh, my god.

I am the queen of savings time.

Look at that wing you, oh my god.

I would normally literally never wait this thick, but Jose’s wing was large and in charge today.

Gal so we’re gon na match it I’ll do it on the other eye too, even though there isn’t gon na be anything over there.

I guess, then.

I just make my Wayne die literally literally perfectly even I’d like to and Jose’s virginal look.

He does have the lower lashline smoked out with blocks you guys know.

I don’t really like putting blocks on my waterline, but we are going to do it today.

I’M gon na dip into the shade of spooky on my time at 5:08 brush and just go right in there.

Oh, my god, I should have just left that how it was.

Oh, I’m gon na use the Urban Decay glide on pencil in the shade at zero, which is the block.

When I put this in my, I guess last I’m gon na pop on a black line with lipstick.

This is Oprah in the shade of the Bronx, whose coach misters 30 % off.

Whenever I do black lips, I have the tendency to overline them way too much.

Oh, that is not good mascara.

All right, you guys.

I think this is the final.


Final to be done, print inspired by Marcelo, con tu foto, all complete, I’m really not sure how much better I can get this to look up considering the original was not even actual makeup and it was a digitally edited photo where literally anything is possible.

Considering that I think we did okay today, I think it looks definitely decent with a little bit of facetune, though this will be good and fresh and with all that being said, I think those are all three looks all complete.

I really hope you guys enjoyed watching me recreate, or at least try to recreate these three makeup looks on my face today.

Oh, my god, when I saw these three looks from the original artist, I was so excited and I just wanted to play and sit down with the palette, which is exactly the point of why I made this in the first place.

These artists blew my mind and even if the last look didn’t exactly come out quite as planned, I definitely had so much fun challenging myself tonight and I felt equally, it’s beautiful in all three looks if you sisters at home, decide to recreate any of these makeup.

Looks make sure to like the original artist for credit and also time me, so I get to see it as well.

If you happened to pick up the James house ex Murphy palette before its sister sold.

Oh, please tell me all your makeup looks.

I cannot wait to see you guys playing with color and being creative and unleashing your inner artists.

If you enjoyed this video, so they please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below come share your sisters support it means so so so much to me, and also, if you have not already don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down Below and come join this sisterhood, we are over 11 million sisters shortly.

We were going so fast.

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My stop shop for more behind the scenes items is James, Charles, the next ask after Charles since videos sisters thought I’d, go sister, ten!

Thank you.

So much love for always a following in supporting oil every literally it’s so so so much and if you like to be the next videos, a sister shout out, don’t forget to always retweet.

My video looks like it’s live on Twitter.

Alright, since there’s that, as I have for today’s video thank you so so so much for watching, do not forget to follow all the rules, so you can be entered to win this video is called and I give a slave.

I love you so much: [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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