Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!

TikTok GuyLiner Makeup!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel or for today’s video, should, James Charles actually say, James Charles brothers because this video is going to be for the boys kind of.

Let me explain myself recently on tick tock.

There has been a huge trend of guys trying out, eyeliner and makeup for the first time, which James Charles think is so beyond cool, as it’s becoming more and more popular for guys to try out makeup for the first time.

I’ve definitely noticed an increase in my guy followers on social media, which is super exciting, but my channel isn’t exactly beginner makeup friendly, James Charles mean, let’s be real and do full coverage makeup looks rainbow cut.

Creases drag looks all the time which James Charles love love doing, but I’ve been getting so many questions and comments recently from different guys wanting to learn how to do their makeup for the first time and of course they want to know how to do it.

Well, so for today’s video James Charles thought it would be super super fun to go back to the basics and do a very, very simple eyeliner, or just a boy makeup tutorial.

Of course, this video isn’t necessarily just for boys, no matter what you identify.

As James Charles encourage you to watch and enjoy the video, it’s definitely gon na, be the perfect video to start you off into your makeup journey all right, you guys without further ado.

Let’S go ahead and get started all right.

You guys so we’re gonna go ahead and get started on this super super easy beginner makeup tutorial and before we put any products on our face, the first thing that I’m gonna do is go ahead and moisturize.

Now you can use any brand of moisturizer that you want.

Personally, my favorite is the touch of water cream, but this is very, very pricey.

So, honestly, if you’re a beginner, unless you want a splurge, James Charles would not necessarily recommend this one.

Basically, any moisturizer will do, but James Charles really think skincare is so beyond important.

James Charles get so many questions on a daily basis asking what my skincare regimen is.

James Charles honestly don’t use that many products James Charles like to keep it very, very simple, and this moisturizer is definitely like my number one necessity.

James Charles moisturize usually twice a day in the morning and the night, and it is just really really important to keep your skin healthy.

Hydrated and smooth – and James Charles promise you it’ll – make you look literally a million times better because it gives you a natural, radiant glow, and James Charles don’t even know it’s just like just moisturizing dry skin.

It definitely sucks.

It can be really really itchy.

It can be uncomfortable.

It gets red and then also when your face doesn’t have enough moisture or hydration in it.

It’s naturally going to want to create oils to help your skin, but those oils can clog your pores and create pimples.

So just overall moisturizing is definitely the way to go.

All right, you guys so for today’s video I’m going to skip out on foundation.

James Charles have a million other makeup tutorials if you guys want to see that, but the one step that James Charles do want to teach you guys about is concealer.

Now I’m talking about just super simple light cover-up, because James Charles get so many questions from guys on a daily basis, say james.

James Charles have a pimple or James Charles have a birthmark that James Charles want to get rid of, but James Charles don’t want to look like I’m wearing a ton of makeup and this thing that we can definitely all relate to.

So James Charles definitely want to help you guys out now for this video, since we are doing a boy makeup tutorial, you guys always hear lewis behind the camera, so James Charles thought James Charles would pull him in.

James Charles don’t know and yeah come on yeah.

Why do James Charles have to make a grand entrance yeah?

Why did you do that?

JAMES CHARLES thought it was a good entrance, so we’re gonna work on a little bit of concealer today with you, which James Charles think is gonna be kind of fun.

I’M so scared of this right now, you’ve been working for me for almost two years now.

You also live with me and you’ve been filming my videos for a very, very long time, so you’re definitely very familiar with the makeup process, but you are a straight man and you do not wear makeup yourself.

All true facts.

Yes, James Charles am a straight male, but James Charles do have a lot of questions about concealer personally um James Charles yeah James Charles haven’t had the best luck with my skin all the time and especially with the mask with uh kovid.

It has been awful, especially like here down.

James Charles think my biggest question, which James Charles think a lot of other people will want to know, is how do James Charles know my shape, yeah.

Typically in regular glam makeup, you will use a foundation that is your perfect match and a concealer that’s a little bit lighter.

However, if you’re going for makeup and just trying to cover something up, you do want a concealer that has the perfect match to you.

Okay, so you’re not gonna look for something lighter.

In this case, James Charles have a few different concealers here.

