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Everything You Want to Know About James Charles

YouTube Why I’m Going To Be Single Forever

Why I’m Going To Be Single Forever

HI SISTERS! Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, my least favorite day of the year. I’ve been single for far too long so I reached out to Cupid to help me find a boyfriend… but it didn’t exactly work. Enjoy this Anti-Valentines Day special FX makeup tutorial!!

Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel.

As many of you guys know.

Yesterday was February 14th, meaning we celebrated Valentine’s Day, which is probably my least favorite holiday of all time.

I’Ve been single for about 19 years now, and at this point I’m really having trouble figuring out why.

I like to think I’m pretty good.

Looking funny every once in a while I have a beautiful house: steady income, lovely family, lots of Instagram followers, that’s a fun plus too.

I can really only think of one issue that may get in the way, and that’s that I’m a boy and all the boys that I’m interested in are straight, but that can’t be right.

After a lot of thought, I finally decided okay James, you need help.

It’S been long enough.

I decided to reach out to cupid and, as you can see from the three arrows lodged into my head right now, he was really out there trying for me yesterday, but unfortunately I think the arrows may have missed the boys, because I woke Up today and I’m still single.

Not gon na lie at first.

I was really really sad about it.

I’Ve wanted a boyfriend for so long now.

I’Ve been trying really hard and it hasn’t been working out.

I imagine the cute dates and taking them out to dinner and driving around and taking cute Instagram photos.


( man, sighs ), But then my mood started to change and I really had to take a step back and think.

Why am I gon na spend the entire day being sad when I could be happy instead, I know my prince.

Charming will come one day if I’m patient maybe.

Even if another boy doesn’t love me back right now, at least I know that I love me and that’s all that matters.

I decided to spend my day by myself doing what I love the most , playing with makeup, and this is the look that I came up with.

Without further ado.

If you wan na see how I created this anti Valentine’s Day, makeup look, keep on watching.

(upbeat, music, ).

Alright, you guys, let’s just jump right into this, pretty in depth.


We’re gon na be focusing mostly on the eyes.

What’S going on underneath the glitter and also the arrows that we’re going to sister stab into my head for a real one.

As you can see, I’m starting off with my base already done.

I just went ahead off camera and used my normal products, like always, but For my brows, I did use something a little bit different that I get to tell you guys about today, and that is drum roll, please, the brand new Anastasia Dip Brow Gel.


I am very, very honored that Anastasia asked me to be the first beauty guru to reveal this to you guys.

It is basically exactly what you would think: a hybrid between Dip Brow and brow gel.

It is an insanely pigmented super full coverage, waterproof and smudge-proof brow gel.

It comes just like this, and this has literally been my newest staple addition to my brow.


I’m obsessed with this.

I’M not gon na go too much more in depth, because Anastasia’s gon na be talking about it.

A lot in the next few weeks.

If you guys wan na see how I fully use it make sure to check out my video next Friday, but I just wanted to give you guys a little sneak peek of it now.


It is and get ready for this to literally take over the brow.


Now that being said, my face is done.

My brows are locked in place and let’s move right along to the eyeshadow portion of this look.

I’m just gon na go ahead and zoom.

You guys are right in my face, so you guys can get all the details for the eye portions.

I don’t really do tutorials very often, but whenever I do you guys always ask me to zoom in so you can actually see what’s going on.

Hopefully this is good.

Welcome to my face.

It’s very crusted and pimply right now, but we’re gon na make it work.

Starting off this look today, I’m just gon na grab my MAC Paint Pot in the shade Painterly and apply a generous coat of this to my Eyelid.

I’m just gon na blend this all over the lid, acting as our eye base.

Slash primer.

I’m not going to set this in with any powder.

Grabbing the James Charles x, Morphe palette and an M456 brush use code, JAMES for 10 % off your purchase.

I’M gon na dip right into the shade Boutique with this brush and use this color to start stamping that cut crease shape into my lid.

Just going to focus and push this color right above my natural crease, because we are going to cut it a little bit Later on, but I just wanted to lay down the darkest shade first and then we’re going to blend upwards.

Once we get to this outer corner, I’m just going to feather it out and pull it up in the shape of a wing.

