Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

Recreating My Followers Makeup Looks

HI SISTERS! In today’s video, I asked you guys to tweet me your favorite creative makeup looks and I recreated them using the James Charles x Morphe palette. I hope you enjoy these mini-tutorials and don’t forget to thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE!

Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel you guys for today’s video I’m so excited because we are doing one of my favorite videos of all time to film an episode of recreating my followers and makeup looks I love doing these videos because There are so many good and fresh things that come along with it.

I get to do what I do best, which is just sit down, chill and play with makeup.

I get to also help out a few.

It really tells an artist that I think they deserve a bigger platform.

I get to take a few, a pretty mama Instagram pictures for you guys and also I get to promote the James Charles I to morphe palette, literally throughout the entire video, because I create a obvious think’ll look using all of the colors in here also, we are Restocking by the way, I’m so beyond excited this has been sold out for months now, and I beginning of tweets and emails and comments non-stop from you guys.

If you want to know when she is coming back in stock, make sure you stay tuned to the end of the video that is called marketing.

Ladies all, that being said, I have three beautiful and colorful looks picked out for today’s video and I am so ready to jump right in it.

So, let’s get started, you guys have said to me.

Anna, you have a favorite makeup look that you’ve created on your own and first I just wan na say thank you guys so much for all the settings at your work with me.

It really means so so so much and it’s truly so inspiring.

Obviously I get to share my art with you guys every single day, but it is always amazing when the roles are flipped and you guys get to share yours with me anyway.

So my first look today: I wanted to start off with something that’s super super fun and I came across this look by a cat with two heads.

It is this beautiful, like blue purple, sunset way, but she also included this super bright neon graphic liner, which I think is so gorgeous.

Oh, what Michael?

I actually just got some neon pigments from one of my favorite Instagram brands right now, Helen e cosmetics and I am dying to try them out.

So, let’s just jump right in it to this.

Look before playing any thoughts on the palette, I’m first just gon na have an M two to four brush and a little bit of concealer and I’m going to go in and basically Pat, my eyelid down just to create a key base.

So the shadows and penguins have something to stick to and they are as bright and vivid as they can possibly be.

Underneath the graphic and neon liners it looks like she has a metallic blue going in here and winging itself out and then fading into a purple.

Pink sunset, so I’m gon na first know if I got ta, get em four five six process and dipping into escape probably pallet the dark purple.

I’M just going to pack this right in to decrease just wiggling it back and forth and keep in mind.

I did not set my eyeshadow base, I’m just layering up this color, so we can get it super super deep and then using any excess shadow to pull it out towards the end of my brow, in the shape of a contact crease grabbing another and four five.

Six bar, so I’m going to dip into the iconic you’re kidding a bright red, shade it for my palate as well, and we’re gon na use this to buff over a single I mean escape it’s my own palate, just using light little motions and going a halfWay over top of escape and the other half on the like naked skin, I’m just blending this out and I’m being very patient and working slowly as well.

When you’re doing these songs, that type of ombre looks, you do have a lot of colors to fit in a very, very small space.

And if you go too crazy at one time and you kind of rush it, the colors can really get money yet very, very quickly or you’ll be at your brow bone on your second color, which is definitely not the look you want to go for next I’ll.

Get another and four five six brushes.

This is why I having the James rolls and brush set, is really handy because it comes with three of these perfect, for these type of looks I’m going to dip into the bright neon orange, which is called a five one, eight and use this use this to Buff out you’re kidding same exact thing just going on right over at the edge and onto the bare skin, just to diffuse out that color with an M 514 o gon na.

Do it in two and just call it lightly over those edges.

Be is always like the absolute perfect last step in these looks; it literally just blends the other colors together so beautifully.

I don’t even know how it just is really that girl, her neon liner is so sharp on the inside that I’m going to make an assumption that I think she may have done it.

The liner first and then put the blue inside.

That could be really wrong and this could ruin the entire thing, but that’s the fun of makeup.

You get to try things out, and sometimes they boys work so we’re gon na have the best.

So I guess I’m gon na take my concealer first and carve out my crease okay, so just covering a little bit of shape, tape and my concealer bra now that that is all carved out.

I’M going to grab my Helen iya, Cosmetics, pigments, and we have the green one, the bright, yellow one, the orange one and then the bright pink one.

I mean they honestly look crazy on camera, but like in person.

These colors are absolutely insane.

I’Ve never actually worked at these before, and I’ve heard that they are a little bit challenging.