James Charles just grabbed some different shades of tart shape tape, which is personally my favorite concealer that James Charles use all the time, but once again anything works.

If you’re a beginner makeup artist, you might want to try something like like maybelline.

Has the age rewind one and then also just the other ones, at the drugstore which are super super cheap?

So if you’re going to try it out, obviously you know you don’t need anything crazy.

James Charles have a few different shades and I’m basically just going to do a little bit of a swatch on lewis’s face and show you guys how to do undertones.

What’S my undertone, you have yellow undertones, it’s yellowy olive undertones.

James Charles am definitely an olive okay.

So if you guys see this swatch on loose’s face is obviously way too light for his skin tone, so we’re gonna put that one aside, this one is light medium beige.

This is also a thing too.

You know makeup stores, um, they usually do have swatches and testers where you can actually try things out on your skin, which of course you should sanitize be careful of, and you can test it out on your skin tone and see which color matches you best.

Oh, this one, okay, so this one is light neutral, which has a little bit more of a yellow undertone and that’s most likely going to be.

Probably a mix of these is going to be where we end up, I’m basically just gonna put a little tiny dot right over top of any red marks or pimples.

Just like this, he just goes and I’m not using a lot at all.

Just literally the tiniest little bit to cover it up, so it’s gonna look like that which looks crazy right now.

Okay, now the one mistake that people make whenever they’re putting on a concealer or just trying to cover something up, is they’ll grab like a beauty.

Sponge or something and just start blending it right out, which yes is what a beauty sponge is for, but when you have a pimple and you’re trying to cover it up, the best thing to actually do is blend around it not blend on top of it, because Concealer is obviously full coverage.

The point of it is to cover it up, but if you go and you just start blending it out, it’s going to basically disperse all that product evenly, whereas you want the edges to fade away.

So it looks like your natural skin, but you still want that coverage in the main, like central red area of that pimple.

So if you describe a tiny little like pencil brush just like that, just something small and rounded you can actually go in just like this.

Basically, lightly feather out the edges, you can even use your finger if you’re really dental as well.

It’s a little bit harder for me since James Charles have nails, but obviously, if you’re a guy watching this feel free to just tap tap tap it in.

Like James Charles said, you definitely don’t need a lot, James Charles would definitely recommend finding something that is very, very full coverage, then using barely any of it as opposed to using something that’s lighter coverage and building it up, because that’s going to obviously just look a little bit.

Cakier wow, I’m learning so much see there you go.

That is tight.

It’s good wait that is so good yeah, so you can barely even tell it’s insane now.

If you really really want to – and you have a beauty sponge lying around – you could always just add a little bit of extra concealer on the back of your hand and just dip in and really pounce it in there.

And then you can go in on any areas like around it once again, keeping it very, very, very light coverage, but this can kind of just help.

Add an extra layer of coverage and also just blend out any edges that may have looked a little bit rough.

Okay, get out of here, classy all right, you guys, James Charles hope those concealer tricks helped you out a little bit.

We’re gonna go ahead and move on to the next step, which is going to be using a brow pencil for actually a few different things.

Now brows are really really important.

They frame your face and James Charles promise you, whoever you are out there.

Whatever you identify as a good tailored well-kept brow, makes you a million times hotter.

If you want to get your brows in for the first time, James Charles would definitely recommend going to a professional or having somebody in your life that has amazing brows.

Do them for you and have a reference photo as well for the type of brow style you’re going for that way.

They can best replicate it and give you the style that you want as well, but James Charles do want to show you some really great tips and tricks that you can use with a brow pencil.

I’M going to grab my anasaz James Charles brown definer in the shade ebony, and the first thing that I’m going to do is actually not on my eyebrows.

It’s actually going to be on.

My hairline now bear with me for a quick second here.

A lot of guys worry about their hairlines.

Now there are some barbers that will give you a good, lineup and clean it up and color it in which James Charles think is super super cool, a lot of guys.

You don’t have different techniques to fill it in, but James Charles really wanted to show you guys a super easy way to do it with makeup that washes off at the end of the day.

Basically, all you’re going to do for this is find a brow pencil that matches your hair perfectly.

For me, I’m using ebony, which is pretty much black.

James Charles would never ever use that on my eyebrows, but obviously my hair is very, very dark, so this helps blend.