I’M next gon na grab a little bit of a bigger fluffy brush.

The M433 and dip into the shade, Love That in the palette and use that to buff out Boutique.

I’M basically just stamping this color on there and then using very, very tiny and light circular motions just lightly diffusing.

It’s upwards.

Make sure that there are no harsh lines or edges.

Grabbing a different M433.

I’M gon na dip into the shade Skip in the bottom corner.

This is the bright neon pink.

I’M gon na use that color to buff out Love That.

I’m not liking how this is looking.

Maybe if I grab a little bit of You’re Kidding and put this overtop, This eyeshadow look so far is turning out like every single relationship.

I’Ve ever had a major failure.

That’S looking a wee bit better.

Now that we have the crease all laid out and kind of blended, I’m gon na grab a little bit of the Tarte Shape, Tape, concealer and just put it on the back of my hand.

Using a flat top brush.

I’M just going to cut the crease.

Just going to stamp this brush right above my natural crease.

Then we’re just going to carve out the line.


That is a cut crease.

If I ever did see one.

♪, Thank God something went right.

♪ ♪ I’d like to thank not only God, ♪ ♪, But also Jesus, ♪, ♪ And cupid ♪ ♪, Just kidding he’s a little bitch ♪ Once the lid is all cut and the concealer has dried down a little bit.

I’M gon na grab an M124 brush and dip into the shade Pinky Drinky in my palette, and I’m going to use this color to set in the lid.

Then to cut that crease even further and just add a little pop of something.

I’M gon na grab the Urban Decay Heavy Metal, glitter liner.

This one is in the shade Grind.

It’s a light, pink, almost holographic glitter in here, and we’re just going to use this and line right in this crease area.

Following that, cut.

You’re gon na wan na take a deep breath and go very slow.

While you do this.

Be patient, because if you mess up this line, it’s gon na look so crusted and dusted and wonky.

You also will definitely have to do multiple layers on this liner, because if you want it to look good, you have to do a lot of layers.

If you do make any mistakes with the liner justfab your eyeball until everything dries and then very very carefully.

You can scrape it off using a pair of tweezers.

That’S for eyeliner.

You could do just a black wing.

If that’s all you have, but I feel like going along with the pink and monochrome type.

Look that we have going on.

I wan na do a kind of muted cranberry type of color.

I’M gon na grab two different Kylie liquid lipsticks.

We have a bright, pink, just a bright red and then also a black gel liner and kind of mix together a little concoction to get a muted maroon.

I’M gon na grab my Anastasia number 12 brush.

It’S just an angled brush and dip right into this and use this color to draw my winged liner.

That is pretty much the upper lid all complete.

It was a little bit of a journey to get here, but in the end I think this cut crease turned out really really bomb.

Let’S go ahead and move on to the lower lash line.

Using the same colors and brushes from before.

I’M gon na grab my M456 and dip into a little bit of Love That and Boutique and buff that right up along the lower lash line.

, Just placing it right in there and making sure to connect that up with the outer wing as well.

With my M433 Gonna dip into Skip.

I’m gon na pull this shadow down pretty far as well and really buff it out.

We are gon na be putting on glitter and I wan na make sure that there’s kind of a color behind it.

Be careful of any staining.

Before I move on to any glitter, I’m gon na grab a little bit of the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick in the shade Drug Lord and a tiny little detail brush.

This is the Morphe M170-4 brush and using a tiny little bit of this.

On the back of my hand, I’m going to use this to cut out my inner corner and also line my waterline.

I’m just gon na set that white in place using a little bit more of Pinky Drinkify.

Using a pencil brush.

I’M gon na grab the shade Literally and I’m going to use this color to highlight.

I’M just gon na place this color right over my brow bone and then right in that inner corner as well.

Then with another tiny detail brush I’m gon na dip into the shade Sister, which is a metallic kind of rose gold color, and I’m going to give That a quick, little spritz of Prep and Set and then apply that shade right, overtop of Literally.

Wow, look at that.

Now I wan na go in and add little glitter little glitter heart tears to this look.