I know you have to pack them out over top of a web base, so we’re going to try our best here and see what we can make. How many are in here – oh my god that color, are you kidding?

Oh, my literal god that is looking good and also very fresh, and now we’re going to cut my crease again using more concealer going right over top of those pigments and making the line super super sure this is working.

Now I’m going to grab an m12 four brush and dip into acapella, which is the metallic blue, shade and the palette.

I don’t want to give that a nice spread of someone prepping set setting spray.

I’M going to fill in the center, then just have a flat pocket brush. I’m dipping into Cola and I’m going to use this to sketch out the outer Park, the outer wing.

I don’t know why.

I just have part of what is going on.

I literally don’t know what I’m doing today now that the shape is all on here, I’m going to grab an angled brush.

This one is from the jeffree star collection and it’s a more concealer and I’m going to use this to go over top of that blue again, and this time I create a winged liner notice using that stain a tiny little brush, I’m just going to pack on At the pigments at once again in the opposite order, this time so starting off with the bright neon pink and then I’m layering these on super super Lily as well, because these are extremely powdery.

So I know that I might put too much on it’s going to fly away and not blend.

Probably not least, the right green looks actually really good.

I’M super happy with this.

Okay, sweet, okay, starting off with the lower lash line, just gon na grab an AB 508 brush and dip into the escape once again and pack this right up against my waterline and then if you’re kidding by money and then of course, B.

Just couldn’t clean up the outer edges with a little bit of concealer.

I think that is pretty much one eye all complete.

I’M gon na quickly throw in a little bit of mascara.

This is the Mac extended play at my all-time favorite and then just popping out a pair of Lily lashes in style.

Miami Flair finishes took off once and for all.

I’M just gon na grab a little bit of ring light and face, mix it together on a pencil brush and stable a little base, spritz and pack that right in the inner corner, nice right, huh erase.

This is – and I think that is officially one eye of this graphic and neon aligner – look all complete.

I’M gon na go to finish the other one off camera quickly and I’ll, be right back with the finished [ Music ] all right sisters.

We are back with both eyes all complete and looking at pretty much as even as they’re going to get, but I look down like this and there’s super symmetrical looking beautiful gorgeous, but what I look forward right at you guys at the camera, if you’ll notice widened liner Is showing, and one is not my eyelid, like flap fold, the thingamajigger are in two separate places on both eyes, which is really inconvenient and rude and illegal, and it’s really busting out the way that this look looks.

I probably should have planned a little bit more.

Accordingly, but regardless, I am still obsessed with how this look turned out.

Oh my gosh, you guys have these colors that pigments are so crazy.

I will be honest and say that they were a little bit tricky to work with, just because they are a pure pigment, so they are very, very dry and they can kind of blow right away.

But it’s gon na say to have them over top of a tacky base and went really really lightly.

The pigmentation is obviously absolutely insane and hey all of you.

Sisters are pressed pigment experts now as well from using a my palette, of course, there’s always education behind it, new things in the makeup community, but I’m very very excited to play a little bit more and find out the possibilities of these pavements and also see what’s Coming next from Helen cosmetics, thank you so much account with two heads for setting in your looks today.

I had so much fun recording this look.

You definitely gave me a run for my money, but you guys know.

I live for a good challenge and, speaking of, let’s move on to look number two.

How are you guys so we are back.

I just did my base once again off camera for a fresh start, and I am ready to move on to look number two for this look.

I wanted to do something a little bit easier since I have something kind of a crazy planet for luck.

Number three – and I picked this look from the Twitter user dallara – creates. She basically puts an artist’s palette on her eyeball, which I think is so cute.

Very much goes, along with the whole unleash your inner artist theme, and this also reminds me of the plans to do that.

We did we we, I am an artist.

I just think your photo turned out so cute, so I’m gon na try my absolute best to recreate this one tonight.

So my eyes are all primed and actually set in place as well, and normally I would not do that, but to draw with the palette shape.

I do need a kind of light nude color, which I feel like I’m only gon na be able to achieve using a concealer, so I’m gon na give a little bit of a tarp shape shape, and this is in the shade for that.

Like light natural wood palette, color, I’m gon na grab an e39.

I basically just look like I sketch out the shape of the palette.

So if I put this like over here, I’m just creating a round line.

Definitely bringing this way up.

Above my crease.

We don’t want anything to transfer.

We learned our lesson with the last look, then bringing it and under just like that, just like a little pro tip to you guys as well.

If you’re ever doing artistic style looks like this, it’s kind of important to know where and how you want to pose for the final photo and throughout the entire look you could.