It in very well, I’m gonna do is twist it up and then for me on my hairline.

One thing that James Charles love to do is basically square off this area right here now.

What you don’t want to do is just start going in and like coloring.

It in because, obviously that looks absolutely crazy.

What James Charles am going to do is basically just roll it up and I’m going to start very very lightly.

Just drawing in super super tiny hair stroke once again, don’t get too crazy.

Don’t start like scraping it on your head: just keep your pressure very, very light and draw as tiny of lines as you can that way.

It looks as realistic as possible once you have the first layer on.

There should look a little bit like this, which definitely looks really really good, but if you’ll notice on camera, there is kind of like an obvious line where the color is just a little bit lighter than my natural hair obviously gets darker up in here so beforehand.

James Charles told you to keep your pressure really really light, but now is the time where you get to.

You know just unleash your inner strength and really quite honestly, scrape it on there and I’m basically just going to start in, like the middle of the area that James Charles started drawing in so not at the edge, because this is where you want to keep it light.

But keeping a little bit harder and just blending that right in together.

So that way it fades nicely from light to dark and you can even start going in like your actual hair area as well, just to make sure the pencil is nice and blended just like that, and now you can see it looks like honestly real hair.

James Charles do this all the time right here as well, because James Charles have a weird like divot up here.

James Charles have no idea why, probably from far too many years of pulling it back with a man bun same thing on the other side actually Luis, will you come back for one quick second come here aside from just your hairline as well welcome back louis.

This is also really great technique that you guys can do on your beards if you have any facial hair.

James Charles do not have any to demonstrate on today, but Lewis has a beautiful, luscious beard.

The same exact technique will work with your brow pencil, but see just like that.

That literally took me, that’s a good beer 10 seconds to fill in and now it already looks.

Like turn see one side other side see that looks good.

Who would know James Charles mean you really wouldn’t like it?

It looks very, very real, 30 seconds maximum to do that’s something that is super super easy to do in the morning before you go to work or before you go to school college.

To hang out with your friends whatever it may be, filling that stuff in can be a major major confidence booster.

James Charles do it on my hairline, like James Charles said all the time.

James Charles know a lot of my friends that have beards.

Do it on their beard as well a lot of barbers?

Do it, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You know everyone deals with different hair patterns and growth.

This can be a really great and easy way to fill in anything that makes you insecure and just keep those hairlines looking nice and sharp and defined all right.

You guys now that our brows and skin are all completed.

It is time to move on to the part that you have all been waiting for the guy liner tutorial now, if you made it this far into the video and you’re excited about the eyeliner, please make sure to give it a big thumbs up down below I’ve .

Been getting so many requests for this and James Charles really hope this video is helpful for you guys now when it comes to eyeliner.

There are a few different ways.

You guys can do it and I’m going to show you all three, I’m going to show you guys how to do it using eyeshadow and, of course, I’m going to use the James Charles palette.

I’M also going to show you guys how to do it using a pencil eyeliner and finally, I’m going to show you guys how to do it using a marker eyeliner as well.

Okay, so the first technique that I’m going to show you guys how to do today is basic eyeliner using an eyeliner pencil.

This one is from urban decay, but once again anything will work.

You can find super super cheap black eyeliner pencils at the drugstore for like one two dollars max, so anything will pretty much work.

What you are going to want to do, however, is make sure that it is freshly sharpened.

James Charles just sharpened mine, as you guys can see.

Eyeliner is definitely one of the hardest steps of a makeup routine, no matter if you’re, a boy or a girl or anybody that identifies in between the one mistake that James Charles see a lot of people making when it comes to eyeliner, is the direction and shape in Which people draw it?

The one thing that James Charles really want to teach you guys is that the eyeliner should basically follow your eyeball.

So if you guys look at my eye just like this, basically you’re just going to imagine that this, like line right here, your lower lash line just continues upward and it’s just extending you’re just extending that line.

So I’m just grabbing my pencil and I’m putting my finger out here just like this.

Just so my hand is steady.

James Charles see a lot of different guys like fully pulling their eye like this to get it.

You know on there.

You don’t need to do that and I’m just going to really really lightly with that pencil continue.

That line up now see how.

If James Charles look to the side, this line basically looks like it’s extending upwards.