If you guys remember, a few months ago, I recreated my follower’s makeup looks in a video.

I did that rainbow cloud eye.

One of my favorite looks of all time.

I had little glitter tears dripping down from it.

I’m basically gon na.

Do the same exact thing on this eye, but all in a monochromatic pink.

I’m first just gon na dust off any translucent powder that I have sitting and baking on my face.

To draw in the little glitter tears.

I’M just gon na grab a tiny liner brush.

This one I literally still have in my brush set from when I did my art supplies video over a year ago.


These ones are so good because they are so detailed.

Then just dipping into a little bit more of Love, That.

(, makeup product falls: ) Oops.

I’m basically just gon na scribble these down my cheek.

When I’m drawing these in I’m using a super super light hand, but then adding more pressure in certain areas, just so the color for one isn’t all even throughout, and this is gon na give it kind of that watercolor actual teardrop type of effect.

Then on top I’M basically just going to randomly apply an assortment of loose glitters.

These ones are from In Your Dreams, Cosmetics.

I believe.

This one is from Violet Voss and then I also have these chunky glitters that I got, I think from Michael’s.

They have tiny little pink hearts.

Glitters in here, which is perfect, and I’m gon na glue these on the tears as if I’m crying hearts.

Starting with the tiny little hearts, I’m just gon na use lash glue to dab them on.

If you have any really ridiculous pimples.

This is a great way to cover it right up.

Alright, sisters – and I think that is one eye of this anti Valentine’s Day.

Look all complete.

I love how this little glitter crying tears, cute crease turned out, but that did take me quite a little bit of time.

Sorry for not talking very much.

I’M gon na quickly go off camera and do the other eye and be right as close as I can get pop on a pair of lashes and I’ll, be right back to finish off the rest of the look and get into some sister special effects with cupid’s Arrows.

Alright sisters, we are back.

The eyes are looking relatively symmetrical right now and I also popped on a pair of Lilly Lashes Miami So Extras on the eye.

I think the eyes turned out so beautiful, but now it is time to move on to the rest of the face.

Next, up, of course, is going to be the highlighter.

We have to get our glow on which I’m now realizing.

I probably should’ve done it before adding in the glitter tears considering it’s going to overlap a little bit, but it wouldn’t be a James Charles video, without some poor planning.

Let’S do it.

I’m gon na grab the Morphe Prep and Set setting spray and give my face a quick little spritz just so.

The highlighter has something to stick to.


Then grabbing my Morphe M501 brush, I’m just gon na dip right into the shade, Literally from my palette, and lay this down as kind of a blush mixer pre-highlighter color.

Then using a JH30 brush, I’m just gon na grab a little bit of a mixture of Face and also a tiny bit of Sister for a more pink rose.

Gold iridescent glow, give it a quick, little spritz of Prep and Set and then just go right in overtop for a blinding glow.

If I can’t attract the boys myself, maybe this highlighter will help.

Not with jokes, like that.

Oh my God.

Little bit above the brow bone as always.


( man, screeches ) down the center of my nose.

You guys, I don’t know how my nose contours, looks this good right now and it’s probably never gon na look like this again.

So, let’s say a silent prayer and cherish this moment as we highlight using a pencil brush.

This is the M431 and a little bit more of Face.

Now we get to move on to the lips.

For the lip.

I do wan na stick with a nude color.

I know it’s kind of boring.

Of course, you could do a maroon or a darker color to match the liner, but since we have so much going on and we’re gon na add more in a few minutes, I do think a nude will be a good option.

Before I do that, though, I Am gon na grab the Kylie liquid lipstick that we used beforehand for that bright pink?

This is Say It No More and use this to just line the lips.

So when we add the nude overtop it’ll be a very pinky nude as opposed to a more peachy nude.

Honestly, it doesn’t even look that bad that pink, but that’s .

a little much for me, I think.

That was a rhyme ♪.

It doesn’t even look that bad that pink ♪ ♪, But that’s a little bit much for me.

I think ♪ ( man, laughs ).

On top of that, I’m gon na add the Ofra liquid lipstick in the shade of Sao Paulo.

You guys know this is my all time: favorite nude.