I don’t want to keep turning like your head and putting yourself into that final photo position to make sure that it’s actually looking how you want it to photograph a lot of times when you’re doing something that looks like this with different shapes or different illusions.

It can look really really great from one angle if you’re like looking in the mirror, but then when you go to take your photo at a different angle, it looks absolutely horrible and you have to really edit it and kind of tweet things around.

It’S a lot easier to plan ahead and make sure you’re checking up periodically to make sure it looks really really good and fresh just going to fill this area in with the concealer, and now I’m going to bring this down to my lower lash line as well.

Now that this consumer is all on here, I’m going to grab a flat brush and grab a mix of the shades, canvas and flashback from my palette.

I’M going to use these two colors to pack this over top of that concealer and set my new artist palette in place.

It’S just looking questionable and now discovering a little bit of a punch on an m4 own Naya, I’m going to use a tiny little bit of this brown color to add in a natural shadow.

So it looks like the palette is 3d.

On my face.

It’S gon na buff that Brown out using a little outer brush, then just covering that Ava 409 brush.

Once again, I’m going to dip into a tee, which is the darker brown shade in the palette and dis, create a super tiny shadow right up against the bottom edge, just add in a little bit more dimension.

Okay, this is going better than I thought.

Okay, amazing.

Before I start adding any colors on an artist’s palette or is always a little hole right in this area, so you can put your thumb right in there and actually hold it while you paint so I’m just going to grab a little bit more of it.

Punch me on a tiny little liner brush and create that hole in this or in our area.

Okay, I think now I just get to odd colors all the way, through a little bit of white, a little bit of Queen B, a little bit of equality mixed with Queen B for a more limey color, a little bit of just equality for dark green.

A little bit of Oprah Bondi Beach for some blue first making a little teal shade and then just Bondi Beach, a little bit of Ofra Las Vegas for a bright purple, gorgeous gon na mix in a little bit of jeffree star, eight one, eight to kind of Create more magenta, so eight one, eight on its own for a bright pop of pink, some Kylie, liquid lipstick in the colour boss for a nice, hot red and then finally, a little bit of a flamethrower for a pop of bright orange.

That is the release.

Oq, are you kidding just grab me a spoolie and dipping into a little bit of excess concealer on the back of my hand, just going to dab off any extra and then put this through my eyelashes, because we do need these to kind of erase themselves a Little bit for the illusion: it’s going to dust away the excess powder that I have sitting on my face.

I’M going to block my eye just give it a quick spritz of some presence at settings right and then, with my Emma 504 brush.

It’S going to dip into my face from my palate.

It’S gon na pop this right below the palate.

As for her lips, it looks like Dilara just used a regular at nude, so I’m going to do it the same.

A garden might color pop asada a lip liner and curvy [ Music ] all right sensors, and I think that is our look.

Number two inspired by a Dilara creation is complete.

Obviously, this look was a little bit more on the simple side to create, but for my beginner artist out there, this one, we have so much fun for you guys.

If you decide to recreate it, please let me know and make sure to tag me and Ellora for proper credit.

I still think it looks so so so cute and all these colors are making you want to unleash my inner artist, which leads me right into our look number three, all right, you guys.

So I definitely picked the look that I was most excited to recreate.

I for at last – and this looks like my favorite artist of all time, Kaylee Mui. She’s from Ireland and she’s incredibly talented, and she sent me in this look with her makeup loaded.

Basically, she has like a quarter of her face and a black and white, and then it’s like fading into a color, as if the makeup look is loading on her face, so freaking cool.

I love this concept.

We’Ve definitely seen a lot of this like makeup in the process. The type of look going on is so so so cool and I love it – take on it as well, and I’m very much looking forward to recreating or at least trying it.

My girl, Kaylee, some justice today goes off.

I’M popping off of this eyelash and just grabbing a makeup wipe because I’m going to do it.

Take off half of my face with makeup: I’m going to create a line right in the center of my forehead.

I’M gon na try to keep my eyebrows please, because, honestly, it looks really bomb and I would prefer to not do it again.

I don’t know why, but whenever I do these creative me the books, I love getting my ears involved if that sounds so strange to say, but I truly do feel like these makeup looks or like a piece of art, and I feel like when you leave your Ears out of it, it’s like not a full piece.

Does that make sense?

I don’t know, I just like ear makeup.

We will make your makeup try for 2019 okay, so we’re gon na look a little bit crazy right now, because I don’t want to actually put on the white yet just because body paint does tend to be kind of crazy and get a little bit crusted.