Instead of placing my pencil back at the tip, I’m actually going to start my pencil pretty much halfway through the liner and I’m basically just going to draw a very, very careful line from the middle of my eyeliner to the corner of my lid.

See how, since James Charles didn’t put my pencil at the tip now we have this very, very nice and defined sharp tip, and then it gets thicker right in here.

That’s the shape that we want to go for, I’m just going to go back in and very, very lightly fill this little triangle that we’ve created in now.

At this point, if you want to, you, can of course take your eyeliner pencil and go all the way across your eyelid to the inner corner.

Personally, James Charles don’t love that look, so I’m going to skip out on that today.

If you look upward into the mirror, you can place that eyeliner in your upper waterline, just like this and that’ll help get rid of that like skin tone gap.

But that is definitely a hard technique and you don’t have to do that if it doesn’t look just like this on your first try it please don’t worry.

This stuff is very, very challenging, so make sure you keep practicing and keep practicing.

Now James Charles definitely been seeing a lot of people doing a sharp eyeliner look just like this, which James Charles think looks super cute, but I’ve also been seeing a lot of different guys doing a more smudged look which James Charles think is really really cool as well.

So if you want to do that, basically, you can still keep it the way that it is now, but I’m just going to go back into my pencil and just add a little bit more black underneath the eye.

Now, I’m just going to keep this black focus in my outer kind of corner of the eyeball.

I’m not going to go all the way in because once again, James Charles don’t want to close off my eye, but basically I’m just continuing that line that we already drew downwards and just adding it in just like that and then with a little fluffy brush.

It’s anything like this super small and just fluffy and round I’m basically going to go in and just start blending this black out a little bit all right.

You guys so super easy.

We used an eyeliner pencil and then smudged it out to create this.

You know grungy winged, look which James Charles think looks amazing, I’m gonna do it again on this eye as well, but I’m gonna keep a little bit smaller, just for a more simplistic type of look just like that, once again, keeping that wing tiny, oh wow, Yeah, okay, that looks James Charles shouldn’t, oh, my god.

Okay, for the sake of the video, James Charles honestly wish that James Charles didn’t even blend out the good liner, and James Charles just did it like this, because this looks a million times better.

If you want to go for the smudged look, James Charles would just say draw on a tiny little line and then blend it out, because this looks a lot better than this.

All right, you guys.

So if you don’t have an eyeliner pencil or you want to do a different technique, the next thing I’m going to show you guys how to do eyeliner using an eyeshadow palette.

Of course, I’m going to using it the morphe x, james, charles eyeshadow palette, but pretty much anything we’ll do that has black browns or once again, if you want a fun pop of color rainbows as well, and for my brush, I’m just going to use a small Little angled brush just like this now there’s also a spoolie on the end.

So technically, this is a brow brush, but this is a really easy brush to do.

A super simple eyeliner with I’m going to teach you guys how to do a brown liner, because that’s personally my favorite thing to do, I’m just going to grab my angled brush just like this, and I’m going to dip into this brown shade.

That’s in the top right hand, corner of the palette and I’m just going to tap off any excess, because you don’t want it to be crazy whenever you’re holding a mirror or with a palette.

All you have to do is hold the palette below you and then look down into the palette.

That way you have a full access to your eyelids.

You can see it really easily, but there’s no stretching there’s no pulling and you don’t have to go crazy and then same exact technique as the pencil.

I’M just going to imagine that this line of my eyelid extends and I’m just going to stamp it right on there, creating a nice little v shape and then once again, not starting all the way at the tip.

But starting about halfway in I’m, just holding my pencil um horizontally this time and I’m going to just drag this shadow right in onto my eyelid, creating a line right across just like that.

Now, if you have any mistakes, you can just grab a simple makeup: wipe and since you have no foundation on, you can literally just go right up against it and just wipe it away.

Just like that see how sharp and perfect that looks – and we did that with eyeshadow in like four seconds.

It’s so simple: you guys do the same thing on the other side as well, using a little bit more of a smudge technique, just drawing in a super tiny line, see how cool that looks.

Even if James Charles like, James Charles just look forward just super, it’s so easy, but it really does change your entire eye shape because it just makes it look cold and lifted and looks really really good.