You can use code JAMES for 30 % off.

I’m just gon na layer.

This overtop, like I said, creates a more nudey color out of this bright pink.


Finally, just a little bit of Drug Lord right in the middle for a nice highlight.

Alright sisters that is pretty much this Valentine’s Day.

Look all complete.

I’m now realizing that it would’ve been a lot smarter to add the glitter tears in the next step, along with the arrows to go from a Valentine’s Day wearable actually pretty look to a more non-wearable anti Valentine’s Day.

Look but guess who didn’t think of that Me, so I guess this is your wearable Valentine’s Day look for today.

You could totally stop here.

Even with the glitter tears.

I think this look did turn out very, very beautiful, but if are like me and you’ve been single for a very, very long time, 19 years to be exact – and you do not like this holiday anymore, keep on watching and, let’s add some special effects to make This an anti Valentine’s Day, look.

Jumping right in before we even get to the makeup portion.

I’M gon na teach you guys how to make the arrows super quickly.

Love being a cute little DIY channel.

What you’re going to need is red construction paper.

I just got this from literally the dollar store: a pair of sister scissors, some super glue and then also a pair of chopsticks from the last time that you ordered Chinese food.

Basically, what I’m gon na do is start by folding my construction paper right in half and then just using my pair of scissors, I’m gon na cut it out .

parallelogram geometry out of this.

Is that what it’s called? A parallelogram with four sides?

Definitely parallelogram.

If you open it up, you have the bottom of an arrow.

Wow I am such a queen of DIY. LaurDIY is shaking. Then I’m just gon na cut this shape right in half again on the fold.

Now we have two and then we’re just gon na repeat that step.

One more time.

Now cut it in half.

Now I’m just gon na take my pair of chopsticks and rip them right in half.

Just like that, and then carefully, I’m just going to put a tiny little bit of glue on the edge of this chopstick and I’m going to stick it on the bottom of the arrow.


While this dries, I have a roll of toilet paper sitting right here that we’re gon na use later on.

But I’m just going to stick this right in here and let it chill.

Just repeat the same exact process, two more times for two more arrows.

We are back and all three arrows are complete.

I took my shirt off, so we can do some ( audience cheering ) special effects stuff.

Unfortunately, that’s gon na be all of the shirt taking off that I’m gon na be doing this time of year.

the audience laughs.

These Valentine’s Day jokes are getting so old already.

Oh my God.

We get it!

I’M single forever.

Okay, moving on.

I’m just gon na take a really insanely sharp pair of scissors.

Please be careful and use your parent’s permission if you, for some reason, are recreating this look.

I’m basically just going to cut this here.


Next, I’m gon na grab a little bit of Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax.

Just gon na grab one of the brushes that I have laying out here and grab a little chunk just like that.

Basically, what I’m going to do is form this around the bottom of the arrow that we just cut so one I don’t stab myself with wooden shards, but I’m also going to flatten the bottom edge, just like that and kind of pinch it out.

So, therefore, when we stick the arrow to the skin, it actually has a surface to glue to as opposed to just flopping down.

Once the piece is all set and has a flat bottom, I’m just going to set this arrow off to the side and let that Scar wax dry out a little bit.

Now we’re gon na get started on the arrow holes.

If you’ve been subscribed for awhile, you may have seen me do a few different special effects things before.

I did the mermaid video.

I did the melting skull video and I also did the video with the twins and Emma for Halloween.

My knowledge, when it comes to special effects, is really not that great at all, and just saying that I really wan na learn a lot more about, but those few things have allowed me to achieve.

Basically, every look that I’ve tried so far, so we’re good.

What I’m gon na start off with is a little bit of Ben Nye, liquid latex.

Just gon na pour a little bit of it into the bottom of the cap.

Then just grabbing an old dirty sponge That I was about to throw out anyway, I’m just gon na dip it right into the cap.

I’m just going to dab this on the right, where I’m gon na place the first arrow hole.

Quickly before it dries.

I’M gon na grab a little bit of toilet paper.

Just like this and basically rip a circular, shard kind of just like that, and I’m just gon na stick it right.

Overtop of that area, flatten it down using my hand.