As a makeup look goes on, so I’m actually going to start off on the be colorful actual like glam side.

So you’re gon na have to deal with this for a bit.

Sorry about it, but I’m going to pull you guys in and we’re gon na get started on.

This looks alright!

So just coming up with my concealer brush and a little bit of a shape tape on the back of my and I’m just going to go in and have this right over top of what we already have going on, which you probably shouldn’t do.

But I am way too lazy to start my base over for the third time today, so we’re gon na make it do what we have.

Then I’m just going to start going in with my colors first gravity: nine, four, three: three!

I’M going to dip into a socialblade deep, write a neon green from the palette.

I’M just going to start packing this right on that inner corner then lightly buffing out those edges with the same brush grabbing up playground on an M four five: six brush, I’m going to place that right next door to socialblade right above the crease once again, using Any excess shadow to just blend out the edges with another four five: six going to grab a little bit of escape, and I’m just going to stamp this shade on as well to finish off that contact crease once again, blending that out copying a little bit of Cola on Miami, for my sticks that I had a playground on I’m just going to use this kind of deep blue shade to blend together deep purple and playground and add a little bit more depth into the crease.

Then we’ll then at 5:06, I’m just going to dip into it, daddy, which is the deep forest green and I’m gon na use this to deepen up the inner corner with sociability.

I’M gon na cut up my crease with white using the jeffree star, cosmetics, drug lord, liquid lipstick.

I love it.

This kind of, like low-key, turned into a very drug inspired.

I look I feel like this is very Aquarius shape, tradeoff love, it obsolete love, it a bunch of em, just a flat top Packer brush.

This is the Emmett one.

Six six and just have been to flashback the bright white shade.

I’M going to set this way in place just covering the NYX liquid liner, I’m just going to draw on a simple black wing.

Oh god, it smells one of those days where your liner just gets thicker and thicker.

I can feel that it literally might be one of the best shaped winged liners I’ve ever done, like hello, gon na clean up, underneath that, with a little bit of concealer with a little pencil brush, I’m going to dip into it.

You are kidding it, the bright right, I’m gon na put this on the outer edge there, giving a little bit of a 5-1 eight and then finally, it’s not going to finish off that rainbow.

Alright, you guys so that is our rainbow drive, inspired cut crease.

All this is really really easy, but it looks so beautiful and I’m gon na pop on a lash, obviously it, but I’m gon na do that later on.

So it’s going to move on over to India, black and whites, I adore it.

We know how to do pretty much the same thing, but with no colors alright sort of off the white side of my face, I’m going to grab the Kryolan aqua color, and this is obviously in the shade white now.

This is body paint.

So I do have a little bit of water in a little candle holder at next to me and I’m just going to grab a brush and dip right in which activates the paint I’m going to start filling them need this to be super pigmented in the bright Kind of like center spots of my face, and I’m obviously going to use different variations of gray to create the other tones in this area, but we basically need it to look like half my face is like black and white, then with any excess product.

I’M basically just going to kind of brush this downwards because we do want it to look like a kind of white area in the skin area that isn’t actually blending together, and this is how we’re going to achieve that.

Look with an avid 2 to 4.

I’M going to go in and carve out my brows to make this line.

These videos are by far my favorite to film, but actually filming them is so difficult because I always get so invested in the makeup that I literally forget that I’m actually filming and doing a tutorial and supposed to be explaining what I’m doing.

Sorry about that.

Don’T wan na forget the ear so now we’re looking at nice and flat and white, which is off to a great start, but the whole point of this look isn’t to be like a blank canvas to have a moment.

It is to be a black and white version of myself, so I do need to add a contour to my face.

It’S just a little bit, so I’ve got the makeup ever flash pot and I’m gon na grab the black shade in here mix it with a lot of white, which creates like a great tone and I’m going to use this to contour what I’m up blending this Contour shade, over the top, I’m being very, very careful and using just little padding kind of like stippling up motions just because the Krylon facemate does it dry itself down.

So I don’t really want to scrub and blend or take it out.

I think that is my face.

All contoured and grayscale, not looking awful.

I’M gon na grab the RCM a no color powder to set it in place.

I hate this powder personally, but it is only like white.

Oh so I’ve been using white powder at night.

I scratch Savin it up.

The Ben Nye super white powder to set the high points and our CMA for the contours, just using a tiny little bit of black on a fluffy brush to intensify my hairline contour just to help it blend a little bit.