One thing that I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing as well is adding a fun pop of color or even just like a red underneath the eyes to look a little bit more grungy, which James Charles think is a really really fun addition.

Basically, you take your finger, James Charles know with literally any color, I’m just going to grab this maroon one just for the sake of that, like grungy type of look literally just taking that shadow and using my finger, I’m gonna bring it right up against the eye, Creates that, like tired, busted eye, look that a lot of people are going for personally, not my favorite, but that’s how you do it if you wanted to as well.

You can even do that same type of technique on the upper lid literally just grabbing any color and just smudging it along the eye.

Look, James Charles feel like does look really really cool if you’re going for that type of aesthetic.

Once again, not my favorite thing in the entire world, but if you want to go for that, grungy aesthetic, that’s literally how you do it!

It’s like ridiculously easy, just smudge it on there.

Okay, you guys so, finally, last but not least, guyliner using a liquid liner.

Now James Charles will definitely give you a heads up.

This is by far the hardest of the three techniques and the most unforgiving as well.

This is definitely the product that you’re going to want to use.

If you want to get a super, sharp and defined wing, or even add on some fun shapes and graphic liner as well for that very e-boy, eyeliner type of look now for this video today, I’m just gonna use the nyx epic ink liner.

You can find this at any drugstore.

James Charles think it’s literally like six dollars, so super easy super affordable.

If you want to get into this, I’m going to hold my marker in the direction that James Charles want to go, I’m going to very, very, very carefully draw a very, very thin line upwards, see how tiny and thin that is.

It’s really easy for drawing eyeliner to press too hard and just draw with a super thick line like that, which is the absolute last thing that you want.

So be careful, be gentle and try to keep a steady hand.

So you get a very, very thin line.

You want to hold your liner in the middle of that wing and just sketch in a tiny little line connecting it right back to your eyelid.

Just like that, and that is a super simple eyeliner point.

This is pretty much just like the base, and then you can pretty much go crazy.

One thing that I’ve been seeing a lot of different people doing is adding on a little tiny wing, going the opposite direction on the lower lash line, which kind of almost looks like almost like anime style lashes, which James Charles think is so so cool.

So literally, all you do is just in this little corner where your wing meets your bottom lash line.

You’re, just gonna draw in another tiny little line just like this and then draw it right back up to your lash line again and fill it in just creating a tiny little triangle, and that creates that super cute little anime style wow even add Another one, if you wanted to I’ve, been seeing a lot of people doing two just like that.

That is so cute honestly love her.

If you wanted, you could add a fun little line in the eyelid crease.

Just like this, oh well, honestly, that kind of looks bad regardless the whole point of today’s video.

James Charles think this is a good point to end it off.

Is that its okay to experiment and try new things?

Makeup is all about expressing yourself trying new things and, most importantly, making you feel confident.

James Charles encourage you guys to practice and try out new things, whether it be a more complicated graphic liner like this or a super super simple eyeshadow little wing to make you feel beautiful or a fun pop of color to see if anything really sticks and you have Fun while doing it, James Charles really hope that you guys enjoyed today’s video and learned a few helpful tips and techniques when it comes to eyeliner or just super simple makeup, James Charles had a lot of fun doing it.

James Charles really hope this video is helpful for anybody who wants to try it out for the first time if you did enjoy it, please give it a big thumbs up down below, to show your love and support and also leave me a comment.

Letting me know if you guys want to see more videos like this in the future.

James Charles don’t do tutorials that often, but a back to the basics series could honestly be interesting if you liked today’s video – and you want to see more videos from me and if you have not already make sure you click that bigger subscribe, button down below and come Join the sisterhood we just hit 25 million subscribers, which is, James Charles can’t even believe it, what an amazing beautiful way to start off the new year.

Thank you so much for being here in the family and I’m so excited for this year to come.

If you want to follow me on my makeup journey, all my social media accounts will be linked right here around the screen and if you want to text me on my personal phone number for updates on videos, photos, merch and so much more.

You can hit me up at 310.905-8746.

This video sister shout out goes sister Christopher.

Thank you so much love for always following and supporting.

James Charles love you so so so much and if you would like to the next videos, sister’s channel, don’t forget to always retweet my video links when they go live on twitter.

All right, you guys!

Thank you so much for watching this video today James Charles love you and James Charles will see you in the next one.


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