Then just grabbing a little bit more liquid latex.

I’M going to go right in and just press that right in and go over those edges.

Then we’re just going to let this dry.

While that dries, I’m just gon na start prepping the second arrow hole over here and then a hole right down here.


( high pitched ding ) To lock those in place.

I’M just gon na use a little bit of translucent setting powder to make sure that none of the latex is still sticking.

Then, just using a small concealer brush and a little bit of foundation on the back of my hand, I’m going to quickly repaint those areas to disguise the latex.

Now that the new skin is pretty much as disguised as we’re gon na be able to get it, we get to do the fun and also dangerous part.

So please be careful.

I’M gon na grab a tiny little pair of eyelash scissors and I’m basically going to cut a small hole in the skin right in the middle of where the toilet paper is.

Once you get through you just kind of snip around a little bit and take some of the excess off to kind of form a hole.

That is pretty much exactly what you’re going for.

It looks really really gross.

I know, but we’re gon na fill it up.

Now I’m going to grab the arrow.

Then grabbing a little bit of Spirit Gum.

This stuff is basically liquid adhesive.

It is what a lot of drag queens use to glue down their wigs.

Just gon na put a little bit of this inside of the hole on my skin.

You actually activate this glue by tapping it, so I’m just gon na kind of jiggle my finger in there a little bit just so it gets kind of tacky.

Then I’m also gon na put a generous layer of that on the bottom of the scar wax that we put on earlier and I’m going to tap that as well until it gets tacky.

Once it looked pretty good.

I’M basically just going to take this arrow and carefully maneuver it right into the hole and then stick it to my forehead.

This is not going well.

( man, sighs ).

Instead we’re going to figure this out.

I can super glue this to the thing, but do you think that’ll stick it to my head?

I don’t care.

Let’S go.

This is so not safe.

That’S okay!

Don’T do this at home.

Please stay!

Please stay!

Please stay.


I am the queen of special effects.

Just let everybody know.

Before this literally falls off my head.

I have two different types of blood: the liquid Ben Nye Stage Blood and the non liquid Ben Nye Thick Blood.

I’M gon na use a mixture of both of these to make it look like this is bleeding.

I’m just going to dab this around for the puncture wound.

This is also going to help hide the seams of the liquid latex too.

I’M gon na put some kind of going up the base of the arrow as well, because if this were to actually fly into my head, there would definitely be some sister splatter.

That is dark.

Gonna use my hand to tap out any excess and to kind of fade it in.

Then I’m just going to use some Thick Blood, and this is going to go right inside of the hole.

This step is so gross and actually makes it look real.

The tendons are really just flying out for a real one.

That is one arrow all complete.

Oh my God.

You guys, I cannot believe how freaking real and crazy this looks.

I’m gon na now do the other two quickly and carefully before this one flies off and I’ll be right.

Back with the finished look.

( upbeat, electronic music, )Alright sisters, several hours, lots of liquid latex and lots of superglue later. That is this anti Valentine’s Day.

Look all complete.

Unfortunately, for me I am still very much single, which means cupid’s arrows did not hit any boys for me yesterday, but I think he may have missed and hit me twice, because I am literally in love with how this makeup look turned out today, and I really Really hope you guys enjoyed this video.

If you celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday with a significant other, it must be.

Nice cannot relate but hope you guys had a really fun and fresh time wishing you the absolute best or if you were like me, and you are sister single.

I still hope you had a really fun time.


While having a boyfriend or girlfriend makes a lowkey kind of sound, pretty fun and fresh, don’t rush it.

The right person will come when you least expect it and you guys will live happily ever after.

All that matters at the end of the day is that you love yourself and hey.

You also got me sister James here, loving you as well.

All that being said, if you guys enjoyed today’s video and you like how this anti Valentine’s Day makeup look turned out.

Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and show you love and support.

It really means so much to me, and it helps me out a lot.

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The place where you’ll probably find out, if I ever do get a boyfriend first, is James Charles, with an extra S after Charles.

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Alright, you guys thank you.

So much for watching this video today.

I love you so much and I will see you in the next one.

Bye, ( upbeat, electronic music, )

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