More in further the illusion and also tweak my forehead look smaller now I want to sketch out my eyeliner grabbing somewhat spooky from my palette, I’m gon na five or six brush just going to put the crease in here, literally just creating that same exact shape that I did the first time, but only in a block instead of rainbow colors, starting that color in the crease and then using any excess left on the brush just to blend it upwards.

And you want to be very very careful of this, because the d-block and eye palette is extremely extremely pigmented, and you want this to be a nice subtle, grayscale blend and not just a black blob in your eye.

Crease Wow, okay.

It is a little bit challenging to blend a block over top of white body paint, probably should’ve thought about that.

I’M saying accordingly, just like the last I’m going to use some drug lord liquid lipstick to cut out once again a little bit of a flashback on the lid to set it in place.

Gonna add in my wing just like that.

I did it on the other side, you see a little bit more of spooky, I’m just gon na create that same shape on the lower lash line that we had on the other side and then just buffing it out now lashes oops.

I forgot to put on mascara all right, so those are both eyes all complete and technically.

This is the end of the look, because I know for a fact that Kayleigh edited on her like a loading thing, but I’m debating if I should add it on or just like, do it I’m gon na get dragged.

If I don’t do the first load.

Anything goes.

Oh god is like there and then it’s like here: okay, but the thing is it’s supposed to get less black okay.

I want to really put on a look that looks awful.

Oh my god.

Okay, let’s not leave.

I just did that Yee!


Now that says, right loading.

Do I have to wait loading backwards?

Is the question here.

I have to write this backwards.

Oh this is my right side correct of the screen, meaning I need to start writing on this side.

Hell yeah backwards.

Okay, Oh room!

There are some things when it comes to makeup that you just should not face Photoshop, because it’s important to build your skills. An artist writing on your face in a size 12 with an Arial font is not one of those things.

I’M photoshopping this.

I don’t care – oh my god, [ Music, ], all right sisters, and I think, finally, that is look number three inspired by a by a girl, Kayleigh all complete, mostly because I’ve had an awful when Kayleigh first gon na be the photo of her look.

I was so impressed and I knew that I had to recreate it today, but this was honestly way harder than I anticipated.

Oh, my god, getting this white face paint to blend is not easy or good or fresh, this voluntary loading logo.

Absolutely not.

I thought this was hard until I got to the letters. I will literally never write anything about myself again.

I will 100 % be photoshopping this Oh later on and if anybody comments on my Instagram picture, when I post it saying this is too photoshopped, you all know the inside scoop all right.

You guys with our third look I’ll complete.

I believe it.

That is all we have for today’s new episode of recreating my followers makeup looks we have our graphic neon liner by a cat with two heads we have our artistry palette by Dallara creates and finally, we have our rainbow loading and makeup by Kaylee mu, a I Had so much fun playing with color and recreating all three of these looks today, if you guys enjoyed them, please don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up down below and also go share your love and support to all three of the artists that I Recreated, they are all so credibly talented and is a very way way bigger platform than me how to right.


I am so grateful to all of you sisters for helping me on my makeup journey and I definitely want you guys to help them as well.

It is literally my favorite part of the job if you guys decide to recreate.

I need these looks, make sure you tag me and, of course, the original artist as well.

For proper credit.

I would love to see all of your girls work, especially if you’re creating it with the james Fallows x, morphe palette, which, by the way, I promise you guys in the getting of the video I wouldn’t know if the official restock I am so excited to tell You guys that my palette is coming back in stock March 21st at 8 a.m.

PST on Murphy comm.

We ordered a ton of units, so hopefully they last for a while, but you guys have been surprising me time and time again on these reefs ox so make sure you set your alarms and get ready to sister shop and use code James for 10 % off Your purchase for all of their pilot updates, restock information and, if you’d like to follow me on my makeup dirty, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter that are both those James and myself.

Try for more behind the scenes type stuff!

It’S genius, Charles, that extra ass after Charles, if you have not already don’t forget to click that big red, subscribe button down below and come join this sisterhood.

We are 15 Millie and sisters talking. They love to have you join the family.

This video sister shout-out goes to sister Kayla.

Thank you so much love for always falling and supporting you.

I love you so so so much and if you would like through the next videos the sisters don’t forget to always reach me, but only something goes.

Live on Twitter and also make sure you click that ballot.

I kind of turn on my youtube post on vacations, so you never miss a video.

Alright, you guys thank you so much for watching.

I love you and I will see you in the next one.

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